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Dave Pack: Was Ambassador College a blueprint for education in the kingdom?

God have mercy upon the people in the kindgom to come if the educational system is patterned after Ambassador College and Imperials Schools.  Just send everyone to the lake of fire and get it all over with!

Dave Pack writes:
Education…When would the new system start? When do kids go to school? Do they go to school? How is education carried out? All the questions that you might have about that subject…Four-year-olds? Five-year-olds?…Is there college? What kind of college? Is there post-graduate work? By the way, where is that in the Old Testament? And if it is not in the Old Testament, does that mean you cannot do it? Wouldn’t happen. Is Ambassador College a blueprint for now, or now and later after some fashion?

Dave Pack: Atheists Will Be Long Gone When We Get To My Zion

Dave and his crew will be the most educated eternal beings ever to exist.  Due to Dave's superfantabulous "work" he is doing in Wadsworth, there will be no atheists when his "zion" arrives.  They will be long gone because Dave and his crew will either exterminate them or convert them to the ways of Dave.
What about education, at all levels? We have already introduced that in a certain way—all levels. Good-bye evolution! WHAM—day 1. Of course, you really won’t have to worry about it too much in one regard, because the God of the Bible is here, and everybody who is an atheist will have figured out there is a God. Now, did He allow things to evolve or not, is a secondary question…but there is a God. As soon as this Great Work continues…this awesome, powerful Work continues in a big way…and I explained it last week…it will not be long before there will not be one atheist on Earth—waythis side of Zion. All you have to do is look at the things that are scheduled to happen to God’s Church, very soon, and you know the atheists are probably long gone by the time we are on Zion.

Dave Pack: "Wow! This is Great!" You will be "judges" and "pastors"

Dave Pack has discovered his ultimate wet dream.   Being a judge and a pastor in the kingdom!  Oh wait, he does that now!  Dave tells his members that as a pastor they will be able to exterminate those those that are "not fit to live."
Who carries out enforcement of everything? What about the prison system? Okay, we found out certain kings are going to prison. Who else? Where are the prisons? Who builds the prisons? What kinds of prisons? How long do you stay in prison? Is it only for the kings?…But all the other things that are related to that.
Oh…While you are doing the judging, who is doing the pastoring? For that matter, is there a difference? If you are a priest and a minister, a godlike judge, are you all those things? Because now you have people coming along and want to be converted. Wow! This is great. You have other people that are compliant, and you have some other people that are not fit to live.

Dave Pack: You Will Forget About Your Spouses, Children and Relatives

Dave wants his few remaining followers to understand that if their unconverted spouses, kids, relatives and friends are wicked they will be destroyed.  Then Dave's encourages his followers that they will have their minds wiped clear of who those people were.  They will forever forget about them.  They will forget about their family and friends just like they will be required to forget about the sins of those who are under their rod's of iron.  What a wonderful world this will be!

For instance, the destruction of the wicked. We have always talked about it—you’re not going to want to think about your children or your parents or your husband or your wife or your relatives if God had to destroy them. So you probably will have the ability over knowledge, even to eject from your mind…We have always believed and understood this…Remember God’s ability to forget sin. We will have to forget, certainly, our own sins; the sins of others if need be. You’re going to have to be able to forget other people’s sins once they have repented, and you will probably be able to forget the loss of loved ones who are not in the kingdom of God.

Dave Pack: As Soon As You Become God You Will Receive "Awesome" Knowledge!

When Dave's followers become God they will receive instantaneous knowledge that will far exceed the wisdom of Solomon.  They will have so much knowledge that they will "blow" Solomon away with their wisdom.  Church of God members have always been a special lot.

Immediately when Solomon was given wisdom, he could make a decision based on facts in front of him. That’s different. It’s as different as the gift of wisdom, the word of wisdom, which is interesting, and the word of knowledge, as opposed to the gift of wisdom and the gift of knowledge. So it is a gift that involves the word. Logos, by the way. It’s the exact same word, no pun intended. It’s the exact same word in the Greek…of what Christ is called. So it’s the “word”—the logos of knowledge, gnōsis. In effect, you will be given immediately an awesome—an awesome—amount of knowledge on the spot, or you won’t get one hour into your first day…No matter how godlike your power, no matter what miracles you have, no matter your decision-making where you have wisdom that blowsSolomon away, you can turn and heal somebody here, or turn and resurrect somebody over there, but if you don’t have the gift of the word of knowledge, you will get nowhere as a judge.

Dave Pack: Church members will be second class "eternal" beings

Dave just might been for a surprise!

Dave expects his group will become eternal beings, though his members will be second rate eternal beings.  They never will be like God, though they are Gods.  Gods who are eternal beings who will live for infinity, but they are second class eternals.  All except for Dave of course.  Since he gets to personally shake the hand lo Jesus as he enters the new temple onto Temple mount in a few years, he will be in a special class of chosen people who will sit at the right hand of Jesus.  Jesus needs Dave.  How would Jesus rule without Dave at his side?  Dave is filled with such superfantabulous knowledge that he is needed to help JC run the world.

