Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lil'Jimmy Meredith Speaks Out Against NCIS and Gays

Following in his homophobic daddy's footsteps....

Watching Lil' Jimmy I can see why so many in the Living Church of God dislike him.  Pompous little ass!

As a side note. NCIS airs on Friday nights in Lil'Jimmy's area.  If he is part of God's holy righteous family why is he watching tv on Friday nights? Also, why is the Meredith clan sooooooooooo fascinated with gay sex?

Friday, October 30, 2015

Living Church of God: How This Little Blog Has Disrupted Rod Meredith's Empire

From an LCG source:

There seldom used to be negative information leaked out of the Living Dying Church of God but as the foundation crumbles informants leak out from the cracks giving us insight into how bad it really is, especially in Charlotte.

Banned By HWA has brought Meredith to his knees repeatedly over the past year. Meredith himself went on a tirade about Banned in front of a live audience of over 250 people motivating even more LCG members to visit this site.

It is driving them half mad that they can’t figure out who the leak is. At first, they assumed it was some of the purge victims. But then they realized that much of the information found in various stories would not be known to someone no longer in attendance. HQ has even leaked fake information to various people to try to figure out who the mole is. So far, it hasn’t worked. Unfortunately for them, the problem goes so high up that they can’t get away with much.

After the increase of stories and complaints about the nepotism surrounding the Meredith family, Rod’s youngest son who was being paid to “sort of “work from home in Louisiana has been temporarily brought back to Charlotte to make the arrangement look better to members and employees that were annoyed that he was collecting a pay check for nothing after it was made public on this site.  It won’t likely last long, but at least RCM is making an effort to make it look good thanks to pressure resulting from the Banned story.

Meredith also decided to permit a minister who had been denied permission to attend the Hawaiian feast site to attend after reading a story on Banned which outlined how LCG ministry was annoyed that NCIS Jim gets to go every year while others get forced to serve less luxurious sites.

They have also lightened up on the suspensions and disfellowshipments status post all the public blow back they felt after the purge last year.

There is still an undercurrent of mistrust of the ministry and displeasure in the direction LCG is going among a fair percentage of the brethren. This would have previously initiated a Gestapo cleanse but now they are a little slower to act out their tyranny because of the fear of exposure on this site and others like it. There are LCG members presently who are getting away with things that would have never been tolerated before but Spanky and McNair have consciously decided it's safer to turn a blind eye. At least until they get this PR nightmare under control.

Hopefully this site will continue to expose the atrocities at LCG which will improve knowledge and facilitate more members to have the courage to walk away from the Sanhedrin.

Halloween and the Church of God Fear Factor

"Objection to Halloween is a reflection of something much broader: an obsession with trivialities, a confusion of priorities, a primitive fear of the unknown, an arrogance that finds “righteousness” in being odd-ball and out-of-step. Fundamentalists can find something offensive or objectionable in almost anything. They have a world view in which virtually everything is “anti-Christian”. They have lost the ability to filter the important from the inconsequential. The traditional COG prohibition against Halloween ignores the facts of history, misrepresents the modern holiday, and demonstrates a woeful lack of spiritual discernment."

by Keith Stump

October is quickly flying by, meaning it’s time for the traditional Christian hand-wringing over that most “demonic” of holidays, Halloween! In anticipation of the usual anti-Halloween propaganda, I offer the following observations about this alleged “satanic festival of evil”:

First, there’s no need to point out that Halloween is not found in Leviticus 23. (Duh.) Leviticus 23 is obsolete and irrelevant anyway. Second, forget the lengthy dissertation about how the papacy (the alleged “image of the beast” and “great whore”) instituted the Roman Catholic celebrations of “All Hallows Eve” and “All Saints Day”. That, too, is irrelevant. Today’s Halloween has nothing to do with honoring Christian saints. For most, Halloween long ago ceased being viewed as a religious observance—and never was, by Americans.

The Halloween that many of us know today is largely an American phenomenon. And it’s a purely secular observance.

