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Restored Church of God: Members brains are being washed in the filthiness of David C. Pack


Brain Washer

The countdown continues to the imaginary Kingdom of God that will not arrive on April 8, 2024. David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God provided a sizeable backlog of malarkey to digest, but the real story is not what he teaches, but HOW he teaches it.

Overwhelming the brethren with Bible verses he claims all point to his in-the-moment conclusion has been a staple of “The Greatest Unending Story!" since its inception in 2015. Each week, David C. Pack paints a bloated word picture that is so incompressible that there is no choice for members but to accept that what he says must be true. After all, only a chosen man inspired by his god can speak for hours and hours in a stammering, disjointed fashion adamantly convinced of his own accuracy.

Well, until he returns to explain it was partially true. But the new fuller true is a better true, brethren. Until next time.

The people attending The Restored Church of God are not stupid. They are weary and worn down mentally. Their brains are being washed in the filthiness of David C. Pack and The Restored Church of God. Hireling enablers like Bradford Schleifer, Jaco Viljoen, and Edward Winkfield propagate the lies that David C. Pack creates.

The brethren are left to wonder if God is working with them and fear that their confusion is based on a lack of faith or not having enough of God’s Holy Spirit. This is an evil ruse perpetuated by The Restored Church of God, inflicting distress upon its members. It is all part of the mental conditioning to lock them in their seats and to accept prophetic lunacy as biblical fact.


The barrage of ever-changing narratives from David C. Pack is challenging to track, but all you really need to do is look at the status of the Tammuz Table arrangement at the end of a message to see what nonsense he is holding fast to now.

Part 466 – September 7, 2023

Part 493 – February 17, 2024

Part 497 – March 9, 2024

The Kingdom of God picture transfigured from 1-7-1000 to 4-100-1000 to 7-100-1000 has settled momentarily to 7-1000. Do not fall in love with that.

During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 495)” on March 2, 2024, David C. Pack was so busy poisoning the minds of brethren he forgot to pay attention to his own words.

God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony in 3…2…1…

Part 495 – March 2, 2024
@ 13:34 People don’t want to be told they’re wrong. Or to know they’re wrong.

Says the man who made a career out of being wrong and not wanting to be told he is wrong.

David C. Pack and his wolf den of enablers perpetuate the same lies until the memberships’ brains accept them as fact.

@ 14:40 Now, I don’t talk about this because you see me as an apostle and the leader of the church.

Part of the industrial mental conditioning of The Restored Church of God is to prove by repetition. If the Bible proves anything, it is that David C. Pack fits the definition of a false apostle, false prophet, and false teacher. However, when Dave keeps repeating false ideas, it distorts memories and reality.


To change doctrines, Dave must convince his worshippers that this information is privileged and the people who hear it are specially chosen to receive it. This is paramount to pushing teachings that create catastrophic implications and defy all current understanding of what the Bible teaches.

@ 30:58 So, you know, the First Fruits sing a special song no one else can know. They have a special name on them that no one else has. And everybody understands they’re a 144,000 that are distinct, unique, and higher than others for eternity. They’re different. But that duddn't mean they got salvation, and nobody ever understood this. Not me. Not Mr. Armstrong. Nobody ever understood that they do not get salvation (for the most part) except for a little group that goes first to make this [Table Glass 7] all possible. They do not get eternal life earlier than anybody else. And I didn’t understand that because, of course, nobody did.

Nobody can understand Bible prophecy correctly like David C. Pack can. He says the 144,000 do not yet have salvation and that even his “Father in the Gospel” during his 50-year ministry did not know.

@ 32:04 So, do not think I am in any way dumbing down or reducing what we get in an—in some ways, I’m increasing it because 144,000 are literally gonna be managing 35 billion fellow sons of God who are made of spirit just like they are.

Spirit sons of God will not yet have salvation. Do you know what other spirit beings also do not have salvation? Demons. Demons are spirits without salvation.

The Spirit of Antichrist thrives at The Restored Church of Another god, and David C. Pack is their chief spokesman. This blaspheming liar shamelessly uses coercive mental conditioning to prepare his audience to disregard sound logic.

Some brethren may "think" he is dumbing this down when he is doing the opposite. That is called gaslighting. This is the same manipulative tactic he used when he tore the Elijah mantle from the shoulders of Herbert W. Armstrong and placed it upon himself. The consolation prize for Worldwide Church of God alumni was that HWA was "elevated" to be like Moses.

As far as The Restored Church of God is concerned, all a Moses status means today is that both men are dead in their graves. That is the great significance of that 2015 promotion.


The minds of RCG brethren have been soaking in doctrinal filthiness for over a decade. The relentless attack on their brains conditions them to passively accept whatever biblical malarkey is vomited on them.

@ 33:53 Are we sure? Are are we su—“Mr. Pack, are we is there any way WE’RE seeing this wrong?” I’m gonna, literally, my job today is to overwhelm you overwhelm you with verses about this. Where you’d literally have to say, “I can’t reject that doc—you’d have to reject the Bible. And I’m not gonna stop until I’ve hit you with landslide after tsunami after Category 5 hurricane of verses that all say the same thing. And it’s gonna change us. And obviously, by now, just the fraction, the tiny fraction that you’ve heard, a lot of you are saying, “Wow, I I I don’t know how you’d argue with what we have so far.” I’d barely started.

This brief example of verbal coercion includes:

1) Any expression of doubt can be overridden
2) Overwhelming yet-to-be-presented Bible evidence supports the conclusion
3) To disagree means rejecting the Bible
4) Those enlightened enough to accept it will be changed
5) His narcissistic ego knows precisely what you better be thinking

David C. Pack is preconditioning his audience what to think and how to feel based upon his desires for the outcome. He even defuses any resistance because to disbelieve him would be a rejection of God’s Word and no honest, well-meaning Christian wants to do that.

