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“100% wrong, 100% of the time” lying or delusional?

The Delusionist


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God is so vital to the plan of God that he was written into the Bible thousands of years ago. The hidden Elijah-figure is secretly coded so well that only the man himself can identify where he is.


The Kingdom of God arrives in three stages. The first is not technically the Kingdom of God, but Jesus Christ will return from heaven briefly to establish "the Kingdom to Israel," as stated in Acts 1:6. Elijah the Prophet will become invisible and rise to world-recognized status as the herald of the gospel. Anyone who does not heed Elijah’s warnings will be killed because he is the ruler of the First Kingdom.


Jesus Christ will rule the Second Kingdom, aka the Kingdom of God, for seven years. The Father will rule the Third Kingdom, aka the Millennium, for one thousand years. There is no point in worrying about the details of the later periods until the first one begins. As of Abib 1 on March 22-23, 2023, that did not happen.


A false prophet is exposed the first time. There are no free do-overs. As much as David C. Pack tries to whitewash the past and blur how he presented the way he presented it, he is forever disqualified per God’s Word. If he gets a pass, then the Scriptures can be broken, and we are all screwed.



After 67 days and 16 Parts totaling 30 hours and 37 minutes, Abib 1 proved David C. Pack has no idea what he is talking about.


Wednesday reinforced his impressive “100% wrong, 100% of the time” track record. The possibility of being sternly questioned before the Judgment Seat of Christ about not believing Dave and mocking him atop that has fallen into negative percentage territory.


The unpardonable sin is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Saying publicly that God's Spirit is not guiding David C. Pack puts me at significant personal risk. I take that very seriously. And yet, all the evidence points in the same direction: God is not guiding David C. Pack. "The Greatest Untold Story!" Series is not from the mind inspired by the True God. 


With God not backing up David C. Pack for ten years plus, why does he persist?


Because he has to. He is deep into False Prophet territory, and he knows it. To stop here would admit he has become everything he has written and preached against for decades. That kind of self-realization is unacceptable. And looks terrible on a LinkedIn profile.


One question looms: Is David C. Pack lying or delusional?


The complicated answer is: Both. And then some.



David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God has set dates for the return of Jesus Christ over 50 times. And yet, he still believes God is using him to end The Mystery of God, to unseal the book of Daniel, to unseal Revelation, to prepare the way before God, and trigger a final message that signals the return of Jesus Christ.


Yes. When he speaks, it fulfills prophecy.


Because God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony, David C. Pack brings the scriptures to life by perfectly exemplifying what is written on the pages. Just not in the way he thinks.


David C. Pack is a Trinitarian.

He worships the glory of Me, Myself, and I.


In the 400s, he has become less effective at hiding this. The brethren see the wire in his coat pocket, the feather under his hat, and the card tucked up his sleeve. The more this sorcerer opens his mouth, the more plastic the façade appears.


“The Illusionist” is a 2006 movie about a skilled magician paired with a clever police inspector to investigate the murder of a woman betrothed to the Crown Prince of Vienna. This is an excellent movie if you have not seen it.


David C. Pack is the warped Edward Norton of RCG. He is a master illusionist suffering from master delusion. He is so impressed with his own tricks he sometimes convinces himself what he sees is real. A persistent discomfort reveals that even he knows he is full of malarkey. But he presses forward anyhow.



One key tactic Delusional Illusionist David C. Pack uses is to speak of himself in the Narrative Point of View, also known as the Third Person Perspective.


Third Person Perspective

…the narrator is neutral and not privy to any character’s thoughts or feelings. The tone is observational—sort of like an announcer at a sporting event calling plays.


Once you catch on to this, you will never miss it.



the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person. It is sometimes used in literature as a stylistic device. In real-life usage, illeism can reflect a number of different stylistic intentions or involuntary circumstances.


David C. Pack is the preeminent Illeistic Delusional Illusionist. The supreme Delusionist.


By reading the Bible and referring to himself in the third person, David C. Pack capitalizes on psychological manipulation and mind control by softening the awareness he is talking about himself.


Which of these two statements would be the most concerning?


“God raises this man as Elijah to rule the entire world for one month.”


“God raises me as Elijah, and I will rule the entire world for one month.”


Dave often frames Elijah as impersonal biblical information. This a mere FYI about what God says. 


And while there is no difference in the content of those statements, the more authentic version would sound like delusional self-aggrandizing propaganda. Which it is.



Updating statements with the proper first-person pronouns and accompanying verb conjugations reveal a different perspective on the same information. The illusion is shattered.