First of all, understand, the moment you are born into the Family of God, that is when you entered the Family of God…but what are you made of? You are made of eternal Holy Spirit. God changes the Spirit of God that is in you; changes your body, and you are made…we’ll use this term…you are made of eternal “stuff.” You’re not made of immortal stuff; you are made of a different kind of spirit than angels. You’re composed of something that is eternal. It has no beginning and no end, even though you did. Paul is telling the Romans…In a way, you are immortal, because you started like angels, but you immediately went to a spirit that is eternal. What does that mean? Why is that important? What does it have to do with a word of knowledge? Well…just about everything.
Once you are born into the family of God, you, literally, tap into eternal knowledge. Eternal knowledge—all that God has ever been. In other words, when you are changed, you’re not given…from a warehouse shelf…a spirit body, either similar to angels or just some other kind of spirit, to replace the physical one you have. The Holy Spirit in you is a down payment, an earnest, of a full body made of the Holy Spirit, which is eternal and brings with it everything that God is.
We won’t have the same authority that He does, but we will be children, like Him…As we have often explained; Mr. Armstrong used to say this in his own words…as much as your children are like you. They are not exactly you and they will never exceed you while you are still alive. They will always have to honor you; you will not honor them, as you are their parents. But they go on to be people who look pretty much like you, at least a combination of the parents, and so forth. You understand that. So we will be a little different in that way.

Dave Pack: Do You Want To Be Immortal or Eternal?

The things that occupy the minds of Armstrongites is amazing, particularly when it is tied into the rantings of Dave Pack.  Who really sits around thinking about this kind of crap?  What purpose does it serve other than to make a bunch of self-righteous people feel special and set apart?  Out of the billions of people on earth 1,000 RCG member will become "eternal" just like God the Father.  The bullshit meter peaks on this one.

If I were to ask you, are you to seek…At the resurrection of the dead, are you seeking to be someone who is immortal or someone who is eternal? What would you say? A mortal person is someone who has a beginning and an end. I have explained this before. Someone who is immortal has a beginning, but no end. So, one is like a stick with two ends. I have explained. The other is like a stick with one end and no end on the other end, just goes on into infinity. And someone who is eternal is like a stick with no ends—no beginning and no end. The closest you could get is Alpha and Omega to explain the beginning and the end…but God is eternal, so there is no beginning and there is no end…that, really, is just a human terminology that Christ chooses to help us.
So there is mortal, immortal, and there is eternal. If I asked you, are you seeking to be immortal or eternal, you would probably say…If you thought about it logically, you would say immortal. And I said, “Well, you’re going to be in the family of God. God says He inhabits eternity. That’s where He lives”…“Well, okay, I guess we are going to have eternity, too. We’ll be God…I guess I am seeking eternal life.” That’s what it says in many places, but curiously, Romans says we are seeking both immortality and eternal life. Glory, honor, immortality and eternal life—look up the Greek and you will see the difference, by the way, in terms that are much as I explained them, kind of a succinct difference. Now how is that? How could you seek both?

Dave Pack Cannot Understand Why Splinter Groups Will Not Subordinate Themselves To Him

Dave Pack has always been furious that other COG leaders arose before him and took the members that should have been part of his splinter personality cult. How dare they!  Why would any of them subordinate themselves to Dave's putrid pile of government?  Just like all the rest of the splinter cult leaders, Dave set himself up to do his own work and has never really achieved anything worthwhile.  His income is dropping and members are leaving.  His mini-me auditorium still cannot be built.  Tens of thousands of COG members have not joined up with him nor have they sent him any of their money. The Restored Church of God is just like all the other COG's.  It has constantly been fracturing and splintering.
“Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and…hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place…[“You cannot hide from me!” I showed you in Jeremiah 23, God is going to pursue them with whirlwinds of fire, no matter wherever they are in the world, when He comes to Zion. But first, we are going to warn, and we are going to talk—we are going to try to reason together and get them to understand, “I don’t care how scarlet your sins are. They can be white as snow. Wake up! You don’t have to die.” God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. But the leaders…Remember, in Matthew, Christ said, “You bind burdens grievous to be born on people, and you make your followers two fold more the child of hell than yourselves. You shut up the kingdom of God, Matthew 23, from others, and you don’t go in yourself.”
They block people, exactly like the splinter leaders do. Brethren want to be back together, but there is a certain group of scorners who hate government and truth, and don’t want to subordinate themselves to God’s government. So they go do their own works and never achieve anything, and they are where they were 20 years ago, unless they are smaller, and scattered, and shattered into more pieces; constantly fracturing. But it is the same in both places.] Part 14

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dave Pack: The Entire World Will See A Mass Healing Through Me Before My "jesus" Destroys 400 COG Groups

Dave Pack will soon be performing the biggest mass healing the world ah sever seen.  All eyes will be upon him and the Restored Church of God.  Every single COG member in over 400 groups and all ex members will immediately know Dave is the true and rightful heir that will lead the world into the millennium as he walks up the temple steps to shake Jesus hands and say "welcome!"  I have prepared a place for you and I am ready to rule the world along with my merry band of misfits.  I have trained them well and they know how to subjugate humanity to follow all their commands.  Now let's go kick some ass JC!

