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Tyler Clementi and Brothers: Now Shining Like the Sun (edited)

This video is of Tyler Clementi (playing violin), the 18 year old who jumped off a bridge last week because of his 'friends' secretly video taping him and then broadcasting it to the world.

It is quit obvious that Tyler had a love for God in his heart that came through in his music. What kind of message did he receive from his church that would fill him with such hopelessness?

Tyler was one of five kids this past week that killed themselves because of anti-gay bullying.

Yet, America's most perfect Christian organization (Focus on the Family) feels they are God's only representatives left on earth today had this to say:

Just further proof that fundamentalism is rotten to the core!

Seth Walsh, a California teen who spent the last 10 days on life support after attempting suicide over relentless bullying because he was gay, died today. He was 13 years old.
Seth’s family took him off life support this afternoon, reports KGET-TV.
Seth was found Sunday, September 19, unconscious and not breathing, and it appeared he had tried to hang himself from a tree branch, according to police reports. He was rushed by helicopter to Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield.
According to reports, Seth was openly gay and was taunted by bullies for years, at school and at a local park.
He attended Jacobsen Middle School last year and for only two weeks this year, before being transferred to independent study — reportedly because he had been bullied relentlessly. But school officials at Tehachapi Union School District claim there have been no reports of bullying.


Asher Brown’s worn-out tennis shoes still sit in the living room of his Cypress-area home while his student progress report — filled with straight A’s — rests on the coffee table.
The eighth-grader killed himself last week. He shot himself in the head after enduring what his mother and stepfather say was constant harassment from four other students at Hamilton Middle School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.
Brown, his family said, was “bullied to death” — picked on for his small size, his religion and because he did not wear designer clothes and shoes. Kids also accused him of being gay, some of them performing mock gay acts on him in his physical education class, his mother and stepfather said.
The 13-year-old’s parents said they had complained about the bullying to Hamilton Middle School officials during the past 18 months, but claimed their concerns fell on deaf ears.
Brown was found dead on the floor of his stepfather’s closet at the family’s home in the 11700 block of Cypresswood about 4:30 p.m. Thursday. He used his stepfather’s 9 mm Beretta, stored on one of the closet’s shelves, to kill himself. He left no note. David Truong found the teen’s body when he arrived home from work.
On the morning of his death, the teen told his stepfather he was gay, but Truong said he was fine with the disclosure. “We didn’t condemn,” he said.


A 15-year-old Indiana teen took his own life last week in what is thought to be another suicide at least partially connected to school bullying, a result of the teen’s perceived sexual orientation.

Billy (William) Lucas, a student at Greensburg Community High School in Greensburg, IN, was was found dead in a barn at his grandmother’s home Thursday evening — he had hanged himself.
Friends of Lucas say that he had been tormented for years. [WTHR-TV]
“He was threatened to get beat up every day,” friend and classmate Nick Hughes said. “Sometimes in classes, kids would act like they were going to punch him and stuff and push him.”

“Some people at school called him names,” Hughes said, saying most of those names questioned Lucas’ sexual orientation, and that Lucas, for the most part, did little to defend himself.
“He would try to but people would just try to break him down with words and stuff and just pick on him,” Hughes said.


Raymond Chase who reportedly hung himself in his residence hall room this past Wednesday, September 29, 2010 on the campus of Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island.


Cody J. Barker, 17, of Shiocton, Wis., took his life on Sept. 13. Barker attended Shiocton High School, where he was active in choir. In August he attended a seminar and planned to start a gay/straight alliance at his school. He held a job at Fleet Farm in Appleton.

Maria Peeples, Barker’s peer mentor through GSA for Safe Schools, said he was a passionate activist for all students, especially those, “targeted or ostracized for their sexual orientation or their gender identity and expression... He really cared about making schools a safe place for students. That wasn’t always his own experience with school.”
According to a Web posting, Baker loved history, James Bond movies and Lady Gaga. He was described as an “extremely selfless” young man who enjoyed spending time with his friends, tending his rose plants, biking and reading.

You may ask what this has to do with Armstrongism.

Armstrongism has always had gay people in it. When you look on the Painful Truth web site (see links in side listing) at the suicide statistics you will see a lot of young single people. Many of these wonderful folk were gay.

What choice did they have? After listening month and after month to deviate morons like Rod Meredith, Flurry, GTA, and others rail on and on about homosexuals what choice was left to them?

They prayed, they fasted, they were anointed and some even went so far as have idiot ministers attempt exorcisms to get rid of their gay demons. It never has worked!

There have been several gay folk in the Los Angeles area that were part of WCG. Some got married in the hope of being cured. Some stayed married and admitted constantly that they were still attracted to men/women.

Others lived lives of honesty and integrity being true to themselves. Many left religion all together, others are deeply involved in their churches (non COG).

Some still remain in various COGlet splinter groups listening to the constant haranguing week after week. They hold on for a cure, or think that if they can only hold on till the Kingdom arrives they will be cured.

