Saturday, November 7, 2020

God's Most Accurate Prophet And Second Witless Witness Tests Positive For COVID!

Things are rough in paradise as Ronnie Weinland tests positive for COVID-19 and was placed under quarantine by the Health Department. 
 How can God's most accurate prophet in human history and one of the witless witnesses be allowed to be infected like this?
This is appalling! 
Now his wife Laura Weinland, the second witless witness is under quarantine! 
How could God let this happen?

What if the call goes out that it is time for the witless witnesses to head off to Jerusalem 
to preach for 3 1/2 days? 

Who will replace Laura? Bob Thiel?

Dave Pack and how he manipulates his people

 From a reader:

While working on a transcript of a DP sermon, I get a better idea of his manipulative technique. Primarily he's presenting himself as clueless to God's intent for him, then pretending to discover it, and being surprised by the revelation. He knows that his true fans are already brainwashed into seeing him as an apostle/prophet/savior/all of the above, so he's playing on this by pretending to realize what his followers already believe about him. So in their minds, Dave is working out what they are already convinced of. They really believe he's like Moses or Jeremiah who did not want to be God's prime man, and so they are even more convinced when Dave plays this whole thing up about getting it wrong. They see him as just trying to figure all this stuff out, and God is holding his hand walking him through everything. So in the minds of his true fans, it's because of his humility that he gets things wrong. They are then primed to accept whatever conclusion he makes about the office he sits in. The reality is that he wants the power, but he has duped his followers that he really doesn't, that he's just in a process of discovering that he happens to be the one God has chosen. It's like Palpatine who humbly accepted the office of dictator, because it was the right thing to do.

Living Church of God To All Ministers - Satan Is Using Sheldon Monson And Others To Disrupt The Work of God!!!!!!


Sheldon Monson's Church of God Assembly is having a bigger impact upon LCG than they publicly admit. Their continual lashing out at Monson only raises red flags for LCG members.

Dear Fellow Ministers,

I want to write to you concerning a matter that has been stirred up by some individuals who have chosen to leave the LCG for a new group started by Sheldon Monson. They have lifted a phrase out of one of our online documents that they say shows that the LCG condones abortions—which we simply do not, and never have. 
The phrase is taken from the “Statement of Faith” on our MyLCG website. This document does not replace or supersede the Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs. The “Statement of Faith” is a targeted explanatory document intended to support the Church’s position on specific moral issues in the increasingly litigious environment that exists today. Recent court cases involving religious organizations and aggressive secular government regulation point to the need for ensuring that the Church is prepared for such challenges, even as it relies on God’s protection. 
The phrase in the “Statement of Faith” simply acknowledges that there are rare and tragic situations where, without intervention—either divine or medical—both mother and child are at serious risk of dying. These rare situations are to be addressed by the individuals involved (mother and father) in conjunction with their pastor if he is involved. These are individual decisions. The phrase that is quoted from the “Statement of Faith,” does not, in any way, suggest or indicate that the LCG endorses or gives support to the modern practice of elective abortions. 
The public position of the Church since at least the 1970s under Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong has been that accepting medical treatment in rare circumstances is not to be equated with elective abortions of convenience that the world presses for today. The Church has never taught that a mother must refuse life-saving treatment in these circumstances. Many of you who have counseled heartbroken families in such tragic circumstances are aware of the distinction. 
Our detractors seem intent on seizing whatever issues they feel they can use to misrepresent the LCG in an attempt to justify their rebellion and the creation of yet another organization. This is not the first time this kind of divisive action has been attempted. 
A more detailed clarification will be posted on the MyLCG website. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact CAD. 
We are certainly living in interesting times as Satan continues his efforts to disrupt the Work of God—especially in light of the very positive developments in the Work in recent months. We need to be praying for each other and for our brethren who are at risk of being caught up in these manufactured and misguided controversies. Your faithful service in this way is very much appreciated, both by the brethren and by all of us here. 
Warm Regards,
Douglas S. Winnail

Friday, November 6, 2020

Living Church of God: "the more one comes to know LCG and their leadership, the sleazier it gets"


From a reader:

I note two things here.

1. While Gerald Weston and the LCG leadership make a pretense of distancing themselves from worldly politics and not getting involved in "worldly institutions" as a matter of worshipping God, hypocritically they are the very first to laud and to call upon these very institutions they preach against and tell members they must avoid. While they decry America's stagnation and sin, and while they rail against military service, corporations of the world, police, voting etc, they cheer and support what these institutions do. (We won't dirty our hands but we like what they do for us!) So then, the LCG does not agree with what the police do and carrying arms, and they do not agree with lawyering. Yet, Weston was the very first to call the police and sick a lawyer on Jeremy in toronto because Jeremy simply put Weston in his place and did nothing threatening nor illegal. (a long story) Weston also had the stupidity to order that Jeremy himself could have nothing to do with anyone in the Ontario churches. As it turned out all that backfired because Jeremy turned the tables on Gerald and Jean/Marc Arsenault (a ministerial hireling in western Canada who was once a good guy) by having the police deal with LCG as a matter of harassing him. Even the cops got a laugh at Gerald Weston over that. Good on Jeremy. we all got a laugh at that, and even the folks from as far away as Australia and New Zealand heard about it. Of course, weston had no authority to order and enforce anything like that. As long as the members give their sovereignty to their ministers and their hangers-on because they wrongly believe they are submitting to God by doing so -- just as do the kings to the beast power in Revelation 17:13 -- these ministers do as they worldly wish. Idolatry.

