Saturday, March 28, 2020

Fast Called For “Erroneous Simpletons” In The Church of God

It has always been beaten into us by Church of God leaders that we were worthless bags of human garbage in the sight of God. Of course, this is is to be expected from those who place all their focus upon the law and not on that highly inconvenient dude they still reject.

Wade Cox, leader of the so-called "christian" Churches of "god" cult has spent decades coming up with so many absurd extrabiblical teachings that he requires his small group of members to follow that you can never be shocked at what he does next.

Cox now believes that the work and sanctification by Christ is not enough for the wayward Church of God members to find favor in the sight of his god.  It is now up to him and his few followers to sanctify all the simpletons in the church who follow erroneous teachings by other Church of God leaders.

He and his little band of followers will be soon be fasting to force his god to forgive and sanctify the simpletons that make up the Church of God.

Thus the Temple of God or House of God is composed of all grades of people such as those that make mistakes and for those that are less intelligent and can’t understand many aspects of the faith.  A good example is the Worldwide Church of God offshoots who are so misled by their ministry that they follow the Hillel calendar and keep the feasts and the Solemn Assemblies on the wrong days and sometimes in the wrong months; and so we must fast for their error and ignorance, and also for that of Israel and Judah and the nations that understand even less.
The major aspect of the Passover is that there must be reconciliation of the House of God such that all are reconciled to their brothers before they go to the altars of the Passover.
It is in this sense that the fast is used and commanded in the Book of Joel and then taken up in Ezekiel following on from the commands in Joel to Sanctify a Fast in relation to this period from the New Moon of Abib on Ezekiel 45:18-24 and the preparations continue to 7 Abib (45:20) and on to the 14 Abib at the Passover Preparation and Sacrifice and then on to 21 Abib for the next seven days of the Feast.
So do we say as some claim that we don’t need to do anything before the Lord’s Supper as he set it aside and the ceremony of the Footwashing and the Bread and the Wine was enough? That is a false doctrine taught by some offshoots of the Churches of God and shows the appalling ignorance of the ministry of those elements. The commandment of the faith is to be reconciled to one’s brother and that we should not go to the feast empty handed and all males must attend. It is taken for granted that we must prepare individually for the Passover, but also we are commanded to prepare as a congregation and the Sanctification process is and always has been undertaken by the righteous over the ignorant of the congregations of the faith. God has set a process in place that has always existed and must be restored to all the faith.
Sanctification in the House of God
It is always a fact that the actions of the House of God and its ministry which Temple and Ministry we are, has always undertaken the process of sanctification.
It was from before the giving of the Law to Moses, by the patriarchs such as Job (Job 1:5).
The explanation here is that because the leaders of the congregation did not sanctify Christ as the Angel of the Presence and the Yahovah of Israel they did not go into the Promised Land. This was an example to the leaders of the Church of God that those who do not order and go through this sanctification process will not enter the First Resurrection.
It was the responsibility of the people to then sanctify Christ and now it is the job of present church members to sanctify the simpletons.

Since this is a splinter Church of God, it makes sense that Jesus is shoved to the back burner because his father was too weak to sanctify him and that he was dependant upon his followers to sanctify Jesus. 

Can it get any stupider?

Prophet Bob, Apostle and a Bunch of Other Titles Dave, Prophet Gerald and Assorted Prophetic Types Take Note:


God's Prophet Reveals His Solution To Stemming Coronavirus

With the thousands of legitimate scientists working around the world to determine how the COVID-19 works and to develop a vaccine, our very own self-appointed mail-order scientist/church leader/prophet reveals his regime in not catching the coronavirus.
Hence I have recommended eating high vitamin C containing fruits and vegetables, fasting, and prayer. Before and since the COVID-19 situation, I regularly pray and fast. Since I have been asked, let me add that I also take Food Research C Complex, Herbal Antioxidant, Vitamin-Mineral, and Zinc Complex 100% food nutrient formulas, like I have for years–I have not changed my supplement regimen because of COVID-19 (though would add some items if I thought I had it). 
While these are not guarantees that one cannot get the novel coronavirus (and since I work with ill people, I may very well get it), they, when appropriate, do put the body in a better position to combat various pathogens.
Then our dreamy self-anointed one compares the coronavirus to leaven.  After all, it is that time of year when leaven occupies the minds of those who refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ.  Through the almost 8 decades of the church, we have been subjected to one crazy comparison after another when it comes to what leaven is. 
COVID-19 has spread around the world.
The coronavirus starts out very small.
Like the sin that took over the mind of the Chief Overseer of the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" and led him into rebellion and heresy. 
Once it takes hold, the coronavirus quickly spreads in the body–a little spreads a lot.
In the world, sin and hypocrisy is prevalent.
As in Church of God self-appointed leaders.
Likewise, in the world leaven is all around.
Not only is it in baked goods, it is now in many other products. Leaven spreads quickly and most of the items it becomes part of crumble. In the Bible, leaven normally pictures malice, wickedness, and hypocrisy (1 Corinthians 5:8; Matthew 16:6,12; Luke 12:1), while unleavened bread pictures sincerity and truth (1 Corinthians 5:8).
The Old Testament states, “no leaven shall be seen among you."
Never has the Church of God seen so many men set themselves up as the know-it-all's of the church as it has today in 2020, as they proclaim themselves the one true source of knowledge of the Bible and the end times. Never has the church had so many liars in charge as it does now.