Art Gilmore Dies

,Art Gilmore, the theatrical voice of Armstrongism died September 25th.  For decades his calming, soothing, yet dramatic voice helped declare "the good news of the world tomorrow" to ears across the globe.  Who can forget those cold late nights driving across the country and you hear his voice beaming from some megawatt Mexican radio station.  While he was never a apart of Armstrongism, his name is a permanent fixture in the Armstrongite dictionary.  He was yet one more unique thing of Armstrongism that the myriad of splinter cults cannot recapture.  None of their tv or radio programs has the same kick as the old World Tomorrow did.  And, as Martha says, "That's a good thing!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Child Abuse in Armstrongism is NOT an Anomaly

Give the recent turn of events with Kevin Dean's arrest for child abuse, it just brings to light the fact that Armstrongism had lots of child molesters in its midst.  The sad part was that the ministry and various church leaders found ways to cover it all up.

One of Meathooks MerryDeath's right-hand men was well know in Pasadena for sexual advances on boys at Camp River Glenn.

Imperial Schools had its molester/sadists on staff who loved to beat kids after making them lower their pants or raise their dresses.  The sad part was that parents let them do it!

Another Pasadena member was jailed for molesting his infant daughter.

From the Yahoo Group LCG:


In 2002, a member of LCG was imprisoned for "sexual conduct with a minor" (he was in his 40's) His DAUGHTER was the victim!!!!!!!!!!!.

He was recently married to a member from the Minneapolis area, they never counseled for marriage, they were married by an LCG minister.

He actually broke PAROLE to come to Wisconsin. I am sure she knew about this situation and believed that he was framed, BUT does a person spend almost 3 years 6 months (indicted by a GRAND JURY) in prison if there is NO solid evidence???? He had 17 (SEVENTEEN) counts against him. He was plead guilty to FOUR. The ministers in his area (SOUTHWESTERN USA) were aware of this situation, I am certain DW knew about it and OKAYED the marriage, because the offender bragged how he knew DWinnail personally (I met the man months ago at a service in Wisconsin, before any of this came out) Very charming and sweet...(typical)

This all came to light ONE DAY before we left for the FEAST. How do I know all this?? Because the x husband of the lady the offender married...was sent AN ANOYONOUS letter with the offender's picture and REGISTRATION SHEET with 17 (SEVENTEEN) offenses listed!!!

We were floored to say the least. Our friend (Dave) stayed with us during the FEAST so this is NOT some RUMOR>>> I saw the paperwork with my own eyes.

LCG KNEW of this situation for MONTHS and never alerted the congregations and PERMITTED that marriage!!!

CHILD MOLESTERS (historically speaking) CANNOT be reformed!It is a perverted SICKNESS. Well, it is all on the heads of the ministry, that's about all I can say...BUT SHAME ON THEM! Are the shepherds PROTECTING their FLOCKS?????

Dave has a child who is a minor who was living with his mother after she was remarried to the offender. He's very upset and wonders HOW this could have happened...
There's something wrong with this picture..can you ALL SEE THIS???

They allowed that man to mingle with our children(in various
congregations) for MONTHS. This is SHAMEFUL.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Rapid Fall of HWA's Golden Boy (Updated)

The Painful Truth has a post up from a step daughter of Kevin Dean referring to his arrest on September 27th for 10 counts of child molestation and five counts for sexual battery.

Kevin Dean was one of HWA's highly favored confidants as was his brother Aaron Dean (UCG hierarchy).  When these two spoke the people in Pasadena jumped.  They first got their start with HWA as stewards on the church jet planes.  The female stewardess had been dumped because of GTA's sexually offenses against them.  They figured men serving as stewards would solve the problem.

Controversy has always swirled around Pasadena about Kevin.  When he was part of Imperial schools rumors were rampant about his dalliance's with students.  He ungraciously dumped his first wife for a girl from Imperial Schools.

Then we had heard he moved to Santa Barbara to get away from the rumors and accusations.

Booking photo
Otagosh blog also has a link about this story with some details on the arrests.

Myra McQueen  has info on her blog about the Dean Brother's shenanigans during the receivership.

It was very obvious now that Rader was calling the shots and that he had put the fear in HWA. He would continue to do so until the Dean bros (according to the AR) managed to tape a conversation between Rader and Ramona in which they were discussing placing HWA in a nursing home and taking over the church. Statements in the AR (Jan '83) read-"Those close to Ted, however, feel his distrust of Ramona was quite justified. Many observers are convinced she was more loyal to Stan Rader than to HWA. And as we reported in a previous issue, it was a secret tape recording of a Stan Rader-Ramona conversation taped by the Dean brothers [former stewards on the GII] that was responsible for the sacking of Stan Rader. Insiders claim that it was also that tape recording that was responsible for the Herbert-Ramona marriage going sour." This tape recording of the conversation between Rader & Ramona was first mentioned in AR #15 & later in AR #16

Aaron Dean went on to become HWA's assistant, replacing Bob Fahey.

