Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rebellious LCG Wives Told To Respect Their Husbands

In a letter to the LCG membership, Richard Franz tells the brawling and rebellious women of LCG that they had better start respecting their husbands!  You must learn to R-E-S-P-E-C-T each other now, otherwise you will have difficulty in the World Tomorrow as you are attempting to rule your planet together.  All that is missing is that REAL LCG men spank their wives when they are in rebellious moods.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Husband

All husbands have a deep-seated desire for their wives to believe in them. Many husbands do what they do for the admiration of one woman: their wife. Ladies, remember back when you were first dating your husband? You gladly and enthusiastically played the role of his cheerleader; you motivated him with your eyes that were filled with pride and admiration. You were generous in your lavish praise and uplifting words which deeply touched his heart. When he married you he thought the cheers would last forever.
Do not misunderstand me, ladies; all men and women have a need and deep yearning for respect and love. Just as love is the principal drive and desire for women, respect is the force that propels a man forward. All men need the respect and validation of their wives.
If you want to show your husband that you truly love him you must give him respect. Your husband sincerely desires such respect: give it and build your home, neglect it and tear your home down (Proverbs 14:1).

For some wives, respecting your husband will be a walk of faith that just may produce what will feel like a “brand new husband” at home—one who is more affectionate, helpful and filled with good will. When you step out on faith, you are admitting that you understand what God’s Word says about unconditional respect for your husband and you are ready to show him that respect regardless of his response (Ephesians 5:33).
2. Listen to his work stories as closely as you expect him to listen as you recount what happens throughout your day. Do not interrupt him mid-sentence. Be patient enough for him to finish his story.

5. Men are hard wired to fix things and solve problems. Nothing says “I love you” more than allowing your husband to fix a problem for you, so occasionally ask for his advice and be prepared to follow it through.
Wives, husbands: your marriage is the gym in which your capacity to experience and express God’s love is strengthened and further developed, preparing you for your ultimate destiny.

Dennis Says: "Dear Church of God Ministry"

Dear Church of God Ministry

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorThis will be very short and to the point.  I would sincerely like to recommend  you read Dr Raymond Brown's classic and very well done volumes on The Death of the Messiah before you give another sermon on just what did or did not happen in the Gospel accounts of Jesus death. 

Having been there, I recall the endless arguments over 13th or 14th Passover and all the associated issues and contradictions that everyone tried so hard to correlate and harmonize.  I realize you have no clue as to how we got the Gospels, who actually wrote them and when, much less why but grow up or at least grow in your knowledge if you can't grow in your grace towards others. 

Next Christmas, when you get all swoozy over the birth stories of Jesus, you can move on to...

Birth of the Messiah  -     
        By: Raymond Brown

Warm regards

Ron Weinland: My Church is a Tithe of the Tithe of the Tithe of the One Third of the Two Thirds

These past few weeks the Church of God's most favored felon, Ron Weinland, has been writing missives from his prison cell.  In his delusional mind he compares himself to Paul when he too was imprisoned.  Each rant from the jail cell shows a mind that is deteriorating rather quickly.

Today he has a rather long rant about "deliverance from Egypt" that he has sent to his little flock.  His little flock is so little because it is a tithe of the tithe of the tithe of the one third who have remained in a Church of God after what he calls the apostasy.  While 10% may have went into various of the 600 some Churches of God, only the TRUE remnant, a tithe of the tithe, went into his group.

"After the Abomination of Desolation, approximately one-third of the Church remained in the Worldwide Church of God that had then become completely Biblically corrupt (or they accepted the same kind of beliefs of other false churches in traditional Christianity), one-third gave up completely, and one-third went into the various organizations that formed afterward. That last third was to endure further trials, mirroring what God said about Laodicea. Within all this spiritual destruction, God prophesied that a tithe (ten percent) of a third would survive captivity within this end-time destruction and be offered to become His remnant Church that would continue to the very end."
"Yet in the midst of the destruction from this end-time apostasy, God promised to awaken ten percent of a third as a witness of what God was doing, and as a witness of what the scattered Church would do during Laodicea and the time of His final witness. "

"The final third was scattered and eventually formed into over 600 different groups and organizations. Yet these were not shocked into repentance after the apostasy and the same sword went among them as they drifted spiritually into a deeper unrepentant Laodicea attitude. These too fell into complete spiritual sleep. 

