Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Wonderful World Tomorrow. What It Could Be Like

Shit Talkers for Jesus
Why the Old Testament is not quite the best book ever written

“All extreme opinions consume themselves.”
Marty Rubin

“People are never so completely and enthusiastically evil as when they act out of religious conviction.”
Umberto Eco, The Prague Cemetery

“What can you say to a man who tells you he prefers obeying God rather than men, and that as a result he's certain he'll go to heaven if he cuts your throat?”
Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary

“You have to quit confusing a madness with a mission.”
Flannery O'Connor, The Violent Bear It Away

“Fanatics can justify practically any atrocity to themselves. The more untenable their position becomes, the harder they hold to it, and the worse the things they are willing to do to support it.”
Mercedes Lackey, Changes

“If I were asked for a one-sentence sound
bite on religion, I would say I was against it.”
Salman Rushdie


Anonymous said...

To think how all this effort by Dennis to destroy Christians faith could instead be channeled into some constructive endeavor. What a waste.
He finds being the resident Antichrist more satisfying than being a creator.

Anonymous said...

As with any good piece of literature, it is up to us, the readers, to take what we need from the Bible, use, and make our own. The problem with HWA was that he took the parts of it that were representative of his own tyrannical personality, amplified them, and used them as coercion on all of us. Fundamentalism, and inerrantism lend themselves very well to the controlling nature of a despot.

Anonymous said...

12.50 AM
There are no parts of the bible that teach or sanction despotic behaviour. Despotism is projected into the bible using a variety of deceitful ploys, a favorite one being the use of 'loaded language,' ie, adding extra meanings to words.

I believe Herbs and his minions despotism is mainly motivated by a murderous and envious attitude of stomping on members ability to grow as Christians. It's like students in the Simpsons TV show having to study by candle light in a secret room. They did this to protect themselves from the school bullies. Same motivation, similar situation.

DennisCDiehl said...

This posting is NOT to destroy anyone's faith. If it does then one's faith is weak and not well grounded to begin with. No posting I have ever contributed has that motive. The kind of human being , typified here, who think "man shall live by every word of God" like this is enraging to me and dangerous to us all. The Churches of God have attracted this kind of incredible ignorance in the application of Biblical "laws" some of which are based on a complete lack of normal human compassion and common sense.

I saw this zealous and dangerous way of applying "God's Law" all my life in ministry, both in WCG and in other Southern churches and ministers when there. Moving back there comes with a reminder to be careful in what I say to whom as Baptist zeal for God can be incredibly scary and depressing to behold.

I am not your resident Anti-Christ, Minion of Satan or former Ministrud. I am simply a man who soaked in religion all my life from childhood through WCG and decades of ministry who was supposed to be the Biblically defined pastor I simply found to be both impossible and a very naïve way to live one's real life. The concept of "I'm the minister and you're not" never crossed my mind and never could. I have met the type however and worked for them.

I have sat and listened to every imaginable machination of the religious mind in the Churches of God and found it exhausting, amazingly diverse and hardly "all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, one in charity" I have been placed in Ivory Towers living the life at the expense of others by people who neither know me nor the way I pastored and how compassionately serious I took it. The labels given me here have been incredibly stupid and ignorant based, frankly, on the hurt, hurt, pain and lousy experiences they had projected to all.

I have never spent a moment posting with the intent of destroying anyone's faith. I seem to have a desire to introduce other perspectives, held by most actually outside the enclaves of the Churches of God. I also probably am appalled at my own past ignorance on any number of topics Biblical, when younger and naïve or compliant and "ministerial". That's never going to happen again I can assure you nor should it for you all.


DennisCDiehl said...


All I ever wanted and still want in life is to know what is true or more true with more information to follow in time, than bullshit. I can't help that I find the sciences more true and religious explanations of how it all is sorely lacking. I wasted my youth in religion and by middle age I knew it. The paleontologist, cosmologist or geologist in me was not going to emerge in any profession sense. Dave Pack thinks Albert Einstein knew nothing because he had "wild hair". Some here can't abide Aron Ra and his 16 hours of relentless and merciless take down of Dave's ignorant and stupid Creationism Series because he has long hair.