I hope you can appreciate there are two greatawesome truths that have been shown to us over the last three and a half years. They are different, but connected; or you could say, they’re connected, yes, but they’re different. One is the unifying of the Church to do this awesome, great, marvelous work. A resurrection of the dead is involved—a mass healing is involved…Absolute unity…400 groups go away…The whole world is going to see this…and they come to two groups. People in some cases have to choose. Hopefully, they will choose the right one during this fire. Then a foolish shepherd is destroyed and there is a cursing……

Dave Pack: Three church leaders will die and all of their followers will be ashes under the feet of the RCG.

Dave's god is an angry god that is going to wreck havoc in the various COG's as he slaughters their leaders and burns up all members who refuse to join Dave on the dark side.

Cut off three shepherds in one month…My soul loathed them; they loathed Me [verse 8]…And, then I said to all the rest of them, I’m done with you [verse 9]. Well, of course, they are—they’re bound into bundles to be burned. That’s what it says. Matthew 13:30, they’re ultimately bound into bundles to be burned…in a furnace of fire. It says that three different times in Matthew 13 alone, and this whole thing opens with a fire…
You can no more have the wicked on Earth working openly against Christ when He reigns at Zion…than you can have the devil and his angels on the earth. You can’t get anything done. You can’t get anything done in the Church, if people can divide and disagree, and just blow things off and do it with impunity—and they are viewed like everybody else. It tears everything up. You won’t get anywhere in the world—and you won’t get anywhere in the Church—if you don’t remove people……
When it says they are “ashes under our feet,” I have come to realize they are going to be ashes under our feet—or God is a liar—because He says it over and over and over again, and then expects us to believe He didn’t mean it. What’s coming on the Church is serious. I have come, clearly, to understand…I could take you to four places…the tares are taken out of the Church, they’re bundled, put under the foolish shepherd and they wait awhile, and then they are burnt—but not until later at the harvest, mentioned in Matthew 13:30……

Dave Pack: Four Carpenter Angels Are Coming To Build Zion

That superfantabulous mind in Wadsworth has been busy again.  Batman, Flash Gordon, Superman and Flash Gordon are coming again!

“Then said I, What come these to do? And he [said] These are the horns which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head: but these are come to fray them…[So, these four “carpenters”…and there is no possibility—none—zero—that these are men, four men. I don’t care if they are super commandos, five-star…It could be Batman, Flash Gordon and whoever else you want…Green Lantern…Well, leave him out [laughter], he has domestic problems these days, if you know…or Superman, or anybody else. These have come to “fray.” That means “to shudder with terror.”]…to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it” (vs. 18-21). The Jews have been scattered for 2,000 years.
So here are these four, we’ll call them, personages, called “carpenters” who come to get rid of the “horns of the Gentiles.” There is no possible way men can do that. The context is—and this is fascinating—God is about to expand Zion…We know that…and He is about to expand Jerusalem. But the first thing that’s going to happen is Jerusalem is going to lose some space to a bigger Zion…So Jerusalem is going to have to expand further out like a concentric circle around Zion…but you have four carpenters, so let me just explain something…This is something we are going to have to address next week…Malachi 3:1. Christ is described as coming to His Temple and yet, there is absolutely not one stone there. I’m going to explain what that means next week. How do you explain coming to a temple where there isn’t a single stone poking up over the flat platform up there? That is a BIG problem…
Obviously, you have buildings up there that shouldn’t be there, and God has to build a temple, so let’s stay with the point here—this is a four-angel construction crew. Nowhere in the Bible are angels ever called carpenters except here, right after we read God is going to build a temple, and He is going to clear space and spread two cities to do it. You have to come to grips with that, and come to grips with the fact that…If you really want to be honest…Let me tell you a deception that the Jews follow. I have never talked about it, but let me just explain it, because it will be related next week to something that is fascinating.
Greatest Story Untold  Part 14 

People Get Sick, People are Swindled, People Die...So What?

A reader here responds:

Anonymous said...
Why don't you just change the name of this website to Bitter Atheists, Agnostics Anonymous, or Tyched In The Head Tares? At least that would be a bit more honest than, "Banned by HWA! Books, News and Observations About Armstrongism and the Churches of God." I feel sorry for you all, but life is not supposed to be perfect. People get sick, people are sometimes swindled, people die, but it is not all always someone else's fault. This is, after all, Satan's world, we have evil fallen human nature, and we are to overcome and grow, with God's help, not wallow in sorrow and anger. Leave the wallowing in sorrow and anger to the demons. 

Honest Answers Requested: Are you bitter tares?

A reader here asks:

Anonymous said...
Honest questions here: Are you all former Church of God members who have lost your faith in God, agnostics, or were you just bitter tares all along? Have you never figured life out and now seek to blame all of your problems on the former World Wide Church of God and its splinters and slivers, just as many of the liberal supporters of people like President Obama and Hillary Clinton seek to blame all of their problems on Whitey and Christians? How week and pathetic, if true. Tell me I'm wrong, say it ain't so. I'm waiting for some good answers.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dave Pack: I Speak To Demons And I Can Heal People Instantly

Superfantabulous Dave. Where would we be without him? He has had demons making claws at him and he can "wham" the disease out of people. Awesome!
Angels cannot discern thoughts and intents of the heart the way Christ can, or the way the gift of discerning spirits can. I have been in situations where I am across the room, and I’m looking at a human being and I can tell at a certain point…I’ve had assistants with me and they couldn’t…I could tell, at a point, I’m not talking to a human, this is a demon. I knew exactly what to do to be absolutely sure. I would antagonize it. They have no character, and they usually respond like a scalded cat. I have actually seen them put their hands up like claws and start talking in another voice, if you call them an unclean or foul spirit…which Christ did…and I could just tell there was a spirit there. I am not godlike. I am way below angels and way below God, like all of you.
So God can give gifts. I have laid hands on people and wham!—there went a disease. I wasn’t godlike, or a little below angels. But I knew we would be given an enhanced ability at some greater level with all of those gifts, if under Christ. We are going to rule the world, and this means you ladies, by the way. I want to just stress—this includes the ladies. What I didn’t know was how far would God take that. Obviously, we are going to have greater judgment than angels, because we judge them. They don’t judge us. They minister for us.

