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EXCLUSIVE: The Shocking Exodus of Restored Church of God Leadership and Ministry

This is an exclusive photo of the leadership and ministry of the Restored Church of God.  
This photo was taken in 2010.  

The very front row contains the top leadership of the RCG at that time.

Eight years later you can see all of the top leaders have departed 
as well as a large number of ministers.

This is pretty shocking to see considering David C Pack considers his group to the most spectacular Church of God to ever exist in church history.  There has never been a great COG on the face of the earth, doing more to preach the gospel and being so superfantabulous as the RCG.

Over the last several years Dave has suffered one public humiliation after another.  His 130+ sermon series was a humiliating bust after the four largest Church of God splinter groups refused to shut down and join Dave in his superfantabulousness.

Tens of thousands of present and former Church of God member never joined up with him.  Their tithe money, which he claims belongs to him, has remained in their present COG's or is used to take care of their families.

Never has there been a Church of God which has suffered such self-imposed embarrassment as has the Restored Church of God, though Bob Thiel comes in at a close second.

Dave Pack is suffering from such an inflated massive ego, narcissism and psychosis that he cannot see what he is doing to peoples lives.  He even admits that he has become more reclusive and that he rarely ever leaves the RCG compound in Wadsworth.  He has even "gated" his compound to keep out the dirty public from wandering over from the Giant Eagle to see the most superfantabulous campus ever constructed in human history. No dirty unclean gentile feet should contaminate the place, after all, this will soon be the grounds that Jesus will walk upon as He communes with Dave.

EXCLUSIVE: Restored Church of God Letter to Membership Over Recent Resignation of Jeff Ambrose

Jeff Ambrose, David C Pack's right-hand man and 2nd in charge of the Restored Church of God resigned recently. As usual, Satan is trotted out as attempting to destroy the church instead of allowing the man to finally walk with his conscience and do what was right for him and his family.

Here is the letter that the Restored Church of God sent out to its members.

Dear brethren,

Greetings from a cool and breezy Headquarters. We hope this finds all of you doing well and enjoying a profitable week.

As would be expected, trials continue to come upon God’s people to build up their faith and patience so characterized by the “poor of the flock” (Jam. 1:3; Zech. 11:11). Coming off of a most joyous and uplifting Feast, it should be no surprise that Satan would try to rob us of “our days of prosperity” (see Ecc. 7:14). In the remaining time we have until Christ returns to Earth, it is not strange that God would allow these final tests to prepare His people. Sometimes this comes upon the whole Church when a senior leader departs.

We regret to inform you that Mr. Jeff Ambrose and his family have decided to leave the Church. They bear no ill will and expressed their personal gratitude to Mr. Pack for having lived in such a beautiful place for the last couple of years.

He offered an open explanation as to why they felt they could no longer continue. In his resignation letter, Mr. Ambrose expressed that they had “a fundamental difference in belief.” He has very carefully assured us that he has no plans to attack anyone but rather desires to leave quietly and in peace. He also clearly stated that he has no intentions of starting his own group or joining any other religious organization. It appears that after a lifetime in God’s Church, he wants to leave the ministry and organized religion altogether! (Keep this in mind when you listen to Part 145 this Sabbath.)

Additionally, Mr. Ambrose stated that “fairly serious, and permanent, health problems” caused by stress as the other driver compelling him to take action. This is never a reason to leave God’s Church! No one knew the full extent of his difficulties and he never sought advice from any us—even the medical doctor who was in the office next to him.

Obviously, this is not easy news for any of us to receive. The Ambroses have been in the Church for many years and served in various facets of the Work. As we did here, we are sure you are battling the same shock of this announcement. Rest assured that everyone on our Headquarters staff, Mr. Pack and all the ministry, including all our field ministers, are doing well. Everyone understands that this has happened before and is the pattern of centuries in God’s Church. No one is shaken.

