Saturday, July 21, 2012

What If The End Isn't Near?

Pam Dewey has had an excellent series on Are You Prepared for.... the Unthinkable? The latest entry had this:

The blog entries in this series have been building up a case for the possibility that Christians have been “preparing” in recent times … physically and emotionally … for the wrong thing. So many have been absolutely sure that we are living in the very End Times, often because of “conditions” they see around them like those above.  Their idea of getting physically ready for what they have believed is “imminent and inevitable” in biblical prophecy has sometimes included stockpiling survival supplies for The Great Tribulation, which many are sure could start this year, or next year, or by the latest, five or seven years from now.

And their idea of being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for what they expect to happen has often been to just hunker down, study prophecy under some favorite prophecy guru, and wait for The End.

This blog has suggested you just MIGHT want to consider … WHAT IF the “unthinkable” happens? If you’ve been thinking that The End is at Hand, WHAT IF it isn’t?

What if you find yourself just growing old and gray ten or twenty or thirty years from now? Have you made ANY actual preparations to deal with the reality that this unexpected scenario would bring?

The Apostle Is Preparing For New Reeducation Camp In Petra

The apostle has been preaching a lot lately about the synagogue in the history of the Jews and how it served as a place of learning.  Because Malm and so many COGers are pretend Jews, he is embracing the teaching techniques used in synagogues as God's divinely inspired way of learning.

The apostle goes on to tell how he will be setting up groups in Petra where he will be torturing people with the law big time.

With this weeks posts I am trying to introduce people to a plan for education and preparation for the Kingdom in the wilderness. Giving people time to think on these things to digest them and to get used to some organized education and preparation for the priesthood.

If I am there and I expect I will be; and if people listen to me, I would impliment a plan like this for a more formal study in the refuge not only through Moses but all the scriptures. if for some reason I am not there I have done my best to provide what has been missing in the COG teachings through the five years I have been working on this effort.

Plan B is that if the abominatioon is not set up this year; I want to set up the same organized training program after the Feast, not just through Moses but through all the scriptures, and to set up Feast sites as well. Part of the FB idea is to find out where people may be concentrated in order to find the most suitable locations for Festivals and potential Sabbath meetings.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Apostle Malm on UCG's Bastardization of the Passover and Unleavened Bread

Apostle Malm is having another snit fest regarding United Church of God.  Apparently those apostate despots at UCG are  focusing on the resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Days of Unleavened Bread instead of focusing on casting out the old leaven of sin.

UCG Beyond Today  Sometimes it seems like we get so focused on a certain subject like Easter that we get paranoid.

Christ was killed and buried on Passover, then three days into UB he was resurrected from the dead. That is a very important aspect of our salvation. So Christ’s resurrection is a part of UB. Putting sin out of our lives AND putting the resurrected Christ into our lives. If Christ wasn’t resurrected then we are of all men most miserable.

Is it the semantics that has people on edge? Do they feel like UCG is going to turn UB into Easter observance? Putting Easter out of the picture, Christ was resurrected during UB – Very important to our salvation.

The part that has apostle Malm spitting mad is this:

[I Cor. 5] “He is teaching these Christians to keep a festival, a major festival in the spring, right at the same time. Generally as Easter is found, may vary from on the calendar, but it is the festival on which God gave the Church to remember the death of Christ and then to commemorate His resurrection. And this is what he’s talking about here. It is actually a seven day festival on which a Christian focuses his life and his mind on the resurrected Christ and His life in us as changed Christians.”

The significant comment in the above excerpt is: “but it is the festival on which God gave the Church to remember the death of Christ and then to commemorate His resurrection. It is actually a seven day festival on which a Christian focuses his life and his mind on the resurrected Christ and His life in us as changed Christians.”

The apostle continues:

More to the point, in the Satan worshipping Mystery Religions of the world (such as Roman Catholicism and their “Protestant” cousins) there are two layers of belief and practice: The exoteric and the esoteric.

The exoteric is the polite face that such cults place before the world and in which they indoctrinate their rank and file affiliates. The esoteric face consists of the secret mysteries to which only the initiated inner circles are privy. The diabolical genius of this passage noted above is that these remarks work on both the exoteric and esoteric levels.