Yet, as we descend into Armstrongism's most sacred time of the year, these men continue to lie and deceive their followers with fantastical and often absurd teachings.

The brethren of the church need to cast these puffed-up buffoons out and turn their backs on the heresies they teach and caste them in the trash along with their leavening.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Norbert Link Melts Down Over Coronavirus: "Please End the Pain of the Coronavirus Shutdown!"

Do we "let the cure be worse than the problem itself"? President Trump thinks so. This program shows the dangerous consequences of governmental measures causing unparalleled suffering for 
our people and incredible damage to our economy, with fears of massive suicides and even civil war. 
Why is the public "asleep at the wheel," 
when it comes to mounting violations of our constitutional rights and freedoms?

One thing so many of the Church of God leaders have in common is that they are tone-deaf to reality and the world around them.

Norbert Link thinks this is just a little virus and the President and the world is overreacting to the situation.  Who cares if there are a few thousand dead around the world, it is far less than the amount that dies of regular flu.

I finally realized who Norbert Link sounds like...Colonel Klink!

Commercial Break: 2020- A Passover and Easter Solution to the Present Distress and Assorted Astronomical Realities

Father Enrico Sarduchi

"Were's  that old Walk on the Water Spirit!"

"Nothin' to sneeza your nose at!"

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Herbert W Armstrong College Still Holding Classes During Coronavirus Quarantine So They Can Discuss Importance Of William Shakespeare

Herbert W Armstrong College is holding classes during the coronavirus quarantine.  Apparently living in exile on the cult compound makes them immune to the virus.

Besides, when the world's foremost authority on Shakespeare is giving a lecture, how can you NOT meet? It's not every day you get to see Dennis Leap in a suit instead of his 
tight bicycle and marathon shorts.

Shakespeare is important to the Philadelphia Church of God, so much so that they have articles and broadcasts about the guy.

Should COG Leaders Be Prosecuted For Refusing To Cancel Sabbath Services?

With Dave Pack, Bob Thiel, Gerald Flurry and other Church of God's refusing to cancel church services and church activities, they run the risk of this happening and then having the State come in and really raise hell. Of course, they will scream persecution of the true church, but it will be the result of their own arrogance and stupidity.

Nearly 3 dozen who attended church event test positive for coronavirus

Nearly three dozen people who attended a recent children's event at a church in Arkansas have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to church officials.
Donald Shipp, a deacon at First Assembly of God church in Greers Ferry, about 75 miles north of Little Rock, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that 34 people who attended the event in early March at the Cleburne County church had tested positive for the coronavirus, and that an unknown number of others were awaiting test results.

Danyelle McNeill, a spokeswoman for the Arkansas Department of Health, said a number of coronavirus cases have been associated with a church in Cleburne County, which she did not identify.

"We are still investigating newly reported cases and can’t definitively say they are all connected to one church," McNeill told NBC News on Thursday. "This is a cluster within a larger outbreak in that area of the state."

There were at least 310 reported coronavirus cases and two deaths in Arkansas as of Thursday morning.

Mark Palenske, a pastor at the church, said in a lengthy Facebook post late last week that he and his wife, Dena, were among those to test positive for coronavirus.

He said that when such a virus spreads on the other side of the world, "your first inclination is to assume that time and distance are on your side."
But "that false assumption" recently caught up with him and his wife, he said.
The couple and dozens of others from their church initially could not get tested, according to Palenske.

"One local doctor had a very small number of commercial tests and the rest is history, I suppose," he wrote.

He said that before even receiving positive test results, the church had followed medical advice and canceled services.

The couple's symptoms began with headaches followed by intense body aches and lethargy, as well as waves of chills, sweating and nausea, Palenske wrote in his post.

"Dena had a very scary morning a few days ago, which included a seizure of sorts and required hospitalization," he said.

His wife's condition has since improved and they are both back home, he said. Palenske said he could not pinpoint "where the virus came from."