The apostle Paul—whom God used to record the identity of the Man of Sin and warn the Church for three years during his time—knew himself that we only understand prophetic events “darkly,” meaning obscure or enigma (I Cor. 13:12). In the context of this is where God explains the most important thing for all of us to build is godly love, that is keeping His commandments in order to build His character and qualify to become part of His Family (I John 5:3; Ecc. 12:13; Eph. 3:15-20). It is vital that we do not lose sight of this—the Big Picture and ultimately the end goal. Time is short and this age is growing very thin!

Remember, our “adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour” (I Pet. 5:8). Do not give him an opportunity. We should all take this announcement as an admonition to pray for one another, fellow brethren in Christ, as we near the end. We hope that we will one day see the Ambroses again in God’s Church and pray that it will be much sooner than later.

Your steadfastness and faithful service are greatly appreciated, and we are praying for you daily. Stay fervent, stand firm, be sober and watch unto prayer—our salvation is sooner than we thought.

Mr. Pack will add additional comments and context throughout the sermon given at Headquarters this Sabbath (heard on November 3). In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local minister.

In Christ’s service,

Brad Schleifer and Greg Kaidannek

Friday, November 2, 2018

"No Man Can Shut the Door", Armstrong said about WCG.

"No Man Can Shut the Door", Armstrong said about WCG.

This Guy Didn't Just Shut the Door. He SLAMMED it. 

All Kinds of Men Try So Hard To Reopen The Door. 

It's Still Locked. 

And all the gesturing, the YouTube videos, the books, the arguments, the attempts to grow have not and will not succeed.


Because what they preach is not this. 

It is this. 

 And because of this.

People won't be living like this.

submitted by SHT

I will be initiating a great revival in the church prior to the start of the end times in 2019 or 2020

Are you ready to be revived so you can be the bride of Christ?  Are you ready to have the law heaped upon you till you can no longer carry its burden?  Are you ready to be treated like a worthless worm in order to prepare you for the emergence of the two witless (COG) witnesses? Are you ready for a worldwide revival in the Church of God, led by our very own Chief Pharisee?

Rod Meredith, Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, Gerald Flurry and Bob Thiel have all failed to spark any revival in the church, so what makes our law enforcer, James Malm, think he is going to spark some mind-shattering revival in the church?
The US midterms come in a week now and December has xmas the biggest tourist season for Israel.  President Trump has said that he will table his peace plan by the end of Feb and I am keeping a close watch on the progress of events.  
Israeli President Rivlin is to meet the Roman pontiff in the Vatican on 15 November to discuss the peace plan.  The plan is to be an actual peace plan already agreed by the Arabs and certain others which will be presented and then both Palestinians and Jews will be pressured to sign on.  
It is understood that Netanyahu cannot get the plan through his extreme coalition and reports of an election call in Israel to garner a stronger mandate abound.  It remains to be seen if Bibi will preempt the plan by calling an election before the plan is tabled or whether he will call an election after the plan is presented.  
It is also understood that the Gaza situation and Syria/Iran will have to be dealt with before the peace plan can be agreed; which means a regional war most likely in spring followed by a peace conference to force an agreement on the Palestinians and Israelis.  
The probability of the great tribulation beginning at the end of 2019 or 2020 is now extremely high and will increase as these matters progress.
I am continuing to concentrate on updating the Bible Studies for now, while preparing to begin making talks when events progress and begin to excite serious interest.  That means that as planned the Bible Studies should be completely updated by Pentecost.  
Once the Bible Studies are updated programs will be presented with a heavy emphasis on exciting a revival in the Ekklesia and encouraging the brethren to godliness. 

Never has the Church of God had a man in its midst who can bastardize the law as much as James Malm has.  He tries to appear as an agent of light, but he is not.  All he brings is darkness to the human soul.

2 Corinthians 11:14 ESV / 

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Is there "Hope" in Living Church of God?

