Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Are the LCG members who post here "fake" insiders and "bitter" liars?

An anonymous reader here did not take too kindly to many of the remarks being made by Living Church of God members and ex-members on conditions in Living Church of God today.

He wrote:
"...I also guarantee that the crap that is written here about Meredith, McNair, Weston, Winnail(s), Ciesielka and others is completely made up by fake "insiders" or so-called LCG members at LCG HQ. All of the "news" and "inside information" being put out here is without any merit and complete garbage. Believe you me, Weston, Winnail, Ames and every other LCG minister routinely snicker and laugh at the ridiculous and outlandish "news" and "information" that is put out here and in other hate blogs. Thanks for the entertainment."
It is always so much fun to read comments like this. The idea that Weston, Winnail, McNair, Li'l Jimmy and others sit around and "snicker and laugh" at things posted here is hilarious.

I know for a fact that LCG monitors this site.  The second anything is posted here the screen maps light up with Charlotte ip addresses.  Who can forget the day Rod Meredith publicly told members to not read this blog! The readership here shot up dramatically that day and continues.

The shenanigans happening in all of the Church of God's are no longer outlandish for anyone to sit here and make up every day.  We have all seen this going on for decades.  Church members have lived this crap for the past 60 some years as ministers have run rampant in the church wrecking peoples lives.  We all sat and watched how Rod Meredith couldn't keep is mouth shut and defamed Leona McNair and got sued.  We watched as he twiddled his thumbs through the lawsuit while he let WCG pay for his defense, and then when the church lost the case and had to pay Leona McNair a large sum of money, he jumped ship into his own personality cult, Global Church of God.  We watched him then rip Global apart and take their money when they realized what an abusive SOB he was.  Then we watched him start Living Church of God where the abuse goes on to this very day.  We have all read here lately how even Herbert Armstrong knew what a mess Meredith was and refused to appoint him to official church eldership.

I have people who have contacted me here who are high up in many of the various COG's. I also have had children/gradn children of leaders of three different COG's who have been in contact with me. Others have been high up in the inner circles of various groups.  They know exactly what they are talking about.  Their remarks can be corroborated by other members and have been.

It has always been the tactic of the church, its leaders and bitter members to label anyone who disagrees with them as bitter and liars. It may have worked decades ago, but with the Internet, present day Church of God members can quickly find out if something is true or not.  It does not take long for things to bleed out into cyberspace. The days of calling people liars, disgruntled and bitter no longer carry any weight.


Byker Bob said...

It’s more likely that the stalwart LCG members are bitter and angry, because their movement is quickly collapsing, and that collapse is being documented here. People leaving LCG, on the other hand, would tend to be relieved, happy, and looking forward to a much brighter future.-


Anonymous said...

"Herbert Armstrong knew what a mess Meredith was and refused to appoint him to official church eldership."

What? He was an evangelist.

Anonymous said...

well you can't verify everything so you never really know what's true and what isn't....

I've read of some events here that I had first hand knowledge of, and the reporting here was not accurate, not by a long shot...

some other things maybe were accurate...but then, I had no first hand knowledge of them...

bottom line, this is just a gossip blog....I don't doubt that some things are true, but there is no way to known for sure.

Anonymous said...

10.48 PM
"there is no way to know for sure." So we can't be sure of anything. Except what the ministers say since their words are the infallible inspired words of God.
Very convenient if you are a minister or one of their minions.
Actually, the body of evidence doesn't lie, so we can know for sure.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that some posters here either lie or distort or are confused about what they report.

It is equally obvious that the same can be said about official LCG reports. The thing about LCG lies is that those lies often come back to bite them in the butt! Look at Rod McNair's desperate attempt last year to suck up to RCM by showing him the highest Feast of Tabernacles attendance numbers he could inflate. He short-sightedly claimed 10.400 attending last year, so when this year's real number is under 8,000 it just makes LCG's post-Meredith decline look that much worse. It wouldn't look that bad if McNair had been honest all along.