"Even though we were the original positives, there are people who have been sick longer than we have," he said. "It clearly made its way through a special weekend of children’s ministry at our church."

He requested that people pray for health care workers, and he advised that people "take this medical threat more seriously."

"Maybe you assumed that it couldn’t happen to you, just like I did," he wrote. "Please adhere to the social instructions that you are receiving locally and nationally."

PCG Members Immune To Coronavirus?

While most of the United States and the world is on lockdown to help prevent infections of the coronavirus from spreading, various Church of God's feel they are immune to the virus.  They still require their members to attend services and to gather for concerts, picnic's and other church ordered events.

In the midst of all of this, PCG is doing another one of their absurd productions that features Celtic dance in it. (This is the dance that David danced and all true Church of God members knew to be the one true dance.) Members, employees and students gathered together to watch a "preview" of "Celtic Throne."

After all, it is a FACT that Jeremiah went to Ireland with his daughters where they buried the Ark of the Covenant in Hill Tara where they knew the PCG would come and dig it up eventually. Then they took Jacob's pillar stone to England where they knew that the stone with be featured in a chair in a pagan so-called Christian cathedral filled with Sunday worshipers bowing down to the Sun God as they faced East each Sunday. Jeremiah and his daughters also knew that Gerald Flurry would arise in the end times and demand that Scotland give him the Stone of Scone so he could take it to Edstone where Jesus would come back and sit on it. They also knew that the PCG would make a big production out of this and charge admission.

Prophets are amazing!

Especially, Church of God prophets!!!!!

Philadelphia Church of God: Pee-on's Forced To Clean Up Sins Of Leaders

Its that time of year again and the PCG elite are making the youth and lowly employees clean up their "sins".

This has been the standard practice from the early days with Herbert in Pasadena.  Employees deleavened HWA's home, GTA's, Meredith's and the rest of the ministry that had church-owned housing. Very few of them ever cleaned their offices or their vehicles. Very few of them ever lifted a finger to help cast their sins out.

The church also had its zealots that went into screeching fits every year demanding that people throw out the baking soda toothpaste, brewers yeast, the baking soda for swimming pools, and lots of other stupid demands.

All for a day that the New Covnant does not command.  Sigh.