To the uninitiated “goyim” Darris, Steve, and the entire “change agent” marketing staff of the Beyond Today literature infomercial production team can blandly explain that the passage was not just referring to the Passover observance only but also to the spring Holy Days.

To the inner circle of initiates into the mysteries of spiritual growth through material enrichment by slick marketing practices, the “change agent” staff can show how they have begun the process designed to make Passover so ambiguous that neither COG veterans nor former Roman Catholic or Protestant newbie recruits can tell the substantive difference between the it and Easter.
Also lost in the discussion is the understanding that Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread are really two separate and distinctly different observances. This is the spiritual cyanide added drop by drop into
this electronic kool ade being consumed by both the general public and the rank and file brethren affiliated with UCGIA Inc.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dave Pack: "Prepare To Be Staggered and Stunned"

Satan has been thwarted.  Dave has his new web site up which such blaring tidbits as this:

Did you know that out of the 600 million web sites around world that NONE of them are as awesome and super duper as Dave's!

Today marks the debut of a completely new site. The website now takes its place among the most advanced in the world, eclipsing all other religious sites! 
The new site employs cutting-edge technology, and some features found nowhere else on the Internet’s 600 million websites...

Wayne Matthews (Weinlandite) "It is not my job (or anyone else in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you..."

Below is a quote from an email exchange between Ron Weinland's so-called evangelist Wayne Matthews and a former member had had a series of questions regrading Ron's continuing status as a Witness/Apostle/Prophet.  The arrogance or Matthews and Ron show why Armstrongism has no credibility.  This arrogance is not isolated to COG-PKG but is in every single COG organization out there.  The leaders know more than the dumb sheep.

Highlights are mine:

Hi Christian, It is not my job (nor anyone in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you or to anyone else. It is “God that convicts” someone by the power of His spirit. You either believe God or you don’t. You have chosen not to believe in faith.

I do not have to report to you. When I disfellowshipped you it was for the very reason revealed in this email. You  do not believe God in the spirit of humility. You had spoken to at least 2 others before I disfellowshipped you (that’s why I called you in the first place).

You remain disfellowshipped and until I see clear obvious repentance you remain cut off from God and His church.

Neither Ron or I intend to engage you with regards to any of your questions (which imply you know more than God’s Apostle). If you cannot see the truth, you cannot see it. We pray God grants you repentance to see your current spirit (attitude).
Regards Wayne

You can read the entire email exchange on Mike's Blog: Deputy Sheriff Wayne Rides Again

Monday, July 16, 2012

Did Satan Attack Pack's New Super Duper Web Site

It  is now 11:00 pm PST on the day of the supposed unveiling of the most mind boggling web site in modern human history.  But where is it?

When prophets lie doesn't scripture say that people are not to follow them?  Even one little lie is enough to invalidate everything the prophet says.  Is Dave a lair?

The same incredibly boring web site is still up:

Instead of this astonishing and mind boggling new version:

Apostle Malm Quitting His Work Job So His Acolytes Can Support Him

Armstrongism's latest apostle is taking the high road and quitting his job so that members can support his earth shattering ministry to the apostate Churches of God. With his KJV Bible in one hand and open hand extended towards you wallet this mighty apostle of god is ready to bring his ministry into it's triumphant glory. Time is so short that there may be no reason to continue in a regular job. The vital urgency of getting his message out to the apostates in the COG necessitates working full time on beating people with the law till all hell breaks loose at the end of this year.

I do find that I am overwhelmed with all this work and I have decided to take a working holiday away from my contracting business  to devote myself full time to this effort.  I have a couple of days of work this week and after these jobs are completed I will not take on any more outside work until or unless my financial situation becomes desperate.

I hope to do this full time at least through until after the fall Feast.  How long I can continue to devote myself full time, will depend on events and the level of support that comes in.

Dagon's Temple II is Starting to Arise

Version two of Dagon's temple is slowly starting to arise in Wadsworth.  Will Dave try to one-up Flurry with his temple?