All three groups went back into the spiritual captivity of Egypt and became enslaved in spiritual bondage once again. Yet in the midst of this captivity, God promised a remnant protection from the captivity that had so quickly engulfed the Church. Although this small group was promised protection and that they could survive the captivity of the others, they were to be thrust into trials and tested to see who could remain as part of the remnant to the return of Jesus Christ. “You shall also take a few in number and bind them in you wings” (Ez. 5:3). There was special protection and intervention from God for each person who was offered to become part of this remnant."
"God offered protection and survival from captivity to a tithe (ten percent) of a third of all who went into captivity. Once put to the test, all did not hold fast to what God offered them. Although the Church did not understand it through this period of time, we knew that the Church was holding near a count equal to a tithe of the tithe in number (ten percent of the ten percent of a third)."
"God’s promise to ten percent of a third of the physical nations of Israel is His minimum promise to them. The number can be more and it can be less, and it will still fulfill what God has said. The final numbers will be a result of their own response. In the worst of response, as with the result of the Church, God promised He would grant protection and survival to 10% of a third, but 90% rejected it. The physical nations of Israel will have the same choice before them. However, with these nations, God has specifically been working to bring them to the best possible moment and condition that will lend itself to a positive choice and acceptance of His offer. This final number can also be larger, but under all conditions it is God’s minimum promise to offer deliverance to 10% of a third.

Ever since the apostasy, the Church has been experiencing great tribulation, but it is nearly over and physical tribulation is about to begin in this final Day of the Eternal."
In spite of all the above absurdities there are still many in Armstrongism today who claim that the Church is 100%logical and 100% correct in all things.   As the years go by we see more and more COG leaders go off the deep end into "never-never land."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thiel: Pesky Demons Continue To Harass Prophet

The non-ordained self-appointed prophet Thiel has a new video up on what it is to be a REAL Christan.  Of course the entire point is there there are no REAL Christians outside his personality cult.  He particularly despises Christians in the world as he mocks then and calls them "fakes."

This video is just another in a pathetic stream of really BAD production quality "sermons.".  You get to hear the demons wheezing, gurgling,  moaning and speaking in tongues throughout the video as the prophet bumbles, mumbles and stumbles trying to get his message across.  If this is what a REAL Christian sounds like, then I am NOT interested!

The more videos he  makes like this the more idiotic he is looking.  Where's the "Ambassador Quality" that the church has always been known for?  He comes across looking like a bigger buffoon than Raymond "Buffy" McNair ever was!

The funnest part is at 3:14-3:20 when the speaking in tongues happens.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Melvin Rhodes Says He Is Nauseated

The disgraced former leader of the United Church of God has started a new blog where he weighs in on almost everything.  I guess once you are a COG leader who was expected to be an authority upon everything it is a hard path to give up.

Melvin is particularly upset with the stories of the new Pope and the press calling him the
"...the personal representative on earth of Jesus Christ."

I’m nauseated by the coverage of the change in the papacy.

It’s not that I have a problem with the new pope, because I don’t.  He seems a very humble man and his focus on the poor is commendable.

What’s wrong is not even his fault.

I’m talking about the constant references to the “fact” that he is the personal representative on earth of Jesus Christ.

It’s also frequently said that he is the 266th pontiff, a direct successor to St. Peter, who started the Catholic Church.

If that’s true, then Peter has a lot to answer for!

That is pretty rich coming from a Church of God minister and church leader.  The ministry, through the example of Herbert Armstrong, has claimed that they are the voice of the TRUE God on the earth. The members are to obey their words as if God was speaking directly to them.

Melvin is also upset with this:

At great length, he explains that the papacy’s claim to go right back to Jesus Christ is inaccurate and a convenient misreading of scripture.   (I will post something on this on another day.)  The legitimacy of the Church is based on this claim and gives them a big advantage over other churches – but it is totally, biblically and historically without basis!