Dave Pack: RCG Members Will Soon Be Able to Throw Mt. Everest Into The Ocean

God's most superfantabuous man to ever have been created has this to say to his loyal tithe paying members:
Angels cannot have faith. Christ said if you have faith you can throw a mountain in the sea. That’s what Christ said. You don’t think that’s power?! If you just have the faith—just a little bit of faith—goodbye Mount Everest, and it’s at the bottom of the ocean, in the Indian Ocean. You’ve got to understand…angels don’t have the faith of Jesus Christ. 
These all come from the Holy Spirit.

Dave Pack: If I Change Scripture, It Will Still Be Scripture

He who can never make a mistake, now claims to be able to change scripture and it will still be scripture. Therefore, Dave can proclaim anything and claim his god revealed it to him.  His words are not unquestionable.
Brethren, if I came up here and I decided to change Scripture, you would reject me…but if I changed Scripture and it still was Scripture…you have a major problem on your hands. Do you understand? Therefore, God directed him—or you can take, at least, part of Hebrews right out of the Bible. God directed Paul to change Scripture and after he did it, it would still be Scripture. 

Dave Pack: RCG members will be able to "Bang" and "Boom" like Jesus

The crazy thoughts that fill Superfantabulous David C Pack's mind:

Christ could walk on water. He could suspend the Laws of Thermodynamics. He could cause a human being to walk on water—Peter. He could calm a storm. He had tremendous power over the weather. He could turn things from one substance to another—water into wine. He could take a few scraps of food and feed vast thousands—on the spot. He could cast out demons. There was not a single disease He couldn’t heal…We’re talking about when He was lower than the angels, not when He was made much better. He could heal every single kind of disease that ever came to Him. So much power in Him that if somebody grabbed His garment…and He was so close to God, He could feel power go out of Him and heal them…like the lady with the issue of blood.
He could read people’s thoughts on the spot…Bang! And knowing their thoughts, He said…He could disappear in crowds—BOOM! Where did He go? We have never understood that. How did He just get away? Maybe it is harder for somebody 6’ 7” to figure that out…[Laugher]. I’m trying to show you. He could do anything. He could cast demons out and throw them into pigs! He had the ability to move in and out. Unlimited power—that’s what it means to be “a little lower than the angels”—not where we are now.
Consider something that is at least good speculation. Let’s say you work in Moscow. You have five cities around Moscow and you live in Zion at night…Let’s have a little fun here—let’s talk a little science…and you think, “Well, I can just ride an angel up there—Phssst! Well, two problems: If you go real fast…think of the shuttle…you’ll burn up—BANG! You’ll never make it to Moscow. I don't care. If the angel is your pony, he’ll make it and you won’t. He will look up, and you’ll be gone. [laughter] No bones will be left—nothing! If he takes you high in the atmosphere and stops, you’ll instantly freeze to death. So, if he goes real high…Now, if he balances the amount of speed with the temperature around you that’s cold, he might be able to keep you at a point where you don’t freezeor cook.
If you are going to ride an angel, get a smart one. [laughter] Get one that travels with a computer and factors in your body weight and size and all kinds…how are you dressed…and everything. [laughter] I’m trying to have fun here. Because if you think, “Well, Wow! We’ll be able to travel on angels,” I would submit to you that those who travel on angels would be people and children and others.
If you want to go to Moscow, and you can suspend the Laws of Thermodynamics—Phssst!—You’re there. “Oh no, only God could do that.” Are you sure? Why? If it takes a miracle to get you there on an angel’s back, where the angel has to build a heat shield around you [laughter] and whatever else…and make sure it is the best tile…because we can’t lose a judge…The bench is empty in Moscow…Do you see my point? Brethren, have a little fun with this, but think practically. Christ just walked on water.

Dave Pack having trouble with fornicating flat-earthers

Things are to rosy in Wadsworth.  All kinds of despicable things are going on.