Actually, the recording would not have worked if the blackmail had still been in Rader's possession at the time the tape was played. To interject here-Rader had carefully placed college maintenance men in the highest ministerial positions after Ted's disfellowshippment AR 10-'79 which included Tkach and Ellis LaRavia. Were they the only control over the ministry he could get? Most were not very well educated. Tkach did not even have a high school diploma and had been unable to pass any of his college academics at AC.

The Armstrong leadership was no longer in control of the Armstrongite ministry that had been trained by HWA. The regular evangelists, such as Rod Meredith, Herman Hoeh, etc. lost their high position in authority when Tkach was put in charge of the ministry in '79. Many were disfellowshipped (ie, Dave Antion, C. Wayne Cole, etc.).

This would not have happened if Ted had been under Rader's influence, because Rader did not seek the top religious position. He just wanted to be in control of the money. But with Ted gone, he knew that he had to place his myrmidons in positions of control, in order to maintain control of the money when HWA died. He obviously knew where every dime was in all those corporate soles that were scattered out to other states, as well as in the thirteen bank accounts listed under HWA's name.

According to Ted's booklet, HWA had been afraid of being "placed in a mental institution" ("Origin" pg. 67)"He was becoming paranoid about plots against him" (same pg). This accusation is also repeated in DLA's tape "'79 Disfellowshippments and Firings." along with the fact that C. Wayne Cole (the then head of the ministerial dept.) was consulted by HWA about how to go about firing Rader. Of course the loyal Cole tried to help HWA and was stabbed in the back as a result. This information is available on David Antion's taped message, "79 Firings and Disfellowshippments"

After the Dean bros. tape, HWA was able to fire Rader himself (with pay of course, because he knew too much to just get rid of him). But by this time Tkach (whom Ted refers to in his booklet as "one of our former gardeners, who had risen, for some unknown reason, to be in my father's circle of trusted confidants." Origin pg 56) apparently took charge of HWA's ministry and his empire. Did he steal the blackmail? Did the Dean bros?

One of Kevin's smear campaigns also led to the famous Kessler letter.

A Church of God Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen

I found this web site tonight about a Church of God that is fascinating.

I found myself looking at many of the pictures and checking out some of their music and watched the video on their home page.

They seem to be a mixture of Mennonite/Amish and look a whole lot like the FLDS.  You can see some of the women wearing white bonnets.  They all dress conservatively.

One thing that did strike me was how 'happy' they all seem in the pictures. laughing and having a good time.  They seem to have gatherings all over the world, one recently here in CA.

Music seems to be a big thing for them.  It kid of reminds me of shape-note singing. They also do not have an issue of raising their hands and praising   God.

They certainly are web savy, do not have an issue with cars and buses and other modern things.

They also do not seem to have a problem with women preaching. When you look through their pictures you will see them preaching.  Yet, in many of the pictures the women are separate from the men.  Strange.

They kind of look like what I would picture the Church of God folk in Stansbury at the turn of the century.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Against Armstrongism: Ignatius of Antioch and Polycarp in their own words

Against Armstrongism: Ignatius of Antioch and Polycarp in their own words
Scott C. Blue

This is an interesting book.  Scott Blue has taken the writings of the Early Church Father’s (Ignatius, Polycarp and Chrysostom) and used their words to demolish Armstrongism.  Unfortunately for Blue, most Armstrongites will never read his book.  He has several strikes going against him.  The book is too intellectual, it quotes writings from Roman Catholics and also Blue has converted to Roman Catholicism after leaving Armstrongism.

Armstrongites have always been taught (and still are today) by HWA and his ministers that Catholicism is the Great Whore of Babylon, the Harlot Church, the false religions and the persecutor of the brethren.  The mere fact that he quotes Catholics and has become a Catholic his opinions are irrelevant and heretical in their sight.

Because he quotes Ignatius, Polycarp and John Chrysostom he is delving into intellectualism in the minds of many Armstrongites.  The only relevant word of God today comes from HWA’s writings or the pen’s of various splinter cult leaders.

Other than the Author’s Note and Preface, Blue has added no written commentary to the writings.  It is the Early Church Father’s speaking for themselves.  As you read it you will quickly see though how these men’s words rip Armstrongism to the core.

I find the book interesting because of my interest in early church history.  Many will not, unfortunately.

He has also written a book about De-mystifying the Mysteries” a debunking of Mystery of the Ages.  I will order it soon to add to my collection.

From the book:

Author’s Note

In 2006 shortly after our wedding, my wife Lauren and I were starting a family and began looking into going to church.  Neither of us knew where to begin, primarily due to our completely different, however similarly negative experiences with religion as children.

My wife had attended a loosely based Pentecostal congregation as a child whose pastor’s wife sat in the front pew while his mistress sat beside him on the “stage”; obviously not leaving a great taste in her mouth concerning organized religion.