This is classic brainwashing that stereotypical cults engage in.

Brainwashing (also known as mind controlmenticidecoercive persuasionthought controlthought reform, and forced re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques.

A fascinating article on the Learning Mind website lists five steps for brainwashing techniques that David C. Pack and his minions employ.

1) Isolation
2) Attacks on self-esteem
3) Us vs. Them
4) Blind obedience
5) Testing

This is so difficult to see when you are still attending. But, boy…you see it clearly after you leave. Guilt, fear, shame, and denial are potent motivators for keeping you trapped inside what all your instincts tell you is a toxic, unbiblical environment. Welcome to The Restored Church of God.

If RCG members truly believed their Bibles, they would recognize and accept what they are witnessing. David C. Pack does not and cannot preach the truth. The Spirit of Error has taken root, and the mind-controlled Stepford ideology has snatched the light out of their eyes.

Just yesterday, I was independently shunned twice by current Headquarters members at the Giant Eagle grocery store within two minutes of each other. They walked past me like I did not exist. I tried to greet them with a smile, but I was only met with cold, dead stares and averted eye contact.

It reminded me of the last scene from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” when I tried to warmly greet Donald Sutherland. Even the pod people would have acknowledged my presence. The current members of The Restored Church of God are worse off than Body Snatchers. Ponder that.

The stories from those who leave The Restored Church of God tell a unified story of abuse that transcends economic, social, and cultural boundaries. This is a spiritually cancerous organization. Rotten from the core with top-down authoritarianism, David C. Pack and his corrupted enablers pervert the Bible to perpetuate the opposite of what they preach.

There is no love in or coming from The Restored Church of Another god.

By recent accounts, only the worst types of people remain at Headquarters in any leadership position. The word “toxic” is often repeated. The most awful kinds of power-hungry personalities not only endure there, but thrive.

David C. Pack has surrounded himself with like-minded individuals who are just as bitter and venomous as he is. The Headquarters Campus is a dying fountain of bitter waters. Be careful how much you drink. That place will rot your brain.


As a thinly veiled attempt to insulate impatient members, David C. Pack must remind brethren that Jesus Christ could not return until his vital information was understood and explained.

@ 35:47 So, again, we didn’t know the Mystery of God if we didn’t know this.

So, again is right. If this sounds familiar…

Flashback Part 419 – February 14, 2023
@ 02:11 In light of three kingdoms, it’s time to clear this up once and for all. How could (again) the Mystery of God be finished if we didn’t know this?

Flashback Part 435 – April 15, 2023
@ 59:19 …but I mean, as I am want to say though this long Series, there are many nights where I say, Well, did we understand the Mystery of God if we didn’t know this? How many times you heard me say that?

David C. Pack will continue to say that because God is not using him to preach any of this. Nothing David C. Pack proclaims will happen on April 8. And he still does not know about the eclipse.

Part 495 – March 2, 2024
@ 36:31 Took over eight years to get here, but here we are. Right on time with about five weeks to go. Little over.

On April 8, David C. Pack will again expose himself as a biblical fraud. The man who knows everything knows nothing.


After the meal, Dave makes sure the less-enthused in the Headquarters congregation know some are still willing to bow the knee to kiss his ring.

Part 496 – March 2, 2024
@ 00:08 Well, the conversation was exciting. There’s tremendous buzz.

The Assigned Yes Couples at Dave's supper table are unreliable sources for gauging the commoners’ excitement. But, a vocal few are thrilled to praise Dave at every opportunity. I know those people by name and witnessed these same wide-eyed All-Believing Zealots greet Dave, thanking him for the wonderful information. I wanted to wretch. I guarantee they still do it today.

Even these spiritual zombies had no idea Dave was about to turn the tables on them by reshuffling the Kingdom of God deck again. If they were surprised, then they are among the most miserable.      

@ 41:27 A lot of things point to a thousand years. That (in other words, we’ve been playing with three kingdoms, four kingdoms, three kingdoms, four kingdoms.) What if it’s just two? [chuckles] Seven years and a thousand.

By going back to two kingdoms, David C. Pack exposed himself as a theological incompetent. Again. He continuously botches his “inspired preaching” and is so out of sync with his god, he perpetually fails in spectacular fashion. Some effective messenger he turned out to be.

@ 41:41 If that were true, you’d never doubt Abib 1. You’d never doubt April 8th. [laughs] You just couldn’t ‘cause you got seven years butted up against a thousand. They’ve gotta all start when years begin. But that’s one of the great proofs…so it sure makes 36 days away as hard as diamond.

@ 42:12 So, if there’re two kingdoms, I mean, that would be real simplicity in Christ.

@ 43:43 But also, this was something now, none of you would be aware of this, but I’mna share something with you be heart to heart. Also, if it is next, it means our literature has been right all along. Do you know how big that is?

David C. Pack once again admits their literature has been wrong for years. Of the 140 prospective members that actually show up on their first Sabbath, they will have to learn what they REALLY teach the hard way after they sit down behind locked doors.

The little hiccup in Dave’s bright side literature declaration is that his statement does not apply to everything. This list does not include the retired booklets or hidden The World to Come videos.

Is “That Prophet” Alive Today? — The Rise of False Prophets
Herbert W. Armstrong — His Life In Proper Perspective
I Will Send Elijah To Restore All Things
The Bible’s Greatest Prophecies Unlocked!
The Bible’s Difficult Scriptures Explained!

Do not expect those to return to the RCG website anytime soon.

@ 44:49 I mean, consider. We have an open door in front of us. It’s eaten me up that I couldn’t get the literature to a settled point.

Just not eaten up enough to take meaningful action. Do not be fooled into thinking anything doctrinally is settled. The picture will keep moving, especially as April 8 (Abib 1) approaches.

