Saturday, October 9, 2010

When Will Slick Wille Ever Learn?

With over 290 documented failed prophecies of Armstrongism you would think the various Armstrongite splinter cult ministers would stop making such predictions.

Willie Dankenbring sticks his head out and makes some stupid predictions that are guaranteed to fail:

Now, I’ve been thinking that the final seven years could well be from fall of this year 2010 Feast of Tabernacles time going forward 7 years which will be the year 2017. Or if we count spring to spring from 2011 forward seven years, it will be 2018. So with either a fall to fall or spring to spring reckoning we then have 220 days which is seven months with 30 days to a month which gives us 210 days within that 7-month period.

Today, we have the movement toward one world religion again with world religious leaders coming together to forge a one world religion under the beast with the Pope claiming supremacy of power (Revelation 13). So the coming event of a great apostasy, beginning with the 220 days after the 2520 days is the beginning of a great apostasy which will culminate in the return of Christ and the Temple of God being restored once again, cleansed and purified by the Messiah. That means that a lot is going to happen this coming year of 2011.

But when will the prophecy begin to unfold and be fulfilled? Notice! Many prophetic timelines indicate that the second coming of the Messiah could occur in fall of 2017 or spring of 2018. Thus Daniel’s “70th week” – the final seven years of this present pulsating, tremulous age – would begin fall of 2010 or spring of 2011.

Depending on whether we use spring-to-spring or fall-to-fall reckoning, this event could occur about seven months after fall of 2010 (i.e. around Passover-Pentecost 2011), or fall 2011 (October-November 2011).

This would be true, if the second coming of the Messiah is in fall of 2017, or spring of 2018. Certainly, this is something to seriously think about, ponder, and pray about.

Friday, October 8, 2010

AICF Putting Tithe Money To Work

I bet most  COG members did not know that their tithes and offerings went to help finance two movies in the early to mid 70's.  Paper Moon and The Wild Geese.  This was all thanks to AICF, the 'cultural' arm of the Worldwide Church of God.

Because Herbert Armstrong was embarrassed to say 'God' in foreign countries he created this money eating arm of the church to use as a tool to enter countries around the world.  Then he would talk about "A Strong Hand From Someplace."  WHAT??????  God forbid if he ever said Jesus!


Adapted from the novel, "Addie Pray" (1971) by Joe David Brown, PAPER MOON is the story of Moses Pray and Addie Loggins. With scenery reminiscent of "The Grapes of Wrath," the film is set in the depression-era Midwestern region of the United States. As the movie opens, we see a small group of mourners clustered at a graveside. Among the mourners is Addie, the dead woman's small daughter. Moses Pray -- ostensibly of the "Kansas Bible Company" -- approaches the group, as the service concludes, and two of the elderly women remark that the child bears some resemblance to him and asks if he might be related. "If ever a child needed kin, it's now," one lady says. With no knowledge of who her father is, Addie's only haven is her Aunt's home in St. Joseph, Missouri. Having identified himself as a "traveling man spreading the Lord's gospel in these troubled times," "Mose" is prevailed upon to deliver the helpless child to her Aunt since he's going that way... Written by MARK FLEETWOOD <>  

The Wild Geese (1978)

A British multinational seeks to overthrow a vicious dictator in central Africa. It hires a band of (largely aged) mercenaries in London and sends them in to save the virtuous but imprisoned opposition leader who is also critically ill and due for execution. Just when the team has performed a perfect rescue, the multinational does a deal with the vicious dictator leaving the mercenary band to escape under their own steam and exact revenge. Written by Richard Young <>
The veteran mercenary Colonel Allen Faulkner travels to London invited by the British millionaire Sir Edward Matherson to rescue the African President Julius Limbani that had been abducted in a coup d'état by the dictator Colonel Mboya. Sir Edward has interest in the copper mines and intends to negotiate with Limbani. Col. Faulkner hires his friends Captain Rafer Janders and Lieutenant Shawn Fynn and the trio select their old friends to form the rescue team. They plan the whole operation and succeed in their mission; however, Sir Edward deals with the dictator and double-crosses the group of mercenaries, leaving them in Rhodesia. The mercenaries have to fight against Colonel Mboya's troops to survive and Col. Faulkner promises to revenge his deceased friends. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Churchill's Gold: GTA's Other Book

Garner Ted Armstrong loved to write. But there is one book that most COG members never knew about that he penned under a pseudonym: William Talboy Wright.