I, on the other hand, was raised in The Worldwide Church of God, a sabbatarian (7th day) non-denominational group who saw its monumental rise in the mid to late part of the 20th century.  It all but imploded on itself in the mid 1980’s when it’s Pastor General, Herbert A Armstrong, died and the new leadership took a more “orthodox” approach to their doctrines.

Neither Lauren nor I had been to church in over a decade, and really had no established foundation on which to make decisions of faith and morals.

We knew we wanted our children to grow up with a faith based set of morals, however due to our own experiences as children we were skeptical about religion in general.

We started to read everything “Christian” we could get out hands on, which conflicted with one another a lot of the time on a theological level.  We decided at that point to start from the beginning and take a historical approach to our decision.

This research led us to Polycarp, Ignatius, Clement of Roan, Justin Martyr, and Eusebius to name a few; what I now know to be the Apostolic Fathers and Sub Apostolic Fathers of the Church – something I discovered both Catholic and prominent Protestant scholars agreed on.

Our next step was to find a Church who matched what these early Fathers wrote. In a nutshell, our first steps towards falling in love with and embracing the Roman Catholic Church.

Our biggest grievance through our learning process, especially before going through the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), was a lack of books we could get on the early Fathers without interpretation.

Worldwide Church of God embraced many of the Hebrew holy days, kept the Jewish Sabbath, Passover, The Day of Atonement, as well as a few others and condemned Orthodoxy’s celebration of Easter, Christmas, the existence of souls and Saints, including the original Apostles souls.

Having such a conflicting background with what I was reading only increased my need to see the whole document.  I needed to read the entire Epistle, not just a quoted excerpt taken from script in order to re-enforce a point.  Much like the Apostle Thomas, I needed to see it with my own eyes before I believed it.

I quickly learned that many of the writings were online or in large, expensive leather bound books, the latter was not something that was affordable at the time.

I remember saying several times to my wife as I poured hour after hour over the writings online on Catholic Encyclopedia, “Someone should compile these letters into a book.”

A year later, my wife and I came into the Catholic Church. As we talked to people in passing about our conversion, Protestants as well as cradle Catholics, we always had to refer people to the internet to mixed reviews; some people just want to sit in a comfortable chair and read.  Again, I found myself saying, “Someone should compile these letters into a book.”

The following RICA year, my wife and I were asked to be on the team. I found myself once again referring people to the Catholic Encyclopedia website and saying, “If there was a book that had all the letters together, that would be a great supplemental teaching tool.”  Then it hit me. Stop wishing for someone to do it, and do it.

The following Epistles are the words of Sts. Ignatius of Antioch and Polycarp as available on the Catholic Encyclopedia online (www.newadvent.corg).  The translation of these Epistles are public domain.

I know a lot of people that are hurting because they feel lost and confused, specifically people who were members of the Worldwide Church of God or the children of its members. Some of them know what they don’t believe, but not what to believe at this point.  The Epistles of Ignatius and Polycarp are an important link between the teachings of the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church, especially when one considers that an official cannon of Christian Scripture was not first agreed upon until the end of the 4th century; some three hundred years later than the Synod of Hippo (393).

Many of the doctrines of he Worldwide Church of God are similar and in some cases identical to other denominations such as the 7th Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormon Church.  I feel these Epistles can also open up the light of truth to these groups while providing a historical backdrop of the early Christian Church.

These Epistles are historical documents as well as Sacred Tradition.  They stand on their own.  They don’t need us near as much as we need them. As far as interpretation goes, especially verses WCG doctrine, they speak for themselves in tone, tempo and doctrine.  Very little is left to the imagination.

In addition, I have included a homily on Ignatius of Antioch by St. John Chrysostom (A.D. 350-407), Bishop and Doctor of the Church and what many scholars argue is the greatest speaker ever heard from a Christian pulpit.

These letters provide faith, hope and love.  Hopefully this will open the doors of ones heart and mind to let the Light in.

Scott C. Blue

Check out "The Good Old Days" - Al Aksa Mosque has the following posting up today about the burning of the Al Aksa Mosque by Armstrognite Denis Rohan in 1969.  When Rohan was arrested he was found with a rolled up Plain Truth in his pocket

The Good Old Days

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

33 Years and Counting

Left to right, Harrison Ford (Han Solo), David Prowse (Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) 
and, in foreground, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Kenny Baker (R2-D2) 
and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

It's hard to believe that 33 years ago the first Star Wars came out.  A large group of us from Ambassador College in Pasadena headed off to Hollywood to see it.  Every single seat in the theater was taken.  Yet, at this same time various ministers in Pasadena were trying to discourage students from seeing the movie.  It was fiction, it was dangerous, it had demons in it.  

