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Gerald Flurry: PCG Members Required To Submit To More Asinine Rules - Bans Gender Reveal Parties

Just when you think Armstrngism can't get any crazier, along comes Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, and Gerald Flurry. This time it is Gerald Flurry and his deep-seated hatred of "gender reveal parties". Nothing is more disgusting than a family celebrating the upcoming birth of their child. 

Remember, this is coming from a church that has damaged more children mentally and physically than most COG's out there. From legalistic doctrines and policies to forcing children to exercise in the heat and humidity in Oklahoma in the summer all because it is a test of the spiritual worthiness to follow governance.

Exit and Support Network reports:

PCG Bans Gender Reveal Parties: 
June 3, 2022 
The PCG has now banned gender reveal parties for expectant families. While Herbert Armstrong “approved” baby showers. Gender reveal parties are not allowed as they put the attention on the parents. (Yes, you read that correctly) Also stated, was that they originated in the 2000’s by social media and Hollywood and by putting the emphasis on the parents it is too much like a birthday party. Hmmmm. I don’t think so, but that’s besides the point. 
For those scratching their heads in bewilderment at the news of this recent stupidity, this is done because it is another means of control. They like to flex their control muscle, show people who’s boss and also they don’t like get-togethers. While they always preach that the brethren should fellowship often, they want it done in controlled, supervised environments. They actually require a minister or a deacon to be at get-togethers over a certain number. Most members are actually oblivious to this rule. This is because they don’t want people having a party where people can celebrate–possibly with family and friends in the world–the exciting event of finding out if you will be welcoming a baby boy or girl into your family. –Former PCG member [name withheld]

LCG: Astounding Church Growth In 5 Months!!!!


Such amazing growth is going on in the Living Church of God right now! 

Just think how impressive the following is. 

10 people a month (since January) throughout the ENTIRE United States who visited one of LCG's  Tomorrow's World Presentations have reportedly "joined" the church. 

This is astounding the impact LCG is having on the world!  

51 people out of 329.5 million people! That's 1.55015e-05% of the U.S. population! 

God's work marches forth with power!!!!!!!!!!

51 New Attendees from Tomorrow’s World Presentations in 2022 (United States Only)
Thus far in 2022, the Living Church of God has conducted 31 TWP “campaigns” in the United States. One campaign is defined as the TWPs conducted in one city, including any follow-ups. It is encouraging to note that, based on the feedback from our pastors, God has guided 51 new people to start attending services in the United States as a result of these events, with another 37 interested though not yet attending. Thank you to our pastors and brethren who make these TWPs possible— they are yielding fruit!

Gerald Weston: LCG Has A Better Malachi's Message And Claims To Know What the Mark Of The Beast Is...


Would someone PLEASE buy Gerald Weston 
some needle cleaner for his skipping record player!!!!!!

Gerald Flurry was seen trembling in the corner when he heard that Weston has the CORRECT version of Malachi's Message! What's the King going to do?

Oh, and Christians who go to church on Sunday, or Wednesday, or Monday, and who are NOT Living Church of God members have already marked their foreheads with the mark of the beast.

A new French-language telecast, “Malachi’s Prophetic Message for Today,” presented by Mr. Rod McNair and dubbed in French, was posted this week. It offers the French-language version of Do You Believe the True Gospel? I recorded a new program earlier today titled “Have You Taken the Mark of the Beast?,” offering Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? Dr. Douglas Winnail is to be in Houston for the Sabbath and Pentecost. Mr. Mario Hernandez and Mr. Cristian Orrego and his wife Carmen are to spend ten days in Mexico, and Mr. Peter Nathan is to spend Pentecost and ten days in South Africa. Semiannual responses are flooding in to the office. We continue to refine the television stations we are on—dropping less productive stations and adding new ones as budget permits. Celebrations abound for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years on the throne. Britons, especially older Britons, as well as others in the Commonwealth and elsewhere, deeply love this remarkable woman. I hope all of you have a rewarding Sabbath and Pentecost.—Gerald Weston

LCG Members Are NOT "Walk Worthy" of their Calling

The Friday Night smack-down is back for LCG members. 

This repeat accusation claims that LCG members are not walking worthy of their calling and are creating contention in the church. 

Those sad folks are devoid of any humility and therefore are filled with pride. 

Remember, the ministers are not filled with pride, just the members. 

LCG members also do not seem to have much respect for each other. 

They had better get their act together as they are going to have a rough time when they all converge on Petra and find out Bob Thiel and Gerald Flurry are in charge. 

Humility—Key to Unity: David wrote, “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity (Psalm 133:1). The Apostle Paul urged Christians to “walk worthy” of their calling “with all lowliness and gentleness... endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:1–3). But, what destroys unity and causes contention? The Scriptures reveal that pride is an underlying cause of contention (Proverbs 13:10), yet humility can promote peace, harmony, and unity (James 3:17–18). Jesus was exalted because He first humbled Himself (Philippians 2:5–9). As Christians, we are admonished to be forgiving (Matthew 6:15) and to treat each other with respect—as we would like to be treated (Romans 12:10; Matthew 7:12). Let’s all take this advice to heart so we can be in the Kingdom of God together.
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Crackpot Prophet Pops A Cork And Claims The Four Horsemen Are Now Riding!