Part 405 – November 15, 2022

@ 1:16:32 So, every evidence would be that when I'm called to God's foot, God is gonna talk to me directly, and I'm gonna use a group called The Last. Well, I knew who they are.


Part 407 – November 11, 2022

@ 19:36 This got Stephen killed when he cited the star on the top of the Christmas tree. They murdered him on the spot…When he spoke about God raising me.


Part 414 – January 14, 2023

@ 1:39:40 And you cannot argue with the sheer massive proof I’m gonna lay on you next time that I rise before February 10th. Enjoy your evening.


Part 415 – January 17, 2023

@ 54:20 I have serious teeth. And so do you.


Part 417 – February 2, 2023

@ 1:45:01 A few other things that suggest this is right. It looks like I blast at a full moon.


Part 419 – February 14, 2023

@ 1:00:22 Which Lord made the wise and faithful servant (me) ruler over His household for a couple-dozen years? Well, God did.


@ 1:06:53 So, the householder [the Father] can come early on and be here for the parable of the wheat and tares and gives all that He has to me. That is not Christ.


Part 425 – March 4, 2023

@ 01:34 …it’s actually me in the vision talking to Daniel.


@ 01:45 And so, in chapter 10, this is clearly me. I say, “I’m here to tell you what will befall your people in the last days.”


@ 01:02:53 I’m described…I prepare the way right in the right in the face of God coming. Malachi 3:1, Revelation 10:7. I complete the Mystery of God…when I’m about to sound, I complete it. 


@ 1:10:39 There I would be someday. And I’m described all through Isaiah that I would, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet…”


Part 428 – March 11, 2023

@ 32:43 And, believe me, I’m not sure of this, brethren. But I’m just gonna say. Might God raise me to announce what we’ve just discussed? Do I run and call it out?


Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 07:50 All right. Verse 18. “And he,” (this is me talking to Ezekiel), “said to me, Son of man, thus says the Lord God…”


@ 14:30 What does God mean when He says that I will speak from the rising of the sun to its going down?


@ 1:27:17 This is my seventh and last message since the 1335 began, almost to the hour. My first coming is over, and so are God's mysteries…


Only the pronouns and verb conjugations have been altered. The content remains the same as delivered.



Dave’s SFW version of Elijah masks what he is really saying. He creates the illusion he is not self-promoting and continually preaching about himself. And since he can now freely prophesy without God’s Spirit, the Bible can say whatever he needs without biblical consequences.


This is the reality of The Restored Church of God and what David C. Pack preaches. He has given entire sermons about himself. Part 408 is a sobering example. The “good news” he preaches is about the coming of himself. The First Kingdom is the Kingdom of Dave.


Whenever David C. Pack says “this man” or “Elijah,” realize he is talking about himself but is too cowardly to admit it. He knows it would cause ripples in RCG if he read the verses honestly. If there is too much honesty from the lectern, more nervous sheep would bolt. And they would be taking their green envelopes with them.


The third person perspective is a mind trick. It is an illusion. David C. Pack is deluding the brethren while he deludes himself. The liar knows he is lying but sometimes lets himself believe it.


This man, Faux Elijah, is deceiving while being deceived.


David C. Pack is the master Delusional Illusionist. He is the ultimate Delusionist.


Marc Cebrian

See: The Delusionist

How NOT to give a sermon in 2023


Bouncing Bob sermons

Imagine if you will, that you are heading to church in a hot non air-conditioned room with a metal roof in the middle of Africa and you show up to and are subjected to a 1 1/2 hour video "sermon" covering so many points your brain tunes out due to the heat, subject matter, and monotony of the speaker's voice. Even the wild flailing gestures can't keep your mind occupied. 

Even in the Zoom age, presentations that go more than 30-45 minutes lose their viewers unless there is room for personal interactions.

Today, the greatest Church of God leader in human history sent out his "sermon" from last week to his dwindling flock. It was all about church governance and the need to submit to HIM and how all of his accusers in Africa are liars.

These are the topics he covers in his "sermon"

Does the Bible support democracy or top down government for the Church of God? 

Does God work, primarily, through one human leader at a time? 

Did the late Pastor General of the old Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, repeatedly teach that God worked primarily through “ONE MAN AT A TIME, though with others (male and female) assisting that leader? 

Who is that one man now? 

Who should be eliminated as being that one man? 

Would we expect that one man would be part of UCG, PCG, LCG, COGWA, RCG, or CCOG? 

Could God have given one or more Divine signs to point out who that one man is? 

What type of government will be in the Kingdom of God? 

Are we to be preparing to be kings and priests now? 

Is it appropriate to want to push for a non-top down from God’s government if there is some type of corruption in the organization he leads? 