We hear the exact same hot air form the Churches of God!  That's the claim thrown out  almost daily that the COG goes directly back to Jesus Christ.  The legitimacy of the Church of God lies solely in this claim - but it is totally, biblically and historically without basis!

Will we soon see blog entries on adultery and sexually inappropriate activities of the ministry?

William Koeneke: Church of the Eternal God Minister Convicted of Four Counts Child Molestation

The Eastbourne Herald is reporting about a former deacon in the Worldwide Church of God who was convicted for child molestations. Koeneke is a minister in the Church of the Eternal God, also known as Global Church of God in England and the Church of God, A Christian Fellowship in Canada.  He has ties to Raymond McNair, Wray Zehrung, Rod Meredith,  Norbert Link and Ed Pope.  He has also co-authored booklets promoting the myth of British Israelism and the supposed prophecies in the book of Revelation, among many others.

Former deacon who assaulted boys is jailed

Published on 26/03/2013 12:19
An 86-year-old former church deacon has been jailed for eight years for indecent assault on young boys more than 20 years ago.

William Koeneke (pictured), 86, of Pevensey Road, Eastbourne was convicted at Isleworth Crown Court on March 12 of four counts of indecent assault on boys under the age of 16.

He committed the assaults on the boys when he was working at the Worldwide Church of God (WCG).
He was a deacon at the church and would often deliver sermons.

Koeneke befriended and assaulted the four young victims between 1985 and 1989 at an address in Paddington.

He was jailed for eight years and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life. A Sexual Offences Prevention Order was also imposed. Koeneke was arrested in December 2011 following allegations made by the four victims, who are now in their 30s.

In 2010 this degenerate wrote an article about suffering.  Did this pervert have an inkling of what was in store for him?  Was he trying to minimize the damage he caused these four men in the Church of God?

Koeneke wrote:

Unfortunately, trials may tend to breed a sense of doubt, bewilderment, depression, and even of anger and frustration. They can lay heavily on our minds, whether they come upon us suddenly as when an accident occurs, or whether they creep up on us gradually, as when a sickness takes hold and lingers, and we may wonder: “Have I sinned? Is that why I’m suffering?” It is always good to ask ourselves this question, but sometimes, individual sin may not be the reason for our trial.  

Was he trying to shame these four men into thinking that they were suffering because of sin in their lives that caused him to molest them?  That is the method of intimidation many molesters use. It was their fault.  They tempted him some how.

For those of us called by God, the hardest trials are those which occur seemingly in spite of our faithfulness to God’s Word. But we should keep in mind, as David tells us: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them ALL” (Psalm 34:19). And Paul tells us: "Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12).

Was he telling these four young men to use their "trial" as an opportunity for growth instead of becoming bitter over it?

Trials can lead to either spiritual growth or bitterness. The response of those who suffer determines the result. We as Christians are bound to experience trials in order for us to demonstrate our faith in God and His promises. Our faith needs to be tried in order for it to be strengthened. Trials should never be a reason to dispense with faith—faith that comes to us through Jesus Christ. 
The trials we suffer from time to time do tend to try our patience and our faith, and necessarily so. In a familiar verse Peter exhorts us: “Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you [in effect] partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy" (1 Peter 4:12-13).

How do we cope in the meantime? We will find encouragement when we accept a three-pronged solution to our trials, i.e. faith in God’s promises (compare Psalm 34); obedience toward His laws; and patience. They all go hand-in-hand.

In another article he wrote on "Sympathy" he says:

I watch a number of newscasts on television and I find myself thinking about the events broadcast, including, for example, updates on the plight of the little Scottish girl Madeleine McCann kidnapped in Portugal over four years ago and yet still not found. One might blame the parents for being remiss in looking after this innocent little girl, now 8 years old, leaving her alone in their holiday apartment while they dined nearby. Yet that does not excuse the kidnapper nor lessen the agony of the parents or the child. I have prayed that God will give the Portuguese and British and other authorities who are looking for her an extra portion of insight and police intelligence in being able to find Madeleine and that she may be brought home to her parents and the kidnapper(s) brought to justice.