I see people leave for amazing reasons…just stunning, really. A couple goes out and fornicates. They are suspended from church. We tell them they’re going about it the wrong way, and they refuse to take our phone calls, because we tell them, “Slow down. You did it wrong. You can’t get married right away.” And they accuse us of teaching doctrines of demons, refusing to marry, commanding to abstain from marriage. They can’t even understand—they fornicated, they lied, they covered it up. They’re out of the Church. They won’t even take our phone calls, because we are demonic—in the face of their fornication.
We had another flat-earther leave…absolutely incensed. Another one, a third one, who left absolutely incensed that we could possibly be so stupid as to not believe in a flat earth. Such people absolutely know that the earth is round, because from their perspective…on the planet where they were born, which was clearly Mars—they are not from Earth—they could see Earth is round. They can see the Moon is round; right behind them looms giant Jupiter. They can see from Mars that all of the planets are round and…
They were obviously shipped out, because they couldn’t even fit on Mars…and they shipped them here, because they…I don’t know. It’s obviously a theory I have associated with why such people have less excuse than us—having spent a lot of time in inter-galactic travel [laughter] examining the roundness of things in the solar system. I don’t know…It’s just a thought…It’s a theory that, I mean…God teaches the Church through His leaders and possibly that should be a doctrine [laughter]…I don’t know. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dave Pack: Angels are still guarding the Garden of Eden

It is 2016, thousands of satellites have taken pictures of every inch of this earth.  No mystery dark spot is blotted out on the pictures.  No images of angels guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden with flaming swords.

In Dave Pack's world those angels are spinning about day in and day out guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden.  They've been doing this for 1,600 years.

I don’t know how two angels could stand on either side of the Garden of Eden for 1,600 plus years with two swords turning every which way. I can’t fathom the sheer awesome brilliance of angels. Yes, I know they’re way below God. That is not what we are talking about. But how human beings—I—you—any of us—could be thought of as a little below angels, was always difficult to understand, until I read this correctly.

Dave Pack: Hundreds of millions of angels will be at the beck and call of RCG members

Can you imagine being a Restored Church God member who has been told they are the most special people on the entire earth and that heaven will open to their desires and grant them every wish to then discover that Dave has lied to them from day one? Everything this man says is a lie.  The heavenly realm are NOT at their beck and call and will not be "ministering" to them as they rule the nations.

I am sure the RCG members sit there giddy with delight to be told this kind of malarkey. To be special and set apart has been one of the myths that Armstrongism has used to control members for 80 some years.
But, to minister to or to minister for…Live by the sword and perish by it—live by the sword and perish with it. I thought, “I had better double check. I want to see.” The word “to” is the preposition eise-i-s, pronounced like “ice” cold. “For” is dia [dē-ä]. It is a different word, and it means “on behalf,” “for,” “causatively.” It is not speaking of them ministering to you, it is speaking of them ministering for you! These awesome, powerful beings in great numbers.
Now let’s talk about them for a minute. Seven of them act as Christ’s eyes across the world. Four of them are going to effect the death of over two billion people. One took 72,000 lives, until it was stopped at Araunah’s threshing floor. They can travel at the speed of thought—shooop!—that’s a lot faster than that. It takes about an eighth of a second for light to travel around the earth—about an eighth of a second. So if you are traveling at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, you can get anywhere on Earth in about a 17th of a second. Angels can move at the speed of thought. Seven of them will pour out the trumpet plagues that affect the entire Earth. Seven more, will pour out the seven last plagues. One angel, on God’s behalf, brought the book of Revelation to John, and he was so awesome, that a 100-year-old man—who knew better—started to worship him, and he said, “Stop. Stop. I’m your fellow servant.”
They are such awesome, amazing beings. Now God is way above them, we just saw that. Christ is made way better than they are. When He came back from the dead, Christ was now made, and He was way better than they were. Once He died, God had to bring Him back and make Him a member of His family again, and He was made much better than the angels. They can pass two buses right through each other. They can do battle with the devil and win. They are incredible beings!
We just talked about them, and how God is going to use them, hundreds of millions of them—billions maybe—to assist you. Do you think you’re going to need a bureaucratic pile-up all around you, train wrecking and choking everything in red tape? Absolutely not! If you told an angel…Before you even find out the power that God is going to give you, if you told an angel: “Get that king!”—shooop ‒ shooop—he’s back. “Bind him!”—Bang! You could do it yourself. I’ll show you, you’ll have the ability to do it yourself, or angels could do it on your behalf. That’s how billions of people come into subjection…but you have to come to grips with that verse. 

Dave Pack: RCG Members Will Have The Power To Execute People

When the created creature that Dave Pack calls "jesus" returns to reign BEFORE the tribulation, RCG member will have the power to imprison and execute people who refuse to obey them.  Dave also claims that they will NEVER be able to "get anything wrong."
And you should note…We haven’t proven yet that this is when Christ is reigning in Zion, but we will…it has sort of thrown some pretty heavy hints out there that these are a people who have been crowned, and they have glory and honor—exactly as they do in Psalm 149 when they are leading the most powerful people on Earth and they have power to imprison them…You will find, as we go further…Not this week…the power to execute people…and I will show you that you’ll never get a single decision wrong, because that becomes a question. Well, could we ever get anything wrong? I will give you five proofs that it’s impossible to get anything wrong—when we get to that.
Has there ever been a more superfantabulous bunch of church members to ever exist on earth? So perfect in every way and yet so incredibly stupid.

Ron Weinland Disturbed by Continual Loss of Members Out of His Cult

Ever since Ron Weinland was sent to prison for 3 1/2 years, his personality cult has suffered catastrophic loss of members.  When his dingy wife and appallingly corrupt children were left in charge of his cult at his imprisonment, he has seen loyal followers abandon him right and left.  Many were along time members who stood by him when all of his previous prophecies failed.  They have finally had enough, and this includes his own mother!