Gordon Feil said...

In the mouth of two or three witnesses a thing is established. A witness is someone who actually saw it. And a witness can only be trusted if they are identifiable. My advice: Don't believe anything on here unless there are at least two people identifying themselves and agreeing on what they actually saw.

You take away from this blog all the comments made anonymously or under pseudonyms, and what is left?

Anonymous said...

I was in LCG for a long time and I was part of the Charlotte congregation. Banned might get very minor details wrong but 99% of the story is entirely accurate.

When these LCG people get on here and post "it's all lies! don't believe anything you read on this gossip blog!" have you ever noticed that they refuse to specifically identify the "lies". That's because they can't.

It's a punch and run technique used frequently by people who are immature and completely unable to defend their perspective.

The problem LCG has is that they do what do over and over again to people far and wide. LCG has EARNED its reputation by the horrible and repeated actions of their very un-Christian ministry.

Back in WCG days bullied and abused church people didn't have a voice. Thanks to Banned, we can share our stories and information openly.

I was once a blind, obedient minister worshipping LCG zombie too. If I can help even a single LCG member snap out of their daze and realize that Jesus Christ is the only Intercessor (not your minister) or that blind obedience to a corporate organization instead of the Word of God ( which is love) is idolatry or that standing idol while ministers do bad things to good people makes you just as guilty... then what I suffered at the hands of LCG is all worth it.

Anonymous said...

Ha! LCG can shout from the mountain tops that the stories about them are lies but too many of us lived it and know that the stories are true. Nice try!

Anonymous said...

Twenty bucks says the original poster is either Lil' Jim Meredith or Jerry Ruddlesden. They both frequent Banned and they are both in total denial about the corrupt nature of the organization they worship.

Anonymous said...

It will be no surprise to many members that supposedly God ordained pastors dwell here to mock and snicker at the comments. They've been mocking the sheep for far too long. They can explain their lousy shepherding to Jesus Christ on judgment day. Mockery is all their fit for.

Anonymous said...

For those who want to read a shocking filing in the Scarborough lawsuit, go here:

Scarborough Lawsuit Court Documents

Scroll down to page 246 to see the Scarboroughs' allegations. Scroll up to page 51 to see LCG's response.

Some of the LCG denials are preposterous. Others are plausible denials that they knew they could get away with in court. A few of the denials concern subjective allegations that suggest the Scarboroughs did not receive very good legal advice. A very few of the denials are so ridiculous that most any LCG Charlotte member will recognize them as lies.

If anyone reading this knows where interested parties may read the actual LCG depositions online, please share.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Feil asked:

You take away from this blog all the comments made anonymously or under pseudonyms, and what is left?

LCG employees who still have their jobs, or LCG spouses who still have intact marriages. That's what is left.

I urge you to read about the situation in North Korea, where even defectors usually hide their names to protect relatives who are still under the control of the Kim family. Mind you, people in North Korea are in much worse shape than people in LCG, but we should be mindful of the parallel. A minister's wife who posts here out of her good conscience will understandably not want to ruin her marriage or her family's livelihood by revealing her name. An LCG employee will not want to put his or her family in economic danger by using a real name, but may feel conscience-bound to speak out in whatever way possible. You have every right to be skeptical of what they post anonymously, but please do not doubt these people's sincerity in posting.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gossip, how are things going over at the PACK CULT COMPOUND?

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago, Rod Meredith made the decision to apostatize from the Global Church of God, the very organization he claimed Christ had founded through him. LCG members need to ask themselves, was God behind the founding of Global, or did Rod start Global out of his own self-will? If Rod started Global out of self-will, we can be sure God would not have used such a willful man to start LCG. On the other hand, if God was behind Rod's founding of Global, why did Rod leave Global in 1998 instead of submitting to God's government in Global?

