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Apostle Malm: Most Church of God's Are Unclean

More wit and wisdom from the apostle:

2:13 Then said Haggai, If one that is unclean by a dead body touch any of these, shall it be unclean? And the priests answered and said, It shall be unclean.
Most of the Church of God groups are unclean to God and will be rejected by Christ, Rev 3:  because they have compromised and mixed God’s Word with the teachings of the pagans and the traditions of men.
2:14 Then answered Haggai, and said, So is this people, and so is this nation [polluted and unclean] before me, saith the LORD; and so is every work of their hands; and that which they offer there is unclean.

Because all the Churches of God have whored themselves out to paganism and rampant sabbath breaking their chances of ever being able to do the following shrink day by day:

Brethren, if we do not bow to the reproofs of Holy Scripture, we are NOT God’s servants; and will not have a part in the restoration of Jerusalem, the Temple, all Israel, true religion worldwide, and a vast expansion and conversion of the first fruits throughout the millennium, competing the seventh day of the first fruits harvest.

Damn pagans!  How dare you get a Big Mac on a Saturday on that drive home from church!  Dirty, filthy, unclean pagans!

Ferdig: Angelic Wit, Wisdom and Humor WIll Amaze You

The mind of an Armstrongite is a terrible thing to waste and not make fun of:

 My Angel Friends (SIB102)

In this delightful and informative booklet, the author shares his
relationship with his angel friends. It is both fun and eye opening.
Angelic wit, wisdom and humor will amaze even the casual reader,
leaving no doubt about the reality, activities and loving energetic
exchanges with and within the spirit realm.

Metatron Suggests Rethinking 'KARMA' (SIB103)

Is there a 'Karmic Law' at work in the universe that affects us from
one life to the next? Here is a fresh look at the concept of 'Karma'
energies and some profound insights that will clarify common
misconceptions. The magnificent Angel Metatron gives us some
amazing and loving advice. Approximately 30 pages).

Arthur Ferdig's Bottled Angel Tears

"Angel Tears" is an All-Natural
Bio-Trace Mineral Tincture in
Colloidal Form.
Available in 1-ounce bottles (30ML) at
$19.95 per bottle (includes handling and
shipping within the U.S.).

If you thought Armstrongism couldn't get any stupider, behold Arthur Ferdig.  Prior to his conviction for running a 100 million dollar ponzi scheme, he was selling bottled water that had dripped through volcanic rock.  Ferdig named that product Angel Tears because in his conversations with "angel" Metatron and a myriad of other "angels" they told him what to name the water  because of the medicinal values of the water.  Apparently these angels sit around in volcanic clay mud packs to replenish their bodies vitality.

The name was given by Angels as an expression of their compassion for today's low-vibrational condition of man and earth. They continually esteem the clay's vitality and encourage its use.  

At around $250.00 a year for this it must be pretty profitable!  I imagine this is also along the same line of naturopathic "drugs" that Prophet Thiel sells in his practice.  Maybe Thiel can sell this for Ferdig while he is in prison.

In another link on his site Ferdig proclaims this:

In short, if you are a truth-seeker, this site was prepared with you in mind. Further, you are visiting this site because you were meant to do so. That is an amazing truth in itself!

Yes, you are reviewing it for a reason. Spirit energy makes no mistakes. Your mouse or web-browser didn't somehow "drop" you here by accident. Nothing happens by accident. You are here because your energies, coupled with other unseen spirit energy, brought you and this website together. Energy is working dynamically in your life, even though you may be totally unaware of this reality.


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Gerald Flurry: "Herbert W. Armstrong’s Gift to the Olympic Games"

Gerald Flurry and his splinter cult, the Philadelphia Church of God, have been running a series of articles using HWA's world travels as supposedly significant earth shattering events.  HWA's meetings decades ago are being trotted out as if God himself was speaking directly to these world leaders.  With numerous speeches talking about “a strong hand from someplace” what exactly does Flurry think HWA accomplished?  Did the leaders convert?  Did hundreds of thousands of citizens convert?  HWA claimed that through his speaking with the leaders he was presenting the gospel message to the leader and it was his/her responsibility to give it to the people.  That was a great way of wringing you hands from the mess of nothing ever happening.  “It’s the leaders fault no one converted to the Truth, not HWA’s.”  I don’t know how many times I heard that asinine comment from evangelists and ministers.

Gerald Flurry and his minions continues to pimp out HWA day in and day out.  His latest pimping episode is the most appalling.  Flurry claims HWA has a message for the Olympians gathered in London.

