Saturday, March 4, 2023

UCG Devotes Entire Session To Its Logo

Can you imagine Jesus sitting on the shore with his disciples as they argued over what logo best would represent them instead of what they needed to do to get off their sorry asses and bring Good News to the world? The mere presence of Jesus attracted thousands to hear him. His words were all that mattered. No need for some logo or identifier that set them apart. The words spoken are what made the difference.

The recent UCG Council of Elders spent an entire session discussing their logos, which apparently a lot of UCG members do NOT like. This discussion was sooooooooooo important that they actually drafted a "resolution" to solve the issue. 

If only they put this much effort into discussing Jesus. People wonder why the COGs today are a laughing stock.

Chairman Martin introduced the next item on the agenda, the United Church of God and Beyond Today Logo.

Mr. Martin turned the floor over to President Shabi and Mr. Edington to lead the discussion and answer any questions or concerns. Mr. Shabi began by clarifying and outlining the purpose behind having a new logo. He mentioned that they did take into consideration the recent objection from the membership to the proposed logo and have discussed it at length. It was decided that the current logo will be abandoned and a new design selected.

The administration then asked the Council to rescind the last resolution and give the team time to develop a new logo. Mr. Shabi added that there should be no rush because we have plenty of time before the new website is ready to launch. It was then decided that an article will be drafted in order to properly communicate to the membership what’s actually being done in the development of the logo and why it is needed.

In addition, Mr. Eddington clarified the difference between the logo and the seal. He assured the Council that the seal is not being removed or changed, just the logo. Mr. Eddington then presented the new resolution concerning the request to rescind the previous resolution. After a few comments, Chairman Martin moved to pass the resolution. The resolution was approved (10 votes for, 1 vote opposed, Paul Wasilkoff absent).

United Church of God and Beyond Today Logo Resolution

Whereas, it is the responsibility of the Council of Elders to approve, use and alter UCGIA logos and symbols (bylaw, and

Whereas, the Council of Elders approved a new logo in March of 2022, and

Whereas, questions have now arisen about the design of that logo,

Therefore, it is hereby resolved that the March 2022 Church and Beyond Today logo resolution—and its various iterations (referenced as the “encircled flame/ribbon”)—approved by the Council of Elders, be rescinded and

It is Therefore also resolved, that the Council approves of the Church using the original Church and Beyond Today logos previously registered by UCGIA.

Approved by the Council of Elders

February 14, 2023


UCG: Close to 30 Years On They Are Still Asking: “Where have we been, where can we go, what are we missing”


Ever since Vic Kubik was removed from office the United Church of God has been trying to reinvent itself. Strangely, they still cling to the myth and relevance of British Israelism as necessary for their "gospel". They also continue to think it necessary to smear Christians of the world as being deceived by Satan believing that that action shows how much more enlightened they are about the "unknown Jesus" whom they still hardly know. Let them take about the law and they can wax eloquent.

They are going to try and make a concerted effort to target younger adults through social media. They believe they can provide proper direction to those really interested in the Bible.

After receiving blowback from members over their "worldly" Magnified series, UCG admits they need to keep members better informed and how it is necessary to "effectively communicate" with younger people on their level.

One would think that as they inch closer to 30 years of existence they could get their act together and preach a simple message of Jesus, but no, there is too much other crap necessary for them to discuss.

In the latest Council of Elders report they had this:

Peter Eddington continues as Operations Manager of this area of the work. Mr. Shabi commented that he and Mr. Eddington have had many discussions reviewing the methods and means of preaching the gospel, as well as reviewing and developing the metrics that can be used to monitor the effectiveness of what is being done. “Where have we been, where can we go, what are we missing” are questions being asked as it pertains to preaching the gospel and the various means of communication available to us today.

    • Social Media and Web Presence – Mr. Shabi mentioned that we have to be relevant in today’s world. We give people hope through the Word of God without compromising, gently leading them to see that the Word of God is as relevant today as it was in Christ’s time.

    • Beyond Today TV – New four and five-program series are being recorded to air back-to-back beginning in Mid-April with the following subjects; Joseph’s birthright, focusing on the crown in England and the identity of modern-day Israel (Darris McNeely), Satan’s deception in the Christian teachings of the world (Steve Myers), and the unknown Jesus (Gary Petty).

    • TV Ads – There are plans to buy TV air time on various networks for 30/60 second ads that will feature key comments from the Beyond Today program designed to draw attention to our teachings. Those ads will direct people to watch Beyond Today at, YouTube, and at the Beyond Today channel.