The truth may be hard to take for some who are happy in their corner of LCG, but the truth is plain. LCG was founded as a Rod Meredith personality cult. Rod himself liked to say, "Liars won't be in the Kingdom of God." For those who have proved to themselves that Rod was a continual liar, staying in LCG is not an option, however painful it may be to leave.

Connie Schmidt said...

ANON WROTE: "...I also guarantee that the crap that is written here about Meredith, McNair, Weston, Winnail(s), Ciesielka and others is completely made up by fake "insiders" or so-called LCG members at LCG HQ

MY RESPONSE: Id like to know the terms of your "guarantee". Is it a "double your tithes back" if not satisfied guarantee??

Anonymous said...

@ 5:24 AM, do you think they can lie their way out of evidence in Rod Meredith's own hand? Meredith held his family members to a very low standard in order to receive his nepotistic benefits, as was most evident in his handling of David Meredith .

Let's watch and see how the HQ trolls defend or deny this!

Anonymous said...

What Do I Believe?
One thing I believe is that the bible reveals a God that understands the good, bad, and ugly of human life. It is quite evident that humanity today is being subjected to a constant flow of words that create confusion rather than solutions to the people living in the world. Most of this flow of words rejects the idea that this God is actively working on a planned purpose that will create a harmonious unity that would contribute to and eternal relationship between this God and those who have experienced human life. If there is no God it is doubtful that human life will ever develop a life experiences a harmonious unity. If there is a God actively working out a planned purpose we should be allowing this God to work through building the good in us to fulfill this plan rather than trying to destroy bad and ugly in other people.
Something to think about. AB

Anonymous said...

Hate them as much as you like, they are making good money and living good lives, while you are just a bunch of losers whose only psychological compensation is badmouthing those you envy. It's an obvious fact, you are the only ones who don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55

The LCG trolls that come on here and claim it's all lies never come back to counter or to actually outline what, specifically, are lies.

They just blanket state that Banned is "all lies". Their cognitive dissonance is too vast.

Their reality doesn't fit the facts so they run and hide instead of staying here to enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those who work at headquarters and also am one of those who will not use my name because of the family repercussions that will happen. People are right in stating that many here monitor this site. What is surprising is that they read all of the things that LCG members have to say here and know that there are issues in the church and yet they will not do anything about it. They are too arrogant to admit they have issues in the church and to admit so makes them feel weak. Some here think that if they smear this site and those who post here it will cause a decrease in LCG's members reading and posting here. Ever since the members saw how church leaders treated the Scarborough's it has been a struggle maintaining control in some places.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36 written like a true narcissist. Being envied is the demonic lie you people have been telling yourselves for years. Many pity you with pure hearts. The hatred and envy is usually ftom the top down not the other way.

Near_Earth_Object said...

Information Pathology is a term that could be invented to be applied to the way that Armstrongist leaders seek to control communication. I recall from my years in the WCG that the primary means of communication was "The Grapevine". It pre-existed the internet and was not electronic unless you count telephones. It delivered more accurate information than the official publications. Ministers railed against it as gossip and then fed lay members sanitized, upbeat and carefully tailored versions of the news. Many things were never spoken about but the Grapevine sounded loud and clear.

I would guess that most Armstrongist leaders who look at this blog are not looking for analysis of theological issues or social/cultural issues pertaining to Armstrongism. They are looking for personal "dirt" on others they know in the Armstrongist fragment churches. That is the pathological Armstrongist mind set when it comes to information.
Information can be weaponized.

This blog is a part of their Grapevine. It is the electronic Grapevine for them. The problem is, the electronic Grapevine reveals the decayed core of Armstrongism to anyone who can access the internet.

Like some of the autocratic nations of the world, the Armstrongist ministers must want the internet suppressed with only a select few given access. Democracy was never the way of Armstrongism. They must seethe in frustration to realize that any of their lay members can access the internet read all about Herbert. Autocracy was always their preference and their corruption.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02 AM is probably a Scarborough troll. No actual LCG HQ employee would post from an LCG computer, because he or she would know that IT is monitoring Internet activity and posting here would get them fired. Furthermore, at 1:02PM ET, no employee could text such a long message from their personal smartphone during work hours.