Since Dave Pack and his craziness has been overtaking other COG leaders who occupy space on this blog, its time to turn our attention for a moment to our Illustrious Doubly-blessed Bwana, the Amos, Elijah, Elijah, Habbakuk, Joshua, and Chief Overseer Bob Thiel, of the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god", the greatest living head of any Church of God in the history of Christianity. Never has the church been blessed to have such an accurate dreamer of dreams as we have in Bwana Bob.

As he was sitting in his home on the central coast of California, the great Bwana started channeling visions from his "god" about the end times he sees exploding around him. Today, the Bwana popped a cork over an article by CNN, "Disaster Upon Disaster". This was a wet dream come true for the Bwana. Any time an article feeds into his doom and gloom scenarios he latches onto it like a leech as he tries to suck the blood out of the latest disaster to try and impress us with his latest vanity vomitus.

The Bwana says,

"Disaster Upon Disaster"

In the prophetic book of Ezekiel, God warns today’s Israelite-descended nations of the fate coming upon them because they have rejected Him and His laws: “Disaster will come upon disaster, and rumor will be upon rumor. Then they will seek a vision from a prophet; but the law will perish from the priest, and counsel from the elders” (Ezekiel 7:26). 
A recent CNN article echoes the same story: “Disaster Upon Disaster: Wildfires Are Contaminating the West’s Depleting Water with Ashy Sludge” (CNN, May 29, 2022). ... 
As time goes on, we see increasing signs of the approaching end of this age—just as the Bible has long foretold.

After being trained at the feet of his spiritual Daddy (Rod Meredith) the Bwana does not have to look far in finding stories to fit the rubrics of backward-looking Armstrongism. 

Bwana continues:

"Disaster will come upon disaster" is consistent with Jesus' warnings about "troubles" and the "beginning of sorrows" in Mark 13:8. When I was with LCG it started to teach that the beginning of sorrows had begun, but not specifics related to that or the rides of the horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Don't forget boys and girls, Rod Meredith and the LCG were too stupid to understand prophecy and only Bwana Bob has the right interpretations. 

Bwana Bob was so sure of his predictions that he even did one of his crazy programs on the subject. Hilarity ensues, as usual. Prophecy watchers apparently are missing all the sure signs that he and he alone understands. I can hear the jackasses braying in the field at this one.

These Signs of the 4 Horsemen Have Begun
Are we at the time of the ride of at least some of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse? If so, are many prophecy watchers missing signs associated with them? History shows that authoritarian totalitarian regimes tend to arise after famines and/or pestilences. Those are events associated with three of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Could the beginning of sorrows, and the associated ride of the first horseman of false ecumenical religion, have started in the Fall of 2009? What is the significance of this rider having a bow? Is Satan the prince of the power of the air? Did Dr. Thiel warn of a prophetic threat of a “novel” coronavirus back in 2013? Could COVID-19 been related to the taking away the peace from the earth that is associated with the ride of the red horse, the second horsemen of war? What are some of the ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the opening of the second seal? Was Amos inspired to write that God does nothing without revealing it to his servants the prophets? Who warned of these matters? The ride of the third horse, the black horse of famine and food price inflation–specifically wheat, barley, edible oils, and wine. Since Ukraine is a major exporter of the first three, could this, as well as fertilizer shortages, have anything to do with the ride of that horseman? The pale horse of the fourth seal mentions one-quarter of humankind being subject to being killed by the sword, hunger, and pestilence–will this be a factor in the rise of the Beast of Revelation 13? Is persecution associated with the start of the Great tribulation and the rise of the Beast? Why is the Beast going to be in charge of a European-based empire? Will the opening of the first four seals and the starts of the rides of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse get Europe to reorganize such as is prophesied in Revelation 17:12-13? What does Jesus say you should do? Dr. Thiel addresses these matters and more in this video.

As usual, Bwana Bob bounces all over the screen, both literally and figuratively. Is his ADD rattled brain capable of a singular thought?

The most perfect COG leader in all of Christendom, who was foreordained before the foundations of the world were laid, is also ridiculing other COG groups as being incompetent in understanding prophecy or even the Bible.

50+ Laodicean Prophetic Errors
While many seem to believe that all the Churches of God are the same, this is not so. In the end time, most true Christians are Laodicean and not Philadelphian. In this sermon, Dr. Thiel mentions over 50 prophetic errors that Laodiceans, independents, and some of the remnant of Sardis have held to. Dr. Thiel also mentions scriptures that Laodiceans and other non-Philadelphians miss. Dr. Thiel sites scriptures such as Zephaniah 2 related to gathering together before it is time to flee. He also mentions that Jesus only promised to protect the Philadelphians from the coming ‘hour of trial.’ Furthermore, Dr. Thiel mentions that unless they change, Laodiceans will not know when the Great Tribulation will begin until after it is started, and hence too late for them to flee prior to its beginning.