Jessica Brown and I entertain each other by predicting when Dave will walk that one back. The most likely moonwalk will occur on the evening of April 7. But take my shrug-worthy educated guess from an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic as uninspired speculation. You know, the same means David C. Pack employs for all his messages.

@ 45:16 I just didn’t. I never had time, and I didn’t know exactly what or when the final pic—what [chuckles] or when the final picture would come.

Part 500 will be delivered today. There will be no final picture coming from David C. Pack.

@ 45:30 So, if it’s coming now after eight and a half years, boy, oh boy, oh boy, it is right on time. This is March. We started in September of 2015. And it’s March. And we got about 36 days away. There’re all kinds of interesting things we have to resolve.

The September 2015 reference is Dave manipulating reality to retcon the start of the Series. He creates his own narrative and repeats it until sleepy brains are tricked into believing it. He may gaslight himself into thinking Part 1 was not in November 2015, but those resisting his mind control tactic will be able to remember the truth.

The longer you wallow in RCG’s mental mire, the deeper it penetrates your brain.


During Part 497 on March 9, 2024, Dave solidified the 7-1000 Kingdom structure and discovered that MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN of Daniel 5 was actually a hidden mathematical code for 2,520 days.

Wow. I just heard Dennis Diehl slap his forehead.

Part 497 – March 9, 2024
@ 00:13 Took a long to appreciate what it means, “Wait for it. It will surely come.”

@ 00:50 Because when we finally learned the date and what God was gonna do [laughs] it was gonna be a long wait and we would need to know that it won’t go longer than that.

@ 02:41 Last week, I concluded by speculating that there was not a hundred-year kingdom in here [Table glasses]. And we sort of officially at the end of the sermon pulled it [100] out. …If the picture really is this [Table 7-1000] and not the third one in between but it really is seven and a thousand we’d have to jump over some hurdles. Face some challenges. Answer some questions to be sure we really, really, really have it right.

@ 04:14 The real question was, Was there three or four [kingdoms]? For the longest time. But, if you’re gonna move back to two, you have to resolve certain things in a way that you’re never ever tempted to see anything other than 1,007 contiguous years from some Abib 1. And we haft know—see it and know it and know that we know it and know that we know that we know it. So, we’re gonna do that.

God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony as Dave unintentionally describes himself in 3…2…1…

@ 16:11 And God help all of us to see it, and God help me to teach it to you correctly in a clear and concise way so that all the mystery of Daniel and Revelation, which ties all the theologians and all the prophets and prophecy experts in knots and [chuckles] and they they [laughs] it helps them make the dismal swamp a lot more dismal and a lot bigger swamp. So, we’re gonna clear all of it out.

David C. Pack speaks lies while claiming God's authority, proving himself to be a blaspheming liar. That is not an opinion. God is not helping him see anything nor is the Holy Spirit guiding him to teach his incorrect and muddy confusion.


Daniel 5, MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN, and 2,520. Have at it, prophecy hobbyists.

Be warned, the second part of the quote is so infested with parenthetical interruptions no manner of punctuation can make David C. Pack’s words comprehensible. Slowly read his stream of consciousness. If you dare.

@ 47:15 So, the key we just read in Daniel 5 is titanic. It's not years. It didn't end in '75 or '82 or '92, or 2012. It has nothing to do with years. It's 2,520 days that comprise seven years that I thought were the length of years only when you got to the Kingdom of God. So, this is another way that God is hiding what He was doing. And Mr. Pack concluded just as the Seventh and Eighth Head can’t die in the same kingdom, but they do, and I'll prove it. God reset part of what confuses people, they don’t know what maybe when seven years would end, exactly, or how it works because there’s seven years nobody who’s ever lived has ever seen before there’ve never been a 360-day year.

A sound mind, indeed. Dave realized that by looking into the meaning of MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN, the 2,520 referred to days and not years like WCG believed. I did not get goosebumps.

@ 53:54 We’re sit—we’re learning a lot about this seven years. My job is to make the seven years plain. The Day of the Lord follows it. It was a dismal swamp. But I think we'd all agree it's clearing up. Whether you call it seven years, seven times, 84 months split into 42 and 42, or whether you call it 1,260 days and 1,260 days, or you call it 2,520 days, it's the same, and it's this [Table glasses]. And it’s impossible to argue with it now. It’s impossible.

Everyone agrees and his points are impossible…impossible to argue. He tells them how to feel and what to think. There is no need for the brethren to prove all things because he already did that for them. The brethren do not need to control their own thoughts because Dave will do it for them.

@ 55:05 I think I can be, shall we put it, say if I if I I’m I try to admit my mistakes. I think I can be forgiven for trying to figure out how the Seventh and Eighth King and months that are all thirty days the way they’ll be for eternity is this side of the Kingdom of God. I thought it had to it had to be a switch. Okay. There doesn’t.

I did not hear an apology in there. David C. Pack manipulates brethren with devious persuasion tactics to give the impression of an apology without one. Then, he graciously accepts their assumed projected forgiveness.

@ 1:11:35 I’m trying to make this and with God’s help as absolutely plain as possible and absolutely impossible to misunderstand.

So says David C. Pack: The Inept King of Misunderstanding.

The brethren of The Restored Church of God are victims of systematic brainwashing by David C. Pack and his hireling acolytes. Nobody in RCG can explain what they just heard, but they just know, "Mr. Pack is right this time."

Soaking in confused doctrinal filthiness and then told how to think and feel, the brainwashed members of The Restored Church of God are ground into submission.

Even after April 8 fails, conditioned minds controlled by evil men will continue to reject reality. The rinse and repeat cycle will continue as long as David C. Pack remains the Brain Washer.

Marc Cebrian

See: Brain Washer

Restored Church of God: A Messy Mess


A Messy Mess


The Restored Church of God experienced an exciting week when European minister Christophe Binette departed with a bold letter heard ‘round the world. It certainly jolted Bradford Schleifer out of bed before the cock crowed.


