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RCG Bradford G. Schleifer: Character Assassination of Vidal Wachuku


Character Assassination


The long, slow deterioration of David C. Pack and The Restored Church of God continues to accelerate with no foot hovering over the brakes. The spiritual corruption has spread like contagious poison at Headquarters, with David C. Pack serving as Patient Zero.


Now fully infected and loving it, Bradford G. Schleifer wanders the hallways licking every doorknob, computer mouse, and spoon handle he can find to ensure all the other hirelings at Headquarters are indoctrinated with the same delusion he seems to thrive on.


The enablers at The Restored Church of God commit wickedness yet believe they are doing good. Their brains are utterly fogged from drinking Dave’s biblical malarkey for so long, they are now drunkards of their own self-righteousness.


Brad was personally involved with one of the most bone-headed moves they have pulled in some time. After receiving reports and details of what transpired this week, I wondered if God had intentionally blinded the lot of them, so they made the stupidest decisions possible.


Yes, Brad. You guys just did something idiotic. It was so dumb. And I know you have no idea WHY it was so dumb. Well, keep reading.



Over the phone on Friday, Bradford G. Schleifer personally fired long-time field man Vidal Wachuku from the ministry. This call was not about his pay because that was severed two weeks ago. This was about Mr. Wachuku’s service to the RCG brethren in the Dallas, Texas, area.


Brad even hung up on him to add an exclamation point to the conversation. Boy, he has gotten nastier as the Series has fumbled along. Some Evangelist of Jesus Christ you have turned out to be, Brad.


Of course, Brad has no authority to do this on his own. David C. Pack is the Caesar giving his thumbs up or down with something monumental like this. At least Dave no longer has to be jealous of how beloved Mr. Wachuku has always been among the brethren and can stop asking him why that was so.


Dave yearns to be adored, but Mr. Wachuku actually is. What a great way to tweak a narcissist and put a target on your back.

The fact that Mr. Wachuku did not push Common on the brethren probably got under their skin, too.


Mr. Wachuku took the pay removal in stride and with grace. He immediately began securing employment income opportunities to support his family. You might have noticed the sudden burst of activity on his LinkedIn profile.


I know firsthand how upstanding Mr. Wachuku is because I spoke with him on the phone and over Zoom this week. Our re-connection was strictly business related, and he had nothing critical to say about the situation Dave and Headquarters had put him in. The man is a class act. He always has been.


RCG fired Mr. Wachuku because he dared to question the judgments coming out of Headquarters. The more goofy their decisions, the more Mr. Wachuku challenged and pushed back. He was not a roll-over on his back “Sir, yes, sir,” rubbery mollusk like most of those guys are. This put him at odds with the powers in Wadsworth.


Wow, Brad, you guys really stepped in it. What a foolish, foolish decision. We can all hope the same wisdom, discernment, and great ideas keep pouring out of Headquarters while David C. Pack strangles the life out of all sound judgment in The Restored Church of Another god.


Vidal Wachuku was one of the most loyal field men they have, and he NEVER would have quit RCG. He was not interested in playing politics and mind games like the calculated sycophants on the Third Floor, but he wanted to serve God and be a shepherd to the brethren. That is why they love him. Because he loves them, and his actions have proved it for over a decade.


While on my calls with him a few days ago, he did not say one critical word against RCG. He told me the “answered prayer” story and why "he could never leave" because God led him to RCG and the ministry. He and his family moved here from Nigeria so he could serve in RCG. He gleefully showed me his Worldwide Church of God ordination certificate. I commented about Common, and he responded, "Oh, Marc. Let's not go there. Let's not go there." He did not want to accuse, attack, critique, or malign RCG in any way. In fact, the man was mildly defending them. I did not push it.


Headquarters wanted a man who was more “low profile and non-threatening,” so they canned Mr. Wachuku and followed up by sending a character assassination letter to the members of The Restored Church of Another god last night. The attempt to do damage control before word spread backfired because I received a copy. Life finds a way.


I wonder how many hot irons seared the conscience of professional enabler Frederik Jaco Viljoen (Doctor Feelbad) to get him to write such a deceptive attack on a good man’s name and not lose any sleep over it.


RCG "ministers" will be your caring brother-in-Christ until they need to stab you in the back with lies. This letter is filled with lies and greasy subtlety.



Friday, December 29, 2023

Jaco Viljoen <>


Dear brethren, 


Warm greetings from Headquarters! As we head into the Sabbath, I trust your week has been profitable. 


It is never pleasurable to deliver bad news, but it has become necessary to remove Mr. Vidal Wachuku from the ministry and disfellowship him from the Church. Understandably, this may surprise and sadden you. 