Yes, there are HQ employees who post here. Yes, there are ministers' wives who post here. There are, however, $h!t-stirrers, probably friends of the Scarboroughs or former HQ employees, who invent stories hoping to embarrass LCG.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:06 AM

He short-sightedly claimed 10.400 attending last year, so when this year's real number is under 8,000 it just makes LCG's post-Meredith decline look that much worse.

They can do a lot to manipulate the numbers with scattered or shut-in members. My family is in the process of exiting LCG, but we are trying to maintain some friendships, so we don't want a big blowup with the minister. We pleaded our need for home care for my mother-in-law and asked for sermons we could play at home. Because of this, LCG counts five of as "attending" from home, but we didn't play their DVDs and won't be back next year.

A much more objective and realistic number will come if LCG is willing to publish their Holy Day offering numbers from Feast 2016 and Feast 2017. That can't be faked or manipulated, otherwise LCG's annual audit would catch the attempted deception.

True Bread said...

its all true....I sat in RCM's classes in AC/BS and he was a condescending vile prick...sadly I started a GCG in my home in Richmond VA back in 1993 after leaving the WCG....my sister was vehemently opposed to my move, but eventually joined the family in the GCG here in Richmond....she and her family are still under the abusive mind control group in Charlotte..and it is my life's goal now to set them free from this madness....my involvement with the GCG ended after one meeting with David Pack...let this serve as a warning to any confused ex-WCGers to steer clear of this den of death.

Anonymous said...

"Scarborough" this, "Scarborough" that. Blah, blah, blah. Hardly anyone in LCG, besides those directly involved in the case, has heard about the "Scarborough" thing. This whole contrived Scarborough "backlash" by the membership hat is such a lame excuse for LCG's "smoldering problems" or supposed "discontented" membership. Hardly anyone in the LCG membership knows about the case and therefore any "defections" or supposed brewing backlash by the membership toward the leadership is simply a fantasy story of the overactive minds and dirt diggers of most on this blog.

DennisCDiehl said...

What is the attraction of "starting my own church" some feel when leave a fellowship. I saw people come and go all my life as kid growing up Presbyterian and no one would ever think of doing such a thing and never did. Of course, Presbyterian ministry is highly trained in theology over years of hard work in the field. Too many men , in the south at least, start their own church after leaving or getting booted from another because "I quit drankin', smokin' and cussin'" Not the greatest credentials. No COG member has the theological background to "start my own church." COG Ministry didn't either from what I now see. To start your own church, at least in my view, bespeaks an unbalanced personality in need of something personal from it. IMHO

Unless you are spoken of in the prophets of course. Then I suppose you can skip the education and just go with the voices in your head or dreams.

Ronco said...

LCG needs to re-brand itself- I think they should rename it 'The Wretched Miserable Poor and Naked Church of God'(WMPN-COG).

How I miss good ol' Spanky...

DennisCDiehl said...

and too...it never once crossed my mind after 26 years of it, to start my own church. Once was quite enough in thinking I was supposed to be in the one someone else started. I never once thought of "going with" anybody either. Some few asked me in SC if I would consider taking the church and them out of Tkachville and go it alone. I said no. "I know you folk well and you'd have me for lunch within six months."

I love what I do now, where I do and the wonderful folk I meet doing it. I feel like a bit of an underachiever in life having run out of time spending too much time in the wrong place but I suppose I could not be here if I had not been there is how I view it mostly.

Byker Bob said...

Let’s face one fact: Hypothetically, if only 10% of what is reported here (specifically about LCG in this case) is true, LCG would still be a toxic environment, with corrupt and unloving ministers, and would be producing bad fruit, and shrinking in size and impact.
That’s where the rubber meets the road.


