Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Why Self-appointed Crackpot Prophet Will Not Correct Issues In Africa


Forget Bwana Bob's double blessings and his round-robin ordination to Chief Overseer/preacher/prophet by his corrupt African evangelists. He admits, that he is divinely appointed by the creature he calls god. Seriously people, how could that person possibly be the ONE TRUE COG leader and be in UCG, PCG, LCG, COGWA, and RCG? 

God no more appointed Bob Thiel to be a Chief Overseer, a preacher, a prophet or a splinter group leader that Jesus will be returning to Wadsworth. It is an impossibility.

Bwana Bob is taking this route to legitimize himself in the eyes of his dwindling African followers as the true source at the top of the divinely appointed pyramid scheme. Thus, having this position invalidates all who complain about COG issues in Africa and elsewhere. The minute they complain they infringe on his authority and anything he says trumps any accusation they have, including well-founded ones like adultery and witchcraft. Bob believes that anything Sasha and Terry Nelson says is invalid now. That's why he has not reacted to the real problems in Africa and will do nothing to fix them. This is why he does not care that he has lost every single congregation in certain African nations. To him, they were not converted and not worth his time.

When the American Psychiatric Association prepares to release DSM-6 they could include an entire section on psychotic religious narcissism, using Church of COG leaders as test cases. It is amazing how over the last 30 years we have watched some COG leaders turn into deranged mentally ill men.

Does the Bible support democracy or top down government for the Church of God? Does God work, primarily, through one human leader at a time? Did the late Pastor General of the old Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, repeatedly teach that God worked primarily through “ONE MAN AT A TIME, though with others (male and female) assisting that leader? Who is that one man now? Who should be eliminated as being that one man? Would we expect that one man would be part of UCG, PCG, LCG, COGWA, RCG, or CCOG? Could God have given one or more Divine signs to point out who that one man is? What type of government will be in the Kingdom of God? Are we to be preparing to be kings and priests now? Is it appropriate to want to push for a non-top down from God’s government if there is some type of corruption in the organization he leads? What about 1 Samuel 8:1-20 and 1 Samuel 12:1-5? Did Jesus have any financially corrupt with Him? What are allegations that have been raised against Radson Mulozowa, Bradox Ochieng, and Evans Ochieng? Is there any truth to any of them? If so, which? Could there have been some type of deepfake related to an alleged Facebook Messenger chat related to claims of adultery? Does Laodicea mean ‘people decide’ or ‘judgment of the people’? Should Christians be ‘independents’? What about being ‘congregationalists’? Have various accusers changed their stories or broke promises? What should those who consider themselves to be faithful Philadelphians do? Dr. Thiel deals with these and other matters.


DW said...

Bob has got a very simple pattern of behavior and interestingly, it is mentioned in most literature on the subject of mental disorders/personality disorders. It was listed several times in the 10 signs of narcissistic personality disorder I added to my comment last night, although in response to an article on Dave.

Bob thinks he is right on a given subject. A commensurate or higher up disagrees. That person(s) is then called either a hypocrite or promise breaker by Bob. He gets angry and ignores all opinions or beliefs contrary to his, points the finger at others and then pulls the prophet/overseer card to stop all debate. He knows evidence will prove he is in the wrong, but his ego cannot handle that, so accusations of lying are flying far and wide and truth, victims and righteousness be damned. Then he goes back to square 1 trying to convince people he is a prophet. This same pattern is what got him kicked out of LCG and the ensuing tantrum resulted in CCOG.

Bob clearly has major issues with identity, self esteem and truth. Until he gets help, this ongoing war within him will rage on and his <150 members will be caught in the middle, if they are foolish enough to stay in the first place. Your sins have found you out Bob and you have to take the consequences.

You are not a prophet. Stop playing one, badly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the old "David defense." David murdered, so if your ACOG leader murders it's no big deal. Judas was a thief, so we must overlook ministers' thievery as long as the top minister doesn't object to it. And I doubt Bob or Evans has done anything witchier than Solomon is documented to have done. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Pay and pray, stay and obey.

Anonymous said...

Time to buy a ticket to Africa as any good one man through whom the God of the Universe is working should do in such a time as this.

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy the COGWriter site, but since Bob went off on that prophet nonsense I noticed a change, and the focus of the site went from biblical accuracy to "me".
It's a shame, but he's not the first person to go off in the deep.

Tonto said...

Why doesn't Bob just spend a month or so there and find out for himself?

Why is just publishing a blog or making videos not enough for Bob, but instead , he insists on having Titles, and powers, and other claims so as to be "the leader".

Dude--- just serve, and love people. Preach truth in kindness and concern. Forget about all the titles and ego trips.

RSK said...

It was interesting to watch him slowly decline as he went from being a shill for LCG to getting ideas about how LCG should put him in charge. I sometimes enjoyed his writeups on early Catholic history, but I've noticed that he doesn't often play honest with his sources.

Anonymous said...

Bob must have a deep hole in his soul that he's trying to fill with his I'm a prophet of God nonsense. The same goes for the other splinter leaders.

Anonymous said...

"Why doesn't Bob just spend a month or so there and find out for himself?"

Because Evans and the other so-called evangelists will deliberately keep him away from any issue going on there. Bob will go over with his rose-colored glasses on and Evans will keep them bright and shiny.

Anonymous said...

"Bob must have a deep hole in his soul that he's trying to fill"

Bob did not grow up in a loving household. He was always a disappointment to this father. We watched him in Living as he tried to make Mr. Meredith his a father figure. As you all well know, that did not work out too well. Never getting the validation he needed as a youth he seeks that validation now.e The problem now is that we all see through it. That's why the overwhelming majority of LCG refused to go with him.

Anonymous said...

Bob most likely realizes that it would be a fools mission for him to go to Africa and to exercise the authority he feels that he has. It wouldn't end well for him.

Anonymous said...

Bob would not want to go to Africa. Because what happens when he actually sees that Sasha Veljic and Terry Nelson are speaking the truth. He would not want to go back on that he would rather just tell people that they are liars and not accepting his self given Authority. Both Sasha and Terry are men of integrity

Anonymous said...

Bob deep down knows what’s going on in Africa so no need to go. Bob does not want his twenty tithe paying members to know what’s going on because he has fooled himself into believing the nonsense of him being a prophet and an actual leader doing a fake work. Sasha Veljic after a few weeks is already doing a bigger work than lil Dr. bobby.