Saturday, August 27, 2022

King Gerald Tells Students To Be Ready To "Fight To The Death"

The Philadelphia Church of God, under the mighty hand of King Gerald, continues down the path of doing everything they can to talk about anyone but Jesus.

PCG and Flurry have been waxing eloquently about Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, and other notable people from history over the past couple of years. Lil'Stevie is holding book groups to discuss these people. They are currently focused upon Abraham Lincoln as a sign of spiritual virtue. Jesus be damned. He is not worthy to be mentioned much in the PCG other than that he is ANGRY and keeps delaying his return. Petra forbid, if PCG ever openly discussed the dude.

King Gerald recently told his students that they need to be ready to fight to the death and must have a grand strategy. One of the reasons Flurry reads these books is to inspire his students and members to be people of passion and who will sitck to the task at hand, as many of his famous notables have/had.

Couple this drive and zeal along with King Gerlad's biblical interpretations and you have a nightmare in the making.

COG youth at the various church "colleges" and "educational" facilities have been subjected from the early days of present church history with one absurd tale after another as a result of false prophetic understanding. These crazy premonitions and blatant lies have been mentally and spiritually damaging to those young people, but the COGs do not care.

August 22, 2022

GF continues to talk strange, but really it is foolish, which is nothing new for him. The August 19 Friday Philadelphian, says that at the HWAC orientation, GF gave a lecture about “lessons from Abraham Lincoln” (this was to add to his presumptuous sermon he gave in May about Abraham Lincoln. To read about that sermon scroll up to the May 22 letter on this page: “GF’s Presumptions About Abraham Lincoln.”) At the orientation he told the students “they must be willing to fight to the death and must have a grand strategy.” [all bolding mine] Now why on earth would students be told to “fight to the death”? That kind of talk is more likely what the adult members would be told as they are often instructed to stick it out in PCG, or else they will die spiritually. An emphasis was placed on “going on the offensive in spiritual warfare.” This college is certainly not Christ-centered, but it is undeniably fear-centered. –FL Exit and Support Network


Astounding LCG Growth In Canada! The WORK Marches Onward and Upward!!!!!

JC always has to get in the way of LCG

It is interesting to watch as various Churches of God march forth proclaiming their law-gospel to the world. The Living Church of God does an outstanding job of this. It is such an effective ministry that it now has 878 people attending church, out of a population of over 38 million throughout Canada. In their usual slick way, LCG plays with numbers as they claim 50% of their recent baptisms had no Worldwide Church of God affiliation.

50% increase from what number? 5? 10? 30? 50? 

Mr. Stuart Wachowicz led a conference for ministers and their wives in Canada this past Monday and Tuesday. This was the first time they were able to meet in person since the beginning of lockdowns. Forty were present in person at the new Living Church of God offices in London, Ontario, and another nine participated online, including Dr. Winnail and me, due to cross-border travel restrictions. Average attendance in Canada now stands at 878. That is up from 352 in 2001; and 50 percent of those baptized since 2005 have come to the Church with no Worldwide affiliation. This demonstrates that the Work of the Church to preach the Gospel to all the world continues.—Gerald Weston

Weston brags about the 40 people who showed up in New London, Ontario, out of a population of 515,000 people. Of that 40 number, at least 30 or more were LCG members. 

Nevertheless, the law-gospel must go forth in power! But, Jesus always seems to get in the way of LCG's law message to the world or is missing. Perhaps that's the reason no one is really interested in LCG's message. 

As an aside to the astounding church growth in Canada, the United States is leaping forward in amazing ways through the presentations that LCG leaders do in various cities.

Their latest mind-boggling impact this past week, out of a population of over 3,608,455 people, was 98 "guests" with at least 3/4 or more of that amount being LCG members padding the hall, who showed up for these presentations.

St. Louis, Missouri metro population 2,807,338
Cookeville, Tennessee 33,922
Blue Ridge, Georgia. 1,245
Springfield; Illinois 205,950 

and even a presentation in the Israelitish nation of Australia  

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. 560,000

Truly, this is the most awesome COG since the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" was dreamed into being! The Work marches forth in power and majesty! 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Doug Winnail Claims The World Lacks Vision…What About LCG's Lack of Vision?


It is pretty hard to listen to a Church of God claim the world lacks vision when the entire COG lacks vision as it flounders around doing nothing except birth one crazy self-appointed prophet after another.

Decades and decades ago the church had a vision that was propped up by Herbert Armstrong's dynamic voice and vision. Then the epic prophetic failure of 1975 disrupted the church and downhill it went after that point, The vision was gone. Oh, yes, the church thought new buildings and exotic campuses portrayed a vision of a world to come, but the vision for church members started dying in 1975. The final nail was driven in that coffin when in 1986 when Herbert Armstrong died. Today in 2022, matter how hard any of them claim they are trying, they have no vision anymore and thus rejoice when one or two new people enter the fold. 