CGI: Exposing the Devil and His Wiles


In CGI’s latest Armor of God  “Web Chat” (Signals & Signs of the Devil), Bill Watson and Mike James discuss the pervasive influence of Satan on American culture. According to them, “What is so insidious about this being, known as the devil and his kingdom of demons, are his methods—they are so subtle! His influences are so hard to identify when contending with laws and circumstances that now have normalized and legalized so much evil and, sadly, are currently so acceptable to the moral relativism and postmodern thinking we are presently experiencing. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to believe just how much of his operations and involvement are in our face! Frankly, unless you are ‘woken’ (aware and alerted) to his ‘signals and signs’ you will never recognize just how close and interactive you are to his participation in something that you may be involved with—but unaware of the influence his ways may be having on you, your children, or family and friends. It’s both astonishing and surreal, but disturbing at the same time.”
It turns out that much of the ensuing conversation is centered around an article (Occult and Satanism in America) that appeared on the website of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (a self-described “organization of lay Catholic Americans concerned about the moral crisis shaking the remnants of Christian civilization”). In the preface to the article, we are informed that: “This article-report is based on studies by the author as well as an interview with ex-Satanist Zachary King. It is meant to raise awareness regarding the growing popularity of the occult and Satanism in America, its threat to our children and how society is being transformed to be more accepting of the devil.” The author of the article then goes on to assert that witchcraft is the fourth largest religion in the United States – WHAT? Then, after explaining how Satanists desecrate Catholic rituals, the author asserts without offering ANY proof that “satanic high priests today will assist in an abortion and offer the killing of the baby to the devil. Lawyers are consulted to make sure everything is done according to the law. In addition, many high priests dedicate all the abortions in the world to the devil every night during the witching hour.” (For the record, I am personally opposed to abortion, BUT REALLY?) see Occult and Satanism in America
Although Mr. Watson seeks to assure his audience that he isn’t promoting crazy conspiracy theories based on dubious sources, he then proceeds to show the audience an FBI document showing symbols used by pedophiles and the organizations which they have founded to promote their perversity. “What does this have to do with the subject at hand?” you may ask. Pastor Watson next produces an image of Disney’s Moana and would have us believe that the symbol which represents the heart of Te Fiti in the movie is actually one of the symbols pictured on the FBI’s pedophilia page! Next, Mr. Watson treats his audience to a panoply of images of celebrities giving what he interprets as a Satanic sign with their fingers. At first glance, such an assertion may seem ridiculous and pointless. Nevertheless, if we think about what might underpin Pastor Watson’s speculation, it does fit the religious right’s narrative about Hollywood’s alliance with the evil “liberal/progressive” agenda.
Of course, an Armstrong Church of God program on this subject wouldn’t be complete without at least one reference to Revelation 12:9! Surprisingly, it didn’t escape Mr. James’ attention that the referenced scripture also applied to Mr. Watson and himself. Indeed, it is an integral part of Armstrong theology that Satan has deceived the whole world and is ultimately responsible for all human sins. It is, however, rare for an Armstrongite to acknowledge that that deception might also apply to him/her!
From my perspective, Herbert Armstrong and his followers have attributed way too much power and authority to Satan. They love to quote the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah, but they arbitrarily cut off their citation before the prophet completes his thought. We read there: “How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world. For you said to yourself, ‘I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God’s stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north. I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.’ Instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead, down to its lowest depths.” See Isaiah 14:12-15
The same could be said of that other favorite of Armstrongites when they talk about Satan - found in the twenty-eighth chapter of Ezekiel. We read there: “You were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and exquisite in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God. Your clothing was adorned with every precious stone— red carnelian, pale-green peridot, white moonstone, blue-green beryl, onyx, green jasper, blue lapis lazuli, turquoise, and emerald—all beautifully crafted for you and set in the finest gold. They were given to you on the day you were created. I ordained and anointed you as the mighty angelic guardian. You had access to the holy mountain of God and walked among the stones of fire. ‘You were blameless in all you did from the day you were created until the day evil was found in you. Your rich commerce led you to violence, and you sinned. So I banished you in disgrace from the mountain of God. I expelled you, O mighty guardian, from your place among the stones of fire. Your heart was filled with pride because of all your beauty. Your wisdom was corrupted by your love of splendor. So I threw you to the ground and exposed you to the curious gaze of kings. You defiled your sanctuaries with your many sins and your dishonest trade. So I brought fire out from within you, and it consumed you. I reduced you to ashes on the ground in the sight of all who were watching. All who knew you are appalled at your fate. You have come to a terrible end, and you will exist no more.” See Ezekiel 28:12-19
Thus, from the perspective of these two prophets (Isaiah and Ezekiel), Satan will one day face extermination! In the words of Ezekiel, he “will exist no more.” This is also consistent with Satan and his minions being thrown into the Lake of Fire (which is the second or ultimate death). See Revelation 20 This is also consistent with there not being ANY anguish or pain that will be part of the new world which John informs us that God intends to create at the conclusion of all things. See Revelation 21
Unfortunately, Herbert Armstrong’s interpretation of the symbolism surrounding the Israelites’ Day of Atonement observances was in large part responsible for his followers’ skewed perspective on Satan and his powers. By equating the Azazel with Satan, he made Satan responsible for all of their sins (and, by extension, ours). This line of REASONING reminds me of the comedian Flip Wilson’s famous line that “the devil made me do it!” The Biblical principle, however, is clearly that each and every one of us is responsible for our own sins! See Ezekiel 18, especially verse 20 In keeping with this exalted view of Satan and his abilities, I’ve noticed that Armstrongites often seem to overlook James’ admonition to “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” See James 4:7
Of course, the notion that Satan might have a deleterious impact on the human psyche is not peculiar to Armstrongism. In Valdesolo’s The Psychological Power of Satan  we read that our beliefs about Satan can be indicative of our thinking about a whole host of issues. Valdesolo reports that “BPE (Belief in Pure Evil) predicts such effects as: harsher punishments for crimes (e.g. murder, assault, theft), stronger reported support for the death penalty and decreased support for criminal rehabilitation. Follow-up studies corroborate these findings, showing that BPE also predicts the degree to which participants perceive the world to be dangerous and vile, the perceived need for preemptive military aggression to solve conflicts, and reported support for torture.”
Valdesolo goes on to assert that “if we accept the message from decades of social psychological research, that at least some instances of violence and malice are not the result of ‘pure evil’ — that otherwise decent individuals can, under certain circumstances, be compelled to commit horrible acts, even atrocities — then the results of these studies serve as an important cautionary tale. The longer we cling to strong beliefs about the existence of pure evil, the more aggressive and antisocial we become.  And we may be aggressing towards individuals who are, in fact, ‘redeemable.’  Individuals who are not intrinsically and immutably motivated by the desire to intentionally cause harm to others. That may be the greatest trick the devil has ever pulled.”
The notion that Satan continues to have a profound impact on our society and culture is also not confined to Armstrong and his followers. Scientific studies have been performed that demonstrate that a large percentage of Americans still attribute negative events to Satan. See Attributions to God and Satan About Life Altering EventsLikewise, those who have studied the impact of Milton’s Paradise Lost on our notions about Satan are quick to point out parallels to some of our most cherished American notions about ourselves.
In an article (What’s So ‘American’ About John Milton’s Lucifer?) from a 2017 edition of The Atlantic, we read that “Milton’s Lucifer can be read as a kind of modern, American antihero, invented before such a concept really existed. Many of the values the archangel advocates in Paradise Lost—the self-reliance, the rugged individualism, and even manifest destiny—are regarded as quintessentially American in the cultural imagination.”
The author goes on to say that “Milton’s Lucifer is neither bestial, a reptilian Other, nor the goofy incompetent of a medieval morality play; rather, he’s a conflicted, brooding, alienated, narcissistic self-mythologizer. In other words, he’s a thoroughly modern man, and in a country as preoccupied with modernity as the United States is, he’s arguably an honorary ‘American’ as a result. Milton’s fellow countryman, the novelist D.H. Lawrence, remarked in his under-read 1923 Studies in Classic American Literature that, ‘The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.’ The novelist had in mind not just the pioneer clearing lands that do not belong to him, but also the honey-worded con man who can justify his crimes in the sweetest language.”
Perhaps Mr. Watson and Mr. James are more correct about Satan’s influence on America than they would care to imagine! It is also possible that they have not thought through all of the logical implications of what they are saying about this powerful cherub! Moreover, in light of the sources which they chose to use and cite in their chat, they may want to consider using more reputable sources in the future. After all, as they themselves have pointed out, Satan is quite capable of deceiving/misleading everyone (including them)!
--Miller Jones

