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Craig Winters Update: Struggling To Survive After COVID And Leg Amputation


This story just gets stranger by the day. Winters, who was considered by a large number of PCG members and ex-members to be an abuse minister in the PCG because he held firm to the abusive and revolting rules and regulations that Gerald Flurry set forth. In spite of that, he ends up being disfellowshipped and marked and is now suffering the side effects of COVID requiring his leg to be amputated. Now he is begging people for help. Like many other men in Armstrongism that got screwed by the cult by it not paying social security on the ministers or contributing to retirement. Unless of course, you are the super-elite and then you are set for life. Flurry pretends he is like HWA and the Worldwide Church of God pre1986, well he got one thing right... screwing the ministry over is what the church was really good at. Though in Winters case, karma is a bitch.

From a reader here:

Craig acquired COVID and had one of his legs amputated. His wife now works for Wal-Mart. He set up a gofundme to help pay for the hospital costs he has incurred. The man in the picture is definitely Craig.  

Here is the link to the gofundme and I've copied the text of it below: 

Hi, my name is Craig. I got Covid-19, hospitalized 23 days, full covid pnemonia, then complications set in. My lungs could not heal unless they amputated my right leg due to an infection that set in from a blocked artery. Either take my leg, or die. I was going to have to go on the ventilator for the surgery, slim chance for survival. Last minute they were able to do a spinal tap, I was now breathing room air. The many prayers that went our were answered. I'm alive. What I need help with. It turns out I am not eligible for Disability or Social security. I worked for a Non-profit organization the last 19 years and did not contribute to SS. My wife works full time at WalMart. I have a small Ebay business, 5 acres, buy and sell a few cattle. Not much. I can't come home without a ramp to get into our home. I have surmounting hospital bills. It is going to take me 6 months to a year to recover from the damage done to my lungs from the covid. I plan to work hard on becoming independent and mobile but it will take time and a lot of doctor bills. Some guys form my wife's work have volunteered to build the ramp but the wood alone was just over $1000.00. My out of pocket pay from my wife's insurance plan is $11,000.00. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help in any small way! Craig

Keep in mind this is the same Craig Winters whose son needlessly died from Addison's disease because he was told god would heal him not medications.

PCG: Tyrant Craig Winters And His Wife Disfellowshipped And Marked


From a reader here:

According to Mike's Testmony page @ ESN, both Craig Winters and his wife Colleen have been disfellowshipped as of Oct.2021 After being under his thumb for a few years (20 yrs ago), I'm not surprised. He was a 'piece of work' even back then! When I left the PCG, He disfellowshipped my whole family by phone from a campout in Cali. He disfellowshipped my middle son (who was unbaptized) for writing an email to a girl in South Africa who was 'in rebellion,' and then he disfellowshipped my 22 yr old handicapped son (also unbaptized), because "God can't use a handicapped person," and also said that my youngest son was too young to attend on his own (as if!) - - - he then told my wife that she had to divorce me since I had left the Flurry cult. When she refused to divorce, he disfellowshipped her as well. and then he finished his phone call with "there, that's the last of you!" What unmitigated gall that idiot had ....


Friday, November 12, 2021

LCG: "...we must be patient and respectful with each other and endeavor “to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” so we can do the Work"

It's Friday around noontime and things are kicking into gear for the weekly Friday Night SmackDown of LCG members who just can NEVER seem to do anything right.

Week after week it is one thing after another concerning things LCG members are doing wrong. This week, for some reason, LCG members are not being "respectful and patient" with one another, or more precisely, with the leadership. Is the patience that members are supposed to have running thin with leadership and how they treat members? If members are fed up with leadership how can the WORK get done?

In a previous comment in this newsletter Gerald Weston made the following comment:

Last Sabbath Carol and I were in Tampa, Florida, for a Tomorrow’s World Presentation where we had 54 (give or take one or two) guests. Mr. James Sweat will be giving the first of several follow-up presentations this Sabbath. Please remember to pray for these efforts, as we can preach the word but only the Father draws one to Christ.

Then at the end of the same paragraph, Weston writes:

The new television season began last week. This week’s telecast is “The Greatest Friend of All” by Mr. Richard Ames, advertising the booklet What Is a True Christian? Let us all pray that God will call many to understanding and action as a result of this encouraging telecast.—Gerald Weston

If God is the one who draws people to Christ in the LCG, and people are not showing up, then maybe, just maybe, LCG needs to examine why Christ is never in the picture so that people can be drawn to him? When it's the law all the time, ALL THE TIME, when is there ever any time for Christ to pop up?