I think of the lecture series I'm preparing for the ministerial meeting coming up in a couple of weeks. And we have Garth coming over from New Zealand and Wayne from Australia, and Chris. And then, of course, Willem, Audra, and Jeremy all coming in, as well as all the senior elders here in the U.S. and my wife and I. It's the first one we've had since 2011 where everyone was able to come in together like that. And so as I've been preparing some of that been very sobered by going back and looking at some of the statistics of things that have happened throughout a long period of time here and seeing the different ministers who have gone by the wayside, considering the numbers of people in the Church who continue to go by the wayside, and I think back at the time of Mr. Armstrong and seeing some of those ripples take place, as we're getting ready to talk about even here in what is covered in this section of the book, and it is a very sobering thing. But since the Apostasy far more obviously, and the things that we've gone through are on an incredible scale of a magnitude of a story flow that will be in history and in time that is quite astounding.
And so many, so many have gone by the wayside. Several since the Feast as well, several more in different areas. By several I mean probably six or seven. That's far too many people. Either disfellowshipped or suspended from services for a period of time. Those are difficult things to go through. But we're at a time now that we are either in the temple or we're not. And if people are dragging their feet and doing things they shouldn't be doing God is taking care of that. He's bringing everything to the surface. And you don't want to be in those shoes. It's one thing if things go through a process, we're able to go through things within the Church and they come out and we're able to deal with them as time goes along, but when God gets more directly involved, please understand He will bring to light the things that need to be brought to light. And that's the period of time we're in. And that's the kind of soberness we need to have, to be sobered, to be watchful, to be alert and to recognize what human nature can do.
A lot of people that I never would have dreamed of that have gone by the wayside over the last 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years is quite amazing; individuals that I just wouldn't have thought it of. 

Weinerdude just cannot seem to understand that people are leaving because of all of his lies.  Every thing he has prophesied has failed to come to pass.  He has to continually reset dates or claim that his god has now allowed more time.  He also realizes that part of his problem is the internet.  His cult members are starting to read all kinds of things about him on the internet.  Many of his ex-members regularly comment on False Prophet Ron Weinland: Don't Drink The Flavor Aid Served By False Prophets.  Of course it is the evil of technology and pressures of the world that is drawing people away from his cult and not his failed prophecies.
That's always been an admonition to God's people, but especially now as we're drawing closer and closer to the very end, and because of the pulls of this world, because of technology and those things there are pulls upon people's lives, there are pressures in people's lives in a manner, in a way that never existed in God's Church in the past 2,000 years! In the last 20 and 30 years that has changed dramatically! And it's had an incredible impact on God's people because it's powerful, what we're dealing with out there in this world. And there is a lot of pressure and a lot of stress in society in the world. And you see this more and more. Incredible what's taking place out there before our very eyes. 
Even worse for Weinerdude and his dingy second witless witness wife is that this members who are left are not putting their whole heart into Weinerdude's work.
So again, the fact that you're here, the message from God is be encouraged and keep fighting. Keep fighting! Because you have to fight this all the way to the end and you can't do it halfway. We still have a few... still have a few that are kind of doing it halfway. Brethren, we have got to be in God's Church, in the Body of Christ, living our lives in the Father and the Son on a spiritual plane and them in us. And if we continue in sin, if we're not genuine to the core of our being God will bring those things to the surface. This is a time we must be genuine, we must be true, we must be worshipping God in spirit and in truth. And those weaknesses that we have in our life and the baggage we've been dragging along, it has to stop. We have to get a hold of those things, get a grip on those things in our life and fight like we've never fought! We're in the final stretch. 
We have been in the proverbial "final stretch" for 80 years now and not once has any of these liars ever gotten it right.  All of the endless rantings by Meredith, Pack, Flurry, Kubik, Thiel, Malm and the rest of the losers have been 100% wrong from the very moment they open their heretical mouths.

The lying loser still hopes that many will come back. He always creates an easy out for himself though.  It is not his actions that are during away people, but his god cleansing the temple of the unlearn chaff.  Those damn laodiceans are every where!
You have got to want it with all of your being. And so some who have been suspended, I hope they're able to come back, and I feel that some will. Others, I don't know! Are there more? I believe there are. We're not fully cleansed yet. Some are not doing what they need to be doing. Some are not battling like they should be. And I know that's true. I hate to see that. I hate to see individuals, for whatever reasons.... This is not a free ride. This is not something that's owed to us. It's something we must desire with all of our being, be convicted of it and cry out to God to deliver us, to strengthen us, to help to continue to go forward and not to take anything for granted, not to become lukewarm. 
You can read the rest of his lies here:  Be Encouraged, Part 5