What about 1 Samuel 8:1-20 and 1 Samuel 12:1-5? 

Did Jesus have any financially corrupt with Him? 

What are allegations that have been raised against Radson Mulozowa, Bradox Ochieng, and Evans Ochieng? 

Is there any truth to any of them? If so, which? 

Could there have been some type of deepfake related to an alleged Facebook Messenger chat related to claims of adultery? 

Does Laodicea mean ‘people decide’ or ‘judgment of the people’? 

Should Christians be ‘independents’? 

What about being ‘congregationalists’? 

Have various accusers changed their stories or broke promises? 

What should those who consider themselves to be faithful Philadelphians do? 

Dr. Thiel deals with these and other matters. So there is even MORE crap he talks about?

Bob Thiel was never ordained in the Worldwide Church of God, Global Church of God, or the Living Church of God, for multiple reasons. His mind-numbing sermon above is a perfect example.

The church in the early years dreamed up a course that Ambassador College students had to take called "Spokesman Club", a speech training class loosely patterned after Toastmasters International. Though, if you have ever been a member of Toastmasters you quickly learn how useless the Ambassador program was. 

Spokesman Club has these points when giving a speech:

This is from Speech 2:

Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong has shown us that the first rule of success is to have a goal. This is most assuredly true in making a speech. Determine in this speech to accomplish this. Pick one main point: make it simple, useful, purposeful. Aim that one point straight from your heart to the hearts and minds of your friends in the audience.

Don't lose sight of that goal; know where you are going when you start; never deviate from that point; drive that one point home.

Pick one subject you know well, one you have been thinking about over a long period of time, or one that has filled your life recently. The better you know your subject matter the less you think about self (the less you have to fight nervousness.); the more able you are to present it with earnestness and force and help your brother!

Right off the bat, Bob has failed his sermon. Multiple topics and every damn sermon are about HIMSELF!

Select your subject. Write down every point that comes to your mind about the subject. Pare the subject down to the core (your one purpose, aim, goal). Omit all unnecessary ideas, thoughts, wanderings and excuses. Use only the essential elements needed to get across the subject. Draw everything you are going to say toward one point like iron filings to a magnet.

You can watch Bob's eyes as he speaks, his brain is wandering all over the place and he inserts useless topics of the regular brain farts he receives that prevent him from staying on topic.

Speech 3

Dull, dry speeches that put people to sleep are a dime a dozen. You must learn to make, your point, give your purpose ringing clarity. Make it sharp, to tbe point: remember the Word of God is likened to a two-edged sword, not a pillow full of feathers. Misunderstanding is the most common ailment of the human mind. People misunderstand each other in conversation. Political orations are misunderstood. Nations bicker over misunderstandings. The main reason for all this is lack of clarity. Most people don't say what they mean, nor do they mean what they say. Speech number two brought to focus the purpose and sincerity you should have; now concentrate on making that purpose clear. MAKE THE TRUTH PLAIN!

When you have selected the topic you are going to speak on, ask yourself the following questions about it: what, why and who. . . . and then answer these questions about your subject so clearly that the dullest person in your audience will comprehend without a shadow of a doubt.

When the speaker does not even understand his topic how in the world can the "dullest" person in the room comprehend it? 

"They say" is the most common authority quoted. In this speech you must gather source material, learn to get to the core of the matter, to summarize, to find the crux of the question at hand, to learn to quote substantial authority to back up the statements you make.

MAKE THE FACTS LIVE! Don't just give a dry, statistic-filled speech showing off your knowledge to the third figure after the decimal. The truth can be not only plain but vital and living. FIRST, BE SURE YOU GET TRUE FACTS! Secondly, arrange the facts in such an order that they have real meaning. Thirdly, give the facts character and make them interesting.

Speech 9

Webster says "instruct" means: "to impart knowledge to--especially METHODICALLY-to teach, to inform, to furnish with direction." Educate, teach, describe, inculcate-but be sure to make it plain and Simple, EASY TO UNDERSTAND!

Bring out detail in logically organized continuity. Give complete understanding to your audience of the subject you choose. Present your subject so clearly that your hearers will be able to instruct others in the same subject. 
Worldly men go to great lengths to show off their intelligence. When a doctor, a professor, a Ph.D. lectures or writes he usually uses larage cumbersome words that hide the meaning-make you think he knows more than he does. You must make every effort to make your point as plain in the mind of your listener n~ it i~ in your mind.

LOL! HWA nailed Bob's ass with this one. Bob tacks on the Ph.D. after his name as if has a Ph.D. in theology. It's all smoke and mirrors. He has no such thing, but only took classes as Fuller, Ambassador, and enrolled in an unaccredited Indian diploma mill from India. Gavin Rumney went into great detail about Bob's so-called diploma.