If God is the one who sends people to the church, then what difference does it make if members are not all "perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment"? God would be sending people by the droves to his true church because he sees a bigger picture. But, the simple fact remains that COG leaders refuse to believe and that is that PEOPLE make the decision to attend a church and eventually join. This myth in Armstrongism that only God sends someone to the church is without basis. Humans are given a brain to make logical decisions, and that involves deciding which church they belong to. The concept of God calling people to the church is the other side of the sword that the church welds when they want to kick people out, they can then conveniently say the member/s were NOT called by God. Logic in the COG never computes when you really dig deep.

The Blessings of Unity: We live in an increasingly divided world, yet David wrote, “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1). Jesus Christ prayed for His disciples, “that they may be one just as We are one” (John 17:21–22). The Scriptures reveal that while the disciples had different perspectives (Acts 15; Galatians 2), they learned to work together to achieve their mission (2 Peter 3:14–16). This is why we must be patient and respectful with each other and endeavor “to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” so we can do the Work (Ephesians 4:1–3). As we are led by the same Spirit, we will see divisions diminish and we will be more “perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment” (1 Corinthians 1:10). The peace, harmony, and unity that is possible among Spirit-led Christians can be a blessing and an inspiring light in a troubled world. 
Have a profitable Sabbath, 
Douglas S. Winnail

The good news for LCG and many other COG members is that many of them are blessings and inspiring to those around them, with or without LCG or some COG group backing them up. They take care of neighbors and help in their communities, unlike the leadership of the COG's. Real Christians are always a light, you don't need Weston, Winnail, Thiel, or other COG leaders telling you how to do things right.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Well there ya go! Dave Pack finally fits the final piece of the puzzle in place.

 From Blather #331

Dave needs Nebuchadnezzar to be resurrected FIRST to tie it all together. Not to worry brethren. Everything is correct and right on schedule

Don't even try to follow the reasoning behind the entire sermon. The fact is that Dave simply is incapable of saying he is badly mistaken and has wasted the time of the brethren pretending he isn't and hasn't. 

Dave 'splains...

"It's easy...... But ONLY if you can get yourself to ACCEPT that Nebuchadnezzar is ahead of everybody else - If you cannot DO that, you'll be tangled, and the Bible will simply NOT unlock.

I walked with different groups of men...........You cannot make the Bible sing with PERFECT HARMONY UNLESS you find a way to get Nebuchadnezzar back in the 1st Kingdom - ahead of the vast billions"....

"You have to REJECT the Bible - you have to REJECT God's word - to believe Nebuchadnezzar is not here before the Day of the Lord and the Chaldeans with him"...

Weaver of Tall Tales Apostle David C Pack. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Crackpot Prophet Brags About Spanish Language Articles While Not A Single One Talks About Jesus

Where's Jesus? Can you help Bob Thiel find him? 

There is one thing about Bwana Bob Thiel, the great savior of 299 Caucasian and 3,000 Africans, is that he is consistent in the fact Jesus is the most ignored Bible topic he never speaks about. There are hundreds of useless irrelevant articles on nothing but just plan crap that top his priority list for his few followers.

Here is the list of articles that he is bragging about that are now available in the Spanish language. Jesus is nowhere to be seen. 

Not one single article talks about grace, justification, or sanctification. Not one single article about why none of the crap posts below would be worrying to any follower of Jesus. Not one single article about putting one's faith in things higher than the worthless crapfest of worrisome things he posts daily and that not one single person in Africa gives a rats ass about. 

Jesus has always embarrassed Bob Thiel and a host of other COG leaders. They would rather play themselves as painted whores to the law than ever delight in being a follower of Jesus.

The Continuing Church of God continues to get additional materials translated into the Spanish language.
Here are links to the latest news posts we received today: 
‘Is Biden’s relationship with Europe beyond repair?’
‘Está la relación de Biden con Europa más allá de toda reparación?

‘Gold Will Explode; The Dollar Will Implode When The Markets Figure This Out’
‘El oro explotará; el dólar se desmoronará cuando los mercados entiendan esto’

BBC: Mass protests in Poland amid EU exit fears
BBC: Masivas protestas en Polonia en medio de temores de salida de la UE

CG7-Denver member decried loss of doctrine
Miembro de CG7-Denver condena pérdida de doctrina

ZH: “So Deeply, Deeply Wrong” – Lithuanian Without Vaccine Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny
ZH: “Tan profundamente, profundamente malo” – Lituanos sin pase de vacuna describen la vida bajo la tiranía médica

