Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today Is The Start Of The Great Tribulation

From the False Prophet Ronald Weinland: Don't Drink the Flavor Aid Served by False Prophets

This post is timed for publication at the minute for sundown in Jerusalem at the start of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest 1260-day period.

This well be the fourth Great Tribulation I’ve experienced.  The first Great Tribulation was the one that began in 1972 leading up to the time that Christ didn’t return on Trumpets of 1975 per the prophesy Herbert Armstrong cleverly had surrogates put out so he could deny it.

The second Great Tribulation began in April of 2008, when Ronald Weinland prophesied “nukular” explosions in US port cities by the following July, but this Great Tribulation didn’t last very long.  Weinland abandoned that timeline just two months later — but without his stopping his preaching in violation of his “If by Pentecost” promise made on March 29, 2008.  Instead, he announced another timeline.

The third Great Tribulation began in December of 2008, with Weinland and the Mrs. traveling to Jerusalem a second time on the tithe-payers’ dime to “begin their jobs as the Two Witnesses”.  But even though Weinland didn’t abandon this timeline, Christ did not return on May 27, 2012. Too bad for Ron because a couple of weeks later he was convicted on 5 counts of criminal tax evasion.

So now we have the start of the fourth Great Tribulation, with an extra 50 days padded in there to make Ron’s date counting come out.   This time Ron isn’t in Jerusalem as he is still an involuntary guest of the Bureau of Prisons residing at the minimum security prison camp in Terre Haute, Indiana.  But maybe he’ll breathe fire on the guards until they release him to take off his lime green jumpsuit and put on his $1500 suit of sackcloth in order to confront world leaders, turn water into blood, and strike the earth with plagues.

Somehow I think this is not the last Great Tribulation I will experience despite my advancing years.

Roderick C. Meredith Biographical Sketch

Read it here as a Flip Book.

Meredith continues to try and lure new members, he gets them scared about an apocalyptic future even though HWA and Co. have produced more than 200 false prophecies as the non-Christian Painful Truth website shows clearly. He then tells them they should pay back for all the free literature the unsuspecting reader is given by tithing, neglecting to tell them that three tithes are expected from the convert until he or she is securely in their grasp and brainwashed. He has lived like this since his ordination back in 1952, 55 long years ago. He keeps telling us that we need to repent, he makes us feel guilty, hoping that we will accept him as the man closest to God and give our loyalty to him as such. Meredith keeps telling us we need to repent. The truth is Meredith must repent. He must repent of spreading fear-inducing and financially-exploiting doctrines that are causing untold misery and anxiety for his long abused and deceived flock, and for those who love them. He does not have much time left. Meredith needs to renounce Armstrongism now.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Living Church of God: God Kills Nine So That LCG Members Can Have The Best Feast Ever In Myrtle Beach

Only in a Church of God will you have ministers gloating about the misfortunes of others so that they have a good time.  This was regularly done at the Jekyll Island Feast site in the 60's when hurricanes would appear at Feast time.  One Feast the minster (GTA, I think) stood on the stage gloating that the hurricane had turned around and devastated Cuba, while he and  everyone else sat there enjoying themselves.

I guess this only natural when you are blindly deceived that you are more special than the rest of humanity.

It is with great sadness that Rod Meredith announced that 9 had died the deacon/elder dinner was cancelled.  Why do COG members see nothing wrong in ministers making comments such as this?

Many of you have heard about the “floods of biblical proportions” as they were called in USA Today (October 6, 2015), that hit much of South Carolina. Although the Feast site I attended was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it seems God directed the flooding primarily elsewhere in the state. So we only missed one activity—the Deacons and Elders banquet one evening. All other activities went on as scheduled, and the exhilaration of the brethren was outstanding. So God does intervene and protect His people! And remember—as I have often mentioned—it is not “Gore” who controls the weather, but our great God who reveals this over and over in His inspired Word! Yes, God is intervening powerfully in the weather not because of global warming, but because Jesus Christ predicted this over 2,000 years ago (Matthew 24:7). As in many other places in the Bible, Almighty God said because of the sins of His people:  “I also withheld rain from you, when there were still three months to the harvest. I made it rain on one city, I withheld rain from another city. One part was rained upon, and where it did not rain the part withered. So two or three cities wandered to another city to drink water, but they were not satisfied; yet you have not returned to Me” (Amos 4:7-8).

The Holy Church of God Family That Are All Prophets/Evangelists/Witnesses

Did you know that God's mighty redemptive purpose for all creation has culminated in Felon Weinlands family?  Jesus be damned, the Weinlands are the truth and the way to salvation!