Doug Winnail writes:

The Value of Hope: Having a powerful hope for the future—something positive and inspiring to look forward to—is a vital aspect of life. Many have long understood that life without hope is empty. The Bible also states, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Proverbs 13:12). But what is the real hope in life for a Christian? King David wrote, “You are my hope, O Lord GOD” and “I hope in Your word” (Psalm 71:5; 119:147). David was referring to the promises that God makes in the Bible. The Apostle Paul said under cross-examination before a Roman governor, “I have hope in God… believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets… that there will be a resurrection of the dead” and “hope of eternal life… looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Acts 24:14–15; Titus 1:2; 2:13). We are urged as Christians “to lay hold of the hope set before us” (Hebrews 6:18) and to purify ourselves so we can become “children of God” (1 John 3:1–3). With this hope in mind, we need to “be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15). We need to be motivated by this same hope today!
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

Can "hope" really be found in LCG when they place the law above Jesus?  That inconvenient dude still pushes their buttons.

Ghastly Days! Bob Thiel Is Now Featuring Himself In HIs Latest Animation Video.

This seriously has to be WORSE than his dating fiasco!

Who in the hell does he expect to impress with this mess?

As if Jesus would EVER set foot in the IMPROPERLY named "continuing" Church of God!

Reviewing The Claims: "What Kind of Perverted Pleasure do they Get?"


In 1977, a member of the Worldwide Church of God in it's heyday responded to the criticisms leveled by the Ambassador Report - a work by John Trechek, the earliest mass-expose of the atrocities that were happening within the Headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God. Internal ministerial bulletins, writings by Garner Ted Armstrong, the lack of firm rebuttals by the Church, and the testimonies of close relatives of HWA and former HQ employees indicate such reports were not made up, nor were they exaggerated. The above letter by a member in Altadena, California explains what most of us thought of the Church under Armstrong. As we close out 2018, it's a good time to look into these honest perspectives, look back in hindsight, see what was correct or incorrect, and analyze where we are today.  

"We are working for a cause that is bigger than all of us put together."

I think it is fair to say that all of us believed this fully and completely. We believed in the predictions, the goals, and the mission of the Church. We believed that we were the specially called out of the world - the infinitesimal few who had contact with God while the rest of the world was completely cut off and under the power of the devil. The cause, of course, was that we were in training to become kings and rulers in a world-ruling government under Jesus Christ., forever under the authority of the rule of Herbert Armstrong. The author says that we "knew" the Worldwide Church of God was exactly what it said it was. Meaning, the "One True Church". 

Where are we today? The Worldwide Church of God is history. It is now Grace Communion International, a small mainstream evangelical church, presided by Greg Williams. Hundreds of competing, incompetent splinters - fighting against each other with tens of two witnesses, wanna-be prophets, weak ministers and powerless ministries continually make merchandise of their brethren, incapable of substantial growth and influence - barely surviving on just enough income to eek out comfortable lives for the very top while the bottom sacrifice their hard earned income with the hope that somehow, it will all work out. Many stay because there really is, to them, no other place to go. What cause are they working for now? 

"We believe we are part of a vibrant, growing organization" 

At the time, this appeared to be true. The local churches had congregations averaging three to four hundred. Festival sites ranged from four to fourteen thousand. The teen program was taking off. Herbert was trotting the globe - members believing that he was somehow preaching the Gospel to kings and heads of state. And in the back of their minds, the end of the world was three to five years away - and at any minute they were preparing to flee to Petra while the world was engulfed in World War Three. Today, not one of the remnants of the Worldwide Church of God can come close to be called a "vibrant, growing organization". Today, in many cases, one established major mainstream megachurch in any medium to large city is as large or larger than a whole large Church of God. Indeed, the Worldwide Church of God, the "vibrant, growing organization" referred to, is practically dead. 

