Saturday, April 8, 2023

Dave Pack: Right And Wrong - Another Day, Another Failure


Right And Wrong


It was not a cheerful Sabbath morning for David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God. As the sun sets in Jerusalem on April 8, 2023, prophetic failure creeps across the planet’s horizon as it steadily closes in on Wadsworth, Ohio.


Sunset in Jerusalem was at 12:03 PM ET. Sunset in Wadsworth is at 7:59 PM ET.


Jesus Christ did not materialize last night before 11:19 PM ET to raise Elijah That Prophet to speak to the world at sunrise for one whole day heralding the Gospel of the Kingdom to Israel.


That is such a shame since Dave had his 3x5 card introduction practically memorized.


While in the midst of the Days of Unleavened Bread, the members of The Restored Church of God are enjoying another string of prophetic failures taught by their Levitical King Golden Calf, proving the words of the Bible mean nothing to them. Scripture identifies who and what David C. Pack is. Yet, they choose to stay seated and put their green envelopes in the passing basket.


April 1 failed. April 5 failed. April 7 failed.


If this were baseball, Dave would be retired to the dugout bench.


But, since this One True Church is continuing the legitimate lineage of Herbert W. Armstrong’s The Worldwide Church of God, Pastor General David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God can take as many swings at the plate as he wants without consequence.


All true prophets have the privilege of enjoying the free All-You-Can-Eat Date-Setting Buffet. The compromised hirelings at Headquarters are happy to bring you another clean plate, Mr. Pack.


More art than science, prophesying can mean inspired preaching, but it can just mean teaching what the Bible appears to say. This, combined with imperceptible biblical fulfillments, are the apostolic flak jacket guarding against logical criticisms and uncomfortable verses. After all, god is running the show, not Dave.



A Pathetic Update last night gave RCG members pointless homework to distract them from the Friday night failure. Notice the lack of admission or responsibility.


Prophecy Update – April 7, 2023


Brethren, here is a list of 10 verses to contemplate that were part of a much longer list of verses for your review. All the ministers here considered these verses in recent weeks. I drafted it March 27 with 40 more not included here, but the list would not gel in a final way that I could be sure of presenting it. It now has. They can only mean one thing. Questions will arise, but you should be able to readily see where this is going. Have fun with them! Think about them. Pray about them. When reading ask, when did world peace come? When were families fixed? When do many saints qualify to flee? When did people produce fruit? How long would God require before 35 billion people could walk in white? And was this even possible before the veil came off?


Isa. 61:2

Luke 4:19

Isa. 34:8

Hos. 3:3-5

Isa. 63:4

Jer. 23:12

Isa. 21:16

Jer. 51:46

Dan. 7:12 (time means year)

Luke 13:8


We are still on track. Despair over nothing! This list does not affect the 7 years and 1,000 years.


David C. Pack


This is a thinly veiled ruse to give the impression of progress. The more David C. Pack defaults, the more clearly other biblical information clicks into focus. Yeah, still on track despite April 1, April 5, and April 7.


Why they cannot spell out the full book names has always been a mystery. How Isa. is better than Isaiah or Hos. is better than Hosea has escaped me for years. If anyone knows, please write me at That is a splinter in my mind that never stops itching.



The full enjoyment of The Night To Be Much Observed on Wednesday was tainted for everyone in The Restored Church of God. Though Dave was not physically at everyone’s dinner table, his cheap Untold Cologne was a lingering sign his presence was felt. David C. Pack ensured the night was about him, not the traditional intent.


Hopefully, Dave left room in his belly because he had to eat a lot of his own words, along with the unleavened cheesecake.


Flashback Part 432 – April 1, 2023

@ 12:49 I’m gonna absolutely…just wipe out, just annihilate all idea that what we are waiting for is not one week. Seven days. I’m gonna just destroy it.


@ 29:35 And it clicked last night. What an amazing thing that all mankind will awaken into the Night To Be Much Observed.


@ 32:54 So, when does that happen?... It's the first day of Unleavened Bread…So, from sunup to sundown, after a good night's sleep and a wonderful dinner, God talks to the earth all day long through {me}. It’s that simple.


@ 35:46 …we expect Christ sometime before sundown Jerusalem time on Wednesday…He has to come to us before that. He says He does.


Five days later, on April 6, Dave disassociated himself from all of that. He spoke the words, but they lasted less than five days before he denied them.


If you think those quotes prove that David C. Pack was “wrong” on this matter, take another guess. Acute mental illness juiced with demonic influence generates a denial overshield that warps reality while it erases history. Only the most skilled narcissists in the world can wield such power.