Jaco Viljoen was not fully awake when he drafted a deeply flawed rebuttal to the membership without pausing to consider the implications of what he accidentally admitted. RCG “ministers" are trained to under-react. Still, Headquarters forgot that philosophy in their desperate haste, so they swung into Damage Control Mode and revealed more than they intended.


And opened themselves up to a potentially messy legal action.


One serious implication of that poorly-crafted response letter is that The Restored Church of God exposed themselves to a lawsuit for violating pastoral confidentiality. Ministers are legally bound to keep information of counseling sessions private. Jaco claimed he and Cardboard Denee were working with Christophe, but then disclosed the nature of those discussions. Naughty, naughty.


The Restored Church of God ethically and legally violated its moral obligations as a religious organization by revealing private counseling information to its members.


This is not the first time.


Kenneth Orel is famous for revealing member secrets, and it could be a supporting factor in why he was so easily cast out from Wadsworth last year and was reduced to remote volunteer status. Some former members learned the hard way that if you counsel with Ken privately, he will use that content to flavor his sermon publicly.


Hearing your private story being divulged to the entire church while sitting in services is a traumatizing experience. Two former members approached me with their sufferings, but found it too painful to tell their side publicly. It is my hope that some day those stories come to light.


There are now three first-hand reports of this happening in The Restored Church of God. An attorney would better understand how many claimants you need to form a class action lawsuit. If anyone would like to take up this cause, I would gladly facilitate communication between the interested parties. Write


That is a sliver of the abuses taking place within the walls of The Restored Church of God. Moral, ethical, and legal messiness is gaining traction on the already prevalent doctrinal mess.



David C. Pack enjoyed his drive home Sunday learning The Restored Church of God just shrank by 1%. When an organization is already in steady decline but reporting it as flat growth, how many more 1% losses can they sustain before financial collapse becomes inevitable?


RCG’s banks might also be smelling blood in the water. The more desperate shift in RCG’s financial policies and doctrines is a response to pressure from their loan holders, not coincidental revelations of biblical clarity from Dave’s god. Banks love steady, reliable income. The big, occasional Common check does not put them at ease. Dave may love it, but sound financial institutions do not.


The cold sweat on the wooden walls of Headquarters’ Third Floor of the Hall of Administration might just be steady, controlled panic at The Restored Church of God. They are not growing. Tithe income is not growing.


That is why they are considering preaching publicly for the first time after twenty-five years. Because they are being forced to. It has nothing to do with “the work” Herbert W. Armstrong did in the Worldwide Church of God. That is a plastic veneer to hide the rot underneath.


Let Stone Cold Math tell the tale.


The Restored Church of God uses business tools common to many corporate entities including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. There are all kinds of easily accessible data stored within that environment for anyone interested to document.


As of March 2024, these are exact numbers according to The Restored Church of God.


Current Active Members: 1,254

Removed Members: 4,625

Prospective Members: 140

Church Inquiries: 6

Deceased: 442

Total Contact: 470,801


These numbers report worldwide data since the inception of RCG in 1999 and since they began tracking. The active member numbers do not include children, and these statistics are outdated because they have lost 1% of their members in the past seven days. The hemorrhaging is not over.



As a frame of reference, Bradford Schleifer delivered a Bible Study, “Your Work and The Work” in June 2022. Despite his painting a deceptively rosy picture of RCG’s prospects, it was apparent that he was fudging the numbers back then. How much more so now?


Your Work and The Work – Bradford Schleifer – June 24, 2022

@ 54:04 We’ve seen our Church Inquiries grow ’21 over ’20. And we're currently projected, with what we're seeing right now, to beat last year by about 35 percent.


As of March 2024
Prospective Members: 140

Church Inquiries: 6


Part 493 – David C. Pack – February 17, 2024

@ 2:01:37 So I'm telling you, some people are afraid to sell all. They won't. They don't have the faith. …If you are sitting on funds, extra houses, or cash, you are commanded by God to sell all. Or, at best, you will face four years of sore trial. Now, I don’t mean to be strong ‘cause I don’t need it. The church is doing fine.


As of March 2024
Total Active Members: 1,254


The Restored Church of God is a doctrinal mess wrestling with a financial mess. When the April 8, 2024, kingdom does not arrive, expect that to be the last straw for more members. If they keep losing attendance in 1% increments, expect the messy mess to get messier.

Marc Cebrian

See: A Messy Mess

Friday, March 22, 2024

The Spiritual Significance of California and Pasadena In The Work Of God

Queen Calafia, the mythical Amazon woman who the early Spanish explorers thought inhabited the Baja region with a group of women warriors. The Spanish, or more specifically Cortez, applied her mythical name to the new lands they just discovered, or, rather conquered, and that led to the name California.

Just when you think you've heard it all, along comes Samuel Kitchen telling us how significant California and Pasadena are to the amazing work of God in these perilous end times. He almost, ALMOST, makes Bob Thiel seem normal!

It is pretty interesting that the so-called work of God settled in a state named after a mythological pagan figure who was black and female.

California means: High Hill, and most likely came from the Arabic word khalifa which means ruler or leader. 
Pasadena means: “Crown of the Valley” and “Key of the Valley,” 
In Pasadena, California we read how the Worldwide Church of God was established. 
In Malachi 3:16-18, we read

Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.

Zechariah 9:16 reads

And the Lord their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people: for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land. 
How amazing when talking about the Philadelphia Era! 
Revelation 3:10 
Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth."(See also Rev. 12:14-16) 
So when we read Isaiah 2:2-3, what does God say? 
And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations(Worldwide?) shall flow unto it.  
And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
This is talking about the HOUSE OF GOD, THE SPIRITUAL TEMPLE in which Jesus Christ comes to(Malachi 3:1-2), the establishing of the Worldwide Church of God in the Philadelphia era, all the way to the time of Christ's return in Jerusalem!