The Importance of Vision: In Proverbs 29:18 we read, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (KJV) or “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but happy is he who keeps the law” (NKJV). Vision is the capacity to see the real future. That future is found in the Bible—the revelation of God. The biblical vision is the Gospel, the good news of the coming Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14) and the ultimate purpose of human existence—gaining eternal life and reigning with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom (Matthew 19:28–29) to bring peace, justice, and prosperity to the peoples of the world (Isaiah 9:6–7). Today, that exciting vision of the future has been lost or forgotten or never heard by most people on earth. As a result, many have no sense of purpose other than “doing their own thing” (Judges 21:25). The Sabbath is a good time to thank God for revealing to His people this exciting vision of the future and of His way of life that is a mystery to the world today (Matthew 13:10–17; Mark 4:11).
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Ex-WCG Member Asks Crackpot Prophet Which Is The Right Church To Go To


Our most favorite self-appointed Church of God leader in the history of the COG movement, so important that he was foreordained by God before he started forming the foundations of the earth so that he could rise up in these perilous end times as the one true faithful COG leader the church would need in order to know when to flee to Petra, or Pella, or wherever his creature intends to hide a few hundred Christians in the midst of an Islamic nation, is back with a recycled message attempting to prove when his small cult is the only true place a "real" Christian should be attending.

The end time Amos, Elisha, Bwana Thiel writes:

A while back, I received an email from a former Worldwide Church of God member that included the following:








After months and months of running off at the mouth and publicly scolding Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God for IGNORING his demands to change doctrines and church teachings, Rod Meredith had enough and kicked Thiel's immature little butt out of the church in a stinging rebuke during a church service.

Immediately, martyrdom set in with the Great Bwana and the excuses start flowing faster than the water trickling out the garden hose in his backyard was doing.  With hands and arms flailing about as he bounced in his chair proclaiming his right to restore the truth once delivered. 

The Great Bwana responded to the above "person":

Anyway, here is what I responded to the former WCG member with:

Dear …:

As I have repeatedly written at COGwriter, I doubt that David Pack or Gerald Flurry are converted.

I consider that the only COG that is Philadelphian is the CCOG–though not all in CCOG are Philadelphian and there are Philadelphians not in CCOG–but no other COG represents the continuation of Philadelphia.

You should use God’s criteria, and none other to decide.

Here are two links (redacted) you should read and pray about if you are truly serious:

    1. How does the Continuing Church of God differ from other Sabbatarian COG groups?
    2. Does the CCOG have the confirmed signs of Acts 2:17-18?

But most refuse to believe and use their own standards.

Best regards,

Bob Thiel

The Great Bwana does not like anyone who use their critical thinking to discern whether it is right or not. Those that see through his lies are apparently operating on a different unconverted standard than he is. Only someone as perfect as the great Bwana can discern the truth.

Many have been confused and used the wrong criteria to assess churches.

Sadly, in the end time, in Revelation 3:14-19 Jesus revealed that even most real Christians would use their criteria, not God’s as they would be part of the “people decide” churches (which is basically what Laodicea means).

Nothing infuriates a self-appointed self-righteous COG minister or leader more than when lay members do not follow them. 

The Great Bwana continues with another "letter" from this "ex-WCG " person:


My response to the above was to tell him that the COG he attends as well as a group that came out of it do not teach much about prophecy. They also have a lot of prophetic errors. 

No lay member of the COG movement should be following ANY COG leaders who place the emphasis upon prophecy. In Armstrongism the pathway of prophecy is littered with hundreds of thousands of utter lies and half-truths. The debris on that path makes it impossible to walk towards any real faith. Every single COG leader has been proven to be a liar when it comes to prophecy.

You are free to watch the Great Bwana's animation of himself telling another cartoon character how to find a true church. One guess as to which church he is recommending. Unless you belong to this church your salvation is at risk.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Did Dave Pack Just Apologize For Setting Dates????

David C. Pack Declares Himself Even More UnProphet-able


I admit that the article published yesterday was not my best work.


Part 388 was boredom-rich, so I cut out half of the article because I realized, “He’s repeating the same garbage he always does.”


You know you have hit rock bottom when even a staunch critic shrugs off most of 78 minutes.


Well, David C. Pack must have bugged my apartment because Part 389 of “The Greatest Unending Story!” did not disappoint. He brought the juice and it is so worth the squeeze.


