Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Witnesses will read the Law at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland this coming Feast of Tabernacles

Just so no one here forgets the sheer lunacy that occupies the minds of various Church of God personality cult leaders, I present the latest from Wade Cox, the Coordinator General of the improperly named "Christian" Churches of God.  A quick read of his accomplishments on his blog will give you the impression that he really is a "general" in charge of his troops (his church).

Wade envisions himself as the greatest Church of God leader ever. He is even greater than the other greatest COG leader ever, Bob Thiel.   They both are competing to influence as many African former members of the old Worldwide Church of God as they can.  Cox claims to have converted 50% or more of the African continent into his twisted version of Sabbatarianism.  Now that Bob Thiel is stealing some of his members, will we soon see a bloody fight for COG supremacy in Africa? The Dreamy COG fighting with the Mohammedan COG, what a cockfight that will be!

As crazy as all of that is, there is this:

Cox is encouraging his minions to save as much 2nd tithe as possible in order to travel to Queensland, Australia for the fall of 2019 for the Feast of Tabernacle where the "witnesses" will read the law to the already enslaved legalists of his personality cult who prefer worshipping the law while ignoring Jesus. One would think, that since they are at the Feast, which is supposed to be a foretaste of the Kingdom of God where grace, mercy, justification, peace and divine love reign supreme with Christ in charge, but no.  It is better to keep the enslaved sheeple beaten down and believing that they must have rules and regulations ruining their lives instead of being at rest in the one who came to give them rest from the endless and fruitless task of following all of the rules.

Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars in 2nd tithe to travel to Queensland and have to sit and listen to Cox and another witless witness read the Deuteronomic law?  The hot licking sulfuric flames of hell sound more delightful.


Anonymous said...

I'm originally from Queensland and I can say that Australia sux!

Byker Bob said...

I just worked with an American branch of a company that is Australian-owned this past week. Some of the Australian execs were present to review the operations and profitability of their American subsidiary. It is a well-run company, with innovative ideas, and growing market-share.

Wade Cox is an aberration. It’s not as if he is tremendously popular in his own country.


Anonymous said...

Does God know about this ? You get the feeling this is news to everyone including God.d

Anonymous said...

Cox is not like by the Australians but especially not liked by the military. He gives the impression he has served worthily. A quick search of the internet about Cox’s military service will present a dark side of Cox and one he has threatened many COG sites about posting.

Byker Bob said...

I’m wondering if any of the cash-strapped micro-ACOGs will secretly invest in the booming companies which serve the medical and recreational marijuana industries. I surely hope that Bob Thiel and James Malm do not capitalize on this idea, because it truly has the potential to transform a nobody into a financial powerhouse.


Hoss said...

Is this an attempt to one-up Bob Thiel? Bob said he gave a sermon on Deuteronomy back in the LCG, apparently making him the only COGite ever to fulfill the command in Deut 31:10-13.

Anonymous said...

He was posting on an ex-WCG site once, looking for converts/reconverts I think. He was very passionate and to begin with I was a little inspired, but then he started to get into obtuse calculations about calendars, new moons, dates etc. I made a comment that his African members must find this hard to understand, being as I did (AC grad, plus English as a first language). He wrote back with a barrage of what I would call hatred, accusing me of believing black people were stupid, and then told me I was racially prejudiced. I left the site because at this point I thought he might sue me or something. In fact he did sue one lady on the site in question. This is one reason why I only make anonymous comments.

Connie Schmidt said...

The average income per person in third world africa is just $765 a year according to IMF statistics

Ridiculous that Cox wants people to travel all the way to Australia for his FOT from Africa. Flights from Capetown, (which would require travel to get to as well) to Queensland are going for about $1400 round trip, almost TWICE what annual income is for Africa.

Counting lodging, additional travel expense for departure from Cape Town, one would need around 400% annual income to go, which expressed as "second tithe) would be 4000% second tithe funds.

So whacked and narcissistic a moron like Cox is , that it staggers the imagination!