Saturday, December 24, 2022

Restored Church of God: God Pulls Another Fast One On Dave


A Ruse By God


The Christmas Eve deadline for the members of The Restored Church of God passed a few hours ago.


The withering nakedness of David C. Pack is exposed. Again.


Jesus Christ did not return at sunset in Jerusalem. Again.


The 1335 of Daniel 12 did not begin. Again.


Salvation did not arrive. Again.


A “riveting” message is scheduled to explain. Again.


The timing was off a little. Again.


The enablers at Headquarters agree. Again.


The members of RCG quietly accept it. Again.


What is the real reason?


It was the fault of David C. Pack’s god. His god pulled another fast one. His god used biblical smoke and mirrors. His god dangled the salvation carrot and jerked it away.


His god fooled you again, you naïve dopes.


Let the lips of David C. Pack explain the kind of vile, wicked god you pay your tithes to.

Part 409 – December 10, 2022

@ 18:38 The only way we go further if Christmas and all the proofs were a ruse by God to throw us off. And all the things that point to Sunday, including logic, were a ruse by God to throw us off. Then, there is no Mount Everest. We just built one, and it's a mirage. And God deliberately, with two long lists, threw us off. Does that sound like the God who would never lie to us?


David C. Pack Blasphemes God


I quake inside when I consider how this man accuses God, blasphemes God, and tempts God without fear or shame. That might appear to be a colorful exaggeration, but I shudder, and it brings tears to my eyes. His end may be worse than his beginning.


It is an unknowable to estimate the influence ratio between the psychotic and the demonic. Only God knows, but the evidence is undeniable.

And God is not mocked.



The people inside RCG are being tested and to stay seated is to fail. At some point, it will be, "Time's up. Put your pencils down." Of that day and hour, nobody knows. But, that day and hour is coming.


The December 24, 9:40 AM EDT deadline passed, and every single person attending The Restored Church of God is acutely aware. Some may hold on to the hope that "Mr. Pack might still be right." They will look at the clock, trying to remember when sunset occurs locally.


Rather than hiding their faces in shame, they will put on their Sabbath attire, brave the winter weather, hand in their gluten-free brownies to the ladies, paint a smile on their faces, sing from the new heresy-sanitized hymnal, and then spend two hours wondering, “Why am I still here?” They will rush through an unusually quiet meal knowing that the Pastor General will reshuffle the deck explaining away the last seven weeks.


You can grow numb to a beating if you get used to it. Given enough time, you even accept you deserve it.


The RCG prophetic beatings will continue, as many expected.


David C. Pack spent all Friday conspiring with his biblical wizards to cast a new spell of deceit upon the sleepyheads of RCG. A Pathetic Update was posted in Member Services last night.



Prophecy Update - December 23, 2022

Brethren, we were forced to face several questions today: What if tomorrow came and went? What would we/you think personally? Would we say there is no possibility of this year, or could another option still exist? A case in the back of our minds suddenly came clear, suggesting we could be off by a little. You would be astonished—as I am now—at how many existing points that we already know easily roll one week, some growing stronger, and others we had not thought of now joining them. A group of ministers heard the full case for a bit later, and to a man they said the case is 90-95%!


Over the past week, many other additional fascinating things have also clarified—so much that a whole sermon could be given. I promise you will find them interesting. I will address as many things as possible live in one message tomorrow at 6:00PM EST. I hope you find it riveting! While none want more time, we are the people who wait, seeking God’s will, not our own.



David C. Pack Is Faithless


Members are warned about being faithless and doubting in RCG. But nobody is more faithless and doubting than David C. Pack. He was so certain his own teachings were fraudulent that he spent the entire week concocting a new narrative with enough content to vomit it on the church. He knew far in advance he was wrong.


David C. Pack Lies


If God is guiding David C. Pack, revealing this incredible knowledge, and opening up the Bible to clear understanding, then why not wait-and-see past the deadline before wondering how things went wrong?


David C. Pack knows what he teaches is false. His uncomfortable feelings are unrelenting. He knew he spun a fable that would not come to pass and had to announce it before the brethren caught on.


David C. Pack Is A Coward


When you are a faithless liar, it is incredibly soothing to surround yourself with empty husks who outwardly agree with the fantasies so the blame can be spread around.


Whichever select enablers were roped into listening to the latest insanity and then lied by saying they agreed “90-95%” are worthless yes-men not to be trusted. If they can lie to themselves, they can lie to anyone.


Bradford Schleifer Is A Hireling

Edward Winkfield Is A Hireling

Ryan Denee Is A Hireling

Jaco Viljoen Is A Hireling

Kenneth Orel Is A Hireling

Carl Houk Is A Hireling

Timothy Ranney Is A Hireling

Salasi Jezhi Is A Hireling

James Habboush Is A Hireling

Andrew Holcombe Is A Hireling

Frank Lydick Is A Hireling

Raymond Garb Is A Hireling


All these men know David C. Pack is a false apostle and false prophet. And they choose to do nothing. They care not for the sheep. They care not for the members of The Restored Church of God. They ignore what the Bible says. They chose a man over God.


They also choose their own self-interests over the interests of the brethren.


Those professing wise have become vain in their imaginations, with their foolish hearts continuing to be darkened.


May God have mercy on them.



“The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 411)” is scheduled to be delivered tonight. God willing, it will be covered tomorrow. How much more David C. Pack blames God remains to be seen. No matter what the spin is, one ruse will turn into another. 2022 has been a year full of that.