Evidence of the Great Flood from China
Evidencia del Gran Diluvio desde China

DW: EU-UK trade war looming as Northern Ireland Protocol tensions hit boiling point
DW: Guerra comercial UE-Reino Unido tejiéndose mientras tensiones por el Protocolo de Irlanda del Norte alcanzan el punto de ebullición

FT: Europeans Should “Prepare For Demographic Replenishment By Arabs And Asians”
FT: Los europeos deberían “prepararse para reabastecimiento demográfico por árabes y asiáticos”

WND: Jonathan Cahn finds remarkable ‘harbinger’ in Afghanistan withdrawal
WND: Jonathan Cahn encuentra notable ‘presagio’ en la retirada de Afganistán


Jewish perspective of the role of Christianity in God’s 6,000 year plan
Perspectiva judía del papel del cristianismo en el plan de 6,000 años de Dios

First Baptist Pastor Alan Rudnik posted seven reasons he feels that a Christian should celebrate Halloween
Primer Pastor Bautista Alan Rudnik publicó siete razones por las cuales él siente que un cristiano debería celebrar Halloween

Forbes’ article predicted 2020’s could be worst USA decade–it will get even worse than we have seen
Artículo de Forbes predijo que los años 2020s serían la peor década de los EE.UU. – ella será incluso peor de lo que nosotros hemos visto

‘BREAKING NEWS: More Than A Dozen Shot, One Dead After Shootout In St. Paul Bar’
‘BREAKING NEWS: Más de una docena de hridos por disparos, un muerto tras tiroteo en bar de San Paul’

UK and USA want more surveillance, yet do not consider them privacy invasions. What about 666?
El Reino Unido y los EE.UU. desean más vigilancia, no obstante no consideran que ello sea invasiones a la privacidad. ¿Qué hay acerca de 666?

104th anniversary of the ‘miracle of the sun’
104° aniversario del ‘milagro del sol’

‘China’s Xi Vows ‘Reunification’ with Taiwan, but Holds Off Threatening Force’
‘Xi de China expresa votos por la ‘reunificación’ con Taiwan, pero rechaza amenazar con la fuerza’

Clean and unclean meat arguments, COVID, and scripture
Discusiones sobre carnes limpias e inmundas, COVID, y la Escritura

NTEB: Yes, Bill Gates Is Working Around The Clock To Bring A Global Identification System Based On The COVID Immunity Passport To Every Nation On Earth
NTEB: Sí, Bill Gates está trabajando contra el reloj para conseguir un sistema global de identificación basado en el Pasaporte de Inmunidad COVID para toda nación sobre la Tierra

The Hill: The real reason Biden is going to the COP26 climate summit
The Hill: La verdadera razón por la que Biden va a ir a la cumbre climática COP26

WND: Catholicism’s ‘final trial’ before Jesus’ return?
WND: ¿’Prueba final’ del catolicismo antes de que regrese Jesús?

CBS: Biden-Harris Administration unveils $1.75 trillion spending plan; PCG: When America Defaults, How Will Europe React?; COGwriter: PCG left out Habaakkuk
CBS: Administración Biden-Harris revela plan de gastos por $1.75 trillones; PCG: Cuando América se quiebre, ¿Cómo reaccionará Europa?; COGwriter: PCG dejó por fuera a Habacuc

‘Vatican conference convenes experts to study early Christian history’
‘Conferencia vaticana convoca expertos para estudiar la primera historia cristiana’

Metaverse and ‘Europe’s Digital Services Act: on a Collision Course With Human Rights’
Metaverse y Acta de Servicios Digitales de Europa: En curso de colisión con los derechos humanos

ZH: MEPs Protest “Oppressive” Vaccine Passports, Question Why “Political Elites Push This Agenda This Hard”
ZH: MEPs protesta por “opresivos” pasaportes de vacuna, pregunta por qué las ‘élites políticas impulsan esta agenda tan fuertemente’

AP: UK’s Johnson warns of ‘doomsday’ as climate summit begins; BB: France Says Britain Must Be Punished for Brexit, Leaving EU Should be ‘More Damaging than Remaining’
AP: Johnson del Reino Unido advierte del ‘día del juicio final’ mientras comienza cumbre del clima; BB: Francia dice que Betraña debe ser castigada por Brexit, dejar la UE debería ‘ser más nocivo que quedarse’

YouTube censors: COVID-19: Eat what is good!
Censuras de YouTube: COVID-19: ¡Coma lo que es bueno!

