Saturday, June 7, 2014

James Malm: No BBQing, Buying Gas, Eating Out on Saturdays, But If You Do Eat Out You Might As Well Pay For A Whore Too!

The chief Pharisee of the Churches of God is back today laying down the law on what is proper and not proper for Saturdays.

At no time should you fire up the BBQ on Saturdays and cook yourself a steak or beef hot dog.  No fixing salads or taking effort to cut a watermelon.  You should do that on Fridays anyway!

If you have to drive a distance to church then fill up on Friday and DO NOT spend extra money for gas if you need to get home!  If you have to do that then you are driving too far.

You are not allowed to bake, boil, simmer or seethe on Saturday.  I know a lot of seething church members by the end of some of the sermons, are they allowed to seethe too?

Exodus 16:22
“And it came to pass that on the sixth day, they gathered twice as much bread, two omers for one man and all the rulers of the congregation came and told Moses. And Moses told them, this is that which the Lord hath said. Tomorrow is the rest of the Holy Sabbath unto the Eternal. Bake that which you will bake today. And seethe or simmer or boil that which you will seethe today and that which remains overlay for you to be kept until the morning.” And in giving this command, Jesus Christ was telling the people that they are not to bake, or simmer, or boil, or  to seethe. They are not to do any kind of cooking on the Sabbath Day. No serious cooking of any kind.

Now I myself will go ahead and put a piece of bread in the toaster. Or warm up some water for a coffee or a tea. Or even heat up a previously prepared container of soup. Or warm up something on a cold winter’s day up here in Canada. But I am not going to start frying a steak, or barbecuing, or roasting meat, or boiling potatoes, or doing any kind of serious cooking. Cooking is for the preparation day; which is the day before the Sabbath.

What about the person who has to drive 30 or 40 miles to attend a service? All I can say is fill up your gas tank on Friday. Prepare a little boxed lunch on Friday. Do your preparation on Friday.  

No, absolutely not. No extensive travel and no travel for personal reasons. Travel should be for Godly reasons, should be very, very limited in scope and duration; and should not involve any expense. If you have to buy an extra tank of gas on a Sabbath, the trip is too far. Don’t go. Make some kind of other arrangement. It can be done. Things can be worked out. You can work around these things and truly make God’s Sabbath a delight.  

So now you have done all these things are at church and have set through the most god awful sermon ever preached.  Afterwards you turn to your friend and start talking about it, or your kids, or the latest world news event.  If you do that you are a grievous sinner bound to t the lake of fire because you have PROFANED Saturday!

A convocation is ONLY holy if it is God centered!  If you go to a service to hear a sermon and then talk ONLY about work and business, the weather, clothes and babies you have PROFANED that convocation and God’s sabbath.  Out of one’s mouth come those things that are dearest to one’s heart Mat 12:34.  If your heart and mind are not on the things of God, your mouth will reveal this.  
God forbid if you friend invites you out to eat after church on Saturday.  If you do that you might as well go find a whore and pay her (or him) too.  It is a sin to do that, a MAJOR sin since Malm has it all in CAPS.

It is NOT LAWFUL to buy goods and services in restaurants or other establishments.  To say that we may buy, because they are going to work anyway, makes a mockery of God’s way.  For that excuse justifies ALL SIN; there is NO SIN that men are not going to do ANYWAY!  Let us then use the whore, for she will do it anyway.  Why not have our enemy murdered, for the killer will kill anyway.  This is a juvenile and pathetic excuse to justify SIN. 
Pharasee Malm wants you to know that he is SINLESS when it comes to these rules.  He has not sinned on Saturdays in 30 years!

I ask YOU;   WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?   If you make an HONEST EFFORT TO PLEASE GOD,  don’t you think that He WILL HELP YOU?  Most problems involving Sabbath pollution through buying and selling can be resolved simply and easily, with a little forethought, planning and effort. I have avoided this sin for thirty years and it has been difficult at times but God has always provided a way.
Talk about convoluted legalistic crap!

Friday, June 6, 2014

PCG Acolytes Make Second Trek to Where the "Gestation Took Place" and are SHOCKED at the Number of Books They Saw!

Only in the cult of Flurrydumb would you have groups of "faithful" walking around neighborhoods staring into peoples homes and businesses as they naively feel they are walking on holy ground!

Check out the article with a picture of the sheeple standing in front of a private home in awe struck worship:   Members From Northwest Retrace the Footprints of Herbert W. Armstrong

OREGON—Members from the Northwest region gathered on March 16 for the year’s second church history tour of the landmarks from the early Philadelphia era of God’s Work. The group visited sites in the city of Portland, led by James Lowry and his wife, Jessica. The tours were put together through hours of research of Herbert W. Armstrong’s co-worker letters, articles and autobiography, as well as library microfiche, old newspaper clippings, phone books and advertisements.

