Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Did God Let HWA Preach Incorrect Information Just So Pack, Flurry, Malm and Thiel Could Reveal The Truth Later?

A question was asked that pretty much sums up the current state of affairs with the various self-appointed, lying false prophets of Armstrongism who claim their god has revealed specially hidden knowledge that is only available in the end times.

...I mean God COULD have said to him "there's more yet to be revealed, I'm not telling you the half of it; you know I have My own purposes....". But instead He allowed HWA to preach, if not a lie, then at the very least, a very incorrect misunderstanding that deceived many. 
So did God allow Herbert to preach incorrect and misleading information just so Pack, Flurry, Malm and Thiel could be the end time true witnesses? If that is so, then what a cruel joke the trickster god has played upon the church!

Pack, Flurry, Thiel, and Malm are the four biggest culprit's in blatantly lying that their god has given them new knowledge or an inside track as to how prophecy is supposedly "coming alive" in these "end times."  These four stooges are the most visible liars the church has right now.  That being said, it does not let the lies of UCG, LCG, COGWA and others off the hook either.  They lie just as equally.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Since cat and cats (lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs don't count) are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible (ironic, since the Israelites were supposed to be in Egypt [they weren't] and wouldn't they have seen the cats with the Egyptians?), which one of these prophets / apostles / evangelists of Armstrong are going to come out with,

"The Plain Truth about Cats"?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Secret knowledge no one else has. Associated with the Bible, but not in the Bible. A mystery for sure!

Actually, scratch that idea, since it would go viral and attract people to the sects of their little cult.

Anonymous said...

They don't preach about cats but sure preach like jackasses!

Anonymous said...

“Did God Let HWA Preach Incorrect Information Just So Pack, Flurry, Malm and Thiel Could Reveal The Truth Later?”

HWA taught about turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, as taught in the biblical book of Malachi.

Gerald Flurry specialized in doing the exact diametrical opposite of whatever the biblical book of Malachi said to do. Flurry “corrected” what HWA had taught by forcing people to break up their own families and just support Flurry and his own Irish dancing dunces instead. Flurry's local goons tried to match people up with totally incompatible old sex perverts and predators in his PCG.

HWA taught people to pay tithes and offerings to the WCG.

David Pack “improved” upon what HWA had taught and made it more streamlined and efficient by “cutting to the chase” and teaching people to “obediently send common” (that is, send their retirement plans, houses, savings, possessions, etc. to Dave's RCG), “or no salvation if you don't.”

HWA set the example of hiring good quality accountants and lawyers so everything could be done legally and properly in the WCG.

Ronald Weinland thought it was wasteful to hire good accounting and legal talent, and selfishly tried to keep for himself all the money earned by his prophetic fantasy fiction writing. This resulted in Weinland spending a prophetic 3-1/2 years in prison, while numerous other scoundrels in numerous other false churches, who did share their ill-gotten gain with “good” accountants and lawyers, ran wild and free.

HWA taught people to look to the Bible for prophetic understanding.

Robert Thiel taught people to look to pagans for possible little tidbits of prophetic truth in their pagan prophecies that the demons might have revealed to them. No wonder that Thiel is bogged down in darkest Africa. Nigeria specifically. If Thiel's problems over there were to continue to grow, say at 30% each year, his CCG could go bankrupt.

HWA looked to the calculated Hebrew calendar to know when to observe the biblical Annual Holy Days.

James Malm realized that using the calculated Hebrew calendar was much too easy and convenient for people who wanted to plan ahead, so he introduced calendar confusion. Many other people also disagreed with HWA about the calendar, and also disagreed with each other over the seemingly endless details of the seemingly endless confusion they were causing.

Hoss said...

Flurry's Irish dancing dunces

In BI, Ireland is considered to be the tribe of Dan. Dan isn't one of the tribes mentioned in the 144,000. Maybe they're dancing to a different drummer..

In one of her prophetic dreams, Ellen White said she saw the 144,000 "standing in a perfect square". One problem is that 144,000 isn't a square number...

Anonymous said...

Ellen White said she saw the 144,000 "standing in a perfect square". One problem is that 144,000 isn't a square number...

Dummy, they are standing in 144 groups of 1,000 -- 12 per tribe. Each group is in a 35x35 square with a 15x15 empty space in the middle.

Black Ops Mikey said...

"In BI, Ireland is considered to be the tribe of Dan. Dan isn't one of the tribes mentioned in the 144,000."

And folks, what's the other tribe not mentioned in Revelation?


There goes British Israelism.


Byker Bob said...

It's funny that the splinter brethren didn't allow the Tkaches to change the church doctrines, but they now allow their "leaders" to change the long as they retain the sabbath, holy days, clean meats, tithing, church eras, soul sleep, and the church eras.


nck said...

Black Ops,

You must be aware that "the tribe of Dan" explanation in good old wcg "cold war" interpretation was that the IRA was the "sting" warring against their brothers. Therefore the tribe of Dan was not included in the 144.000.

Now of course we know that the IRA was largely funded by Khadaffi and probably other socialist countries to weaken the West.

HWA was a Cold War warior and an agent of the American empire through its extension of the UN. Therefore this interpretation against Dan was the accepted one. (not because the IRA was catholic)

It is no coincidence whatsoever that since HWA's death, that coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism a few years later both the US and Israels contribution to the UN has dramatically collapsed too.

Israels just yesterday cut its funding with another 2 million dollars because of the UN condemnation of the Israel digs. You must be aware that Ambassador College was the largest contributor to digs in the occupied zone of Jerusalem. It is all interrelated my friend. Politics, Religion, Moneyflow. And yes PEACE on the flipside of it all, since there can be no trade if there is no peace.

These are all interrelated.


Hoss said...

Anon 512

Okay, my bad. I'm not a Joseph - or a Bob Thiel for that matter - at understanding dreams, and Ms White (aka EGg White) didn't give a lot of detail, as did Loma.
Of course, if she meant they were assembled in a square, like a city square, that square may have been perfect, and the 144,000 may have been just milling around, whuch would have made it very hard for her to count them.

This is one doctrinal area where splinters differ in interpretation. GTA believed in a literal BI setting, and believed Dan was omitted because Ireland stuck to being Catholic. Dave Pack said they represented all the true COGites through the centuries, and Bob Thiel tossed around a number of ideas, and suggested they were the work of the Two Witnesses, whoever they may be.

Anonymous said...

The 144,000 are the work of the two witnesses?? Ha, ha ha ha. It takes many years to build and mature good traits. That they can be acquired in a few years is laughable. This claim proves that Bob has not being growing as a person, otherwise he would know this from personal experience.

RSK said...

Considering that Bob often hints that he is one of the two witnesses...