Joe Biden pledges to 2030 at COP26; Moshe Feiglin warns climate, like corona, is the ‘new paganism,’
Joe Biden se compromete para 2030 en COP26; Moshe Feiglin advierte que el clima, como el corona, es el ‘nuevo paganismo’

CBS: A potentially faster-spreading Delta variant, A Y.4.2, has been spotted in 8 states; CMI: Emerging SARS-CoV-2 variant A.30 efficiently evades vaccine-induced immunity
CBS: Una variante Delta que potencialmente se esparce más rápido, AY.4.2, ha sido detectada en 8 Estados; CMI: Variante emergente A.30 de SARS-CoV-2 de manera eficiente evade inmunidad inducida por vacunas

US voters push back against some ‘progressive’ matters
Votantes de los EE.UU. presionando para echar hacia atrás algunos temas ‘progresivos’

Revelation 2 & 3: Seven Churches and Messages
Apocalipsis 2 & 3: Siete Iglesias y Mensajes

How did early Christians view the Godhead?
¿Cómo veían a la Divinidad los primeros cristianos?

‘Iran Warns Nuclear Talks Would Fail Unless Biden Provides Guarantees’
‘Irán advierte que conversaciones nucleares fracasarían a menos que Biden dé garantías’

Metaverse religion, Big Tech censoring, WND de-monetized by Google: What’s next?
Religión metaverso, censura de Big Tech, WND desmonetizado por Google: ¿Qué sigue?

Boris Johnson and Franklin Graham: Doomsday, 1 Minute to Midnight?
Boris Johnson y Franklin Graham: ¿Día del Juicio, 1 minuto para la media noche?

Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero and 666
Alianza Financiera de Glasgow por Net Zero y 666

DW: Can Africa achieve universal internet access by 2030? COGwriter: There are still many open doors with the Internet
DW: ¿Puede África alcanzar acceso universal a Internet para 2030? COGwriter: Todavía hay muchas puertas abiertas con el Internet

Tap Dancing Ambiguous COG Prophet Says Petra May Not Be The Final Place Of Safety, But It Could Be, Maybe...


There is one thing that self-appointed Church of God prophets are good at is tap dancing around certain subjects. Unlike the real prophets of old, who actually predicted things, our crop of self-appointed ne'er-do-wells, tap dance around and make ambiguous thought-farts on how they think things should be.

Today, the Church of God's biggest know-it-all is trying to get you to believe that Petra may not be the final place of safety. Nothing sets Armstrongsm apart from most of Christianity than this pet doctrine.  For decades, thanks to Loma Armstrong, the church has taught that right before the tribulation hits that all of the countries of the world would expel Church of God members and ship them off to Petra where they would receive special training to be kings, priests, and god's in some magical world to come.

Then the church imploded and hundreds of self-appointed gurus set themselves up as the one and only true Church of God. This created a massive public relations crisis in the COG movement. How could they ALL claim that they alone were going to Petra? Who was going to be in charge when they all showed up at once and started their little bitch fests and power struggles. What a nightmare scenario this presented! Then, to top that off, there were Christian outside the Armstrongite movement that also belive in Petra as a place of safety. How can the true Christians share Petra with so-called Christians?

James Malm solved that problem and claimed his few followers were going to go to Pella. Other COG ministers claim people will be protected in place, wherever they are.  Today, we have the Great Bwana to Africa and Savior of 299 Caucasians trying to convince us that Petra may be just a stopping off point as true believers move on to a new location at Bozrah.

Where might the place of safety in the wilderness be? 
Someone asked me about the possibility of Bozrah being the “place of safety.” 
Many have wondered if Petra could be the place. 
After doing some scriptural research, I ran across the following warning about Petra and Bozrah possibly being the place from Tim McHyde: 
Is Petra the “Prepared Place” of Safety For Israel or You? 
Petra, Jordan was once the stronghold of the Edomites and later the capital city of the Arab Nabateans. … 
Will Petra become the number one safe destination of Israelites in the end times, as well? Some people think so and feel they have Bible prophecy to back this up. 
The most popular version of the speculation around Petra is that the Jews escaping from the Battle of Armageddon will find refuge there. Some Old Testament passages mentioning the city are used to support this idea … 
Others, believe Petra to be the place that the “true church” will be protected in fulfillment of Revelation 12. 
Both views argue based on Scripture and the city’s excellent defensive structure. It is mountainous and its main entrance is a long narrow rock wadi, called the Siq. What better location for people to be safe from attack, right? 
Supporters also claim that the city could hold 144,000 people, the number of Israelite evangelists listed in Revelation 7 and 14. The Worldwide Church of God believed that there would be 144,000 of their members who made it to there. 
The Petra theory has its appeal. But is it truly grounded in Scripture or even realism? …
If you search the Bible for the name of the city Petra, you will not find it. Instead of that modern Greek name for the city, you have to search for the Hebrew equivalent, Sela (or Selah). Both words mean rock. … 
It seems like the main basis of the Petra speculation is the area’s natural features. .. The springs have dried up long ago. … 
As far as how many people can comfortably live there, it’s woefully inadequate. This is a small city with an estimated past top population of 20,000. Whether you think Israel or Christians will be sent by God there, it equals far, far more than 20,000 or double that. The remnant of either Israel or the church is more likely to be in the millions. … 
As for the theory about Israel fleeing the land before Armageddon, that also is problematic.