As reported here first, “The Greatest Unending Story! (Special Comments)” from April 6, 2023, was relabeled as Part 433 because the Series is not over, and the enablers at Headquarters were forced to admit it.


During those not-so-final and not-so-special comments, David C. Pack reasserted his supremacy for mastering blind arrogance. Kids, do not try this at home.

Part 433 – April 6, 2023

@ 03:40 Now, I figured out last night at a wonderful Night To Be Much Observed in a terrific conversation that, eventually, fell on this subject that I would learn at noon today if I was right (as I suspicioned last night and almost certain I was right) about this morning. And that is if we reached noon today and we were under one week, the one week [Daniel 9:27] is seven years, not seven days. But, in a curious twist (in an extraordinary twist), I will show you why this week is different than anything WE thought, and only with the Last Great Day to start it. So, lemme just say a week of seven days became impossible beyond noon today. I thought that would happen, and I was sitting upstairs telling the men I was working with I believe it will happen, and it did.


Physicians at a mental hospital would have a field day with this logic. The pathological denial is of biblical proportions. How is it possible for a functioning human being outside an institution to think this way? And this guy runs a church, folks.


He was wrong about Jesus Christ establishing the Kingdom to Israel, but the more important aspect was the one week of Daniel 9:27. Nowhere in that statement is the concept of being at fault to be found. David C. Pack can only focus on where he is right and blows past physical reality and recent history.



“…I believe IT will happen, and IT did.”


On the surface, that may fly with the skimmers until you realize that IT was literally NOTHING. Nothing happened. He suspected nothing would happen. And he was proven right when nothing happened.


In Dave’s mind, by nothing occurring, something occurred that reinforced his correctness and validated his superbly-accurate instincts. Stew on that.


What does that say about me or Gary, or Dennis? How about Jessica, Elizabeth, Richard, Adelle, John, and Scott? We all suspicioned NOTHING would happen as Dave said, and IT came to pass. How come a group of disbelieving antichrists "figured out" this before it fell from Dave's mouth? Why are wicked rebels consistently accurate long before The Apostle leading God's True Church?



“…I would learn at noon today if I was right

as I suspicioned last night and almost certain I was right…”


Who do you know wanders around wondering how right they are? How much time during an average day do you spend pondering how right you are about anything?


This is the mind of David C. Pack. Narcissists are very preoccupied with being right all the time. It is of paramount importance they are perceived as correct and intelligent, and they can become aggressive when that aura is threatened.


This very brief article by Dr. George Simon covers aspects of grandiose narcissists.


Despite facing a catastrophic biblical failure of his own teachings on April 1 and April 5, David C. Pack repeats how right he was about nothing happening. Please explain how that is not an expression of several mental illnesses.



This is where I am going to lose some of you. But if you made it past the origins of Dave’s mental issues, maybe you will let this one squeak by.


To illustrate the sheer ridiculousness of the premise David C. Pack was bragging about, it is time for another ridiculous premise to be woven into his words.


Wayne’s World fans will appreciate this more than others.


Part 433 (Revised) – April 6, 2023

@ 03:40 Now, I figured out last night that monkeys would not fly out of my butt. At a wonderful Night To Be Much Observed, in a terrific conversation that eventually fell on this subject that monkeys would not fly out of my butt and that I would learn at noon today if I was right about monkeys not flying out of my butt (as I suspicioned last night and almost certain I was right) about monkeys not flying out of my butt this morning. And that is, if we reached noon today and we were under one week, it meant monkeys would not fly out of my butt. But, in a curious twist (in an extraordinary twist), I will show you why this week monkeys not flying out of my butt is different than anything WE thought about monkeys flying out of my butt, only with the Last Great Day to start it. So, lemme just say monkeys flying out of my butt became impossible beyond noon today. I thought the absence of monkeys flying out of my butt would happen, and I was sitting upstairs telling the men I was working with I believe the absence of monkeys flying out of my butt will happen, and it did. Monkeys did not fly out of my butt.


The childish, sophomoric humor exposes the farcical nature of what David C. Pack really said. He found a way to be “right” in a situation where he was completely “wrong.” That is insanity and warrants derision.


Yes, I am guilty of making a crass, humorous moment out of something deadly serious. David C. Pack is not one anyone should fear, nor should they fear the false god he serves. The spirit that drives him is the Spirit of Error which explains the years of increasing chaos and confusion.


As a false prophet, David C. Pack earns our complete disdain and disregard. He is a human idol for those inside The Restored Church of God. He is the infallible Vicar of Christ living on the Headquarters Campus. This blaspheming liar will not stop soiling God’s name by fraudulently claiming His authority.