"Hate-Filled Group of Poison-Penned Pharisees" 

The writers of Ambassador Report were not hate-filled. They simply were able to cut through the deception and report what was really going on behind the scenes. Garner Ted Armstrong, in a bulletin to the ministers, confirmed the ministry was full of "vanity, conceit, pride, ego", and all manners of carnality within the ranks - large enough that he even said it would be nearly "impossible" to fix. The video of GTA himself caught in a massage parlor, while he tickled the pickle, hadn't yet come out. The Kessler expose had not yet come out. The Receivership was yet to come. The membership did not know about GTA wanting to hire Kareem-Abdul Jabar and top sports celebrities at their expense to promote their intercollegiate basketball program. They ignored the constant threats of the Lake of Fire by HWA to those who were not giving their all - while GTA at around the same time admitted the average family simply had no more to give after all the donations they were already strangling themselves with. No, this was not hate. It never has been. It was a bold attempt to confront a multi-million dollar scam and it's followers with the solid truth of what was really going on. It is a mission that continues to this day. 

"What Kind of Perverted Pleasure do they Get" 

None. They didn't get pleasure then. It's not "pleasure" now. It's incredulous wonder, especially now, well after the collapse of Worldwide and looking at what is left. Bastardizers of the Law, self-appointed unordained and untrained men trying to gain followings, alcoholics running larger splinters, a splinter taking everything from a member as his own and calling it "common", worship of a common rock, covering up felonies, supporting abusers, and member suicides are  things that happen within these churches. No, this is not "perverted pleasure". This was, and is, a duty to inform others of the atrocities that happen that burn to ash the life of the human spirit and soul. Those who get "perverted pleasure" are the many (not all) "ministers" and "members" within the Church who have been thoroughly documented to be perverts. 

Would They Have Believed Now - Then? 

If we would have told them the exposes that came out a few years later. If we would have told them that Ambassador College would be sold, scattered, and demolished to oblivion, would they have believed it? If we had told them that the Worldwide Church of God would collapse and turn mainstream evangelical - keeping Christmas and Easter, and going to Church on Sundays - would they have believed it? If we had told them that Ambassador Auditorium would be sold to a charismatic church - would they have believed that? If we had told them that there would be hundreds of small, insignificant, puny splinters -some even led by non-ordained lay members thinking they are prophets or the best interpreters of the Law - would they have believed that? If we told them that one splinter leader would try to make people believe 2008 was important, another that 2013 was important, that one would go to prison, and the other would redact nearly everything he said - would they believe all of this? If we told them that Christ had not yet returned in 2018 - no tribulation - would they have even considered that as the truth? What do you think they would have done? Called us liars? Demon-possessed? Deceivers? They would have kicked us to the curb if we told them the truth. In the same way they kicked to the curb John Trechek and the Ambassador Reports for daring to tell them the truth. 


The writer of the above letter was all of us. Hopeful and confident that HWA was right. That we did have just three to five years left. That we were going to Petra, the Place of Safety. That the Worldwide Church of God was the one true church. That the door God had opened "no man can shut". That the growth would continue until the whole world was the Worldwide Church of God. That all of HWA's prophecies would eventually prove to be true. That none of the things that happened in the Church really happened. 

But they did. And they still are. And they will still happen - if people are not informed and realize what it is they are walking into. 

The person who wrote this opinion into the Paper believed with her whole heart. So did we, at one time. Now, with the internet, history, and facts at our disposal from all levels - Bulletins, Pastor General Reports, Testimonials, Accounts from true insiders - we know the story. We know the facts. And we know whereof we speak. We lived it. And we see it. This is not a mission of Pharisaical poison-penned bitterness. It never has been with Ambassador Reports. It is not with us. It is simply telling it exactly as it was, and is. 

6,000,000 views with this site alone - along with sites like PT, and the many other blogs on the Internet - prove one thing. The stranglehold of information the Churches of God had back in 1977 is history. Now, you can know. And we - with straightforward opinion, in honesty and fact - will tell you.

submitted by SHT

Check out a few other web sites and blogs regarding the Church of God movement

Vridar   occasional articles on COG

These two sites are by the late Gavin Rumney that hold a wealth of information

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It Was All Greek!

