Thursday, August 2, 2018

No Blessings For You!

The "logic" of Herbert Armstrong


Allen Dexter said...

What a load of BS! Been there. I know.

Gerald Bronkar said...

Good to know there will always be someone to tell me I am a piece of shit.
We all need reassurance, and the church is always ready.

Anonymous said...

And to HWA and his ministers, 'rebellion' is refusing to be their mindless puppet. Your body, mind, and property rightly belongs to his church, and you are the thief if you think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So, then, by his own reckoning, why did Hervert spend his life in rebellion against the Sardis Era of the One True Church?

Maybe someday the Philadelphia era will happen. But WCG couldn't have been it. Brotherly love? don't make me laugh!

Or maybe that whole church era thing was bogus. Maybe the bible is bogus. Maybe the whole idea of gods is bogus.

One thing I know for sure though, if those things aren't bogus, Hervert was still bogus.

Anonymous said...


Oh the joy of being a Tithe-Slave in the Armstrong-Doomsday-Cult

Hoss said...

Or maybe that whole church era thing was bogus.

Yes, and a number of splinters have dropped it. HWA got the doctrine from CG7, along with its fictional church history, who apparently got it from SDA.