Saturday, April 29, 2017

I am such an amazing hard working man that I have no need to associate with the unwashed masses outside of my compound

Can you imagine being ensconced in your cult compound for several months and never venturing outside it because you are such a superfantabulous man who works every single day for the "work?"

This is what Super Dave is claiming:

Now recall…Now we’re going to look at something. We’re just going to look at some more serious things. Just what exactly is it you’re going to escape? And why do you want to run every time you go back and read Habakkuk 2? No trotting, no walking, no strolling, certainly no sleeping. I mean, you run! And it’s why I try…I don’t go to bed much before midnight every night. I don’t like to do anything but my job. You know, since I moved on campus, now three months and three days ago…I turned 68 this last Wednesday…I’ve been off campus four times in a little over three months. Once was to go to the Feast. So I pretty much stay here. But I have a wonderful existence here.
You know what? If you had a chance to live in a Kingdom like environment, would you go “off campus?” No! So this is my life. It’s what I do. But I understand it’s easier for me. I’m older, my kids are grown up, I’ve got grandkids. I’ve lived certain things in life. I don’t need more. I’m trying to run every day, and I know that if I do, I’m setting an example for others, and I hope I’m setting such for all of you. And I hope some of you will want to set examples for others, as well. But I just would tell you, as we go into what I’m going to cover, it’s horrible! It’s not anything that I saw. But I want you to understand why there is a reference to blood and violence. 
I am certain he does have a wonderful existence there.  His minions wait upon him hand and foot as they step to the side of the hallway as he passes.  He lives in a church-owned home, maintained by church employees, and makes his subservient wife venture outside into the cruel world of the Giant Eagle to do the shopping.  He does not even have to leave the gated driveway of his compound as he walks across the campus to his office suite.  Life is soooooo tough being God's most important man in human history.

Church of God leaders live in their own little cocoons, separated from teh reality of society and out of touch with reality.


Byker Bob said...

That lifestyle is most likely what has caused the loss of objectivity and balance in his life.

A good visiting program would certainly help him in realizing how his members are forced to live, and occasional field trips to larger urban areas areas would keep him connected to the surrounding world. Obviously, his bragging nature permeates this post as much as it does all the others.

Howard Hughes as ACOG leader. Unbelievable!


NO2HWA said...

BB wrote:

"A good visiting program would certainly help him in realizing how his members are forced to live"

According to a person on a private Facebook page, Dave was a scared to go out on visitations in New Ork City when he was assigned there, especially when those visits were to the "projects." All of "those people" scared him. According to others on the page, he has always been out of touch with the regular members and has no idea on how to associate with them or their lifestyle. As a chosen one that was set apart to be a minister, he was placed above the standards of normal members. He has never come down from that lofty perch all of these years.

Byker Bob said...

The thing is, Gary, especially a minister needs to get out and to get to know his people. I've met people who seem like normal, everyday functioning people that you later discover are living in a storage bay, or their car or van. There are women who are being beaten by their husbands with no hope of relief. How do I know this? Over the years they have sought my protection. I've been able to help some, but relying on intimidation rather than violence. Families living in their cars, out of gas and out of food, have asked me if we could visit my ATM.

The thing is, there are stellar examples of fearless men of the cloth that somehow gain truces with gang members, and accomplish much good in ghetto and barrio areas. I also personally know of some ministers that have been put in hospitals for attempting to help or give sanctuary to people that the gang members did not want to be helped. So when I hear about someone who doesn't even have the faith in God to visit someone in the projects, a place in which I once had to collect insurance premiums, it seems quite obvious what their true colors might be!

I once had a buddy who was the president of our local BBB. He had a descriptive word for a particularly reprehensible type of character. He called that character "the Orator". A person of very convincing words, but when it came down to it, zero substance.


Sweetblood777 said...

The Bible teaches that we should have courage and not fear.

Dave is admitting indirectly that he is a coward living in fear. The fearful are NOT allowed into the kingdom, thus Dave would not be a part of it, for this and other gross sins of abusing the flock of Yahshua.

Finally, in the end, Dave would get his just reward, of watching others enter while he wails and grinds his teeth, before being destroyed for ever.

NO2HWA said...

We have a man here in LA named Father Greg Boyle. He is a Catholic priest that helps gang members exit their gangs. Years of threats and intimidation did not stop him and the people he worked with now channel their energy into HomeBoy Industries baking and making food that is sold around the world. LAX even has restaurants in the airport where these men and women work and are productive members of society. Many of these are the same kind of people Dave Pack was scared of being around. Can you imagine Bob Thiel, Rod Meredith, Robin Webber, Gerald Flurry and others working to help people like this?

Anonymous said...

My experience with the ministers was that they can only relate to others from 'top dog' position. That is, they own you, and you have no rights. This is similar to a drill sergeant on a parade ground. The real life 'assertive option' was foreign to them. I would have sooo loved to have seen these ministers that lost their jobs after Herbs death, try to operate in the real world. The shock horror of people disagreeing, talking back and defending themselves. And not treating them like royalty. Oh, the inhumanity of it all.

Arno said...

Gary said: "Can you imagine Bob Thiel, Rod Meredith, Robin Webber, Gerald Flurry and others working to help people like this?"

Nope, why should they? Their first responsibility is to their immediate family, and then "the household of God." Those "project people" will eventually have their "opportunity" or "first chance" in some special resurrection for "first chancers" ...

...Big Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Dave needs a place of safety to flee to if the system fails because he is such an asshole that he will not be able coexist with regular men, who will cope and manage and fix things. Dave will want to rule over them with an iron rod. So when the police (who Dave mocks and scoffs at) are not around to protect him, he will need a place of safety. Most cowards run and hide when they are scared, he is a scared wuss. His entire life has been spent being a rude braggart. Not a team player. No friends or allies. Run and hide Dave. Run Dave run.

Anonymous said...

6.33 PM
Of course Dave lives in fear. He has swindled thousands of his members out of their life savings. Why do you think he lives in a gated campus.
Frankly I'm surprised that some haven't attacked him or made attempts on his life.
The world is a dangerous place.

Byker Bob said...

Usually, 6:22, one can correct this type of abuse just by leaving the group. People generally resort to mayhem or assassination when there is no way of escaping the despot. Most ACOG members still believe that murder is a major sin even when they are leaving the church or are being disfellowshipped. Many won't even speak out against their abusers after they are safely out from under their influence. They just go on with their lives.


Anonymous said...

But many members in the church are vindictive unsavoury personalities themselves. Some are not above murder. If you trash someone's life, morality goes out the window. Peoples behaviour in war is testament to this.