800 hours and 16 minutes across 2700 days have produced Jack Squat.


No matter how absolute and pure the biblically-condemned failure David C. Pack is guilty of, his corrupted mind will always find a way to be right while he is utterly wrong.


David C. Pack WILL be right one day about the Kingdom to Israel…at the exact moment monkeys fly out of my butt.

Marc Cebrian

See: Right And Wrong

Friday, April 7, 2023

Dave Pack: Moving day, again…


The Last Great Moving Day


The Restored Church of God is in the midst of the Days of Unleavened Bread. Pastor General David C. Pack was as giddy as a schoolgirl yesterday because it was Green Envelope Day. The income on the first and last days of Unleavened Bread set the pace for financial spending into the fall, with a Pentecost boost in May.


Depending on the revenue collected, the brethren may anticipate another Hissy Fit if they signal their David C. Pack confidence level with their checkbooks.


The pattern of people deciding to leave includes opting out of listening to Dave's sermons, not taking notes when they are forced to listen, avoiding talking about the Series with the All-Believing Zealots, and pulling back on their offerings. Some of the more bold among RCG will withhold their tithes, but that starts the ticking clock in the Business and Accounting Office.


If the Green Envelope turnout was good, Dave will crow about it. But they will only use percentages to hide the real numbers. If the turnout was not-so-good, Dave might bring more hellfire and brimstone to the lectern since he controls the trap door button that leads to the Lake of Fire. Piss him off, and away you go.


Nobody should ever fear David C. Pack, not what he does and not what he says. Deuteronomy 18:22 is an appropriate fallback position for addressing a man who cannot get anything right.


Just this week, his prophetic rockets crashed and burned twice. On April 1 and again on April 5. If that is not the pure definition of “spoken it presumptuously,” please give me a better example.


The Night To Be Much Observed was a “has to be” scenario that was not. Lighting always strikes David C. Pack when it is too late to matter. RCG issued spin to defuse the diffuse of another failure on their hands.



Prophetic Update – April 5, 2023


We trust all of you had as meaningful a Passover as we here at Headquarters. As we began keeping a wonderful Night to be Much Observed, it became clear the delay God planned was, in fact, longer than ever considered.The enigmatic nature of the Last Great Day, which caps the fall Festival repeat of the days we are now keeping, finally came clear. Think: Why did Christ point to a resurrection on the “last day”—“that Great Day of the Feast” (John 7:37, 11:24) when the resurrection is indisputably an Abib event? The answer is the Eighth (Last Great) Day moves to Abib, meaning, if correct, the one week we are waiting for starts a day later—sometime on day 2 of Unleavened Bread.


This would allow all men to be raised on a Friday to prepare for a regular Sabbath (having not been raised on holy time), among many other advantages to this view of the week that could be detailed if time permitted.


Have a wonderful First Day of Unleavened Bread as our wait extends into tomorrow.



That Pathetic Update was so lame even the typist in CAD did not want to sign it.


“…it became clear…”

You have to laugh because that is at the heart of these updates. Everyone knew it was going to fail, and then, as a deadline approached, it finally became clear to King David Passed Over that nothing would happen.


Why is that always a shock to him? David C. Pack failing is the baseline for the reality of sane individuals.


“…the delay God planned was, in fact, longer than ever considered.”


Dave has no idea how much longer “the delay” will be. He is utterly clueless because he is a false apostle and a false prophet. God is not guiding him. The proof is in the pudding.


The Spirit of Error laughs through the hallways at Headquarters, whooping it up in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium as the Packian Triad of Fraud works diligently to formulate new alternatives to a perpetually failing system.


“…our wait extends into tomorrow.”


That was on Wednesday afternoon before Dave sat down to enjoy the meal that should not have been that the ladies slaved over all day. The Kingdom of Dave wait has extended into another extension.



Dave graced the members of Headquarters yesterday with 18 minutes of “Special Comments” that will be relabeled “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 433)” later. It reinforced and expanded on the Pathetic Update setting the new deadline to be at sunrise in Jerusalem tomorrow.


The Kingdom of Dave Arrives

11:19 PM ET on Friday, April 7, 2023


All it took was a minor adjustment. David C. Pack moved "The Last Great Day" from the Feast of Tabernacles to the Days of Unleavened Bread. It practically fell there on its own when he slightly tilted it. But do not panic. It will be moved back soon.

Special Comments (Part 433) – April 6, 2023

@ 02:16 If you bring that day forward and you count it, there is now, as of this moment, less than a week before the Great Day would end if you put it at the end of the Days of Unleavened Bread.