 A Voice Cries Out-Herbert W Armstrong 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

UPDATED: Aleksandar "Sasha" Veljic of the Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God Has Died


It has been reported that Sasha died last night.

Right now Sasha is being treated at the North East Georgia Medical Center in Georgia - Gainesville/ His condition seems a little more hopeful as a couple of days ago he opened his eyes and focused on the person talking to him, the Drs say he is most likely aware what is going on as the strokes didn't affect his thinking, just his ability to communicate in Anyway- so it's like being trapped with ones own thoughts. So lets continue Praying that God intervenes for Sasha and raises him up again to full recovery.


From several sources today:

Urgent Prayer Request šŸ™
Dear friends and community members,
I come to you with a heavy heart to ask for your prayers for Elder Aleksandar "Sasha" Veljic of the Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God. He recently suffered a stroke while visiting brethren in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
Sasha has been a dedicated servant of God, spreading His message of love and hope far and wide. Now, in this challenging time, he needs our support more than ever. Let us lift him up in prayer, asking for God's healing touch and strength to guide him through this difficult journey.
Please join me in praying for Sasha's swift recovery and for comfort and peace for his family and loved ones during this uncertain time. Together, let's surround them with love, support, and the power of prayer.
Thank you for keeping Sasha and the brethren he serves in your thoughts and prayers.

Apparently, he is now in a coma. 

Sasha, along with Terry Nelson, are the ones who exposed the lies of the Great Bwana Bob Thiel and his so-called ministers/evangelists in Africa. From adultery, thievery, witchcraft, and money mismanagement, the corruption in the improperly named "continuing" Church of God was exposed for all to see.

The Great Bwana to Africa made sure to let everyone know today that he is praying for Sasha.


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Kitchens Crack Their Matzos Over Wallace Smith Criticizing Their Conspiracy Theories

The Kitchen family sees themselves as God's end-time preservers of the legacy of Herbert Armstrong, including stealing the Worldwide Church of God name for their own use for their tiny group of tens of people.

They have spent many years stealing all of the works published by the Worldwide Church of God, Herbert Armstrong, and other church-related entities and making their own website. The world did not need another library of HWA writings but they thought it did, even though there are numerous other ones out there doing a better job and reaching more people. Of course, they pull a Bob Thiel and claim all other websites and church groups are not the REAL church led by legitimate leaders. They and they alone are the true end-time group to follow.

One person in particular really cracks their matzos and that is Wallace Smith. Smith has been pretty good over the years in calling out self-appointed church crackpots elevating themselves as God's emissaries, i.e., Bob Thiel, Flurry, Pack, and the Kitchens. 
He was particularly merciless in calling out the lies of Bob Thiel.

The Kitchens were so perturbed by Wallace Smith that they made a video mocking him, though it has backfired, and aimed the arrow directly back at themselves.

They write:

Wallace Smith, a Pastor in the LIVING CHURCH OF GOD, went before his congregation and began to give a sermon about "Conspiracy Theories". He included in one portion, his "story" about the Kitchen family, which is involved with this channel, and we believe the Church IS NOT a 501(c)(3) organization. He labels them "dangerous", "special danger", and says we must be "saved from the idea". Tkachism said God's people needed to be saved from "Armstrongism". Wallace Smith is stepping up and speaking the same thing. Is he calling on others to SAVE US from this idea? Time will tell. Just believe God's truth. Mr. Armstrong NEVER said the Church was 501(c)(3). In fact, the corporation had special admission into the 501(c)(3) category, when Mr. Armstrong flew to Washington D.C to the IRS, in order to receive tax-exemption for the college and corporations. He had to provide EVIDENCE of an existing Church. The Worldwide Church of God is NOT 501(c)(3). Never has been! The State of California, misinterpreted this too. But whose God is God? The God of Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God. Here is a link to Wallace Smith's website, that shows this document. Check it for yourself. https://wallacegsmith.files.wordpress...

Lego Helping To Prepare The Way to Petra

Lego Moc Facebook

Just in time for Days of Unleavened Bread or Feast of Tabernacles gift giving!
Woo Hoo!

Get your children excited about their soon-coming adventures in Petra where they will have to endure 3 1/2 years of the Great Bwana Bob Theil bouncing and flailing as he trains them to be gods and goddesses! What a fun time for all!

Petra Marriott 

Lego understands how significant the Great Bwana Bob Thiel is in church history and will soon be making a Lego version of the Petra Marriott so that children can replicate the soon-to-be sacred dwelling place of the Great Bwana Bob. Even though they will all be living in dirt-filled caves along with their parents, they will be in awe of the Great Bwana living in the 5-Star resort as maids keep him in the lifestyle he thinks he deserves since he is God's ONLY true prophet leading the ONLY true church.


Monday, March 18, 2024

Crackpot Prophet Says Dave Pack Is Not Converted And Does Not Have The Truth

Our favorite crackpot prophet is back tooting his little itty-bitty horn after intensely suffering due to God recently spanking him by sending a tornado to tear off the roof of his mind-boggling world headquarters letting in a deluge of rain that has made his analog phones inoperable. This intense persecution has not slowed down our amazing self-appointed false prophet from checking this blog and others to find out the latest news he is not privy to.

After reading about Christophe Binette’s departure from the Restored Church of God and then RCG's hypocritical response where they accused Binette of leaving the "body of Christ" the Great Bwana Bob has a few choice words to say. According to the greatest prophet the earth has ever witnessed walking its green hills, the truth cannot be found in the Restored Church of God but can ONLY be found in the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. No one on this entire earth is more converted than the Great Bwana Bob Muzungu Thiel, not even Dave Pack.