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Challenge for Gerald Weston, Bob Thiel, James Malm, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and the Rest of the Self-appointed COG Leadership

Two children here in town have set up a table to assist those in need, particularly senior citizens who have not been able to find anything in the stores due to ridiculous hoarding.

Imagine two "worldly" children doing what's right while the Church of God sits by collecting money every day as they tell members not to mail in "contaminated" money but to use money apps to directly deposit money into church coffers.

Here is a challenge to Gerald Weston, Bob Thiel, James Malm, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland and the rest of the self-appointed Church of God leaders.

Tell your members to not send in their weekly tithes and offerings this week but to keep that money and take it and buy food and supplies for their neighbors in need during this chaotic period of time. Set a real example, for once, as to what real Christians will selfishly do, since that is what each one of you exclusively claims for your groups.  

Do something godly for once.

It is pretty pathetic when the youth make you look like greedy selfish fools.

Living Church of God: Bacon eating crossdressers who are having abortions is the cause of the evil in the world today...oh, and don't forget those gays...yep, them too!

Living Church of God has always been eager to provide a comforting word for its members.


As usual, its very pissed off god is angry at the world around them. Everyone is mean and nasty because of those gays and cross-dressing straight men that are eating bacon and shrimp. That's why the world is such a mess. Everything is always dark and evil to them.

Why do we never hear anything positive and enlightening about the beautiful world around them?

Where are the articles about teenagers going to nursing homes and brightening up the day for lonely none LCG members?  Where are the stories of neighbors cooking for neighbors? Where are the life-changing stories of people who go to homeless areas and provide food or do their laundry?

Why is the Living Church of God so afraid to be a light in the world and put into action a foretaste of the world to come they so long for?  Instead they sit in the ivory towers bellyaching about the world falling apart around them while not lifting a finger to do a damn thing.  Oh wait, they spend millions of dollars on cable and TV stations to broadcast shows that no one watches. Yep, that is really showing love.

A Time of Reckoning: Today, many assume—or live—as if there is no God and have little knowledge of what is in the Bible. Our modern generation blames climate change, viruses, and corrupt politicians for our problems and looks to science and medicine for solutions. Few see any connection between the fires and floods, droughts, famines, and insect infestations, and now epidemic and pandemic diseases that are striking our world and the biblical laws and prophecies contained in the Scriptures. However, the Bible reveals there is a God (Psalm 14:1) who is going to judge the world (1 Chronicles 16:33) and that Jesus Christ is going to return and eventually save the world (John 4:42). While science and medical technologies can help identify and treat physical problems, the real need today is to make a connection between godless behaviors that are causing our problems and repent (change). The Bible plainly reveals that when people obey God’s laws there will be blessings, but when we violate those laws there will be consequences (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28). Today, around the world, we violate God’s instructions about marriage (Genesis 2:24), homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22), cross-dressing (Deuteronomy 22:5), diet and health (Leviticus 11), abortion (Jeremiah 2:34), and many more. Millions are unaware of the biblical promise that we will be blessed for obedience to God’s laws (Exodus 15:26). Today, many are also totally unaware that there is a judgment coming—a time of reckoning—on a world that has forgotten, or never knew, the true God (see Jeremiah 2:17Hosea 4:9–10Isaiah 24:5). As we approach the Passover and as we see climactic events that point to the end of the age, we need to examine ourselves (1 Corinthians 11:26–32) and draw close to God (Isaiah 55:6–7) so we can point out why these events are happening and offer real hope—the Gospel—to a confused and dying world.
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