May those trapped inside RCG find the strength to accept what is laid plain before their eyes. May they understand the pricking of the heart is not a fiery dart. May they stop allowing themselves to endure and accept obvious lies. You are not crazy, and you are not alone!


The True God would not use the Bible to build a ruse to trick you. Get out while you still can.

Marc Cebrian

See: A Ruse By God

Satan Disrupts Winter Family Weekend!!!!

Usually, that bad boy Satan takes his anger out on the true church around Feast or Passover time. This year he has upped his game and is now attacking Winter Family Weekends! Being that WFW's are the Churches of God alternate version of Christmas, even this event can't come under scrutiny from Satan.

The Lexington, Kentucky WFW site has had all kinds of issues. First, it was the snowmageddon that is wreaking havoc across the midwest, then the boiler at the hotel burst flooding the conference hall. Then to add misery to the already miserable situation, the power went out!

Satan is NOT happy!

From Facebook:

From a Banned reader

RCG: Why Are There No Ministers Left In RCG With Integrity?


On Saturday, December 24 at 9:40 AM EDT, 

Jesus Christ will bring salvation to The Restored Church of God 

David C Pack

Well, here we are, it is 10:49 am on the West Coast and Christ has not manifested himself to Dave Pack nor appeared in Wadsworth to walk the sacred grounds of the property. This means it is early afternoon in Wadsworth and Restored Church of God members are dejected and disappointed once again. They swallowed his lie believing that what Dave was saying was true.

Around Dave is his council of 16 men, men are supposed to be men of integrity and men of high moral and ethical standards, the pinnacle of what a true minister of God should be. Yet, there they sit listing to Dave ramble on in another sermon about why God has been playing with Dave and testing him with false dates. 

Many of them know deep down that most of what Dave says is a blatant lie, yet they sit there nodding their heads as they copiously take notes so Dave is impressed by them. After church, they may pat a few dejected members on their shoulders and tell them to keep the faith and then walk out the door and head down the street to their church-owned home all warm and toasty with blessings of food and family surrounding them, leaving all their concerns on their front steps or outside in the snow. After all, this nice home with a well-stocked kitchen and a steady paycheck is far more important than being men of integrity by taking a stand and calling Dave out as a liar and a false prophet.

These same guys have sat through years of Dave's rants with everything he has uttered being a total failure and yet they do nothing. They sit there and think it is ok for Dave to publicly state that he hardly sees his wife at times because he is such a dedicated servant of God and spends all of his hours in his office studying. Hours that have been a total waste of time and hours taken away from quality time with his wife.

Sadly, as the Churches of God inch closer to the 37th anniversary of Herbert Armstrong's death and their apostasy from the mother church, there are fewer men with real integrity left in any of the COGs. Worshipping their paycheck more than the Christ they "claim" to be following, these men sit there and watch as false prophets and liars wreak havoc with the members. Members they are supposed to be shepherds of, protecting, feeding, and caring for them.

Are there any real men with integrity left in the ministry?

Friday, December 23, 2022

Dave Pack: Christ Returns Bringing Salvation December 24 at 9:40 A.M. EDT


2022: Seven Years


In less than 24 hours, David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God will fail again in a spectacular way. This will be an awful weekend for him, and not just because of the severe winter storm.


His imaginary construct for the return of Jesus Christ will NOT occur on Tevet 1, which begins sunset on December 24, 2022. Whether you calculate sunset Jerusalem time or local time, this will result in the same biblical event: a prophetic no-show.


This will be Dave’s worst Christmas ever. And for some in RCG, but only if they let it.


The first Tevet 1 declaration was on November 5, 2022, during “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 403).”


@ 12:12 We’re gonna begin to prove in absolute certainty that the Day of the Lord is the first day of Tevet…And therefore, the Kingdom of God comes one month before that.


According to the latest messages, the Day of the Lord now falls on New Year's Eve, and the Kingdom of God arrives on Tevet 1. Maybe that is only a minor quibble, as unveiling the Mystery of God is a slow process that requires a lot of patience and a lot of faith over seven painful years.


Before you get excited, remember that this was also the message Dave got on his haunches, being so confident of his own bellowing.


@ 01:51 Now, more than ever, I can tell you this: Salvation will come in November 2022.


Ouch. The words of David C. Pack do not age well. There are volumes of foolish quotes that should embarrass everyone in RCG. They were delivered with hubristic confidence, but all have been proven utterly false.


Part 379 – June 25, 2022

@ 18:34 I believe that [Tammuz 1] no less certainly than I believe the seventh day is the Sabbath.


Part 385 – July 30, 2022

@ 08:27 …I’m gonna prove absolutely, incontrovertibly straight out of your Bible over and over again that the only possible day for the Day of the Lord is, in fact, the Feast of Trumpets.


Part 386 – August 2, 2022

@ 13:39 Because we have to see Christ by next Sunday.


Part 394 – September 24, 2022

@ 39:15 So, you’re blessed when you get to a day. At 11:33 tomorrow, you’ve made it.


Part 398 – October 10, 2022

@ 3:56 …now, this is a very dramatic statement, the Kingdom will arrive at dawn in Jerusalem day two of the Feast.


Part 405 – November 16, 2022

@ 00:52 The Series will be over. So, because of timing, I think we all know that this could readily be called “Final Part Number 405.”


David C. Pack lies.

David C. Pack is not a man of his word.