Make "simplicity" your guide-word! Ask yourself

Conccrning each point: ls this point necessary? Is it in the right order? Will everyone understand this? Is there a simpler way to say it? Is it PLAIN-TRUTH PLAIN?

Then there is this on evaluating speeches:

Put down the word, INTRODUCT/ON: as the speaker launches into his talk, choose a word or two which will describe the way he gave his introduction. Did it arouse attention and interest? Was it too long, misleading, apologetic; or enthusiastic, striking, and interest-catching'! Next put down: SPECIFIC PURPOSE STATEMENT: was it purposeful and clear, giving a good idea of what the speaker was going to talk about; or was it misleading and inappropriate or perhaps missing entirely? Put down the word, BODY: were the main points clearly defined, properly emphasised and logically developed; or vague and misapplied, lacking supporting material and authoritative, substantiating proof? If audio or visual aids were used, were they effectively employed or distracting? Was the transition from one point to the next clear and easy to follow, organized and logical; or was each point given as a disjointed segment or a disorganized whole? Write down, CONCLUSION: did the whole speech lead to a logical conclusion? Was there a summary of the main points, an appeal to action, a climax, reemphasizing and demanding action on the main purpose; or was the end left hanging as an unanswered question in the mind of the audience? Did he leave any questions he posed in the introduction or specific purpose statement section of his speech unanswered or ineffectively answered? Did he just peter out because of a lack of information, or the lack of a planned conclusion-or worse yet, did he transgress the buzzer and go overtime? 
Note the following aspects which cover the main portions of any speech. Your speaker's key problem may lie in one of these. You may not necessarily have to make a comment on each: Platform-Eye contact- Posture-Gestures-Movements-Voice-Grammar- EFECT ON THE AUDIENCE-Power-Sincerity.

Bob has failed every aspect on how to deliver a speech, both with COG standards and Toastmasters standards.  

Herbert Armstrong would have failed Bob in Spokesman Club. Herbert Armstrong would have immediately kicked Bob out for insubordination. Herbert Armstrong would have disfellowshipped and publicly marked Bob for starting his own church. Bob is no more a real Church of God than the Church of Satan is.

Friday, March 24, 2023

LCG: No, no, you fools – Russia and China are not the danger. It’s Germany, Germany, Germany!


Some things in Armstrongism never change, particularly if you are the Living Church of God. How many decades has this nonsense been going on? How many more decades will they continue to say this? Those pesky Germans! Always trying to stir up problems. The Church of God today has more to fear from its own leaders like Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, and Bob Thiel than any outside entity.

Hat tip to a reader for this:


Friday, March 24, 2023


Where Will China's Ambitions Lead?

The logo of the European Union's Global Gateway Project

China and Russia are growing closer. Last month, China proposed a 12-point plan to end the war in Ukraine. This week, Chinese President Xi was in Russia meeting with President Putin. President Xi commented that his country was prepared to work with Russia “to stand guard over the world order based on international law” (The Guardian, March 20, 2023).


In another part of the world, China recently “brokered a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in the process upending U.S. calculus in the Gulf and beyond” (CNN, March 15, 2023). Analysts know that as China’s ambitions continue to grow, it will need more oil. Shoring up relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia and building up its own credibility with both nations bodes well for China’s future oil needs. However, the country’s recent diplomatic coup in the Middle East and its pledge to work with Russia as a protector of international norms serves China’s plan to further push the waning United States out of the role of global hegemon. As the U.S. declines and further alienates other nations, it leaves a global leadership vacuum that must be filled. China appears to be working to fill that void. As analyst Nic Robertson noted, what the U.S. has long feared is now happening, regardless of the ultimate result of the war in Ukraine: the creation of an alternative world order that is not centered on the United States.


British and U.S. decline was prophesied long ago in the pages of the Bible, as was the rise of other nations to take their place as the end of the age approaches. Interestingly, the leading international power will ultimately notbe China! While China will likely play a major role in end-time events, eyes should be on Germany! To learn more about the future of the world, be sure to read our free resource, Germany in Prophecy.


Lit offer for Germany In Prophecy


Kaiser Wilhelm II Was NOT The Antichrist! Whew!


You can all relax a little now. It has been established by a COG authority that Kaiser Wilhelm II was not the Antichrist, but maybe a type of beast. Isn't it so wonderful to have all of these authorities in the church telling us how things are and how they all fit into prophecy! Aren't we blest above all other churches!!!!!! 

Now, if only they researched and discussed Jesus as much as they do these useless topics. One can dream, can't they?