William Talboy Wright was a mixture of names from his grandparents.  Willam Dillon (maternal grandfather), Isabelle Talboy (maternal grandmother), and Eva Wright (paternal grandmother).

Wright, William Talboy
     Churchill's Gold, 1988 (With nothing to lose, falsely accused fugitive
       Mark Masters agrees to take a wooden barkentine to the South Seas on a
       search for sunken treasure to bail out the British treasury during WW
       II.  "I found it to be an exciting adventure story of sailing despite
       the author having made some rather strange historical mistakes (e.g. he
       thought Taiwan was under Chinese control in 1941!) and totally out of
       his mind with regard to Spanish archives (the book inspired me to write
       my own book on how to find shipwrecks in Hispanic archives)." [LF])

He also penned The Real Jesus before he got kicked out of WCG.  He published another book a few years later called Peter's Story.

Worshipping WCG Relics

Old Six Pack is on a roll in acquiring remnants of the glory days of Armstrongism. He has forked over an undisclosed amount of tithe money for the swan sculpture that used to grace the Big Sandy campus. Will he paint them white like the Harvest Rock Cult Church did with the Pasadena birds? Or will Old Six Pack be bowing down to the swans like some moron in Pasadena did years ago when he proclaimed the egret sculpture was going to come alive and carry the Auditorium to Petra. Stupid people believed that guy just like people believe Old Six Pack.


The swans will be disassembled and transported to a foundry in Oklahoma for minor repairs and refinishing before being installed in their new home, the reflecting pool in front of Armstrong Auditorium. The sculpture and water feature will be installed just as they were in Big Sandy; the five swans will appear to soar into flight as six water jets cascade over them.
In a sermon on April 9 in Sulphur Springs, Texas, Mr. Flurry told church members, "The water cascading over the swans makes it look like they are soaring-or beginning to soar. Aren't we about to begin to soar as never before?"
Referring to Amos 9:11, Mr. Flurry said, "We have a responsibility to raise the ruins. We are going to show the world the best of the human spirit, combined with God's Holy Spirit." He added, "God has given us these gifts to raise up the ruins and He's even giving us some of the treasures He gave to Mr. Armstrong. This swan sculpture is going to bring life to our campus in a special way."

Six Pack is doing everything he can to be like Herb. Six Pack hauled a dirt and moss laden rock all the way from Oregon because he wanted to worship at Herb's supposed prayer rock.


If it was used by Herb it is of value to Six Pack. For a cult that supposedly is the restored gospel he forgets one command of God that he regularly ignores. "Coveting." Oh, and there is also "Pride". The Six Pack cult thinks that there is a miraculous era about to dawn for their cult.


Old Six Pack and Jr. Six Pack both believe that there are glorious new days coming for PCG. They are going to be a magnificent tool in proclaiming some god's word to the world. Six Pack seems to think he is as important as Herb was and will be able to do the same things. Someone needs to tell apostle Six Pack it is NOT going to happen! image

Got Your Petra Passport Ready???????

You will soon be needing passports when you flee to Petra. Bet none of you knew this was the ONLY reason to have a passport! I have been waiting to hear that passports were only created so that they could be used by the COG members to flee to Jordan with. We all know the ONLY reason the printing press and airlines were created was so Herb could get his message out around the world!

Pasadena was only founded so God's HQ could be located there years later. Beer was only created for the benefit of the WCG ministry and Six Pack Flurry. Gambling and massage was only created for the end time use by GTA.

From the  COG yahoo's on Yahoo OrginalWCG.

And let me pose an important question for EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE

For those who don't take the place of safety seriously.. they may not
need that passport.. for the rest, well God commands us to forsee the
evil and hide ourselves.. if we're not doing this we may simply be
providing the solution to the question of how God will notify us it's
time to flee. I know I'm not wording this well as I'm really too tired
to think right now, but think about it... We need our lamps ready, oil
for our lamps.. in other words, God expects us to be prepared. If we
are going to fly to a foreign country.. if we are going to cross
borders, we had better be prepared.

They cost $100 now and they take forever to obtain due to the huge numbers of people who are applying for one. I got mine when they were cheaper... They are good for at least 5 years. Don't wait for the Depression to be announced & you lose your job...

Didn't you ever see those movies about Europe, oh, spy movies or some such, where the polizei (police) has you roll down your car window (international drivers license available through American Automobile Association) and he says, "Papers, please" or "Passport!"-- it may get so bad here in the USA that we will need our own passports to prove we are citizens.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The End Is Nigh! It's All Theoretical, Of Course....