David C. Pack is 100% wrong 100% of the time.



Are these opinions or facts?


A simple passing of time forced this conclusion.



Dave has made a big deal about the Series going on for seven years. Seven long years.


“The Greatest Story Never Told! (Part 1)” was given on November 14, 2015.


The more significant date is Part 8: December 26, 2015.


This was the day that David C. Pack declared That Prophet was Elijah, NOT Jesus Christ. Since he had announced that he was Elijah on January 24, 2015, he was now also That Prophet.


This was the day RCG “broke” for me. This was the day David C. Pack became a false apostle. This was the day David C. Pack took a title belonging to Jesus Christ onto himself. That process only accelerated.


Looking back, I now realize this was when The Restored Church of God became The Restored Church of Another god. It took me a long time to recognize that.



Like many others who left RCG, I have tried to wrap my mind around what went wrong and what God is doing. Monday is the seventh anniversary of "Elijah is That Prophet," and the timing is fascinating to consider since Dave went "all in" for a December 24/25 return of Jesus Christ.


Could that just be a coincidence? Absolutely. The Magic 8 Ball is not making proclamations.


While trying to make sense of what happened with Dave and RCG, I looked to the Bible to find parallels and types. Some pop off the page and almost gives you chills.


Those in RCG do not endure sound doctrine but have itching ears. They turned away from the truth toward fables. There have been seven years of fables called "The Greatest Untold Story!" These people are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men who use cunning craftiness. The enabling clouds are without water living in their cieled Campus houses. The hirelings care not for the sheep.


David C. Pack is a false prophet. Every sign and wonder has not come to pass, and he has admitted he speaks presumptuously. Therefore, God did not send him, and we should not be afraid of him.


David C. Pack is a type of King Saul. He was head and shoulders above the others. A “mighty man” leading God’s people. A king who caused his own men to sin. A king full of arrogance, disobeying Samuel by sacrificing unlawfully and taking an office to himself. His kingdom was torn from him. Saul was vexed by dark spirits and had murder in his heart. His end was not good.


The Man of Sin sits in the temple of God, and nobody sits more than David C. Pack. Though, he has tried to reverse that recently by standing since Part 398 on October 10. Keep an eye on how long that lasts.


The Foolish Shepherd of Zechariah 11 does not seek the ones who have wandered off, does not heal the broken, nor does he feed those that stand before him. Instead, he eats the flesh of the fat. That sounds eerily familiar.


Nebuchadnezzar surveyed his vast empire and said, “Look at this I have built.” God cursed him as a wild beast of the field with dew upon his back while he ate grass. For seven years. David C. Pack has been a spiritual wild beast speaking nonsense for seven years. If there was hope for Nebuchadnezzar to repent, there is hope for David C. Pack.


There are many more examples in the Bible that could be stated. But you get the point. The Bible is a living book that is so alive when you hold it as a light on David C. Pack and The Restored Church of God.



On Saturday, December 24 at 9:40 AM EDT, Jesus Christ will NOT bring salvation to The Restored Church of God because Tevet 1 occurs “in the midst of the years," beginning the Kingdom of God on a Sunday Christmas.


This will not happen. Call me Debbie Downer, but that is a fact.


After this failure, where does Dave go? Is 2023 going to be a rinse-and-repeat of pushing every two weeks all year?


If you look at the Bible pattern and what he has already said, the next big step is for him to hear an utterance from God. This will happen while he is on his knees in prayer. He will hear an audible voice and he will not be making it up.


A day will come when David C. Pack announces to RCG that God spoke to him. That is when it gets really serious for everyone. What that voice says could be an entire “What If?” article. The trajectory of The Restored Church of God is headed down this road. The groundwork has already been laid.


Seven years of the Series. Seven years of failed dates. Seven years of excuses. Seven years of prophetic schizophrenia. Seven years of lies. Seven years of Elijah as That Prophet.


Seven years of David C. Pack building himself up to be some great one.


Will there be seven more?

Marc Cebrian

See: 2022: Seven Years

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Gerald Weston: Only the LCG Is Doing God's Work


"We are the only ones who understand..."

That broken record has been skipping in the same spot for decades. Just how many COG's out there do we need to each be claiming THEY and THEY ALONE are the one true work? They are just little blips on the internet and obscure cable network stations. None of them are doing public work that makes the public aware that they exist.

In LCG's annual year-end beg fest for more money from members and co-workers, LCG drags out the old phonograph and turns it on, and lo and behold, it skips in the same place as it has for decades.

Some experts from the letter:

Who would have ever guessed that Proverbs 24:11 was written specifically to describe the Living Church of God? Bob Thiel says the same thing. Dave Pack does too, and Gerald Flurry has been playing the same scratched record. All we have from these guys is a lot of chest-thumping and waving of their giggle sticks at each other.

The first page of the letter is all about the moral decline of this nation, that other broken record they have been screeching for decades.

The second page is the usual beg fest for money. Weston even trots out large money donors, thinking members will be impressed to know about these people.

I know you will be impressed to read about these people! If this doesn't make you whip out your checkbook and give more money, nothing else will!

The leader of the best Church of God in history (sorry, Bobbie Boy it's not you) ends his letter by reminding the faithful to put the church in your will.

