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Robert L Kuhn, Illuminati Handler?

Never let it be said that the Church of God movement (Millerite) is a normal, run of the mill organization. One would be truly hard pressed to find any normalcy in any of the groups.  The church has always been a hotbed of prophecy nuts and conspiracy theorists that surpass the legalists in their crazy fervour.

From the Jesuits, the Jews and to the Illuminati, the Church of God was fertile is ground for wild and crazy imaginations.

When Stan Rader and Robert Kuhn hit the scene, the jealous and bitter leading men of the church started their chatter in order to discredit them both. Any smear they could imagine, they spread it.

In 2018, they craziness still continues.

In the course of doing some research for an entry on China’s “first lady” Peng Liyuan and China’s central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, I came across a passage in the Chinese President’s Wikipedia bio that caught my eye…
>>> Xi is now the leader of the People’s Republic’s fifth generation of leadership. He has initiated a renewed campaign against corruption, further market economic reforms, governing with greater emphasis on the law and legal institutions, and a comprehensive national renewal under the neologism “Chinese Dream.” <<<
Curious about the “Chinese dream,” I clicked on the provided link and saw something else that caught my eye…
>>> According to Robert Lawrence Kuhn, who is an international investment banker and the author of “How China’s Leaders Think: The Inside Story of China’s Reform and What This Means for the Future,” the Chinese Dream has four parts: Strong China (economically, politically, diplomatically, scientifically, militarily); Civilized China (equity and fairness, rich culture, high morals); Harmonious China (amity among social classes); Beautiful China (healthy environment, low pollution). <<<
Upon reading this, I thought to myself, “How does this guy know so much about how China’s leaders think? Why is he, a Western “Jew,” defining the Chinese Dream? And is he related to the Kuhn bankster family?”
Those evil Joo's always working behind the scenes to destroy humanity. Armstrongism conspiracy at its finest.

1) He has been deeply involved in an “End Times” prophecy cult and the promotion of the New World Religion
Despite being “Jewish,” Robert Lawrence Kuhn was deeply involved in a Christian “End Times” prophecy cult called the Worldwide Church of God (WCG), and the story of what happened within that group is a very sordid tale told from a multiplicity of different perspectives. After sorting through a variety of “he said, she said” narratives from a number of sources, this is what I took away from it…
The WCG was the ministry of a Christian pastor named H.W. Armstrong, who had been amassing a growing following due to his radio broadcasts and prophetic doctrines. It would appear that the Illuminati noticed this and targeted the ministry for a standard infiltration and subversion operation, and it seems that Robert L. Kuhn and a fellow “Jew” named Stanley Rader were tapped for the op. According to Stanley Rader’s bio
>>> In 1956 Rader met Armstrong, leader of what was then called the Radio Church of God, at its headquarters offices in Pasadena, California. Under contract with the Radio Church of God, Rader worked on improving its accounting system, thereby creating a highly favorable impression with Armstrong, who then urged him to attend law school at Armstrong’s expense…
After coming to terms regarding salary and compensation, in 1969 Rader decided to devote his full-time to the service of Armstrong…
Rader, who still considered himself Jewish, was baptized into WCG by Armstrong in 1975 using a hotel bathtub in the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. This move allowed Rader to reposition himself as a high-ranking church evangelist in an attempt to quell misgivings by many in the ministerial hierarchy, who felt that Rader’s undue influence on Armstrong was troubling. <<<
At some point along the way, Rader was joined in the organization by his reputed close friend Robert Lawrence Kuhn
>>> Kuhn first came to prominence in 1972 when “Why the Vast Difference between Animal Brain and Human Mind?” appeared in The Plain Truth magazine published by Ambassador College, an institution of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG). The WCG’s Systematic Theology Project was coordinated by Kuhn, but later banned by WCG Founder Herbert W. Armstrong. <<<
After their infiltration of the WCG, Rader and Kuhn became a tag team of subversion within the cult. Rader managed to get control of the Church’s finances, and Kuhn attempted to get control of the Church’s doctrine (through the “Systematic Theology Project” and other efforts). But H.W. Armstrong and many members of the WCG were troubled by all the changes Kuhn was attempting to implement
Using the Bethel Church of God as a credible source is like using Dave Pack's COG history as a credible source.  It is not.