2. As someone who was in LCG and who had been considered as a possible minister trainee (which I vehemently refused several times), the more one comes to know LCG and their leadership, the sleazier it gets. LCG, its religio/political hierarchy and its hq are just as political and truly just as sleazy as any politic in the world! 

Gerald Weston: We Are Witnessing The Destruction Of America But The WORK OF GOD Moves Onward! Woo hoo!


From a reader:

From this week's Da Whirled Head Weakly Update...

Greetings from Charlotte,

Not since the Civil War has America been so divided, and we know what Jesus said about a house divided against itself. We may very well be witnessing the destruction of America, and even though many around the world may cheer America’s fall, it will not be good in the long run for the rest of the world. I thought it would be good to remind everyone why we don’t vote in these elections. God humbled the Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar and taught him this lesson: “This decision is by the decree of the watchers, and the sentence by the word of the holy ones, in order that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men” (Daniel 4:17). We can give a more thorough and complicated answer as to why we don’t vote, but very simply: It is God’s decision and we do not want to be found voting against God. Which one of us knows what God has in mind? Who is His choice at any given time? We all have opinions and that is okay, but the more you learn about politics, the sleazier it becomes. Meanwhile, the Work of God moves forward on our knees and we pray more earnestly, “YOUR kingdom come”!—Gerald Weston 


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Philadelphia Church of God: Hypocrisy of Gerald Flurry and Cal Culpepper

From Exit and Support Network:


I find it ironic that the 85 year old Flurry can take a wife 30 years his junior1 by divine fiat while so many other PCG people are denied the right to marry or have had their marriages broken up by Flurry’s direct orders. Flurry has hypocritically stated officially to the PCG members that they need to stop focusing on their own selfish, self-centered pursuits/goals and concentrate solely on “The Work.” Flurry also has stated to the PCG members that family comes second after a commitment to “the Church.” If that is the case, why is it OK for the Octogenarian leader to marry a much younger woman while so many fit, healthy PCG members still in their prime are not allowed to marry and forced to be single? What hypocrisy from the very top of the PCG food chain. 
My wife and I were very much in love and wanted to get married “the right way” by counseling with the ministers and going through the proper channels. We were still drinking the Kool-Aid back then–early 2005. Gerald Flurry and Cal Culpepperthought our match to be “inappropriate” because I did not make enough money and there was an 11 year age gap between us. We got married anyway and Flurry and Culpepper “disfellowshipped” us out of the PCG and into the Great Tripburation to die by the hands of a European Beast power. We were only miraculously let back in 6 months later by Marvin Campbell to spite Cal Culpepper as they were in a power struggle at the time for the North East Church area. But even then, while grudgingly allowed back into the PCG, we were looked upon as slightly unclean for being “out of the Church.” You never live that stigma down. 
Flash forward a few years and my wife was 8 months pregnant with our second child when her brother and sister abandoned her and their little niece to run off to the promised land of Edmond, OK. They did this knowing my wife was still recovering from the untimely death of her mother from a brain aneurysm a few years earlier and needed their support. My wife (having no mother) really could have used the help of her siblings with the new baby and looked forward to a baby shower with her family and church brethren. Not to be. The lure of being in the presence of the anointed King Gerald Flurry was too strong. Ironically not only did my brother and sister and law walk away from their family but they also embezzled $10,000 in cash from their father’s business to finance their trip and relocation. So much for the Philadelphian standard. Oh…as far as that baby shower my wife looked forward to? Culpepper said no baby shower. We had gotten married without King Flurry’s approval and we had to pay. 
Now it is 2020 and my wife has very recently seen how her brother and sister are faring in the promised land of Flurryism through the aid of various social media sites. Both have not been allowed to marry as of this writing. They are both in their early 30s and still in their prime. You see, if you don’t brown-nose the right minister or get into the right clique at Edmond, things just don’t go well for you. There is definitely a hierarchy at the Edmond PCG compound. There is the “in” crowd and there is everyone else. If you are in good with the inner clique of the Edmond power elite then you are on the gravy train. For example: If you are a single woman and you babysit the Flurry’s grandkids, or perhaps help clean their house and toilet for the Holy Days, they may throw you a bone and allow you some perks. If you really play your cards right you may be allowed to date for marriage. But…..If you don’t pay your dues, then you are single until the Second Coming.

You can read the rest of By Brett Streutker's letter here: GERALD FLURRY REMARRIES — HYPOCRISY FROM THE TOP

It Is Your Christian and Civic Duty To Vote


Listening to fraudulent self-appointed Church of God leaders whine and moan about problems they see in the world around them is meaningless and useless when they can't get off their privileged, self-important, doubly anointed coddled asses, and make their voice heard by voting. 

These babbling fools should be ignored.