“If Eugene was the birthplace of the Philadelphia work,” Mr. Armstrong wrote, “then Portland was where the gestation took place.”

The group of pilgrims drove to Portland where they looked at the buildings and holy ground that HWA and his brother Russell worked.  Really????   The article says that building is " a moss-covered and dilapidated structure slated for demolition"  I think that is perfect description of the dilapidated decay that Armstrongism is currently in.  Its rotten, moldy and decaying.

So what earth shattering thing that happened at this site that requires pilgrimages to?

The holy coat
It was while he was working there that Russell offered to buy his older brother a new overcoat, since his had a large hole. Mr. Armstrong recorded the incident in his autobiography.
I bet HWA never imagined that his crazy followers would travel great distances to stand and stare at buildings he and brother worked in.

So what did these loyal acolytes of Gerald Flurry do next on the Holy Worship Tour?  They went to see the department store where Russell bought the coat!!!!!!

The group boarded the bus and drove to the location of the former Meier & Frank store where Mr. Armstrong selected his coat (the building is now a Macy’s department store)

Then the gang headed off to the library where HWA "studied" outdated books from the 1880's for six months instead of providing for his family.   Six months later he knew everything about Christianity and restored the true chruch........!

There they discovered something truly shocking!!!!  Never in their wildest imagination did they realize the library had a lot of books!  Imagine that!  A wide variety of books to let a reader look at all sides of an issue.

“God must have carefully directed him to show him what to look for,” deacon Bruce Young said. “There are so many books here.”

They then trekked off to stare with glazed over eyes at two former homes of HWA and his family.

The tour stopped at two houses where the Armstrong family had lived. Lowry reminded members of what Mr. Armstrong wrote in his autobiography about the many miracles that happened there, including the “18-second prayer” asking for healing of his wife, much-needed food, firewood, money for a hospital bill and a new overcoat.

Just further proof on how sick Armstrongism/Flurryism truly is!

UCG: World Is In Abject Ungodly Lawlessness While We Try And Find New Younger Leaders

Roy Holladay sent out a letter to the UCG membership the other day bemoaning the fact that UCG needs some new faces in its leadership and that the world is in "abject ungodly lawlessness."

The UCG keeps reelecting the same tired old men over and over for the last 20 some years.  Until they let their men use their brains and step outside the box UCG is just going to sink further and further into oblivion.   Old and tired ways are always more comforting and safe that stepping off the edge of the cliff and reinventing yourself.

Related to this is a critical fact: we need today a new generation of leaders in development for the Church of God. This certainly is not a comment deriding our present leadership, but represents a realistic acknowledgement of a necessity for the continuation and growth of the Church. We need a fresh generation of leaders who are willing to step up, absorb, reflect, and pass on God’s way of life by their living example and by their words. As Victor reminded the ABC students –we need leaders who have lived the Word of God and who can pass it on. Paul explained the same principle to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2: “the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses commit these to faithful men who will be able teach others also.”

Allow me to share some personal thoughts. To me, this 21st century generation increasingly shows the signs of being biblically distinct. While we obviously don’t (and cannot) set dates (Acts 1:7), we certainly can see and experience increasing waves of abject ungodly lawlessness on a global scale. Given all that, is it possible that we are closer to the cusp of a new age–”the world to come”–the long-awaited Millennial age? Whether we are or not, Jesus emphatically said that we must act like it, that we must have a sense of deliberate and focused urgency (Matthew 24:42), regardless of where we are from a prophetic position. Will we be the generation that will bridge the gap between both worlds? Truly only God knows.

Pharisee Malm Claims UCG Leaders Are Practicing Glossolalia In Private Meetings

The Church of God's greatest Pharisee made an accusation against UCG today that most everyone knows not to be true.

He claims that UCG leaders speak in tongues when they meet in private:

This giving up of the mind to ecstatic utterances has nothing to do with the holy spirit and is often demonic in nature with the foul spirit entering an open and inviting mind.

I want to make this point clear as the evangelical glossolalia speakers are really pushing this from the top in UCG; as an apparent evidence of the holy spirit, to justify their apostasy by claiming that they are growing in the spirit of God. 

Dennis Luker and friends were private charismatic’s who often spoke glossolalia in their private meetings, and now that these folks have taken over, there is a push on to make this more open in a more gentle mainstream and less Pentecostal extreme.  