The Cycle of Truth BC (BEFORE Church) and PTSD (POST Theological Stress Deliverance)

"When I was a child, mountains were just  mountains, rivers were just rivers and the sky was just the sky

But when I was older, Mountains were not JUST Mountains
 Rivers were not JUST Rivers
... and the Sky was not JUST the Sky

Now that I am old, mountains are just mountains, rivers are just rivers and the sky is just the sky."

Buddhist proverb

Church of God Version

Before the Churches of God,  news was just news, events were just events and occurrences were just occurrences

But when I got into the Church, News was not just News
 Events were not JUST Events
... and Occurrences were not JUST Occurrences.  


Earthquakes were certainly not Just earthquakes and natural crustal movements because it floated on melted rock.  It was a sign

Weather was for sure not JUST high and low pressure, heat and cold. It was the still small voice, emphasis on small, of God trying to tell us something

 Microbes were not JUST Microbes and certainly Disease was not JUST time and chance, poor practices or overcrowding with the world of the virus and bacteria doing what they do, humans notwithstanding.  More trying on the god's parts to get our attention

Everything was prophecy coming alive at last and deeply significant to being lucky enough to live in the "End Times"

We shall not all die but we all shall be changed...

Forget about your unconverted family

Time was not just time. It was End Time

Soon and shortly didn't really mean soon or shortly as men count soon or shortly.

Time didn't pass. It got shorter

Prophets, Ministers and Presiding Evangelist didn't make mistakes. God was giving us more time. 

Noticers are not noticing. They are scoffing

Earnings weren't really yours. They belonged to God as processed by the Church of one's mistaken choice.  Therefore,  one has to "send it in", "share it all common" and don't worry about the loan taken out for the church because "frankly we flee and you don't have to pay it."

World leaders were sent by God or Satan depending

My King of the North is the real King of the North
Your King of the South is bogus

"You can sure tell Christ is about ready to return"

Follow me because I alone have the correct views

Coronovirus is God trying to get our attention

Coronovirus is Satan messing with the Passover

You can sure it's Passover time...

The smaller and more insignificant my church, the more true it is

Send it in again...

But...When I became a man, woke up and regained my senses...

Mountains were just mountains
Rivers were just rivers
and the sky was really, just the sky.

You'll see...

Monday, March 23, 2020

Gerald Weston Finally Reacts: Church Wide Fast Called, All Church Services, Passover and NTBMO Services Cancelled, To Be Held In Homes Instead

After two weeks of being stung by allegations of inaction and countless questions by church members., Gerald Weston finally makes some decisions.  All Living Church of God services are now canceled and members are to either watch sermons online or live stream them if their local pastor does so.