Quite a few COG members got into the Sacred Names business when the Worldwide Church of God imploded.  On previous COG boards the rhetoric got quit hot at times with sacred name believers get all indignant with those that refused to follow along.

The best line above is the "PS."

"What I am doing is opening the door so that others can follow me and get the Gospel in""

WN 7/5/76

Above you see a clipping from a WN article where Herbert Armstrong says he is the "pioneer" going into countries and "opening doors" for the Gospel to go in.  He also states that by opening these doors he does not need to be the one to complete the job, but others may come later to do that job.

Various splinter personality cults that self-appointed Church of God leaders formed due to their narcissistic vanity, have used this quote to legitimize their apostate ministries.  Herbert Armstrong, if he were alive, would take these snivelling little men and wipe the floor with them due to their arrogance.  During HWA's lifetime, numerous men broke off and claimed to be doing a final work.  Just one word from HWA criticizing them immediately made the ministries of these men weak and impotent.  Even though a few people would naturally follow these men, the vast majority of church members ignored them.

So it remains today with every one of the modern day groups out there, not a single one of them have made any impact upon the world.  They have not gone into foreign countries and met with world leaders. They are actually unknown.  They have no gospel message that offers hope for anyone.  Usually, it is a message of gloom, death and damnation.  Who needs that in a world of nasty politics, terrorism and other life-altering issues.

These little man/boys play church like a bunch of bullies, just like they learned to be from their spiritual daddy, HWA.

Herbert Armstrong, who would say in one-moment that others would follow him with the gospel and in another claim that NO ONE could do the work that he was doing.  God only worked through him and only spoke through him.  This bold arrogance is what makes today's man/boy splinter personality group leaders such epic failures.

The other main issue the narcissistic leaders all face is the claim they all trot out at some point in the future the entire universe would be under their power.  They learned this from HWA, Meredith and others.

Anyone who has been a part of the Church of God for a few years will certainly know the story of another person that sought to rule the universe and was cast down.  That same arrogance is what feeds the so-called ministries of various COG leaders today.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Remembering Spokesmen Club: The Attack Speech

(This is not angry. Hang tight, and read on.) 

How many men who were in Club in the Worldwide Church of God remember the infamous Attack Speech. The Speech where podiums were hurled (really!), water was thrown, fists were pounded, high voices went low, and veins bulged. 

For those who were never a part of club, this was the speech assignment where you were supposed to get up there and get MAD. I mean, BOILING MAD. RAGE!!!!!!

You had to make a "Furious" frontal attack! Don't swerve right or left - BAM! Onslaught! Begin intensely and CRESCENDO to an EXPLOSION! Make those Jowels flap! Swing those arms wide! Knock over lamps! 

Go down the warpath! Denounce it! LET LOOSE, you were told to do it! Discharge volley after volley! Let that spit fly! Be RIGHTEOUSLY indignant! That's it, picture Armstrong up on that podium! See him bounce up and down on that chair! Watch that head vibrate like an off-balance washing machine! There you go! BAM! Eyes are bulging! CRESCENDO IT until it ECHOES! MAKE THOSE PEOPLE FEAR WITH THE POWER OF YOUR DEEP MANLY VOICE!!! Wait, sorry. You're not preaching at the Feast of Tabernacles. This is just club. Right. 

That's it. Pulse quicken! Breath short! Face turns red! YELL! SCREAM!  ATTACK! CRESCENDO! BLAMMO! WHAMMO! There goes the LECTERN! Don't pay attention to that wayward lectern. KEEP IT UP! FOCUS! PASSION! BLAST! 

Here's the rest of us. Internally. If not really. 

submitted by SHT

Monday, October 29, 2018

Gerald Flurry: Biblical Abraham Founded Salzburg Austria

Just when you think the craziness of the Church of God could not get any worse, along comes Philadelphia Church of God's Gerald Flurry and Ryan Malone to complete the picture.