I ask the CoE, president and chairman to publish a joint statement that glossolalia is not and will not be permitted in UCG.

Not so strangely UCG does not accept spiritual gifts in terms of anything that they might see as contrary to the supposed authority of the CoE. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Does Bob Harris Not Speak Out Against The Hero Worship of Herbert Armstrong?

Bob Harris of the Church of God a Christian Fellowship does not like the idea that people look up to the current Pope.  Pope Francis has a better reputation with  people than Herbert Armstrong did. 

At least the Pope tends to practice what he believes.  Last year on Maundy Thursday he washed the feet of two women and a Muslim man.  This year he washed the feet of disabled persons.  Rabid conservative Catholics raise holy hell over those two acts.  Yet, Pope Francis continues to disrupt and go against "official" teachings which intrigues many people.

Harris is apparently disgusted by people liking the Pope and setting him on a pedestal as a"hero."  Down through the ages humanity have set certain people up as hero's, men and women who have done great things or have  been outspoken usually on the behalf of the downtrodden and disenfranchised.

Of course in Armstrongism we have out own set of "hero's" that continuity get discussed as stalwarts of the faith.  Herbert Armstrong, Rod Meredith, Gerald Warterhouse, Dick Armstrong, and others.  Its perfectly OK for this kind of hero worship but not Ok for Pope Francis. 

It is perfectly Ok for Gerald Flurry to imitate every aspect imaginable about Herbert Armstrong.  It would not surprise me at all if Flurry wears the same kind of underwear that HWA did.  He has HWA's prayer rock, named his fake college after him, bought various Ambassador Auditorium accoutrements, paid millions of dollars for the rights to HWA's books after losing the court battle.

The idolatry of Armstrongite hero worship in Flurrydumb and Packdumb is appallingly grotesque, but that is never discussed by the splinter groups.

While we give a fleeting nod to selflessness, our society reveres those who vainly set themselves upon pillars to be honored and even worshipped.  The entertainment industry is a self-aggrandizing enterprise, a distraction to show how Satan is transforming this world.  Our end-time age is warned against this practice: “But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts” (Revelation 9:20-21).

It is easy to point out obvious idolatry that we should avoid.  What is difficult as a Christian is to not become blinded by subtle idolatry that is at times embraced by the world.  In a recent CNN article about Pope Francis the author states, “The popular pontiff has also made a positive impression among Americans in general: Nearly three in four view Francis favorably.  The new survey suggests that the Pope is arguably the most well-regarded religious figure among the American public today, said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. According to one study, Pope Francis was the most talked about person on the Internet this year, and even atheists have professed appreciation for the 77-year-old pontiff." This kind of hero worship, whether it is of debase or lofty ideals, is still false worship. Judgment is coming to those that practice it.

So the question is Bob Harris, when are you going to speak out about the hero worship of Herbert Armstrong and other COG leaders from the past and present?  That hero worship is false worship too.

The Church of God of the Prophet Muhammed, The Bible Sabbath Association and Robert Taylor

What would this world be without ANOTHER Church of God popping up?  In this case it may be a group of one, but it is still masquerading as a Church of God.

This new "ministry" is being led by Robert Taylor, the previous head of the UK version of the Bible Sabbath Association.   The Church of God of the Prophet Muhammed

I remain as a Sabbath believer and Holy day Believer. Accept Muhammed as a continuation of the prophets of Israel. But reject the religion of Islam since it has abandoned the "covenant" of Israel. I am a monotheist. This means I believe in ONE God with Jesus Christ being human and not necessary divine, but certainly not the Son of God. Jesus is a Messiah or Prophet for the tribes of Israel. Wade Cox, of the Christian Churches of God whom also believe in Muhammed and the Quran use it promote Unitarianism (they still maintain Jesus is God's Son). Sabbath keepers can be Trinitarian, Unitarian, binitarian, or monotheist. We have been fighting over these issues for over 2,000 years, and I suppose it isn't going to end any time soon. 
In 2013 Taylor wrote:

I am another follower of Herbert W Armstrong, accused of being one of the Two Witnesses, have a laser beam placed on me, radio waves and synthetic telepathy beam to the head 24/7. Every day voices are talking to me and do not rest even on the Sabbath. They are targeting people everywhere now, a silent persecution of people whom have different religious and political opinions. Some they set up, others are killed, some they just drive crazy by putting them on mind control programmes.
The future is transhumanism. A technocratic dictatorship under Aquarius and Uranus--the planet of technology. Technology will enslave mankind for the "beast" system. They are doing this today. We need to wake up before it is too late. God heed the day. May Jesus Christ return and smash the final resurrection of the "beast" system (Rev 19:11). 
On Herbert Armstrong:
Allah is the God of Israel. In fact many of the writings in the Quran confirm Herbert W. Armstrong type doctrines.
On the Quran:

The Quran is a book that was sent down by angel Gabriel. And it covers the existing scriptures of the Bible. God sent it down to make clear the Bible and correct any misconceptions that have happened. The Jewish origins of Islam has been investigated by a Jewish scholar, Charles Torrey and his research is independent.
Taylor started hearing voices telling him to kill himself, set fires and other Christians things. Then he started hearing voices talking to him and was being bombarded by radio frequencies and laser beams. The UK government and Zionist Jews are to blame.

He writes:
Set with car problems, the car would not work, clicker stopped working and indoor car lights kept flashing on and off for a short period. The car is a new second hand one, the other one had its engine blown up, put down to no water or oil, but it is likely to be some interference from the laser beam. The new car had a flat tyre on the second day, this makes four flat tyres in a period of 4 months. The car is the third replacement under satellite surveillance. Electronic problems with a light on the first car, was scrapped, replaced by a Vauxhall corsa encountering three flat tyres and problems with steering, later engine blowing up. Now, I am on a Mercedes, the very next day, had the usual flat tyre, and the ignition will not start on occasions with the clicker failing to work some times. The mechanic put it down to a part which will be replaced on Tuesday, 26th November 2013. Now, if ignition problems continue, it will prove to be the electronic surveillance. Yesterday the car decided to pack up on a junction, although not very busy, I told these people, I would inform the police about the satellite surveillance if they are called or turn up. Yes they will think I am crazy, but at least it will make me feel better. I will keep up a blog of events because you will not believe your eyes, what happens to me on a daily basis. 

The lights in the house have also gone on and off with the light completely stopped working. In addition to continual problems with the electric boiler requiring many switch changes and problems on occasion with the hot water.

The usual chatter filtering through to me during work to tell me to kill myself, the police are on to you, voices being Israeli (they say they are from MOSSAD or British accents from a computer generated machine. They enjoy causing as much disruption to myself and causing financial loss through all the problems, eating up savings and continuing to destroy my faith by telling me to work on the Jewish Sabbath and eat pork. Honestly, would a bunch of Zionist Jews tell me to eat pork? These are just some of the things I endure on a daily basis. I will keep praying and hope God intervenes, and these miserable people get what is coming to them.

Readers here might remember Robert from these stories that I did on him previously:

Bible Sabbath Association UK Founder Hearing Voices From His Computer

Bible Sabbath Association UK Founder Says "There is now a laser beam on me, with voices coming from the sky,..."

Bible Sabbath Association UK is Back Up and Running After Leader Being Bombarded By Satellite and Microwaves


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tom Mahon: The End Has Come!!!!!!!

Did you know that "The END" is here?  According to Tom Mahon it is! Death and damnation are just hours away.  Perhaps tomorrow, not week or at the latest a month or so out.

Reading his drivel you would get the impression that everyone in the entire world is evil (except of course for Tom and a few specially chosen Armstrongites) and are going around brutalizing and killing one another.  Cities are filled with rampaging armies of evil people committing mayhem and murder every where you turn.  Not one inch of this country is safe to be in.

Its all the same hyperventilating nonsense that Armstrongism has been vomiting out for decades. Never mid the fact that Armstrongism is just as corrupt as the world around them.  Death, suicides, theft, stalkings, rapes murders, molestations.... on and on the list could go.

Today every imagination of the thoughts of men’s hearts is evil.  Note the video games, fictional books and films that emerge out of the imagination of the human heart.  They are corrupted and filled with violence, and that violence manifests itself in our schools, colleges, universities, in the streets of our cities, in our homes – as family members brutalised and murder one another.  And of course, on a larger scale, we have the violence of war, as peoples and nations strive to kill one another, because of greed!

Today our cities are cauldrons of corruption and violence, and humanity is the flesh!  Even Cicero, who lived over a hundred years before the birth of Jesus observed thus: “It is the city that creates luxury.  And out of luxury, inevitably, comes greed, out of greed bursts forth violence, out of violence proliferates all the various kinds of crime and iniquity.”  An apt description of the world in which we live.