Weston was so magnanimous that he even included a gift for the readers of his letter:

Letter submitted by an LCG source who had this to say:

Oh and on a side note, they say they have enclosed a little gift of a calendar with the letter....The only thing in the envelope was the letter and a donation envelope to send them money just can't make this stuff up.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

RCG: Friendship and Shunning


Godly Friendship?
By Elizabeth O’Leary-Noble

Being shunned after leaving The Restored Church of God has caused me to reflect a lot on the past six years of my life. I have had to face some really hard truths. One of them is about Godly Friendship. It’s been an eye-opening and difficult pill to swallow.

Upon entering RCG in 2017, after my father died, people I didn’t even know told me they loved me and would always be there for me. I took that to heart and thought, “Wow, how incredible and admirable it is to have complete strangers telling me they loved me when I hadn’t known any of them.” If that wasn’t the epitome of "love your neighbor as yourself," then I don’t know what is.

They taught me a great deal about unconditional love. Especially during my delicate state when I came into RCG. Anyone can understand that when you lose a close loved one, it’s traumatizing. The memories of WHO was there for you when it mattered are seared into your memory. You need support, comfort, advice, encouragement, counsel, smiles, and warm tight hugs. I received all of that, and it was wonderful.

As the weeks and months rolled by, I grew very close with many brethren, even from different states and countries though I had never physically met some of them. I had a sister-in-Christ send me a beautiful dress for my second Feast of Tabernacles. I never met her, but we talked often. Naturally, a comfortable bond was formed and cemented.

I shared the ups and downs of life with many brethren. We opened up about our secrets, pain, shame, and mutual dreams for the future. I hold that dear to my heart and will never speak a word of what was told to me in confidence. That’s what a true friend does. That is what a person who respects godly friendship does. They keep their word and are loyal, trusting, loving, and stand by you through good and bad. At least, that’s what I thought.

Since being shunned, cut off, and seen as a leper, I’ve forced myself to accept this behavior and move forward as gracefully as I can.

Some people come into your life for various reasons for a season. Some are for a few weeks or a few years, but some are temporary, while others are for a LIFETIME. They all teach you very valuable lessons, but sadly, not all of those lessons are Skittles and rainbows.

I decided to dig into God’s word for comfort and to "prove ALL things." Jesus Christ called all of His disciples “friends.” Even Judas, who betrayed Him.

John 15:15
Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his lord does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you.

The apostle John referred to all brethren as friends.

3 John 14
I trust I shall shortly see you, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to you. Our friends salute you. Greet the friends by name.

The friends we have in the Church and in the world shape who we become.

Proverbs 27:17
Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Christ spoke about the effort required to maintain close friendships.

John 13:34-35
A new commandment I give unto you, That you LOVE ONE ANOTHER; as I HAVE LOVED YOU, that you also love one another. By THIS shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one to another.

This love is exemplified by the time we give to each other, as Jesus stated: “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John15:13). The Bible refers to this deep level of relationship as, “a friend that sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24).


It’s sad knowing the truth of how The Restored Church of God operates and what the ministry is teaching brethren. The policy of shunning is fraudulently preached but has become a great lesson moving forward. I believe it will be a fabulous lesson for the current members and anyone reading this who doesn’t know RCG.

Let’s start with FACTS. The ministry actively indoctrinates members to stop all communication with ex-members. A cold stop. No texting, calling, emailing, and certainly no gatherings or face-to-face with them. It is as if you never existed, but all the while telling them, "But pray for them to repent."

In my case, there is nothing to repent of because I spoke the TRUTH using scriptures and quotes found in David Pack’s own book, “Is ‘That Prophet’ Alive Today?—The Rise of False Prophets.”

The ministry falsely twists Romans 16:17-18 to fit their agenda and tell brethren to "mark those" that leave RCG. As if leaving a man-made church building is remotely tied to eternal salvation. “Oh, it is here in this church!” The deception runs deep. Anyone adhering to God’s command to "prove all things" understands that these verses are in the context of Paul instructing brethren to beware of false teachers. His warning was against false doctrine, NOT brethren.

I understand that in certain instances, there are members who absolutely speak heresy and cause intentional division, sowing discord. This isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m specifically addressing twisting, adding, and subtracting from God’s holy word. The RCG ministers use their own personal interpretation, which God forbids us to do.

Now, take that indoctrination and add in glossy-eyed, infatuated, hardcore idolizing Pack worshippers with little ole me raising my hand to speak up. Do you think I have a chance? Does anyone? Nope. Nobody does.

Unless you are AWAKE. A Berean. A person who studies God’s word and does God’s commands to prove all things. Until then, you will NOT see the deception because you are asleep.


God absolutely encompasses LOVE and is merciful, forgiving, and mighty. I am grateful I serve a God so magnificent, omnipotent, and glorious. 

RCG set a new precedent this past Feast of Tabernacles by telling family ex-members to leave RCG events. On Family Day of all days! Ask yourself, If God were standing right there, would He approve of that? Is that loving? Is that letting your light shine? Is that something brethren should IGNORE?

What’s next? Divorce your spouse because you have differing beliefs? They already teach you should kick your teenage children out of the house if they no longer want to attend. What’s next? Disown them?

Where does it draw the line for YOU? When is something not godly? I’m sure more brethren will love that policy for future Feasts. That is IF RCG is still standing. That’s entirely up for the brethren to decide...


This verse best describes the current condition inside The Restored Church of God.

Matthew 24:12
And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

David Pack proudly stands behind the lectern roaring about evil, wicked, devilish, murderous ex-members who will burn in the Lake of Fire because they left RCG. Those same people left for rejecting HIS false teachings.