    • Social Media Campaign – Mr. Shabi mentioned that social media (Facebook and Instagram) are key areas to consider when it comes to reaching young adults, both in and outside of the Church. There are many out there who are interested in the Bible, committed to what it teaches, and looking for direction. We must put forth the effort to reach them and give them what they are searching for. There is a force behind why they are responding the way they are – they want to go deeper into the scriptures. They want conversation centered around the Bible and are looking for truth. We must fill that void using the type of communication channels they are engaged in, such as Facebook, Instagram, and podcast formats.

    • “Magnified” – Mr. Shabi noted that this short film series is a first step in the effort to reach young adults outside the Church, which is the target audience of this project. It has been successful so far, but we realize we must effectively communicate to our members what we are doing and who is the target audience when we introduce these new methods of preaching the truth.

Friday, March 3, 2023

PCG On Throne Room Culture


Those crafty men at Philadelphia Church of God have some humor after all. They have an article up about "Throne Room Culture". Oh, wait! Not THIS kind of throne room...sigh.

Ryan Malone writes:

Throne-Room Culture
God’s inspiring plan to export a way of thinking 
and living that Satan has suppressed for so long

PCG will do anything it can to justify the millions of dollars they spend a year on entertainment in its mini-me auditorium. Trying to emulate Herbert Armstrong and his love of classical music, Gerald Flurry started his own "foundation and built the mini-me version of Pasadena's Ambassador Auditorium.

After getting flack for the millions spent on Irish dance spectacles and training of the elite in Edmond to dance it, Malone and others are fast to defend the expense, as God ordained quality.

God “endowed man with the power of mind,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in The Incredible Human Potential. “It seems obvious that human minds were made to function in the same manner as the Creator’s, although in an inferior way. But how do we humans use our minds? We are endowed with something akin to creative powers.” 
This ability makes the human being a unique creation. No animal has this ability. God gave it only to man, because of our unique and special purpose. Part of the unique God-like mind that humans possess is the ability to appreciate creative, artistic endeavors.

The Cultured Mind of God 
God—creator and possessor of this mind power—is the most cultured, brilliant and sophisticated Being. He appreciates the finest things. He is a God of quality. 
God gave us such mind power so He could create His character in us. And His character is that of a perfectionist, of creating the highest quality, of appreciating the finest things. “[T]he Bible teaching upholds prosperity, culture, education and acquisition of right knowledge, good quality, proper attire in clothes,” Mr. Armstrong wrote in his March 1978 Plain Truth personal, “Is It Wrong to Be a Cultured Individual?” He continued: “The Bible reveals human nature as being lazy, slovenly, yet full of vanity and greed. When people brag about being poor, uneducated and uncultured, that is merely vanity. It is usually self-excusing shiftlessness, neglect, lack of effort.”
God is surrounded by brilliance and sophistication.

And then there is this:

In Revelation 5, we read that these 24 elders sing a new song before the throne (verse 9). 
What a visually rich environment: pure gold, precious stones, fiery crystals. And what aurally rich conditions—harps, singing and constant music. Verses 11-13 reference an angelic chorus of 100 million voices! 
All this, you could say, is God’s throne-room culture.

Only the elite in Edmond gets to enjoy this amazing culture. Those in the field churches are bled dry of their finances making it virtually impossible for them to attend local symphonies and other cultural events so they can experience the "finer" things in life.

Never one to write an article about anything wihout mentioning Herbert Armstrong, Malone writes:

Students in the colleges were learning how to be ambassadors for God’s way of life in practical ways. Mr. Armstrong established spokesman clubs throughout the Church “to qualify Church members to better represent the Kingdom of the Eternal, living God by training in character development, leadership within God’s Church, effective organization of right thoughts and ability to put them across in plain, understandable speech” (Spokesman Club Manual). He built an auditorium to promote the highest artistic achievements of the human spirit. 
Our Work today consists of the same kinds of cultural opportunities, training us how to better represent God’s culture as His ambassadors. God is blessing His people with opportunities to grow in this kind of culture. Even Church members living in far-flung places around the world can live-stream many of the performances from Armstrong Auditorium. Witnessing the gold standard of performance art is a rare experience in human history. Historically, for people to witness such performances, they would had to have been born into a privileged palace—and one that patronized the arts. 
Nowadays, it is more common for people to be able to watch great performances in the form of live concerts, particularly with the advent of television and film. Art museums are also affordable and attainable for many. But this still applies mainly to the First World and Israelite-affected nations. The vast majority of humanity today is unable to partake of anything of this sort.

Utter crap! Herbert detested country music because GTA liked it. Does liking country music qualify as the "gold standard"? What about live rock performances? Do they qualify? Not everyone in the world likes classical music, especially the Irish dance crap that PCG is pumping out lately.

Of course, when it comes to Armstrongism, there is a hidden meaning to the "finer things". Enjoying that kind of music, wearing expensive clothes, eating fine food, etc is all meant to inspire people to know what it will be like to be a god or goddess.