I am humbled to be in the same state as our Great Bwana. I am so impressed I may start going back to church so that can be on the first plane to go to Petra so I can get the best cave before other COG's show up! What a great time to be alive to witness his perfect prophetic predictions!  Read em and weep, Davey!

Thursday, June 2, 2022

RCG’s David C. Pack Sues For Defamation and Libel...


RCG’s David C. Pack Sues For Defamation and Libel


Move over Johnny and Amber.

It was inevitable. Dave Pack’s ears got too red one afternoon and he had to finally consult his legal counsel. Yes, he may have “big boy pants” but he also has the spare funds to hire a lawyer and sue an Ohio resident that has been causing him so much grief. Those excess AYC funds and widow’s mites are really going to come in handy now.

The continuous attacks on his character and prophetic teachings have been tolerated long enough. Taking a stand, he plans to discredit his most visceral critic publicly.

As part of the brief his team just filed in court, multiple published quotes were included as evidence to establish the seriousness of the allegations against the man who used to “obey the truth” as taught by him and by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Page numbers are cited.

The man who wrote the following words should fear what David C. Pack will do to him now.

Edit: The tone of this article is purely satire. RCG is not currently suing anyone. However, the quotes below are verified from RCG literature written by David C. Pack.

The Bible states that there are prophets, and that all of them fall into one of two categories—either true or false. All prophets—past, present or future—are one or
the other. They cannot be both, and they cannot be in-between. (p. 15)

Many have supposed that one must actually declare himself to be a prophet in order
to be a candidate for the role of false prophet. (p. 76) 
If a prophet is sent by God, every one of his prophecies will always be PERFECTLY accurate—no exceptions! (p. 48)

Another characteristic of false prophets is that few or none of their prophecies ever really come to pass. (p. 47)

…they [false prophets] are often extremely prolific in claiming new revelations from God. True prophets always speak plain, simple truth, delivered without frills! Typically, false prophets claim that they are getting “more and more insight.” (p. 51)

Here is how these prophecy deceivers work their magic: Generally, through use of familiar prophecies, these unlearned and ungrounded self-appointed teachers believe themselves to have been selected by God to be His vessel for revealing “deeper” or “richer” or “fuller” prophetic insight to scattered brethren, hungering for answers… (p. 76)

There will almost certainly also be false “Elijahs.” Since many brethren no longer believe Mr. Armstrong was the final Elijah, they have set themselves up to be victims of men who may take this title. (p. 16)

These deceivers always seem to find new ways to elevate themselves to greater offices and roles! (p. 51)


The reader must see the tremendous difference between one who is truly GIVEN an office by Jesus Christ, and a man who is a presumptuous, self-promoting IMPOSTOR who sees one or more offices and titles that he desires, declares himself to have these offices and roles, and then sets out to prove to others that he does. The critical element that separates those to whom Christ gives an office is HUMILITY. The man would have never thought of himself as holding a high office until long after he was already doing the job. (p. 54)

The apostle Peter plainly—ABSOLUTELY UNMISTAKABLY!—equates Jesus Christ with the Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:15! This is why Mr. Armstrong taught this truth as he did! There is no other possible way to read this passage—at least not for the honest mind.
(p. 30)

…and leaves no doubt that Jesus Christ is That Prophet! … Could Mr. Armstrong be so confused that he did not know who would fulfill Deuteronomy 18:15:-22? Could he have somehow been deceived about a prophecy as important as the Coming of Christ and His bringing God’s government to earth? (p. 26)

We are now ready to ask a central—and most crucial—question. If the Laodiceans understand this much about Christ’s role when He returns—and they are called “BLIND” by Christ (Rev. 3:17)—then could the leader of the Philadelphian era have somehow remained ignorant—blind—for 52 years about who That Prophet was? It is utterly absurd to suggest that Mr. Armstrong did not understand this point. (p. 40)

The living Christ led His apostle from 1934 to 1986. Could anyone seriously believe that the living Christ was not competent enough or would neglect to reveal to Mr. Armstrong His (Christ’s own) role as That Prophet? Would Christ forget something so monumentally important?—or do we suppose that Mr. Armstrong was too dense to recognize such a vital doctrine? Did Mr. Armstrong forget or did he somehow neglect to properly restore something so enormous, when he was prophesied to “restore all things”? Ridiculous!
(p. 40)

So, there is only one conceivable way that any person alive today could claim to be “That Prophet”—he would eventually have to claim that his writings and “revelations” are to become part of Scripture! (p. 31)

There is no way to separate the doctrine of “That Prophet” from the man who claims to hold that office! (p. 18)