But he wants to replace God. He is Elijah and That Prophet. He wants to create his own kingdom. Common has built the Headquarters Campus already. He is insulated from the world and insulated from the brethren who don’t even get to share a meal on the Sabbath with him. Only “the elites” are allowed to do that.

He wants to create mindless, robotic minions who agree with all his teachings no matter how often he changes them. Sadly, he has already done this.

The ministry is conditioning brethren to harden their hearts towards ex-members. And some are obeying this.


Imagine sitting in Sabbath services knowing you are hearing false doctrines. Brethren tell you they love you, but you realize that if you ever leave, they will cut you off and call you names or say that the devil got a hold of you.

That’s what happens in RCG.

Some leave knowing what is coming because they have to. The Bible says so. It still hurts when it happens. The people you think are your friends who turn their backs on you are shocking. The same people who said they loved me and would always be there for me abandoned me. That love was not so unconditional after all.

I feel like I never really mattered to them. I feel used, abused, and tossed aside.

But, I am HAPPY to be a voice for all brethren who are not able to speak up for themselves. I have no hate in my heart for anyone. I thank God for my parents instilling that in me. I thank God for speaking to me in that small voice to endure and LOVE.

Luke 10:25-27
And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

RCG is no longer where God’s truth is taught. David Pack is not what he claims to be. Please do not let fear overcome you. Let love abound. Believe what the Bible says you must do.

To those who have turned away from me, I am eager to be your friend again. You may have left me, but I have not left you.

I will always choose love. No matter what.


Marc Cebrian

See: Godly Friendship

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

LCG Does Not Like Your Opinion, Especially When You Express It On The Internet!


Opinions and the internet, are two things that do not belong together in the Living Church of God. Just shut up, sit back, pay your money and be good little boys and girls.

Wisdom with Words: 
Today, people are encouraged to “say whatever you think” —and everyone has an opinion to express, in conversations and on the Internet! However, the Bible offers very different advice. Long ago, Solomon observed that, “A fool’s voice is known by his many words” (Ecclesiastes 5:3) and “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise” (Proverbs 10:19). We are also told, “A prudent man conceals [is reluctant to display] knowledge, but the heart of fools proclaims foolishness” (Proverbs 12:23) and “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles” (Proverbs 21:23). I once had an English teacher who used the phrase, “Remember to engage your brain before you put your mouth in gear,” which is the same advice we find in Proverbs 16:23: “The heart [the mind] of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips.” King David wrote, “The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks of justice” because “The law of his God is in his heart” (Psalm 37:30–31). God’s word provides sound advice about choosing our words carefully. 
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Commercial Break: The Reason for the Season


Winter Solstice

"Sun stand still"

(...and the phenomenon at the core of many spiritual and religious stories and beliefs as observed over the millennia.  It is not inappropriate to celebrate the Birth of the Son on Christmas any more than His Resurrection in the Spring when "He" crosses the Celestial Equator and the Elliptic. It's how we tell our stories of rebirth, redemption and resurrection)

Get ready to celebrate the shortest day of the year when the Sun goes neither any further south nor moves ahead North for three days until December 25th when it moves 1 degree North in the journey of taking away the darkness of winter at the Spring Equinox or "Easter". 

Winter is upon us. 

As the earth spins on its axis, the different hemispheres get closer, or further from the sun. When the Northern Hemisphere is at its furthest point, the winter solstice arrives, making for an extraordinarily short number of daylight hours. 

Less daylight does not always mean colder temperatures though, in fact, for many places in the US there is a weeks-long gap between the winter solstice and the coldest day of the year. 

Fact check:Ample evidence the Earth is round and rotating, contrary to claims

What day is the winter solstice 2022? 

This year winter solstice will take place Wednesday, Dec. 21. 

What is the winter solstice 2022 sunset time?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun will set on winter solstice around 4:47 pm ET. Depending on where you live the sunset time can vary slightly. 

All across the globe, the solstice is experienced at the same moment, as the sun's rays will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, a latitudinal line that lies south of the equator. 

What is the winter solstice?

The winter solstice marks the official beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In accordance with the astrological calendar, it will fall this year on Dec. 21. It is also the shortest day of the year, with the sun often setting before 5 pm. 

After the winter solstice the days begin to grow longer, offering more and more hours of sunlight until the calendar reached the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. 

Because the days begin to lengthen, in some cultures the winter solstice signifies a holiday of renewal and fresh beginnings. 

Is winter solstice always on the same day? 


In the Northern Hemisphere the winter solstice occurs each year on one of two days: December 21 or 22. It signifies the point at which the Northern hemisphere is tilted farthest from the sun, making it colder with less light. 

Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere coincides down to the instant with Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, as we tilt away from the sun, they tilt towards it. 

As previously noted, The Vatican had this all figured out long ago in the design of St Peter's Square



LCG To Celebrate 30th Anniversary During Their Annual Christmas Winter Family Weekend


It is that time of year again and various Church of God groups try to get as close to Christmas as possible as they plan their winter family weekends around the Christmas holiday. Picking resorts decked out to the nines with Christmas decorations, Christmas foods, and delightful holiday music playing all around the resorts, it's the next best thing to burning a yule log in the fireplace. Decry Christmas on one hand and wallow in its observance on the other.

