Wednesday, May 2, 2018

LCG Hawaii Feast Site Shenanigans

More fun in Hawaii with LCG's Feast of Tabernacles registration:

I just want to put it out there that LCG acted unethically once again with how they handled the Hawaiian feast site registration.  It turns out people who did not pay the pre-registrion fee that registered a week or more after normal registration opened got accepted in a matter of hours. So basically folks shelled out the money when they didn’t have to. My issue here is not the $25 per person that I can easily afford, but rather it’s the lack of transparency and straightforwardness.  Faithful in little faithful in much hmm?
Lil'Jimmy needs extra money for scuba diving this year.



Anonymous said...

" It turns out people who did not pay the pre-registrion fee that registered a week or more after normal registration opened got accepted in a matter of hours. So basically folks shelled out the money when they didn’t have to."

In other words, they allegedly charged a $25 fee for absolutely no reason.

Seems to me like an ill-conceived ploy to ilk out a little more money without a reason or without any necessity. An "upgrade" with no benefits to the "upgrade".

You know, if they were the size of the old WCG back in the day, there might have been a need for that. But they aren't the old WCG. They need to stop pretending they are. To make things right - they need to refund the $25 fee to all who paid due to lack of necessity.

Who here among us thinks they will?

LCG member Texas said...

Just as big a fraud as the church demanding people turn in excess second tithe. I have never given the church a dime of any money that might be left over. I either make sure we spend it or save it for the following year. None of these jerks deserves it, since none of them saves second tithe.

Byker Bob said...

Jeez, since these guys are so plugged into the Old Cov, you’d think they’d be occasionally asking themselves “What would Moses do?”


Anonymous said...

I will never forget my first feast, it was when I lost my virginity.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though fewer people signed up for Hawaii than LCG expected. Is this because the economy is in a downturn and more people plan to keep the Feast on the mainland? Or is this because LCG is shrinking and fewer people plan to keep the Feast with LCG this year?

Anonymous said...

Jerry Ruddlesden is the LCG accountant and he saves extra 2nd tithe to add to the next year so he can go somewhere he wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

Lots of higher-ups do the same thing.

It's only the "normal" not super special LCG tithe slaves that are required to send in the tithe of a tithe in addition to whatever is left over.

Further, we have been urged to be more thoughtful in how we spend our 2nd tithe so that there might be a little more left over for the "work" at the end of the Feast.

They are no better than your typical TV evangelist beg-a-thons.

Anonymous said...

Lil' Jimmy needs some $23 pancakes at the Marriot Kauai.

Give generously!

Connie Schmidt said...


How should you greet your LCG Feast Coordinator when you see him in Hawaii??...

Answer: Nope not with "aloha", but rather "A-HOLE-AH"

Jeremy Lin said...

This is like the least surprising news of the day.


Byker Bob said...

Good one, Connie! Does that mean his wife should be called A-HOLE-IBAH?


Anonymous said...

The $25 registration fee is complete corruption. No excuses. It's the Pharisees taking the widows mite.
The regional pastors attend the feast armed with church credit cards to smooze the ministry whilst the brethren are fleeced.
Feast registration in all cog groups is a sign of godlessness. Utter corruption.

Anonymous said...

The $25 registration fee is complete corruption.

Though you are correct, it is the understatement of the year.

The entire financial network of the COG's is complete corruption. From the enforcement of draconian tithing policies to abuse of third tithe to the tithe of the tithe to registration fees, to ridiculous, worthless colleges that take money with little forward benefit, it's all absolute corruption. And yet, we have people who, completely brain-warped by the scammers because of fear, willingly give in and live a life of poverty to feed their robbery and extortion. And to make matters worse, the victims staunchly support their robbers.

You are correct that the $25 fee is absolutely ridiculous, pointless, and corrupt, but it's only a small part of a very corrupt system which uses the guise of religious freedom and "Freewill Donations" to sustain their pathetic lifestyles.

Anonymous said...


Wonder if LCG (let alone PCOG or RCOG) Leadership considers the regular church members who've been faithfully tithing 30-40 years, and their situation during retirement? Social Security (NO Gerry, it's not tithable increase!) and little else for most of us.

Wonder if the big poo-bahs think about the elderly in retirement with no tithes, and do some serious assisting, or is it all "about the Big Shots"?

How about treat some widows or pensioners to some $23.00 pancakes?

Years ago a COG minister bragged about his ocean-front condo while widows getting assistance had the great sum of $75.00 to spend for 8 days...My wife and I left in disgust

Anonymous said...

A trivial comment, but I have to wonder...

$23.00 pancakes? What kind of pancakes are these? Most expensive pancakes I've found is like $5.99 or $6.99 for quite a few pancakes. Must have caviar on these flapjacks.

Here's a better idea. How about the ministers MAKE the pancakes over a hot griddle and SERVE them to the widows and pensioners? Even put a nice pat of butter and some warm maple syrup on top. What a nice, loving, caring gesture that would be. Serve a little coffee or hot chocolate.

Back in the WCG days I remember at the Feast there would be what were called "Ministerial Luncheons" and "Senior Citizen Luncheons". If I recall correctly, the YOU served the Ministers at the Luncheon AND the Senior Citizens too. I may be wrong, but I don't recall the ministers serving anybody. I'll retract that if someone has a different memory on that.

Anonymous said...

If LCG has any shred of ethics, it will equalize the Hawaii burden by by charging another $25 fee to every late registrant who wasn't previously suckered into the $25 fee.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:32AM wrote:

Lil' Jimmy needs some $23 pancakes at the Marriot Kauai.

Sorry, can't blame this one on Jim. LCG's Hawaii site is being coordinated by one of Rod McNair's brothers-in-law.

Anonymous said...

@9:37AM, isn't Brandon Fall a McNair nephew, not a brother-in-law?

Anonymous said...

"...the church demanding people turn in excess second tithe."

I never understood that one either...."turn in", as if it belonged to them and we must return it.

the whole "tithe of the tithe" thing is bogus too...the scripture they use to "prove" it is totally out of context and has nothing to do with second tithe saved by the people.

Anonymous said...

9:30, I believe I recall ministers serving pancakes. They would wear a big apron and a big hat and stand in a prominent position and serve pancakes with great fanfare.

I do not recall seeing a minister take a low visibility job back in the heat of the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell, Jim Meredith is fading into the sunset.

Now that GW is in power, his responsibilities and influence seem to be less and less as the weeks go by.

It's no secret that Weston is not a huge fan of Jim's ego and entitled mentality. That plus, Jim isn't particularly talented at speaking, pastoring, or planning Feast sites so he has no real value.

Since Jim took over festival planning for LCG there exposure/ overall expense for the Fest has gone up EXPONINTIALLY (and Weston is cheap so this matters to him vs RCM who gave Jim carte blanche)