A little later the doubly-blessed self-appointed prophet proclaims:

While I do agree, based upon many scriptures, that Jordan seems to be the place and God will likely use a prophet to say when (and where), I disagree with the author’s view on many points–Jordan, to cite one example, will NOT be evacuated. But I do agree that Revelation 12:14-16 is talking about protection for faithful Christians and NOT physical Israel. As far as the old Worldwide Church of God goes, it speculated, but did not insist, on Petra being the place. 
Petra is large enough for the Philadelphian Christians to be protected–and they are the ONLY Christians promised protection from the Beast (cf. Revelation 3:7-10)–most Christians will NOT be protected (cf. Revelation 12:14-17). 

Nothing frosts the butts of self-appointed COG prophets more than having to accept there might be other non-COG Christians, or worse yet, other COG members there when they arrive. 

The reason I found this article was because of looking for views of some on the place of safety and Bozrah. 
As far as Petra or Bozrah go there are several clues in the Bible that suggest that a Jordanian location makes sense. But part of this is based upon where the place of protection is not.

Isaiah thus indicates this place will be a fortress of rocks for those that escape from the nations (note: the escaping from the nations suggests that groups with origins in CGI, such as ICG and CEM, are in error for teaching that God intends to protect people where they are). 
It is also of interest to note that those that escape will be assembled–they are not lone independents–this is also consistent with Zephaniah 2:1-3

Gather yourselves together, yes gather together, O undesirable nation, Before the decree is issued, Or the day passes like chaff, Before the day of the LORD’s fierce anger comes upon you, Before the day of the LORD’s anger comes upon you! Seek the LORD, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld His justice. Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the LORD’s anger. 
The Hebrew words translated as Zephaniah means “Yahweh Hides” or “Yahweh Has Hidden” (Holy Bible: Vine’s Expository Reference Edition, p. 826). Notice that a decree is issued, apparently by a church leader–and I believe that the leader will be part of the Continuing Church of God. This would seem to happen after the gospel has been preached enough to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14), Jewish sacrifices are stopped, and the abomination is set up (Daniel 9:27; 11:31) per Jesus’ statements in Matthew 24:15-16. 
It remains my prayer that those who are Philadelphians and are scattered in groups will soon assemble together, before it is too late.

A little later Bwana Bob talks about Bozrah.

In terms of its location from Jerusalem, Petra (Sela on some Bible maps) is mainly south and slightly east of Jerusalem. Bozrah is also in the right general direction, as are other locations in Jordan. 
Now it is also possible that the actual place of protection could simply just be near Petra or perhaps the location will be far from it.

In the early days of Armsgtrongism, Petra was not that much of a tourist destination. Now it is packed with hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. Bwana Bob can't have those tourists coming in and gawking as his 299 Caucasians and their 3,000 Africans.

Realize that Petra is one of the leading, if not THE leading, tourist destination in Jordan, hence there could be economic and other factors against that precise location itself (though if only a small amount of Christians flee, that might be tolerable, and even helpful to, the tourist industry possibly as a ‘side-show’ or to be of cultural or prophetic interest). Other than the aspect of caves (which does not mention the amount of caves), it should be noted, that many other areas in Jordan also are in the right direction and fit the description of the place–so it is possible that the Church may flee into Jordan and not stay in Petra, but somewhere else in Jordan or a neighboring area. 
It is also possible that the true Philadelphian Christians will stay in Petra for a time and then go elsewhere–and that is something I have written about before.

The thought of having to spend 3 1/2 years listening to Bwana Bob preach as he bounces and flounces is not a sight to imagine or desire. 

Monday, November 8, 2021

Gerald Flurry Declares Fast For November 21 Concerning Their Desire To Move Into Jerusalem


The boys in Edmond Oklahoma have been looking for quite some time in opening an office in Jerusalem where they can be at the center of the soon coming tribulation that they want to happen to the City and the world.