Right now the world has its mind focused on the Olympic Games,” wrote the internationally recognized unofficial ambassador for world peace to worldwide readers in the Plain Truth, July-August 1984. 

The same is true today for the 2012 Games. All eyes are focused on the host city of London. Perhaps Trumpet readers are unaware or have forgotten about former Ambassador College faculty member and renowned athletic coach Harry Sneider. As recently as last year, Mr. Sneider acknowledged Mr. Armstrong’s direct contribution to Olympic success, writing, “Back in 1967 I came to Ambassador College to study a way of life that had a major impact on my life, my marriage, my home and family as well as my work. 

“My mentor was Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. He told me that I had a gift of working with top-notch performers in sports. In 1984 I was nominated head coach for the United States Olympic Team in Track and Field. 

“Mr. Armstrong wrote a wonderful booklet called The Seven Laws of Success. I used these laws in my coaching and training. They are very simple. They can be found in the Scriptures ….” 

Coach Sneider went on to encourage readers to study those seven laws of success.

Besides pimping HWA, Flurry is also pimping out Harry Sneider who was a former employee in the PE Department in Pasadena.  Sneider is known around the world for his training techniques that he used for Dwight Stones, 1984's track and field team and an Olympic swimmer.  Sneider is still active locally with sports training.

One reader here comments about Sneider: 

 “Fine, so Harry felt there was validity to the 7 Laws. That's fine, they're common sense. But he made the contacts with athletes, not HWA. He also had fabulous facilities at his disposal, and free reign to use them. Being in Southern California put him in touch with connected people, and the ideal weather made training in SoCal a perfect situation. Nobody really begrudged Harry his projects, but he pretty much did his own thing for years.”
After discussing Sneider, the Flurry cult jumps the high bar with this:

Yet how many athletes, spectators or viewers around the world ask the question: What does God think of these Games? You need to take the time to request The Seven Laws of Success and find out that simple formula that Harry Sneider spoke of. 

In the same Plain Truth article, Mr. Armstrong continued, “The law of God is the way of righteousness. Sin is the transgression of the law. The law of God is given us in the broadest principle and also magnified into the Ten Commandments, and even into many further specific points that are magnifications of the principles of the Ten Commandments. God expects us to apply these principles of His law to specific actions. 

“The basic law is love, outflowing toward God above all else, and secondarily, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”
Does Flurry and his minions actually think any Olympian is going to be asking such a question let alone writing in for a book that is so out of date that it is laughable?  I guess what Flurry and his minions are trying to say here is that when Olympians compete they are NOT loving their neighbor.  If they truly loved their neighbor they would let the other person cross the line first.

Then the craziness continues:

Twenty eight years later, Stones will serve as a commentator for nbc during this year’s London 2012 Olympic Games, and one wonders whether he recalls those seven-laws-of-success-based training sessions at Ambassador College and the indelible principles of God’s law of love expounded by the book’s author and college’s founder.

Um, what “indelible principles of God’s law and love did HWA expound?  Broken marriages?  Suicides? Untimely deaths of members because doctors were prohibited? Rampant alcoholism in the Church?  Wife swapping by ministers and employees?  I am assuming this is what Flurry and crew are really talking about.

Then the Flurry camp continues:

Trumpet founder Gerald Flurry, supported by co-workers and members of the Philadelphia Church of God, went so far as to fight a six-year court battle to preserve these seven laws, keep them in print and promote them worldwide through television and distribution over the Internet. 

Flurry fails to report that he LOST the court case and had to pay the Worldwide Church of God for the rights to all the materials that he had previously plagiarized.  Flurry wasted millions of dollars in legal fees on top of the 3 million he was forced to pay the WCG for publication rights.

In addition, he founded Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma, featuring liberal arts education and including a balanced sports program founded on the scriptural principles of the seven laws of success as established by its namesake. 
 Add to this his continuance in the example and legacy of Mr. Armstrong by ensuring you could receive that foundational knowledge freely, as a gift without request for money, obligation or follow-up. 

I would add to this the continual worship and pimping of Herbert Armstrong by Flurry  makes him come out looking like a complete fool.  All Flurry is accomplishing is letting the world know that he has absolutely no creative ideas in the alcohol damaged brain of his.  Flurry and his minions cannot come up with anything without pimping HWA into the mix.  There is no originality anywhere  in the organization.  Flurry dresses like HWA, poses for photo’s like HWA, builds similar buildings like HWA did, uses the same names for buildings, schools and literature as HWA did.  Buys personal items of HWA and places them in prominent places for idolatrous worship. Then, to cap it all off, he names his pretend unacredited college after HWA and starts a concert series and “foundation” named after HWA.  The list could go on and on.