Some here think I don't have an open mind abut what they mean is that I don't have an open mind anymore for what they believe because I have already passed through that stage of inquiry and found it wanting. I don't need to revisit it unless new and credible information becomes available, which in religious studies is a rare and often bogus event.

Any way, I don't really need to be here. It has been my outlet for processing my own life experiences and probably a reflection of the teacher type that resides in me and would have been really great in the actual sciences. I have come and gone only to return in the past because that's just the way I am when feeling passionate about a topic that seems obvious to me yet often teaches me with many this is not so. Fascinating actually.

Of late, postings by others are simply sermons, which is fine, but not for me personally. Perhaps I offer a contrast that is worthwhile. Perhaps not. I'm moving back to the Carolinas in a week to live out time yet for me in life with those who matter and to be with the one who actually loves being with me and loves loving me as I do her. It's a great story. Full of mud and blood and beer but a great story. One of only a few experiences the church gave me that matters.

Anyway, when I have offered to the snarky to give me a call or drop me a line to chat and get acquainted, it rarely ever happened. You can't even get what church some attend in their zeal out of them and of course, the majority of comments come from anonymous people who might have there reasons for being so, was not a route I chose to follow in openly posting, sharing as openly and honestly as I know to do. At least give me some credit for being the ONLY FORMER MINISTER of hundreds who have evaporated who shares openly the journey and experiences encountered along the way. I also make no bones about the messy realities of ministry including my own.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, when I have offered to the snarky to give me a call or drop me a line to chat and get acquainted, it rarely ever happened

About a month ago you gave your phone number after liking one of my posts, but I haven't called. It's nothing personal, and if I told you who I am you would understand my desire to remain anonymous. Is your above message a de facto "I don't want Banned posters to call me, as I'm starting a new life?" or "The old phone number won't work after I move?" Or do you still want to hear from us if circumstances change and we feel comfortable de-cloaking? Please let us know.

Tonto said...

We do live in an era of "FUTURE SHOCK" and the rapidity and degree of cultural shift is alarming, regardless of poorly presented argument as was shown in the video in the original posting.

The United States and its success can be pinned to its moorings to Western Civilization and its roots to Judaic/Christian philosophy.

Destroy that, and who knows what we end up with. I have no doubt that it will be worse than what we have had, (and I realize that our past is not perfect either).

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you are not the only ex-minister who shares his journey and experiences. There are quite a few others. One who comes to mind is Greg Albretcht. You probably don't go to sites where he posts. He still believes in something, (whereas I am more closely alligned with your current beliefs Dennis), but his analysis of some of the goings-on is perceptive, and he is a good writer. He also has a perspective of being higher up on the totem pole for a while.

Lots of books have been written, the experiences are interesting but I stop reading when they try to open my heart to their new vision of Jesus, I prefer the old warlord concept pushed by Armstrong. Ah well, pretty soon no one will be interested in any of this stuff, but don't think you are the only one baring your heart and trying to teach us something or other.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you bring criticism onto yourself. What do you expect? A seemingly endless stream of articles hammering the same points home is going to do that. Do you really think people with different views are going to give you a pass because you are this or that? Do you consider yourself special for being the only former minister? Out of thousands of former WCG members in my region, I am the only former member on here, that I know of, within 200 miles of where I live. I guess that makes me pretty rare too. We can each find reasons for considering ourselves special in some way.

Are you really such a good scientist? Have you never found a SINGLE creationist article that was worth pondering? I'm not here every day, but from what I've seen, no.

Anonymous said...

Dennis seems to have more time on his hands than most of us do. So he can argue and argue and argue relentlessly. That does not prove he is right, it just proves other people have other things to do.

Anonymous said...

"Some here can't abide Aron Ra and his 16 hours of relentless and merciless take down of Dave's ignorant and stupid Creationism Series because he has long hair."