The Philadelphia Church of God actually had an office there for a while which was the home of Lil'Stevie until they had to sell the building in order to buy the Edstone mansion and start a new cult college in England. By that time Gerald Flurry's grandkids were becoming immersed in Celtic dance competitions and needed transportation around the world and by the fact that Gerald Flurry could not fly commercial jets because he would have to sit next to unclean people or possibly a Laodicean ex-WCG member. So PCG had to spend more millions of dollars on a personal jet for Gerald and Lil'Stevie.

But now, as the end-times are only a few short months away, at least in PCG speak, the PCG thinks they need an office in Jerusalem where they can be front and center for terrible end-time events soon to hit the world. It also gives them immediate access to the streets of Jerusalem where they think the two witless witnesses (PCG members, of course) will preach in the streets, be martyred, and then be resurrected live on television for the world to see.

In order for this to happen PCG needs to brainwash its members into fasting for the day and then will be hit up with financial requests to buy new buildings in Jerusalem.

Exit and Support Network reports:

GF Declares Worldwide Fast for November 21:
November 8, 2021
This is from a short letter from GF: “We are facing several major decisions that have to be made. One of those decisions is what all we need to do in Jerusalem. There are other decisions to be made that we will discuss with you later. We want to make sure that God is behind what we decide to do. Therefore, I am declaring a worldwide fast for God’s people on the 21st of November. Please pray fervently for us to do God’s will and finish His work.” –N. S.

Another reason that PCG needs access to Jerusalem is that they and they alone will be working with Christ in the new Temple to be built there where they will work with their "husband" dispensing the law.

The Millennial Temple 

The Prophet Ezekiel describes that temple in wonderful detail. It will be patterned after God’s heavenly temple, the seat of His throne today. It will have a footprint of half a million square feet, occupying about 13 acres. That is where God’s Philadelphians of today will live! 
The outer precinct around the temple, described in the last nine chapters of Ezekiel, will occupy about one square mile of land. The headquarters city itself will only be about 7½ miles square. Considering that it will be the command center for the whole world’s system of governing, that is quite an efficient headquarters facility. 
God’s law will begin flowing from that city to the wide world. Word will spread—person to person, family to family, town to town, nation to nation—about happenings in Jerusalem. News of its construction projects and activities, of classes being taught there, will supply headlines around the globe. 
The living waters of God’s Spirit will flow from there (Zechariah 14:8). 
“And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one” (verse 9). All peoples will have one supreme King—one world government—one religion. They will begin to see the benefits of righteous leadership. They’ll experience the joy of living under God’s government. 
Jerusalem will become “the joy of the whole earth”! (Psalm 48:2). God’s earthly headquarters will set the standard for the world! 
Where Will People Get Nourishment 
What an exciting future we have to look forward to, living and working with our Husband in that headquarters facility. Being a priest at headquarters is a wonderful thing—even today. It is a great blessing to be stationed right in the middle of all the action. In that future headquarters, surely we will often shake our heads and say, What a privilege!  
”Only these Philadelphians from the end-time firstfruits will rule from God’s headquarters temple forever!” Mr. Flurry wrote in Ezekiel—The End-Time Prophet. “Why won’t the Laodiceans be at headquarters in God’s Kingdom—even if they repent in the Great Tribulation? Because they are not qualified! They don’t have a headquarters mentalityTODAY! The people who will be at headquarters in God’s Kingdom are the people who have a strong headquarters focus now.” We are receiving specialized training, developing that headquarters focus with this parcel of land in Oklahoma. That is why God plans to place us in the Jerusalem temple and says we will go no more out (Revelation 3:12). 

Only devout and true PCG members will be able to live in this temple and have direct access to Christ. they will be the ONLY ONES who will be able to draw near to God.  

Those who remain loyal to God today will inhabit special rooms in the headquarters temple. Our offices will be near God’s office. We will have special access to Christ—the only ones who come near to God (Ezekiel 40:45-46; 44:15-16). As His helpmeet, we will serve Him—seeing to His needs, helping Him directly. A Visit to Millennial Headquarters!


Sunday, November 7, 2021

Gerald Flurry: After Satan's 1986 battle in heaven with God, should we let this evil old slut intimidate us?


Anyone who has grown up in the Church of God movement, pre-1986, knows the stories and sermons that were pounded into us about Satan rebelling against God eons ago in a great battle of heaven who was then cast down to earth by God. That epic battle is what destroyed all the planets in the entire solar system and filled each one of them with pockmarks of the heavenly stars thrown around by Satan and his demons and the heavenly host as they fought each other.  In COG mythology, this is also what destroyed the dinosaurs here on earth. 