If someone claims to be That Prophet, but disconnects this office from Christ, this person is still a false Christ. Of course, he is deluded in his reasoning. (p. 55) 
If someone tries to convince you That Prophet is someone other than Christ, he is speaking directly contrary to “the Law,” which has always been far more than the Ten Commandments. (p. 43)

If someone claims to be not only a prophet but also to be “That Prophet,” he is both a liar and a blasphemer! (He makes himself God!) He may be “running,” but God has certainly not sent him! If he’s claiming titles belonging to the all-powerful living Jesus Christ, then he is no less than a BLASPHEMING IDOL, seeking to replace Christ with himself. (p. 32)

This account [Saul in 1 Samuel] proves that people can start out “little in their own eyes” and yet fall so far from God that they can actually become demon-possessed. (p. 45)

A demon spirit would love to be considered That Prophet—and would love to influence a human vessel to this end. Appropriating that title to itself, through a human agent, is very attractive to a demon—especially if it could gain control of many of God’s people in the process! (p. 56)

When one takes the title of That Prophet, he has even exceeded the evil that Moses warned against! (p. 65)

Such a one is an outright antichrist! This cannot be viewed any other way. (p. 66)

History shows that when false leaders or false prophets appear, the majority of people—in the Church or the world-at-large—are perfectly willing to let them get away with their actions! (p. 16)

In summary, if one claims to be not only a true prophet, but also That Prophet, then you are in the presence of a false prophet and a FALSE CHRIST! (p. 35)

If you are part of the organization following That Prophet, you are in the presence of a false, blasphemous human idol who seeks to “steal your crown” through directing your worship to himself. If this man tells you that he is trying to help you, then remember Satan told Eve that if she would do what he said, “Thou shalt not surely die.” I tell you, do not believe either your false leader, or me alone, believe your Bible and Mr. Armstrong! (p. 36)

Saul was vexed, and often outright possessed, by a demon. The unwitting and fearful…continued to follow him anyway simply because he was “the king”… (p. 46)


They want their followers to be afraid to talk to “outsiders.” These false leaders know that knowledge dispensed outside their control is a threat to their ability to retain control.
(p. 56)

In the end, false teachers always have a money angle hidden in their “new teachings.” (p.41)

Is “That Prophet” Alive Today? – The Rise of False Prophets
September 5, 2012 Edition
David C. Pack 
May God help the man who put those words to print and had the courage to attach his name so that it could be recorded for all time.

The Ohio State Irony Police are planning to raid that man’s house very soon. Well, if they can get past the front gate.

The court date for David C. Pack v. David C. Pack is forthcoming. Get your cameras ready.

Marc Cebrian

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

LCG Sacramento Super-spreader Event?


From a reader: LCG picnic in the Sacramento area is responsible for members getting COVID. Super spreader event perhaps? The illustrious hireling jeffrey fall (area pastor) said that a number of people who were at the picnic "happened" to get COVID.As if the gathering wasn't the event that helped the virus spread. Because LCG isn't a transparent "church" that will be truthful or open about this, I wanted to put it out there.

Living Church of God on Propaganda


Imagine that! A Church of God talking about propaganda! Given the history of Rod Meredith and Global/Living Church of God, they'd better be cautious when they start accusing others of propaganda, but, I digress.

LCG Paul Kern has an article up on their website that discusses propaganda, The Chief Propagandist.

He starts off by giving going after the news media and then gives a definition of propaganda, which incidentally sounds exactly like what goes on in the current corporate Churches of God!

Propaganda is defined by as “the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.” The information that is propagated fits the agenda of the organization propagating it—and it’s important to understand that this is not just a modern-day issue. This credibility crisis is not new. Who is the one ultimately responsible for pushing misinformation, spreading half-truths, and eliminating important facts from a particular narrative in order to paint a picture different from the reality of an issue?

The answer to that question, when we think about it from a biblical perspective, is quite obvious—and it’s not CNN. When we look at the credibility crisis and we see the confusion in the world today, we should know that Satan the devil is ultimately the one behind it. He uses CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and other news outlets, but he is ultimately the one propagating the confusion.

And, in fact, false and twisted information existed long before news outlets and social media. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is replete with examples of propaganda being used to destroy people’s reputations and lives. Let’s examine how Satan has used propaganda throughout biblical history in his attempts to disrupt the Work of God and destroy God’s people, and then take a look at a more recent example of how our adversary can use propaganda to influence entire nations.

Kern then moves to the first example of propaganda the church believes in, that old snake in the Garden of Eden:

Satan used propaganda and misinformation in Eden. “Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, ‘Has God indeed said, “You shall not eat of every tree of the garden”?’” (Genesis 3:1). Satan sowed a seed of doubt in Eve’s mind, causing confusion right from the beginning. That’s how he operates.