A time is coming when all will partake of the finer things! These include fine food and drink, singing and dancing. And this is a lifestyle that, in Satan’s world, was only enjoyed by a privileged few. Verses 12 and 14 show that this all typifies spiritual bounty. These physical things represent God’s goodness. 
This lifestyle will be possible partly because the world will be ruled by a spirit family of God beings—a family whose achievement, again, will be far greater than Lucifer’s ever could have been. In John’s vision recorded in the book of Revelation, he saw 144,000 of those Family members singing a new song “before the throne” (Revelation 14:1-5)—contributing to the throne-room culture.

God gives us a foretaste of this kind of world today: every Sabbath, every Feast, in the continual experiences He gives His Church. This is because wewill help bring this throne-room culture to the Earth. 
It does not stop on Earth though! Isaiah 51:16 states: “And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people.” 
The Earth is merely the foundation for planting the heavens! 
God wanted Lucifer to fill this universe with godly culture. Instead this is our job. God is ensuring we have the abilities to perform this! For we are about to fill this Earth—and this universe—with God’s throne-room culture!



COGWA Abominations Surround Us So Be Watchful And Alert


COGA continues to carry on the grand tradition of Armstrongism with its doom-and-gloom scenarios. The world around them is corrupt and full of evil, pretty much like their own church organization, but that's another topic. Impending doom and annihilation await the United States, England, Canada, and other so-called Borsitih Israelite nations. Like all the other COG's, they can't look at or embrace peace in Christ, but teach their members to live in a constant state of fear.

The opposite of being complacent is being watchful and alert. 
The prophet Ezekiel saw a glimpse of the spirit world just before sudden destruction came upon Jerusalem. As the glory of God was leaving the temple, Ezekiel saw six angelic beings with lethal weapons and one among them with an inkhorn (Ezekiel 9:1-3). 
God told the angel with the inkhorn to go and mark those who “sigh and cry over all the abominations” that were being done around them. Then those with the deadly weapons were to slay the rest who didn’t receive this mark, who essentially were complacent about their sins and the sins of the people around them (verses 4-5, 9). 
We must go to God in prayer, sighing and crying over all the abominations around us. We are to watch world conditions and our attitudes as we diligently strive to make our spiritual “call and election” sure (2 Peter 1:10). 
With these things in mind, we should be praying that we will be “counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:36). 
God has a wonderful future in store beyond the troubles of this age. Learn more about Jesus Christ’s return and how to prepare for it in our online article “You Need Some Good News.”

Crackpot Prophet Sees King Charles Trip To Europe As A Sure Sign Of The Rise Of The Beast


All of this wild winter weather in California has played havoc with the mind of our favorite self-appointed prophet. So special that he was dreamed up by God before the foundations of the world were laid so that he could arise in the end times to lead the faithful into the kingdom.

We have been eagerly waiting for him to rant about all the rain and snow the state has received, but this goes against the narrative he has created in his own mind that God is punishing California and the U.S. After all, this prophet of doom-dumb is like all the other self-appointed COG prophets, they need and want utter destruction to happen. Suffering death and damnation is the playbook by which they operate.

Instead, the world's greatest Church of God leader in human history has turned his attention to King Charles who plans on hopping over to Europe to try and improve his relationship with the Europeans. As usual, the great Bwana sees this as a sure sign for the Beast power to arise and destroy the UK and the United States. What fun times!

Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg had better get his act together in order so he can use the CERN Accelerator to destroy the U.S. and the UK, and start building those concentration camps COG leaders so desperately need to see happen.

Buckingham Palace and the governments in France and Germany announced the first state visit by UK’s King Charles III... 
The Bible tells of a time when the world will be dominated by Europe (cf. Revelation chapters 13,17, and 18). 
Consider, further, that the Book of Hosea specifically shows that there will be problems with Israel, Ephraim (the British), and Judah. And these are problems that seem to coincide to the sequence in Daniel 11:39-42. 
Notice what Hosea 5:5 teaches will be fulfilled:

5 The pride of Israel testifies to his face; Therefore Israel and Ephraim stumble in their iniquity; Judah also stumbles with them. 
Hosea is showing that Israel/U.S.A., Ephraim/United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand, and Judah (the nation now called Israel) will have problems. This prophetically may be because of an attack by the King of the North on the U.S.A. and some of its English-speaking allies (Daniel 11:39)–which also will be the start of the Great Tribulation. The U.S.A. probably had pride in its military power which was then broken and its cities made desolate (cf. Leviticus 26:19, 28-33).

He continues on almost giddy with excitement as he so desperately needs this to happen to prove his legitimacy.