This includes all of the billions of universes out there that were destroyed because of this epic battle, except for earth. Of all of those desolate worlds that would have been perfect for Satan to be cast down to, and remember there are billions and billions of planets, stars, and galaxies floating around out there, this is the place Satan was thrown down to in order to make all of our lives miserable. Humanity got the short end of the stick. 

In COG mythology, Satan has been running amok on this earth deliberately making the lives of COG leaders miserable and thwarting their amazing "works". According to the professional mythologists in the Philadelphia Church of God, there was a SECOND battle in heaven as Satan and his demons left this earth and tried to enter heaven in 1986 to battle God and the heavenly host for a second time (this happened all because Herbert decided to die). There was once again an epic battle in heaven as Satan almost got the upper hand, but magical God and his angels finally repelled Satan back to earth where he set about destroying the one true church.

Gerald Flurry states in one of his many recent articles about the glories of "empire" had this to say about this epic battle:

Around the time that Herbert W. Armstrong, died, Satan and his demons directly attacked God for the first time since before the creation (verses 7-8). God and His angels repelled him and also confined him and the demons to the Earth (verses 9-12). Then Satan attacked God’s Church! (verse 13). That is why the Church was absolutely decimated: 95 percent of God’s own people—the people He was training to rule with Jesus Christ—quickly turned away from God.

Why is the god of the Church of "god" such a weak impotent god? He handpicks people to be church members (since they can't do it themselves) and then lets Satan make their lives miserable and leads 95% of them out of the church into atheism or into one of the 500+ splinter personality cults of Armstrongism. What a cruel prankster god!

This god cared so little about his special little group of chosen ones that he was unable to stop Satan from entering their minds and leading them astray and who will soon be killing most of them off in the great battle of Armageddon, the ultimate battle of Empires.

Daniel 11:34-35 prophesied this same tragedy, which is ongoing as you read this: “And some of them of understanding shall fall.” Those God invited to build the God Family Empire, some of whom did so for decades, turned instead to the things that Satan is offering. What a tragedy! Satan is conquering them spiritually, and soon he will attack them physically.

Never fear though, there is ONE Church of God here on earth that has the ability to save your pathetic Laodicean asses, and that is the Philadelphia Church of God Empire where God's literal throne dwells today. Not even Bob Thiel's pathetic little cult can save you! Not even Dave Pack, Gerald Weston, Ron Weinland, or Victor Kubik's groups can do that! Silly Laodiceans!

The opportunity for God’s people to repent is still here. And He will protect them from Satan’s spiritual attacks and physical attacks. Those who don’t repent will have to face Satan when he comes “to make war” (Revelation 12:17). Even as this dragon attacks God’s people who rebelled against Him, He is working to save them spiritually. 
“And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads” (Revelation 14:1). Finally they will repent and turn back to their Father and His Family. They wouldn’t respond to God’s message before the Great Tribulation and the attacks of this evil empire, but once they are suffering and ultimately losing their physical lives, God will bring them to repentance. 
As powerful as this dragon and his beast power are, God is still empowering His God Family Empire. Satan has thrown down the gauntlet, and now it’s time for the warriors to rise. It’s time for God’s warriors, warriors like no one has ever seen before on this Earth except when they saw God’s very elect. It’s time for the warriors to rise, those warriors who are clothed with the sun! Should we let this evil old slut intimidate us—people clothed with the sun? Should we be daunted by some deranged archangel when we are clothed with the sun? Absolutely not!


Clothed with the sun? Absolutely not!

A better question to ask is why are COG members being led astray by these evil deranged sluts running Church of God splinter groups? COG leaders are the ultimate sluts that members face right now.

Anyway, the little work must continue and only Gerald Flurry and his merry band of men are leading the way through the flaming arrows and storms of Satan. The Empire must prevail!

Satan is turning up the heat because he knows his time is about up! (Revelation 12:12). Should we be silent? Should we be reserved? Should we be outworked by the devil and those who follow him? God’s people are clothed with the sun, which means the Creator of the sun is behind us! Why should we fear anybody? It would be shameful if we did. The stronger their hostility gets, the stronger our message is going to get, because we are the God Family Empire.

This holy God Family Empire will soon wipe the Great Whore who will soon be causing serious trouble for the God Family Empire residing in Edmond, Oklahoma.