Did you know that Abraham founded the city of Salzburg in Austria?  He either stopped off there on his way to Ireland where he dropped off the Ark of the Covenant or when he was returning home to Palestine.   Abraham was also a musical genius who designed the musical patterns used in Austria to this day.  Abraham had the foresight to know that the Von Trapp Family singers would eventually make the city famous far more famous than he ever would.

Dave Pack Loses Jeff Ambrose, His 2nd In Command

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dave Pack: The Shoe of the Unconverted

Who could have ever imagined that laceless men's shoes would be banned by a Church of God leader?  Oh wait, they have banned so many other things, so why not!

I remember decades ago that penny loafers were considered the shoe of choice for gay men, at least according to some COG ministers.  According to these ministers, putting a penny in the loafer and not wearing socks with the shoes was a signal to other men that the person was looking for sex.

David C Pack, the leader of the most superfantabulous Church of God to ever exist has supposedly banned his "men" from wearing loafers.  

God expects a properly dressed man to have laces in his shoes and tied in a proper bow.

An LCG Member Comments on Life in Church

An LCG member wrote the following in the previous posting on "We Are Not Qualified to Counsel in Some Areas of Sex and Marriage."  It deserves a separate posting for its truthfulness.
Anonymous said...
@ 3:35 PM...

There are several people posting to this site who either:

• Sat in one of RCM's Ambassador College classes
• Worked under him while he was WCG's director of the ministry
• Accepted a paycheck from him after he started the Global Church of God
• Went to youth camps with his children
• Ate dinner as a guest in his home
• Had access to his LCG Masterfile (member/coworker/subscriber database)
• Sat in the congregation and heard him speak so disgustingly that mothers left the room with their children.
• Sat in his office after being "counseled" by the lying Rod McNair, and heard him say horrible things
• Read his court depositions in which he slandered some brethren and denied knowledge of matters that he clearly had knowledge of.

Yes, I am sure that some people who post here are exaggerating their experiences because they are still badly hurt by what happened, and they cannot yet look back coldly and rationally at what they experienced with Rod Meredith. Yes, it is obvious that people sometimes speculate stupidly or tell outright lies. However, if you want to defend LCG, you would be better off defending Gerald Weston or Doug Winnail or other LCG leaders who haven't revealed their flawed character to so many people over so many years. 

As for me? I spent my first few LCG years aware that RCM wasn't perfect, but sure that most of the stories about him must be lies. Then, as my family got to know him better, I started seeing more things that made me question, but for more years I put those questions out of my mind. Eventually, thank God, I could not deny that RCM simply did not meet the Bible standard for a church leader, which meant that I was under no obligation to support him as the leader of LCG. 

As for you? Maybe you are an insider who already has seen much and already has some private doubts, but who feels an obligation to defend LCG even against your conscience. If so, I hope you change before your conscience is seared in defending evil. Or maybe you are an outsider, as I was for a while, sincerely believing that RCM was God's anointed and sure that the stories about him were falsehoods told by bitter ex-members. If so, you will be disappointed eventually, so I hope the disappointment comes soon and does not hurt you too badly.

Whichever may be your situation, ask yourself honestly: Have you seen provable evidence that LCG ministers have any special God-given aptitude for counseling? I have seen marriages ruined that were salvageable. I have seen parent/child relationships poisoned. I have seen careers derailed by stupid ministerial counsel. The people who flourish in LCG are the ones who ignore ministerial counsel until they are somewhat successful and wealthy, at which point the ministry shifts from abuse to flattery as their preferred method of control. 

Gerald Weston's Church Wide Fast Bust

Almost immediately after Living Church of God settled in at home after experiencing a foretaste of the millennial life, Gerald Weston instituted a church-wide fast.  Apparently, fresh off that millennial experience, LCG members had immediately retreated back to their sin-filled lives, so much so that Weston needed them to repent, again.  After all, it is always the memberships fault that LCG has issues and not those in leadership positions.