Because of the “sin of Samaria” (Amos 8:14; which looks to be a reference to the modern U.S.A.) there will be a famine of the word that God will have happen (Amos 8:11-12) to at least the North Americans—the place where much of the Philadelphia remnant would have fled from (between Daniel 11:30-39). 
Hosea 10:9-11 suggests that Ephraim and Judah will be forced into hard labor, perhaps around this time as well; while 11:1-8 says that Assyria will be the king of Ephraim and Israel, because they refused to repent, and that the sword will devour their cities.

The Great Bwana ends by pulling a Dave Pack. Bwana Bob knows just how it's all going to end. If you want to find out you need to join his little personality cult in order to be saved. 

The last verse in Hosea (14:9) begins with:

9 Who is wise? Let him understand these things. Who is prudent? Let him know them. 
Note that the word translated as “prudent” above is the same Hebrew biyn that is in Daniel 11:33/35 as understanding. Since I believe that the Philadelphian portion of the Church is to have the wise and prudent, I believe that Hosea is giving more insight as to why it may be tied into Daniel 11. 
Very few in the Church of God have tried to connect the prophecies of Hosea together. Most will not know when it is time to flee and when the Great Tribulation will begin until it is too late.

Bwana Bob's post is filled with ludicrous speculations and an enormous amount of Catholic "prophecies". It's easy to see why Rod Meredith called him out on his Catholic nonsense.

 Anyway, It is time to start packing my Petra bags. Fun times are soon to happen! Bob says so!

Woo hoo! Petra here I come!





Thursday, March 2, 2023

RCG: As the clock ticks, a growing sense of dread builds at Headquarters

Anything Anywhere


Two curses calling for the death of David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God are in progress. The terms of the first have already been met. The terms for the second trigger on April 21, 2023.


David C. Pack discovered a surrogate date in Haggai, proving God works in exactly one-month increments.


David C. Pack is the singular masculine pronoun “he” in Daniel 12:12 despite the word being non-existent in the Hebrew.


David C. Pack has taught the gospel to more people than Paul. He knows prophecy better than any man who has ever lived. He studies the Bible in his sleep. The Mystery of God is finished. The Series is over. The Kingdom of Dave will arrive before next week, but no man knows the day and the hour.


How is all of this possible?


Because David C. Pack can open the Bible and use anything from anywhere to say anything at any time.


The Bible contains dates, numbers, names, parallels, events, and versatile definitions. Anyone skilled in them can take unrelated pieces and press them together in any way they want. Watch a child play with Legos. All the bricks can stick together. From the tiniest single one to the largest flat one. Join them, and they magically work.

Five verses from anywhere say one thing.


One week later, those same five verses reshuffled now say another thing.


In three more days, they prove the opposite from ten days before.


This is the technique of David C. Pack. The reality loop cycles perpetually. Fueled by blind arrogance, pride, selective amnesia, and a host of mental disorders, The Restored Church of God is doomed to repeat the rollercoaster of exhilaration and disappointment because they believe a man rather than their Bible. They trust in a man instead of trusting in God.


The greatest story of David C. Pack is never-ending, and it will not stop until he dies.



The plan of God is as easy-peasy as it could possibly get. This is a summary according to “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 423)” on February 25, 2023:


From the 1335 to the 1290 is 45 days. Overlapping that is 3 ½ days before the 30 days with a 2 ½ day period at the start of the 30 days, but on day 19 of the 30, an 11-day Great Tribulation ends the extended month on Iyar 1 (April 22), which is the Day of the Lord when Jesus Christ returns for real.


Got it?


Part 423 – February 25, 2023

@ 21:22 This is a shocking revelation, and it changes some things.


The shocking revelation is that nobody ever looked up the words in that verse before. The Hebrew words “chag” and “moad” in Hosea 9:5 change the game. Again.


@ 19:02 Now, I never pursued all the verses, and I don't know of anybody whoever did. But, now you understand that it has to be a Holy Day if the Bible says a chag is involved.


@ 22:10 So, it becomes evident that the first two days of Israel’s captivity are a moad and a chag. That is saying, The first two days of Israel’s captivity are the sixth and seventh Days of Unleavened Bread. It’s impossible that it’s anything else. It’s impossible that Israel does not go into captivity on the sixth and seventh Days of Unleavened Bread.


The sixth Day of Unleavened Bread is April 11, 2023.


If you have not yet done so, read Scott Steel’s article addressing the impossible aspect.


By taking anything (chag and moad) to mean anything (Days of Unleavened Bread), a new RCG narrative is born. How long it survives is a guess for anyone.



@ 23:10 Watch this: If the sixth and seventh Days of Unleavened Bread form two days, you need nine more days to get to the start of another month. And there are exactly nine more days till the end of Abib. There’s your eleven days. Inarguable. Absolutely inarguable that Israel’s captivity are not is not the last eleven days of the month of Abib. Or chag dudn’t mean chag.


Abib ends at sunset on April 21, 2023.


