Saturday, December 14, 2013

E. W. King: My Church Does NOT Support Democracy

E. W. King, the Church of God's greatest living apostle to ever walk this earth is back lecturing the church and the world about what democracy is, voting, and TRUE government. King still stupidly thinks his cult is the REAL Worldwide Church of God.  So when you see that word you need to remember it is describing his cult.

Now what I am about to reveal may shock some who have been involved in the Worldwide Church of God [COGSR]. You may have never been taught this before. Mr. H.W.Armstrong, Pastor General of original WCG, originally did vote. Mr. Armstrong voted for who was to become the next US President. He did pay attention to politics in his early life. What happened? When he saw that America [Manasseh] was turning from a God ordained National Republic to a Democracy he knew something was wrong. He stated in “Mystery of the Ages” that not too long after World War 2 this nation began losing its blessings.-

Why? The United States began to take advantage of the blessings that it was given. One thing that it was given was the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These documents were given to latter-day Manasseh. Had the USA stuck with the original principles of Manasseh Government the church would have continued to vote for Godly men.-

The Worldwide Church of God rejects any idea of Democracy. The WCG believes that all government should be ruled from the top down, not from the “mob” up. God’s original intention was for a US Republic which was based on moral law as found in the Bible and outlined for social government in the United States Constitution. This way man did not ultimately answer to man but to God ordained law. We were originally a nation built on Law.-

Latter our country started saying that we are a “democracy” and stopped using the word Republic. This was the beginning of latter day Manasseh’s downfall.-

At least the King votes and allows his cult members to vote.  though, it is only for the most Righteous and Pure candidate that conforms to King's liking.

Those in our Church do vote for men and women that support the original Republic. We vote not to bring in perfect government but to show our support for stable government. The so called “conservative Christian” party, the Republicans, are being punished with a very liberal president, Obama. Why? They have become decadent and liberal. This current situation of things makes the Republicans look stupid. Most of the so called Republicans think like Libertarians. They have accepted homosexuality, divorce, certain drugs, unmarried couples living together [which is fornication], etc. Most of the so called “Christian” Republicans accept pagan holidays, pagan doctrines and are lost in the liberal Christian world of “evangelicalism”.- 
Though our current President, Mr. Barack H. Obama has been perhaps more ridiculed than those in his position before him, we do not hate him nor do we see him as lesser than ourselves. We disagree with many of his decisions and we pray for him. He is the first black president. To live in this time is indeed to witness extraordinary events. We thank God that this nation has the guts and glory to go beyond the prejudiced barriers of the past.-

As true Christians COGSR is extremely different than all other so called “denominations”. We thank God that we have the right to express our opinions and to share what we believe to be and hold to be the Truth with others. We believe in the preservation of our religion. As the Seventh Era Leader of the true Worldwide Church of God my prayer is that if you have read this document that you will give us a chance to continue to share with you just what we believe in. May you go in peace and may God continue to show His great mercy on the United States of America.-
Little did Herbert Armstrong realize the stupidity that would be leashed upon the world because of his beliefs.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"It's Just A Piece of Scottish Sandstone"

When Herbert Armstrong delved into the British Israelism books that were prevalent in the late 1800's and early 1900's, he swallowed hook-line and sinker the belief that the Stone of Scone was Jacob's pillar stone that he supposedly rested his head on.  Armstrognism was always great at mocking the myths and legends of the peoples of the world, but it never found room to mock the myths and legends of British Israelism. 

The former Ambassador library in Pasadena was filled with these books that sat on the shelves along side Pyramidology books from the late 1800's by Rutherford, Piazzi-Smith, Davidson and others.

Myths and legends have filled the minds of Armstrong, Hoeh and others over the decades in the church..  Hoeh's Compendium of World History was the most appalling and ridiculous books that the Church ever published.  It was filled with myths and legends.

Silenced has several great articles up about our myths and legends that our doctrines were based upon.

Celtic Discrepancies
Proponents of British Israelism also claim that, obviously, the British and Celts and the tribes that comprise them were of Israelite origin. But it’s important to note that Celts were in Britain two centuries (900 BCE) before the collapse of the Northern Kingdom (720 BCE), and long before the start of the Barbarian Invasions (300 CE): “In the fourth century CE, the Angles and Saxons began raids on Britain, bothering the Romans who were already there. When the Romans finally abandoned Britain the Angles, Saxons and Jutes moved in. They soon became the masters of the island, driving out or enslaving the Celts who were already there. They remained the masters until 1066 when the Normans arrived and subjugated the Angles and Saxons. It is clear, therefore, that the people of Great Britain are not from any one stock of ancestors but are as much a mixture as their language.” (Nettlehorst)

The ancient scholars Bede and Tacitus both agreed that before the time of Christ, German and Teutonic tribes migrated to the British Isles, forcing the early Britons to the western portion of the isles. The earliest of these Germanic settlers were the Angles and Jutes, before the time of Christ, followed by the “Great Saxon Invasion” between 450 and 600 CE, which culminating with the “Danish Conquest” 787-1070 CE.

Of the history of the British peoples, Nettlhorst adds: “The history of England, like the history of Israel, lends no support to the view that the descendants of Abraham invaded the island. Arthur Cross tells us that the Celts, one of the earliest groups that invaded Britain, first arrived 1,000 years before Christ was born and more than 200 years before the Northern Kingdom fell. Not only that, but from the history of the English language itself it is clear that there is no relation between it and Hebrew, or the English people and the Israelites.” (Nettlehorst)

Furthermore, London was not founded by Celts as some proponents of British Israelism often claim, but by the Romans in 43 CE as Londinium.