As usual, he starts his missive off with making church members feel unqualified to do anything right:
The pace with which the COVID-19 crisis is evolving keeps all of us on our toes as decisions and changes need to be made constantly. Transitioning to Sabbath services by means of electronic transmission is not entirely new to the Church, but the scope of the task creates challenges for us. Many members lack basic knowledge of how to connect to a livestream and ministers may lack the knowledge of how to help those less technologically astute. This is where we will need patience, as members may experience difficulties in some areas. However, there is no need to panic, as we will all get through this.
Stung by the questions by LCG members and others about his inaction during this pandemic, Weston blames people for speculating and making pronouncements about his inaction.
One challenge that we face is avoiding rumors. We have already heard a number of speculations and pronouncements floating about. They often begin with a grain of truth, perhaps something that was considered and/or discussed, but get passed along as though a decision has been made. This is how truths turn into “half-truths” and total errors. These do not benefit anyone, so please be patient. We will record a message updating everyone on developments in the Church during this COVID-19 crisis, and post it on the LCG website at the end of each week. These messages will be approximately 15 minutes in length. And, we may post additional messages as needed.
All LCG members are required to fast this coming Saturday.
Due to the serious nature of the current crisis, I am calling for a Church-wide fast for the Sabbath of March 28. We will livestream the service from Charlotte and it will be recorded for those unable to log in live. Time of services will be 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).—Gerald Weston
Next, he lays out some guidelines:
...all LCG Sabbath and Holy Day services will be conducted online, not in person, during the current crisis. We don’t know how long this will last, but it appears it will be with us for a number of weeks. Pastors will be working out details on how to conduct these remote services and how brethren can access them in their own homes. If you have any questions about arrangements being made in your local area, please contact your pastor. 
...Pastors will also be working on arrangements so that brethren can keep the Passover in their own home, with baptized household members. Two options are available: (1) Pastors who are set up with livestreaming and/or phone hookups may conduct the Passover online with brethren in their area; and, (2) Pastors who are not yet set up with livestreaming or phone hookup may opt to have brethren in their area use the recorded Passover DVD, conducted by Mr. Ken Frank. Instructions are being distributed on how to self-administer the Passover.  
...Mr. Weston also explained in his meeting with the ministry that the Night to Be Observed should also be kept in our own homes, with members of our own household. The goal is, again, to limit physical contact with others outside our household, as government and health officials have strongly advised. Brethren are encouraged to, during the evening, call other brethren on the phone or through the Internet, with programs such as Skype, to fellowship electronically, but not to meet in person. 
...Mr. Weston encouraged the ministry in meetings this week to encourage brethren to take care of one another during this crisis. Phoning each other, assisting with ordering groceries (for delivery—many stores offer this) for those who cannot get out, checking on elderly members, and other acts of kindness are ways to show love in a time when some can suffer from great anxiety and loneliness. Now is the time to show we care, when others need it most. 
With all members now required to keep Passover in their homes, Weston laid down the law on what kind of wine and unleavened bread to buy.  God forbid if anyone used their own brain and bought anything outside his recommendations!
Wine: Members should obtain a small amount of red wine (grape juice is not acceptable). This should be done soon, in case grocery or liquor stores in your area unexpectedly close. Be sure you obtain natural, unfortified wine. Alcoholic content will be between 10–13 percent, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, or any other natural wine. Wines containing 19–20 percent alcohol are fortified and should not be used (the label will tell you the percentage of alcohol). 
Unleavened Bread: Members can purchase or prepare a small amount of unleavened bread. If you intend to purchase Matzos or Ry-Krisp (which is unleavened), you are encouraged to purchase it soon, in case your neighborhood grocery stores close unexpectedly or are out of stock. You may also make your own unleavened bread. 
Weston also has warned his followers that they should abandon their plans for the Feast of Tabernacles and stay locally. The church will eventually end up telling people where to attend instead of allowing them to go where they want if it is even possible at that point in the year.
Care Regarding International Travel for the Feast—Repeat Announcement
COVID-19, the coronavirus, has now been declared a global pandemic. One of its greatest dangers is that it is highly contagious, and the general population has no immunity to it. It is a killer to a small percentage of those who contract it, and about a fifth of those who contract it become seriously ill. The rest may have mild, flu-like symptoms, but still spread the illness as they continue to go about their normal activities instead of seeking medical assistance or quarantining themselves. Therefore, this is something to take seriously and, as we know, it is causing disruptions all over the world. We cannot predict what conditions will be like seven or eight months from now for the Feast of Tabernacles. We will keep the Feast, but we may need to cancel or limit travel to some sites. Governments, at any time, may ban group gatherings where they deem necessary. Therefore, please do not make reservations or final travel plans until we see how this is going to shake out. You may even want to consider attending your locally assigned site this year rather than traveling halfway around the world by air. As the scripture counsels us, we should take precautions when we see trouble on the horizon (Proverbs 22:3). 

Dave Pack/Restored Church of God: Even Though 6,000 Year's Ends Tuesday Night March 24, RCG Members Still Required To Give Money And Attend Church During "Stay-In-Place" Order

If you thought Dave and the Restored Church of God cannot get any whackier, then wait till you read this.  

From an RCG source

Meanwhile, the Great Packster is telling the RCG members that services are mandatory, so is tithing and offerings. No matter what local governments are saying about NOT traveling. And HQ also has this ‘encouraging message’ for the RCG members:

By now you have heard yesterday’s message that mentioned the Work of God is under threat of immediate shutdown.
Even though the governor of Ohio issued an order for its residents to "stay-in-place" Dave thinks he is above that order and is still requiring his employees and members to work and attend church. To do otherwise is letting Satan have his way.