Yet some of Halloween’s customs do have roots in pre-Christian (“pagan”) practices. “Pagan” has long been a popular buzz word among Christians, especially among the COGs. As a Plain Truth and World Tomorrow writer, and occasional GHOSTwriter (how occult!) for the Armstrongs, I used the word liberally for decades. If it’s “pagan” in origin, it MUST be evil (like, I suppose, playing cards, wedding rings, dominoes, medicine, beer, the theater, the names of the days of the week and months of the year, and so on—all of which are scrupulously avoided in the COGs, aren’t they?).

Some of Halloween’s customs can be traced to practices of the Celtic New Year, particularly among the Druids of ancient Britain. The Celts worshipped nature deities and practiced a relatively benign type of witchcraft. (Shame on them for living before the birth of Christ! Why, they must have been as evil as Cyrus the Great, who worshipped Ishtar, the pagan goddess of love and war, and Ahura Mazda, god of light and wisdom. [Oh, wait a minute—God still called Cyrus "that righteous man from the East." Never mind.])

The Celtic festival of Samhain (which means “summer’s end” and marked the Celtic New Year, and is properly pronounced SOW-in, not “Sam Hain”) was considered to be a magical time, when the thin veil between the worlds was lifted, and the dead walked among the living. It was a night of ghosts and fairies, in which bonfires were lit and fortunes were told, and the thoughts of all turned to the afterlife. For some odd reason, the Celts didn’t think that exposing their children to contemplation of death and the afterlife was a problem. And, of course, the “witches” of the time were primarily herbalists and midwives. Witches as evil, devil-worshiping crones were an invention of the medieval Church, perpetuated by modern fundamentalists.

Despite fundamentalist assertions, there were no orgies or human sacrifices or cannibalism or devil-worshipping during Samhain. Anyone who claims otherwise is an incompetent researcher or an outright liar. And—despite all those sermonettes you’ve heard—there was never a Celtic “god of death” named “Samhain”.

The ancient Samhain festival in no way “glorified” the demonic world, nor—except for a relatively few “Satanists”—does Samhain today. Modern pagans who celebrate Samhain regard it as a time to look back on the past year and reflect on how they can become better people, and a time to honor departed loved ones and welcome them into their presence. Modern Halloween is even less focused on “making contact” with the spirit world.

Stop for a moment and consider rationally: Is a six-year-old girl trick-or-treating in a Cinderella costume “fellowshipping with demons”? Is a child covered in a sheet with eye-holes “associating with spirits”? Are employees attending a company costume party “consorting with the devil”? Is hanging a plastic skeleton in your window “paying homage to Satan”? Is carving a jack-o’-lantern “fashioning an idol”? Is bobbing for apples a “wicked revel”? Some who are reading this would reply with a resounding “yes”. And that’s because of the spiritual myopia that warps their thinking, as I’ll discuss in a moment. Goofball notions are de rigueur for the fundamentalist.

Others who are reading this have heartwarming memories of Halloween. It’s a slice of genuine Americana. It was one of the highlights of their childhood calendar—a time of family crafts and costume-making, a time to celebrate creativity and imagination. It was a time for children to dress up and solicit candy from their neighbors. (We were even taught to say “thank you”, which I’m sure irked Satan no end.) Trick-or-treating allowed the entire community to share in the Halloween festivities, as costumes were admired and rewarded with goodies. Halloween reaffirmed social bonds with friends and neighbors. These are hardly the “unfruitful works of darkness” (Eph. 5:11), unless one is a fanatic who interprets that phrase like, well, a fanatic.

(A parenthetical note to hypocrites: Anyone who condemns Halloween, yet enjoys an occasional Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff film, or reads a Stephen King or Anne Rice thriller, or a Harry Potter novel, or who watches “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “The Wizard of Oz” or Disney’s “Snow White” or “Sleeping Beauty” or the “Lord of the Rings” films or who plays fantasy-based video games or visits Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion” or watches a stage magician is a hypocrite, pure and simple. It’s like a conscientious objector being a fan of war movies. But hypocrisy is nothing new to the COGs, is it? And, for that matter, is “glorifying violence” any less “sinful” than “glorifying the occult”? (Hmm. I must have been imagining those LCG members sitting in the theater when I saw “Terminator 3″.))