David C. Pack is now moving Holy Days around so they can bow to his image. Those that thought only God had the authority to move holy time need to get up to speed.


The brethren in the audience at Headquarters who did not feel terribly uncomfortable with this are truly asleep.


I wonder if Dave gets tired of setting up these sequences of events each time his own date fails.


@ 06:02 If the Great Tribulation is this year, on Saturday night in Jerusalem (in a little over 48 hours), Christ will turn off the sacrifices again. 45 days after the 1335, which was Adar 1. And the Man of Sin will set up the Abomination. It will be time to flee after the Sabbath. And by Sunday morning at dawn, Easter is on, and billions will be tuned in. And three and a half days, the worst time in history, will begin. 


@ 06:58 Are we waiting for Thursday night tonight, or we waiting for Friday night tomorrow? Lemme just say again, Saturday night would be when the Sabbath flight occurs. Right after the Sabbath. Twelve hours before Easter sunrise worship. Ezekiel 8. And three and half days of Great Tribulation starts. None of this changes.


This entire new picture hinges on a tiny adjustment to God's Holy Day calendar.


@ 13:49 But this would only be true if the Great Day were brought forward to follow Unleavened Breadbefore this day disappears forever.


Oh, is that all?


Dave does not bother to explain how he has the authority to do this. He must have found that license, unlike with smaller issues of the past.


Flashback Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 1:10:23 But I found no authority. You cannot add to seven years or a thousand years. You cannot add to one month. It was just that simple.


And yet he did. But, moving the Last Great Day is much bigger than that.


Flashback Part 431 – March 31, 2023

@ 21:59 There is no license to put Daniel’s 3 ½ days in front of the 10.


And yet he did. But, moving the Last Great Day is much bigger than that.


Special Comments (Part 433) – April 6, 2023

@ 14:00 Remember that the Fall Feast pictures the same thing that the Spring Feast does. It even says to remind you that you lived in temporary dwellings when I brought you out of Israel. So, if God wanted to put the Last Great Day after the seven days in the fall to hide it for thousands of years till He could bring it forward and put it after the first seven days in the spring, which pictures the same thing, He could do that.


God could do that. But God is not doing that. He is certainly not doing that through David C. Pack. Just like God did not hide the 50-day count to Trumpets by tricking people into counting 50 days to Pentecost for thousands of years.


Flashback Part 385 – July 30, 2022

@ 23:21 Why did Israel and the church count 50 to Pentecost, a Holy Day, for 3,500 years?...And we did it possibly in the wrong season toward the wrong Holy Day.


@ 24:35 …but is it possible that we were counting 50…through the wrong weeks toward the wrong Holy Day when we should be counting 50 in the weeks of the fall harvest that God put 'em in the spring for a purpose to hide them?


Dave's god really loves his dirty tricks. Boy, the Jews will be pissed when they find out they were not let in on the joke.


Some may not be aware that Dave also temporarily moved The Night To Be Much Observed from the eve of the First Day of Unleavened Bread to the Last Day in 2021. For months he held to that position with a legal-paper length full of reasons that made no sense since day one.


I joked with my editing partner that I would order pizza on The Night To Be Much Observed because leaven was no longer a sin as of sunset.


Two weeks before Passover in 2021, they made a much-shorter announcement moving it back to where the old coot Herbert W. Armstrong placed it. As it turns out, the wrinkled fossil did have some things right.


In 2021, David C. Pack thought to move the Night To Be Much Observed from the first night to the last night. In 2022, David C. Pack thought to move the 50-day count from Pentecost to Trumpets. In 2023, David C. Pack thinks to move the Last Great Day from the Feast of Tabernacles to the Days of Unleavened Bread.


David C. Pack thinks to change times and seasons.


Daniel 7 says this is the same guy who wears out the saints. 800 hours is a pretty good start to wearing some folks out. How many people has Dave “worn out” of the church?


The burning question becomes: What will David C. Pack think to change next time?



David C. Pack just moved the Last Great Day from the fall into the spring, and there was not one gasp or walkout at Headquarters. Those people will eat anything he feeds them now. And Dave knows it.


Special Comments (Part 433) – April 6, 2023

@ 14:53 But, all of that collapses if God didn’t show us at a wonderful dinner last night things I’d looked at in the past but couldn’t figure out that He’s gonna bring the Great Day six months forward and build the Kingdom of God. It is known as one day to God…He hid it six months out.


He enjoyed a wonderful dinner that should not have been had the ladies at Headquarters been moved by faith because Jesus Christ was supposed to raise Elijah to rule the Kingdom of Dave before the first glass of wine was poured.


Dave's wonderful dinner proves again that nobody in RCG takes him seriously.