While the Governor of Ohio has been praised for his leadership during the coronapocolypse, Dave thinks he knows more than he does, which is standard practice for COG leaders worldwide. 
Earlier this afternoon, the governor of Ohio announced a stay-in-place order, shutting down all non-essential businesses in the state beginning Monday. While this was expected, the blessing (and answered prayer!) is that religious organizations are still exempted. Think about this. If the Work was still headquartered in California—where a more strict stay-in-place order without a religious exemption was put in effect late last week—this would be a much different notification.
God’s Work today can continue!
Brethren, we do not know how much longer this religious exemption will apply. But without a doubt God’s hand is clearly on His Work and He has given us additional time to finish strong. Allow this to encourage you.
RCG members will soon be forced into giving money online. 
Given the current situation, the Business and Accounting Office will soon update you on more efficient ways to send your contributions to Headquarters. These steps are important in case there are disruptions to the mail service or further restrictions are enacted.
Dave wants to make it abundantly clear that he CANNOT be stopped, even though he says they risk being shut down. 
It is amazing the clarity that the passing of time will bring. Today, Mr. Pack took time to cover what may be the biggest reason yet that time is short. Unsurprisingly, it has much to do with the world collapsing around us. The Work of God—a Work that Christ promised cannot—CANNOT!—be stopped, is at risk of being shut down. Members in an increasing number of states in the U.S. are already being forced, under the threat of fines or jail time, to stay in their homes. They are being permitted to leave only for the barest essentials. Other parts of the world are today—right now—under even stricter circumstances as governments are shutting down public life.
In Mr. Pack’s message, he referenced the situation with the brethren in California. However, we have learned that brethren in several other locations are under increasing pressure. Shelter-in-place orders are now in force for Illinois, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon and California. Some states have issued similar orders for specific counties. And this is just the United States!
Orders are also expected or have already been issued in Ontario, Canada, the United Kingdom, much of Europe, as well as the Philippines.  
With all the bad news going on around us, today’s message is actually one bringing encouragement. You will want to listen to it as soon as possible to see for yourself. While we cannot know the day or the hour (something that will be covered in the message) we are able to project what has to be ever so close. 
Well, I guess we had better bend over and kiss our asses goodbye because the 6,000 years of God's supposed plan is ending tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.   
One thing to consider, this Tuesday evening, going into Adar 29, is the exact day—the last day before the first day of the sacred year—we reach the 6,000-year plan of God. Could this be the “last day” we have all been looking forward to? Only time will tell but so many things line up for us to consider this possibility.
Or course, "Regardless" is in order here.  Like every other lying COG self-appointed prophet, Dave is a liar and does not know the time or the hour of Jesus' return.
Regardless brethren, we are to wait, and God tells us exactly how to do so. In Revelation 3:10, a people are lauded for keeping “the word of [Christ’s] patience.” The Greek word for patience there, as we know, is hupomone, or cheerful endurance. Notice this is not hupomeno, which means to “stay under” or “bear.” Christ meant what He said. We are to cheerfully endure as we await the return of Jesus Christ. This is despite those in the world (and our brethren in the splinters) who are bearing under all that is going on around us.
To close, stay encouraged! Why? To quote Mr. Pack, “Everything is right on track.”
The Headquarters Ministry
Just think how exciting it will soon be as Dave reports to us how Jesus Christ has returned to Wadsworth and is walking the grounds of the most beautiful campus ever built, where Jesus Christ tells Dave just how things will be as they prepare for His third coming.

Dave has it made. Once the world falls apart, he and his crew can run over to the Giant Eagle where they will willingly hand over all of their food and supplies because they know Jesus Christ is now living across the street, at least for a short while.  Who knows, the Big C may even walk across the street and shop for himself before all hell breaks loose.

It is certainly is an exciting time to be alive!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Norbert Link Upset Church Has To Be Canceled

End of age fatalist and Millerite false prophet, Norbert Link, is upset that church services have to be canceled due to the coronavirus. It is all vast conspiracy to numb people to future shutdowns of the church.  Apparently, he and Bob Thiel have been drinking too much of the same fermented tea. Biblical rules about quarantine are not convenient when it interferes with the personal interpretations these guys need to get their end-time malarkey across to the tens of their viewers.

Are We Heeding God’s Warning?
Norbert Link

Coronavirus! A man-made pandemic which originated in China, apparently due to the ungodly consumption of unclean meat. It is destroying the world—its civilization; its societies and global economy. Panic reaction to the virus has changed our daily lives… including cancellations of social and sport events; closure of schools, restaurants and shops; serious restrictions for our jobs and work abilities; national and international travel bans; prohibitions of assemblies and confinements in mandated isolation and quarantine… as well as cancellations of our religious worship services.
Many countries have already banned church services, and who is to say as to how long these limitations of our religious and individual liberties and freedoms will continue… It is as if we are victims of a worldwide war… and in a sense, we are—each country seems to fight a suicidal war against itself and an all-encompassing “preemptive” war against other nations. 
When hearing this mind-boggling news which affects many innocent people and which sounds like the wild imaginations of a science fiction or horror movie, I wonder how much we have taken our freedom from autocratic restrictions and totalitarian governmental intervention for granted with the opportunity to assemble each week for our religious services. Many times, the sad truth is…
It is always the Church of God being attacked.  To hell with the rest of humanity.  It is always about them.