@ 24:03 Now, I can’t stress this enough because things are gonna change with this picture. Is that a coincidence? It can’t be. This alone is absolutely critical to the Mystery of God…


“Coincidence” should be removed from David C. Pack’s vocabulary. Every other coincidence since the Series began has been proven to be just that. This has to be evidence of a crippling learning disability.


Dave brushed aside Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles as possibilities. Once the Passover season passes over, he will revisit his thinking and discover Pentecost IS a chag after all. It is a shame nobody ever looked up the verses before. At least, nobody he ever knew or even met thought to do so.


Note for the future: 2 Chronicles 8:13 will tie nicely into Deuteronomy 16:16, where God calls Pentecost a chag. This is not to teach anyone but to place it in the public record. Dave either saw this verse and ignored it, or his inspiration was not so inspired.


If he utters something like, “We quote that verse every Holy Day, and we just never saw it. We just never saw it,” you owe me five dollars. I have a Zelle account set up and ready to go.


Adar/Unleavened Bread is a recycled rinse-and-repeat of 2022 and 2021. The people of The Restored Church of God have no excuse if they choose to continue wading through this mud making bricks with the straw Dave tosses them.


Each Holy Day will be the last Holy Day to stuff that green envelope. Until the next time. And they better keep stuffing them thick, or Dave gets pissy.


@ 24:33 Now, if that's true if those eleven days are true (they are), it’s impossible, it’s impossible, brethren, to not know when the Day of the Lord is. It’s impossible. It’s Iyar 1.


The Day of the Lord starting the Second Kingdom when Jesus Christ arrives is April 22, 2023.



David C. Pack’s mental disorders take center stage in the Main Hall of The Restored Church of God Headquarters.


@ 24:53 But I was right. And I just said, “Father, you’ve shown us the hour.” And it never occurred to me to look up moad and chag. I thought it was a Sabbath and a new moon spoken of is Hosea 9:5. It’s neither…and the math is perfect. Which means you now know (everybody listening worldwide live right now) you now absolutely know when the Day of the Lord is.


@ 25:23 And anybody who argues with it simply threw the Bible out the window.


Guess who will argue with this. David C. Pack of tomorrow will tear this teaching to shreds. I have complete confidence in his ability to put the David C. Pack of today to utter shame. Amateur.


Know what else went out the window? Truth. Logic. Reason. Discernment. Wisdom.


When this all fails, Dave will still be right somehow. Anything anywhere will prove this at any time.


@ 28:02 And I would be as certain of this as I am of tithing, or ya can’t eat pork, or ya better keep the Sabbath. It’s impossible to move it...Impossible.


With your left hand on the Bible, raise your right hand and declare, “I swear to God.”


One thing this reimagining does is move an immovable object because the irresistible force is resisted with spite.


Flashback Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 1:25:05 …we wait for what no one else knows ‘cause you’ll never, ever. A nuclear blast wouldn’t change me…from the simple fact that it’s ten days, seven years, a thousand years, and winter.

Do not believe David C Pack. Even when he swears by his own death. His words mean nothing to him and should mean nothing to the brethren of The Restored Church of God.



This foreshadowing is disturbing.


Part 423 – February 25, 2023

@ 35:19 The Jews have long expected Elijah to be active during the Passover. He won't be, and you won't be…every time I think of my last name, I think of the Passover season. But we will not be active. We will not be active…for any of the Days of Unleavened Bread. Your voice and mine, all of our voices, will be silenced before that. And that’s important to understand.


He repeats four times he and RCG will be silenced before the Days of Unleavened Bread. I got a chill when I heard this. God is not mocked.



Whenever Dave discovers anything anywhere, he does not remember anyone else discovering first, that somehow points to how special he is. HE is the first, the last, and the only one to know anything anywhere in the Bible, at any time.


The context here is unimportant.


@ 37:16 I don’t know a single minister I’ve ever met or knew who understood the distinction of this.


Throughout his lifetime, Dave assimilated the deep knowledge of every person he ever met by reaching into their minds to know what they studied privately in the Bible.


When you shook his hand at the Feast of Tabernacles, you probably did not realize what he was actually doing. Did you think he just wanted to meet you? Silly goose. Through his hand in yours, he searched the recesses of your brain to absorb what you understood from the Bible to make it his own.


If Dave never knew it, nobody ever knew it. If Dave is confused, everyone is confused.


Extreme insecurity is a trait of narcissists. Ponder if that is connected.



Extreme Irony Alert


Dave is NOT talking about the RCG Headquarters ministry here. They are nothing like this. 


@ 52:36 Millions and millions of outright cowardly ministers will lie about what God says in His word, lie about His law, lie about even who He is because they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t.


Nope. The hirelings at Headquarters are nothing like this.