It was a breath of fresh air that I was so fascinated with, I had to listen to the first 11 minutes twice. Join me on this rewarding journey as we examine “biblical distortion” on a whole new level.



Spoiler Alert: David C. Pack apologizes for setting dates during the last seven minutes.



Establishing a specific concept is necessary to address how David C. Pack spends the first 20 minutes of Part 389 in the Gospel of Luke to make one point.


The enablers on the third floor know what I am about to write is of no lie and of no distortion. Many former ministers have their own tales to tell to confirm this.


David C. Pack has the most astonishing piss-poor reading comprehension skills of any human being I have ever heard.


That is not an opinion or an exaggeration. It is a hard, cold fact of history.


The Enabler-in-Chief, Stepford Prime, Dr. Feelbad, Chicago Heavy, and the rest of the defeated “ministers” at Headquarters can only shrug and say, “That is true…” Do not believe me? Ask them.


Dave has a preternatural ability to read something and fully misunderstand it. Perhaps hitting that car windshield when he was a kid did more permanent damage than he realizes.


So much of this endless prophecy series is based on reading a verse in the Bible and fully not getting the point. I sat in the Main Hall and marveled when Dave would read something and get it so terribly wrong. So obviously terribly wrong.


If he were ever tested by a clinician, his entire world would collapse in on itself. Talk about a cascade of mental failure.


Here are just two examples from the Old Testament.


“I’m rushing to call it out” is one of Dave’s favorite repeated phrases. He has built an entire prophetic theology propped up by a pathological reading comprehension deficit.


Habakkuk 2:2.

And the LORD answered me, and said,  Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that  he may run that readeth it.


Note the keyword "that" between "make plain" and "he may run" – this is a qualifier and it is there in the Hebrew. Removing words from the verse corrupts the meaning. That is a classic Dave Pack move.


(H4616) ma’an

“properly heed, that is, purpose; used only adverbially, on account of (as a motive or an aim), teleologically in order that: - because of, to the end (intent) that”


Do this SO THAT this may happen. Dave always leaves the word "that" and it's meaning out of his mental equation. He often explains that he is “rushing” AND “making it plain” when the verse proves it is talking about two separate people.


Habakkuk writes the vision upon a tablet. Someone else reads it while rushing past the tablet.


The Dave interpretation is, “I’m making it plain and rushing to call it out.”


The real interpretation is, "Make it so simple, Habakkuk, that someone else running past it can read it."


Which is more plausible and fits the entire context of the verses around it?


Option A) David C. Pack is a type of Habakkuk that is being instructed by God to “rush calling out a vision” only to the members of the Restored Church of God just before the return of Jesus Christ who cannot return until His message is finished but Dave can never tell when exactly the vision is complete so he has to keep adding parts to the series he thought was over the day before.




Option B) Habakkuk was to write down the message God gave from His lips to his ears making it so simple that someone rushing past it can understand it without stopping.


An entire pillar of Dave’s prophetic specialness is built on re-interpreting one vivid passage of how simple God wants His prophet Habakkuk to make something known.


This has bugged me for years. The more Dave repeats his misunderstanding, the more "factual" it has become inside RCG and the more "habitual" it is for the brethren and "ministers" to just accept it.


One other inset of an obvious biblical misreading that Dave will quote from time to time comes to us via 1 Samuel.


1 Samuel 2:35

And I will raise me up a faithful priest, that shall do  according to that which is in mine heart  and in my mind:  and I will build him a sure house;  and he shall walk  before mine anointed or ever.


The first time Dave corrupted this verse to mean it was talking about Elijah (rather, talking about himself as Elijah), my chest burned with disgust. Each time after that, it was a prick of irritation.


"Obviously, that's Elijah," he said one day. And that was it. "Who else would it be?" I wanted to leap out of my chair and shout, "Samuel! God is about to introduce Samuel! Samuel the prophet. Samuel the priest. In the Book of Samuel.”


Yes, Dave did give more “proof” than that but it was all circular logic rather than solid Bible evidence.


“That’s Elijah,” would pop out of his mouth from time to time and just move on with the assumption he proved it to the church by simply stating it. True Christian doctrine is not built that way.


This verse was no prophecy for an end-time figure to fulfill. God was letting Eli know that his two sons would die because they disgraced the office of priest in the temple (1 Samuel 2:34) and that after them, a man would be raised to be “a faithful priest.”


Not David C. Pack as Elijah, but Samuel. Need proof? Two verses later, we read this:


1 Samuel 3:1 

And the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD before  Eli.


The rest of the book goes on to show Samuel as “a faithful priest” as God told Eli would happen.


