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RCG: 'I hope that many RCG brethren see that the prison door is unlatched'


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Abib 1 White Flag


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God rolled on his back, exposing his genitals in a submissive posture last night by ceding Abib 1 before it finished. He waved the white flag of surrender in a Pathetic Update posted in Member Services on March 22, 2023.


The RCG Tune-Outs and Keepers of the Pencils Down, Don’t Write Movement are celebrating a victory dance today, which happens to be in the midst of Abib 1. The tables are acknowledged as being turned on who was actually confused the past several weeks. As it turns out, it was not the brethren.


Abib 1 was introduced in Part 414 on January 14, 2023, and canceled on March 22, 2023.


Enjoy the Stone-Cold Math of 16 sermons across 67 days:


30 hours, 37 minutes


This is thirty hours of David C. Pack blathering, stumbling through incoherent parenthetical interruptions, and corrected misspeaks halfway through a sentence ten seconds later. And he still got it wrong.


This reality-based evidence is not good news for the Agreement Mongers on the third floor at Headquarters. As of today, even Ryan Denee would not feel the need to close his office door to speak openly about his doubts about the Series. Feel free to come in and share.


While David C. Pack stands at the Executive Urinal, he must be reconsidering who God is or is not really working with. That is enough to give the stoutest among men a shy bladder.



Prophecy Update - March 22, 2023


We are now in Abib 1, Jerusalem time. The timeline is still correct: Abib—7 years—the Millennium—and aeons for eternity! Yet it became clear the command to observe the month of Abib is qualified. Deut. 16:1 does not say just guard Abib 1! This began to trouble me. But other things also required reexamination and brought more clarity. Here are but a few:


 Here is a big new discovery about Abib 1 in Ezekiel 45:17-18. The context took on great importance. Two chapters before, 43:12 states, “This is the law of the house; Upon the top of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about shall be most holy. Behold, this is the law of the house.” In fact, this law of the house continues for six solid chapters. Take time to read it. Cleansing the sanctuary is to occur EVERY Abib 1 going forward. This “law” lays out annual Levitical duties throughout time. No wonder the last verse in the book concludes with a terse statement of a non-specific “day.” Let’s read it without all italics: “…from day, LORD there.” We only know it’s the day the altar is built (43:18).


 What about Hab. 3:2 and "in the midst of the years"? Recall "midst" essentially means near—NEAR Abib 1. There has long been the Zech. 11:8 dilemma: Does "IN one month" mean a full month—or from a point inside it?All of us here came to believe it is the latter.


It has become clear we are waiting for the Bridegroom (Matt. 25:1 and Rev. 22:17). We are commanded to “watch” in Matt. 25:13 because “you know neither the day, nor the hour” we await. But we all know it follows a last message.


 Perhaps we should have focused more on Christ saying that He would “tarry” in this parable. But this is no excuse for some to correctly see this, but use it as an excuse to quit—or worse, begin to beat their fellowservants!


 But the delay seemingly would not get out of early Abib, which involves many critical things. For instance, the Passover lamb is selected on the 10th­­­. To do this, Israel would already have to be back!


Brethren, I have many times expressed how uncomfortable I am knowing a day. ALL here feel the same!Further, I have never left the hope that a first Kingdom when “the days are evil” is as short as possible. You may be disappointed—I understand—but I am thrilled every time a day passes. After 57 years of waiting, I have learned it will come—so the fewer, the better.


Be reminded of the many warnings that world conditions will pinnacle at Christ’s coming. I could wish there would NOT be more time for THIS—but there now is. Stay close to God and accept that Christ “delays His coming.”


David C. Pack



Since it was not from the mind of Jesus Christ to come last night or this morning, He delayed nothing. Dave thinks because he taught it, God would come and is now pushing things off for a tad.


The truth is David C. Pack has always been wrong and will forever be wrong. He speaks on only his own authority and proves it time and again.


Dave acknowledged some brethren did “correctly see” Abib 1 not being the day, and those same people have their eyes on the exits. They should, especially after 30 hours and 37 minutes of worthless note-taking, pointless fellowship discussions, and wasted excitement.


The people focused on in that letter are revealed as wiser and wiser as the days roll on.