A reader sent this to me this morning:

My study on Kaiser Wilhelm II (attached) has been updated with several items, one of them is this quote:


Marr Murray (1915) in his book Bible Prophecies and the Plain Man:


"The first beast of Revelation has seven heads, ten horns, and ten crowns, making twenty-seven separate features combined in one beast. There are exactly twenty-seven kingdoms, arch-duchies, principalities, and dependencies in the German Empire. They are Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Wiirtemberg, Baden, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Saxe-Weimar,  Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Oldenburg, Brunswick, Saxe- Meiningen, Saxe-Altenburg, Coburg and Gotha, An- halt, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Schwarzburg-Sonders- hausen, Waldeck-Pyrmont, Reuss (elder branch), Reuss (younger branch), Schaumburg-Lippe, Lippe, Lubeck, Bremen, Hamburg, Alsace-Lorraine, and the Colonies. 


There are, then, a number of likenesses between the Kaiser and the Antichrist. But there is one characteristic of the latter which is lacking in the Kaiser, or at any rate has not been evinced up to the present. And that is the fact that the Antichrist will be a military genius. He will be something more than a capable general: he will be greater than Cesar, or Napoleon, or Alexander, or any of the great military captains of the world. Events have shown that the Kaiser does not possess this pre-eminent genius. He has prepared the mightiest military machine the world has seen, but he cannot utilise it to the full. If Napoleon had had a quarter of the Kaiser’s military resources and advantages he would have been an Antichrist indeed. When the Corsican aimed at the domination of the world, France and Europe were exhausted after the great Revolution. The Kaiser has had innumerable advantages over  Napoleon. He has enjoyed a period .of remarkable material prosperity, and has had time in which to make the most detailed preparations. The time and the opportunity are his, but he has not the genius to snatch them.


We must conclude, then, that he is not Antichrist. He is merely a man possessing some of the characteristics of the Antichrist. But if we imagine a blend of Napoleon and Kaiser, then we have an idea of what the real Antichrist will be like." (pp. 302-03)


Also, I have assembled a new table that demonstrates some similarities between the more recent Beast leaders. Does this provide insights into the final Beast? While I have mentioned these similarities before in previous articles, I thought it would be easier to follow and comprehend in the attached table form.


In due course I shall add this table to the ‘What will the Beast be Like?’ article available here.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

RCG: 'I hope that many RCG brethren see that the prison door is unlatched'


Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Abib 1 White Flag


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God rolled on his back, exposing his genitals in a submissive posture last night by ceding Abib 1 before it finished. He waved the white flag of surrender in a Pathetic Update posted in Member Services on March 22, 2023.


The RCG Tune-Outs and Keepers of the Pencils Down, Don’t Write Movement are celebrating a victory dance today, which happens to be in the midst of Abib 1. The tables are acknowledged as being turned on who was actually confused the past several weeks. As it turns out, it was not the brethren.


Abib 1 was introduced in Part 414 on January 14, 2023, and canceled on March 22, 2023.


Enjoy the Stone-Cold Math of 16 sermons across 67 days:


30 hours, 37 minutes


This is thirty hours of David C. Pack blathering, stumbling through incoherent parenthetical interruptions, and corrected misspeaks halfway through a sentence ten seconds later. And he still got it wrong.


This reality-based evidence is not good news for the Agreement Mongers on the third floor at Headquarters. As of today, even Ryan Denee would not feel the need to close his office door to speak openly about his doubts about the Series. Feel free to come in and share.


While David C. Pack stands at the Executive Urinal, he must be reconsidering who God is or is not really working with. That is enough to give the stoutest among men a shy bladder.



Prophecy Update - March 22, 2023


We are now in Abib 1, Jerusalem time. The timeline is still correct: Abib—7 years—the Millennium—and aeons for eternity! Yet it became clear the command to observe the month of Abib is qualified. Deut. 16:1 does not say just guard Abib 1! This began to trouble me. But other things also required reexamination and brought more clarity. Here are but a few:


 Here is a big new discovery about Abib 1 in Ezekiel 45:17-18. The context took on great importance. Two chapters before, 43:12 states, “This is the law of the house; Upon the top of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about shall be most holy. Behold, this is the law of the house.” In fact, this law of the house continues for six solid chapters. Take time to read it. Cleansing the sanctuary is to occur EVERY Abib 1 going forward. This “law” lays out annual Levitical duties throughout time. No wonder the last verse in the book concludes with a terse statement of a non-specific “day.” Let’s read it without all italics: “…from day, LORD there.” We only know it’s the day the altar is built (43:18).