That is all for now or we would be here all day. I could write my own booklet giving examples of how David C. Pack misreads a verse and then presents it in a way to fit his current narrative. Once he thinks it is talking about him, he will repeat it as a fact for years on end.


But since I am not a complete jerk-face and I do not hate David C. Pack personally, I am going to recommend he visit the EnglishMatic website which has some great Reading Comprehension Tests for him to practice with.


After he passes the 8th Grade test, then maybe he can get his Bible back. Maybe.


Dave has built a prophetic career on misreading verses that build to a false narrative.


He just did this in a spectacular fashion with Part 387. Leviticus 26:18 “…I will punish you seven times more for your sins” in Dave-speak meant, “I will punish you one week for your sins.” Even he walked that one back pretty quickly. But the fact he did it at all makes the point.


Why is the Series going on for so long?

Why is Mr. Pack saying “The Mystery of God” is over when it never is?

Why is Mr. Pack always changing his teachings?

Why is prophecy so confusing for the past few years?

Why are the dates he tells us of Christ’s return coming and going without it happening?


So many questions inside The Restored Church of God can be answered with a single statement.


David C. Pack has the most astonishing piss-poor reading comprehension skills of any human being I have ever heard.


This lengthy foundation was necessary to fully appreciate the first “bombshell” Dave presents in Part 389 that Jesus Christ was not born in the fall. It is all rubbish. It is a figment of Dave’s imagination. It is wrong and he is wrong for doing it.



The opening of the message was clipped, but from what we could hear, was under some type of cyber attack keeping Bradford G. Schleifer from attending. I could imagine him spending 10-minutes to solve the problem and enjoying the rest of the 47-minutes being productive in his office.


Brad needs to steal as much "downtime" away from Dave as possible in order to keep his sanity.


@ 00:55 I wanna give you a remarkable story. Kind of a bonus story and truth that no one has known until now. You’ll be the first people to understand it. We’re gonna read carefully through much of Luke 1.


While going through all of Luke 1, Dave teaches the members of RCG something they have known since the time of Herbert W. Armstrong but presents the information as if it is a new discovery “just in time” before the return of Jesus Christ.


We already knew Mary was pregnant when she visited Elisabeth.


He also educates the church that life begins at conception! Catholics everywhere just dropped their tea.


Hurry up and visit the Questions and Answers section ( about Christ’s birth before they purge it for being heresy. The last paragraph is key.

It is as if a veil of ignorance has fallen upon David C. Pack starting in 2015 in which he can no longer remember what everyone in the church already knew and his “ministers” were too embarrassed to point that out.


Is this phenomenon of God or a childhood head injury or both?


Dave wants to prove how Jesus Christ was not born in the fall, but in the spring. This would further validate Elul 1 as being the beginning of the Kingdom of God with the Day of the Lord starting on the Feast of Trumpets 30 days later.


Luke 1:24 “…Elisabeth conceived and hid herself five months…”

Luke 1:26 “And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God…”

Luke 1:36 “…and this is the sixth month with her,  who was called barren.”

Luke 1:56 “And Mary abode with her about three months…”

Luke 1:57 “Now Elisabeth's full time came that she should be delivered; and she brought forth a son.”


@ 06:42 So, hidden five months, this is the sixth month. Because in this sixth month, He came. So, we’re in the sixth month meaning we’re saying twice we’re in Elul.


He re-interprets the scriptures in Luke 1 noting the pregnancy of Elisabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, as proof by taking the months mentioned to be from the Hebrew calendar and not from the pregnancy gestation period.


Because Dave is so busy “rushing” he does not take the time to read the verses carefully and avoid all the future blushing that will occur when he moonwalks this teaching later.


Taking another look at Luke 1, we can apply some of the 12 Rules of Bible Study.


3) Prove All Things

6) Examine The Context

8) The Bible Interprets Itself


“Elisabeth conceived and hid herself five months (Not in the fifth month of Av, but a duration)

“And in the sixth month” (Established in :24 as “conception” months confirmed in :36)

“the sixth month with her” (“with her” proves it is a month as her being the fulcrum)

“Mary abode with her about three months” “Elisabeth’s full time came


A conception. A newly-pregnant Mary visits Elisabeth who is six months pregnant. Nine months are accounted for. John the Baptist is born. No mention of Av or Elul. End of story.


The first 20 minutes of this message is all about Jesus Christ being conceived on Elul 1 using a misunderstanding of what “months” were being referred to in Luke 1:24, :26, :36, :56-57.


@ 09:36 But what Gabriel prophesied about Christ sitting on David’s throne which we just happen to know will happen for the first time on Elul 1. Curiously, really near when He was conceived. Now this will grow more important. Possibly, the very same day He was conceived. Watch this.