Kern then moves on to Absolom, the Pharisees, and the Nazis, to reach the point of no return when Satan causes persecution of the true believers in the Living Church of God. Of course, like a good COG writer/minister, Kern brings in the gays and others who will persecute the church the for might "stands" they take on certain subjects.

Matthew 24:9 reads, “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.” How will Satan bring the world to the point where it hates God’s people?

The answer, of course, is propaganda. All those people in the Church of God are so full of hate. They don’t support LGBTQ rights. They don’t support a woman’s right to choose abortion. They don’t even do their civic duty and vote. What’s their problem? Why don’t they love people? Those people are evil. They’re even saying that our nation is going down the drain—those people aren’t patriotic. Those people are against us.

This attitude is something we need to expect at some time in the future, because it will lead to the persecution of God’s people. Ultimately, it will reach the point where Satan himself will inspire the beast and the false prophet, and all the world will follow their system. And if we’re not part of that system, we’ll be considered evil.

For several decades now we have all witnessed cunning propaganda from COG leaders, including Rod Meredith, Gerald Weston, Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, and Gerald Flurry.

“Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:23–24). We’ll see incredible cunning and deceit in the years ahead. Satan’s greatest propaganda campaign is yet to occur, and we need to be alert to it. We need to be aware that Satan’s endgame is to destroy God’s people, and he will use propaganda in his attempts to achieve that result. 
False "christs" abound in the current conglomeration of the COG movement. Never have we seen such appalling creatures that these leaders try and pass off as Jesus as we do today in COGland, when and IF they even talk about him.

We have seen how the news media have enraptured many of today's COG leaders who sound like reporters right out of NewsMax and other far-right sites, like Mark Armstrong. Regardless of where one gathers their news and information, those in the COG are supposed to be able to look to their leaders as representatives of God instead of being the liars so many of them currently are. More lies and false propaganda has been spread by COG leaders over the last 40-50 years than ever in the history of the church.

So, we must examine the agenda behind any source to which we look for information. Before reading a book or an article, ask, Who is the author? Where did the author grow up? What’s the author’s outlook on life? Does the author believe in God? Not everything an atheist author writes will be wrong, but we must ask such questions and be aware that every individual or news outlet will be pushing a particular bias. When we recognize that bias, we can more accurately sift through the half-truths and misinformation we come across.

COG members should examine the agendas of today's corporate Church of God and use critical thinking to discern who is actually telling the truth. It is going to be a long search as there are not too many truthful COG leaders out there. 

The way to avoid being deceived is to stay close to Almighty God and to read sources we can trust, such as material from God’s true ministry. The one source of truth is not CNN, not Fox News, and not any social media outlet—the one source of truth is God’s word. So, keep your nose in that word, keep watching world events, and be aware of Satan, the chief propagandist, who wants to destroy God’s Work and His people.

Reading God's word and listening to church leaders interpret that word are two different things. COG members should throw out every single book, booklet, and article written by ANY past or current leader today. You might be surprised that what you discover is NOT what they are currently teaching you.

Propaganda in the Church of God has kept it in operation for 80 some years and will continue even as each group shrinks in numbers until people finally wake up.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Dave Pack: If Christ Is returning on Pentecost (June 5) why do I still need to give money?


From an RCG source:

Announcements: Pentecost

The Feast of Pentecost (Sunday, June 5) is just over a week away! 
As a reminder, an offering will be taken up on this Holy Day. 
In advance of this time, God’s people should reflect on (WHY AM I GOING TO GIVE $$ IF CHRIST APPEARS ON THAT DAY?!!!) how He has blessed them throughout the year and devote sufficient time preparing these crucial offerings for God’s Work.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Dave Pack: If Christ Doesn't Return On This Pentecost Then We Have to Wait TIll 2029…THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!

The Wadsworth weasel is now giving himself an easy out when his creature does not return on Pentecost 2022. Instead of admitting he is a liar and apologizing he will continue to make up new lies every single day. 

What will his members do if they have sold everything and nothing happens? They will now have to figure out how to survive till 2029, while he gets to live in his free house and play with his free horses and plant new trees. 

The stupidity reigns supreme!

From an RCG source:

"There's NO other way to read all of this!!

Learning the 1335, and figuring HOW to apply it - really DIDN'T mean in the middle of a month. And you COULDN'T bend it, and 10 days in front of it - simply CHANGED EVERYTHING.

It reduced it to MATH - SIMPLE math...

A 10-day kingdom that ends in the middle of a month, and now you see HAS TO START at Pentecost!

And IF it's gonna end in the middle of the month, it HAS to start on a Pentecost that FITS THIS year!

And the next Pentecost that fits the 6th (Iyar) is 2029. JUST THINK about those things as we move along here"... - DCP Part 371

Dave Pack: 10 Billion Resurrected Saints Will Soon Be Surrounding Jerusalem

Dave Pack says Jerusalem is SOON going to be surrounded 
by 10 billion resurrected Israelites in tents.

More batshittery from Uncle Dave.