 What about Hab. 3:2 and "in the midst of the years"? Recall "midst" essentially means near—NEAR Abib 1. There has long been the Zech. 11:8 dilemma: Does "IN one month" mean a full month—or from a point inside it?All of us here came to believe it is the latter.


It has become clear we are waiting for the Bridegroom (Matt. 25:1 and Rev. 22:17). We are commanded to “watch” in Matt. 25:13 because “you know neither the day, nor the hour” we await. But we all know it follows a last message.


 Perhaps we should have focused more on Christ saying that He would “tarry” in this parable. But this is no excuse for some to correctly see this, but use it as an excuse to quit—or worse, begin to beat their fellowservants!


 But the delay seemingly would not get out of early Abib, which involves many critical things. For instance, the Passover lamb is selected on the 10th­­­. To do this, Israel would already have to be back!


Brethren, I have many times expressed how uncomfortable I am knowing a day. ALL here feel the same!Further, I have never left the hope that a first Kingdom when “the days are evil” is as short as possible. You may be disappointed—I understand—but I am thrilled every time a day passes. After 57 years of waiting, I have learned it will come—so the fewer, the better.


Be reminded of the many warnings that world conditions will pinnacle at Christ’s coming. I could wish there would NOT be more time for THIS—but there now is. Stay close to God and accept that Christ “delays His coming.”


David C. Pack



Since it was not from the mind of Jesus Christ to come last night or this morning, He delayed nothing. Dave thinks because he taught it, God would come and is now pushing things off for a tad.


The truth is David C. Pack has always been wrong and will forever be wrong. He speaks on only his own authority and proves it time and again.


Dave acknowledged some brethren did “correctly see” Abib 1 not being the day, and those same people have their eyes on the exits. They should, especially after 30 hours and 37 minutes of worthless note-taking, pointless fellowship discussions, and wasted excitement.


The people focused on in that letter are revealed as wiser and wiser as the days roll on.


Perhaps more brethren would be inclined to tough out the whole month if Dave knew how to give a proper apology. "The 6 elements of an effective apology, according to science" is an informative article from Ohio State News.


1. Expression of regret

2. Explanation of what went wrong

3. Acknowledgment of responsibility

4. Declaration of repentance

5. Offer of repair

6. Request for forgiveness


Since Dave is color-blind, tone-deaf, and illiterate in this arena, I request that Brad please pass this along. Do it for Mrs. Pack’s sake, dude.


I hope that many RCG brethren see that the prison door is unlatched, and they can slip out without getting struck by lightning as they cross the street. The On-The-Fencers must listen to "The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 430)” again.


(For those without Member Services access, you can download Part 430 hosted on Google Drive HERE while logged into your Google account on our computer browser.)


Do not be surprised if more people at Sabbath Services keep their pencils in their laps during Part 431. And those new empty chairs will not be due to an extended flu season.


Dave vaguely suggested things could still happen soon. Do not be as foolish as he is counting on you being. The idea of fewer green envelopes this month keeps him up at night.


David C. Pack waved his white flag. Brethren, it is time to put down yours.

Marc Cebrian

See: Abib 1 White Flag

James Tabor:The Perils of Predicting the End of the Age


More reasons why you cannot trust Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, and the other prophets of doom in the Churches of God.

Notes to accompany the above series can be found here.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dave Pack: "We are witnessing the unfettered reality of who this man is."


Heartfelt Apologies


David C. Pack is experiencing a very long day.


Like what was described in Joshua 10, where God held the sun in the sky until Israel's battle against the Amorites was won, Dave will be experiencing an extended failure of his own creation. 


For two months and sixteen sermons, The Restored Church of God has been anticipating the arrival of Abib 1, which begins the Kingdom to Israel when Elijah the Prophet rocks the world.


The head of shame is crowning as RCG is about to give birth to another prophetic embarrassment.


Abib 1 begins today at sunset in Jerusalem at 11:51 AM ET. Sunset in Wadsworth is 7:41 PM ET.


Sunrise in Jerusalem is at 11:39 PM ET tonight, and in Wadsworth is at 7:25 AM ET Thursday morning.


Abib 1 ends in Jerusalem at 11:52 AM ET and in Wadsworth at 7:42 PM ET on March 23, 2023.


Once the ending threshold for Abib 1 is crossed, David C. Pack will once again officially enters the annals of history as a false prophet and not-so-shiny Angel of Light. All who have eyes to see and ears to hear will observe The Restored Church of Another god manifest in true form.


Part 430 – March 18 – 2023

@ 1:29:51 We backed into the day. You can’t back past Abib 1. Can’t be done.


Prepare for much spin and excuses to follow.