Note the circular logic. The point is a fact because it needs to be a fact to make the point.


@ 14:10 When would Christ have been born? If He was conceived on Elul 1 or thereabouts. Maybe exactly. Maybe thereabouts. Then He would’ve been born on Sivan 1 before Pentecost. It’s impossible to argue with this math.


Here is how to argue with this math. It is not a nine-month count that is in dispute, but how the question is formed. I think we have sufficiently beat that reading comprehension horse to death by now.


But in case Dave reads this article, I want to “make plain” that the Luke 1 verses describing the birth of John the Baptist have mention of the months of pregnancy gestation, not Hebrew months on a calendar.


For anyone interested in the topic of Bible Study, I recommend The World to Come “The 12 Rules of Bible Study” Part 1and Part 2. I worked on these videos and still think they are doctrinally sound.


It is ironic that the man presenting the material no longer obeys these rules himself because if he had, everyone inside The Restored Church of God could have been spared years of confusion and heresy.


@ 14:44 It’s impossible. He had to be born in the spring. Now, you can sort of do the math. Had to be born in the spring. So, He was conceived around Elul 1. That’s inarguable. Therefore, He was born just before Pentecost near Sivan 1.


Dave takes the assumption ball and runs up the field full-steam with it. In the wrong direction. Repeating a statement makes it fact.


A craftsman who has a ruler, level, and measuring tape can still really botch things if he does not know what he is doing. He can do all the math correctly but the measurements can still be wrong.


Dave's biblical measurements are all wrong. I guarantee you this "Christ was born in the spring" will have the shelf life of a carton of eggs. I advise Ed to not start rewriting the literature just yet. Maybe put that on your "long-term” to-do list and tackle it after Trumpets.


He then uses his “new” information that God considers you a person at conception by taking a shot at birthday-keeping. WCG and RCG have both strained so hard at making this celebration demonic.


Dave makes a point that God counts our age from conception and not birth, so therefore why even bother to celebrate a birthday when God says that is an invalid number by nine months?


It is called a “birth day” not a “conception day,” Dave. God may consider someone a full person at conception, but human beings rejoice when they come out of the womb.


And he just admitted that the Bible and the concept of birthdays have nothing to do with each other. Maybe RCG should consider birthdays like they do Thanksgiving. A non-religious tradition celebrating the thankfulness of life. But only an antichrist serpent would think such a thing.


The birthday-conception point does not go to waste.


@ 19:08 This becomes yet another indicator of Elul for Christ’s Kingdom and a validator of Trumpets a month later.


Dave is going to need a beefy supply of anti-depressants on September 27, which is the day after Trumpets when nothing special except "Special Music" happens here in Wadsworth.



Dear Members of the Headquarters Congregation and Visitors Attending in Wadsworth on The Feast of Trumpets,


Please keep an eye on the back of the room to see if Dave remains in his seat for the entire service. He may pull what he did for the First Day of Unleavened Bread in 2020 by not showing up to the A.M. Service at all or like on many Sabbaths he does not speak, he sneaks out the back kitchen door with “key” men after the sermon starts.


A stealthy way to do this is to excuse yourself to go to the restroom. A quick glance is all you will need to confirm his presence.




P.S. to the “ministers” at Headquarters: Did I just lie or distort?



Now that the point of Jesus Christ being conceived on Elul 1 was run into the ground, the rest of the message could flow rapidly.


@ 22:39 We’re gonna read a series of verses and I’ll show you something we got wrong.


Who is the “we” he always refers to? “We” should be fired since “we” always seems to be responsible when Dave gets a teaching wrong. It appears that “we” is a bigger pain than I am. Maybe “we” should be demoted in rank and sent out into the field as punishment. Yeah…we.


Skipping forward. Galatians 1:3-4 does actually mean the “evil days” are now and not in some future Kingdom that has been taught with glasses on the table for months.


Bible verses are like Legos to him. He picks the colors and shapes he wants. He fits them together in whatever way he wants. He has the uncanny ability to take an entire box, dump it on the floor, use every single piece, and still manages to make absolutely nothing.


In a couple of hours, he tears the whole thing apart, puts them back in the crate, and hides it under his bed until the next time. That is how Dave uses the Bible.


@ 34:31 We’ve endured for almost two dozen years beatings by evil people who’ve done everything in their power to destroy this Work. Like this whoever this enemy is who's upstairs keeping Mr. Schleifer from being with us. That good man of God who can’t rest partly because, you know, we lost key employees who, when they left, knew it was their own attack on the Work. A husband-wife team.


If you resign from RCG peacefully for prayerful reasons, it will be perceived as an attack. So says the loving servant of God.