Dave does NOT continue by addressing the RCG members.


@ 1:10:28 You know, the Bible talks about there’s this season will come when they'll heap to themselves teachers having itching ears, and they'll be turned away to fables. And they'll resist the truth.


Out of his own mouth, he has said it.


David C. Pack tells you everything you need to hear to discern whether he is true or not.



@ 1:10:17 Now, brethren, we didn’t see these things. You gotta digest this.


One former member told me, “I once told Dave Pack his teachings are giving me spiritual indigestion.”


She was one of the few on the planet who could get away with making that comment to his face. He was surprised but blew it off as her being ridiculous.


She knew more back in 2015 than she knew she knew.


@ 1:12:58 Now, this is not what we saw before. But it’s absolutely certain because it’s math. It’s math because we just hit the 1335. It’s math because it’s inarguable that it’s Abib. You’re supposta guard it. It’s math because you go to Iyar 1.


Basic math, just math, clean math, interesting math, powerful math, stunning math, biblical math, stone-cold math, and even God’s math all failed to pan out as Dave was calculating.


David C. Pack’s piss-poor reading comprehension skills are compounded by his moronic mathematics proficiencies. Words bad mouth making. Numbers bad finger count making.


This is the Apostle, the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God, and Elijah-Elect, destined to rule the Kingdom of Dave.


Hard pass.



After the meal, Part 424 kept people from going home and enjoying the rest of their evening.


Part 424 – February 24, 2023

@ 00:26 Think, in a way. Everything gets bigger. Everything gets bigger.


The Three Shepherds of Zechariah 11 are no longer world leaders.


@ 04:00 Most likely, those are shepherds. They are not the three people [horns] found in Daniel 7. It’s hard to know who they are because they can mean rulers. But, they can mean powerful rulers who are shepherds.


They were shepherds until Dave decided they were not. The religious leaders became secular until they re-converted back to where they were.


Compare and Contrast


If you disbelieve Dave today—You are a heretical stubborn rebel who thinks you know better than the Apostle, and God is somehow granting you special understanding He is not giving the ministers leading His government on earth.


But if you wait one week—You are a patient visionary ahead of the curve, perfectly aligned with God’s church because the Spirit guides us into all truth, thus, rewarding your faith.


If you say the words—You are the Apostle, the leader of God’s sheep, ending the Mystery of God and unsealing Daniel with inspired knowledge never before understood, and Elijah-Elect who will rule the First Kingdom.


If you publish those exact words—You are an antichrist serpent enemy of God, more wicked (almost) than the devil who wants to murder God's people and destroy His church, who will put the Lake of Fire to good use by being cast into it.


If you disagree with Dave, just wait one week. Next week, he will agree with you.



The Series is now really, really, really finished. Pinkie swear.


@ 53:19 Nobody should be able to shake you from a single fact you’ve heard today. Other than where I mentioned some speculations. They’re inarguable. Eleven days at the end of Abib is inarguable. And the one month of punishment, Tribulation, then the Great Tribulation. They’re all inarguable. And all the elements and resurrections and durations, they’re all inarguable. They’re impossible to move.


Nothing will move until anything WE were not aware of from anywhere in the Bible comes along to change anything at any time.


@ 54:21 So, there no other Mystery of God coming next year. There nobody gonna stand up, certainly not me, and make it plainer than this. I never dreamed such powerful knowledge could still be waiting as recently as about five days ago… I couldn’t have imagined it and I would dare say, none of you could’ve.


Yet, imagined it all, he did.


@ 54:44 So, it’s plain. The way’s prepared. There’s nothing else to say.


As the clock ticks, a growing sense of dread builds at Headquarters. The Third Floor Executive Imaginarium is already hard at work finding a way for Dave to contradict himself. Maybe he will throw in a third curse just to spice it up.


The next anything from anywhere will be thoroughly explained in Part 425. The announcement for that will come at any time.


Marc Cebrian

See: Anything Everywhere

Just how many Watchmen does the Church of God need?


Just how many "watchmen" does the Church of God need? Almost every single group claims they are the watchman actively watching world events and shouting the most amazing warnings ever to be heard. All we really have is a bunch of blowhards running off at the mouth and saying crap that ends up being an utter failure. From Bob Thiel to Dave Pack, the sheer nonsense is overwhelming at the craziness they spout out.

Living Church of God also continues that tradition. Somehow we are expected to believe that they are the only real watchmen out there. At least Doug Winnail thinks so.

All of these self-appointed potentates love blasting the world for all their sins but never seem to care much about the corruption and rampant sins going on their own groups.