During these Olympic Games, request your free copy of The Seven Laws of Success to understand the keys to the eternal joy of lasting physical, spiritual, emotional and mental success. When sincerely applied, those laws truly do work to produce real and lasting success in your life!

Any Olympian or other person that would dare to order the Seven Laws of Success would be subjecting their selves to a life of eternal unhappiness and fear, broken relationships and spiritual bankruptcy.  Emotional and mental scars would prevent any Olympian from ever competing again. 

YOU can read the crazines here: Herbert W. Armstrong’s Gift to the Olympic Games

Thought it all Flurry and his crew want us to believe that Herbert Armstrong contributed significantly to the Olympics.  When pigs fly.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arthur Ferdig (HWA Assistant) and His Angel Metatron Rip Off Investors

Armstrongism has always been rife with people who were out to make a quick buck off of members and others.  Numerous Pasadena employees and members were involved in every imaginable get rich scheme possible.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost by members over the years to these liars and crooks. Many of the people who did this are now are part of LCG, UCG and PCG.

One woman in Pasadena years ago conned widows and other others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with her lies.  Doris W. bankrupted numerous people with her lies. People complained to the ministry about her and they did nothing. She was using the money to help her son instead.  He always thought he was God's greatest gift to the church and now regularly preaches in a couple Church of God's.

Pyramid schemes involving Amway, Shaklee, knives, pots and pans, gold bullion and silver investing were the favorite modes of taking members money.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost by members with the gold and silver investing promoted by kitchen, maintenance and accounting employees.

Most of these crooks got away with it because members were brainwashed to never prosecute or sue another member.  Most were afraid to ever report these people to the authorities for fear of being disfellowshipped.

Because of that way of thinking, several men and women got bolder and bolder in their schemes.

One former Church of  God member that did not get away with it though is Arthur Ferdig. Ferdig was a personal assistant to Herbert Armstrong and an editor for the church magazine,  The Plain Truth.

Ferdig was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the  failed Tradex ponzi scheme that ripped off over 100 million dollars from investors.
A tax-evasion charge may not be glamorous, but it's how they caught Al Capone. Ferdig's defence - that this money was a salary - would be blown apart by Kenney, who could clearly show Tradex had been a Ponzi.

To date, Martin Kenney & Co has frozen or liquidated nine Ferdig gang-controlled assets and seized accounts worth over $10 million. A $35 million default judgment has been awarded against Rachel Riotte and Jeff and Alisa Lockhart. A $500,000 judgment was obtained against Elaine Ferdig and her son-in-law David Riotte. And the con man himself is facing a $20 million judgment.

Members of the Ferdig gang are attempting to cut deals, but much of the money is gone, and some had never been there at all. The liquidator has found that 45 per cent of the $80 million (by Kenney's estimate) taken in by Ferdig was paid out in "scam interest". A third went to the Ferdig gang and "to parties of questionable relation to the stated business activities of Tradex". Only 1.5 per cent went on Susan Lok's (loss-making) currency trades. The rest funded operating expenses or was paid to various "bird dogs". Follow the Money
Like Ron Weinland, another Church of God minister recently convicted of tax evasion, Fredig was nailed for the same thing.
The Enterprise Report has learned that Arthur A. Ferdig, a self proclaimed religious leader and financial head of a now defunct offshore wordwide currency trading operation known as 'Tradex' that failed over three years ago, leaving hundreds of investors and over a 100-million dollars in investor funds missing, has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Los Angeles.  He was arrested by federal agents last month.

The charges are detailed in a recently unsealed Federal grand jury indictment obtained by TER.  Ferdig is charged with allegedly failing to pay millions of dollars in U.S. taxes on income obtained via 'Tradex'. He also did not file a tax return for 15 years the government claims. Ferdig was arrested last month and remains in federal custody.  Ferdig and others involved with 'Tradex' have been under investigation since at least 2006 by the FBI and other federal and state agencies.   EXCLUSIVE: THE GURU OF PONZI: INDICTED AND ARRESTED BY THE FEDS: HE TALKED TO GOD AND ANGELS, BUT NOT THE I.R.S.
Ferdig was also known for talking to "angels".  One angel in particular spoke to him regularly, "Angel Metatron."  Fredig even wrote books about this angel:

Ferdig fancied himself “The Bridge” between angels and earthlings. His non-Forex product lineup included “Angel Tears,” defined on his website as “an all-natural, bio-trace  mineral tincture developed to enhance  human health and vitality.”