Take that as a note for anyone else who ever leaves a “key” position inside RCG. You better pray you are expendable or you may be referenced during one of Dave’s future tirades.


We finally get a new Elijah teaching to move us into the next era of understanding.


@ 37:29 Elijah is a title, brethren.

@ 37:56 …because he speaks God’s words.

@ 38:40 So, I want to remove the Mystery of what it means to be Elijah.


This will be more handily addressed in a future article. How this new teaching “settles in” will say much about the longevity of the announcement.


@ 40:12 We now know that the saints back down through history, right up to those alive today who failed and fell away, they went back to the world, maybe they beat us and went back to the world. They have to be put to death on Day One. They cannot be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God.

@ 40:48 That's why when Christ is gone a long time, He says, "Bring back bring in front of Me those who say, 'We won't have Him reign over us,' and kill 'em right here now."

@ 41:27 Once you have the kingdom of God outta the gate, you cannot let a single wicked saint in. You look at those the evil saints who beat us, here's what God says. Evil means kakos, k-a-k-o-s. And it means, "depraved and injurious." That's what God says of the people who beat us. They're injurious, depraved, people who went back to the world, and it can also mean "useless." They're useless to God. So I wanted that to be clear.


I want that to be clear, as well.

I wonder who exactly the “evil saints” and “wicked saints” are that he is referring to. Dave is yet again being coy about identifying such people during his rants.


The concept of “evil saints” and “wicked saints” never made sense to me while attending RCG. It is not in the Bible. If I recalled the message when Dave coined that term, I am certain I could poke holes in it. But that is speculation.



The last six and half minutes are pretty interesting. I recommend you listen to the whole thing. At double speed, of course. Let's not be unreasonable.

Part 389 – I’m Sorry

@ 50:31 Now, let’s stop for a moment ‘cause I wanna tell you something else I learned. And it’s given me a peace that only I know…it’s a joy that no man intermeddles with. A personal peace and I’d like to explain it to you. The three Kingdom picture anchored around Trumpets is immutable.


I looked the word up to be sure I understood it correctly.



“unchanging over time or unable to be changed”


If I have not proven it is very mutable, then I have failed at my primary task. You tell me in the comments.


@ 50:54 I would die before I would give up that truth.


I think he might be serious this time. Unlike when he was being wishy-washy before.


Part 379 – June 25, 2022

@ 18:34 I believe that [Tammuz 1] no less certainly than I believe the seventh day is the Sabbath. That is not one whit stronger belief to me than what we just discovered or that tithing is ten percent or that the Feast is commanded or the Law is in effect. Those are no more certain to me than understanding this Month.


Since Dave did not go back to the Presbyterian church for a Sunday Service before some pork chops and football, I imagine he was only being colorful with his “certainty” rather than being literal.


Rule of thumb: Do not take him at his word. The conviction of his statements fade over time. I have pages and pages worth of quotes to prove this to a court of law if that day ever came.


It is rude to interrupt an apostle when he is being open and honest with the church. Picking up where we left off.


@ 50:54 I would die before I would give up that truth. There is no question the Prophetic Kingdom Solar System we have built is right.


Even if you keep your receipt, there is no refund for that play set when it breaks in about 33-ish more days. You have been warned.


@ 51:10 …my God-appointed task was to end the Mystery of God not, and this took me a long time to understand and I wish I’d seen it before, not to declare the year that God chooses.


Did he just Mike Myers himself? Or did he not-not himself? Like in algebra when two negatives make a positive. Now I’m just being sophomoric.


Okay, his statement is not quite bailing out of the airplane while mid-flight, but it certainly is putting on your parachute pack while sitting next to the door with your eyes on the handle.


@ 51:41 I am not here to declare that the Lord Jesus Christ will come this weekend. It is not my assignment and I never understood it and lemme prove it to you.


Sold. No math or list or proofs needed, Dave. We are ALL on board with this one. It is nothing short of a miracle that this concept could penetrate the collagen and so many more layers of calcium phosphate.


This is big RCG news, folks. For real.


@ 51:49 First, my job is to explain the Mystery of God. Think for a moment, per Revelation 10. “Prophesy again” once the Kingdom comes would certainly not mean to say the date again.

@ 52:41 Therefore, if you’re gonna say the same thing again…it looks like he didn’t say the date the first time either and I won’t do it. And I’m sorry that I ever did. My job is to “make plain,” according to Habakkuk, “the vision of the Kingdom of God.”


Whoa. That is not the same-old, same-old. But yet blended in with some same-old, same-old.


@ 53:47 But it’s not my job to say it is this year. My job is to eliminate the Mystery of God and let God pick His year. Speaking personally, at the very end, you now know this is it has to be the end of the series. No possible way to go on. There’s no time.


