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The David C. Pack Tapes #28 “Common”

The David C. Pack Tapes

#28 “Common”


When it rains, it pours.


In an interesting turn of events for the Restored Church of God Whistleblowing industry, recordings of meetings with David C. Pack have reached my inbox.


Since my time at Headquarters, I had forgotten that it was common practice among particular ministers to have voice recorders rolling while in meetings with David C. Pack. This included, but was not limited to, ministerial Bible studies and one-on-one conversations. The purpose of these recordings was to accurately document what was said by the Apostle so that his will could be adequately implemented by the men under his command.


The wisdom of Pastor General David C. Pack is like gold falling from heaven and was meant to be preserved. And preserved on this website, they shall be.



William H. Behrer, III, was already a Headquarters Director when I came to Wadsworth, Ohio, in late 2012. The generosity of him and his wife, Jackie, was legendary among the brethren. They helped provide for my financially-struggling coworker by bringing him lunches from time to time. His hardship was not known even though he sat six feet from me. But the Behrers knew, and they cared with action.


They also had a good reputation in The United Church of God, where they attended before The Restored Church of God. Mr. Behrer and I knew people in common inside UCG. He was cordial, patient, and polite. Everyone knew Bill Behrer was a well-liked and gentle man.


That was a stark contrast from the “hatchet man” reputation he had at Headquarters. The staff knew that if Mr. Behrer came to your workspace and wanted to go for a walk, it was bad news. That is how people were fired for a few years in RCG: Mr. Behrer comes by your desk, and you walk out. You do not come back. I accepted this because he was in the corporate structure of RCG, and somebody had to do the firings. I did not know at the time how much he hated doing it.


Mr. Behrer was a man under authority and a team player. Nobody could fire you in a more comforting way.


David C. Pack made William H. Behrer, III, the RCG Hatchet Man. He was the enforcer who did Dave’s dirty work. That dynamic was lost on me since I was a new lay member at Headquarters who did not question how “God’s Government on Earth” functioned.


Mr. Behrer left RCG Headquarters in July 2014. Later, he was reinstated into the ministry and pastored the Albany, New York congregation.

The Behrers eventually left RCG in the fall of 2016 without looking back.


Mr. Behrer worked for years as the Executive Director of the America-Israel Friendship League. According to his wife, he worked until six days before he died. The man was found so doing.


William H. Behrer, III, died of pancreatic cancer on the afternoon of September 14, 2018.


Kevin Denee wrote a touching article on LinkedIn to honor his dear friend.


“As I wrestle with the hole in my heart, I also reflect on what made Bill so special to me and to so many others. He was one of the most genuine people in this world. Anyone who knew him would say the same.”



Now that you are up to speed, here is the kicker:


Before Mr. Behrer died, he entrusted a few people with audio recordings of meetings with David C. Pack.


I find it fascinating that a man dying of cancer felt strongly enough about recorded conversations with David C. Pack that he did not want them to fade out of existence. When you listen to the content, you will understand why.


To honor the intent of Mr. Behrer and with the blessing of Mrs. Behrer, this first six-minute clip is a Common strategy discussion that was knowingly recorded in April of 2012.

#28 – Common Meeting with DCP & WHB

The audio has been edited to remove identifying elements that would disclose who Bill and Dave are talking about. The man who is the subject of this conversation did not know it existed. His side of the story will be addressed after the transcript.


For context, the Headquarters of The Restored Church of God moved from One Park Center to 1000 Ambassador Drive in May 2013. The Hall of Administration was the first building constructed, but there were already plans for a Mail Building and a Media Center. Tithes and offerings would not provide enough funds to make the RCG Campus possible.


Enter the doctrine known as "Common." This is what still drives the RCG financial ship today. The perverted “sell all” teaching is a David C. Pack distortion of Acts 2:44. Tying this “commanded” doctrine to salvation has helped pressure brethren to give generously throughout the years.


Common is what built the RCG Campus, and Common keeps the RCG Campus afloat today.


In this clip, David C. Pack is advising Mr. Behrer on how to get promised Common funds from “Jim,” who was selling property. When the name “Fenske” is mentioned, that references Jim Fenske of Knoch Corporation, the construction company that built all the buildings on the RCG Campus.


There are no Netflix bombshells, corporate secrets, or “this is illegal” gotcha moments. However, it is a deep dive into the mind of David C. Pack, where his guard is down. He is far less concerned about teaching blatant manipulation or coaxing others to lie for the benefit of The Restored Church of God.


Yes, David C. Pack instructs William H. Behrer, III, to lie.