"The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 430)" on March 18, 2023, is a must-watch for false prophecy enthusiasts and former members. The cup runneth over with fraud, gaslighting, condemnation, ridicule, arrogance, manipulation, mind control, and mental illness. This is one-stop-shopping for witnessing David C. Pack’s true colors.


After addressing the 10-20% of brethren who no longer listen to him or take notes when he speaks, one shining moment was when the gruff shell of David C. Pack softened. He offered a heartfelt apology on three different elements and used his own contrition as a teaching moment for all in The Restored Church of God.


I sincerely hope the brethren heard his words and understood what he said. You can learn a lot about a person's character based on how they apologize. These statements go to the core of who and what David Crowl Pack is.


Pay attention to how it is introduced.


Part 430 – March 18, 2023

@ 1:06:42 Now, when you’re wrong, admit it. Maybe I’ll set an example. It’s my turn. Two times. Already apologized. Maybe it should say three times. I shoulda given more of these [timeline graphs], but I was kinda coached into it's hard for us to show these. It's hard to post them, and so I didn't. I apologize. But maybe God wanted a real easy one at the very end, so maybe the advice I got was good.


He sets this up as if a vulnerable heart-to-heart apology was coming, and this would be an example for the brethren to follow. Dave has appeared to apologize before but often un-apologizes because he was actually “right” and then goes back to doing what he said he would “never do” again.


David C. Pack often says, “I’m sorry,” like an addict not ready to get sober. Most of the time, he could say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” But even that would carry more credibility weight.



Dave references a third point to apologize for what he has already covered. If you heard the message and missed it, there is a good reason why. We need to return to the beginning of Part 430.


@ 00:44 I wanna make a couple corrections. But, we will depart this. But I apologize (in a way). Some have said, “Boy, the tools are helpful.” I know out there in Videoland, you cannot see this, but it's a very simple. It’s a very, very simple graph or graphic of exactly how the kingdoms work. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s just that simple.


Apology #1: No Graphs Sooner


He apologized (in a way) for not providing more helpful tools like the completely accurate graph that was finally distributed in Part 430. At Headquarters, those sheets of paper filled more trashcans than briefcases on the way out the door.


Looking at the only part of the graph anyone should care about, this basic framework questions why any in The Restored Church God would be so confused they tune Dave out and stop taking notes.


To get the full RCG Effect, look at this graph while you listen to Dave in Part 429 explain what happens between those first two blank lines.

Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 26:03 But, one thought was: the 3 ½ days closes the period up to and precedes the First Kingdom. Or those 3 ½ days would be exactly 10% of the Second Kingdom in front of the First Kingdom before the Second. Before the Kingdom of God. Were they 3 ½ days that opened everything? Or 3 ½ days that close the period to the Kingdom of God? Were they the last 3 ½ days of the 35 days? 35 days and God goes 3.5 of them, and there's some kind of special hell on the saints.


That is only a portion of that blank space on the simple graphic. Add these next details in tiny letters when you try to fit them inside the space provided.


Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 51:42 1335. You gotta wait exactly 20 days till the Father arrives [March 17]. It’s what first thing it means. Then, you wait exactly 5 days till Abib [March 22]. And you wait exactly 20 days to the to the Great Tribulation. Exactly 10 more to the till to the from the 1290 to what would now be 1280. Another round number, which goes on out into the the Beast’s reign…Let’s do this simply. Make a column. Put Number 1: 20. 20. Right beside it. From the 1335 till the Father arrives—20. Number 2: Put 5—The Short Word to Abib. 20 again. Line 3 would be 20 again. 20 to the Great Tribulation. Line 4 would be 10 to the Day of the Lord…


He goes on and on in the video, but the transcript stops here. You get the point.


Stare at the gaslighting graphic again and ask yourself if what he says fairly represents this portion of the timeline. Brethren are not confused at God’s word and truth. They are confused with understanding Dave.


That exercise gives you a glimpse of what it is like to be a member of The Restored Church of God. And you did not have to turn over your children’s inheritance to do it.


Remember, this was part of his apology. Excuse me. His apology (in a way). Because graphs like this would have been so helpful along the way to Abib 1.



Part 430 – March 18, 2023

@ 1:07:05 So, I'm gonna apologize for a of couple things. And maybe that will help some of you face things. I'm gonna do it publicly. You just do it privately to God. I'm gonna make a couple apologies, and you will love them both. All right? So, when wrong, admit it.


On the surface, that sounds wonderful. Even I was hopeful as to what Dave was going to say.


@ 1:07:20 I really dug into the subject of eternal life.


Oh, no. Dave is not really going to do this…is he?


Oh, yes, he is.