The Role of a Watchman: Many churches today feel their mission is to tell people that God loves them and that Jesus came to save sinners. However, there is much more to the biblical message. Jesus told His disciples to be alert and watch for events that will mark the approaching end of the age and His return (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21). Events making news today, including increasingly severe weather, wars and spreading violence, religious confusion and moral corruption—especially in modern Israelite nations—are prophesied to occur. They will coincide with the rise of a political power in Europe with links to the ancient Roman Empire and which 4will be promoted by an ecumenical-minded Roman Church, as well as the rise of adversarial powers in Asia and the Arab world. Just as God raised up a series of prophets to warn the ancient nations of Israel and Judah that their ungodly ways would bring serious consequences, God has given His Church a similar role today—to function as a watchman and warn of the consequences of our sinful ways (Ezekiel 2:3; 33; Isaiah 58:1). Delivering this powerful warning message will accompany the preaching of the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God (Matthew 24:14). This is the role we have been given today.
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

John Forester On A Review Of Tithing Fallacies


But the Church of God sure did!


An Honest Review of Tithing

John AC Forster

Have we been told the truth about tithing?

Why was tithing introduced in the first place?

Who was required to pay a tithe?

How many tithes were there?

When was the tithe paid?

Was the tithe paid on gross or net?

Is a tithe valid in the NT?


Part One:

Tithing is one of those issues that require one to diligently maintain their objectivity and to not allow personal bias or belief to influence your examination of the subject. This can be difficult because those that receive the tithe do not want to see their flow of revenue to cease, and those that pay it do not want to possibly displease Elohim by not fulfilling an ordinance of Yahweh.

It is well known that churches that teach tithing use several methods to encourage their members to tithe. A new member is often subjected to the carrot approach. Churches would say for example, that Rockefeller (a well known American billionaire) tithed. This implies that you too can become rich by tithing. They would also say that one would be abundantly blessed and that Elohim would not only make up for the difference, but would add to your earnings. The end result would be that one would be truly blessed. Further, that tithing pleases the Almighty and that your salvation would be ensured. If these types of approaches failed, then the big stick came out. One was threatened that they would not only lose their salvation but would suffer curses if they didn’t tithe. They would also state that by not tithing one was stealing from Elohim. To prove their point they would quote Mal.3:8-10: two verses that appear to confirm this. Later on, I will review these scriptures and surprise you with the truth.

In the beginning Yahweh expressed His desire that the Israelites would be His Holy Nation: a kingdom of priests.

Ex. 19:6 ‘And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words which you shall speak to the sons of Israel.’

In the Westminster Leningrad Codex this verse is express as:

Ex.19:6 ‘As for you, you shall become Mine, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation… ‘ 

Since Yahweh later established a physical priesthood and further identified the people as separate from that priesthood (vs 24), this verse 6 has to be a prophecy looking forward to that time that all baptized Christians being given the Holy Spirit, would become His priests: a royal spiritual priesthood .

1 Peter 2:5 You also as living stones are being built into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to YAHWEH through Yahshua Messiah. 


1 Peter 2:9 But you are an elect race, a royal priesthood; a holy people, and a people for possession; that you should proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness to His precious light: (Ex. 19:5, 6). 


According to scripture, we of that spiritual house are all priests. The importance of this will be revealed later.

Tithing: Why Established?

Israel was established as a Theocracy. The nation existed as a government of assembly/church and state. To finance that government composed of the Levites and priests, Yahweh instituted the tithing system. All agricultural products produced by the seed of the land and the herds and flocks that fed off that land, was tithable.

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that items were tithable only if they were (1) edible, and (2) a product of the soil. Some erroneously quote Gen.14:20 as an example of Abraham tithing, deliberately or ignorantly, leaving out the fact that this was a tithe of spoils (Heb.7:4), captured in war, and not a tithe based on Yahweh’s commands.

Who Was Required to Pay Tithes?

Not everyone paid tithes. Upon entering Canaan, Yahweh distributed individual estates to the twelve tribes. This land came without costs, without interest, and with rights of perpetual ownership, via the Jubilee-year laws. Those that enjoyed this blessing had Yahweh as their landlord and guarantor. Upon the death of the head of the family, only the eldest son received the inheritance. All other sons had to obtain their livelihoods from other means. These sons had no guarantee from Yahweh that they would own any land in Israel and thus, their livelihoods were always at risk. They became the wage earners that were expected to give as they were able, when they appeared before Yahweh on the three occasions at His festivals (Dt.16:16-17).

How Many Tithes were There?

Some churches that insist on tithing also state that there were/are three tithes. The second to be used by the tither at the feast sites and then every third year one was to submit to the church another tithe for distribution to the poor. What does the Bible actually teach? There are 13 main scriptures that relate to tithing. Above some of them, the publisher of that Bible included a caption that refers to which tithe the verses are speaking about. In one of my Bibles it states: ‘Law of First Tithe’

Lev 27:30 And all the tithe of the land, of the seed of the land, of the fruit of the tree, shall belong to YAHWEH; it is holy to YAHWEH.

