Sunday, April 23, 2017

Truly Sad Preaching by A False COG "leader"

Almost-arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Habakkuk, Joshua, Thiel; the self-appointed, doubly blessed, end time witless witness, world renown Mayan authority, self-appointed criticizer of Catholicism, author of numerous irrelevant books on Clinton, Trump, Fatima and end times malarkey, the bitter disappointing "son" of Rod Meredith and Chief Overseer of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God, has produced yet another mind numbing video for his 1,996 African "members."

Given the high quality of "preaching" videos put out by numerous COG's, using standards Herbert Armstrong developed, one would think that God's most important end time leader would use some common sense when producing his own videos.

From crooked bookcases as a back drop to doors with doorknobs next to his head, file cabinets, to sheer curtains with crooked lamps, God's newest self-appointed prophet films his "sermons" to his tiny personalty cult.

The Church of God has produced many men over the decades that are actually good speakers, even if their topics are the stuff of theological nightmares, and then there is Bob Thiel and his sad videos.  His videos just seem to get worse and worse.  Just watch the first few minutes of the video above and you will be shaking your head.  How can ANYONE truly sit there and listen to this 1:20 minute atrocity?

If this is is the face of the Church of God today, then Lord have mercy upon us all!


Connie Schmidt said...

As bad as it is, Id rather hear Thiel than Flurry, if there were a "race to the bottom". Actually Thiel's "audiovisual effects" appear better as the crooked purple curtains are gone, and the ones shown do look straight.

If he keeps improving, and at this pace, he might just be a good speaker in about 100 years or so!

Anonymous said...

Who is going to spend over an hour of their life listening to so little new information. In the internet age, there is competition from many quarters, so the pace and information needs to be bumped up. Thiel is like many ministers who only know how to deal with, and take advantage of a captive audience.
The audio quality leaves a lot to be desired as well.

Anonymous said...

Bob is so narcissistic that he cannot remain on one topic. He jumps around to so many different topics that he looks silly. By doing that he "looks" educated to his uneducated African members.

Byker Bob said...

If there ever is a revival of Armstrongism, it's not going to come from any of these people with very limited skills, or tyrants that nobody can stand, or people who once had rank under HWA with the original WCG. Those people and their organizations have all had decades to take flight, and their efforts have gone nowhere. In fact, they are actually stuck in reverse.

Based on skill sets, reputation, and resources, such a revival will most likely come storming out of Jamaica, shocking all of the old guard who would never consider that such a thing is even remotely possible.
People like Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, and Gerald Flurry will never even see it coming.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment ,BB. But what a shocker that would be for my British-Israelite brethren. They would say that is the final sign of God's disgust with his chosen nation that He would condescend to use Gentiles to revive His Work!Lol Ian Boyne

Byker Bob said...

I don't believe in British Israelism, Ian. However, those who have bought into it thru the teachings of HWA would be well advised to take another look at church history in the first century, and one of the major situations with which Paul grappled. The Jewish Christians for various reasons faded into the background even as the major work shifted to Paul's Gentile churches. I'm not a prophet or a seer, but I do know that the followers of HWA look to the early apostolic church for many parallels, lessons and examples. This transition could well be one that deserves further consideration as a possibility. As John always says at the end of his posts, time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Why is his voice so high?

Anonymous said...

'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away,' so a revival ain't a coming. So no need for private jets for the big boys, or a Ambassador college Mk 2.
So my advice to these leaders is 'trust the force Luke and let go,' err, I mean trust God and accept the new reality.

Anonymous said...

BB,you are doing an excellent job in providing the hermeneutical foundation for a post-American revival of Armstrongism from Jamaican shores! Hope my conservative prophecy-obsessed brethren in America are reading this blog and will know how to explain the phenomenon to puzzled Israelitish members. Ian Boyne

Anonymous said...

BB,you just made one slip:As an ardent Bob Marley fan, you should have quoted one of his popular songs, Time Will Tell, rather than attributing those words to John!

Anonymous said...

British Israelism was the official doctrine of the 2 million strong Anglican church in the nineteen hundreds. Many others at the time, would have believed this as well. So portraying it as a purely Herbie invention or insight, or a recent belief by some small American denomination, is dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the funniest video of the ContinuingCOG: the Feast 2016!!! Watch from 14m 16s:

And with the applauses when Thiel picture appears!!!!

Hoss said...

"Two Groups" - well, as on old WCG would say, there are two types of people, those who divide things into two types, and those who don't. Walter Bauer, whose work Bob quoted, argued that far more than two groups emerged, but ultimately Rome proved to be the dominant group.

Bob admitted on another video that he wasn't a great speaker, but added, "neither was Moses". While GTA was good at ad lib, Bob should stick to script; when he meanders he tends to drop more clangers.

And what about those background noises?

RSK said...

Hes not a good presenter or speaker... more damning, he doesnt seem interested in improving in that area, as I see the exact same mistakes in his videos that were present a year ago. Whether thats his vaunted ego getting in the way, I don't know.

eddby said...

"Why is his voice so high?"

bob lacks a pair of cajones!.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Bob:

Dude, you need to get some help!

I think they call it grandiose delusions- read the article:

Oh, and have a profitable Sabbath!



Anonymous said...


There are three types of people, those who can count and those who can't.

There are ten types of people, those who know binary and those who don't.

Byker Bob said...

Like the difference between a person who has been to Niagara falls, the person who has not been to Niagara Falls, and a hamburger:

The person who has been to Niagara has "seen the mist". The one who hasn't has "missed the scene".

"Uh, Bob, you forgot one! What about the hamburger?"

BB (insolently smirking): "Oh, that's for you to chew on for a while."