Ferdig claimed to have met his first angel, Metatron, on Sept. 22, 2002, while Ferdig was peering over rocky sea cliffs in Negril, Jamaica. He later met Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Ezrael, Ariel, Raphael, Muriel, Bethany “and other wonderful and loving angels and spirits of light,” according to his website. Feds Make Major Arrest In Tax Case Linked To Offshore Forex Fraud Scheme Known As Tradex; Arthur A. Ferdig, Who Claimed To Be ‘Taught By Angels,’ Detained On Felony Warrant
Ferdig's criminal activity also led to drug overdoses and the suicide of a woman who was distraught over losing money and for encouraging others to join the scheme:
The first sign of trouble was the 911 call from Susan Lok's Glendora home. It was March 2003, and the currency trader had just taken an overdose. The ambulance crew was greeted by a suburban Los Angeles house where Lok had been living with her Cambodian father - and secretly passing millions of dollars from a sophisticated Ponzi fraud through the family bank account. Follow the Money
Most Tradex investors had met Ferdig, a self-proclaimed "man of God", through his extensive Christian networks - just as Jewish investors would meet Bernie Madoff. What most of his flock would not have known was that Ferdig had been involved for many years with a controversy-dogged Californian evangelical group, the Worldwide Church of God. Ferdig had worked as "personal assistant" to its founder during the 70s, a period when the church had been rocked by numerous sexual and financial scandals.

McGunn also tracked down a West Indian woman in Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic, whom Ferdig had married in late 2001 when she was 18 and he was 61. She was living in a condo that Ferdig held under a corporate name and had purchased with money stolen from Tradex. "God told me to sire a son, so I needed a young woman," Ferdig claimed after obtaining a Dominican divorce from Elaine Ferdig, his wife of 36 years.
In between, Ferdig arranged to "marry" a middle-aged Texan woman, who discovered after a year with him that their union was a sham - their Las Vegas wedding had been performed by a fake religious minister (and one of Ferdig's long-time associates). She later went on to train as a private detective and sent her own investigators to shadow the fraudster.
The Kenney investigation also learned that an investor in Bath, Maine, had taken her own life after losing everything to the fraud. She had been one of the earliest followers of Ferdig and subsequently brought others into the programme. After her suicide, her friends said she was not only "wiped out" financially, but also burdened with guilt after watching so many others lose their savings.

Beware of COG Ministers Who Donate To Charitable Institutions!

Apostle Malm is not too happy with Church of God ministers/elders who donate or work for charitable organizations.  According to the apostle these guys are all secret Masons and are out to destroy the faith of real Christians.  Apostle Malm is apparently kicking sand in Vic Kubik's face!

One of apostle Malm's acolytes asked if he knew how many Masons were in COG leadership positions.

I am not ready to deal with this until after the Feast. Just look for people who make a big deal out of their cheritable activities, don’t do what they say, have a double standard about what they do and what they expect from others and who split hairs and twist the truth to deceive. Those are classic indications outside of actual physical documents. Although not everyone who does these things is a mason, they are of the same spirit as their father who is NOT God. Also consider that there are masonic run organizations outside of the lodge itself; for example the Rotary Club. James

A Vigorous Daily Rubdown Will Cure Health Issues In The Churches of God

Prophet Thiel has a post up today quoting HWA's writings on radiant health.  Thiel did not give a reason for his post today but given the rampant health issues in the Living Church of God it might by a cry for members to wake up.

Quoting Herbert Armstrong as a pillar of radiant health is pretty hypocritical consider the enormous amount of medicine he was on in his latter years.  The day HWA died an entire suitcase of medicine was taken to the amphitheater on campus to be burned so that people would not see what he was taking.

Cancer is rampant in the LCG and in Armstrongism, especially in the people associated with the leadership positions.

But never fear!  HWA has the answer to a radiant healthy life!  Rub yourself down with a towel!