Ariel Ben Noach said...

Anon 5:13pm

The Scarborough case was the catalyst for my departure from LCG after spending 17 years in that group. Although I am no longer a christian, doctrine was not an issue when I left. I considered attending another ACOG but soon realized it has the same corporate culture. That's when I finally decided to quit ACOGs.

RSK said...

Did you attend WCG in Richmond? If so, roughly how long?

Anonymous said...


The Scarborough case was the straw that broke the camels back for my departure form LCG and I didn't even know them. I was already fed up with the sermons on government and submission to the church leaders. I already saw how much LCG was like the Catholic church and how Rod Meredith was the LCG Pope. I was already dismayed by how LCG adds to and takes away from the Word of God when it serves them to do so. I was already disgusted by the routine heavy handedness of the ministers. When I learned of what they did to those people I knew, without a doubt, that I needed to go.

Like you I quit Armstrongism all together. Unlike you I first went to another ACOG. I realized quickly that they are pretty much all the same so I escaped.

Best decision of my life.

Anonymous said...

4.47 AM
All the ACOGs worship unlimited government. They claim that it's God's government, but it's not. It's just crappy human government. The left wing socialists worship this same false god. It's like Satan wanting to kick God off His thrown and rule in his place. It's the same garbage.
God doesn't rule these churches, it's the ministers that do.
Just one example, I have never come across one church article on following God's lead. This is from the 1960s onwards.

Near_Earth_Object said...

Dennis Diehl:

I think your point is trenchant. For some reason the Millerite movement with its emphasis on cryptic and dubious prophetic presumptions has produced a fertile ground for religious entrepreneurship. It seems to be most prominent among the Armstrongists and their brothers the Branch Davidians. Herbert Armstrong and Vernon Howell were preeminent marketeers.

This desire to market religion, the goose that laid the golden egg, seems to be a particular penchant of Armstrongists. Hence, all of the "start up" enterprises that I call "Armstrongist fragment churches." And Armstrongism is a nice product because it has a simplistic theology (all neatly captured in a few booklets and magazines), uses fear, racial pride and conspiracy theories as its motive force and targets the religiously naive.

I recall the "Slender Now" and "Shaklee" movements in the WCG. Many ministers discovered another way to squeeze their congregations for more money for their personal gain, beyond the exhausting tithing system. And they wrapped it in the mantle of promoting health. More like the health of their wallets. I recall hearing that one minister claimed that everyone in his congregation had hypoglycemia and needed to be taking some product he was selling. Very convenient.

Bottom line, this religious entrepreneurship is all about the money. Get yourself congregation, get yourself a tithe base and boogie.

Addendum: Rod Meredith always struck me as someone not easily classified. I heard a conservative minister in Big Sandy rake Rod over the coals before an audience. He said that Meredith had personally caused the healing power of God in the WCG to diminish by having his retina worked on by doctors. I think it had become detached when Rod was hit by a handball. Though Rod was considered an arch-conservative himself he was apparently not as conservative as some of his far right critics.

True Bread said...

RSK said...

Did you attend WCG in Richmond? If so, roughly how long?
February 21, 2018 at 9:42 PM

RSK....not sure if your comment is directed to me but I will answer....

Yes we (entire family) spent many years in the WCG in Richmond, from mid 80's up until we left in 93 due to a horrible minister named Ron Smith. He was so bad that after another totally meaningless and boring sermon we just decided to never go back. Sadly, I decided then to start getting RCM's tapes and my dad and I listened to them alone at home. This led to others finding out and wanting to come over...that's what led to one of the first "churches" of GCG forming on the east coast. I regret ever having anything to do with RCM...

RSK said...

Yes, that was for you TB. I forget that the mobile version I'm looking at shows direct replies while the desktop version doesnt.
We were at Richmond briefly, left in 82.

Anonymous said...