When anyone chooses to leave God’s Way, we typically do not go into their issues and sins. When it involves a minister, giving a little more context is necessary.


We have worked with Mr. Wachuku for years to address some spiritual blind spots, which are not befitting the conduct of a minister of Jesus Christ, who is instructed to be “not soon angry” (Titus 1:7).


Sadly, Mr. Wachuku’s recent transition off salary from the Church seems to have brought things to a head. Instead of trusting God and allowing us to help him move forward, it appears a lack of faith and trust in God’s government, caused him to walk away from the Church entirely (John 10:12-13).

Messrs. Schleifer, Houk, and I have had multiple conversations with him over the past couple of weeks to try and encourage him and reiterate the Church’s financial support during this transition.

However, Mr. Wachuku refused to listen to reason, multiple times having angry outbursts and demonstrating a terrible attitude. He effectively ended his ministry when we asked him the basic question of whether he believes The Restored Church of God is God’s Church. He refused to answer, calling the question a “trap.” He could not explain why he would see such a basic question this way.


You will want to review I Timothy 6:1-6. God’s ministers are charged to conduct themselves properly, including teaching and living “doctrine which is according to godliness” (vs. 3). During our exchanges with him, Mr. Wachuku would not receive counsel or “consent to wholesome words.” Instead, his responses were “proud,” “railing,” filled with “strife of words” and contempt for God’s government in direct violation of God’s instructions through Timothy. These verses shed light on why such decisive actions had to be taken.


Whether it is a fellow member or, in this case, a minister, God's Word is clear that you should "withdraw yourself" from such individuals (vs. 3-5; Rom. 16:17-18)! You may also want to review the article, "When Ministers Disappear..." ( to provide further perspective. 


We hope and pray that Vidal will come to see his error, repent, and come again under God’s Church and government and return to the Body of Christ. 


In the meantime, my wife and I are happy to serve and support you, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.


In Christ's service,

Jaco Viljoen



No. The Restored Church of God is NOT God's Church, Jaco. It is a corrupted abomination that has fallen away into apostasy led by a hypocritical, blaspheming, lying, false prophet promoting doctrines of antichrist.


Headquarters felt it “necessary” to paint Vidal Wachuku as an angry, bitter, and rebellious man. Ask anyone in his congregations over the years if that is true. If the man indeed had “conduct not befitting of a minister,” he had the PERFECT opportunity to vent to the sympathetic ear of that devil Marc Cebrian. Instead, he showed patience, restraint, and faith that God would provide for him and his family. He had already seized an opportunity to receive income, which is why we were on the phone.


With Dave's blessing, this was a very stupid move by the cowardly hirelings at Headquarters. David C. Pack does not have a track record for making sound decisions. During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 487),” on December 23, 2023, it was announced that the Acceptable Year will begin on New Year’s Eve. That is tomorrow night. Mark your calendar. Or don’t. Nothing will happen per usual.


The Acceptable Year Begins

January 1, 2024


Vidal Wachuku is respected and admired among his congregations. He has a long history of patience, kindness, and understanding. It will be curious to see how many brethren "wake up" after reading just how rotten their pastor really was. Hopefully, they consider the fruits of the accusers and know that the letter is pure character assassination for the sake of control by a desperate and financially challenged organization.


This was a stupid move on their part because he would not have left The Restored Church of God. This was dumb because he did not speak ill of them despite them leaving him in the financial cold. This was idiotic because he is so well-respected by the brethren.

The real fallout from this foolish decision to remove him from the ministry will develop on its own.


I always wondered why Mr. Wachuku had not resigned from RCG despite the failed dates and broken assurances of a mentally unstable Pastor General. He seemed too reasonable a man to buy into Dave’s malarkey and was probably staying in RCG for the sake of his sheep. He and I never spoke of this, but knowing the man as I did, it seemed reasonable that he was sacrificing himself by staying in RCG so he could tend and protect his flock.


But Headquarters made the decision for him. Idiots. How costly this ultimately proves for them remains to be seen. I hope all the brethren in The Restored Church of God who ever knew Vidal Wachuku get to read that character assassination letter and utilize the spiritual discernment God gave them.


Note: Mr. Vidal Wachuku did NOT contribute to the content of this article.

Marc Cebrian
See: Character Assassination

Friday, December 29, 2023

The German Military Might Is Rising Up! Concentration Camps Not Too Far Behind!! Oh Noes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who would ever have guessed that the Living Church of God would have ANOTHER little article about Germany? It is shocking, I know!

But, here we are in all its fear-mongering glory. 

The Germans are rising up militaristically. Oh noes!!!!!!!!!! 

Concentration Camps cannot be too far behind. They probably are polishing up those old meathooks to hang Church of God members on as you read this. 