Circulation can be induced without over-exertion or danger. I have never forgotten a lecture I heard as a young man in the days of the Chautauqua. The lecturer had been physical trainer to President Howard Taft. Immediately following the close of the Taft administration, this physical trainer managed to secure a list of all—or nearly all—of the centenarians in the United States. He personally visited every one. He asked to what they attributed their long life. One never used tobacco, and gave that as the reason. But another used tobacco all his life and still lived past a hundred years. One “tee-totaled”—but another drank beer and brandy all his life. And so it went. When he had interviewed them all, he analyzed his notes and was surprised to learn that ONLY ONE THING was common to them all. Yet not one gave it credit for his long life. Every one had taken a vigorous daily rub-down. Some with a bath towel, following a daily bath. Some with a brush But in one way or another, each had stimulated blood circulation even to the extremities of toes and fingers by daily rubbing or massaging.

Many ask how I (now in my nineties) keep up the energy, vigor and drive. I’m sure there is more than one reason—but I do not “jog” or go in for fads. I WALK—the best exercise for one of my age. But ever since I heard that lecture, perhaps 60 or more years ago, I have taken a daily RUB-DOWN. Method? A generous-size bath towel, following a daily shower. I try to get enough sleep. I watch elimination (very important). I try to be careful about my diet. And I have a tremendous INCENTIVE—a driving PURPOSE in life, because I have learned what is life’s PURPOSE. That spurs to action! I have a mission to accomplish that is more important than my life. There’s not much time left—and it MUST and WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED! Besides all this I draw on a greater and higher Power. I think that gives the answer.

The Legacy of Prediction Addiction

This is an excellent description of the long lasting legacy of Armstrongism 
and its end times prediction addiction. 

Van Robison: "No Church and No Pastor Has Authority"

Church goers by the millions live in fear all their lives.  They think that they must "obey" those who pretend that they have authority over their lives.  Preachers who stand in pulpits and who speak with a sense of authority or with a bombastic personality tend to intimidate church goers.  In reality this is nothing short of spiritual or religious abuse.  Why people subject themselves to these religious control-mongers is quite amazing.  I can guarantee that anyone who exits a church and stops attending, will not be given a ticket and have to pay a fine.  Nor will their eternal life and salvation have so much as any bearing upon not attending.

Virtually every preacher who stands in a pulpit thinks his or her authority is founded and based upon certain verses in the Bible.  Many women think Joyce Meyers who preachers on television is a voice that speaks for God. Folks, Joyce Meyers is a multi-millionaire and lives a life of splendor and luxury that millions would envy, and all she does is in the name of "Jesus Christ."  Yeah sure!  There are many television preachers who live a life of absolute luxury and all because gullible and naive human beings send them $money.

Television is overflowing with frauds who use the name of "Jesus Christ" and it includes such "ministries" as "It's Supernatural" to "Manna-Fest" to "World Harvest" to virtually every preacher on television.  The pure motive of all television preachers is self-vanity, self-importance and your $money  (yeah sure, become a partner and laugh while your bank account goes broke).  One old man on television plays a guitar and seems to have a grocery store shelf of canned goods in the back ground, while he sings songs.  What part does music play on human emotions and whip people into a hypnotic trance to send $money to these clowns?

Of course all Saturday Sabbath groups think they are privileged and that they have an "insight" about "God truth" that all others do not have.  The Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses think the same thing, as do the Roman Catholics, the Baptists, the Pentecostals, the Charismatics and all other groups on planet earth.    Perhaps each group should take a challenge and the Roman Catholics should go to a dozen different other types of churches for a few years, and perhaps the Saturday Sabbath folks should attend a few Sunday going groups for a couple of years and expand their horizon and learn something that they never knew or understood before.

So shallow and narrow-minded are church goers that they have no clue of just how big and overwhelming life is.  So you attend the church of Rod Meredith?  Why not exit his highly controlled group and go elsewhere, and even become so radical that you attend a charismatic church group, or perhaps a Baptist church or a Methodist church or a Roman Catholic Church or a private house church group???  Afraid?  Fearful?  Why?

Van Robison

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God's Chosen White Race: "Mixing the breed alters the characteristics."

You can tell this guy is from Armstrongite stock by the way he talks about whites being the chosen race.  That is the main premise of British Israelism that HWA and the Church of God latched on to early in it's formation.  God's chosen were whites.  God's lesser creations were black, Asian or Indian.

E.W.King, God's latest gift to the Churches of God has this to say:

It is amply evident that by the time of Noah there were at least the three primary or major racial strains on earth, the white, yellow and black, although interracial marriage produced many racial mixtures. 

God does not reveal in the Bible the precise origin of the different races. It is evident that Adam and Eve were created white. God's chosen nation Israel was white. Jesus was white. But it is a fair conjecture that in mother Eve were created ovaries containing the yellow and black genes, as well as white, so that some of the children of Adam and Eve gave rise to black, yellow, as well as white. 