As far as I know, people who mock Ra's hair do so because they don't like his hair. Sometimes it has nothing to do with what they think of Dave Pack, Creationism, evolution, or even Ra (other than his hair). You have used that dubious argument several times. Give people a little credit. Of course they are going to mock Ra's hair, especially if they don't like evolution. That dosn't mean they never read anything about evolution from a more credible source. People mock Bob Theil for all sorts of unfair reasons. He brings that on himself for being a false prophet. Is it fair? No. Do you ever defend him? Or do you only defend fellow evolutionists?

Anonymous said...

Few people have 16 hours to listen to Ra and another 16 hours to argue with every rebuttal Dennis comes up with.

Dennis laments that people don't listen to Ra and to others on his side of the argument. Is he any more open-minded? How much times does he spend reading Creation magazine? He will probably tell you its not science. How does he know? He seems to think that whatever the establishment calls science is science. But that is the method of conformity. It is not the scientific method. Things are not as clear-cut as he thinks. He always says he's doing science, but he only seems to look at one side. Does he think everyone who disagrees with him is reading Dave Pack's material?

Anonymous said...

"The United States and its success can be pinned to its moorings to Western Civilization and its roots to Judaic/Christian philosophy."

I would disagree with the "judaic" part. The Greeks were more advanced than than the Jews. As far as I know, so were the Romans, Egyptians and Babylonians. I would guess that so were the Persians and Assyrians and many if not most cultures in that part of the world at the time. Also, the Chinese were ahead of the West for most of history.

I would also question the Christian part. Wasn't pagan Rome and pagan Greece ahead of the Jews?

Even today Israel survives by milking the USA and Germany.

Anonymous said...

"To think how all this effort by Dennis to destroy Christians faith could instead be channeled into some constructive endeavor. What a waste."

What is faith?

I see a lot of people conflate faith with evidence, or with knowledge, or with truth. It is none of these.

At one time, no one had yet formulated a methodology for observing, proposing a tentative explanation for those observations, and then observing endlessly thereafter to see if that proposition was the best explanation of the observations, or whether we could do better.

There was a time when all we had was guesses. We guessed that the sun was a powerful person who was taken captive by dark forces every evening, and somehow, inexplicably, managed to escape every morning. We lived in fear that tomorrow he would fail, and we would all die.

We guessed that people lived in the sky, and in the earth, and in the waters, and they decided whether or not we would have the food and the water we needed to survive. We guessed that they demanded worship and tribute, and we lived in fear that the worship we could muster, and the tribute we could offer would not be good enough. And when we did not have the food and the water we needed, we guessed that they now demanded our sons and our daughters as tribute.

There was a time when we guessed that those rudimentary guesses were truth, and so we called it truth. There was a time when this was the best we could do.

Faith is a decision.

Faith is loyalty. Faith is the decision to remain loyal to a guess. It is a decision to remain loyal to that guess, not because of observations, but even in spite of contrary observations.

There are many guesses. And there are many people who have decided to remain loyal each one of these guesses, no matter what. They don't do it because any methodology has validated their chosen guess, or because any one of these guesses can be supported with a knowledge base. People just make the decision to guess that a guess might be valid, and the circular reasoning continues from there.

At one time, guessing was the best we had, but today we can do better. Faith is the decision to do worse, and pretend that somehow there is virtue in that. What a waste.

How can anyone "destroy" a decision that you made? Who else is responsible for your decisions but you? Don't blame Dennis or anyone else for your decisions. Isn't there something more constructive you could do? You could start by taking responsibility for your own volition. Maybe if you did that, you could start making better decisions.

DennisCDiehl said...

I under the criticism. It comes with being in the wrong place with the wrong perspectives for the place I am in. . Fish out of water here and the point of it for me is long past.

Of course I have read Creationist material. I did so for 35 years and simply found it wanting as new science shrunk the Creationist view almost out of sight. I'm not going to read any more and come to the same conclusions I used to have. That is past and put to rest for me.

The video of the cop/pastor ranting so promoting civil trials for OT sinner types and then execution by the government etc just angered me and thought to post it. What might seem over the top to me might not seem so to the majority here it seems? No one actually commented on the Baptist rant and Biblical standards put to the sinful types.