One of the main reasons so many in the upper echelon's of the church dislike Kuhn was because he was intelligent!  His early series in the Plain Truth on the brain sent many of the non-intellectuals like Rod Meredith over the deep end.  Kuhn was highly educated and had done lots of scientific research and investigations, something no Ambassador College trained minister was ever encouraged to do or was taught to do. Higher education outside the bounds of an Ambassador "Master's or its so-called PhD" was frowned upon.

The author also acts as if Kuhn was the brains behind the Systematic Theology Project.  He wasn't.  It was the entire Council of Elders, GTA, Meredith and others.  For so many of these men to come out later and lie, like HWA did, that they knew nothing about it was ridiculous.  The all knew, they all read the submitted papers and sat there and discussed them! Then to lie after HWA pitched his fit, they were more than eager to stab fellow ministers in the back in order to gain HWA's trust.

You can read the rest of this craziness here:  Meet Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Illuminati handler of China’s leaders


James said...

Next stop: Robert is the anti-christ.
These people are mentally ill. Why would anyone want to stay and sit next to mentally deficient people who have a screw loose?

DennisCDiehl said...

Dr Kuhn hosts on his show, Closer to Truth, some of the worlds most famous and respected cosmologists and experts in quantum physics and human consciousness. I believe he did have an interest in HWA's "Spirit in Man" concept which would reflect what he still seems fascinated with. He does know the stars of science that's for sure and they seem to know him well and respect him as an interviewer.

Anonymous said...

Simply stated, we were part of a fraud. Period and exclamation points. It was a religious scam, and up to a point, some of the deep thinkers amongst us have done an excellent Occam’s Razor style post-mortem analysis of it.

Our Occam jumps the credibility track if we introduce or entertain ridiculous conspiracy theories, like HWA being a shill for the CIA, and that they, and not our tithes and offerings funded him. Reimagining Stanley Rader (whom I really didn’t like) and Dr. Bob Kuhn (whom I did) as having been embedded in WCG by the illuminati or other secret societies, is patently ridiculous.
These theories paint HWA as being an unwitting victim, rather than the spiritual Bernie Madoff that he actually was. I believe that HWA aspired to be a captain of industry, may have actually been that in other times, but with no financial resources during the depression, he developed an intangible product, a religious amalgamation based on what others called heresies and fringe ideas, a package which for a time he alone would be the supreme authority, a package that he could market and sell “bottomfeeder style” to people for whom he had no respect, ie, his “dumb sheep”.

I believe that his own personal experience with Armstrongism tarnished Stan Rader, especially towards the end of his life. There is no question that he was highly intelligent, and who knows what he might have done with his life had HWA not been an influence? Robert Kuhn was not tarnished. WCG is an obscure, nearly forgotten part of his resume, and at this point is no worse than “Embarrassing College” on some of our own resumes. Dr. Kuhn somehow got to bail earlier, while some of the contacts he made were still of value. His brilliance did the rest.

In the end, the source of our damage, while important, is irrelevant. HWA was its author. Whomever he let in? That was still on him! He knew how to use and manipulate people not only from the bottom, but invoking one of his own catch phrases, “from the top, down”

nck said...

"like HWA being a shill for the CIA"

You obiously have no understanding on how the CIA operates.

CIA ops have been funded THROUGH "the Work" not vice versa.

Few of the many examples I have cited before were the propaganda Radio Stations aimed against the Soviet empire and its sattelites, funded for a large part through US "christian broadcasters' of which The World Tomorrow was the largest financial contributer.

Yes most of them broadcasted pop music. That is called a psy op.

For instance "the boat that rocked" movie. (texan-californian cia operation)
Radio related to broadcasting to Cuba and the later Kennedy assasination.

Or "Charlie Wilson's war" to see how private interests and political leanings interact in US.

Oh yes and of course Egypt (Sadat) being the largest net recipient of "US aid" during the Cold War. And Jordan.......ah well I should stop.

