Wednesday, May 9, 2018

This is breaking news on Twitter from PCG

PCG just made this shocking announcement on Twitter.


This is breaking news?  Who else would speak at the cult college? Bob Thiel, the other failed false prophet?

It remains to be seen how much longer PCG can support its monument of idolatry to Herbert Armstrong.  Income has dramatically dropped and members are leaving.  Yet, Flurry is spending money like it has no end as he jets around the world spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in order to pretend to be somebody he is not.


Anonymous said...

His jet is the 'fly in the ointment' as Ecclesiastes 10.1 puts it. My father did something similar just prior to his death from old age. It was obvious to me that he was trying to compensate for his old age frailty.

Anonymous said...

How many graduates will he be addressing? Two?

Anonymous said...

Is this not the same thing HWA was doing before the demise of WWCG? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of personal note, and not representative of others, I have never cared for ol' Gerry's appearance. His eyes are cold and icy. He is almost "turtle" looking. And his chin looks quite... distasteful.

And the "This Just In" was weak in Armstrongland. More appropriate entries would have read:

"And NOW!"
"Gerald Speaks Out at Graduation!"
"Never Before Understood! Graduation!"
"The INCREDIBLE Graduation ceremony!"
"MYSTERY of the Address!"
"Gerald Thunders Out!"
"The Best, Most Powerful, most Amazing, Incredible Ceremony You Ever will See is About to Take Place!"

Anonymous said...

As people slowly smarten up and leave the PCG, or get kicked out by some local goon just for the fun of it, the remaining members can simply give more money to make up the difference. Gerald Flurry's PCG members are a bunch of slackers compared to Dave Pack's RCG members, who are required to give it all--or else burn in heck fire!

Anonymous said...

Will Armstrong College accept transfer credits from the now-defunct Living University?

Anonymous said...


POSSIBLY OVERHEARD at a Planning Meeting... ;)

CHAIR...Good afternoon everyone. I've got the list of potential speakers for the upcoming Graduation. I thought I'd run them by you here.


CHAIR... Objection noted. Procedural. We have to do this.


COMMITTEE MEMBER #2 *drinks a sip of Starbucks*

CHAIR... Okay. So here we go... What about Stephen? Anyone think Stephen?

COMMITTEE MEMBER #1 Sounds good to me.
CHAIR.... Overruled. How Malone? Anyone want Malone?
COMMITTEE MEMBER #2 I think that...
CHAIR.... Overruled. Ok. Next on the list. How about... er... Calp...
CHAIR.... Granted. No on that one. Ok. Well. There are a few others that...
CHAIR.....Granted. OK. That means we have one left. That would be Gerald R. Flurry.
*All committee members start to pick up their pens, pads of paper and notebooks*
*All committee members mumble *AYE*, while chairs scoot. Some stand up.
*slurp of coffee heard. One stretches*
CHAIR.... Motion Granted the Speaker will be.... Gerald R. Flurry. Meeting adjourned.
COMMITTEE MEMBER 2: That was a waste of time.
COMMITTEE MEMBER 4: No kidding. You think we'll get a ride in the Gulfstream someday?
COMMITTEE MEMBER 2: Sure. If you wanna see some of that stupid dancing. Care for a turkey bologna sandwich and prune juice?


We now return you to your regularly scheduled posts.

Hoss said...

Reminds me of the anticipation for the address to be given by John, the Supreme Commander (Richard Herd) on the miniseries V.

Anonymous said...

In this picture he even tries to look like HWA. What a clown!

R.L. said...

Maybe there's a deeper message here.... that Mr. Flurry isn't well, and his appearance seriously might have been in doubt.

It's also noteworthy that the commencement will be livestreamed. When was the last time PCG offered that for anything?! Especially a Sabbath service?

Allen Dexter said...

When you look at it in one way, it's kind of sad. He's obviously rather old now and shows it. He's spent his life pretending to be something he clearly is not. Just another deluded human with visions of grandeur about himself, based on a fictitious god that never existed. I count myself so lucky to have begun to wise up about forty years ago now. Yeah, I struggle financially every month, but I have a clear conscious, although I'll never quite shake the regret in having helped delude so many people before smarts set in. I have my doubts that he has been any more innocent than the king of religious con artists, that immoral reprobate, Herbert W. Armstrong. I can't judge him, and when his life is soon over, if his name is mentioned, people will say, "Flurry, who?"

Anonymous said...

7.17 AM
The moral only applies to that which is open to choice. People cannot choose their height or skin color or the color of their eyes. People do not choose to become old and wrinkled. So I feel uncomfortable with your comments about Gerald Flurry's appearance.

Opinionated said...

Where's the leather chair with the buttons?

R.L. said...

Watched the livestream of the HWAC commencement this afternoon. Wayne Turgeon indicated that he would have been the main speaker, but Gerald Flurry "confirmed" a few days ago that he would appear.

Mr. Flurry walked out and walked off, speaking for 24 minutes - almost entirely about the human mind and Mystery of the Ages. Quote of the day to the graduates: MOA is "much better than you think it is."

Counted 12 mentions of HWA, compared with 2 of "Christ."

He also stood on his own to hand out diplomas.

P.S. Mr. Turgeon called it "Ambassador College" at the opening, then corrected himself.

Anonymous said...

Turgeon is probably the most lifeless and boring speaker in all the COGs.