God’s purpose for mankind is for all to have the potential to become part of His Family. Therefore, God is once again emphasizing the importance of family just as He has at other times throughout the past 6,000 years through those with whom He has worked. So God is now working through Ronald and his wife, Laura, to be His two end-time witnesses written about in Revelation 11 who appear on the scene at the very end of the end-time.
As part of God’s purpose to emphasize the importance of family, He has also prepared and placed both of their children into important areas of service within His Church. Their daughter, Audra, has been ordained a prophet, even as Deborah was a prophet in the time of the Judges of Israel, and she has been placed to serve over the Church in the U.K., Ireland, and continental Europe. Their son, Jeremy, has been ordained to serve as an evangelist to God’s Church.
There you have it! A money laundering daughter and a BMW loving son are God's chosen!  Do not mock them or you mock god!

God's greatest instruments ever to be created are:

Felon Ron
Witless Witness #2 wife Laura
Money laundering daughter/prophet Audra
Dim witted Jeremy, evangelist, the lover of fast expensive cars.

Church of God Imprisoned Felon Says He Is The Only Apostle To Be Made A Prophet By God

As Ron Weinland's prophetic 3 1/2 year prison sentence slowly comes to an end, he has been working overtime to "prove" his legitimacy as the only end time apostle and leader of the true faith.  He has written three articles in October that all deal with his importance.  Much like Dave Pack, Weinland has been mocked endlessly for his absurdities and outright lies.

Weineland has also been working on a new book to add to his trilogy of truth.  Before we get to his new book, lets look at the "proofs" he has set forth to make us stand in amazement at his awesomeness.  Thais makes Dave Pack looks like a whiny first grade school girl who got knocked down on the playground.

Felon Weinland writes in the third person, as all true Church of God prophets do.  Apparently when they do this they seek to make us believe that they dwell outside their earthly bodies and are anointed by their god.:
Ronald Weinland, an author whose books have gone into over 170 countries and 9 languages, is first and foremost an apostle to the One Almighty Eternal God. Preceded by Herbert W. Armstrong who led the Worldwide Church of God until his death in 1986, Ronald Weinland is an apostle in a long lineage of God's apostles, beginning with the original 12 who began their work in 31 AD, long before others emerged falsely calling themselves Christian.
Due to Felon Weinland's imprisonment, he has taken this as a sign that he will soon be martyred like other apostles. Weinland considers himself as the counterpoint to John, the supposed author of the Book of Revelation.  Felon Weinland also claims he has the ONLY true interpretation of the bible, like every single Church of God leader in the past 80 some years has claimed.
Historical accounts have some variance, but it is believed that most all of the original apostles, including Paul who was the apostle to the gentiles, were imprisoned and eventually killed. The last apostle to write scripture was John, who was also a prophet, and while imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos, it was revealed to him what was to be written in the Book of Revelation. Ronald Weinland is the only other apostle who has also been made a prophet by God and Jesus Christ. He is the counterpart to John, in that John was given knowledge to record the Book of Revelation for the end-time, and Ronald Weinland was given the “meaning” and the responsibility to declare that “meaning” in these books, other writings, and in a vast number of recorded speeches (sermons) and interviews. 

The dumb sheep of the Church of God have never been used to having a prophet in their midst.  Felon Weinland is here to fix that.
Since the days of John, nearly 1,900 years ago, God’s true Church has not been accustomed to having a prophet, but God made Ronald Weinland a prophet in 1997. 
In his previous two books Felon Weinland claims he has laid forth the truth that the world will soon collapse.  Despite countless false starts since 1997, Weinland has predicted 2016 as the beginning of hte end.
These final end-time events that will plunge mankind into a third world war began to be set in place with the opening of the Seventh Seal of Revelation in 2008. These events have begun with a great shaking in the world’s economic system in late 2008 and early 2009. What began at that point has been moved forward to continue at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 in a powerful resurgence of economic calamity that will plunge the world into a free-fall of final economic destruction.
Then, like Rod Meredith and many other COG leaders, Felon Weinland says if you mock him you are mocking his god.
Ronald Weinland is the last apostle to be sent to this world, and as such, God has established through him a final testimony (witness) of mankind’s true attitude and spirit toward God Himself. This has been made manifest (revealed) through “the many” who have turned in bitterness, hatred, disgust, mockery, ridicule, and slander toward the one whom God has sent to this world with His final warnings and judgment. 
This ultimate mocking of God's holy and true Apostle/Prophet culminated in a massive pile of hate when he was dragged through the court and then imprisoned for the prophetic 3 1/2 years.
Much of mankind’s true attitude has also been revealed through Ronald Weinland’s trial and imprisonment by the government of the United States. He began serving his sentence in February of 2013 with a release date in February of 2016. God has established the true spirit of mankind through the ages by how His prophets and apostles have been treated and judged, with so many of them being imprisoned and many even killed.  
Felon Weinland then goes on to "prove" he was falsely imprisoned for sending $300,000.00 worth of tithe money to Switzerland so Laura and Audra could go shipping when America crashes.