From an RCG source:

Then, crammed against the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea and all around, will be 100 billions resurrected people WITNESSING Israel DIE - the event happening "in their sight".


Marc Cebrian: David C. Pack’s Secret Passion EXPOSED


David C. Pack’s Secret Passion EXPOSED
Marc Cebrian

It’s hard to know what David C. Pack loves more than prophetic failure, since he has been doing it so well for so long. Starting in 2012, he has been proving to all the members of the Restored Church of God that he has no idea what he is talking about. Despite the hundreds of hours of “The Greatest Unending Story” series, Dave cannot seem to make any of his teachings have a shelf life beyond a loaf of bread. (Even bread laughs at your changes, Dave.)

His most recent failure was on May 15, 2022, when the Kingdom of Israel / Kingdom of God / Jesus Christ did not manifest. Reality can be a real bitch sometimes.

True to form, he immediately consulted the anvil that keeps falling out of the sky and landing on his head to give him a new idea: “Oops, I got the timing wrong. Again.” His reasonings behind it certainly sounded like they came from someone who had a spiritual head injury.

Since the previously scheduled eclipse went right along as planned, Dave had to put on a sour face and assault his calendar again. May 30, 2022, is now the day. That is certain. Because…you know…the metrics, and all the “proofs,” and the yelling, and all the ministers agreeing. Could this finally be the sweet smell of success?

Dooh! Being far too predictable, Dave delivered an important 3-hours of “clarifying” on May 28th so that he could get in front of his own prophetic failure. It takes a very special mind to be able to find how much he is “right” in something he was wrong about.

Guess what, folks. Now, it’s Pentecost! (That’s Sunday, June 5th to all you unwashed.) The people of the Restored Church of God are caught in a loop, wandering in the biblical desert passing their old beer cans. This all should sound eerily familiar. The ghost of Holy Day’s past is coming to haunt you.

Until the people of the Restored Church of God sunder the chains, they will never escape. The sad thing is, they have the power to do it. The Board of Directors could vote David C. Pack out of his corporate position at the Restored Church of God, removing him as Pastor General. They could then kindly give him “as much time as he needs” to move off the campus. Question: Is there a quorum of spines here in Wadsworth?

People think he loves money the most, however, it seems clear from the historic evidence that David C. Pack loves (and is really in love with) prophetic failure.

Oh, wait…I guess that wasn’t such a secret after all.


“Let me tell you what God would never do. He would never arrive on Pentecost. Never!”

David C. Pack

May 26, 2020 - Part 253 @ 1:54:28

Can COG's known for their lack of love for fellow man and for their brutal leadership, learn from Desmond Doss's selfless love?


From a reader:

The Churches of God have never recognized the love and good deeds of other Christians even sabbath observers. In fact they often mock other churches known for their good works. Perhaps the best example of this is the apparent reluctance to praise the stellar example of Desmond Doss who was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church. 
Desmond Doss was the only conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor during WWII. A pacifist, he was persecuted in boot camp by his fellow soldiers for his odd religious beliefs. His commanding officer offered to give him a Section 8, but Doss refused the offer because he did not want to dishonor his faith. Desmond also insisted on going to church on Saturday, and was allowed to do so. Doss promised his commanding officer to make up for the training, and also that God would aid him in battle. This promise appears to have been met in extraordinary ways. 
Despite being persecuted and mocked for his beliefs Desmond Doss, as a combat medic, would distinguish himself numerous times under fire for risking his life to save others. His entire life and service would be characterized by a profound desire to serve and to love his fellow human beings. I hope the COGs who are well known for their lack of love for their fellow man, lack of good deeds, and brutal leadership will learn from Doss’s light of devotion, kindness and selfless love.


Desmond Thomas Doss (February 7, 1919 – March 23, 2006)[1] was a United States Army corporal who served as a combat medic with an infantry company in World War II. He was twice awarded the Bronze Star Medal for actions in Guam and the Philippines. Doss further distinguished himself in the Battle of Okinawa by saving 75 men,[a] becoming the only conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions during the war.[b] His life has been the subject of books, the documentary The Conscientious Objector, and the 2016 Oscar-winning film Hacksaw Ridge, where he was portrayed by Andrew Garfield.
While serving with his platoon in 1944 on Guam and the Philippines, he was awarded two Bronze Star Medals with a "V" device,[11] for exceptional valor in aiding wounded soldiers under fire. During the Battle of Okinawa, he saved the lives of 50–100 wounded infantrymen atop the area known by the 96th Division as the Maeda Escarpment or Hacksaw Ridge.[12] Doss was wounded four times in Okinawa,[13] and was evacuated on May 21, 1945, aboard the USS Mercy.[14] Doss suffered a left arm fracture from a sniper's bullet while being carried back to Allied lines and at one point had seventeen pieces of shrapnel embedded in his body after a failed attempt at kicking a grenade away from him and his men.[14] He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Okinawa.[15]

Crackpot Prophet, Memorial Day and Evil, Vile, Satanic, and Disgusting Football (and Boxing)

As this nation honors the brave men and women who have died in military conflicts our resident self-absorbed self-appointed prophet of the Church of God is back ranting today about Memorial Day and what else, but football.