Kind of like the ranting that Dave Albert did from the Auditorium stage when ET came out.  He went on and on about how the movie was really about demons manifesting themselves on earth as agents of light to gullible children.  If we went to see the movie we would be allowing demons to enter our mind. Thankfully 95% of the students ignored him as they had ignored the Star Wars silliness.

The other strange thing they told us that never came true was that they said we would never be able to see the  sequels in the Star Wars series when they came out. The reason being we would be in Petra.  The world would be coming to and end by that time the sequels would be coming out.

The other movie that stirred up a stink in Pasadena was Crocodile Dundee.  They planned to show the movie in the Auditorium.  It was common knowledge that God lived in the Auditorium so swear words and sexy scenes could not be shown on the screen.   Some moron from the student government stood next to the projector and held a piece of cardboard over the lens so the picture could not be projected on stage.  There were howls of protest.  People got up and walked out.  

Armstrongism has always been afraid of the silliest things.  

Herb hated country music.  He thought it was for the uncouth and uneducated.  We always thought he hated it because GTA liked it.  

Armstrongism did not like its members being actors.  The reason being was that they were taking on fake personalities and would have to live through those characters.  It was another avenue for opening the mind up to demons.  

You could not be a policeman because you carried a gun. (Even though GTA's bodyguard carried gun with him at all times.).  

They discouraged members from being EMT's.  You were performing medical procedures that took away the persons ability to use divine healing.

A Failed Okie in Oklahoma Trying To Impress

Six Pack Flurry recently opened his new mini-Me auditorium at his cult compound in Oklahoma.  Like HWA, he spared no expense.  Onyx, marble, swarovski crustal, imported carpets, bird fountains, etc.

I wonder to this day if Six Pack ever has an original idea running around that 'brain' of his.

Happily he is nothing more than the Okie version of HWA and it is just nor working.  At least Herb had some class and good taste, while Six Pack is bankrupt in all those departments.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Christ and HWA's Mistakes Were Inadvertent......

Yahoo also has another Group called OrginalWCG.  These people have taken Armstrongism to the extreme.  They allow no questioning of anything HWA or the church taught prior to 1986.  If you dare question you will be kicked of the forum after they first rake you over the coals for daring to question God's apostle.  The site is highly entertaining just for the sheer number of stupid comments that are posted.  This quote below is one of them.

Bet you never knew Jesus made mistakes. Nor, that Herb was obviously so righteous he is right there next to Christ, co equal, co-god's.....


But he grew into Godly character, to become like God, per the
instruction of Christ in the Scriptures. And please, let's not pick
on Mr. Armstrong for his mistakes. After all, Jesus Christ, as the
Logos, made mistakes in some of His judgements,
as Moses pointed out
to Him. Whatever mistakes Christ, HWA or any other Godly people make
are INADVERTANT mistakes
, since their INTENT is always to do what is
right and good, and so they are eminently forgivable.

LCG: "The Most Educated and Sophisticated Group EVER!"

On Yahoo Groups there is a forum for Living Church of God (Rod Meridith's splinter cult).  These people tend to be far more  conservative and rabid in their religious stance.  Not quite as bad as Six Pack Flurry, but far out of the realm of reason.

As far as LCG's 'dynamic' has NEVER happened.  They are still stuck in their time warp.  As for education they are still living in pre-1986 mode.  They frown on higher education, mock theology courses in other colleges, universities and seminaries (where you will get a far better education than you ever would in LCG).

Notice how they still mock Christians in the world around them.  They spell it with a little 'c'.

And true to Armstrongite thought, they say that God is not as pleased with  them as they had hoped for, so God still has to work with them a while longer.  Somewhere along the line they screwed up and God is NOT pleased!  Of that we can be assured because Spanky continually declares churchwide fasts in order for the church to humble it's self.

LCG thinks it is special and set apart from all other COGlet's.


I truly believe that the COG is on a verge of a golden era
and currently Jesus Christ, the head of the body, is laying down a
foundation of people who will be able to handle the stressess, and dyanmism
of fantastic growth. We are the most blessed ERA of christians in the
history of the church of God.
By far we are the most educated and
sophiscated group ever,
we have access to incredible knowledge, hindsight on
the previous era's of the church their accomplishments, and their failures,
our talents as a whole are wide ranging just look at the different types of
careers most church people have compared to christians in other era's we do
have the tools we have access to God's holy spirit.

God is just working with us a little more, and making sure we can handle a
new flood of his children.
I'm excited to see how it all turns out. We live in exciting times, and
perhaps we could be that generation who sees his Lord coming.

The Marson Report

The Marson Report
Concerning Herbert W Armstrong

by Richard Marson
Ashley-Calvin Press
Seattle Washington

(pg 1) Preface

With newspaper in one hand and Holy writ in the other, Herbert W. Armstrong has been preaching the “soon coming-later than we think-downfall of he Untied States and British Empire” for nearly forty years.