No, leaving RCG is not leaving the "body of Christ." I personally have long doubted Davd Pack's conversion. Plus he has proven himself to be an inaccurate and false apostle.

The truth now only resides in the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. 

That said, yes, God has revealed vital truths to the most faithful Philadelphian remnant of the Church of God, but that is not RCG

The Great Bwana Bob Mzungu expects us all to forget how Rod Meredith questioned his conversion due to the demands and false teachings he was trying to foster on the Living Church of God. The Great Bwana's rank rebellion against the government of the Living Church of God was blatant to all LCG members. Thats why they all just look at the Great Bwana now and laugh. 

PCG: “Christ could have sinned.” and “the Father could have been alone for eternity.”

The Philadelphia Church of God continues to plumb the depths of doctrinal heresy that forever cements them in Church of God history as a genuine anti-Christian cult. There is nothing godly or Christian about Flurryism. 

Check this story out that was posted on Exit and Support Network:

Mark Hyde Gives Blasphemous Singles Bible Study:
March 17, 2024 
PCG (just like WCG did) always gives a sermon about Christ before Passover, but it’s a Christ they really don’t know. 
A dragged out and mind numbing 1 hour and 18 minute singles Bible Study was given by Mark Hyde on March 16 about “Evaluating your God Family Focus.” Below are a few notes I took from this blasphemous sermon. 
“Herbert Armstrong represented God the Father to us (when he was alive), but now “Gerald Flurry represents God the Father.” 
We are here to become God and expand His family.” 
Hyde went over much of Isaiah 53 ( a prophecy about Jesus) but ignorantly he claimed that when God saw His Son crucified that “there was great risk in that” because “Christ could have sinned.” and “the Father could have been alone for eternity.” But it was “worth the risk so that we would have a chance at eternal life.” 
What absolute blasphemy! Refer to Jesus Two Natures which proves Jesus was fully God and fully man and never could have sinned. He willingly took the sins of the whole world upon Himself and endured the cross for the joy that was set before him. (Hebrews 12:2) 
Going on, some of the other things Hyde said: 
“How much do you think about building the God family?” 
He talked about living a life of sacrifice spiritually and physically, or we “will get our minds on ourselves.” 
He emphasized more than once how God gave up everything for us and what a risk it was. 
He said those who have their mind on the “God Family Vision” will “fight to avoid sin.” He said Christ sweated blood “to keep from sinning.” And, “Would we we fight like that?” 
Quoted from John 1:1. Hyde said, 
“They (God and Jesus) were two Beings but it was almost like they were one because they were so focused.” (Refer to: The Two Natures of Jesus which shows Jesus was very God and very man.) 
“We need to have that kind of unity.” “That requires prayer and study and fasting.” 
He ended by quoting various verses on unity, even quoting HWA. 
“We can’t be unified this way on our own, we can’t combat sin on our own.” 
He told how on “Feb 4, 1984 HWA gave a sermon on unity” (after he put the church “back on track”). At that time HWA proclaimed, “There is going to be unity in the church!” “We must not let unity be destroyed by another spirit.
Hyde tied that in with submitting to “God’s government” which is “the love of God in action.” He said, “God must be really excited when we come together to support the Work.” 
He said, 
“Do your relationships with one another reflect more of an unconverted high school approach? Or do they reflect the converted approach filled with their Father’s God Family Vision?” 
“If we’re all brutally honest, we see where Satan is trying to spin us into the first approach…” 
“Gossip and backbiting are things we need to avoid; jealousy and envy.” 
“Let’s get our minds on God’s Work and off self.” “Let’s give our lives to the God Family Vision and yearn for a family as God does.” 
One who has their focus on the God Family Vision lives a life of sacrifice.” “They will be motivated to fight like Christ to avoid sin. To go to the Father and ask for help.” 
One can’t help but become outraged when listening to a sermon like this, seeing how they are rejecting the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary. ESN has shown on their site that eternal life is a free gift and all our sins have been forgiven once and for all. The tragedy is that PCG ministers are teaching these lies to their youth. –Critiqued by AJW

Sunday, March 17, 2024

BREAKING: Restored Church of God Lashes Out At Christophe Binette's Resignation With A Shamefully Hypocritical Letter


BREAKING: RCG Responds to Christophe Binette’s Resignation

The response to European field minister Christophe Binette’s departure from The Restored Church of God this morning was swift. His RCG access was cut off in about an hour, which means that Bradford Schleifer received the same pre-5 AM phone blow-ups I did.

Rough morning, Brad?

I imagined Brad in his boxer shorts, still rubbing the crust from his eyes while quickly navigating their internal systems to shut off Christophe's access. Emails resting on the RCG servers were recalled, and others were intercepted to avoid exposing the innocent sheep to the logical mind poison of David C. Pack.

Yes, the most embarrassing words in that letter were not from Christophe Binette but those of David C. Pack. The Pastor General is quite effective at dissolving his own credibility. No blade cuts David C. Pack and the members of The Restored Church of God deeper than the words of David C. Pack. The website was built upon that fact.

God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony. The ministerial exit letter contained approximately 1,574 words of “disagreement” from Christophe Binette and 1,478 words of “disagreement” from David C. Pack. So, Dave authored about half of the letter. Ponder the concept of a man having his own words used against him to discredit his own declining organization. It takes an exceptional human being to be able to pull that off.

When current RCG members reach out, I suggest they re-listen to "90 Reasons to Follow the Truth" and read, Is “That Prophet” Alive Today? The Rise of False Prophets. The decisions are usually open and shut after doing that.

Boy, the poor guys at Headquarters thought they would have at least ONE restful Sunday with their families while Dave was out of town. So much for that.

I wonder if their human idol is going to add one more name to his death-threat list when he comes back from his trip today. 