Nice transition in my life coming up shortly and will be a good time to cut the ties. Leaving Banned is like trying to land a plane and going around one more time for another try! It's touch and go until a final landing for me evidently! :) It's a fascinating place to share the WCG experience and Gary has done a great job of keeping it current and interesting for all concerned. Banned has helped me process my own experience and journey through the maze of life. I don't and won't let my WCG experience define me or keep me from live, laugh, love and hurry! :) Hope others here find the same end result and don't get stuck in bitter etc. I spent a decade in depression and anxiety. The price was very high and I am not buying it anymore.

Going to stop in Los Angeles next weekend on my drive back East to finally meet Gary (Blog Owner here). We chat each month to compare notes but will be nice to meet him. Then off through Arizona , New Mexico and points East to the Carolinas for the rest of the story. Be nice to be back near the boys and grandies.

5 years in Portland has been an awesome experience for which I am grateful. It was a time of personal growth and even healing and now I can go back for the rest of the story.

DennisCDiehl said...

And too...Going to stop at Meteor Crater in Arizona next week and see the results of hit 50,000 years ago which was 44,000 years before the earth was created and Adam and Eve named all the animals created a few days earlier. :)

Anonymous said...

This is the kind f world that Bob Thiel, David C Pack and Gerald Flurry will have when they are in Petra together. They will stone any sinners. Women will be sent to isolated caves when menstruating. Their god tells them to.

Near_Earth_Object said...

I appreciate the loyal opposition. Diversity of viewpoint is a good thing. How boring this blog would be if Dawkins, Hitchens, Ehrman and Dennett were not represented here.

After President Immortan Joe wins another term and abrogates free speech, we'll all wish we had a blog like this.

Gerald Bronkar said...

Dennis, thank you for your open honesty concerning your departure from "the faith once delivered". I believe Mark Twain said, "Faith is believing what you know ain't so". So true!

If you stop posting here, my interest will diminish considerably. We still have Byker Bob, Allen, Retired Professor and a few others. IMO, SHT means well and has come a long way from his HWA days, but remains stuck in his worship of the Bible and his need for Jesus.

As for all the Anonymous posters, I am weary with their largely emotional and baseless comments.

You are one of the few here who has actually grown up mentally and spiritually (if there is such a thing). I get you Dennis, and because of your courage and desire to help others find freedom, you have my respect. May the rest of your days be happy and full!

What About The Truth said...

Someday there is a good chance that this man will have a health crisis that will require the intervention of ambulances, nurses, doctors and others who practice an alternative lifestyle who will become his de facto "homo" savior!

Interesting that this man is calling on the civil authorities to enforce religious law. Obviously he doesn't have the mind of Dave Pack who has declared that very shortly, he and his followers are going to enforce civil and religious law. The penalty for all transgressions by the "Christian Slayers" of the Pack gang will be death.

Long ago a man who happened to be caught up in a stoning party asked one question; "he that is without sin cast the first stone". That is something the "death seekers" seem to forget when they are pounding on the lectern.

What About The Truth said...

To Mr. Dennis Diehl:

Is that it? Meet the girl and ride off into the sunset ending?

If you are looking for a amen choir from most of the people here, it is as you said, the wrong place. I see most of commenters here not just for themselves, but for what they can contribute. Even if it is a still small voice having to carry over a long arduous terrain to penetrate the captive audiences of the men of bravado.

Right now as I write, Dave Pack has now publicly presented his recently completed grand gardens to the most quintessential millennial campus in the world. Who needs a coming Kingdom of God when a man can physically destitute his members to build his own.

Is your keyboard as mighty as a sword concerning a man such as Dave Pack or will it fade away into the same sunset? We are not here for ourselves but for others. Those others who are mentally being put into what you suffered from for many years. Think about that on your next ride into the sunset.

What I am saying is; please stay.

nck said...

What's this talk about Dennis going away?

It makes us all feel like a bunch of bachelors at the bar, with one of the pals marrying the blonde, leaving us to our beer and fat stories while he is getting a real life, with a garden a dog, a cat and a regular meal. Betrayal!