New world Nazis will soon be arriving in Pasadena and see the former Ambassador Campus and will stand in awe and wonder. "We cannot destroy this magnificent place! Let's make it our occupational headquarters."

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Lack of Peace In The COG Movement


The only way you can have peace according to LCG is to keep the law. 

Forget about being a follower of Christ or the New Covenant. 

Thanks to this distorted viewpoint it is no wonder there is no peace within the Church of God movement.

All we have are rebellious men filled with disdain for the government they claim to follow. There is no peace between COG groups, especially between self-appointed church leaders. 

The Churches of God can no longer wag their crooked old fingers at Christian churches or the world around them when their very own churches and souls are filled with darkness.

The Way to Peace: At this time of year, we hear a lot about “Peace on earth and goodwill toward men” yet the news is full of reports of war and suffering. The desire for peace is universal, but that hope has remained elusive for most human beings. While world leaders talk of peace, and religious leaders pray for peace, and the UN sends “peacekeepers” to trouble spots around the globe, the world simply does not know the way to peace (Isaiah 59:8). However, God’s word reveals that the way to peace is to learn to love and live by the laws of God and that way leads to peace and quietness (Psalm 119:165Isaiah 32:17). The world will learn the way to peace when Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace returns to this earth and the laws of God are spread from Jerusalem by teachers who are in training now (Isaiah 9:6–72:2–430:20–21). Let’s prepare for that day.

Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail

Are you a Belgian who makes good chocolate and are friendly? Then you are one of the 12 Tribes!!!!

When Belgians think of COG false prophets

It has always fascinated me how those in Armstrongism that deal in prophecy porn need to make endless speculations as to who the so-called lost 12 tribes are. They need to establish who those 12 tribes are ignorer to prop up their delusional and outright lies concerning prophecy. After all these years of believing God revealed to Herbert Armstrong restored "truths" one would think they could make up their minds about this malarkey. While art is certainly fascinating reading at times, it has no relevance to any COG member in 2023, particularly when it comes to prophecy porn dished out by self-appointed false prophets of the Church of God.

But how dismissive of me to forget that God set into motion, as the universe was being created, for a latter-day prophet to arise in the early 21st Century that would be the channel for all revealed truth from God Almighty himself. Not so much from Jesus, but the Big Kahuna himself. Never before in the history of humanity would there be a man as magnificent and important as the Great Bwana to ever-changing numbers in Africa and the occasional 100 Caucasians? HWA, GTA, Herman Hoeh, Gerald Waterhouse, and the other prophecy shmucks of Armstrongism stand in awe of the Great Bwana Bob Mzungu Thiel. The best waffler the church has ever seen!

Anyway, that brings us to some of the latest hilarity out of Grover Beach in his article attempting to PROVE that Belgium is one of the lost 12 tribes.

The Great Bwana quotes one of the most prolific false prophets of Armstrongism, Herman Hoeh, as his source of authority, along with a former WCG member.

He writes:

Are there prophecies related to Belgium and Luxembourg? 
The late evangelist Dr. Herman Hoeh wrote the following:

Asher “his bread shall be fat and he shall yield royal danties” (Gen. 49:20). This peculiar expression could have reference alone to Belgium and the kindred state Luxembourg. From Belgium have come the finest Flemish paintings, the royal tapestries which graced the halls of kings, fine cut diamonds, porcelain and Belgian lace. Belgium and Luxembourg are blessed above many another son of Jacob “Blessed be Asher above sons; let him be the favoured of his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil” prosperity. Iron and brass shall by thy bars; and as thy days, so shall they riches increase. Because of uranium, Belgium’s prosperity will continue to grow. (The above rendering of Deut. 33:25 is the correct it is highly obscure.) (LOCATION OF THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL by Herman L Hoeh, ca. 1950s)

Because Hoeh recanted his Compendium of World History as inaccurate, why should anyone believe him about this other speculation in history and prophecy? False prophets need other false prophets to prop up their delusions.

He continues:

Retired teacher Bert Otten, who was once part of the old WCG, sent me a paper with his reasons why he feels that many in Belgium and Luxembourg are the descendants of the biblical tribe of Asher. He told me that I could edit and/or use what he sent in any way.

Belgian beer is the superfood for COG false prophets

Otten lists 10 things that PROVE Belgians are of the tribe of Asher:

1. They are happy 

2. They eat rich food

3.  They make great delicacies:

        a. Beer 

                  b. chocolate

        c. waffles and candies

        d. tapestries, lace, and comic books

4.  They are kind and friendly

5.  There is a lot of iron and coal in their land

6.  They make good things of brass (taken from the Congo after King Leopold tortured and killed millions of Congolese, but that's ok, they're of the tribe of Asher, and God said the Congo was theirs to exploit)

          7.  They extracted palm oil from the Congo:

8.  They are part of the Benelux nations and are all three descendants of  biblical Leah (Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands)


9.  They are brave fighters

10. Belgians are neutral and peaceful

Once again, it may be fascinating reading but is ultimately irrelevant to one's walk with Christ.