I want the names of the hirelings at that table who believed God revealed this knowledge. Even if one hoped He did, the light of day tomorrow morning will sterilize that concept.



@ 15:55 So, it appears this very brief message turned out to be (unexpectedly) the final little ration given in a season. What season? The First Day of Unleavened Bread or the second one, Jerusalem time. The season of Unleavened Bread. Who’da ever thought that?


Well, you, Dave. In 2019. And 2020. And 2021. And 2022. Now revisited in 2023.


@ 16:52 But, that said, probably everyone has to hear it before Christ comes tomorrow night. We can hope for tonight. But, after this final message, {I} rushes to call it out (yet again), a ration in season. There is a delay called a tiny, tiny micron when {I’m} about to sound.


So, it is fair to say that prophecy was NOT fulfilled like he said during Part 432 five days prior.


Flashback Part 432 – April 1, 2023

@ 37:20 So, Revelation 10:7 appears to be fulfilled. Yesterday and today are the days of my voice before the Trumpet sounds. When the Mystery is over. The last ration given in a season.


An invisible 1335 start. An invisible prophetic fulfillment. Everyone is anticipating the invisible coming of Jesus Christ, hiding in the Hall of Administration secret chamber that only David C. Pack will know about.



Special Comments (Part 433) – April 6, 2023

@ 17:43 There’d be about one day from this message now until Christ arrives. And then, once He does, we in another about to clock that lasts another one day until the sacrifices are turned off, and world hell is turned on. I found that interesting. We can hope for tonight, but probably it's tomorrow. But, if it is tomorrow, after all is said and done, Christ (as I've been suspicious for years) does come on a Sabbath.


@ 18:34 So, then, in conclusion, adjusting for where you live, brethren, around the world, stay focused every hour up to Jerusalem dawn on the Sabbath. We will find out what hour it is that we cannot at this time think and know. Godspeed that hour.


The short-lived end of the road for this new concoction is 11:19 PM ET tonight, Friday, April 7.



As alarming as it sounds for a man to move around God’s calendar due to arrogant desperation, fret you not, for this will not linger.


It is obvious that David C. Pack did not think this fully through. He has a blind spot regarding the implications of his words.


By moving the Last Great Day to the Days of Unleavened Bread, The Restored Church of God just lost one of the primary Green Envelope Days. Ask those who have birthdays on Christmas how much fun that idea is. The result is that you give only one offering during the Feast of Tabernacles because the Last Great Day and the seventh day of Unleavened Bread would be doubled up.


This guarantees this idea will not stick. It may not even survive through the Campus Easter Egg Hunt. It was easy for him to move the Last Great Day into the spring, so it should be even easier to move it right back. 


How a man can take upon himself that kind of authority without hesitation should be of deep concern to those inside The Restored Church of God. David C. Pack is a blaspheming liar who continually places God’s name on his fraudulent heresy and does not blush when it fails.


How many verses need to come alive with David C. Pack’s voice before you find the courage to leave? Brethren, get out while you still can.

Marc Cebrian

See: The Last Great Moving Day

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Gerald Weston: God Could Have Raised Up Stones To Do His Work, But Instead Chose Us


Isn't it special to be chosen above all other human organizations like the Living Church of God is?

Yes, God could raise up stones to do His Work, but He has not chosen that path. Rather, He has chosen you and me, and through our combined efforts, He is doing a notable Work. We too, must be bold and unafraid. To that end, I want to thank you again for fearing God more than men, as this Work is not popular in our woke world, and even in apostate Christianity. So, thank you dear brethren and co-workers for bravely participating in this end-time Work!

Poor Bob, always left behind, eating dust. 

Gerald continues on being the positive force that he is with another of his Debbie-Downer tirades:

But, do we comprehend why the Anglo-Saxon peoples (as well as much of the rest of the world) are going through so many crises all at the same time? Consider the United States. Even as I write, we may be entering a new banking crisis as Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and was taken over by the Federal government. Signature Bank on the opposite side of the country suffered a similar fate, resulting in concern over the stability of the banking system. We hope that all will calm down, but as we have learned in the last three years, situations that start small can escalate into something far worse. 
The west coast, most especially California, now faces flooding, following years of extreme drought. An elderly gentleman many years ago passed along this observation: “One extreme often follows another.” That has been true in Australia where alternating extreme droughts and massive floods have occurred over the last several years, and we are seeing the same happen in the western United States. 
Meanwhile, the U.S., the UK, and most of Europe have been drawn into a proxy war, the largest war on the European continent since 1945. It is difficult to know how this will play out in the short term. Both Russia and the West are so heavily invested at this point that neither seems able to back down. Will this end up as a humiliating defeat for one side, or will some kind of compromise bring it to an end? According to Bible prophecy, much has yet to happen, but as some thinking individuals are opining, “World War III has begun.” This does not mean that Armageddon is here. As often happens, smaller conflicts precede the spark that sets off a greater one. What we see right now is that this conflict is changing Europe and setting the stage for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and for mankind’s ultimate conflict.