The main dollar amount was $300,000 in Church money, which was moved to a bank in Switzerland. This was made to look sinister by the government, even though it was told to the Church in 2002 that money would be placed there in Ronald Weinland’s personal name in order to give the Church the ability to continue to function during a third world war that would engulf the world in the final years of the end-time (which will now begin at some point after October of 2015 and before June of 2019).

This movement of money to Switzerland was due to the prophetic belief that the U.S. Dollar will collapse during those final years, and that this meager amount of funds could then be used to continue doing a “religious work” that could be aided by those funds deposited in Switzerland. Due to events that transpired in large part during WW II, the nation of Switzerland had been believed to be a location that would once again be considered a “safe zone” for securing deposits during another world war. However, since late 2015, and the fact that God moved all end-time catastrophic events and WW III forward by exactly seven years, God has also revealed that the prophetic outcome for many nations has also been changed. This includes Switzerland, which will now suffer far more mightily in this final end-time period, and will not be a safe haven for any finances in the world.

Felon Weinland then announces his thrived book, written in prison, like a true prophet.  This awesome book is far more spectacular than anything Dave Pack has ever written.  This book has the potential to save hundreds of millions lives.
Just as God revealed to John what was to be recorded in the Book of Revelation while imprisoned by the Roman government on the Isle of Patmos, God has given Ronald Weinland more understanding of those prophesies, and they have been written by him while in prison. The new book, entitled, Prophesy Against the Nations, will be published and made available beginning in early 2016. This book reveals the reasons why God moved forward all end-time events by exactly seven years and what is more specifically directed to all people and nations of the world concerning prophesied catastrophic events directed toward them. This book reveals how God has now made it possible that many more millions can be saved alive through this end-time so that they can live on into a new age of peace, as Christ rules the nations for the next 1,000 years.

This book also explains how at least 3.5 billion people will die from all the catastrophic events that will occur, which includes a massive nuclear war that will cause the greatest destruction and death. It also explains how that number of deaths can become much higher, surpassing 6 billion people. Yet on the other hand, this book also reveals there is the potential to instead save the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
I am sure everyone here will be eagerly awaiting this miraculous book in early 2016.  You can read the true prophet's letter here.

Living Church of God: Member Asks Why Leadership Can't Show Kindness, Mercy and Love

Below is a comment from another posting that asks a legitimate question of the leadership of the Living Church of God.

I don't want this thread to deteriorate into an attack on why this person stays in LCG.  We all had our reasons for hanging on as long as we did.  What this person asks is a legitimate question of the leadership who has set about a chain of command that is nowhere near merciful, just and loving.  These are all qualities that any sincere follower of God wants from those who think they are the leaders.

This blog really frosts Rod Meredith and the leadership of the Living Church of God.  It has allowed LCG members to publicly air their concerns and grievances about a church that many love and had high hopes for.  The fact that a lot of LCG members are now coming here to find a free forum to do this shows how much the leadership of the LCG has turned a blind eye and is more concerned about keeping up appearances.  Sadly in the history of the Church of God (Armstrong era) power has always trumped mercy, justice, grace and love.

I'm in LCG and I love my church and my church family. The events of the last year have been so upsetting to me. Why, why, why can't these men just do right and show the kindness and love that Christ spoke of????? Why do they have to be so hard nosed and hateful. I know some of the people that they have done things to and they are good people. None of it seems fair or loving. I pray and pray that they will wake up and get back on the right path before it is too late and they end up losing everything. People are talking of splits. I have been there before and once people start to talk about it, the foundation has been laid. Please WAKE UP!

If LCG headquarters ministers are reading this right now, please remember that Christ "desired mercy". Have you shown mercy? Have you shown love?

You say you are God's true church and I really want to believe that but your actions towards my brothers and sisters in Christ say something else. It is never too late to change. Each day is another opportunity. Please, please, please don't let your egos and hardened hearts ruin the church that so many people love and need.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Living Church of God: Is Rod Meredith a Closet Pagan?