Throughout Mr. Armstrong’s long career, the British and Americans have stood it seems, on the bare “last gasp, but eyed, choking” edge of the final and chaotic oblivion.  Final destruction was first slated for 1938; then 1969-1972 and, now, 1979 or 1980.

Possessing “definite knowledge” and “vital keys” this man and his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, utter foreboding omens of certain calamity and doom while expressing unmistakable confidence that their won personal brand of interpretation must be right.

In the mind’s eye, Mr. Armstrong sees most English speaking peoples as none other than the ancient Biblical house of Israel.  To him, Germany must be the historic Assyrian Empire and Italians descendants of the great Babylonian nation.

Many of the Biblical events of yesteryear leap to life before his mind to form a kaleidoscopic series of prophetic events. Mr. Armstrong insists that “one-third of the Bible is prophecy ninety-five percent of which has never yet been fulfilled.

Today, Garner Ted Armstrong carries on the work of his father. He expounds the same doctrines with the perfection of a Xerox machine.  Rare slips of the tongue result in moments of anxiety as he sits at his desk waiting for a phone call from Dad who often listens carefully.  “Ted,” a voice growls as he lifts the receiver, “What are you trying to do, ruin the work???”

(pg 2)Only since joining the work (as far as I know) has Garner Ted Armstrong expressed serious disagreement with his father. At that time, Herbert Armstrong immediately determined he would never again allow his son to speak on radio or television. Garner Ted quickly apologized, however, and today handles virtually all the radio and television broadcasting in the English language.

Whether or not Garner Ted Armstrong always agrees with his father he nonetheless continues to promote the same exact prophetic doctrines with plodding determination.

What about us?  Can we afford to accept the prophetic doctrines of this man without demonstrable proof?  It is high time the millions who hear Herbert W. Armstrong’s didactic prophetic messages had determined detailed analysis of this man’s concepts.

It is possible to prove when and where Herbert W Armstrong is right or wrong?  Yes!  The answer lies in some of his remarks.  All concepts and doctrines must go back to basic assumptions and foundations. Mr. Armstrong is no exception. We will examine his “vital keys” and find out where he gets his “definite knowledge.”

A copy of a personal letter to Mr. Armstrong follows.  As a former member of his group, I wanted to express in a more direct way some of my feelings concerning facts I have discovered.

(pg 6) Introduction

I became par t of Herbert W Armstrong’s group, now known as “The Worldwide Church of God,” in June 1960.

No doubt many people wonder how a person comes to be an Armstrongite.  Many readers of Mr. Armstrong’s literature do not fully grasp the fact that every article or book distributed by him is designed as a lure with which to lead its readers into his church.

Some of his articles and booklets question common Christian beliefs and practices in the light of Biblical example.  However, other literature is greatly concerned with future prophecy in the light of present-day world news.  Some of these news and prophetic type messages contain elements of fear psychology.

Some people who honestly desire to conform to the will of God or a God-like concept are led to believe Herbert Armstrong’s doctrines represent God’s will, and plan because they contain many plausible sounding arguments.

On the other hand, most who read Herbert Armstrong’s literature remain tranquil in spite of the fear psychology and eventually reach a conclusion that he is incorrect while others fail for one reason or another to seriously contend with the question at all.

For two decades or more, Mr. Armstrong’s church grew at about thirty percent per year.  In recent years, however, the growth rate has declined and present trends indicate a further shrinkage in membership growth. In October 1969, 54,000 members attended the group’s annual convention in the United States and Canada.  An additional 9,000 attended in other countries of the world.  Because attendance is demanded of all members this represents a fair estimate of the present size of (pg 7) the organization, a culmination of about forty years’ effort on Mr. Armstrong’s part.

A new member is rapidly and continually taught that he must not disagree with Mr. Armstrong or his representatives.  By the time a person is declared to be a member he is expected to have “proven” that Mr. Armstrong’s church represents the Almighty’s work on earth.  To expound any other concept to other members is heresy and is not tolerated.

One of the earliest booklets I received from Herbert Armstrong was entitles “1975 in Prophecy.”  This booklet was one of the most noticeable examples of fear psychology distributed by the Armstrong movement.  An approximate representation of some of the pictures contained in this booklet and other booklets are as follows:

The most horrible example of these pictures shows people in the foreground in the throes of stupefying expressions of abject horror!  The entire earth is crumbling around them in cataclysmic convulsions of an unbelievable earthquake.  Volcanoes are erupting everywhere.  Mile-long chasms open on all sides.  People, trucks, cars, buses and bridges are falling into these great yawning gulfs by the thousands.  The sky is black with soot, rocks and smoke as the earth erupts in one last great spasm of utter destruction.

In a second picture we see buildings burning everywhere; the result of a fiery sun seven times hotter than normal. People are dashing about holding their heads in fear and pain.  Bodies everywhere are covered with great blotches and welts the result of great plaques.