As I quite often jest, if there wasn’t so much crime and bad news these days there wouldn’t be any newspapers!... Wars in the Middle East and North Africa, volcanic eruptions here and there, increasing budget and inflationary pressures, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and famines etc. all come to mind. It seems we are swamped with all sorts of bad news—and we in the Church know the reasons why—and our prayers should plead for the return and intervention of Jesus Christ to alleviate the suffering and death which continue to strike mankind in all sorts of ways and with greater frequency.

In the light of all these disturbing events, we in the Church need to avoid being insular or oblivious to the problems of those outside the Church.  Here in the UK where I live I quite often come upon old people having to cope with a cane or walking frame or mobility cart or who are deformed in some way, or blind, and I thank God that I am not likewise encumbered while sympathising with such people and praying silently for them as I walk on by.

As we ourselves suffer trials, such trials can help us to become more sympathetic and empathetic with others going through similar difficulties. When was the last time you expressed your thoughts and prayers in sympathy with such people and in absolute faith that God heard your prayer? David tells us: “The LORD is gracious and full of compassion… and great in mercy” (Psalm 145:8; compare Philippians 2:4). Should we not, as God’s called-out ones, likewise be compassionate?  Indeed, for there is, truly, so many for whom we can, and should, offer our prayers in heartfelt sympathy.

Dave Pack: I Will Be Making Earth Shattering Announcements Every Friday Indefinitely

The worlds most important Church of God, lead by the worlds most incredibly intelligent leader, Dave Pack, has given notice that he will be giving earth shattering announcements every Friday until he flees to Petra.
For the last five Fridays in a row The Restored Church of God has made dramatic announcements. These weekly postings will continue indefinitely every Friday! You will want to return each week to see what is being announced.
In another deliberate jab at Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry and Robin Webber, Dave lets them all know that he is having earth shattering television opportunities while building magnificent HQ buildings.  Those weak impotent little wusses at the PCG, UCG, and LCG are losing money and TV stations while God's most important man is raking the dough in and building the worlds most beautiful campus.
Bear in mind that all of the following additional television expansion, listed momentarily, is being added while we are still building our Headquarters campus without use of bank financing. (We expect to announce next Friday the start of a second building, again without bank financing. We will unveil the building next Friday. A timelapse video of our Hall of Administration will also be posted at that time. And we are on schedule to occupy the “Hall” seven weeks from today.)
The amazing man is also announcing he has started a Chinese language web site geared to the worlds most populated nation.  This is something that the little wusses in the other COG's have failed to do.  "Eat my dust, WIMPS!"

Second, The Restored Church of God has now launched (today) its new Chinese-language website. This adds an eighth language to the Church’s range of translations! For the first time, God’s Church is publishing the true gospel for over 700 million Mandarin Chinese-readers on the Internet worldwide. Four booklets are now available, and additional literature will be added regularly. Revelation 10:11 states that when God’s Church “prophesies again” it is to be “before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.” This is being done with ever greater power.
Then the apostle/prophet,/pastor general/Chief Overseer/worlds greatest man slaps them all silly with this:

Third, the POWERFUL worldwide expansion of The World to Come™ television broadcast continues with the addition of 187.6 million new television households around the world. God continues to GREATLY bless His Work. We continue exploding forward and rocketing straight up in every regard. PCG, LCG and UCG all are suffering shrinking income and loss of media coverage as a result (having done nothing, COGwa has nothing to lose)—and this will quickly grow much worse, with repercussions in all directions for these rapidly declining organizations.

He's added 187 million households to his number.  However he failed to report only 3 people actually watched the show out of all those millions!

Then to really bitch slap Meredith and crew, he lays out the tens of millions of other households he has now added to his portfolio as Rod and crew loose stations left and right.

The World to Come has now added more coverage in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and North Africa—but also South Africa by next week. This is coming just 14 days after a huge announcement on March 8. Perhaps take time to read the list of 203 stations added just two weeks ago.

(A) All across Scandinavia and Europe, The World to Come will reach 113.1 million households on the Gospel Channel. This network is broadcast throughout the continent on satellite, as well as Sky UK and Canal Digital in Norway.