Never in the entirety of Christianity has the church been blessed with such a wise and enlightened prophet in its midst. What more should we expect though, since he was foreordained as the world was coming into existence to lead a mighty end-time work of God because there would be no other competent human alive at that time to lead a church. Besides, a few nightmares and dreams by a few equally nutty people proves his position as our prophet and revelator of all things truly unimportant in one's Christian walk of faith.

After traveling to Ireland and adding his two cents to Irish history, our doubly blessed prophet returned home to sunny California to dream up another foolish rant about football, with some boxing thrown into the ring.

But first, he  attempts to honor those who have died fighting for the freedom he has to write irrelevant stupidity:

Today, while many are in mourning over various mass shootings, many in the USA observe ‘Memorial Day.’ It was originally known as ‘Decoration Day.’ It started after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day was extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service.

He goes on to include information one of his "readers" sent to him about "just wars'.

Memorial Day a time to question war

It is proper to pay respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us. Memorial Day should also be a time of reflection on when it is moral for the United States to wage war and, if allowed, how this country should conduct war. 
War is awful. In these days of shallow, sanitized news coverage, the real horror of war rarely confronts us with the terrible death it levies against fellow humans, soldiers and civilians alike, and the maiming injuries, physical and psychological, it leaves behind in its wake… 
Over the centuries, religious leaders and moral philosophers have clarified moral principles for commencing a “just war.” Choices about war and peace involve not only military and political options, but also moral questions.

Then, our greatest theologian in COG history weighs in with this: 

The ‘just war’ concept, to a major degree, is based upon the writings of the Roman Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas, and was a term used by early followers of Martin Luther. In the 16th century, Martin Luther’s followers condemned those who did not believe that Christians were to be soldiers.

Elijah Bwana Bob has a huge hang-up with Maritn Luther and believes that if Luther were alive today he would be killing and torturing those in the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god".

It should be noted that some of those called Anabaptists were in the Church of God (please see the article The Sardis Church Era). Martin Luther would have also condemned groups like the Continuing Church of God which hold to beliefs that he condemned on these matters.

Then, rather quickly, our apostate prophet turns the tables and drags in Romans, gladiators, and fighting that cause bodily harm, which automatically sends his homeopathic brain into a pill-popping frenzy to compare war with American football and boxing. Who knew????? 

Even today, many Christians realize that watching brutal events intent on causing physical harm, such as real boxing and American football, is inappropriate.

Apparently, in the eyes of our Great Bwana, those who watch football or boxing are grievous sinners in the sight of his god. Have they committed the unpardonable sin???? Is the Spirit grieved because they are watching football?

So, true Christians did not believe that they were to fight nor even watch the violent sports that were popular in the second century.

God's most true Christian to ever walk this earth then goes on to mock an article in Christianity Today, apparently written go "so-called" Christians about military service.

Christianity Today has recognized that early Christians were against military service:

The ancient church understood that war has been around as long as human beings and sin have coexisted. It is a consistent tenet throughout the Christian tradition that war is the result of sin. The responses to war, however, have followed two basic trains of thought: pacifism, and the idea that certain wars can be just.
Pacifism is characteristic of the early centuries of Christianity in someone like the North African apologist Tertullian (160-220 A.D.), who regularly warned Christians to distance themselves from pagan culture. He wrote:
“How will he serve in the army even during peacetime without the sword that Jesus Christ has taken away? Even if soldiers came to John and got advice on how they ought to act, even if the centurion became a believer, the Lord by taking away Peter’s sword, disarmed every soldier thereafter. We are not allowed to wear any uniform that symbolizes a sinful act” (On Idolatry 19.3).
The third-century Roman Presbyter Hippolytus wrote The Apostolic Tradition, Canon 16, (ca. 215 A.D.) which opposed serving in the military as a matter of church discipline:
“A soldier in the lower ranks shall kill no one. If ordered to do so, he shall not obey, and he shall not take an oath. If he does not want to comply with this directive, let him be dismissed [from the church].” 

(Elowsky, Joel. Ancient Christian Commentary on Current Events: What Is War Good For? Christianity Today, posted October 28, 2003).

Now, I should add that it is doubtful that most of those quoted in the article were true Christians themselves. Yet, it is clear that they understood that John the Baptist and the Apostles were against war.

No one wants war, or even wants to fight in a war or some regional conflict, but this is the price we pay for being able to live in a moderately free world. Just or unjust, the wars and conflicts people fought in have given Bwana Bob the freedom to sit comfortably in his home on the CA coast and write stupidity. We are glad Bwana Bob takes advantage of that freedom because it allows us to mock his pathetic ministry that has nothing to do with being a follower of Jesus.