(pg 8) The third picture finds us looking at a scene of comparative quiet. People have been reduced to living, leering, vulture-like remains.  One in the foreground is a skeleton clothed in tight fitting skin. Eyes bug from the head, in vacant agony. The mouth, agape, displays missing teeth interlaced with cracked fragmented remains.  The head, perched as it were upon a gnarled, twisted rock like neck, is anchored precariously to the remains below.  One tree exists in the background shorn of all living evidence save two stub. All is in ruins.  A child lies dead in its mother’s grief stricken arms.  Some sit wanting for the final end while others barbarously attack the last morsel of food.

“1975 in Prophecy” has had a very definite effect on many people who have read it including me.  I well remember one person who had to be treated for mental disorders as a result of Mr. Armstrong’s literature.  The book “1975 in Prophecy” was the very first book read by my brother who is still a member of the group.

Today, in order to present a better image, Mr. Armstrong is becoming less vivid in describing future events as he sees them.  A short time ago members were ordered to destroy “1975 in Prophecy” was well as certain other booklets.  “1975 in Prophecy” was to be destroyed, members were told, because they were too prone to set dates for the downfall and destruction of the Untied States and British Empire.  As mater of fact, this booklet did leave one with an impression that the United States and Great Britain would be destroyed about 1972 and the end of the present world would come in 1975.  Due to the fact that these dates were approaching all too fast, Mr. Armstrong felt compelled to do something about it.  He has become increasingly desirous of playing down such dates.

(pg 9)  There is still one book which Mr. Armstrong widely advertises containing similar dating and fear psychology.  This booklet is called the Untied States and the British Commonwealth in Prophecy.” One could easily miss the dating evidence in this book because Herbert Armstrong uses non dated phrases similar to the following: A staggering turnoff world events will erupt in the next four to seven years.  To see when test four to seven years are to occur, one need only turn to the title page and find the words “Copyright 1967 Ambassador College.”  By doing so, it became clear that Herbert Armstrong meant 1971 to 1974 when he wrote the book.  I intend to expound on much of what Herbert Armstrong writes in that very book.

In some old Plain Truth articles, particularly in his magazine the Plain truth, Herbert Armstrong has been quite specific in dating prophetic events but has been quite emphatic in denying this fact in recent years.  Lately, Mr. Armstrong has begun to feel that there may be about nine more years before the United States and Great Britain are destroyed.  Is Mr. Armstrong correct in any of his prophetic interpretations?  At one time, he even felt the end of the present world would occur about 1938 to 1949.  Many events from the present world News are used by him in an effort to substantiate his predictions.  Do these vents prove him right?

(Pg 10) The Marson report is concerned with getting to the core of Herbert Armstrong’s convictions.  What are the basic concepts from which he develops his predictions?  If these basic foundations are proven wrong then the predictions on which they depend will fall with them.

Herbert Armstrong affected the lives of millions and is looked upon as the interpreter and guide to truth to tens of thousands, who believe he is right.  It is high time these members and the general public had a completely documented report expounding on Herbert Armstrong’s doctrines – a report determined to prove, once and for all, whether his concepts can stand the test of a determined, point by point examination.

Many Armstrongites are in for a real shock!

My Big Shock

During a period of time prior to leaving the group, I began to notice certain problems which seemed to exist between doctrines of Herbert Armstrong and Biblical example.  It became obvious to me that there was either error in the basic Bible writings or error in the Herbert Armstrong’s interpretation of the Bible or both.  I set about examining and making extensive notes on these matters with the thought of bringing them to the attention of the local group in Seattle and Mr. Armstrong.

(pg 11) Before I was able to do so I received a great shock.  One night, the local director brought a small group of members together, as he does from time to time.  My wife and I were included.  During the course of the conversation he began to say that he had doubts as to whether or not the Bible would be used in the world tomorrow because it contained inaccuracies.

At this point, my early warning radar sprang to life! Alarms sounded and my ears perked to attention like great searching antenna.  Just what was he trying to say?  In Mr. Armstrong’s church the Bible is supposed to be regarded, in its basic form, as being one-hundred percent the inspired word of God without error.

One of the ladies in the group began to question the local director. He did not seem anxious to pursue the subject.  His final statement was essentially this: whether or not the Bible was used in the world tomorrow was not important because Herbert Armstrong’s booklets and literature represented an understandable rewriting of the Bible.

I began to have little incentive for remaining a part of this organization. The time had come to conduct a careful investigation into every aspect of the group’s doctrines.  About a month later, I mailed a hasty report expounding on some of the concepts which I had begun to seriously question.  The report went to about one hundred of Mr. Armstrong’s members. I left the group at this time, whereupon they quickly slammed he door behind me – for sending the report-and forbid any member to see or talk to me.

Continuous investigation since then h as brought shock after shock. It is hard for me to believe how utterly deceived I had been.  In this report, I will present some of this vast evidence. Much more must be left for subsequent reports.