Weston mentions in his latest HQ update that 4,200 people watched the streaming program.  If one is to believe that total, one has to then question the total membership that LCG has listed on Wikipedia of 11,300 members.  Is Weston subliminally saying below that 7,100 members did not bother to listen to the streamed service?  Did well over half of the LCG membership chose not to fast?  Did they all skip services?

Most of us realize the totals listed for membership counts on any COG Wikipedia listing is a load of crap.  LCG no more has 11,300 active members than Grace Communion International has 50,000 active members in 900 congregations.

Also below, Weston tells the LCG  faithful that the church is dropping many of its television stations as an act of good stewardship.  As LCG programs become more and more irrelevant to people's lives, more and more stations will be dropped.  Its message in its programs carries little that people can relate to in a messy world.  After all, vaping is much more important than helping people understand the meaning of life while living in a messy world. Pretending to preach about a kingdom to come has little significance to people who experience serious illness, death, war, and other tragedies of life.  If comfort cannot be implemented in the present day life, what good is a kingdom message to those people?

Sadly, in the COG movement, words are more important than getting one's hands dirty in the everyday life of those around them.  When was the last time an LCG member fed the homeless, cleaned up a prostitute, gave a drug addict a warm meal or invited an immigrant family or a Muslim to sit at their table during the Thanksgiving meal?

Instead of declaring a fast for the LCG membership next year, how about cancelling church services that Saturday and instruct members to spend the day feeding the homeless?  In Charlotte, LCG's home base, 1,668 people are without shelter on any given night.  Imagine what a warm meal or some blankets might feel like to these people  What a foretaste of the kingdom that "might" represent to some of them if LCG did its gospel message right!

Fasting to torture oneself in order to please the elite LCG leadership or getting one's hands dirty caring for the other, which one would the God of the Living Church of God find more pleasing?

October 25, 2018
By Gerald Weston
Greetings from Charlotte,
Reports indicate that the live stream of last week’s service during the fast transmitted very well. Approximately 3,800 successfully viewed the program in English, with another nearly 400 viewing the Spanish translation, for a total of about 4,200. Final edits of the November/December Living Church News are being made. There is an important article regarding the relatively new phenomenon of e-cigarettes and vaping, and I hope all of you will take time to read it, as it contains a lot of good information that is not widely known about this new and popular habit. We are attempting to build up our television presence with strategically placed stations. Sunday, November 11, Tomorrow’s World will begin airing over KRCW Portland, Oregon at 7:00 a.m. Cost per response (CPR) varies from station to station and we drop those stations that do not produce well in favor of newer stations. This can sometimes cut our CPR in half. I mention this because members are understandably disappointed when we drop a station in their area, but we must remember that the primary purpose for the program is to preach the Gospel to the world. We hope all of you watch the program where you can, but we must concentrate on our first priority and be good stewards of the resources available. Remember, the telecasts can be accessed at any time at our website, We will continue to drop stations that do not produce well, try new stations, and retain those that are producing. Although television is not as effective as it once was, television is still a powerful tool in doing the Work.Gerald Weston

We Are Not Qualified to Counsel in Some Areas of Sex and Marriage.

BULLETIN 07/27/76: 
RON DART: We Are Not Qualified to Counsel in Some Areas of Sex and Marriage. 


submitted by SHT

For decades certain minister stuck their noses into the bedrooms of church member without any fear whatsoever.  Just look at what Rod Meredith for decades.  Has there ever been a Church of God minister so obsessed with sex than he was?  If he wasn't railing against gays he was pitching fits over certain sex acts that married couples chose to do in their own bedrooms. When it wasn't him, it was Herbert Armstrong with his pathetic book on sex, written because his wife was resisting his romantic attempts, as frightening as that is to contemplate.  

Most COG ministers were certainly out of their elements when it came to marriage counselling.  Almost none of the ministers had any real training in what counselling entailed.  The only training they had was an Ambassador College classroom.  No hours were ever logged with a supervisor in training situations where counselling techniques were used.  To be an effective counsellor meant having empathy, a quality that many COG ministers were/are totally bankrupt in.