Oh, the humanity! Trials and tribulations are around every corner but never fear these are all just minor things to worry about, those big bad GERMANS are soon to arrive and cause more problems than anything listed above! Big meanies!!!!!

Watch Europe! Revelation 13 describes the revival of a great military power. The symbolic language that the Apostle John used—about a fantastic beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns—depicts a recurring, evil political system which has greatly oppressed and heavily influenced the peoples in Western civilization, and through them, the entire world. 
The seven heads represent seven distinct revivals of this evil empire over a long period of time…. This final, seventh revival will be similar in form to today’s European Union—ten different nations or groups of nations will be represented by ten different kings or presidents. These ten heads of state “receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast” (v. 12). In other words, they will rule for a very short time along with the final “Hitler” (pp. 15-16). 
He also told us to watch for a narrowing from 27 nations to the final revival of ten: “So we can expect old national boundaries to shift, or some current EU members to quit” (p. 17). There may also be a “‘two speed’ Europe, with Germany and other key nations forming an ‘inner core’ of EU members, with closer economic, military, and political cooperation than other EU nations that retain misgivings” (p. 18). 
We see trouble on every side for the American and British-descended peoples: massive immigration problems, labor and supply shortages due to able-bodied men sitting on the sidelines, new alliances forming, South American countries turning Marxist, Mexico thumbing its nose at the giant to its north, China and Russia gaining traction in the Middle East as the U.S. and Britain are pushed aside, and the threat of war between China and the U.S. over Taiwan. Again, from Dr. Meredith: “A new world order is in the process of emerging” (p. 18). And remember, he wrote this in 2001, not based on human reason, but on Bible prophecy. 
Why is all this happening? Are we unable to connect the dots between our moral decay and our downward slide on the world scene? Cannot Australians connect the dots between their immoral behaviors and violent weather extremes? Cannot the U.S. do the same? And as the U.S. goes down the drain, cannot its allies—Canada, the UK, and others—read the handwriting on the wall?

This record has been skipping in place with this same mantra for decades. 

Then Gerald loves to whip in a little British Israelism to stir the die-hard faithful into a frenzy to keep them living in fear.

Dear brethren and co-workers, the United States and the British-descended peoples are none other than the leading nations of the lost ten tribes of Israel (see our free resource, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy). God warned us that if we turn away from Him, He will turn His back on us. Disaster will come upon disaster with natural catastrophes, military setbacks, and diseases striking us as a wakeup call. It appears we are not yet connecting the dots between our sins and why everything is going wrong.

Gerald then goes on to say they have a warning to get out to the world, yet no one seems to know who they are. If people do not start listening to them the Germans will get them! Very soon!

Similarly, we have been commissioned to warn end-time Israel (not only the Jews, but all the tribes, especially the birthright tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh) to repent and turn back to God. The consequence for not doing so will be national disaster on a scale unimaginable. As with John the Baptist and all of God’s servants over the centuries, our message is not one that people want to hear. Yes, we have the positive Gospel of God’s coming Kingdom, the Family of God ruling over the earth in the near future, but sadly, we are in for a very rough time before Christ returns to save us from total annihilation (Matthew 24:21-22). We must not neglect our duty.

Then, like most other small COG's out there, Weston goes on to justify why they are so small...but, oh, they are doing such a mighty work! So powerful! So mind-bogglingly awesome.

So, although we are small, and we really are small, let us not despise the day of small things. When we consider how few there are of us as members and co-workers, it is astonishing what God is doing through us. Nearly 600,000 people receive an annual Tomorrow’s World magazine subscription absolutely free of charge. Then, there are the millions of free booklets, DVDs, CDs, and letters sent out each year. Our literature is translated into French, Spanish, Dutch, Afrikaans, German and more. 
We are on eleven nationwide television networks in the U.S. with scores of additional stations. Tomorrow’s World also airs on nationwide networks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago. 
We also support a worldwide ministry with hundreds of congregations. There is so much more God is doing through us, yet, we are truly a little flock. Most of our congregations are small and altogether we number about 12,000. We are most grateful for the few thousand donors and co-workers helping us. Dr. Meredith used to remind us that we are like “half a peanut shell in the midst of the Pacific Ocean.” How true, but we must not despise the day of small things. God will continue to do the Work through us to the degree He chooses, before the curtain of destruction descends upon this troubled planet.