This year's Christmas celebration is extra special for Living Church of God. This is the 30th anniversary of Rod Meredith's rebellious first sermon after he waited for the Worldwide Church of God to defend his libelous ass in court after he lied about Leona McNair to 700 ministers gathered at a ministerial conference. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent by the WCG to defend Meredith and the church against McNair's lawsuit. Delightfully, they lost the lawsuit and the church paid out a lot of money to McNair. Meredith then jumped ship into the New Global Church of God that a small cabal of WCG members plotted in the background to organize while they were all WCG members.

This should be an extra special Christmas for the LCG since this is also the same time that Dave Pack's "christ" is returning. Imagine what a yule buster that will be when LCG has to suck up to Davey Boy as the one true COG. There will be a long line of COG leaders standing there ready to kiss Dave's ring as he sits next to Christ on his throne. Imagine Weston, Thiel, and Flurry having to kowtow at Dave's feet! What a Merry Christmas that will be!

Family Weekends – 30th Anniversary of the Global/Living Church of God

As final arrangements are being made for the first of this winter’s family weekends, it’s good to remember that this coming December 26 will be the 30th anniversary of the Global/Living Church of God. It was on Saturday, December 26, 1992, that Dr. Meredith conducted the first Sabbath service of the Global Church of God, with 19 in attendance. We are grateful for the courage and zeal of Dr. Meredith for stepping out in faith 30 years ago and reviving God’s Work that we are continuing today.

A special, sermonette-length video message by Mr. Gerald Weston is being produced to commemorate this milestone.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Dave Pack Suffering From Severe Case Of Logorrhea




This is a real word. Look it up.



Excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, incessant, compulsive talking


This explains David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God. The logorrhea was in full effect on December 17, 2022, as “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 410)” was streamed live to the entire church during Sabbath Services.


Dave was annoyed by how focused on God the church had become on the Sabbath, so he decided to be more intrusive by force-feeding them his prophetic logorrhea. He had heard reports of brethren skipping his messages because they were tired of his biblical merry-go-round. The last laugh is on them. Try to escape him now, folks.


You would think he would run out of things to talk about since the Mystery of God has been finished ten times over. But, no. He filled 109 minutes that will be discarded in less than seven days.


Jesus Christ returning on December 24, 2022, at 9:40 AM EDT, is still being hammered.


Spoiler Alert


The skimmers love bullet points. Here is the “big stuff” from Part 410:


·      The “little book” of Revelation 10 is the entire Book of Revelation.

·      The 10-day period is inclusive of the Kingdom, not preceding it.

·      The 1335 of Daniel 12:12 and salvation arrive on December 24.

·      We are all born written in the Book of Life, but we can blot ourselves out.

·      The Day of the Lord begins at 9:45 AM EDT on December 31.

·      The Pale Horse of Revelation 6:8 is green.


Despite another date that came and went this week, Dave loves to troll the audience.


@ 00:00 All is still well. And we have really really kept Christ’s patience. No doubt about that.


The whole plan of God is now seven years and then a thousand. There. I just saved you nine minutes of your life. Thank me later.



I have been surprised by the impact of the website on Dave’s behavior. I mentioned in October during interviews and in articles about the Man of Sin sitting in the temple of God and that nobody sits more than David C. Pack.


He has not sat once since then. He sat all spring and summer. But even with after-meal Bible studies starting in October, he has chosen to stand at the lectern. Every time. That makes me go, “Hmm.”


Smaller things I have brought up have been mysteriously addressed in a message after. I opted to not point them out since they were minor. However, the current thwarting of Dave’s will is worth focusing on because he is the one who brought it up.


The sour look on his face is due to the elephant in the room that just sat on his potato chips.


@ 09:59 Now, I have a document here…and it’s the Book of Revelation on eight pages. Four pages, eight sides. And it’s all kinds a colors on it…I considered printing it for you today and posting it in Member Services for brethren around the world…But I have to be ever-mindful that there are just outright evil people among us, and they'll post it to the world and attack it.


Newsflash, Dave: Nobody cares about your stupid document.


Even if I had a copy, there is no point in posting it. I have stacks of those types of documents that are entirely worthless. A color-coded mess is what they are. Between the colors, bold text, underlines, and all-caps right up to the physical margins, they are an offense to the eyes and painful to read, on top of being worthless.


I would have to ask Ryan Denee how many trees were killed each time Dave printed out those useless multi-page legal sheets for the Headquarters congregation.


I would have to ask Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy how much weight they lost running back and forth from the printer due to some change that meant 100 copies had to be reprinted at the last minute.


@ 10:59 Now, if we had another year or more, I'd probably just release it because it's so stunning what I've learned.


We have another year, and he still will not release it. As of next Saturday night, the local congregations can have a bonfire with them. Once Christmas fails, everything else will fall apart.


@ 11:20 But, for now, if I released it, some of the relatives of our members around the world study the internet to attack the relatives who are in The Restored Church of God. They give them no end of grief, and I would literally be fueling some of the family members because of what enemies post…your relatives cannot throw things up in your face that look crazy to them because they just don’t understand it.


The real crazy that can be thrown in somebody's face is a video of David C. Pack declaring salvation comes in November. Or eternal life will begin on December 9. Or because they are at the Feast of Tabernacles, they “made it.” A PDF document does not have the same zing.


This must have been a real thorn in his flesh because he brought it up again later in the message.


@ 59:25 If this were sitting on your lap, I coulda made it easier. You just follow the colors. I’m sorry. But, there are wicked people in the worldand their names will, you know, get settled one way or another per the Book of Life. We’ll just see. God is their judge.


