Friday, May 1, 2015

UCG's New Dung Brown "We Are Embarrassed By Our Core Message" Web Site

After United Church of God's expensive epic campaign failure at the end of last year, the UCG is struggling to make themselves more relevant to the world around them.  They had assumed that their "Why were you born?" tag line was going to draw in scores of interested new people bringing money with them.  It didn't happen.  Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on bringing in 1 single solitary person.  No one was interested in that message.  That question is not something that people in the 21st century care about or are worried about.

Recently UCG unveiled a new and improved web page.  The striking thing about this page was the "dung brown" new mast head and the fact that they admitted that they moved all information relating to beliefs and practices to other areas of the site.  UCG thinks with this new "dung colored" site that they will appeal to the younger more progressive crowd and hook them in.  Its not going to happen.  Even if they do score one or two new devotee's, once they found out how absurd some of UCG's foundational beliefs are - i.e. British Israelism - they will exit rather quickly.

Given the continuing rumors floating around on various web sites and FB pages, United Church of God is on the brink of another break up.  Various UCG ministers think that the UCG is too legalistic and that certain doctrines need to be changed.  The diehard legalists are having major butt-hurt over this and are plotting in the background to possibly form another splinter group. When COGWA split off from UCG they took  1/3 of UCG's ministry.  Of course UCG claimed this was a good thing because the useless whiny chaff were now gone.  Will this new split also rip UCG asunder leading it into an even more useless ministry?  Time will tell. In the meantime please buy some Charmine and clean up that masthead!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family In Desperate Need To Find Out Name of Abusive Philadelphia Church of God Minister

A family is asking for any help possible in find out out the last name of the man described below.  He is attempting to take money and vehicles from the family.  The wife is still part of PCG and the husband is not.  He is constantly taking money from the wife unbeknownst to her husband.  They are also attempting to stop him from getting proper medical treatment.

Need your help. There is a man named Todd who attends the Austin, TX congregation of the PCG. He is about 40 and a car salesman. I need his last name so he can be blocked from helping the PCG steal money from a friend's dying father.

What the Current Churches of God Are Really Like

from the Naked Pastor blog

Rod Meredith and Ron Weinland Are Exactly Alike When It Comes To Treating Members Like Dirt

Ron Weinland has written another missive from his prison cell, dictated to his Second Witness wife, Laura.

In that letter Weinland talks about how his god has been "cleansing" his church from the filthy apostate members that seem to be part of it.  Scores of members have left Weinland's cult since he went to prison leading Laura and Audra take control.  People can only take so much abuse from these morons till they finally wake up and leave.  Of course the mentally deranged Weinland's claim this is all the doing of their god. 

Rod Meredith does the exact same thing.  He too thinks his group is the ONLY true repository of truth active in this age.  His god is also cleansing the Living Church of God of all its filthy apostate members.  Weinland calls his apostates "harmful, profane and polluting." Meredith also calls his apostates harmful, divisive and profane.

Ever since the Church of God was formed under Herbert Armstrong, the membership have been looked upon with scorn.  Never have they been able to do anything right.  God is always pissed at them for something.  Whenever things spiral out of control and members start voicing concerns, its leaders, Armstrong, Meredith, Weinland and others immediately lash out at members blaming THEM for all the problems.  Of course it is Satan that is causing them to be such "harmful, profane, and polluting" elements in the church.
For about the past three years now, the Church has been living through a very specific prophesied time of the sixth period of 1,260 days in the count to Christ’s return following the Apostasy upon the Church. This period is about the “measuring of the temple” covered in the beginning of Revelation 11.
Like Weinland, Meredith too claims that there are "feigning" members in his group's midst.  That's when the weapon of "Laodicean" is hurled at them.  There can never be any stronger epithet in Armstrongism than to use this against someone. It scares people to death, causing them to think they have lost their salvation and will never make it to Petra.

For some reason the various COG leaders seem to think their personalty cults are "temples."  They assume they are "temples" of God, but their track record proves they are anything but!
This time for the “measuring of the temple” is about a final great cleansing of that temple, as harmful, profaning, and polluting elements are being removed from it. Some of what began to be removed early on and is still taking place to a much smaller degree is the removal from the environs of the Church of those who feign (pretend – falsely live) that they have been part of the temple. This time is also about many within the Church who have been yielding themselves to more fully measure up to their placement in the temple of God. These begotten individuals are cleansing themselves as they work to more fully “dress and keep” what God has placed before them.
Armstrongism, along with Meredithism, Flurryism, Packism, Kubikism have continually claimed the church is in its final year/s.  Strong pushes have to be made to get their message out to the world.  Of course with most of these guys Satan is an mighty advisory who grows stronger as the world comes to a crashing end.  However, that is not true with the cult of Weinland.  They think that the bogey-man they call Satan is being made weak and impotent.  As Weinland grows more powerful as he reaches his release date, his satan is growing weaker and weaker.

Within this time of measuring the temple, and now in this final Year of Dedication, month by month the Church is being made stronger and Satan weaker. In this time of the Church being made stronger and of being prepared for what lies ahead in the next few years, as well as being prepared for Christ’s coming, Satan’s head is beginning to be bruised. Not only is God increasingly diminishing Satan’s power, but also He is preparing to have him completely removed from the presence of mankind for the next 1,100 years. When that time has passed Satan will then be released for a short time in order to meet his destruction – the final bruising of his head.