(B) More millions in Australia and New Zealand will be reached through satellite coverage via The Word Network! Also, both TV ONE and Prime TV networks in New Zealand will launch on Sunday, April 7 to a combined 3.1 million households—effectively blanketing that nation three times. These new stations will be available via Freeview, Sky satellite and cable providers across the country. (We expect to announce additional nationwide network coverage in Australia next month or very soon.)

(C) The Middle East and North Africa will also receive new coverage on Arabsat through The Word Network. More than 56 million African and Middle Eastern households can now receive God’s truth! The Word Network now reaches an estimated 610 million households worldwide. (More new broadband coverage on this network reaches the island of Jamaica.)

(D) In South Africa, all subscribers of one network will soon be reached with a Sunday afternoon prime-time slot.

(E) In Canada, through the Winnipeg superstation Joytv11, The World to Come will now be aired to 5 million households (growing to over 8.5 million later this year) via Bell ExpressVu satellite, as well as a variety of cable providers. This complements the 7.4 million subscribers on recently launched Grace TV, who can watch on Shaw Direct satellite, Rogers cable and a variety of other providers. Combining these two stations gives the Work full national coverage across Canada.

(F) In the United States, 16.1 million households have been added through a Sunday morning slot on Retro TV. This unique and rapidly expanding network services viewers in 101 cities. In many areas where antenna service is available, local cable providers re-broadcast the programming content, giving The World to Come even more reach.

In a private meeting with a senior vice president of ION, we just learned that included in our latest national ION Television package is cable coverage in virtually every metropolitan area in the country. This means The World to Come will reach an additional 12.8 million households through cable affiliates where ION Television does not have a local station. We did not realize the enormous scope of what was coming to us when LCG abandoned its ION slot, but also how we would benefit when they abandoned other slots. (The World to Come now reaches almost every U.S. household through either ION Television, The CW Plus, Retro TV, cable affiliates and satellite, but also some independent stations.)

Heretic Church of God Groups Kept Passover On Wrong Night

Those Church of God members who celebrated "Passover" last night, Monday, were only celebrating a bastardized "passover" that was not legitimate in God's sight.

There is only ONE group of Church of God members out there that will be keeping the "Passover" on it's correct night, Tuesday at sundown.

This also means that the apostates in ALL the COG's are also keeping the Days of Unleavened Bread on the wrong days.  Damnable heretics!

Those that kept the "Passover" with the various COG's did not keep it with "like minds" and therefore are guilty of rejecting Jesus Christ.

The key to your comment is: “Like Mind” It is pointless to associate with those who are NOT of like mind with Christ and the Father. We must NOT let “church” become our God and attend to be associated with like minded men, who are not like minded with Christ: WE MUST BE LIKE-MINDED WITH CHRIST AND THE FATHER. James

Those truly enlightened to God's word and who are diligent law keepers know that there is only one group who keeps the correct days.  That is apostle Malm's group.

The apostle writes:

Passover is observed AFTER sunset this Tuesday March 26th evening.  Passover day is Wednesday March 27th.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Brethren, We Are Now Entering The Season of No Doughnuts

Today's your last chance to have a bacon maple doughnut before the Days of Unleavend Bread set in.  

Did you remember to get all the crumbs out of your toaster or did you just throw it in the trash so you can buy another one next week?

Did you check your suit pockets to make sure there is no stray cookie or bread crumb are in there?  That is the favorite excuse ministers come up with every year.  What about your pants cuffs?

Did you deleaven your car?  Every last crumb?
Did you move the refrigerator out and clean behind and under it?

Did you go through every single item in our kitchen cupboard checking for some type of leavening agent? 

Did you do the same in your bathroom?

Did you throw out the cat and dog food because it have leavening in it?

What about the Brewers Yeast?

What about the baking soda used for your swimming pool alkalinity?

Did you stock up on "Everything" matzo's and plenty of butter?  Are you planing on eating a piece every day?

Are you sending your kids to school  with turkey matzo sandwiches, or matzo and peanut butter?

Many COGers are very diligent about doing all of these things, yet they are still the same mean nasty people they were before Passover as they lord themselves over the brethren.  They dish out weird and absurd biblical interpretations that are totally irrelevant.  They damn people for not following their magnificent words of wisdom.

This is one season in Armstrongism that I do not miss at all.