I guess it is time to say good-bye before we all die tomorrow from the rampaging hoards of evil people.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bitter Bob: COGWA Is So Misinformed They Will Not Know When To Go To Petra

Bitter Bob's future HQ

Bitter Bob is not happy that 99.9% of the COG membership IGNORES his words of "wisdom" and his prophetic utterances.  Only he, and he alone, knows the truth.  Bitter BOB has already lashed out at his ungrateful mentor Rod Meredith for ignoring him.  Now he lashes out at COGWA with the same thing.

Bitter Bob is gearing up to be in Petra all by himself, or at least get there first and get the prime caves or the hotel rooms outside the entrance.  Bitter Bob says both LCG and COGWA are too dumb to figure things out to the extent he has.

COGWA’s contention that Daniel 11:39 was fulfilled thousands of years ago is inconsistent with the view contention that the verses of Daniel 11:35-39 have future fulfillment–which they do.

The chapter that COGWA refers to as the most detailed prophecy in the Bible is essentially admits it does not understand the details of it. Statements such as “offers a challenge in interpretation” suggest, to me at least, that COGWA has disagreement about how to interpret the statements or simply does not know. Most likely it is both.

Also, notice this explanation related to Daniel 9:27:
So the phrase “he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week” refers to the Messiah. (Henson D. 70 Weeks of Daniel: What Does the Prophecy Mean? viewed 06/03/14)
The above is in error. Verse 27 refers to the prince who is the one who will become the King of the North in Daniel 11. More details on Daniel 9:27 can be found in the article The ‘Peace Deal’ of Daniel 9:27.

Because COGWA does not understand a lot of the details in Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11, it will not know when the time to flee that Jesus discussed in Matthew 24 will be.

People who do not know what to expect will not know what to watch out for nor realize when the Great Tribulation will start until it is too late.  And this is not simply limited to those associated with COGWA.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Norbert Link Finds It Disgusting That "True" COG Members Would Feed The Hungry, Clothe The Poor Or Clean Up A Beach

Is it any wonder why Armstrongism continues its downward spiral into nothingness when little men like Norbert Link find it distasteful that Church of God members might feed the homeless, want a clean environment, or serve on a jury.

Pure and righteous Church of God members would NEVER do such things!

Feed the hungry, cloth the naked, provide shelter to the homeless?  NEEEEEEVER! Not in the Churches of God!!!!!!!!

What IS God’s Church to Do Today?
by Norbert Link

What is the most important task and commission that God has given to His Church in this day and age, just prior to the return of Jesus Christ?

Is it to try to make this a better world by engaging in politics and political campaigns? Are we to attempt to replace the government, perhaps through peaceful demonstrations or even with violent means? Is it proper for Christians to become soldiers to fight for our country? Is it to be applauded when Christians vote in governmental elections or serve in the nation’s jury duty system? Is it the responsibility of the Church today to establish missions all over the world and to collect money for Third World countries? Does God command His Church to feed the hungry at food banks or to help environmental causes by volunteering to clean up freeways, beaches or forests?

Now, a few of the above-mentioned endeavors might be entertained by Church members on an individual basis. These would be personal decisions. However, most of the tasks listed ought not be engaged in by true Christians at all. But insofar as the organized Church is concerned, NONE of the activities constitute a part of God’s great commission for Christ’s spiritual Body.
Link says to "Let the dead bury the dead."  Don't waste you time helping the world around you. They are just a bunch of sick demon possessed fools that God could care less about. God only sees US, the pure, Holy and RIGHTEOUS Church of God.

We clearly do NOT read that Christ’s Church has the commission to do missionary work in Africa, India or other parts of the world. It is NOT the responsibility of the Church of God to try to rectify all wrongs and to make this world—Satan’s world—a better place. Christ’s words apply, in principle, to this issue as well, when He said: “Let the dead bury [or assist] the dead” (Luke 9:60). Instead, He required of His disciples to follow Him and obey His words and fulfill the specific tasks given to them.

Link feels that the only people who should be helped are Church of God members.  Forget the heathens around you.

Its in all typed in CAPS, so it has to be true!

This is not to say that we are not to help others, but Paul makes very clear what this means. He states in Galatians 6:10: “Therefore, AS WE HAVE OPPORTUNITY, let us do good to all, ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO ARE of the HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH.” 

This sick reasoning is justified by this:

When individuals do good to others, including to those who are NOT of the household of faith, they have to make sure that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing (Matthew 6:1-4). Far too often, Church organizations that are getting involved in local, national and international outreach programs crave the recognition of the community, the nation and the world—in other words, they seek the reward from man. Truly, they will receive their reward, but not from God.

I have seen more COG members craving attention and wanting to be seen doing their "churchly" jobs than I ever have in the "worldly" churches.  This is just one more lie of Armstrongism.