Bradford Schleifer was not the only enabler to lose sleep on Eagle Point before sunrise this morning. Jaco Viljoen had better not have left his phone on vibrate charging in the kitchen, or a frantic knock on the front door would have been in order. It would not have come with fresh Starbucks coffee and a muffin.

Kevin Denee and I mused about how long it would take for RCG to respond to Christophe’s departure. It is reasonable that conducting a thorough character assassination like they did in December takes a bit longer to craft. Fully anticipate a sharper follow-up this week with a high likelihood of David C. Pack going on another thief-and-liar rant during his next message.

The ways of Dave's god's government are a mystery. After four years, Jaco is still not experienced enough to be considered the Director of Church Administration. However, they still allowed him to put his name on an email addressing all remaining 1,248 members.

The highlights have been added.


From: The Restored Church of God
Sent: March 17, 2024
Subject: Update: Christophe Binette – Paris, France Pastorate

Dear brethren,

We recently learned that Christophe Binette removed himself from the Body of Christ due to doctrinal disagreement. His wife, who was recently in contact with my wife and showed no concerns, has also decided to leave.

Sadly, instead of voicing his concerns to Headquarters first and through the established channels of God’s government, Christophe reached out directly and covertly to Church members to express his disagreement. Christophe was far more expressive in his “open letter,” which obviously took a lot of time to put together than at any time over the last nearly decade and a half he was with us. This approach, disguised as sincerity, took away our opportunity to help him and properly address his concerns.

Christophe should know that Headquarters would have been happy to help him. He knows it is false to suggest that Headquarters wouldn’t answer questions or help him if he had chosen to contact us. We have worked with him in multiple instances over the years, showing mercy and patience when often finding himself entangled in strange ideas due to his proclivity toward conspiracy theories and fringe medical ideas. Christophe would always seem settled after receiving counsel from the ministry, which is why he was able to remain in his leadership position. We do not share this information to bash him but to tell the whole story to members who would otherwise not know the man reaching out to them and claiming to be standing for the truth. For his own reasons, Christophe decided to forego counsel on the most important matter—his membership in God’s Church.

A tree is known by its fruits (Matt. 13:33). These are the fruits of a man who has decided his path instead of humbly yielding to authority and a Church that has not left any of God’s core doctrines and is simply doing all we can to “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (I Thess. 5:21). God’s leaders have the responsibility to learn what God has in store for the world and His people. If His Church is not taking the lead in this vital pursuit, who on Earth would be?

To lay out just one example of his lack of experience and tenure in the Church, he took issue in his letter with us preaching the gospel using Public Bible Lectures. He clearly does not understand that this was a major way the Worldwide Church of God under Mr. Armstrong did the Work.

It seems that Christophe has decided not to join any other group. As a result, he won’t be able to participate in preaching the gospel (which he accuses us of not doing), tithing, or fellowshipping with God’s people. He must believe he is exempt from these expectations and requirements from God. However, he still considers himself a minister of Jesus Christ, which is impossible if he is not a member of God’s Church and under an apostle.

Please pray for the French work and any brethren Christophe may be trying to influence. We here in Church Administration are putting contingencies in place to support the members, and we remain confident that God will see us through this time. Members are holding strong from all that we can tell so far.

If you receive any communications from Mr. Binette, you should ignore them. We are letting the ministry know about this and will share any other relevant information we learn with everyone as needed.

God continues revealing vital truths to His Church, and the “god of this world” (II Cor. 4:4) is not pleased. Remember that the next few weeks are a time of self-examination and assessing your spiritual progress as we near the Passover. Remain sober and vigilant (I Pet. 5:8) and focused on the coming Kingdom we have recently learned even more about.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your minister, who will be happy to assist. You may also want to review the article “When Ministers Disappear...” (

F. Jaco Viljoen
Associate Director of Church Administration
The Restored Church of God
(330) 334 2266 [Ext. 4067]


The Associate Director crafted subtle jabs to undermine Christophe’s concerns without addressing them. The "accusers are not to be answers” excuse is a versatile Uno Wild Card.

“disguised as sincerity,
took away our opportunity to help him
and properly address his concerns."

In other words, you cannot trust a disguised man, folks. Christophe’s sincerity was not genuine but a ruse.

Nobody at Headquarters can adequately address his concerns because all the hirelings are trained to continue defending a hypocritical, blaspheming liar, false prophet perpetuating antichrist doctrines. By all accounts, the staff in the Hall of Administration receive plenty of opportunities to help with that.

“often finding himself entangled in strange ideas
due to his proclivity toward conspiracy theories
and fringe medical ideas."

Entangled in what strange ideas? Dunno.

That is Headquarters manipulation disguised as discretion. By providing just the right colorful words, they can steer a reader's thoughts down the desired path. "I don't know what it is, but it is strange, and he is entangled in it." Everything else written beyond that point is framed that way. None of his concerns matter anymore because he is already entangled in strange ideas.

Do not buy it.

The fringe medical idea is that the COVID vaccination is potentially lethal, and some brethren feel uncomfortable receiving it. It is still a hot-button topic for brethren in Europe and Canada. Internet search results now provide well-covered information and news reports supporting that those concerns are justified. Calling it fringe is disingenuous.

Conspiracy theories are an effective, non-specific way to suggest mental instability.

Well, at least Christophe does not see himself in the Bible and preaches he is receiving special knowledge from God as Elijah the Prophet. That could appear mentally unstable, but I digress.

Jaco is throwing chum in the water. It does not matter what kind of blood or fish guts it contains. It still attracts the desired target: creative doubt. One person may read this thinking Christophe might be a Flat Earther while another could wonder how many UFO sightings he documented on his living room wall.

Once again, this is manipulation disguised as discretion.

“members who would otherwise not know the man”
"instead of humbly yielding to authority”
"his lack of experience"

Jaco is saying that brethren need to disregard this prideful, self-willed man along with all of his concerns. He is inexperienced and you do not know the real him like they do. We cannot give you all the information, because we love him, but be warned anyhow.

