Friday, August 9, 2013

Dave Pack Tries to be Humble and Can't Grasp the Concept

Dave is such a humble man that he would NEVER EVER dream of pretending to be a prophet.  Dave also wants you to know that he does NOT EVER spout personal opinion!  Though, Dave does want us to know that his new Reunified church will be COLOSSAL!  No humility there, boys and girls, no need to look......move along...there are better things to three dead church leaders....

If I were trying to palm myself off as a prophet, I would just spout a personal opinion at this point without worrying about whether I was right or wrong, or what God says. But the above question is an example of something we must wait to see. The “size”—the MAGNITUDE—of the three shepherds’ removal on the world scene will speak volumes to God’s Church and the Government within it about how rapidly God is planning a Work of great impact. We can emphatically rule out the Work emerging as “small.” But we might ask: will events of August catapult God’s Work to something immediately the size of “medium,” “large” or “colossal”? While I have ideas, I do not have the answer. We will wait and see together.


Douglas Becker said...
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Douglas Becker said...

Would Pack look as good?

Pack should have vanity with such class.