I would have liked to have shot my hand straight up in the air and asked, "Mr. Pack? You said you cannot declare it is this year and yet you just said there is no more time for the series to go on. Which is it?”


This is why the members of The Restored Church of God are so confused. In one paragraph, Dave starts by saying he will not declare it is this year, but then four sentences later, says there is no time. Yeah, which is it? Is this a change of doctrine or is it not a change of doctrine? Riding the line between both is unfair and confusing. Take a stand, bro.


@ 54:09 …the men who are close to me know I had an extreme almost just I couldn’t abide the discomfort of having to stand up and declare the year. It’s not my job. My job is to tell you what’s gonna happen. I fell into what Mr. Armstrong did and what the apostles did. You know you want it to be now. You want it to be here or there.


Which of the enablers at Headquarters shoved Dave’s notes into his hands and pushed on his back to force him to the front of the room to set all the dates that he has?


Maybe it was that bastard “we” who caused all those other problems.


@ 54:54 No wonder I was never able to get the year right.


Well…the last 388 parts of the series did kinda do a little tiny bit more than just “get the year” wrong. But I do not want to kick a man when he is down, especially when he is admitting he was wrong all along.


That is a huge crack in the prophetic facade. Is this Dave 3.0 we are starting to get a glimpse of?


@ 56:35 And I know I’m done. Now, Godspeed this weekend. I can’t imagine even one more year. But the only way this weekend passes is if this is not the year. In a couple three days, God will tell us if it’s the year. Good night.


No snarky comment here.


This is the most contrite I have ever seen David C. Pack be. Maybe he finally gets it. Maybe this will be the beginning of The Restored Church of God returning to what really matters in the Bible and declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God once again.


This is the most hopeful turn of events in RCG since the 2015 double-whammy of prophetic fraud.


If anyone asks me if I think he is being sincere, I say, “Yes.” I heard his words and for the record, I believe him. It has been my hope and prayer for years that God would open his eyes to what he has become and what he is teaching.


He is not fully there yet, but it is a huge step in the right direction.


The last few lines of the third Matrix movie come to mind:


“How long do you think this peace will last?”

“As long as it can.”


Let the peace in RCG last as long as it can.


David C. Pack should now go take his wife on a real vacation.

Marc Cebrian

See:  David C. Pack Declares Himself Even More UnProphet-able

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

RCG: We have again entered the Bizzaro World of David C.raptacular Pack

David C. Pack Moonwalks


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God gave his staff after-lunch indigestion by making them hear “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 388)” on Tuesday, August 23. How anyone can still hold down their meal after hearing his opening remark is beyond me.


@ 00:05 We meet yet again. We’re still on track.


If RCG was honestly “on track,” Jesus Christ would have returned after sundown last Tuesday night. Dave makes no mention of that biblical non-arrival nor does he feature his own un-ending of the series with a new un-final message.


Spoiler Alert: Dave sets a new date for Elul 1 which is sundown on Saturday, August 27, 2022.


This message is a good example for those who want to experience Dave dismantling his own teachings. He does not say that is what he is doing, but those who understand what he either recently taught or has been teaching for the past year can recognize it for what it is.


He is prophetically moving backward but presenting it with the appearance of moving forward. Yes, David C. Pack is moonwalking. Whether or not Part 389 contains him doing the Cabbage Patch is anyone’s guess.



Dave read the Kingdom of God parables in Matthew and Luke, and then tied them into Daniel.


@ 00:17 It would be important to God that we correctly identify the first Kingdom.


@ 04:57 If we’re waiting for Christ to bring the Kingdom of God, we should know it. And this series wouldn’t be over until that was suddenly figured out after lo, these many years.


@ 05:45 That means the Kingdom of God, His everlasting kingdom came before the Father got here on the Day of the Lord.


@ 05:58 Suddenly, it became absolutely clear that the First Kingdom is the Kingdom of God. And I’m gonna give you more proofs. But we’re gonna were’ gonna clear this up briefly before we go on to some other things that are not quite as exciting but in but incredibly interesting. So, again, I wanna just state, if you’re going to be the first people to enter the Kingdom of God, then you outta know it. And you outta know it absolutely. And you will. You will know it absolutely.


We have again entered the Bizzaro World of David C.raptacular Pack. Those comments are intended to be eye-popping moments for those inside The Restored Church of God. The funny-in-a-painful way thing is that everyone already knew that. They knew all of that.


There are church-goers in the Wadsworth Neighbors Facebook group who could tell you as much. The Worldwide Church of God always taught that Jesus Christ brings the Kingdom of God. The Father comes after. Church members go into the Kingdom first. RCG taught that since 1999. How is this something Dave had “suddenly figured out” and got all excited about?