Lev 27:32 And all the tithe of the herd and of the flock, all that passes under the rod, a tenth shall be holy to YAHWEH;

Notice that these verses refer to only one tithe, had Yahweh meant a second and third tithe, He would have told us.

He would have instructed that two (or three in a third tithe year), be selected from the crops, herd, and flocks. In addition the word ‘all’ is used and is defined in Webster’s as pertaining to the whole amount, quantity, or extent of, the entire amount, no bits and pieces.

What About Second Tithe?

Deut 14:22 Tithing you shall tithe all the increase of your seed that the field yields year by year. 


Deut 14:23 And you shall eat before YAHWEH your Elohim in the place which He shall choose to cause His name to dwell there (Jerusalem), the tithe of your grain, of your wine, and of your oil, and the first-lings of your herd and of your flock; that you may learn to fear YAHWEH your Elohim all your days.

My Bible captions these verses as being the second tithe. However, this caption is not inspired nor is it the Word of Yahweh. Once again while examining these verses, two issues stand out. This tithe is referred to as ‘all the increase’ and secondly, one is instructed to ‘eat his tithe in the place that Yahweh shall place His Name.’ Nowhere does Elohim call this a second tithe. Neither does Yahweh tell the assembly to submit an additional tithe called the tithe of a tithe. He does however, tell the Levities to submit a tithe of the tithes that they receive, to the priests.

Num 18:26 And you shall say to the Levites; and you shall speak to them, When you take the tithe from the sons of Israel, which I have given to you from them, for your inheritance, then you shall lift from it a heave offering of YAHWEH, a tithe of the tithe. Num 18:28 So you also shall lift up the heave offering of YAHWEH from all your tithes which you receive from the sons of Israel. And you shall give from it the heave offering of YAHWEH to Aaron the priest.

Note that this is to come from the tithe that they receive from the sons of Israel, and not an additional payment from the people. Note also that it was the local Levites that lived among the people in 48 cities, that collected the tithe from the people and then paid a tenth of those tithes, to the priests that resided in Jerusalem. These local Levites determined how they would handle the tithes they received. The priests, likewise would determine how they handled the ten percent of the tithes that they received from the local Levites.

What About Third Tithe?

Deut 14:28 At the end of three years, even the same year, you shall bring forth all the tithe of your increase, and shall lay it up within your gates.

Deut 14:29 And the Levite, because he has no portion nor inheritance with you, and the alien, and the fatherless, and the widow who are within your gates shall come and shall eat and be satisfied; so that YAHWEH your Elohim may bless you in all the work of your hand which you do.

Deut 26:12 When you have made an end of tithing all the tithes of your increase the third year, the year of tithing, and have given it to the Levite, the alien, the orphan, and the widow, that they may eat inside your gates, and be filled,

Note that once again the scriptures state that this is ‘all the tithes of your increase.’ Some tithing churches say that these two verses list what they call a third tithe, but nowhere do any of these scriptures state anything close to what they have assumed and taught.

So what is the Truth?

Thus far, we have proven that yes, tithing was the financial system for the support of the Levites and priests. We have also proven that there was only one tithe based on the increase of agricultural products whether of the seed or the herd, or flocks. What most do not understand is that this one single tithe had three purposes depending on the tithing year of the individual. During the normal/regular years, a person took his tithe(s), his tithe of corn, wheat, etc., to the feast site during the three times in a year, whereby one would appear before Yahweh in Jerusalem.

This tithe would be eaten during the feast and whatever was left over, was given to the Levites and priests. This was done every first and second year. During the third year, the individual did NOT attend or go, to Jerusalem, but rather stayed home and distributed/shared his tithe with the poor, the fatherless, the widow, and the Levite.

So where did the second and third tithe explanations come from? The Encyclopedia Judaica records that the rabbis reinterpreted the tithing system, and we all know from history and experience that man is greedy and puts himself first before the wellbeing of others. It is no wonder why Yahshua was so repulsed by the Pharisees’ self-indulgent, greedy ways that He warned them in Matthew 23:33. It was the Pharisees who imposed an oppressive three-tithe system.

According to Harper’s Bible Dictionary: ‘Discrepancies between regulations on tithing…resulted in the Mishnah’s adopting two tithes. The first was for the Levites and the second was to be eaten by the people.’

The Encyclopedia Americana notes that the Mishnah is the first part of the Talmud, the compilation of ‘post biblical law’ which was not formally codified until A.D. 200. It becomes clear that second and third tithe did not come about from the mouth of Yahweh, but from the mouths of men.  Greedy unscrupulous men who were more concerned for their lifestyle: living in comfort and suffering no want.  How shall the Almighty Yahweh judge such men?