To all COG members out there: Is your children’s Christianity so feeble as to be endangered by a plastic mask and a few candy bars? Are your children so inadequately grounded in their religion as to be tempted into a life of witchcraft by attending a costume party? Are you yourself so poorly rooted in your faith that you fear your children will ask questions to which you have no satisfactory answers?

I have seen no evidence of children being psychologically warped or seduced into a life of witchcraft and perversion as a result of innocent Halloween activities. I HAVE, however, seen many fearful and superstitious COG children who have been conditioned to be abnormally hypersensitive to anything blackened with the feared label “occult”. One child in particular comes to mind, whom I witnessed shrieking in stark terror at the mere sight of a jack-o-lantern. Are you raising fearful children who, like medieval peasants, see Satan lurking behind every tree and demons skulking in every dark corner? Are you raising children who fear they will “open themselves up” to “demonic control” at any moment by the slightest misstep? What a tenuous, precarious and paranoid spirituality! Satan is a defeated enemy! We need not shrink inanimate mortal remains. Explain that fear of black cats is an ancient superstition of the ignorant. Talk to them about the fanciful creations of horror fiction, like werewolves and vampires. It’s healthy to examine the things that frighten us. Tell them about “ghosts” or disembodied spirits. (The dead are relatively safe; it’s the living you need to watch out for!) And talk to them about the subject of life after physical death. Tell them about the Lord of Life who overcame death. Assuage their fears about those who can kill the body but not the soul.

Halloween is also a good time to reconsider our own views about death and the afterlife. The unbiblical doctrine of “soul sleep” would be a good place to start. The Bible clearly teaches (and centuries of experience demonstrate) that death does not interrupt self-awareness; personal identity survives death! By contrast, Herbert Armstrong’s so-called “restored truth” about “What is Man?” is totally without biblical foundation, though his followers blindly accept it. Measuring truth by the teachings of a morally unprincipled deviate who was indisputably unqualified for ministry by biblical standards (i Tim. 3:2-7; Titus 1:6-7) is far scarier than any aspect of Halloween! (A rule of thumb, which I’ll throw in free of charge: The farther an individual or group moves away from the teachings of the so-called Philadelphia era of the Church of God, the closer he moves toward genuine truth and balanced spirituality.)

So here’s my point: Objection to Halloween is a reflection of something much broader: an obsession with trivialities, a confusion of priorities, a primitive fear of the unknown, an arrogance that finds “righteousness” in being odd-ball and out-of-step. Fundamentalists can find something offensive or objectionable in almost anything. They have a world view in which virtually everything is “anti-Christian”. They have lost the ability to filter the important from the inconsequential. The traditional COG prohibition against Halloween ignores the facts of history, misrepresents the modern holiday, and demonstrates a woeful lack of spiritual discernment.

So, in a nutshell, my message to Christians about Halloween is: Lighten up! There is nothing spiritually harmful about this tradition. Sensibly observed, Halloween can be a day of wholesome fun and merriment. Believe it or not, not everything in life has to have some deep spiritual connotation. Halloween is “Satan’s Holiday” only to those who concede it to him or arbitrarily label it as such. Christians have been redeemed from the forces of evil. We don’t have to give credence to Satan’s claimed authority in any area of life. Don’t surrender to the fear, superstition and hypocrisy of the fundamentalist, who wouldn’t recognize a little harmless fun if he tripped over it, who is oblivious to the value of fantasy, who has no idea what “magic” and “witchcraft” really are, to whom everything paranormal is “demonic” and who trembles before the power of Satan and his demons (whether he admits it or not). Don’t fall prey to shady “scholarship” and flawed arguments about this holiday. Don’t let anyone judge you in respect of this or any other occasion. Safe, fun Halloween activities are NOT “of the “devil”.

To believe other wise is just plain silly!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tribualtion to Start in December of 2016!