Boo hoo. That terrible internet.


The irony of all of this is two-fold.


Firstly, David C. Pack’s words are enough of a “weapon” that nobody needs a messy jumble of pages in PDF format to embarrass members of RCG. If anyone received eight legal-sized pages of colored gibberish, it would only be used to fuel intense shrugging. Even I would not bother to read it, much less wave it under someone’s nose.


But more importantly, this entire bitch-session proves how David C. Pack operates on human steam.


Nobody can thwart God's will. Not a person. Not a website. If God wanted His people in the church to have this information, they would have it.


The righteous are as bold as a lion. But Dave rolled onto his back and exposed his belly again. Fear kept him from posting that document. Fear of what “evil people” would do. What are people going to do with the truth? What are people going to do with Bible passages highlighted in colors? Nothing.


That idea is cowardly and lame. More likely, he does not want it to get out because once his Leaning Tower of Christmas Babel falls, those eight pages will further embarrass him. As if his own words from a week ago are not painful enough.


*Watch. The document will be available in Member Services after this article is published. ;)



Welcome to David. C. Pack’s Gallery of Stupid. This taste of wacky things fallen from Dave’s lips this year is far from complete.


How many did you remember?


·      Jesus Christ was conceived around Elul 1 and was born in spring, not the fall

·      Elijah is a title

·      Seven times of punishment in Leviticus means seven weeks

·      The Chinese launched an artificial sun into the atmosphere

·      All humans will be sterile in fifty years

·      Most American families do not ask for a blessing over Thanksgiving supper

·      The countdown to Pentecost was a type of countdown to Trumpets

·      Stephen of Acts 7 was killed for criticizing the Jewish Christmas tree


Dave takes the "foot in mouth" disease to the next level by stuffing both feet and hands into his mouth. Even all of that cannot keep him from talking. He suffers from a chronic case of logorrhea.


Part 410 presents a new consideration for the Gallery of Stupid.


@ 23:37 Here's another small point, but kind of interesting, and it shows how men try to do the best they can, and sometimes they foul things up.


@ 24:39 “…behold, a pale horse.” Has anybody ever looked up the word “pale?” You ever looked it up? The Greek is chlōros. That is not a pale horse at all...The word is chlōros. From which comes chlorophyll. Chlorophyll. Does that give you a clue? It’s green. It’s a green horse.


@ 25:38 But nobody knows that because nobody looks it up.


@ 25:59 Now, that's not a big thing, but it's interesting. It shows you how vast numbers of people can read this book and no one ever notices that the horses are white, red, black, and green.


The Pale Horse being green is not the stupid part. But that vast numbers of people never looked it up. It is as if nobody else in RCG studies their Bibles. And nobody else outside the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium has access to Strong's Concordance. Maybe a handful in the Main Hall did not know this, but most of them did. How do I know?


Dave forgot he had already taught this years ago when he was dismantling "the big T" and building the endless configurations of "W" on the projector screen. (RCGers know what that is.)


I remember first looking up the word “pale” in 2011 during the uprisings in Egypt. An NBC news camera captured a “green horse of Revelation” racing across the screen among rioters. It was world-famous and can still be found on YouTube. The lens flare moved as the camera panned, creating a green horse and rider. The likeness is still quite astounding.


When you search "green horse revelation," you can find page after page of websites and images.

Sorry, Dave. You are not the first to discover this. The fact you assumed that nobody else ever looked it up makes this idea a worthy addition to David C. Pack’s Gallery of Stupid.



Dave's "big stuff" discovery this week was that we all begin written in the Book of Life of Revelation, but we can take actions to blot our own names out.


@ 36:08 Only you can blot yourself out. Sad story. A lady left us a few days ago, “and with no clear reason BLANK decided in her heart she needed step away from the church.” The minister carefully told her, “Now, you understand you’re giving up your crown?” And here’s what she said. She said, “I understand. I’m okay with that.” Now, that’s insane.


“Lady,” if you read this article, please write I will keep your information confidential. I would very much like to hear your side of the story.


Want to know what is really insane? After delivering 410 Parts of a Series, never getting anything right. How about setting date after date with nothing but excuses to show for it? What is insane is to follow a man who takes upon himself titles belonging to Jesus Christ. He is a man who spends a tremendous amount of time preaching about himself because he sees himself all throughout the Bible.


It is insane to believe the words of a man rather than the words of the Bible. It is insane to continue to support a man with a proven history of speaking lies and teaching fraud. It is insane to continue attending RCG after salvation did not come on Pentecost. It did not come on the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles. It did not come on December 9.


It is insane to think there is even the slightest chance anything will happen on December 24.


@ 36:36 Pray for her because maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t too late. There are people who blot their own name out and know it.


Dave equates leaving RCG to willfully blotting your name out of the Book of Life.


@ 37:21 But, it's important to know that's not where God starts. He lets…this lady and many others blot their own name out. We all carry an ink blotter if we want to. It’s just that Christ formally does it because of our decision, not His.


@  37:52 And no one ever knew that until today. Not anyone I ever heard or knew that.


Holding folks over the edge of the Lake of Fire was not an adequate enough scare tactic for Dave. This is a new angle on the same reasoning he has used before to keep folks in RCG.


If you leave, you will die eternally. Out of the Book of Life and into the Lake of Fire.


However, none of that makes David C. Pack right. He is a biblical fraud, and God is not guiding him. All the other failed dates this year is not enough for some. Perhaps getting a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking instead of eternal life will be the line in the sand. We shall see.