So there you have it! The most awesome COG in history doing the most amazing work ever imagined (after Bob Thiel, of course), 

We must fear God and do the Work He has called us to. And, we must never forget that this life is temporary and that we are investing for a greater future when God will reward His faithful servants who see beyond the here and now. Brethren and co-workers, thank you for what you are doing.
Sincerely, in Christ’s service,

Gerald E. Weston

Peace out brethren! Don't let the Germans get you and TRY to have a happy day. 


Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Did You Evaluate Yourself For Passover? John Ogwyn Thinks You Should Have


Personal Evaluation Worksheet

Church of God history wants you to be on the far left of the evaluation as a worthless worm while the far right is the lofty goals that only the ministry can claim to be. Bob Thiel would score a 10 on each of these.

The Word of God?


The Word of God?

The Word of God is synonymous with the Bible for most Christians today, but that isn’t how it began. As William Schniedewind demonstrates in How the Bible Became a Book, in the biblical literature prior to Chronicles “the word of Yahweh” has little or nothing to do with written documents. Neither is the expression “the word of the Lord” used to refer to the Ten Commandments or the Law of Moses. The term instead applies to the oral proclamation of the prophets.

An intriguing illustration of this can be found in Jeremiah 8:7-9. The text speaks of those who have rejected the word of the Lord (v.9) in the same breath as “the lying pen of the scribes” (v.8). Jeremiah was bemoaning the fruits of literacy: authority was shifting from oral tradition to the written word. Where should authority lie, with the text or teacher? Schniedewind observes: "Once authority resides in the text, the teacher can be dismissed..." It is only in the late book of Chronicles that torah is understood as the written word rather than the oral word spoken through the prophets.

Even the word “prophecy” (nevu’ah) is a late innovation. It hadn’t been needed until the textualization process was well advanced, but once the word of Yahweh was understood as corresponding to the Pentateuch, a new term was needed for the proclamation of the prophets.

The growing authority of the text, which advanced along with the growth of literacy, put paid to the ability of opinionated individuals to rise up and speak as God’s mouthpiece: the prophets disappear from Israel. Their niche is filled in part by apocalyptic speculation with a focus on the future rather than the needs of the moment. Amos’ cry for justice in the here-and-now is drowned out by Daniel’s lurid fantasies of the future.

The word of the Lord is still spoken by troublesome individuals who speak fearlessly, but rarely by religious professionals: priest and prophet rarely complement each other. Interestingly, Jesus was remembered “as one having authority”, not like the scribes of his day (Matthew 7:28). In fact, it’s remarkable how little exegesis Jesus seemed to bother with. Needless to say, he wasn’t popular with the clergy of his day either. In Matthew's "great commission" (28:18-20) Jesus passes his authority on to his disciples, he does not infuse it into a text. Even Paul, that prolific letter writer, stresses that he was called to preach: he makes no claims for his writings.

To tie oneself up in knots over the interpretation of obscure passages has nothing in common with the genius of Israel’s faith in its formative period, or of Jesus for that matter. That’s not to say that scholars shouldn’t dig deep to understand them, or that Christians shouldn’t respect them as markers on the road taken and a source for reflection and inspiration. But to regard them with idolatrous “bible-believing” superstition - in effect a paper pope - is likely to miss the whole point. If we’re busy attempting to distill precise doctrine from ancient text, chances are we’ll miss hearing the authentic word of the Lord that engages us in everyday life.

Gavin Rumney

When the clock runs out on COG false prophets


A memory from the past when Dennis posted this on Gavin Rumney's blog, Ambassador Watch

When the clock runs out…

1. I never said Jesus would return then. I said he “could” return.

2. God has given us more time to finish the Work.

3. Satan has blinded your mind. We never said that.

4. We said it, but we didn’t mean it the way you took it.

5. Satan confused your mind to make you think we said that, but we didn’t. We said something else and now I’m not going to tell you what I really said. You should have listened right the first time.

6. I only meant my books would go into a second printing and return to a bookstore near you.

7. I made a mistake, but so did Moses, David, the Disciples, and Paul, and they were all men after God’s own heart. So there.

Dave Pack: Our Passed Over


David Passed Over


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God blinked first during this week's prophetic staring contest. If anyone wondered if he would backpedal before his Night To Be Much Observed deadline, it was a no-brainer.


During the April Fool's edition of "The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 432)," Dave was adamant he knew the day and hour for the arrival of the Kingdom of Dave.


