Saturday, July 5, 2014

God Instructs Convicted Felon's Church Men To Not Wear Jackets When Temps Are Above 70 Degrees

There are wars going on around the world, people are starving and Christians are being systematically slaughtered in Iraq, but God is more concerned about what a person wears to church.  Armstrongism's god certainly has better things to worry about.  Those people are going to die anyway because they are "false" Christians.  Besides, God is only concerned about those few hundred people in a little splinter cult who claims to  be the "true church."

Weinlands's god is so concerned about his "true" men that he does not want them wearing their jackets when it is 70 degrees or higher.

This brings us back to addressing how we come before God on the Sabbath. If we are in the privacy of our own home, perhaps with even a handful of people joining us for Sabbath services, it is not good to go into a private home “over-dressed.” Again, this is about a balanced and moderate example we are seeking to set for our neighbors. So there is a “balance” in this. We should not “dress-down” either, as with wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, or other exceptionally casual clothing. In such instances, nicer casual clothing is fine and proper to be worn before God in such a meeting location. However, a suit and tie for a man or a dress or pant suit for a woman can be too much for such a private home meeting. In a “more formal gathering” of a special meeting location for the Sabbath, such as a hotel meeting room or other rental location, a suit (or sports jacket) and tie for a man is proper, as is a dress or type of dress suit (nicer dress pants and blouse) is proper for a woman.

The exception to this formal attire for a more formal gathering (not at a persons home) on the Sabbath is when temperatures outside are reaching the mid 70′s (Fahrenheit) or around 23 degrees Celsius and above. At such times, jackets need not be worn at all on the Sabbath. This also includes wearing a tie. There is no requirement for a tie on the Sabbath when temperatures reach such levels. The physical body does not function well under such conditions and at such times less will be able to be gleaned from sermons when people are so uncomfortable. It is far more important that we receive all the spiritual food we potentially can on a Sabbath without such encumbrances.

Convicted COG Felon Says God Has Told Him That Ministers Are Not To Be Called "Mr."

The Church of God's favorite imprisoned felon, Ron Weinland, says that God has spoken to him about members calling ministers "Mr."  Did you ever hear anyone calling Peter, Mr Peter, or Mr. Christ, or Mr. Paul?   This tradition of calling a minister "Mr." is unbiblical, according to Weinland, and is a hindrance to the gullible fools looking to join his rapidly shrinking personality cult now being led by his lunatic wife and money laundering daughter.

This matter of respect and honor shown where it needs to be shown is similar to something addressed early-on in the Church of God – PKG. God revealed that it was no longer necessary to address the ministry by saying “Mister” before a person’s last name, but that the ministry could simply be referred to by one’s first name. Using “Mister” before a name was more readily expected within society throughout most of the last century, but towards the end that was changing. The Church has always “stood out” as strange enough to others simply because of how God’s truth is so different from what the world knows and believes. Adding an unbiblical (not commanded) requirement of formality was not helpful in how the Church was perceived. We are to be moderate in most things and are not to be ultra conservative or ultra liberal.
Everything is now on a first name basis. 

As a Church, respect cannot be legislated within the mind by how someone in the ministry is addressed. Just addressing a minister by “Mister” does not mean that a person saying it has respect or is showing an attitude of honor toward one of God’s ministers. So the Church made the decision that we would simply address a minister by their first name, just as in the beginning of the Church when people simply addressed Peter, Paul, John, etc., by their name.

Sure thing Ronnie!

Former COG Minister Writes Book About God and Evolution

Daniel Samson, reportedly a Worldwide Church of God minister, has written a book about God and evolution.  

Amazon has this to say about him:

Daniel J. Samson is an author, inventor, lecturer and former fundamentalist church pastor. For more than eighteen years, he has ministered and lectured in French and English to large church conventions numbering over 4,000 throughout eastern Canada, the Antilles and the United States. Samson received his B.A. degree from Ambassador University in Pasadena, CA, in 1980 with a theology core. He resigned his pastorate in 1998 allowing him to speak more openly on this important and controversial issue.