From an LCG source:

LCG has just wrapped up preaching about the evils of Halloween and will no doubt soon begin to preach the evils of Christmas. They will likely wax on about how God says not to worship Him like the heathen worship their gods. Then they will expound on the Two Babylons and how the Catholic Church is the Great Whore and all its branches are equally evil and full of deception. 

All this from the stage of the Charlotte Scottish Rite Temple.

Scottish Rite by definition means “House of the Temple”. Official rank titles in this high order Masonic organization include: Knight of the Sun, Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, Master of Mercy and Prince of Jerusalem.

Albert Pike, a famous Mason who obtained the rank of Sovereign Grand Commander for a total of thirty-two years, devoted a large amount of his time to developing the Masonic rituals. Notably, he published a book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871. In it Pike refers to Lucifer as, “the Light-bearer[p. 321]. The goal of all Masons is to “seek the light” from the time of their initiation.
According to Albert Pike, Freemasons portray the Holy Spirit with the satanic symbol known as the Baphomet. The Baphomet is one of the most evil of all symbols.  This “being” is androgynous and has the head of a "Horned Goat," (another title for Satan). It has the breasts of a woman, and an erect phallus that has two serpents coiled around it. Just the type of thing an ACOG member wants their young children exposed to on the Sabbath!

Freemasonry is the embodiment of everything that LCG claims they are against. The worship that goes on in that temple when LCG isn’t there is a mixture of idolatry, paganism, the occult, Gnosticism and Satanism.

Masons do not worship the God of Abraham, but rather a false god that they call The Great Architect. Masons deliberately omit the holy name of Jesus Christ from all their prayers. Masonry is a secret society and its initiates subscribe to secret blood oaths that are contrary to Christian morals.
Even the ACOG’s so called “deceived” Baptist and Catholic churches strongly recognize that Christians should have nothing to do with Masons.  Pope Clement XII referred to Masonic halls as “Satan’s synagogue”. The Catholic Church has prohibited its members from being Freemasons since 1738. Since then, the Vatican has issued several papal bulls banning membership of Catholics from Freemasonry under threat of excommunication. Currently, as reiterated in 1983, Catholics who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion [source].

I have attended with LCG in the Scottish Rite Temple and I can confirm that the building is FILLED with imagery and symbols that are the exact type of thing LCG claims to despise.
Members have pointed out all of the above information repeatedly to those in power at LCG headquarters but the building is affordable and comfortable so Meredith overlooks all the scriptures in his Bible that specifically say not to worship the Almighty from Pagan temples (Deut 12:2, Exodus 23:24, Exodus 34:13, Psalm 78:58,  Deuteronomy 7:5, 2 Chronicles 31:1, 2 Kings 18: 4, 1 Cornithians 10:20). Instead of “destroying the alter and pillars” LCG pays to use them each week.

In true Meredith form, we are to do as he says, not as he does.

Many members and ministers (even Counsel of Elders members) have expressed their concerns with the hall. I have personally talked to LCG COE members and congregation members who believe their meeting hall is infested with demons. LCG minister Davey Crockett wrote an article in which he states,
God chooses how He is to be worshiped, and using the methods, symbols, and practices of false, pagan religions to worship Him is not acceptable. In fact, He considers it an abomination. Over and over God instructed His people to remove these symbols of paganism. For example, “But thus you shall deal with them: you shall destroy their altars, and break down their sacred pillars, and cut down their wooden images, and burn their carved images with fire” (Deuteronomy 7:5). Some will say, “But it’s a beautiful tradition!” Jesus let the people of His day know that traditions based on ungodly practices are not acceptable. “He answered and said to them, ‘Why do you also transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition?’” (Matthew 15:3). Beautiful buildings of fine quality in which to worship God are certainly an enjoyable blessing, but they are not a necessity [Forgotten Symbols by J. Davy Crockett III].

Most in LCG would NEVER meet in a Catholic church and they get all buggy regarding hearts and crosses but they are perfectly fine with the Masonic Temple!

Meredith is king and what he says goes. Few have the courage or conviction to stand against him because they know that, like a vicious cobra, he will strike down anyone who dares to oppose him.

The point of this article is not to condemn or judge Masons but rather to point out the extreme hypocrisy in the Living Church of God and all its judgmental members who sit in a Pagan temple every Sabbath pretending to please the Almighty in worship.

Yet more proof that LCG cannot possibly be God’s true church. 

"Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils." -1st Corinthians 10:21