Idiots in the Pulpit: Preacher wants to ban dangerous as cocaine

“Sex has never been ordained by God,” he began. “In fact, it was the first sin, Adam and Eve and the serpent. And you see what happened to the serpent on that. But, like I say, sex is the problem. If you don’t mention sex, two men or two women can live together, share a place, have a place, and one can leave whatever she got, and they can have a ‘merge partner,’ they call it.”
“I say this to the young people: Sex is a very dangerous thing. As dangerous as can be. As dangerous as cocaine or anything else. If you start, say as a young person, and get hooked on that, and it’ll paralyze your mind where you won’t learn very well like you ought to, most time. And it’s gonna create all kinda problems.
Continuing on with his line of thought, the man said, “Sex, I think, well, sex is the biggest, the most reason, well, all the homeless, abused children in the world is because of sex. And 99.9 percent, I guess there’s been a few [intelligable] that was because of money then. But money and sex is the two worst things out there and sex is a mighty big one.”
There may however be a rational explanation to the dramatic outburst. The American Psychological Association defines Erotophobia as a fear of sex. This could be a good explanation as to why the man of cloth would go as far as exaggerating statistics about homelessness when in actual fact, 47,000 of the homeless population in the US are veterans.  Theos Watch

Dave Pack Has Numbered The Angels

Does anyone dare tell Dave that the number of angels is of no relevance to anyone?  Does it really matter?

“I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” (vs. 11). Now, this is just the number of angels around God’s throne. Looks like it’s somewhere in the neighborhood…by one way of counting…of about 150 million angels—just the ones that are there.
Christ travels with 20,000 angels, so…I don’t know how many others there are. There is another way to look at this. The Greek may actually mean…Now, this will be hugely important later…may actually mean there are 100 million. “Ten thousand times ten thousand” is obviously 100 million but it’s 100 million times thousands and thousands. The Greek suggests…frankly, strongly…that’s a more correct way to look at it. So it’s vast, vast billions of angels, exist. Now, just file that. It will be bigger later on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dave Pack: We are now in Satan's "puny occasion" Stock Market Collapsing

Poor Dave.  One of the problems of continually running off at the mouth is that it is now recorded for history.  Besides making stupid statements about Satan, he also made a false statements about the stock market.
In all honesty, brethren…And I’m going to get into this more. This will not be this week, it will be next week. When the devil is cast down later, because he is going to first be removed just before Christ’s rule from Zion…I will show you all the proofs of that. I just can’t get to it, but I will and it’s next week…But when he is cast down, it says he’s angry because he knows he has but a short time. The word “short time” there actually means “puny occasion.” He is cast back to the earth and before he is thrown into the bottomless pit for a thousand years, he has this period called a “puny occasion.” Now that’s interesting. You can look up the Greek. He is very angry, partly, because he has been gone, and partly, because now that he’s back, he has a very short time……
The world is collapsing almost too fast. If you look at the stock market, it was the worst week in American history—and that was true about Wednesday morning. Yesterday, the Dow was down over 500 points at a certain point. Just in American wealth, there is 2 trillion dollars…Two trillion dollars of wealth has been lost in the United States, since the beginning of this calendar year. Then, of course, there is terrorism. There are all kinds of problems in politics. The world is collapsing in extraordinary ways, and we should be able to “behold” that. It’s everywhere……
Ever since Donald Trump has been elected as President the markets have been at an all time high.  It is not the worst in history, it is the best.  The world is NOT collapsing and THAT makes Dave and Meredith and all the other liars really mad.  How can God not be on their side?  How can their god keep feeding them such erroneous information?  Why is the tribulation NOT here yet?

CNN: Stunning! Dow hits new high of 19,000 as Trump rally continues

Dave Pack: It Won't be long till all of the COG leaders are dead.

Dave Pack has a been struggling for years in trying to impress various COG ministers that he has had contact with.  All of them know him to the the fraud he is and that does not sit well with him.  He has had to lash out at them at every chance he gets. It is because of them that tens of thousands of COG members have refused to come over to Dave's side.  Dave's plans continually get frustratingly sidelined due to all of the negativity that surrounds Dave.

It has been thirty years since Herbert Armstrong died none of the COG leaders have ever been able to capture the vision that HWA had.  Even Dave, God's most superfantabulous minister to have ever been almost immaculately conceived, cannot match HWA.

The first great proof is we’re in the seventh, and therefore, final church era—and we are deep into it. Mr. Armstrong died 30 years ago, today, at 6:05 a.m., Pacific Time. That is a shocking statement if you think about it. We are deep into the Laodicean age. That alone would tell you—since there are not eighth or ninth eras—that we are near the end of the age.
Second, we’re at the end of 6,000 years according to just basic math…
Here is a third one…Perilous times exist today, think II Timothy 3 and verse 1, in unprecedented ways. It’s an incredibly dangerous world. Much more dangerous, frankly, right now than I thought it would be, and we are still facing a great Work that will likely last a few years. God’s Kingdom needs to come very soon…or the world is just too dangerous to continue. Well, of course, God’s Kingdom is coming very soon…But we are in perilous times by every definition, but I will explain—and powerfully prove—much later in the series why this is largely about the Church. But just realize that about every 90 minutes there is a terrorist act somewhere on Earth—every 90 minutes—and it’s rapidly accelerating……
Think about this next one: Conditions are perfect for Grace to be fulfilled. I could spend a lot of time on that; but, by now, you should understand that without much qualification. It’s a signal that we are in the end of the age—in a big way. There are all kinds of things going on in the splinters, frankly, that make me very sad. More and more senior ministers are either having strokes…Another evangelist, in one of the splinters, had a massive stroke that struck him at the base of his brain, right after he gave a sermon a week ago, and he’s probably never going to recover. I helped transition him to the Living Church of God (Actually then, it was the Global.)…I got to be very close to him.
Another senior minister in that same organization, an evangelist (at least, the way they count them) just came through radiation therapy. There are others having strokes and suddenly dropping dead. It won’t be long before there won’t be many more ministers. Now, we know that God will resurrect many of them, but that is a separate point.  Part 11

James Malm Gets His Legalistic Knickers All In A Knot Because Someone Dared Question Him

One of the traits of the Pharisees in Jewish scriptures was how easily they got their self-righteous knickers in a knot when they were questioned and exposed as hypocrites.  It is no different of day in the various Churches of God when people point out the lies and epic failures of the hundreds and hundreds of false prophets that are ripping the church members lives apart.