This letter is peppered with manipulative backhanded slaps.

“God’s core doctrines”

That is the flag hoisted when you stand upon the hill of prophetic doctrinal confusion.

The amorphous Kingdom of God changes weekly, but at least RCG still knows about the Sabbath. Dave may preach he is the Branch instead of Jesus Christ and, as Elijah, will judge people alongside the Father, but Pentecost is still a thing. The Restored Church of God may now observe new moons despite being unable to prove why, but—oh, never mind that one.

RCG used to criticize the Splinters for only adhering to "core doctrines," but not ALL God's doctrines restored by Herbert W. Armstrong, like make-up, skirt length, and frowning on loud paisley ties. So, it is interesting how Jaco is cornered into using a phrase once reserved for Satan-led organizations pretending to be part of the Body of Christ.

“preaching the gospel using Public Bible Lectures”

In Jaco’s rush to call this out, he failed to consider the implications of his writing: “He clearly does not understand that this was a major way the Worldwide Church of God under Mr. Armstrong did the Work.”

According to this CAD rebuttal, it only took The Restored Church of God twenty-five years to finally figure out that maybe they should start to some day implement a major way to do the Work like WCG did under Mr. Armstrong.

What took you guys so long?

This also means that the RCG ministerial policy that “only an evangelist can preach publicly” got tossed into the compost heap alongside what defines a false prophet.

Jaco, thank Peter Baerg in Canada for making that point. Thanks, Pete.

Surely, having financial issues and declining attendance has nothing to do with the sudden desire to preach to the unwashed masses for the first time after twenty-five years of corporate procrastination. A major Work RCG has not even started to do yet.

“not to join any other group. As a result,
he won't be able to participate in preaching the gospel”

I suppose nobody at Headquarters was awake enough this morning to think through the points of this letter because they contradict decades of RCG doctrines.

You delegitimize Christophe for not deciding to join a Splinter because he will neglect “preaching the gospel, …tithing or fellowshipping with God’s people.”

1) RCG teaches that the Splinters do not have the "true gospel."
2) RCG teaches the Splinters are stealing God's tithes.
3) RCG teaches brethren not to associate with former members at all, even if they attend a Splinter, and to have fellowship with them is a sin.

That is called speaking out of both sides of your mouth, Jaco. Google it if the point escapes you.

By accusing Christophe, RCG exposes ignorance about their own doctrines and the hypocrisy of their defense. By their fruits, indeed.

“under an apostle”

David C. Pack is a false apostle, a false prophet, and a false teacher by every biblical definition. Yet, you and the hirelings at Headquarters ignore it. You serve a human idol who blasphemes and lies to the brethren on the Sabbath, taking the Lord’s name in vain.

The signs of an apostle do not follow David C. Pack, and he admitted he has zero dunamis. But, because Christophe does not want to follow such a man, he is the bad guy in this scenario.

Jaco, I suppose you did not carefully read the quotes from your boss that Christophe noted. Maybe doing so rather than just reacting would have been the wiser choice.

“Members are holding strong from all that we can tell so far.”

This comment is premature, and the hole in it is so hilariously large that you can ride a Campus horse through it.

Jaco knows there is no way they can possibly gauge the actual impact of Christophe’s departure among the European, African, and French Polynesian brethren within a few hours. Hence, the linguistic wiggle room of “all that we can tell so far.”

“the ‘god of this world’ (II Cor. 4:4) is not pleased.”

By implication, Christophe’s efforts are motivated by the devil. Classy.

When a man quotes the Pastor General for almost half of his exit letter, that is clearly an indication of an evil spirit driving him. When you use David C. Pack’s words to support your concerns, Satan must be behind it. Jaco, did anyone proofread your letter before you hit Send?

“focused on the coming Kingdom we have recently learned even more about.”

This must be referring to the Kingdom NOT coming on April 8, 2024 at 12:03 PM ET during the new moon on the day of a total solar eclipse while it is already Abib 1 in Jerusalem.

I am only an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic, but I would postulate that even David C. Pack will eventually deny “the coming Kingdom we have recently learned even more about” before April 8 comes.

When that happens, David C. Pack will legitimize Christophe Binette’s points just as he has legitimized the observations posted on Dave helps the website so much, perhaps HE is the leaker(s).


With Christophe Binette’s departure, Headquarters may have to reverse Wulphert de Graaf’s demotion despite his fumbling in the U.K. Pray for the brethren in that region if they are forced to conduct a battlefield promotion of Andre Lloyd. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jaco, if Headquarters was fully aware Christophe Binette lacked experience and was entangled in strange ideas with a proclivity for conspiracy theories, and you knew him unlike the brethren did because he would not humbly yield to your god’s government, then why was he allowed to remain in the ministry?

This sounds like a lack of proper leadership at Headquarters. Since you and Ryan Denee were responsible for him, does that not signal a profound failure of judgment on both of your parts?

Thank Peter Baerg again for that one.

Maybe it is the time of year for careful self-examination.

If Ryan Denee departed RCG, it would be no significant loss for anyone except the lawn.

But Jaco, maybe it is time for you to re-listen to "90 Reasons to Follow the Truth" and re-read Is “That Prophet” Alive Today? The Rise of False Prophets. Consider your ways. You are supporting a blaspheming false prophet who is destined for perpetual failure because God is not guiding him to teach any of his presumptuous malarkey.

Brad already knows this. Have you not yet figured it out?

Christophe Binette left The Restored Church of God like no other minister had before. The motto of is “The more people who come forward, the louder all the voices will be.”

A voice from France was heard all over the world today and reached the mighty halls of Wadsworth, Ohio. Now…who’s voice will be next?

Marc Cebrian

See: RCG Responds to Christophe Binette’s Resignation