Those of us lucky enough to be part of the weirdness that was Armstrongism know the hundreds of failed prophecy predictions that HWA, Meredith, Hoeh, Waterhouse, Blackwell, Flurry, Pack, WeinerDude Weinland, and others have uttered over the decades. (For a list of 209 of those failed prophecies check out the side bar under "Links Worth Visiting".)

The LCG splinter cult (Meredith) is looking towards 2012. Chiropractor Bob continues to point out that it cannot happen until 2014 though.  Shame on you Chiropractor Bob for being so rebellious against Lord Meredith's utterances!  For shame!

2012 Find out the TRUTH! Sort out the fact from the hype. Ten world events, aligning with the predictions found in the book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect have come to pass since its publication in September 2009. Find out which prophecies will affect you. Order 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect now. This accurate book was written by COGwriter.

WeinerDude Weinland predicted the tribulation was started on December 14, 2008.  I have his book of comedic errors.  For being two years into the tribulation I sure can get into how fun it is!

Geoff Neilson says the tribulation started on March 25 2010. With Jesus returning on September 5, 2013 - all theoretically, of course.  That's Armstrongism's catch phrase on every thing they utter.

1260 Day count: Tribulation theoretically starts
HWA Day 30514,
Endtime Day 33747
25 Mar 2010
10 Nisan 5770

1335 Days end (theoretically)
HWA Day 31774
Day 35007
Feast of Trumpets
5 Sep 2013
1 Tishri 5774
Possible time of the blowing of the 7th Trumpet,
heralding the arrival of the Messiah.

Now we are blessed with this non-Armstrongite idiot that says the tribulation will start on October 13, 2010.... 

Hat tip to Scotteriology Blog Dumbpocalypse-now

Monday, October 4, 2010

Treasures of the King - Your Tithe Money at Work

These pictures are from an auction held in New York City, April 11, 1995 at Christie's.  This was just one of many auctions held in New York and Los Angeles concerning the sale of Herbert Armstrong's collection of gold, silver and fine art.  Much of  the fine art and metalwork were purchased during the time HWA was mailing out letters to the membership demanding that they cut back and send in more money.  The "Work" was always in a state of distress. Many members did indeed sacrifice and mailed in more money.  The result - HWA was on treasure hunting trips to Harrod's in London and other UK locations buying treasures for his three homes and college campuses (St Alban's, England, Big Sandy, TX and Pasadena, CA).

While Mrs. Armstrong was alive and in the early years of the church they lived in a modest house on Hill Ave (now owned by Cal Tech).  When Loma Armstrong died Herb began shedding his 'simple' life style for the extravagant one.  This was also the time Gerald Waterhouse and Dean Blackwell started blabbering that HWA was an Apostle.  And as you all know from the Bible, Apostles were meant to travel around the world speaking to world leaders, give them gifts of Steuben crustal, and play host to them at extravagant dinner parties at the various campus homes.  Apostles were ordained by God to live lives with the finest the earth and humankind has to offer.  This easy justification lead to multiple millions of dollars in extravagance by HWA,  evangelists, faculty, certain department heads and many ministers.

Somewhere I have the actual auction sale prices. the ones listed here are the estimates  printed in the catalog.

Click on picture to view larger size

 Elizabeth II Gold Table Service 14 karat
Used at all dinners in HWA's dining room
Auction estimate $50,00-80,000


 Regency Silver-gilt Four Light Candelabra, Benjamin Smith, 1812
These sat on the buffet in the dining room.  They were also used on the dining table.
Auction estimate $80,000-120,000


George III Silver-gilt Candelabra and matching candlesticks, Paul Storr, 1802
Auction estimate $60,000-90,000


The Duke of Norfolk's Coronation Cup
William IV Silver-gilt Paul Storr, 1831
Auction estimate $20,000-30,000


 Regency Silver-gilt Centerpiece, Paul Storr, 1818
The Three Graces occupied the place of distinction on HWA's dining room table.
Auction estimate $30,000-50,000


Regency Silver-gilt Wine Coolers, Paul Storr 1813
Used to keep the hundred dollar wine bottles cool
Auction estimate  $60,000-90,000

 A pair of George IV Silver-gilt Wine Coolers 1826
Imagine chilling your wine and champagne at home in these!
Auction estimate $50,000-80,000


The sterling silver pictured here is an Elizabeth II Table service. Service for 12.  
This was HWA's everyday silver.
Auction estimate: $10,000-15,000