Part 432 – April 1, 2023

@ 29:39 What an amazing thing that all mankind will awaken into the Night To Be Much Observed [April 5].


@ 35:46 we expect Christ sometime before sundown Jerusalem time on Wednesday. Because He can’t come to us at the start of the Night To Be Much Observed, which is (literally) 12:01 our time here…Just think, right at noon is seven o’clock sundown in Jerusalem. Noon here. Just here…He has to come to us before that. He says He does. So, sometime before noon Wednesday…is the time this has to happen.


All that repetition sounds very specific and sure.


The Kingdom of Dave begins Wednesday, April 5, at 12:01 PM ET.


There appears to be some wiggle room with “has to happen.” Perhaps the author of this Pathetic Update in Member Services yesterday skipped Part 432 and refused to take notes since everything Dave says is only momentarily relevant.



Prophecy Update  

April 4, 2023


We still cannot discern the precise hour. Don’t be discouraged. Wait for it!


There is a near infinite array of when and how this one week exactly sits. It will not come and go as it does in the life of every Christian. So hold on to a few points:


• Many verses say the hour of the Day of the Lord is unknown. I know of at least 8. Mark 13:35 allows for a 12-hour range—maybe because sunup is when God intends people first hear the truth, having skipped the Night to be Much Observed.


• No wonder other verses say we can’t think or know the hour the week starts. One week cannot start on time and end late. Both must slide as a unit together to the unknown hour that Christ the thief comes.


The important thing is that we take the Passover symbols with the solemnity it commands, “showing the Lord’s death till He come” some time afterwards. Also, on a round earth, some of you will undoubtedly keep the Night to be Much Observed, and others will not get to it.


David C. Pack



Oh, wait. David C. Pack wrote that. This further proves that he disregards his own words and self-induces willful amnesia.


“There is a near infinite array of when and how…”


Doctrinal precision in The Restored Church of God went out the window years ago. Rightly dividing the word of truth is for suckers. Maybe ALL 800 hours of the Series were a waste after all.


Being exact and careful with the Scriptures is not a factor when Bible prophecy is handled by an amateur physicist pointing out the nearly infinite array of possibilities. Perhaps in an alternate Marvel universe, David C. Pack is correct. Even once. But that is not part of the infinite array we are stuck with here.


The one certainty in the cosmos is that whatever David C. Pack declares about the return of Jesus Christ or the coming Kingdom of God, it will NOT happen on those days. In a funny way, for those of us who want our Savior's return to be soon, we need Dave to keep his mouth shut so God has a few days left on the calendar to fulfill His will.


“…and others will not get to it.”


Everyone tonight in The Restored Church of God will paint on smiles and talk around the topic of the Kingdom of Dave. They will focus on the “good parts” if the Series even comes up. Dirty dishes will be filling the sinks of RCG members all over the world. If they have hope but not faith, they will clean them.


David C. Pack just spoiled another Holy Day season.



Dr. Herman L. Hoeh committed the most tremendous disservice in COG history by telling a budding narcissist at Ambassador Collage that his last name means Passover. The crowing about that has been echoing through 50 years of recent history.


First, David C. Pack’s parents teach him how special he is because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants. Then, Dr. Hoeh inflates him further by reinforcing the notion that Dave is somehow more special than all the other ministerial wannabes in The Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena. After you got a few drinks in him, Dr. Hoeh must have chuckled at how amusing that idea actually was, and he "just wanted to give the young fella a boost."


It is too bad how seriously David C. Pack took that idea.


The Pastor General of The Restored Church of God has taken the "David Passover" ball to run up and down the field doing victory dances while falling flat on his face. Not only was he "called into the ministry" and "worked closely with Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong," but he is also “David Passover.” Surely, that has to mean something.


In more recent years, the importance of his name has grown.


His first name is David, just like King David. But the Scriptures also use David in prophetic verses to mean David Pack, not the ancient David. Wow, that is pretty cool. He is also a Levite. And just like HWA, David C. Pack is a physical descendant of the ancient King David. So, he claims.


David and Solomon had so many offspring there could reasonably be tens of thousands of people alive today who share DNA with the ancient David.


But none of that matters when you are a false prophet claiming God’s authority.


Maybe Dr. Hoeh meant to say, “Your name means Passed Over.”


David C. Pack has been “passed over” as fulfilling prophecy.

David C. Pack has been “passed over” as an apostle.

David C. Pack has been “passed over” as Joshua the High Priest.

David C. Pack has been “passed over” as Elijah the Prophet.

David C. Pack has been “passed over” as That Prophet.


David C. Pack is forever disqualified. Every word out of his mouth is passed over.

Marc Cebrian

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