Red flags go up when I see all glowing reviews of his books.  Far too many COG folk have padded their book ratings by having church members get on and give them high ratings.  The Philadelphia Church of God and Restored Church of God are experts in this.  They also complain to Amazon when people leave negative comments and have them removed.

One reviewer writes:
Someone who actually believes the Bible and the facts of Evolution should write a book explaining how you can believe both. I, for one, do. This author starts out promising that he wants to extend an olive branch to his "fellow fundamentalists". But he calls us incipient Osama Bin Ladens; he has a funny concept of olive branches.

See the book here:

God and Evolution? - The Implications of Darwin's Theory for Fundamentalism, the Bible and the Meaning of Life

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Joel Hilliker: Men of the PCG Constantly Need Problems, Challenges and Afflictions

Joel Hilliker, part of the elite at the Philadelphia Church of God compound has lived a life of privileged over the years, as has all the "men" working at PCG's headquarters.  He and the rest of them have never known hardship or real distress.  Yet, Hilliker thinks he is qualified to tell other men on how they need to be able to endure hardships.

While being part of the 1% of the PCG he has this to say:

Endure Hardness

2 Timothy was the last book Paul wrote. He wrote it from prison—an uncomfortable place—right before he was put to death. Despite the hardship, 2 Timothy is Paul’s most inspiring book.

The apostle admonished young Timothy, “be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God” (2 Timothy 1:8). Doing your duty before God involves some affliction! Paul suffered to do God’s Work! Read 2 Corinthians 11:24-28. Paul was beaten with 39 stripes five times; beaten with rods three times; stoned and left for dead; shipwrecked three times; he suffered in dangerous journeys, perils, weariness, pain, hunger, thirst, cold, nakedness. He lived a rough life as a minister of God!

Fluury's god expects everyone to struggle and be in constant battle...except for  the elite in Edmond.  Men of the PCG are required to struggle for the good of the PCG.  This translates into working over time so you can send in more money.  Mortgaging your homes, farms and businesses so you can send it in to PCG.

God put this man through a lot! But Paul told Timothy, That’s the way it is! That’s the life we’re called to! God intends for your life to be difficult. He doesn’t intend for you to live your life of snuggling in your comfort zone. He wants you to struggle, battle, overcome, conquer! He wants you to do what needs to be done for the Work of God and the Family of God. “Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1). This is manly advice: Don’t be weak—be strong!

Men of the PCG NEED problems in their lives!  These asswipes ignore the simple quality of Jesus where he says he will carry your burden and make the yoke light.  He says nothing about living a life of finding constant affliction.

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (verse 3). There is hardness that benefits you. We need the problems, challenges and afflictions life presents.

How skilled are you at enduring hardness? God wants you to embrace this struggle. When you do—and you learn to rely on Him—He can develop His character in you!

“God has ordained that this life will not be an easy life—for a very good reason. He knows that, if we have no severe trials and tests, we become spiritually soft and flabby!” says the July 1967 Good News. “A comfortable man is a complacent man. A comfortable man doesn’t want to change—doesn’t want to alter the status quo! Why should he? He is quite happy to let things continue as they are. Why change—when everything seems to be going along so very smoothly?”
Hilliker feels that he and his cult are constantly facing one trial and persecution after another.  These guys  have never known persecution because they are the PERSECUTORS!  Look at the lives of church members which have been destroyed by sick ministers of the PCG.  Look at the families broken up because some ministurd tells a family to kick their child out of the house.  Look at the parents and grandparents who now ignore their children and grandchildren.

“God Almighty knows that we need problems, temptations, trials, necessities, weaknesses, persecutions and afflictions to stir us to action—to stir us up enough to overcome our spiritual lethargy!He knows that we need to have continual trials, tribulations and persecutions in order to toughen us up spiritually—in order to show us how weak and helpless we are so that we will always look to Him and rely on Him for everything!” (ibid).

