Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why is Living Church of God HQ Such A Den of Backbiters and Cutthroats?

A reader here had this observation about Living Church of God's Charlotte HQ.

My husband worked there for over 5 years and he never saw a bigger group of backbiters and cut-throats. 
Rod Meredith promotes an atmosphere where if you stab your co-worker in the back, but give him your version of the story 1st, they other guy gets pushed down the ladder and the bully gets exalted.
Everyone is so insecure and selfish that they expend huge amounts of energy making sure that no one steals their piece of the pie. Working to make sure you get noticed before someone else takes credit for your work is a constant struggle.
If one were to randomly pick ANY worldly work office it would be more harmonious. Typically the people you work with aren't on the same level of self-righteousness, arrogance or filled with as much selfish ambition as the leading men at LCG headquarters. 
It truly is a "brood of vipers".
All the vipers have their little pet projects that feed their egos. It's disgusting.
It was hard being a member in LCG knowing what its headquarters was like. If the average member glimpsed a peek of the lies and other shady behavior that goes on their so frequently that it's become common place, they might think twice about sending in those tithes. 


Black Ops Mikey said...

Bigger question: Why are there any people in the churches of God, since the Exodus never happened and the Bible is a lie?

Anonymous said...

Christians attend services because there is a God in heaven who answers their prayers. Which is why thousands of your and Dennis's posts are ignored. You and Dennis are looked upon like members of the flat earth society.
Does this answer your question?

Connie Schmidt said...


Never earn a paycheck from the church you attend. You will always end up being disillusioned, regardless of denomination.

NO2HWA said...

Yep, everything here is ignored. 4.5 million hits is a lot of ignoring, especially since a LOT of those hits are from LCG members. Apparently, 62,205 comments by readers here is just more ignoring. You need to stop staring at pictures in the old Missing Dimension in Sex book and realize the COG is in a mess.

Anonymous said...

Never earn a paycheck from the church you attend. You will always end up being disillusioned, regardless of denomination.

Most churches don't tell members that they will go to the Lake of Fire if they stop attending that church. There's a big difference between dealing with the politics in a Baptist or Presbyterian congregation vs. dealing with a cult that says your salvation is in doubt if you stop attending.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I didn't express myself clearly. It's the God doesn't exist and the bible is a lie comments that many ignore. I didn't say the churches are not in a mess.
Hmm, I still cannot see ambiguity in my post.

Anonymous said...

Working for church hq definitely opened my eyes and helped me to escape.

Anonymous said...

There are back-stabbers everywhere. It is human nature.

Anonymous said...

"You and Dennis are looked upon like members of the flat earth society."

Who isn't? Everyone has their critics. It's a hollow insult.

Anonymous said...

I have read Black Ops Mikey with this oft-repeated line about the Exodus being indubitably false and I have allowed it to pass ,but since he insists on regurgitating traditional liberal scholarship which has been subjected to substantial scholarly review, clearly without his knowledge, may I direct him to the May/June issue of the most respected archaeological journal, The Biblical Archaeology Review,where he can be updated on whether there is any scholarly evidence for the Exodus. It might be asking too much of him to recommend that he spends the time to read Egyptologist and archaeologist David Rohl's 402-page, 2015 book ,"Exodus:Myth or History?"
:Black Ops Mikey has abandoned Armstrongusm ,but not its pitfall of clinging to unsubstantiated "facts".Ian Boyne

Anonymous said...

10.09 PM
Everyone most certainly has their critics. There is not one belief or decision that one makes, that someone, somewhere will disagree with. However this does not mean that there is no objective truth. Just as there are firm laws of physics and chemistry, there are also moral truths. It is not all purely subjective as your comment implies.

I was not trying to insult anyone, but rather point out a objective fact.

Hoss said...

Obi Wan warns Luke about the LCG.

Anonymous said...

10:06 there are back-biters everywhere but isn't "God's True Church" (which LCG claims to be) supposed to get an extra measure of Holy Spirit?

Following such rationale, wouldn't LCG HQ's be BETTER than a normal "worldly" office instead of WORSE?

I have worked in many places. None of which could ever compare to my stent at LCG HQs!

Anonymous said...

Rohl's proposed chronology is a heavy revision too often used by people who want things to fit their personal wishes. Not saying his work isn't interesting, but I would be very careful in discerning why one wants to cite Rohl as opposed to the established body of work thus far.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06 PM said

There are back-stabbers everywhere. It is human nature. So true. This site focuses on the bad behavior of humans as though its unusual. Our frail self-centered human nature will always promote stress and harm to others. I never surprised by ego driven, abusive attitudes toward others. It's a pleasant experience when people act in a Christ like approach. And that approach is all about God's message, which is to love each other, including our enemies. I'm still working on the "enemies" part.

If a group truly has God's Spirit, it should have more positive Christ like experiences.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that Anonymous 5:58 is at least acquainted with Rohl's work. And the point made is reasonable. But Rohl is not alone. There is a previous Biblical Archaeology Review which has an interesting piece showing that the historicity of the Exodus not an isolated view(I am not at home and can't remember the specific issue. But get the May/June issue which deals with this issue again.)
When it comes to archaeological and historical issues, one has to be up-to-date with his readings and the latest findings. Quoting old sources or rehashing what might be an old majority view , like Black Opps Mikey who is clearly not keeping up with reading serious scholarship, is misguided.
One of the tragedies of Armstrongism, and I admit this freely as an Armstrongite, is that we ridiculed and disparaged scholarship and intellectual awareness because of our ministers' own insecurities and inadequacies, as well as our crude Fundamentalist orientation.
Today I cringe at some of the nonsense I accepted as truth from men whom I thought knew what they were speaking or writing about. I find many ex-Armstrongites still manifesting that same anti-intellectualism and aversion to scholarship which makes them glory in polemics and invective, while being deficient in intellectual rigor. Some on these blogs salivate over scandals, gossip, corruption--the sleazy-- but find it hard to engage on an intellectual level. Saying that's what Armstrongism mainly consists of today --even if true-- is a pathetic excuse for a non-cerebral response. That's why I will always praise BB, though I disagree with him fundamentally and profoundly. The man engages ideas. Ian Boyne

Anonymous said...

If you want a perfect illustration of abuse masquerading as argument, go over to Black Opps Mikey(Douglas Becker) at Painful Truth to see the insults he hurled at me for my irenic, courteous challenge to him. Every challenge must be met by acrimony, animus and invective. No place for sober, rational, respectful argumentation.
Have we learned nothing from our past? Ian Boyne

Lily said...


God hears prayers of many Christians. Catholics, Mormons, Presbyterians.
Many people healed out right being annointed by elders in the Mormon Church.
Many claim answers to prayers who never heard of the so-called churches of God.
So, maybe tone down your fanatic answer.