The one man God chose to PRESERVE the human race alive after the Flood was perfect in his generations--all his ancestry back to Adam was of the one strain, and undoubtedly that happened to be white--not that white is in any sense superior. 

If you are a livestock breeder, planning to enter your prize animals in a livestock show--perhaps at a state or county fair--you will be sure to enter only thoroughbred or pedigreed stock! Mixing the breed alters the characteristics. 

God originally set the bounds of national borders, intending nations to be SEPARATED to prevent interracial marriage. Notice, "When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance [speaking of land or geographical boundaries], when he separated, [notice--he separated] the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people..." (Deut. 32:8). But people wanted to intermarry--until there would be only ONE RACE!  That desire seems still inherent in human nature today! 

Noah was of perfect lineage in his generations. His wife and three sons were of that same white strain. But Japheth evidently had married an Oriental woman, and Ham a black.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Idiots In The Pulpit: Non Christian Aurora Killings Victims Damned to Hell

It is amazing to see and hear the stuff that comes out of Christan leaders mouths and pens anytime there is a huge tragedy.  Liberals, gays, feminists, etc get blamed for any tragedy.  Of course this should not come as too much of a shock to anyone connected with Armstrong, because our leaders spouted the same bullshit and still do to this day.

It's all a huge blame game.  It is always someone else's fault, particularly if they do not measure up to your own standards.  According to Armstrongism, 99.99% of the world is in anathema against God and therefore deserves to be punished.

Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and many other Armstrongist's get off on the fire and destruction that they want to see poured out on the world.  They want billions of people to die from famine, disease, and war.  To see all that happen legitimizes their beliefs.  Flurry, Meredith and others are already screeching about the Aurora killings.  God is punishing the country and nonbelievers.  "It's all their fault.  Kill the sinners God!  Let those of us who are soooooooooooo righteous live so we can spank the world for you."

This is the same mentality exhibited today by a top Evangelical leader who proclaimed that anyone killed in Aurora will be sent to hell if they are not Christian.

Jerry Newcombe, Evangelical Leader, Says Only Christian Victims Of Colorado Shooting Going To Heaven 

If a Christian dies early, if a Christian dies young, it seems tragic, but really it is not tragic because they are going to a wonderful place.. on the other hand, if a person doesn’t know Jesus Christ.. if they knowingly rejected Jesus Christ, then, basically, they are going to a terrible place. 

So sure is Newcombe of his vengeful god that he declares that future killers should stop and take into consideration the unbelief of their victims.  Could they be damning them to hell?

I know in my natural state I am worthy of Hell before a holy God, who doesn't grade on the curve. I am eternally grateful that on the cross Jesus went to Hell for me, so I don't have to. The next time someone wants to take out their frustrations on others by killing innocent victims, they ought to consider the eternal consequences of their evil actions.

Newcombe's article is here:  A Dark Night Indeed

Apostle Malm: Is It Better To Keep the Feast In A Local Barn Than A Resort?

The apostle has been telling his followers that they need to be taking off two days for the Feast of Trumpets.  The reasoning behind that is that if the new moon is not sighted on the scheduled day, that it will happen on the next day and since you will already have it off, you will be safe in God's sight and not horribly embarrassed.

He also is trying to wean is followers away from resort Feast sites because of all the temptation to stray from God's path during those eight days.  There too, he is encouraging an extra day to be added on to the Feast.  Your boss is really going to love that!

He writes:

The seventh month begins with the NM which is also a High Day. When the NM is seen that High Day begins, not before. The concept is simple: If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow!

It is only prudent to take two days off work to avoid any embarrassment, just in case Trumpets is not on the day calculated; that does NOT mean that Trumpets is two days as teh Rabbins say. trumpets is only One day!

There is then plenty of time to set the other Festival dates; an din any case there would at the max be only a one day difference between calculated and observed and in the vast majority of case the NM would be seen as calculated.

The real issue is around today’s resort non Feasts which are vacations with the excuse of a biblical Feast. If we all camped on a local farm and met in the barn and truly kept the Feast rejoicing together; what would it matter if we stayed a day beyond what we calculated?

Today people rush home, even travelling on the Eighth Day; what a shame! I would expect that if someone declared the feasts not necessary a very large number would not attend. Most people are doing what they are told and not because they love pleasing God, or because these festival messages are so inspiring. James