Proponents also claim the Stone of Scone, or the Scottish coronation stone, Jacob’s Pillar, an ancient Israelite relic. But this also makes no sense: “Despite the claims of British Israelism that the Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny was Jacob’s pillar, the stone did not originate in Palestine at all, nor is the Stone of Scone the Lia-Fail of Ireland. It is just a piece of sandstone from Scotland.” (Nettlehorst)

A Foundation of Sand, Part I
A Foundation of Sand, Part II
A Foundation of Sand, Part III
A Foundation of Sand, Part IV
A Foundation of Sand, Part V

UCG: Roy Holladay Back In Again Over Ministers and Members

Apparently there is no one in UCG who is younger than can lead the ministry into new vitality and new directions.  That was the complaint I heard from a UCG member today about the appointment today of Roy Holladay over the Ministerial and Membership Services of UCG.

Jame Malm had this up:

13:45 EST:   CINCINNATI, Ohio – Following the recommendation of Church President Victor Kubik, the Council of Elders of the United Church of God confirmed the appointment of Roy Holladay, 73, as operation manager for Ministerial and Member Services December 11.  Holladay will assume his new role immediately and complete the transition moving back to Cincinnati in January.  Roy’s son David (a local elder) attends UCG-Seattle and is the Associate Pastor under Steve Shafer.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

UCG Member Taking Heat For "Hey Jews" Parody

A current member of the UCG sent me this.  I guess many in UCG think it is offensive.  Apparently he is also getting ripped on several Facebook pages for this video.

It has always fascinated me at how Armstrongism pretends to be Jewish yet mocks them any chance it gets. Armstrongism has always claimed it has a "better" understanding of what it means to be Jewish and are better "spiritual" Jews than the real Jews.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

David C. Pack Struggling To Maintain Control of Restored Church of God

For the last year or so David C. Pack boldly boasted and bragged about how he was the ONLY Church of God splinter group accomplishing any work.  His narcissism got the better of him late this summer when he declared that the tens of thousands of COG members in the 700 some splinter groups would all come flocking to his church at the Feast of tabernacles.

Holes started to quickly appear in his prophecy. He regularly became the subject of much derision and mockery.  He attempted to crack down on info about his church  leaking out into the "world."  Families were broken up, wives spied upon, and children encouraged to spy on an their parents.

In spite of all of that, he dug his pit deeper and deeper as Summer turned into Fall.  When the hundreds of thousands of COG members and former members failed to come to Wadsworth along with their money, Dave went into hiding.  Which was probably a good thing.

Since the Feast Dave has been struggling with money issues, members leaving, and other tribulations that only TRUE Church of God leaders experience as martyrs for the "truth."

Here is a letter that was posted on Exit and Support about David C. Pack's current Restored Church of God issues.

RCG Experiencing Money Shortage and Loss of Membership:
December 8, 2013
There is evidently a money shortage in the Restored Church of God. The Sabbath after Thanksgiving was an ordered fast. The ministers have taken a pay cut. This is supposedly to fund new TV stations, but the land and buildings are said to be secure. Since the Feast, there has been a loss of membership. The new TV push is supposed to bring in new members, maybe because they haven't heard the false prophecy made by Dave Pack this year. --[name withheld]

E. W. King Predicts Ungodly Atheists, Inspired By John Lennon, Will Kill Off God This Coming Year

Apparently, the fresh mountaintop air does not do much in clearing the mind of a confused wanna-be Church of God leader.

John Lennon's satanic song, "Imagine,"  according to King, is the new rallying cry for the atheist God-killers out there.
I predict that we will see new organizations of people who will promote atheism like never before in 2014. They have been brain washed by John Lennon’s moronic song “Imagine”. These are Communists right here in America! These are Socialists and Progressive Conservatives. We will see more like Thomas J.J. Altizer who wrote “The Gospel of Christian Atheism”. We will witness strange souls like William Hamilton who wrote in 1966, “Radical Theology and the Death of God”. Liberal parents will give this type of information to their children thinking that this will some how bring them enlightenment.-

Evil mad scientists are not using the "sound doctrine" of Eric King cult and are therefore turning themselves over to paganism.

While all this begins to happen more aggressively you will see Fundamentalist Christians fight for survival. They will feel that annihilation is imminent. New scientific discoveries have not been properly approached with sound Biblical doctrine by the lost denominations. We have seen people run to paganism because of this. Because the denominations refuse to bow to true Christian Reality as found in Scripture and taught by the one true church [Church of God] they will continue to fail. The modern apostate churches have let so much entertainment into their worship services just to keep attendance that they have lost the entire true Gospel of the Kingdom message. Because the ‘fundamentalists’ feel under threat they will get even more radical with error to keep their people.-

Because King and his little cult are speaking such a forceful message to the world they are being persecuted like the Jews were.  The hatred that Hitler had for the Jews is the same hatred that King an his cult are experiencing.  The attack is coming from Christians who  mock him. LaLaLaLaLa

While all this is going on is there a real concern for God’s true Church, the Worldwide Church of God [COGSR]? Yes. Look what Adolph Hitler did to the Jews. That same hatred is coming toward those who serve the true God. Doubt it not; this attack will come in the form of some sort of fake Christianity who holds hands with paganism and atheism.-