It is our mission to expose the dragon! Nobody else will do it. It’s up to the subjects of the God Family Empire to tell the world the truth, to remind them of the Holy Roman Empire’s bloody, bloody history, and to proclaim a warning. This is Satan’s world, and the Holy Roman Empire is Satan’s main weapon! But God’s people represent an empire far greater than Satan’s empire. 
Most of the people in God’s own Church have turned away from giving this warning. They say nice things about the Vatican and the Holy Roman Empire. But we can’t think that if we speak out it will just cause more problems. God is not going to accept that at all. He wants us to speak out and tell the world how evil this harlot is! We must warn America, Britain and the Jews of what is coming. If we don’t speak out, who will oppose this satanic wickedness? Who, if not God’s Family? Prophecy says they are going to kill God’s people—our spiritual family, sons of God—who don’t repent before the Tribulation. It will kill them as it has killed God’s people for centuries! Should we warn about that? When God’s saints are resurrected, what would they think of us if we didn’t warn? What would God think of us?

The Philadelphia Church of God is the one true God Family Empire on earth where its cosmic creature they call "christ" will return to and sit on its throne where it will rule in majesty and power as it dispenses justice and mercy through the hands of loyal PCG members. This will happen after the Catholic church is destroyed, of course.

We’re going to announce the death of the Holy Roman Empire, and God is going to wipe that old harlot off the face of this Earth very shortly! See, we’re about to flee for the last time ever from the Holy Roman Empire. God is going to end this madness forever after He uses it to teach some lessons.

No other Church of God out there is warning the nations of the earth about this looming battle, not even Bob Thiel! 

We are warning the physical nations of Israel and the rebels in God’s spiritual nation of Israel. We are warning that God is going to use Satan’s Holy Roman Empire to punish them for their sins and humble them. But then we will warn that evil empire and tell them that it is going to meet Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, and He is going to smash them like Israel should have done long ago! That empire will be dead forever! Then He will rule with His kings and priests, and the God Family Empire will be established forever! What a future!

Always remember the reason God is on PCG's side: it is because they have Herbert's prayer rock! Hallelujah Jesus! God in his mercy answered our prayers!

God has already given the symbol of His rule, Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock, to this Church and revealed that He has established a new throne of David within the Philadelphia Church of God. The preparations for the God Family Empire to assume global power are nearly complete!

But remember boys and girls, this God Family Empire can't happen unless you read Mystery of the Ages and meditate on it, after all, it is the second most important book in human history and necessary for salvation.

Mr. Armstrong concluded Mystery of the Ages by writing: “With God’s great master plan of 7,000 years finally completed—the mystery of the ages finally revealed, and with the re-creating of the vast universe and eternity lying ahead, we come finally to … THE BEGINNING.” 
What an inspiring way to end the second-most important book after the Bible! God inhabits eternity (Isaiah 57:15). That is something that’s totally different from anything we’ve ever known as human beings. Physically, there’s always been an end, and there’s certainly going to be an end if we don’t get into the God Family. 
But this vision of the God Family Empire is endless! It just goes on and on forever. 
Meditate on the glory of God’s Empire and what it will do for suffering human beings. That is a vision that will motivate you. It will move you to accomplish the commission God has given His Church. It will help you submit to His government. It will empower you to accomplish great exploits for God. It will give you hope and a burning desire to help proclaim this hope as much as possible. It will prepare you for your role in changing the world.It will empower you to fight, to build and to remain loyal to God, to Jesus Christ, to God’s Family and to God’s Family Empire. An Empire to Replace All Empires!

If you do all of these things and fully support the PCG with as much money as you can send them, then you too will be part of the God Family Empire. 

What a glorious day it will be when the world is ruled by the degenerate ministry of the PCG when they will finally be able to weld the sword of justice against all who disagree with them. The PCG version of the World Tomorrow will be so wonderful!

Why is the Church of God, as it sinks into oblivion, filled with so many crackpot men leading it as we have today? Never have we heard as many outrageous lies as we have in the last 35 years as each new wanna-be upstart starts his own group. Instead of following that inconvenient dude that is always on the back burner of the church, people have placed their lives in the very hands of these degenerate men. 

That inconvenient dude's way is easy and the burden is light, but not so in the Churches of God. Satan is the all-powerful god of the church, much more powerful than the name that dare not be uttered is.

As long a we're at it.....


The template of youth runs deep. We, as a family, and I as a child sung this of course, in the Dutch Reformed Church. I can picture my mom standing next to me singing the alto and Dad trying ever so hard to act like he could sing at all.  

I listen to this day to all the old church hymns when I just want to be calm and away from all the news, views and opinions that don't seem to matter much anymore soaking in. 
I still tear up very easily thinking back on so many good things in family who are mostly all gone now. 

And if you want to kill me off....