Well folks. the writing is on the wall.  God's one and ONLY unemployed true prophet has declared that the Tribulation is to start in December of 2016.  You have one more year to party and get you act together.

Armstrongite false prophets have had a field day over the decades mocking the various false prophets of the world around them, yet they fail to look at themselves as part of that sick equation.  Because they are all Church of God members they seem to feel that they are incapable of making a false prophecy. When they do, they declare that the church was not ready and that their god has delayed things.  They are never wrong, but their god seems to be incapable of making his mind up.

Every single Church of God leader who has made a prediction over the last 80 some years has been proven to be a liar and false prophet.  This includes HWA, GTA, Meredith, Flurry, Pack, Gilbreath, Malm, Thiel, Dankenbring, Waterhouse, Blackwell, Hoeh, et al.  Not once has any of these deceived little men ever said anything that had any truth to it.

Today on the Chief Pharisee and wanna-be prophet's blog James Malm had this:

An acolyte writes:
Depending upon when the 3 1/2 years began, there could actually be 2 intercalated months or 60 days and if you add the 15 days from Aviv 1 to the 1st day of U B, that would make up the extra 75 days needed for the 1335 days.
The Chief Pharisees and false prophet responds:

Sorry for the delay in posting. I decided to do the counting from the projected Feast days and check this out as to whether there is a potential for 2015 or 2016.

I am counting back 1,290 days from the sixth day of ULB in 2019 and 2020 as the resurrection date, to set the beginning; and then counting forward to the 1,335 days to see how close they are to Pentecost for the pouring out of God’s spirit.

2015 Abomination set up on Oct 14 + 1,335 days lands directly on Pentecost 2019. This seems a non starter since the kingdom and the pouring out of the spirit will be AFTER the 1,335 days.
2016 Abomination set up on 2 Oct + 1,335 days lands on Friday May 29, with Pentecost coming AFTER the 1,335 days; on that Sunday May 31.

Note: This assumes that the projected high days are correct, and that my calculation is correct. This could be either year, but the most likely year seems 2016 to set up the abomination in Oct and begin the tribulation in December. 

This is only a very strong indicator [along with the signs of the times] since the projected High Days might be off by a day, or my calculations might be off by a day or so.
We should take this a year at a time and be ready for 2015, yet not be disappointed if we have another year to warn the brethren!

Nevertheless any one of us could die tonight; we should always be ready! James

In the meantime the Chief Pharisee is expecting donations to keep pouring in so he can remain unemployed.  By living off contributions of the gullible he does not have to do physical work.  This allows him time to sit and write endlessly his version on how he thinks scripture should be interpreted.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dave Pack Announces No One On Earth Has A Message Greater Than His

I finally decided to watch some of Dave Pack's 2015 Feast video.  It is the usual claptrap of damnation, destruction and death with a sprinkling of the kingdom of God thrown in.

Pack has always attempted to portray himself as the most sophisticated and most education human to ever grace the portals of the Church of God.  No splinter group leader has ever done as much as he has or been as righteous as Dave.

Around the 8:10 minute mark of the film Dave makes the following statements: 
"...I want to talk about the good news of the coming kingdom of God...and...I want to talk about mass sin and mass worldwide punishment. We've got the best news the world has ever heard and I have the worst news.  Ive got the very best things anyone could ever announce and I've got absolutely the dead bang worst.  There's no way ANYBODY exceeds what I have to say and we as a work have to say, either one of those." 
So there you have it.  No one on this entire planet has anything to say that is better than what comes forth out of Dave's mouth.  No one is more intelligent or godly than he.

One of his minions also makes the claim that the infrastructure of the campus is the most advanced that anyone has ever seen.  No one has better technology than Dave and crew. Meredith, Thiel and Flurry are whimpering in the corners of their offices at their utmost failure.

You can watch the video here:  Behind the Work 2015 -- 'A Glimpse of the Millennium'

Be forwarded....barf bags are necessary.