Perhaps more brethren would be inclined to tough out the whole month if Dave knew how to give a proper apology. "The 6 elements of an effective apology, according to science" is an informative article from Ohio State News.


1. Expression of regret

2. Explanation of what went wrong

3. Acknowledgment of responsibility

4. Declaration of repentance

5. Offer of repair

6. Request for forgiveness


Since Dave is color-blind, tone-deaf, and illiterate in this arena, I request that Brad please pass this along. Do it for Mrs. Pack’s sake, dude.


I hope that many RCG brethren see that the prison door is unlatched, and they can slip out without getting struck by lightning as they cross the street. The On-The-Fencers must listen to "The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 430)” again.


(For those without Member Services access, you can download Part 430 hosted on Google Drive HERE while logged into your Google account on our computer browser.)


Do not be surprised if more people at Sabbath Services keep their pencils in their laps during Part 431. And those new empty chairs will not be due to an extended flu season.


Dave vaguely suggested things could still happen soon. Do not be as foolish as he is counting on you being. The idea of fewer green envelopes this month keeps him up at night.


David C. Pack waved his white flag. Brethren, it is time to put down yours.

Marc Cebrian

See: Abib 1 White Flag


Anonymous said...

Didn't Job say even though he slay me, yet will I trust in him? That seems to be the attitude in the RCG. Pack can do anything and they will still keep sending him money. He is their God. Don't expect a sudden big exodus.

DW said...

I just listened to his whole spiel and I could not help but laugh when Dave spoke about his "father in the gospel", HWA. Dave, do you know that every time he hung up after you called him, he would say to people in the room, "why does that obnoxious guy keep calling me?"

And, you should spend more time with your father in law, the Baptist preacher, not hiding out in your motel room trying to guess the unknowable. He would teach you that Christian churches do not interfere in the lives of their congregants, correct their behavior or tell them how to dress. They would not cry "Astounding" if someone came to them with a question about a sermon. They would not tell them they "have a government problem" if they questioned a doctrine. You only prove the whole point of why God gave the law to Israel. It was to point out what sin is and the need for a Savior, not stop it! The law increases sin and creates self righteous men like you.

Anonymous said...

The moment of clarity is truly the time when everyone involved with or concerned with the RCG finally realizes that the never ending story was all a farce, random babbling or prattling with which God had nothing to do whatever. Dave has been managing, correcting and manicuring this for months or even years now, and all that he accomplished was to complicate or outright ruin his followers' lives.

It is a time-honored tradition that if in old age one loses acuity, or fails in ones profession, one retires. Even a brilliant pope realized this. Dave has experienced massive failure in his attempts to be a conduit for God. Whether or not the punishments outlined in the Bible for this apply, he needs to make a transition, and to get out of the way to avoid further damage in the lives of those who trusted him. The damage cannot be corrected by desperately applying authority.

Tonto said...

Even after they were freed, some 20% of slaves stayed on with their masters, and many more than that ,stayed on as share croppers.

Surely there will be some that now will leave the Pack internment camp, but I suspect that if you have stayed this long, and put up with this much nonsense, that you are a bit like a "Stockholm Syndrome Victim" and identify with your captor in a codependent and mentally unbalanced way.

Tonto said...

Even after they were freed, some 20% of slaves stayed on with their masters, and many more than that ,stayed on as share croppers.

Surely there will be some that now will leave the Pack internment camp, but I suspect that if you have stayed this long, and put up with this much nonsense, that you are a bit like a "Stockholm Syndrome Victim" and identify with your captor in a codependent and mentally unbalanced way.

Anonymous said...

Did Davey stop drooling over prophecy?


Does he still need A-bib?

Anonymous said...

Clever guy!

Anonymous said...

Remember, Abib spelled backwards is bib-a. As in Bib A Las Vegas!, or in this case, perhaps Wadsworth.

Anonymous said...

As bad as Dave is, there seems to be no better option from the view of someone steeped in Armstrongism and who thinks Flurry is a crackpot and that other COGs are too liberal. So most will stay until life with Dave becomes unbearable.

Anonymous said...

I think this describes Pack's understanding of calendars, months, and numbers!