This adversarial spirit being knows that his time is short and he is striking out at God’s Church in whatever ways he can, but due to the Church being so strengthened spiritually, he is simply eating more and more dust. Yet this knowledge should sober all of us to focus even more so on putting God first in our lives and working earnestly to more fully dedicate our lives to Him and His way of life. God and Jesus Christ have granted us this most awesome opportunity to excel in that quest in the remaining time of this important and exceedingly blessed and special Year of Dedication.
If a Church of God member were really a follower of the Jesus they claim to follow they would know that their battle has been fought for them and that they can rest from that wearisome struggle.  They need not live in the constant state of fear that the Church of God imposes upon them.

Felon Ron Weinland Is So Powerful He Is Able To Diminish Satan's Power And Make Him Eat Major Dust!

For 2 1/2 years now failed false prophet Ron Weinerdude Weinland has been sharing a prison cell with Bubba.  During this time Weinland's circus barkers, Laura and Audra,have been purging members from their money-making personality cult.

Now that Weinland is in his home stretch of imprisonment, he is now zeroing in on brain farts that he claims are prophecies.  Of course things are winding down in a whirlwind because that big bad meanie Satan is out to destroy the true chruch.  However, Satan has met a strong adversary when he started dealing with Weinland.  Weinland is making him eat dust!  Ever since Satan was cursed in teh Garden of Eden he has had to crawl on the ground eating dust.  Now Weinland is forcing that dust down Satan's throat.

We can expect that when Weinland is finally released from prison in a years time that he will let both barrels loose and start his end time push.  This of course will be his third, fourth, fifth, or whatever final push he is up to now.  Just like Meredith, Flurry, Pack and Kubik, the end times has failed to come when they have predicted it.

This adversarial spirit being knows that his time is short and he is striking out at God’s Church in whatever ways he can, but due to the Church being so strengthened spiritually, he is simply eating more and more dust. Yet this knowledge should sober all of us to focus even more so on putting God first in our lives and working earnestly to more fully dedicate our lives to Him and His way of life. God and Jesus Christ have granted us this most awesome opportunity to excel in that quest in the remaining time of this important and exceedingly blessed and special Year of Dedication.

There is yet one more prophetic verse that is now beginning to be fulfilled. It was recorded by Paul when he states, “And the God of peace shall bruise [KJV quote – the actual Gk. means ‘to break, shatter, crush’] Satan under your [the Church's] feet shortly” (Rom. 16:20).

This is part of what is now beginning to take place in this year and will continue through the seventh period that follows. The word translated “shortly” is not a word that means it will happen soon, but is a compound word that means, “When it is time for it to happen, it will happen relatively quickly or over a short period of time.” The next few years is indeed a short period of time when held up to the past nearly 6,000 years of Satan’s work against mankind, and short compared to the nearly 2,000 years of his fighting against God’s Church. So indeed, this time spoken of by Paul has begun and will continue to accelerate until it is complete.

The more that Satan fights against God’s Church, the more his power will become diminished and shattered. This will continue up to a crescendo when the 144,000 return with Christ and he binds Satan for the next 1,100 years. At that point, Satan’s power and influence against God’s Church will be fully crushed, broken, and shattered, as he will never again be able to harm it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meredith: Your Salvation Depends Upon Reading His Tomorrow's World Mag.

Another issue of Rod Meredith's doom and gloom rag is out in print.  Every single issue of this magazine and ever single letter that Meredith writes is filled with horrific scenario after another.  Damnation, starvation and death are the code words of the day.

Believe me, my friends, God is watching! He is not going to give eternal life to those who just “go along to get along.” Please understand this—for your good and the good of your family and loved ones. So I encourage all of you to begin to study the dozens of powerful booklets we send out from this Work absolutely free. Also, I pray that more

and more of you will set yourselves to request your free subscription to our Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course and actually complete the lessons and study the Word of God so that you are, in fact, able to prove the full Truth and purpose of God in a way you may never have done before. Then, after you have truly proved what God says and where He is working, you can become part of the “team” and do your part in helping to take His message out to this world with increasing power. As Jesus Christ Himself said, “My food [His strength and reason for being] is to do the will of Him who
Every word that Rod Meredith has uttered in the last 70 some years has been one lie after another.  Every single "prophecy" he claimed would happen by this time has failed.  The Churches of God have been ripped asunder and are impotent little cash cows for desperate rulers.  This continues to prove terribly frustrating for Meredith and crew.  Meredith constantly has to look back on the "glory days" of yesteryear in Armstrongism.

Back in the late 1940s and 1950s, I was privileged to be part of the original “team” that helped Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong do this Work with increasing power. But we did not do it “all by ourselves.” We were encouraged by him—and by one another and God’s inspired Word—to truly “go all out” in giving our lives to God, and seeking to understand and to teach His Word and to reach this world as best we could. I am very grateful to have had that opportunity.
Just what is he so grateful for?  The trail of death he has left in his wake?  For all the good marriages he ripped apart because of the draconian "divorce and remarriage" policies he helped institute?  For all the deaths he caused by making people reject medical help?  For scaring small children to death with his meat-hook stories, concentration camps with stories of parents eating their children?

As I draw closer to the end of my life, I often think back on those days and wish with all my heart that we could rekindle that kind of zeal among God’s people to truly be willing to work together, to sacrifice together and to proclaim His message so that we have a greater genuine “impact” on the world than ever. As the darkness descends on this world’s society and its governments, let us all strive to be “children of light.”
The failed fraudulent belief system of the Church of God cannot be resurrected.  We have seen that in practice of the last 70some years.  Hundreds and hundreds of splinter personality cults have broken off all claiming they are the only truth out there.  Rampant sexual immorality by the ministry.  Overwhelming misuses of tithe money for personal gain. The church is filled with widespread mental health issues due to the asinine sermons preached week in and week out.  Suicides, rapes, stalkings, child abuse and murders seem to be the legacy that Armstrongism has wrought on the membership.  Yet that is what Meredith wants to recapture.