So, as many remember the soldiers who died in warfare today, Christians can look forward to the time that there will be no more war nor pain of war.



Sunday, May 29, 2022

Dave Pack: Wicked People May Soon Attack Us - It Is Time To Sell All!!!!!


Here's another noteworthy quote that is far more pointed earlier in Part 371: 
1:29:43 “Seven days remain to ‘fear not.’ There may be plenty that goes on in the next number of days to fear. DON'T FEAR TO SELL ALL. Now, everybody knows exactly what they’re going in to. TO SELL ALL IF YOU HAVEN'T. To gird up your loins. And that sounds like maybe we’re gonna go through some things. I still wonder uh whether whether maybe there’ll be some final attack on us, I promise you this sermon will get out and there’ll be mockers. There are wicked people who are who are excited about what they can do to us. They can’t stop us.”

Marc Cebrian 

RCG’s David C. Pack: Don’t Ask For A Refund


RCG’s David C. Pack: Don’t Ask For A Refund


On Saturday, May 28th, Dave Pack delivered 3-hours of totally understandable “clarity” with Parts 370 and 371. He used Pentecost as a sober reminder regarding Common.


Part 371 at 01:08:34:


On Pentecost, the young church began having “all things common.” Chapter two closes with that. [Acts 2:43-44] When might this happen again for all saints who give up  everything they have in this life before “the world to come”? And they’re out pursuing billions of people, new mothers and fathers, they gave up their mothers and fathers and wives and children. But they get persecutions. Every one who does that will get eternal life. And they’re just gonna “live by faith,” give it all up the way it starting on Pentecost. Everybody there gave it all up, everything they had. That’s I’m telling you the importance of  Common to the little flock who’s waiting at the end. The little flock with one week to go. Anybody with ears to hear, you better hear this. 


Members have about one more week to figure out how much their offering and Common is going to be. Take this deadly cereal when you see Dave Pack selling his memorabilia and walking to work. Or when you see the ministers selling off their artwork and nice furniture.


I urge you to follow suit if you see any minister moving even one inch on this warning.


But as a precaution, maybe just postdate your check for Monday. Maybe Tuesday.

Marc Cebrian


Crackpot Prophet Bob Goes to Ireland to Preach Next to A Pagan Phallus

Prophet Bob thrusting his big fat Bible in the air getting a little excited about a pagan phallus in Ireland

The most highly doubly-blessed prophet in the history of Christianity went to Ireland recently to gather information and possibly preempt Gerald Flurry in discovering the Ark of the Covenant. Nothing frustrates our perpetually butt-hurt prophet than having another COG preempt him. Gerald Flurry has been dreaming for years of digging up Hill of Tara in Ireland where he foolishly believes Jeremiah and his daughters brought the Ark of the Covenant and buried it in Hill of Tara. 

When he went to Hill of Tara he was double excited by what he found. Never one to miss an opportunity, he rose to the occasion by thrusting his giant fat bible in the air as he stood next to the pagan phallus preaching about something that has no meaning whatsoever to any Christian, particularly his African followers who could care less.

Like so many in Armstrongism, he has to search far and wide to find things that support the inherently racist doctrine of British Israelism that so many cling to. Without this myth to prop up their belief system that they are special and set apart from this world as a specially chosen people, Armstrongism would die. As usual, absolutely nothing that he preaches about has any worth to a follower of Jesus.

Dr. Thiel went to the Hill of Tara in Ireland to see the claimed Lia Fail as well as a location some looked for the Ark of the Covenant. He also went to Blarney and viewed the Blarney Stone. Were any of these really the stone of destiny that some believe the prophet Jeremiah took with him along with one or more daughters of King Zedekiah? What might any of this have to do with the British family? Have any of them believed in British-Israelism? Has the British coronation ceremony been consistent with biblical coronations of the kings of Judah? What about Prince Charles--could he have descended from the throne of David? Dr. Thiel provides insights on these matters and more.

Dave Pack sinks to new prophetic low…Claims Uvalde parents will see their kids again in 3 days

Just when you think Dave Pack cannot get any more disgusting he comes along and opens his unholy mouth and says one of the most disgusting things imaginable about the Uvalde School murders. Because the creature he calls "christ" is apparently coming back in 3 days the parents of the children killed will be able to see their kids again. How low can Dave go? How much sicker can Armstrongism get?

Even after all that, he cannot keep his mouth shut and continues to sprout more absurdities:

From an RCG source:

Dave Pack is at again,

Part 369 he stated he regretted putting dates and that the series is over and he will never make that mistake again of putting dates.

Part 370 he ask the congregation for a show of hands who would like to tell the parents of the children who dies at the mass shooting that they would see their kids again in 3 days.

Part 371 Guess what Dave Pack is doing setting dates again. he said Christ will return by Feast of Pentecost. If that date goes by it will be another 7 years before the dates line up right for his return.