Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rod Meredith FORCE Me, FORCED Me I Say, Into Holding Him Accountable..Oh, Did I Say FORCED Me?

The other day an LCG source sent me a little blurb on Almost-arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Habakkuk, Joshua, doubly cursed Bob Thiel.  As usual, God's most righteous end time prophet has suffered major butt-hurt.  I have to admit I have never seen such an insecure COG leader in my life.  Is it because deep down he knows he is a fraud?

This morning, apostate Bob had a meltdown and said some really fun things and as usual had to take a slam aginst his "dad and mentor" Rod Meredith.

The LCG source sent this:
Rod Meredith spent many years having to listen to his self-important "son" wax prolific on hundreds of prophecies his "son" claimed to know more about than he did. Every time Meredith turned around his narcissistic "son" had had a new revelation and was demanding that the LCG change its "understanding."
The apostate one took great exception to the statement and went on to claim that Rod Meredith FORCED him to say and do the things he did.
That is not the case. Dr. Meredith is the one who forced me, over my objections, to promise to tell him if I felt he was 'pulling punches.' The fact that I strove to live up to that promise is not a negative. Furthermore, years after Dr. Meredith made me promise that, he appointed me as an advisor to he and the Charlotte-based evangelists on doctrine and prophecy. That was also his idea. It should further be pointed out that I did not "demand" that LCG change its understanding on matters. I pointed out issues and the LCG the evangelists often agreed. The closest thing to a demand I ever made while there was reminding them to keep their word and make the corrections they promised to do. LCG leaders, like Richard Ames, have known what I have written is true, but have sadly been unwilling to publicly rebuke those that slander me.
Rod Meredith expected his men to be manly men.  Men with fortitude and cajones.  Apparently delicate Thiel had neither.  No man who claims to be a follower of Jesus would ever let another man bully him like that.  Apparently, we now see that he is not a follower of that inconvenient dude, but rather kowtows to men, thus he submitted to being FORCED to tell Meredith he was going astray.

Readers will also note that doubly-cursed Thiel is still suffering butthurt because various COG leaders will not defend him in any manner anymore.  Richard Ames takes the heat this time from Elisha Thiel.  Even worse, Gaylyn Bonjour said that he did not in any manner doubly bless the self-appointed false propeht so that he could go out and start another church.  Apostate Thiel's "double blessing" is a major doctrine of belief for his splinter cult along with the demand that people recognize he dreamed about himself.   It is no wonder that LCG leaders will not back apostate Thiel up in any manner. Why would any of them want to be associated with someone so unsound?

You can read the rest of Thiel's's spiel here.


Anonymous said...

Just add water and they will grow 6X as large. ROTFLMAO! If the boy/man ever had butthurt he will surely have it now!

Anonymous said...

RCM says: "Bob, I'm not just interested in your big donations. I want you to tell me if you see that we are getting anything wrong."

Almost-Arrested-Elijah hears: "Bob, because you see things that I and the other evangelists fail to see, I am appointing you as our advisor."

Anonymous said...

Does Bob ever take accountability for anything?

Byker Bob said...

Of course not!!! He just continues toake excuses as to why he should be considered to be a prophet. But, the lights are out, and nobody's home.


Connie Schmidt said...

Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars) admonition to Bob Thiel:

“Remember…the "FORCED ME EXCUSE" will be with you, always.”

James said...

Tired Bob write: "Gary Leonard, someone I have not met, continues to want to spread lies and improper innuendoes about me. Perhaps one day he will more realize that what he is doing is illegal and wrong. "

First of all it is not illegal what Gary writes. Let's get that clear.

Bob Thiel is a public figure that proclaims he is a prophet of God almighty. He is subject to criticism and to scrutinizing. If Bob wants to complain he should do so in his prayers. His complaining is a symptom of his deep lack of faith and zeal in my opinion.

In tired Bob's article he writes: "Hopefully, those reading this realize the truth. If not, then repentance on that is needed"

This is to say that it is your fault for not believing what he says. He blames you never thinking that it is he who needs to repent for his devious ministry.

Now Bob, if your listening I have something to tell you. You did not spell "innuendoes" correctly. God should have directed you towards this spelling. "innuendo's". See the difference?

Grow up little boy and learn to become a man. Grow a set of balls and take personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Let's put this into a slightly different context as an acid test for Dr. Theil. What if his superior officer had been gay? Would Theil claim that via his awesome authority, he had coerced or forced Bob into performing sexual favors? At what point does sticking with one's own paradigms become important?

Ronco said...

Once again, here's a chair that is worthy of Dr Bob's ego...

Anonymous said...

The more that Bob Thiel runs off at the mouth the more he looks like a bumbling fool. No one who is a Christian would ever be following him or believe any of the things he preaches. Thankfully he does not have many followers but he is starting to have the potential to be a deadly leader.

Herbert Armstrong Was NOT The End-Time Elijah said...

David Pack & Gerald Flurry should grow a pair if they ever want to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Thiel may be a narcissist with delusions of grandeur but Rod Meredith was a notorious liar.

If I had to take one over the other regarding truth, it would definitely be Thiel.

Meredith lied so much that he often started to believe his lies were true.

Hoss said...

Some time ago I wrote that HWA used Andrew Dugger's "you are surely right" letter as validation of his take on BI. Now, I don't think that was correct; the reason for using it was to show that while Dugger, representing CG7, accepted HWA's BI, he didn't use it in CG7. HWA's position: CG7, which he thought "had the most truth", acknowledged the "truth" of BI but didn't incorporate it into CG7 doctrine. So, HWA had up his sleeve an "excuse" to break away.

So, Bob Thiel, who, like other splinter leaders, uses HWA as a "pattern", presents a similar scenario: RCM "forced" Bob to keep him on track, but when Bob, "doing his job", introduces corrections and "new truth", LCG agrees with, but never incorporates, his changes. Like HWA and CG7, Bob then has a "reason" to break away. But, that's just speculation on my part.

COG-critics at Banned and other sites are not "forced" but do have Biblical authority to "correct" those who are in error, just as Bob claimed to have done (Matt 18:15-18).

Anonymous said...

Butthurt Bob just can't seem to stop himself from reading what people post about him here. Were he a true prophet, bears would have clawed us all to death by now and his prophecies would have drawn the attention of world leaders.

RSK said...

Well, Im sure most of you recall Constance telling us that Malm would call down fire on us all... a year ago?