For those who want to understand what Dave is preaching, have fun.


@ 1:00:44 Little things came popping clear. They’re a part of the Mystery of God, brethren. Again, we’re not done until the Mystery of God is over. This is big stuff. It helps line things up…It's who's in the Book of Life and how God thinks. That's the biggest thing I maybe ever learned in the Book of Revelation. Maybe, I guess you could say, alongside that, the Book of Revelation was "the little book…”


@ 1:03:33 Ten days of Tribulation. That’s why they [the Seals] open immediately. This is a period of punishment. There is no good period or announcement in front of it. And I discovered that this week and it finally resolved this whole business of is it 9 ½ days or 10 ½ days or 10 days. Says 10 days. 10 days. Well, if it’s the beginning of 7 years, it’s dead on. I mean, it’s just right now. It’s as certain as 10 days later when the rest of the saints on the Day of the Lord get eternal life.


If some hold out on the idea that David C. Pack is not really setting dates for the return of Jesus Christ or uses wishy-washy language, try spinning these comments:


@ 1:04:01 So, you can do your math. You go look at when Tevet 1 begins in Jerusalem, and you'll know when you have eternal life.


@ 1:26:09 New Year’s is inside this 10-day period. A day God hates. It's a drunken bash. The amount of adultery and fornication, and other filth that goes on that day is unimaginable to even talk about. So, the Great Tribulation starts on the 31st of December, a few hours before New Year’s celebration. Jerusalem time.


People do not need a confusing color-coded document to “attack” RCG. All they need is Dave’s words. That should be enough for anyone to prove the church is run by a religious fraud supported by enabling hirelings.


I wonder what Larry Cockshutt and Brian Jackson will tell their shrinking congregations when questions roll in during Sabbath Services on December 24. Pray it is not a “silent night” from Headquarters, fellas.


“Mr. Pack is not a prophet. If he is guilty of anything, it is of being overzealous.”


If they say that, you should pick up your tuna casserole dish and walk out the door.



David C. Pack tells you everything you need to hear to determine whether he is true or not.


If the people refuse to hear what their human idol says, that is on them. They have no excuse for ignoring the obvious when the truth falls from the very lips of the man who continually feeds them unending biblical fantasy.


The following quote encapsulates everything wrong inside The Restored Church of God.


@ 1:10:02 I assumed the First Kingdom of ten days being of this world preceded the seven years. I just did. The Bible does not say this. I assumed it. Perhaps I shouldn’t have.


The truth has never been so clear. “The Greatest Untold Story!” consists of what Dave assumes and is not in the Bible. That is why he fails. That is why nothing he says ever comes to pass. Hear him.


@1:10:14 So did everyone. Everybody talked to. Never crossed any minister’s mind that the ten days or fifteen or a month or whatever we thought it was for a while was other than in front of the seven years.


Rather than being a man and accepting responsibility, Dave opts to spread it around. At least he did not roll on his back to expose his genitals again, reminding folks of his chest pains to gain sympathy.


Even if the ministers thought the period was during the Kingdom, Dave would have risen from his chair, puffed out his chest, and blasted them in front of the others. The broken men are whipped into shape, knowing to not speak out of turn or bring up an idea that would upset King Saul.


If you want a javelin in your gut, suggest Dave does not have it quite right.


@ 1:10:29 But God, apparently, held it back so that everything could be made plain, and maybe I'd be able to cover the material we just did.


You cannot have a well-rounded blame session without pointing the finger at God, too.



People in The Restored Church of God:


Even when the man tells you he is a fraud, you choose not to hear him. I believe David C. Pack every bit when he says things like that. He is broadcasting how he thinks. Which spirit is moving him to utter the truth to his own hurt?


If you stay in RCG, you are choosing to have a false leader continue to spoon-feed you assumptions. And you seem to love to have it so.


Christmas Eve will come and go. Christmas day will come and go. Nothing David C. Pack teaches you will manifest. Part 411 will explain what "we" missed. Just like 410 is explaining what "we" missed. There is plenty of blame to spread because Dave will not have it all focused on him. The limelight, yes. The responsibility for error, no.


Your Pastor General told you that you would receive eternal life last week and again this week. It did not happen. How does that not trouble you to your core? Why would you believe him when he says you will receive eternal life next week? How could you ever believe him about anything?


Get out while you can.



@ 1:44:21 Now, if Tevet 2 comes without Jesus Christ, I just wanna say something very plainly. I want everybody to hear me. I’ll have no idea the year God’s Kingdom comes. I won’t. I don’t believe that’s gonna happen, but I’m telling you because I don’t believe it’s gonna because I’ve stress-tested the living daylights outta this picture. I have no idea. There wouldn’t be a 411 explaining something. I’ve done all I can possibly do.


@ 1:48:28 If the Mystery of God is not over…I wouldn’t know how to explain it.


Christmas is all-or-nothing, folks. Watch the days ahead. There will be Pathetic Updates. There will be Part 411. Timing will get pushed, and God will be blamed. Something none of the ministers at Headquarters saw will bail them out of a tough jam just in the nick of time.


Despite his spelling out that he has no idea what he is doing, people will choose to stick it out. To their own hurt. To their own shame. He will push through the chest pains to keep talking and talking and talking. The logorrhea will continue.


The only way for him to stop is for him to be stopped.


Happy Article #100!

Marc Cebrian

See:   Logorrhea