If anyone in that audience went home and found their notes from before 2015, they would find that same information using Matthew, Luke, and Daniel and remember that conclusion was long-taught-and-forgot.


What other former doctrines will make a comeback? Is a “Big T” return on the horizon?



Starting with Part 387, the table has been bare.

The coffee and spices and glasses are not there because "We don’t need that anymore.” They are not there because they are not true anymore.

That was the Present Truth of the past, brethren. Forget about what has been taught in 2022 because that will just confuse you, brethren. Let the past go, brethren.


@ 09:56 So, let me close by saying we are praying for and waiting for Jesus Christ to come with the Father to bring the Kingdom of God. End of story. It took a long time to get there. But, we’re there nevertheless. So, if the last messages are to explain the Mystery of God it would seem to me it should could include this. It should absolutely include this.


Okay, so that is still a Dave-centric teaching that the Father comes with Christ. Even though earlier he said Jesus Christ is the one who brings the Kingdom. I suppose that is just nuance.


@ 13:56 I wanna show you something absolutely incredible and none of us ever knew. You're gonna learn some truly amazing things here.


Dave reminds me of Tom Sawyer convincing his friends of the concept of how fun whitewashing the fence is. It is true because he says so. It is all psychological salesmanship.


He then grabbed a shovel and headed to the graveyard so he could dig up a corpse to beat it to death again.


@ 18:23 Now a story about the most evil man I ever knew, Joseph Tkach.


He uses the death of Joseph W. Tkach on Trumpets in 1995 as a way to prove that the Kingdom comes on Trumpets. He is much more colorful than that if you want to hear him tell the story.

Part 388 – Joseph W. Tkach

Dave is all worked up about the Day of Lord beginning on Trumpets.


Herbert W. Armstrong suspected that Jesus Christ would return on Trumpets but never made it a full-blown church doctrine. Even he knew that would prove to be unwise.


@ 21:45 It has become absolute heresy to reject that the Day of the Lord comes on the Feast of Trumpets.


Oops. I have a feeling that David C. Pack in the future is going to commit heresy when he unteaches this doctrine. David C. Pack from today is going to get into a time machine to set that guy straight.


Dave then attempts an analogy with the solar system and Trumpets being the sun. Everything around Trumpets is locked in place and cannot move. The tail end is the notable portion.

Part 388 – Solar System

@ 23:29 If you see it that way, then you then you you you can understand you change the solar system and everything breaks. You take one planet out of the nine they now, what is it? Now ten they say? Take one of those ten planets out or even a significant moon or any moon off of any planet and did you know that the solar system will slowly begin to break up, it will come apart? Because all the gravitational attraction came together perfectly to create this system where we live.


Aron Ra would have a field day with the scientific thinking behind this one.


At this point, even I became bored with this message. To spare you, here is a proof-free summary:


The Day of the Lord is still on Trumpets but there is a kingdom in front of that. The Last Days means “the last days of the month.” There is a 45-day period that is split in two. The first is 15 and the other is 30. The ministers were “blown away.” The 1335 is still rolling on since it began on Av 15, but means there were "15 days to go."


Here is where Dave and his math confuse me. Av 15 with "15 days to go" means Av 30, which begins Friday at sunset. But then he says this:


@ 1:06:17 So, it looks like Elul 1 is a shadow of the Kingdom of God in power that ends with a Holy Day.


Av 30 must be “close enough” to Elul 1 so it is now on Dave’s Prophetic Failure Calendar.


Av 30 or Elul 1. Dave will be wrong either way, so being precise on exactly what he means is irrelevant.



In an unexpected turn, Dave completely dismantles his own “bombshell” from Part 387 which in Leviticus 26:18, :21, :24, and :28 “seven times” meant “a week.” He offered no apology to the translators which he threw heartily under the bus.


Watch this 3-minute video and note the evidence he uses to make his point. Then revisit the article, Seven Time Fraud to see the striking similarities. Maybe the Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy are now fans.


His own 28-day period evaporated. Just like the “not-really-a-50-day-count to Trumpets” or even the not-at-all mentioned 40-day count to Trumpets. That was then, this is now. It is all about 45 days split into 15 and then 30. At least he is being more creative with his numbers.


I need to thank David C Pack for validating me in such a phenomenal way during his Bible study though I will still be sending BAO my bill for $60.


It was quite surreal to have my credibility suddenly elevated. I will not let this go to my head but it tells me, “I am on the right track.”


You're welcome, Dave. You're welcome.

Marc Cebrian

See:  David C. Pack Moonwalks