(pg 13) After joining that organization, I studied and believed all that was written or said.  At times, small questions would arise but we would seldom allow ourselves to question Mr. Armstrong feeling he must know best.  Many times we were reminded that Herbert Armstrong was supposed to be the Almighty’s top physical representative on earth today.  How could we question God?  Large questions and problems concerning the doctrines of this man failed to arouse me to the realization that much of his doctrinal foundation could be in error.

Eventually, I was used by his group to visit members as ahead of a two-man team under the local representative. I expounded his doctrines faithfully, can could not conceive or understand when others differed with him.

Some time later they ordained me (a) deacon. I was then assigned responsibility in taking care of certain physical functions of the local group area.  Bookkeeping and sound communications were my basic duties.

(pg 14)  Many would ask why I failed to question various doctrines before ten whole years had elapsed.  The answer is simple.  When a person enters this group he normally finds his time completely taken up.  Members are encouraged to study their Bibles but, in reality, seldom find time for the real searching effort needed to properly understand many little understood facts concerning it.

Many people realize the fact that Mr. Armstrong’s organization distributes large quantities of books, booklets, articles, study courses, etc.  Members are asked to study and restudy them as they have time. They must attend Saturday services each week and attend regular Bible Study meetings as often as possible.  There are also special Holy Day meetings plus resultant review notes they must study.  Many belong to local choir groups with rehearsals once or twice a week.  The groups conducts a speech club for men once a week plus the many extra-curricular activities associated with it including speech preparation, money raising activities, banquets, etc.

There are also many social activities which while good and of an excellent nature, are designed to devour spare time. Thus, this great use of time contributes to the fact that few members will question basic ideas once caught in the fold.  There is just not much time in which to become suspicious.

(pg 19)  Mr. Armstrong says in his book to “expect breathtaking surprises,” We are to be ready for “startling, amazing, eye-opening facts until now hidden from our eyes.”  We are told that these prophecies have not been understood or believed until now because the vital key which unlocks prophecy to our understanding has been lost.  At last, Mr. Armstrong stands ready to reveal those secrets to us! He asserts that the great lost key is none other than the proof of the identity of the United States and the British peoples in Biblical prophecy!  “The same key has been found” he says, and it is to be presented to “those whose unprejudiced eyes are willing to see it.”

It becomes obvious at once reading U.S. B.C.P. that this theory is pretend as being revealed knowledge to Herbert Armstrong from God. However, Garner Ted Armstrong has mentioned on the (pg 20) radio broadcast, from time to time, that U.S.B.C.P. was taken from another book. Which book he does not say. Some within the organization recognize the book mentioned as being Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright. This book was written by JOHN Allen in 1917.

But, if this great “reveled” knowledge is not unique to with Herbert Armstrong…then neither is it unique with J.H. Allen.  In the preface to Mr. Allen’s book we receive a clue as to where the theory came from.  We will quote:  “Consequently, when, perchance, we found some prophetic utterance therein [the Bible], which we were forced to admit had not become a historic verity, and since this was the dispensation of the Spirit, we felt at liberty to give the reigns to our somewhat vivid imagination, and let it run unchecked through the verdant and fruitful fields of speculation…”  Who gave him this liberty? God?

Was the result of J. H. Allen’s “vivid imagination” really unique with him? No, not quite!  The ultimate invention of the concept originated with a man by the name of Richard Brothers. The Hastings Encyclopedia of religion and Ethics states: “Anglo-Israelism owes its modern success to Richard Brothers (1757-1824), a half-pay officer of eccentric habits in the English Navy. He described himself as ‘nephew of the Almighty’ and claimed descent from David.  Among his prophecies were those from the immanent restoration of Israel to the Holy Land and the elevation of himself as ‘Prince of the Hebrews’ and ruler of the world!  Richard Brother’s was confined as a lunatic, but succeeded in obtaining many admirers.”

(pg 21)  Mr. Armstrong’s book U.S.B.C.P.  Is a direct though modified, descendent of Richard Brothers’ Anglo-Israelism.  A good insight into the past history of this theory may be gained by reading J.H. Allen’s Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright as it shows some of the revising used to get the concept into its somewhat modern form from which Herbert Armstrong obtained it.  One might also read The Delusions of British Israelism by Anton Darms.

A lesson well learned in studying the whole history of British Israelism is the fact that the theory grows around events of history, not Biblical example.

The main question is, of course, is not who invented the concept but whether or not there is any shred of Biblical truth in it.

The vast importance of knowing the truth regarding this theory becomes all too evident when one understands how it effects virtually all prophecy of the Bible in this latter day as interpreted by Herbert Armstrong.

(Marson the recommends that the ready take up a copy of the US&BC in hand and follow along.  He proceeds to debunk and disprove Armstrong’s various interpretations. 

Most books on Armstrong’s tend to attack the British Israel silliness.  This theory is the first obstacle they need to remove. Once you removed and debunked British Israelism, everything else in Armstrong’s House of Cards starts crumbling. )