DCP:…If ever there was a doubt, Fenske's numbers removed 'em. Yeah, I know we're gonna get his number down, but we're not gonna get down to where we were. We're gonna get down to where we can make the payment, and bye-bye Friedly.


WHB: Yes.


DCP: And it gets a little better if if Jim puts a hundred and a quarter in. But here's where you are with Jim. And I wanted just to kind of revisit things. There's some other perspectives spiritually, Bill. You have to speak both as a pragmatist and a shepherd. As a spiritual mentor to a young man who, like you said, "This is why I know God brought me into the Work 'cause it's corrupt out there."


WHB: ‘Cause that was part of my comments as well. You know, Jim, let's think about this now.


DCP: Yeah. Yeah. God brought you, but you know, you have to be careful. You said you were gonna give it. You have the liquidity. Now let's go back to something. If you want to show faith, you don't withhold the money you promised to give. And that we for eight months expected, and now more than ever, you're seeing evidence we need it. You wait for one of your properties to sell.


If your thing is, you're not willing to believe that God's gonna take care of you on that land, you're you're not willing to believe, you're not willing to live without a house if He didn't. ‘Cause, that's two options. Live in a condo or believe that God's gonna put you in the house. You're not willing to believe either. Either to do one or believe the other. You wait for some money outta [redacted] to build your house, and you convert that.


WHB: Yes.


DCP: You don't take that liquidity we desperately need. It's blowing up our ability to compute in decisions. So, and here's the other thing. Bill, boy, these are subtle things. Just go slow till you hit all of them 'cause I know you. You're a master at this. And I've learned more about you, Bill. That's why I tell you I don't wanna change you. I don't care what your weaknesses are. I have weaknesses. I try to hide my weaknesses, alright? And you, you're getting better anyway.


But, I will not reduce you or me or Kevin or anybody to going hat-in-hand when we need it. You said you were gonna to give it and it; You're not giving it, you're paying it. It's a command. There's so many things wrong with this, and this is why you have to show him, "Jim, on what basis could Mr. Pack believe if you do not give this, that you're going to give the the condo for the house in [redacted]? Why?” “Well, because we'd have enough for our house.” “But he's even told you that you're gonna [phone buzz]. He even said we'd put you in Rayburn's house. But you turned away. You'd be the you and Scott would be the first two over there. Surely you believe Rayburn's house with that view's better than a condo.” If and both were conceived as temporary.


But if one was, but it was not gonna be temporary, surely you would want the contiguous home against that backdrop versus a condo. If you're gonna have to continue to stay, and you didn't say anything.


WHB: Yes, Sir.


DCP: And you're ready to hold that. You see my point?


WHB: I Do. I do


DCP: There's no there's there's not one or three or five or seven comments that have to be brought up. This is layered.And and okay, let's even say you're gonna keep the money. Some of the money. You kept it all. You can't keep any of it.Yet you you can keep enough that you meet expenses that eight months ago you didn't think you'd have to meet.


WHB: Right.


DCP: That's reasonable and natural.


WHB: Yes.


DCP: But now he's still going to if he if he. Here's the way here's the way you put it. This gives him no place to feel discouraged. He will be discouraged, and at part of it, he should be. But he's gotta know he is not in my doghouse. And the only way to do that, I stress this, Bill, the only way to do that is, "This is me talking to you, Jim. I know I'm a minister, and I'm your boss, but I'm a friend, too. I'm just telling you, don't go away thinking Mr. Pack doubts you. He has no doubt. He's absolutely adamant you're gonna come to see this. That there's no way you'd make that promise in Israel and eight months later not keep it. That you're gonna hear all these meetings. You're gonna see the Fenske numbers. This is Mr. Pack saying. In just telling us, ‘Don't worry, Jim.’ Jim and [redacted] will come to realize they reneged. “So he believes you're gonna give it." So, because he's gonna somebody's gonna say, "You doubt me, and you know." You'll spin it.


WHB: My my purpose in my direction.


DCP: And you say, "No, no, no. That's the whole point. We don't. Mr. Pack doesn't doubt you. But I have concern 'cause I know in April in May, it's all coming out of the sheet, everything." Because he now will believe, "Wait a minute, they really aren't going to give this, and there's no way we can count on it, and it now has to drive financial decisions. It's gonna become an embarrassment in there. And Mr. Pack didn't pull it out now 'cause he's so adamant you're gonna give it." I mean, it's just strategy, Bill. We'll catch him with guile.


WHB: Sure.


DCP: I don't know if he would've given it in April, but I'm trying to give him a way to feel good in my presence.