The Chief Pharisee of Armstrongism, James Malm, is the latest to get all prissy because someone DARED to question his motives and his inaction in posting certain information that he claims to be holding on to.

The lying Pharisee is in a legalistic meltdown right now over Mark Michelson, a minister in United Church of God. The unemployed tithe moocher is claiming that Michelson is preaching heresy about who God the Father is and who Jesus is.  The word "Yahweh" is part of the mix, as is usual in Armstrongism.
After presenting a paper to the Doctrinal Committee on the God of the Old Testament which is  contrary to Armstrong teachings and the UCG Fundamental Beliefs, Mark has persisted in preaching that material, while it is still under Doctrinal Committee scrutiny.
Mark has departed from the long established teachings on who YHVH is, claiming that the word YHVH refers to God the Father exclusively, and Mark has been preaching his positions while his presentation is still before the Doctrinal Committee and not yet approved by either the DC, the CoE or by the 75% of elders necessary for a doctrinal change.
The Chief Pharisee made the comment that he would PROVE that Michelson was wrong this coming Friday, since he was tooooooo busy to comment at that time.  Someone questioned him and he said this:

1) have you gone through ALL of Mark’s scriptures/statements on the subject? Have you listened to all the messages that UCG members site removed? if in fact you have Mark’s complete paper….WHERE would you get this? It has not been “official” yet so any source you are getting stuff from is not “sanctioned” anyway. Why would you have this?
2) Additionally, if this subject is so easy to refute as you say…why on earth would we have to wait until next Friday. Some of us could be dead by then and never hear YOUR version! You should have had your rebuttal posted directly to mine.
The indignant Pharisee then responded:

Don’t look now but your attitude is showing and you are foolishly criticizing things you know nothing about
I have posted on this several times in the past, but Mark has added some new twists that must be covered. 
I am very busy doing the regular daily posts and wanted to give this story time to circulate to build up interest in the coming post; I thought this was just a fringe issue and had no idea the interest would take off as it has. 
Although a week is actually a very short time, in fairness I also wanted people to have a chance to hear what Mark is presenting before I posted, thus giving him first say so people would know what I am writing about when they see my post.
Mark’s sermons are out there for all to hear and I provided a link, you have significant proofs available that the issue exists and as for other sources – and there are other sources – that is none of your business. 
I have known of this for the past year but was just told the matter was coming to a head soon, which is why I posted on it now before the Dec 5 CoE conference.

This is MY site and I run my own operation and keep my own schedule as I see fit. Do not expect me to be so patient with this type of aggressive comment in future. James
DO NOT QUESTION GOD'S IMPORTANT ELIJAH MESSENGER!  Pharisee Malm knows more than anyone else in the entire COG.  Even Dave Pack and Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Joshua Thiel are in awe of his awesome wisdom. He has the only truth available right now.  Only lazy laodiceans and heretics are in the various COG's now.  True believers are to be following him and his wiccan sidekick AND should be sending him their money.

De Nada

Dave Pack: "Love him or hate him, but he's the man, a wolf not of the Wall Street but of Armstrongism" The Wolf of Wadsworth

Dave is hated by readers here because he is The Wolf of Armstrongism, so says one of his delusional followers:
You just hate him because he is the most successful of all armstrongite leaders. He started with a local congregation of 30 people, and just a few years later he's got thousands, millions of dollars, building, publications, projects, employees, audience, young wife... You write and comment on him, he doesn't even notice you;you are like grasshoppers to him. Most of you, to use a Michael Savage expression, have never ever ran even a shoeshine stand. Love him or hate him, but he's the man, a wolf not of the Wall Street but of Armstrongism.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dave Pack: The Kingdom Will Be The Ultimate Supernatural Big Bed and Breakfast

Dave Pack's stupidity knows no boundaries.

You have a house. I have a house. God has a house—it’s called “the Temple”—but this is different. “In my Father’s residence.” These accommodations, if you want to think of it…This abode that He set up are many different mansions. It’s not talking about offices or positions. The word “mansions” means “a staying,” where to stay, and it can mean “residence,” “the place.” Now, let’s keep reading. This is fascinating…
“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again…” (vs. 3).
So one of the things Christ is doing, based on how people are growing in the last generation, who rule first, He is getting ready for who lives where. He is going to tell us what we wear…It’s all taken care of. It will be the ultimate supernatural Bed and Breakfast, is really what it is, if you want to think of it that way. If you want to think of a five-star hotel, maybe you should think of a giant, 25-star hotel…that might be the best way to look at it…and that would be on people’s minds—but it wouldn’t be, if we were spirit.