Nevertheless, the Great Bwana has to thump his little chest and toot his little horn:

I should add that we have been to Belgium at least twice and Luxembourg at least once.

Yep, the Great Bwana is now an AUTHORITY on Belgium. I've been there many more times than he has, but that's another subject. 

Crackpot Bob ends with this:

Knowing where various peoples have come from, help us better understand how the Bible teaches that various ones will be affected by end time events that are still to come to pass.

Anyone who is a follower of Christ has no need for this malarkey, as fascinating as it might be.

Gal. 3 Verses 28 to 29
[28] There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. [29] And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise.

How Logic Works In Armstrongism


Armstrong Logic

This is an image created by the Etruscans as an offering 
to their goddess protector of children, Tec Sans.

Tec Sans sounds a lot like Texans.

All Texans are now pagan.

from a WCG Survivors Facebook Group

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How Did The Armstrong Empire Get Into Its Current Mess?


The following was a comment left on the "Dave Pack's Pristine Record Of Perfect Failures" posting. I think deserves its own post because of how well it sums up how the COGhas reached the point it is at today..

The1950s were an exciting time to be alive. So many new products and trends were being launched. TVwas a new phenomenon, and very exciting. The cars had new powerful engines and two tone paint jobs were optional. Teenagers were being recognized as a separate demographic as opposed to being merely extensions of their parents. Music, movies, television and clothing styles reflected this. Rock music became the sound track for teenage life. Most families attended church, and there were points of connection between public schools and local community churches. 

There was also something very new about Herbert W. Armstrong's amalgamation of doctrines and message. He began coming into his own when the FCC mandated that small local AM radio stations cease broadcasting at sunset each day, opening up frequencies for big 50,000 watt "clear channel" stations, and The World Tomorrow program was carried on some of these stations. How effective were these stations? Well, a teenager in Philadelphia, on a 6 transistor radio, could pick up WABC New York, WBZ Boston, WLS Chicago, or CKLW Windsor Ontario, from about 9:00 PM until he fell asleep on it. The "Radio" Church of God was aptly named. Members were largely scattered across the USA, and ministered to via radio. When we went to Texas for our first Feast of Tabernacles, held in the new corrugated steel building in 1958, it was the stuff dreams were made of. None of the kids at school had such an opportunity, and with over 5,000 people attending, most people of that era were not accustomed to gatherings of that size. In 1959, we flew.

Nobody at the time was preaching a message like HWA was. There was interest and rapid growth. We had no local churches in the East. A church in Pittsburgh was raised up, iirc, in 1959, followed later by New York City, but they were only viable for us for occasional trips, and the holy days. Without a local church, it really was not an organized thing for us, and we had no exposure to church government. As we started to be able to attend church more, and our parents met and spoke with the parents of children our ages, they began really zealously applying what was in the child rearing booklet, wrecking my whole concept of family, and we suddenly needed all manner of special exceptions at school, turning us pretty much into pariahs. One thing was definitely universal, and that was the belief that we'd be going to Petra in 1972, and Jesus would return in 1975. That's where Dave Pack learned his shtick. The only way in which he is different is that he doesn't just make one false prophecy and backpedal. He makes them repeatedly!

As 1975 approached, field ministers were requesting that some of the doctrines be reviewed. Divorce and remarriage beliefs had caused much hardship when viable families were split up. People were dying from ailments treatable by doctors. Loma Armstrong was one of them, her death being a profound shock to members. Farmers lost their farms due to keeping land sabbaths. And, it was looking like 1975 was going to be a nonevent. When it was, the ministers backpedaled and lied, saying the church had never set dates, but they had indeed done exactly that. Some of the more scholarly members began doing their own studies, which is what we should have all done at the beginning, instead of simply memorizing the materials in the Correspondence Course. Their research exposed huge problems with the doctrines. 

There are probably people who see the sad state of the splinters today and wonder how the Armstrong empire got into its current mess. The Tkaches get blamed for so much, but the leaders of the splinters are most certainly responsible as well. Some ask what if Garner Ted had not been the spiritual equivalent of an Eddie Haskell. But, the seeds were sown by false prophecy, which failed, and apparently nobody has learned any lessons from that. The false prophecy may have fit the zeitgeist of 1955-1970. Time and date stamp of Armstrongism expired shortly thereafter.