@ NEO:

Rod Meredith always struck me as someone not easily classified. I heard a conservative minister in Big Sandy rake Rod over the coals before an audience. He said that Meredith had personally caused the healing power of God in the WCG to diminish by having his retina worked on by doctors. I think it had become detached when Rod was hit by a handball. Though Rod was considered an arch-conservative himself he was apparently not as conservative as some of his far right critics.

The word you are looking for is "hypocrite." Rod put burdens on the members that he never put on himself. For example, when Rod McNair complained about Elizabeth Scarborough dressing "like a prostitute" for an event, Rod Meredith supported his boot-licking assistant. That same Rod Meredith, however, told several women at HQ that they should wear more makeup, fix their hair more attractively, and wear more attractive clothing.

Meredith always had a lax attitude about tobacco smoking. He would talk very warmly about his father's pipe-smoking, and when his children indulged in an occasional cigar he thought it was no big deal. His biggest objection to David's cigarette-smoking seemed to be that people found out about it.

Gerald Weston, by contrast, seems to practice what he preaches. He doesn't force members to be as conservative as he is, but he is very judgmental about those whose standards differ from his.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong I am not a member of any of these Armstrongite groups, never was. I am just telling you the truth, as a total outsider, yyou are the only ones who don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Ron Fraser was a good man who went through some difficult trials near the end of his life. He died several years ago but you write about his article as if he's alive and is able to respond to your criticism. Do you people have any shame?

Anonymous said...

1.13 PM
You've lost me. If you were never a member of a Armstrongite group. Why are you on this blog. How can you relate to any of the topics?

Anonymous said...

Ron Fraser was a good man who went through some difficult trials near the end of his life.

If Fraser was such a good man, why did he shamelessly violate the commandment: "Thou shalt not steal"? Much of his professional work consisted of rewriting material that he purchased from the news service Stratfor, which as part of its purchase agreement included the agreement not to rewrite/repackage the material for distribution to others.

Ron Fraser was willing to lie, cheat and steal for his god, Gerald Flurry. That is hardly a "good man."

Anonymous said...

Just see the sliminess of Rod McNair, again on display. In the latest LCG weekly comments, McNair wrote:

Vice President Mike Pence had a personal rule that he would never meet with a member of the opposite sex in private, alone.... Follow the Mike Pence rule!

Gerald Weston follows this rule, but Rod Meredith did not. Rod McNair did not correct Rod Meredith for his standard, nor did Rod proclaim it as a universal standard other than in the context of certain ministerial counseling where two men can gang up on a woman and have a "witness" that nothing improper was done.

Now, however, Rod McNair can curry favor with Weston by promoting this conservative standard as a standard for everybody. So, instead of insisting that his former boss Rod Meredith made wise and appropriate decisions and that Weston is going to an inflexible extreme like Pence, McNair is now promoting the Pence/Weston standard.

Weston ought to realize that after he dies, McNair will quickly forget that Weston ever existed and will instead start currying favor with the new Presiding Evangelist. McNair has no inner core of beliefs of his own, and will do what it takes to win favor from the leader.

Anonymous said...

2.00 AM
Ron Fraser was a public figure, so your 'shame for writing bout him' doesn't wash.
Based on his writings, he was in love with the early socialist-light
phase in American and English society, together with it's better morals.
He ignored the moral hazard in his beliefs and ranted against their natural consequences. He appears to have used church-world to try to suppress these negatives.
I don't believe that is the proper role of a church.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:13 is representative of the type of immature, heartless, condescending and ignorant person that is very typical in LCG.

I have Facebook friends from all the ACOGs and the LCGers never cease to amaze me with their judgemental arrogance and childishness (like typing in all caps and quoting LCG literature instead of the Bible to prove their point).

The fact that 5:13 has no empathy for members of God’s church who were treated so wrongly really tells us all we need to know about his or character. I can almost guarantee that 5:13 thinks they are making it to the kingdom (and will have a high position) and the rest of us won’t make the cut. Superiority complex is another LCG defining characteristic.