Challenges reveal your heart (e.g. Deuteronomy 8:2-3). They teach you about yourself, reveal your weaknesses, and show you the areas where you need to be stronger, more like Jesus Christ!

You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Men who are part of the PCG need to know that their lives will constantly be uncomfortable.  They will never be able to do anything right.  They will never be able to please Gerald Flurry or his god.  Its a no win situation for these men.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web Now In Flipbook Format

The historic expose of the Armstrongnite web of corruption, by a former Worldwide Church of God minister,  is now in an easy to read online format through Flipbook:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Are The Church of God's Too Embarrassed To Answer A Question?

The Church of God has always hidden itself under the basket.  Neighborhoods never knew about COG's in their midst and members never discussed where they attended.  Even Pasadena, with its grandiose buildings and magnificently groomed grounds tried its best to hid from the world.  It was always about Ambassador College or Ambassador Foundation.  The church was never discussed.  Even when Herbert Armstrong was traveling around the world all he could talk about was " a strong hand from someplace."

We are now in the 21st century, decades past the time the church was to have been in Petra during World War III and the Kingdom of God firmly established on earth.  One epic failed prophecy after another has left the Church of God's in disarray and with rapidly shrinking churches.  In spite of all that, they still hide themselves from the world because they are too ashamed of what they believe or teach.

From Exit and Support:

One thing I'm amazed at even at this late date is the splinter groups' continued unwillingness to answer a direct question. Just for inquiry, I contacted several of them that supposedly have "congregations" near where I live, and I was able to get almost ZERO info from them. Most of them responded, but wouldn't answer anything. They wouldn't tell me where and when they meet, they wouldn't tell me how "large" (or tiny) the congregations were, nor what to expect at a service.

I also decided to email the Restored Church of God and asked them quite forthright: "What must a person do to be saved?" I got a long email instructing me to send away for their literature so I could be familiar with their church's teachings. I emailed back and asked again and I got the same response: "Send away for our literature."

Ok, so the "one true church" that only uses the Bible (supposedly) as their source couldn't respond in the same manner Paul responded to the jailer in Acts 16: 30-31 ["Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house."]
I responded one more time to them and reminded them of this passage. I received no further responses from them.

David C Pack's Epic Failure of 2013 Now Being Predicted to Happen August 2014

David C Pack made a complete fool of himself last October when he publicly declared that tens of thousands of current and former members would suddenly come to his personality cult and be joined as one body in the ONLY true Church of God ever to exist in 1,900 years.

Because of that incredibly HUGE embarrassment Pack has been hiding away in Wadsworth trying to restore his bruised and sullied ego.  Try as he might, that huge embarrassment continues to hang over his head.  He gathered around him his loyal 16 and agonized over why his prophecy failed and where he had made a  mistake.

In typical Pack fashion he never made a mistake.  God just changed the time table.

Now word is leaking out that Dave has set his sights on August 2014 as the time of the great reunification.  It had better happen this time because Dave has over extended himself with all his new buildings and projects that the money flow cannot keep up with the demand.

A letter sent to Exit and Support had this to say about the new date:

David Pack Still Predicting a Huge Inrush of Members:
June 26, 2014
I want to let you know that David Pack is still predicting a huge "inrush" of members, when his "unprophecy" about three splinter leaders dying together in fire is fulfilled. All eyes are now on this August, since it didn't happen last year on schedule. August is also when the ministry will gather for their yearly conference. I wonder what "new understanding" will be revealed this year? Will any of the members come back to reality, when the "prophecy which is not really a prophecy" fails again? I'm not holding my breath. --[name withheld]

The Church of God's Original Beatnik Apostle

The Beatnick Gospel by E W King.  
King certainly is setting himself apart as the most unique COG leader ever!

E W King and Donald Smack's  Beatnik Kick