Anonymous said...

Anon10:09AM said:

"As far as I know, people who mock Ra's hair do so because they don't like his hair. Sometimes it has nothing to do with what they think of Dave Pack, Creationism, evolution, or even Ra (other than his hair). You have used that dubious argument several times. Give people a little credit."

Give us a little credit. It's not dubious. People here mock Ra's hair to disparage and discredit him by ad hominem because of what they think about creationism and evolution, because they can't refute what he has to say.

So here's a few things people here have said, to knock the rust off of "as far as you know." Ralph proudly admits to judging a book by it's cover, and Leopold boasts that Ra's appearance is "all you need to know."


MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016
Noah's Global Flood? The Big Conundrum

Ralph wrote...
It has often been said that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I think we all have the right to make our own decisions. The link presents a figure dressed all in black, a symbol of death; we've all heard of the "black death". A figure with long flowing 'black' hair, contrary to 1Cor.11:14, a short goatee beard, now where have I seen that kind of symbol before? On the chest of this figure is seen the 'skull and crossbones' symbol, another portrayal of death, the very antithesis of what is offered by Jesus Christ, eternal life. Even the character's name Aron Ra is reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian god from which,I hope, we have escaped. Please, give us no more of this kind of AntiChrist!


Just for Fun....Takin' Dave to the Wood Shed

Anon1:07AM wrote...
you sound like Aron Ra himself as you try to defend him as if he is right, he simply spends all his time trying to debunk something he doesn't believe in, his bitterness must stem from the scripture, "it's a shame for a man to have long hair", he's wasting his time because any true believer called by God can see right through him and his nonsense.

Dear Bob

Anon7:45PM wrote...
Aron “Longhair” Ra's errors lead to such things as his own “inappropriate grooming” issues as well as all the usual sexual depravity of evilutionists. Aron Ra gets people to hate God first, and then to end up becoming sexually confused and depraved and going crazy as a result...

Anon11:40PM wrote...
BB long hair rock stars and bikers do share the hippie immorality of drugs, sex and rock n roll. Yes, these proudly embrace their immoral labels...

Taking The Apostle Dave Pack to the Woodshed

Leopold wrote...
Look at the guy. who in his normal mind would want to look like this? Dressed in a formal attire with this crazy haircut, hair falling down...? Let's face it, the guy looks like a character from a dark humor comedy. Look at his eyes, who looks more deranged, Charles Manson on the screen, or this guy in front of him. It tells you everything you need to know.

Anon10:12AM wrote...
Hmm...interesting suggestion...close your eyes, cover your ears, and hold your nose. The problem is that inappropriate grooming issues are just the very small beginning of the slide into utter depravity...

Anonymous said...

Mocking somebody does not imply you can't refute them. People mock Bob Thiel. Does that mean they can't refute him? I wouldn't even waste my time trying to refute him. He is not worth my time.

TLA said...

I am still leaning towards intelligent design, but the big question is who and why, and also why over so many years.
Religions attempt to answer these questions - not only the Christian religion.
I read an interesting article about "large numbers" in the Bible and it explained it as the writers making them up to fit how they were presenting the rulers.
With the advancement of scientific knowledge, it is debunking some of our old ideas, but the discoveries of DNA and the cell appear seem to show they use sophisticated programming and nano technology.
I still go to church - but one that does not preach prophecy - not that people there do not believe it, but not an area so far that they feel like addressing as part of services. They do believe that charity as well as making converts is part of their mission, and other than support of outside charities, the money stays local to the congregation.
It is nice to have a comfortable facilities and local events.
I will miss Dennis if he really goes - his blogs are thought provoking and sometimes very funny.

BTW Dennis - do you plan to visit your old buddy Gerald in North Carolina? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that Dennis feels under-appreciated. He gets lots of support from certain quarters, but not everyone. You are never going to get it from everyone. I think part of the problem is some come to blogs for the "community" and to make friends. Others come here to learn, vent, or debate. The Internet is not really the best places to make friends. I'm not sure that should be the expectation.

DennisCDiehl said...