Apology #2: Eternal Life Timing


Undoubtedly, the brethren could relate to this because, come on, we've all been there. Right?


David C. Pack spends 13 minutes going through the Bible explaining the proofs of the updated version using Elijah as an example for everyone else. He repeats this can apply to them to defuse concerns about his fixation on the benefits of being a third-person Elijah.


@ 1:11:26 He’s given all that God has. Now, I mean, we you’re in there, too. You understand that. If you illustrate him…[insert parenthetical distraction]


David C. Pack uniquely approaches contrition through the pathway of self-aggrandizement.


Elijah is shown in glory in the First Kingdom [March 22, 2023]

All the nations of the world run to Elijah

Elijah is the firstborn

People seek Elijah as “David, their King”

The sins of Elijah are passed away

Elijah is given a golden reed

Elijah judges the poor and needy of the earth

Elijah keeps the courts

Elijah changes the hearts of billions of families

Elijah has a sword and a bow

Elijah measures the Temple because he can fly

God calls Elijah to His foot

Elijah places one leg on the earth and one in the sea

Elijah is the “chosen” from Psalm 89

Elijah stands in front of Christ every day

The sons of Eli crouch before Elijah

Elijah has a forever throne


Remember, this was introduced as part of a public apology so brethren could do so before God privately. This is all meant to help them as part of a sermon designed to "save their life."


Good luck finding anything that resembles an apology buried in there. But it must be because Dave makes that clear before moving on.


@ 1:19:35 So, I apologize. I got confused. By the way, Haggai, after all these years…


There was a false start on the apology part of the apology. Dave inserted 67 seconds of stuff before circling around. You can tell how focused he was on sincerely being sorry.


@ 1:20:50 So, I apologize. It was not a small error, but it’s over.


Yeah. It is not over by any stretch of a sane person’s imagination. But it was time for Dave to move on.



@ 1:21:12 All right. One final correction. We’ve already really made the correction, but we’re gonna close with it.




The second point of his public apology turned into a disconnected correction. The whole "I'm sorry" theme screamed down the hallway and jumped out the window. Or it slipped his mind.


In case you forgot, this is how he set this up fifteen minutes ago:


@ 1:06:42 Now, when you’re wrong, admit it. Maybe I’ll set an example. It’s my turn.


@ 1:07:05 So, I’m gonna apologize for a of couple things. And maybe that will help some of you face things. I’m gonna do it publicly. You just do it privately to God.


Let Dave explain his “final correction.”


@ 1:21:18 And that’s the timeline again. So, it actually got simpler.


@ 1:22:28 So, instead of 20 days, then 5, then 20, then 10. Think of it this way. It's 25 days. You wait 25 days plus a few hours. And then 20 and 10. And I don't know where God withdraws.


Apology Correction #3: 20-5-20-10 is 25-20-10


The First Kingdom is no longer exactly 35 days, even though he was very specific about it before.

And he wonders why people are tuning out. How valuable are those notes from Part 429 now? They have the same value as the notes from Part 430. David C. Pack proves that those who tune him out and do not take notes are the wisest among the members of RCG.


Hopefully, that field minister continues to hold off on compiling notes for his prophecy-clarifying sermon. Dave will continue to pull the rug out from everyone in RCG. Those paying attention know when to jump so they do not trip.



David C. Pack is not a man of his word. He speaks words that cannot be trusted. He cannot even get to the apology part of his third apology. He ended the message twenty minutes later, and the concept of apology never entered his mind again. Because it was never in his heart.


Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Part 430 is spoken from the mouth of David C. Pack, exposing the heart of David C. Pack. The man is losing control of himself. He is no longer capable of hiding his true nature from the brethren. 


We are witnessing the unfettered reality of who this man is.


His initial heart-to-heart introduction implied vulnerability so he could be a sacrificial example for the sake of the brethren. The remaining half-hour proved it was manipulation and control. Dave orchestrated a calculated deception designed to elicit sympathy and defuse criticism.


Everyone on the third floor at Headquarters knows that is true. They have personally witnessed that type of behavior for years. Now, all of RCG gets to witness it together.


Dave has grown beyond Brad’s ability to manage him. Dave is going to say what Dave is going to say. A hands-off approach is the best way to address David C. Pack as he destroys himself. His own words are the most powerful torpedoes to ever hit The Restored Church of God.


Those three non-apologies speak to who David C. Pack is. Not as a prophet. Not as an apostle. Not even as a minister. They speak to who he is as a man. They speak to the quality of his character as a person.


Who is David C. Pack?


Three heartfelt apologies explain. Loud and clear.


Marc Cebrian

See: Heartfelt Apologies