Owners of Big Sandy Campus (ALERT Academy) Being Sued

When the Worldwide Church of God started to loose income because of its doctrinal and tithing changes, one of the fist things to go was the Big Sandy Campus. It was not a quick sale though, it drug on and on while it drained money from the Worldwide Church of God's pocket book. Eventuality it was sold to ALERT Academy, the right wing fundamentalist sect that Bill Gothard dreamed up because he thought the churches around him were too liberal.

Over four decades ago Gothard formed the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). Since that time the belief system he started has been hit with one scandal after another.  From child abuse and pedophilia, to sexual misconduct by Gothard.  Numerous lawsuits have been field over the years which forced Gothard to resign from the board of his various "charities."

The biggest public face of the movement was the Dugger family who let the world into their fundamentalist family with 19 Kids and Counting.  That world came crashing down after their son was discovered to be a serial adulterer and pedophile.  Instead of send the guy to jail, he was sent to ALERT Academy where he received "counseling" from its leaders.  These were not professional counselors that were experienced with working with pedophiles, but men who tried to "pray" the pedophile demon out of Dugger.

Gothards main headquarters was based in Chicago.  There is a 10 part series (Dark Secrets) here detailing the child abuse and sexual improprieties that went on at that HQ.  Listening to it is like listening and reading about the Worldwide Church of God HQ in Pasadena.  When powerful corrupt men who claim to speak for God take on power they end up abusing that power by abusing members, sexually, mentally physically and spiritually.
The Institute in Basic Life Principles, a Chicago-based organization, has operated the Indianapolis Training Center on the city’s Northside for a decade. Its Bible-based learning program has been praised as an example of how state and church can work together to help troubled youth.

But the Eyewitness News Investigators found shocking allegations of child abuse at the center. After we began looking into the allegations, the state Child Protective Services agency opened an investigation into the claims of abuse and confinement of children in a so-called prayer room.
Gothard has announced that they are selling the Chicago HQ and moving  the entire operation to Big Sandy, Texas.  This came soon after 5 women came forward two says ago and filed a lawsuit against Gothard and the group for sexual abuse.

Five women sue Bill Gothard’s ministry that has ties to the Duggars
Five women have sued the Institute in Basic Life Principles, once a leader in the Christian homeschooling movement, charging that the organization and its board of directors enabled and covered up sexual abuse and harassment of interns, employees, and other participants in its programs.

Attorney David Gibbs III Discusses the IBLP Lawsuit and Answers Important Questions 

 No Longer Quivering: Bill Gothard’s IBLP Sued

The IBLP was hugely instrumental in the push in the Homeschooling Movement here in the United States. Along with the public face of the Dugger's, the other prominent face of this movement is Hobby Lobby.  Gothard's group is also heavily into Christian Reconstructionism.
Reconstructionism, which is closely related to Dominionism, found a niche with homeschoolers, especially conservative Christians who bought the idea of being fruitful and multiplying (Quiverfull Movement) in order to take over or subdue the earth. 
I am sure the residents of Big Sandy are groaning again about another cult taking over the campus with weird doctrines and teachings.  After ridding themselves of the craziness of Armstrongism they are now going to be taken over by an even more aberrant cult.

The Fearful Churches of God in Big Sandy

There was a comment recently on Facebook about the Big Sandy area of Texas that was at one time filled with thousands of church members and college students.  With the implosion of the Worldwide Church of God, those numbers have declined dramatically.  There are however still a remnant few who live in the area and attend various Church of God's.

The comment mentioned how with the relatively small population of Big Sandy, it has 10 churches in the the area.  Several of them are Church of Gods of various flavors.  There is one big difference between these Churches of God and those harlot daughters of Babylon that are filled with so-called Christians.  The harlot daughters keep their churches open and gates unlocked while the Churches of God in the area have padlocks on their gates to keep everyone out.

Armstrongism has always been dominated by fear.  That is why deacons and strong men were stationed by the entrances of all the COG's.  They were to keep out the unwashed masses of the daughters of the great whore. God forbid if any of these heathens ever wanted to come and attend a service without first readying Mystery of the Ages or some other poorly researched booklet.