"On the chest of this figure is seen the 'skull and crossbones' symbol, another portrayal of death, the very antithesis of what is offered by Jesus Christ, eternal life."

Aron's shirt is not the classic "death" skull and bones. It is famous hominid discovery that a paleontologist would appreciate with the cross bones. It is a science shirt. You'd have to recognize the famous skull to get the point.

Anonymous said...

Goodby Dennis! Good luck in your new life!

Too bad you will miss my analysis on the number 666 and the magic square of the sun.

Hint: Add all the numbers from 1 to 36 and what do you get?

Anonymous said...

"Just for Fun....Takin' Dave to the Wood Shed"

Corporal punishment! Hate speech! Murder!

Anonymous said...

Since Dennis has left us, I'd better post this right away. Before Gary leaves too.

The magic square of the sun has six rows and six columns. The numbers in each row add up to 111. Six times 111 is 666. The numbers in each column add up to 111. Six times 111 is 666. (Each diagonal adds up to 111). The square contains the numbers 1 to 36. Add them all up and what do you get? 666. I did the math, but don't trust me, try it yourself. I used a different website, but the square here is probably identical (barring any typos on one site or the other).

The origin of 666 is in paganism. The magic square of the sun goes way back in time. Probably long before "John" (or whoever) wrote Revelation.

Supposedly, there are also more coded numbers in the bible. For example, there are 66 books in the bible. Coincidence? I'm still looking into it. That might not mean anything. In the "inspired" bible there are NOT 66 books (as I recall). The implication is that KJV bible was rearranged by pagans.

R.L. said...

Well, at least this preacher is against both Democrats and Republicans.

Anonymous said...

The books in the KJV are in the "wrong" or "un-inspired" (non-Jewish) order. That is by design (apparently). Supposedly, pagan translators or scholars rearranged them in order to send coded messages. What is the meaning of the coded message? At this point I'm not entirely sure. One coded message is supposedly in the name Jesus which adds up to 74 which is supposedly pagan. The translators (rightly or wrongly) tied Jesus into paganism. The message might be that Christianity is a mixture of Christianity and paganism.

One implication of all this is that HWA did not understand the real meaning of 666. Of course, it could be argued there is more than one "real" meaning of it. Or it could be argued that most or all his prophecy about the beast is rubbish.

The magic square of the SUN points to the Sun-god, Sol. If Jesus is tied into the magic square (rightly or wrongly), then he is (rightly or wrongly) tied to the sun god. In a way, it supports COG views about traditional Christianity, SUN-Day worship, the Solstice, and Easter.

Anonymous said...

The website says that the numbers and names have meaning in Hebrew. But I think the magic squares of the planets predate the Hebrews. At some point in their history, the Hebrews probably changed the Hebrew names of the planets so that Hebrew letters would match the numbers that pagans had previously come up with. That is apparently what pagans did also by changing the name of Yashua to Jesus just so it would add up to 74, which appears several times in patterns in the magic square of the sun.

I do not know if the sacred names people are aware of why the name was change to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

There are seven planets, one for each day of the weeek. Sun (sunday), Moon (monday), Mars (tues), Mercury (wed), Jupiter (thurs), Venus (fri), Saturn (sat). In olden times, Earth was probably not considered a planet. These are the seven planets visible to the naked eye.

At the site below, for each planet there is a SEAL and a SPIRIT.

The book of Revelation also speaks of seven SEALS and seven SPIRITS (Rev 3:1).

A planet is a "wandering star". The book of Revelation refers to seven STARS. (Rev 3:1).

The point is that the book of Revelation seems to be coded message based on a pagan coding system for the seven planets.

DennisCDiehl said...

