Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Truths that the Church of God Taught Us

Another gem from Facebook:

The Truths We Knew In The Church:

Wide-belts: only hippies wore those. People who wear them are advertising themselves for free love, drugs and open sex.
Bell-bottoms: designed so people could slip out of their pants faster to engage in sex.
Men’s earrings: men who wear them are feminine trying to imitate women. Also, earrings are for slaves. A man who wears them is indicating he is a submissive male looking for a dominant woman or a kinky gay sex-master relationship. It's OK for women to wear them. God created them to be naturally submissive to men.
Bangs: men who wear bangs are copying women. The bangs indicated they may be sodomite friendly. 
Modern clothes and hair fashions: should be avoided at all cost. All modern clothing designers, makeup and hair designers are sodomites and under the influence of Satan. We are not to conform to trendy fashions of the world.
Wound care: pour olive oil and wine into the wound, then bandage.
Mental health issues: no such thing, only the work of demons.
Coloring books: children should not use them. Most all of them contain myths, cartoon characters and lies. This is how Satan first begins to enter into the simple-mind of a child. Just like he told simple-minded Eve lies too.
Walt Disney: has a demon. Most all his movies are about witchcraft, magic, flying cars, myths, talking animals.
Angry women: to calm one down put a mirror in front of them. They are filled with satanic vanity. They will sit for hours in front of a "hint-hint" vanity mirror.
Please feel free to add to the list.


Anonymous said...

“Walt Disney: has a demon. Most all his movies are about witchcraft, magic, flying cars, myths, talking animals.”

So true.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon, if you really want to go there...What about the witchcraft in the Bible? What about all the magical things that go on? What about flying flaming chariots? What about the talking animals? Both Disney and the Bible are both ultimately about good vs evil. Both are good at using allegory, myths and stories to draw up from the inner depth of a person soul ways to be greater.

It has also been said that HWA, GTA, Gerald Waterhouse, Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry and other COG leaders have had demons. Just look at Bob Thiel and James Malm, demons seem to speak regularly to these guys. COG leaders are not immune to demons either.

Anonymous said...

Imagination: A horrible thing. Children should not pretend. Pretending is lying. Because pretending is lying you shouldn't do it. It isn't truthful. Which is why acting was forbidden.

Anonymous said...

Colored underwear: Men who wear them are pansies, sissies, and girly men.

Pink shirts: You're queer.

High man-voice: You're queer.

Weak handshake: You're queer.

Anonymous said...

What in the world did I just read????

NO2HWA said...

What you just read were actual things that the ministry in the Church of God taught. I heard these exact same things growing up in Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton. These are just the minuscule tip of the iceberg. It is far worse than these. The church felt the need to control every aspect of members lives.

nck said...

Yeah but one can date the remarks. For instance nowadays womwn do their make up when the traffic lights turn red in minutes. Im the past it took hours to look good on black and white tv.

Nowadays smart tv"s are of the devil. I acquired a new one yesterday and the first thing I looked up on that develish machine was Dennis Diehl on you tube's aron ra program on 55 inch just yards from my face.

Hilarious, thanks Dennis for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt to sabbath services which was not white or pale blue. Mine had a very small red and blue flower pattern all over it which for a male was a no no. I was new at the time so I was not reprimanded but I remember the looks a few people gave very well.

Also being told I should not study biology at university because it taught evolution. Thank God I ignored that advice. I remember at the time telling the well meaning member that I would study evolution harder because so many members said that we evolved from monkeys and that evolution did not teach this therefore I wanted to learn more so that I could help members understanding of evolution better. That seemed to shut them up and they can't have reported me or I would have been out on my ear.

A BSc and MSc later, rather than an AC degree, I'm happy I stuck to what I thought was right.

Anonymous said...

Guide to Sabbath Dress..... Men Version....

Starting points: 50. Must not fall below zero points! ;) Scale subject to local church minister. ;)

Briefcase. +25 Suck Up points. +10 Conforming Points. +5 Manly points.
Red Tie +10 Suck Up points +5 Conforming Points
New Suit +5 Conforming points +5 Manly points
3-Piece Suit +25 Conforming points +25 Suck up points
White Shirt +15 Conforming points
Cuff Links +15 Conforming points
AC Tie Pin +30 Conforming points +30 Suck up points
Wing-Tip Shoes +25 Conforming points +25 Suck up points
Trench Coat +20 Suck up points
COG Name Tag +50 Suck up points
Usher Tag +100 Suck Up points


Y.O.U. Jacket +30 Conforming points


Color shirt -50 points
White Socks -50 points
Sneakers -100 points
Too Short a Suit -100 points
No Jacket -100 points
No Tie -100 points
Too Short a Tie -100 points
Vintage Suit -100 points
Ringed Collar -100 points
No Briefcase -100 points
No Bible -500 points
No Notebook -500 points
Long Hair -1000 points
Pink Shirt -5000 points
Jeans -10000 points
Shorts -50000 points

Vaughn said...

Reading fiction was a waste of time, a daydream when you should be studying Herb's writings.

Anonymous said...

Fiction really can be a terrible waste of time. Consider Ronald Weinland's prophetic fantasy fiction books, or David Pack's lengthy First Dominion series of fictitious nonsense.

Byker Bob said...

Fiction usually provides vicarious experiences that instruct and help people through their lives. Since the dawn of the television era, viewers have been exposed to and educated by countless morality plays.

The problem is that the best of these present very realistic alternatives to Herbie’s cultic vision, which is the real reason why he wanted his acolytes to shut out and avoid fiction. This edict was yet another aspect of the total mind control which he tried to exert.