To not bore you any further with the ops in the Philipines, for instance the one where Rader pledged support on behalf of "the Work" for the Marcos agricultural reform programs whose regime and reform program was wholly supported by the CIA I refer you to the more entertaining opps as cited in the movie listing.

HWA was a Cold War warior for the USA against godless communism and I doubt he ever new it as surprised as he was "by the open doors".


nck said...

Do you think Wes White was credible when he testified that "HWA felt compelled to write nice things about Stans assistant"?


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Tithe Equation:
The smart ones position themselves on the Handout side,
not the Confiscation side.

Hoss said...

nearly forgotten part of his resume

Yes, forgotten. Back in the 1990s I stumbled across one of his books in a research library. Anything hinting of association with HWA, WCG, AICF, or AC was conspicuously missing from his bio and credentials.

Connie Schmidt said...

Kuhn's PBS series "Closer To Truth" , is an excellent exploration of the basic questions of mankind, existence and destiny. I recommend it to anyone. Available here on you tube...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely I trust Wes’s account. I do disagree with his theology, but he has a unique combination of observing the basic Armstrong package of beliefs without making HWA into some kind of supernatural hero. He’s not afraid to criticize when it’s appropriate. He also doesn’t believe in taking people from the Armstrong movement to court, even when they are clearly oppressing him.

Hoss said...

In an editorial or letter, HWA praised Stan and RLK for their abilities and achievements. During GTA's 1972 exile, HWA - doing the radio programs - spoke highly of RLK and his series of PT articles.
Then - after GTA's final departure - HWA wrote in a member letter that GTA, post-1972, was bewildered, susceptible, and came under RLK's "liberal" influence.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone happen to have the Illuminati’s phone number or email address?

nck said...

Our nearest Station Chief is Dennis.
We should send him on a mission for the e-mail adress.

20601 Bohemian Ave, Monte Rio, CA 95462,USA


Anonymous said...

I took Kuhn's Doctrines of the WCG class during the 76-77 school year. (He was the only one brave enough to teach it.) He talked about the origin of the spirit in man idea. (His account was different from the one here.) He also talked about being at the beach one day and having the idea of summarizing the different doctrines. So he pulled out a pen and notepad (which apparently he kept with him even at the beach) and wrote down as many theological terms as came to mind. He asked the ministry to contribute papers on these topics and gave assignments to the students in the class (a mix of ministers and graduate students) to write on the topics.

The students in the 77-78 doctrines class (nearly all ministers that year) were tasked with organizing all the papers that he had collected and summarizing them. They then edited the summaries. I went to see Jack Bicket's secretary one day and found her struggling to type up these summaries into something readable. There were marginal and interlinear notes everywhere with arrows crisscrossing the page. It was a mess. I helped her decypher one paragraph. I have always wondered how much of the STP was based on Ellen Ware's attempts to organize that jumble.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Madoff?

Lots of crooks don't get prosecuted. Why did they prosecute him? Because he stole from HIS OWN PEOPLE -- the network that has bought off the system. It's a conspiracy fact not a conspiracy theory. Sheesh. Such ignorance is inexcusable these days! Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Bernie was convicted for running a ponzi scheme. I don't get your point 3.10 PM.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Does anyone happen to have the Illuminati’s phone number or email address?

Phone Ill-UMI-NATI

Opinionated said...

Does anyone happen to have the Illuminati’s phone number or email address?

Glenn said...

Jenny, don't change your number...

Anonymous said...


The point is why was Bernie convicted and not Hillary, her hubby, Obama, and a pile of other people who were just as dirty? And, more to the point, why not the people who own the aforementioned and the whole system on both sides of the aisle? It has to do with WHO Bernie screwed over. The system can choose to prosecute or choose not to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 3:10 is the holocaust denier who thinks the Jews rule the world from behind the scenes, 3:57. He’s saying in so many words that Bernie was a Jew, whose victims were mostly Jews, so our ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) singled Bernie out for especially stringent punishment.

You should vacation in Oregon and pick up some cookies, 3:10.