Just for beating the dead horse fun:

Revelation 4:

In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes (STARS), in front and in back. 7

The first living creature was like a lion, (THE CONSTELLATION LEO IN SUMMER)



the fourth was like a flying eagle. (THREE MONTHS BEFORE AQUARIUS IS AQUILA THE EAGLE, FALL

This "Beast" was cobbled together from the four seasonal constellations each three months apart In this case Summer/Spring/Winter and Fall

8 Each of the four living creatures had six wings (4X6 are the 24 hours in a day) and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. Day and night they never stop saying:

This same creature is found in Ezekiel 1

10 Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a human being, (AQUARIUS/WINTER CONSTELLATION

and on the right side each had the face of a lion, (THREE MONTHS LATER< LEO IN SUMMER)

and on the left the face of an ox; (TAURUS/SPRING)

each also had the face of an eagle. (AQUILA/THE EAGLE/FALL
11 Such were their faces.

Each face is a season and each three months apart in the WINTER/SUMMER/SPRING/FALL order this time.

Just to say the symbolism game is endless but this is where the idea came from to create Cheribim and such.

In those days the night sky was their Netflix albeit better called NIGHTFLIX

But I repeat myself. And too, yes I have known that 1+2+3...+36 equals 666 for 30 years or more. This is not new stuff. The Astrotheological aspect of the bible, especially Revelation was well understood in the 1700's and crushed by the "Great Awakening" of Evangelical fervor of the times only of late to be brought back.

But it's all made up by priests and humans and is simply how some explain their world. No God is so goofy as to reveal its truths in code. People do that. Not Gods.

Anonymous said...

I believe these quotes are applicable to any form of belief system or ideology.
It's as if you're suggesting that because the Christian sermon upholds the Biblical laws re the death penalty for homosexuals that the sermon giver and the views espoused should be viewed as "extremist" and "fanatical" and by implication "wrong" and "evil."
According to whom? An atheist? A secularist? An anti-Christian? Well that's only to be expected.
All belief systems or ideologies have a standard (or law) that outlines what is right and what is wrong and will discriminate accordingly between those who follow what is right who will be rewarded and those who follow what is wrong who will be punished (whether Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Secularism, Communism, etc).
More so the fact is the death penalty has been applied for all manner of "crimes" throughout history depending on whatever the "law" is that is upheld in accordance with whatever belief system or ideology existent at the time and place of question.
So why would it be "extreme" or "wrong" for a Christian who believes in the Biblical laws upholding the sanctity of heterosexual marriage and the death penalty for LGTBism and wants such laws to be in force where he lives when it's no different to adherents of other belief systems and ideologies advocating the same wherever they live.

Anonymous said...

I would bet Dennis doesn't spend all that much time sending out blog entries, as he knows the topic inside and out. Probably can have a pretty full life and still participate, raising the level of conversation for many, and of course, inciting all the passionate conversations.

Hope he stays! Wouldn't be as interesting, checking in, though it will always be a source of amazing info and thought-provoking comments.

Nothing to add but Appreciating it all.


Anonymous said...

"This is not new stuff"

1) Did I say it was? That's the point. It was there all along. For thousands of years. But it might be new to most of us here.
2) So, why didn't you tell us about the magic square of the sun before? Or did you?
3) Did you preach about the magic square of the sun when in the WCG? Why not? Too scared?

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you are not supposed to be here, remember. Shucks, now you are back stealing my seven thunders about the number 666.

Anonymous said...

"But it's ... simply how some explain their world."

Not so. It seems to be a time-bomb designed to destroy Christianity by exposing it as pagan. Eventually the truth would come out.


It's not as goofy as you think. If they came right out and said "JESUS IS A PAGAN GOD" it never would have made it into the bible. So they snuk it into the Bible using number codes. They slipped in numbers like 666 to point to the pagan origins of the book or Revelation. It's not just numbers. It's numbers that point to PAGAN mystery religions, PAGAN sun-worship, etc. The number code is designed to expose Christianity as pagan.

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Since the book of Revelation is pagan, the canon that the Churches of God have is not correct. That throws the entire canon into doubt because they cannot trust the source of the canon. If one pagan book can get in, why can't several? Which ones really belong there? They have no way to reliably or authoritatively determine that.

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Dennis, you are not supposed to be here, remember

I don't need to post personal views and such, but I will make comments from time to time on the posts and comments of others like anyone else.

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Since Dennis says he already knows all about the paganism of Revelation, I will let him explain it. I will do more important things.