Anonymous said...

Many LCG members were holding out hope that Gerald Weston was taking his time to bring positive change to LCG HQ.

Unfortunately, with the move of Jonathan McNair to Charlotte, most of that hope has been dashed. Jonathan McNair is a lot like his brother Rod, not very bright but very spoiled and political and eager to kiss up to his superiors at the expense of the brethren. He is much more like his Uncle Raymond than like his father Carl.

People who were hoping that Mr. Weston could see through the machinations of Rod McNair and Wyatt Ciesielka have now seen that his discernment is not what they had hoped. About all we can hope for is that the intense politicking among the HQ ministers may keep them busy competing against each other and distract them from doing more damage to the brethren.

Anonymous said...

Who will Gerald Weston ordain next as an evangelist?

Rob Tyler? He wants it, and he is responsible for a huge portion of the planet, but he is very young and ordaining him would spread discontent among the older Pastor-rank ministers.

Mario Hernandez? He is doing the work of an evangelist, in Central and South America, as well as in Europe. His presence as an outside leader helps keep a lid on the jealousies and rivalries between different national groups in those areas. The problem with ordaining him is that he teaches some doctrinal and practical matters very differently than the English-speaking LCG areas, and if he is ordained there will be upset among the Pastor-rank ministers who don't teach their own ideas and speculations.

Jonathan McNair? He is now LCG's #1 educator, with nothing more than a BA from Ambassador University. With PhDs and Evangelist-rank ministers under his authority, he needs something to set him above as a credible leader. Watch for him to be ordained as an Evangelist for organizational and bureaucratic reasons.

Rod McNair? Rod will soon enough replace Doug Winnail as CAD Director. Watch for an Evangelist ordination to go along with that promotion.

With these other ordinations, it would be an insult for Wally Smith and Wyatt Cieisielka to remain as Pastor-rank ministers. Watch for them to be caught up in a wave of mass ordinations to Evangelist rank.

Scott Winnail? He considers himself qualified, but his prospects are slim. If he stays involved with LCG education, he'll be reporting to Jonathan McNair, and it would be awkward to have one Evangelist reporting to another. On the other hand, if he moves to a field pastorate, that isn't Evangelist work. If he can swing a Regional Pastor job he might end up as an Evangelist, otherwise he appears to have plateaued at Pastor rank. Scott and his father represent a an approach that Gerald Weston has repudiated with his selection of Jonathan McNair, and with his support of Rod McNair and Wyatt Ciesielka. Watch for them to make the leap to UCG or COGWA. UCG already has a congregation in Charlotte, but the COGWA congregation closest to Charlotte is 90 minutes away. If father and son Winnails became the pastors of a COGWA congregation in Charlotte, I expect they would quickly have a congregation larger than the LCG congregation, and the LCG congregation would be reduced to LCG employees and their families.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:24, how do you know for a fact that the "people were treated so badly" (i.e. some of the Scarboroughs?) As far as I can tell, you've only heard and read one side of the story. Their side of course. And these people would "never" mislead or mischaracterize their part in any of this, right? People, especially those who have no agenda whatsoever, just don't do that sort of thing! These inherently evil COGs are the real devils in every shape and form, they are the ones who need to be stopped and vilified and condemned! Right? And you yourself would "never" automatically take sides against a particular type of organization that you already have preconceived notions about, would you? Of course not!

True Bread said...

RSK said...

Yes, that was for you TB. I forget that the mobile version I'm looking at shows direct replies while the desktop version doesnt.
We were at Richmond briefly, left in 82.

RSK....did you have Bob Jones and Val Burgett as your ministers...?? I thought they were both fine men, and they were both very good to me and my family.

Feel free to email me if you wish: kingair001@aol.com


RSK said...

No, that was Ken Giese's time.