WHB: That's that's my my my whole purpose is at the end of the conversation, he's gonna say, "Okay, should I just write a check or should I get a cashier's check?" And that it's gonna be all his, he's gonna feel that he's put all the pieces together, understands it, and it's come out and said, "Yes. I, I really," that's what I want to do.


DCP: And let…Boy, oh boy, do I hope so because these numbers from Fenske.


WHB: Oh, it’s just ridiculous.


DCP: And and when they're front-loaded. [whistles] It gets tight.


WHB: Absolutely.


DCP: And Bill, we're not having a good April.


WHB: We're not?


DCP: It is not. No, we're not.


WHB: Let me turn this off here.





Before offering an analysis of Dave’s words, it is fitting to understand that “Jim” thought the entire conversation was pointless. He was never going to “renege," and the money promised to RCG was contingent upon the sale of their property. That property did eventually sell, and Jim gave RCG what was promised.


He is not bitter today, even after leaving RCG, because he gave the money to God, not David C. Pack. I also gave my Common to God and not David C. Pack. The peace that comes with that viewpoint cannot be explained.


To Mr. Behrer's credit, he never followed through with Dave’s instructions. The conversation with Jim never happened because Mr. Behrer knew it was unnecessary. He was letting Dave vent and then opted to take a more patient approach, knowing “the young man” was a man of his word and would follow through without prodding.


Only Mr. Behrer knows how many times he endured Dave’s pontification to just let the hot air dissipate. I know other ministers who adopted this same method. Dave will give detailed, micro-managing instructions, and the men will ignore him or significantly alter their course of action. They recognize wisdom when they hear it. They recognize foolishness when they hear it, too.


Bradford G. Schleifer takes the same approach today. I have witnessed him using “the Dave filter” to smooth over the sharp edges of information. He does not lie but paints with a broad, glossy brush. Ed, Ryan, and Dr. Ranney have also benefited by following suit.


CYA is the RCG way at the HOA.


The enablers on the Executive Team operate with this understanding. Give Dave "just enough" to "feel aware," but not too much that he would want to meddle. Say something the wrong way, and you could fall into a snare bumming out everyone involved.


Brad is the one who really runs the day-to-day show over there. The RCG machine runs smoother without Dave, and everyone on the third floor knows it.


Brad oils the gears. Dave sprinkles sand on them.



These conversation comments give a glimpse into the thinking of David C. Pack, the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God.


“I have weaknesses. I try to hide my weaknesses, alright?”


I was taught we were to overcome our weaknesses. Hiding a weakness does not address the problem but only masks it from others. Weaknesses should be conquered so we can be better, stronger, and more effective as we develop in life.


Even though this was ten years ago, he carries the same philosophy today and, in many ways, has gotten far worse. Dave does not need to improve because that is for the little people. He can easily sit you down for 90 minutes and explain how you can overcome your weaknesses but then get up and walk out, hiding his own.


Dave is not as good at "hiding his weaknesses" in his old age as he used to be. Now, he has no problem exposing them to everyone in the church. Watching his deterioration over the past several months is a testament to that. What he freely admits in a sermon today would have been cut out two years ago.


What a great example of “Follow me as I follow Christ.” God’s Apostle hides his weaknesses. Maybe that should be another pillar on the RCG logo.


“But, I will not reduce you or me or Kevin or

anybody to going hat-in-hand when we need it.”


So much for a humble attitude. He sees it as a reduction to ask someone for money because they need it. He wants the money and strategizes for the money, but he wants to save face while doing it.


His conversation with Mr. Behrer is entirely about using manipulation to guilt someone into giving Common, so they do not have to "ask" for it. Again, the whole conversation was moot because the giving was a foregone conclusion to the man they were discussing.


"…stress this, Bill, the only way to do that is, 'This is me talking to you, Jim.

I know I'm a minister, and I'm your boss, but I'm a friend, too.'"


Talk about manipulation. RCG ministers are “not allowed to be friends” with lay members. Unless they are a big fish with money to be gotten. Then, the minister is your friend who will speak softly and hold your hand. But once you lay the money on the bedside table, they'll be out the door while you are in the shower.


This example, and deeper into the conversation, shows how Dave uses the men under him as meat puppets. Their mouths open, but Dave’s fingers are moving them. Well, that is what he wanted of them.


Dave loves to dictate precisely what men are supposed to write and what they are supposed to say. Do not think this is a unique case. I have more of this kind of stuff.


Dave touches their lips so his words come out of their mouth.


That is why these meetings are recorded. The men need "precision" when handling situations, per Dave.


Notice how he crawled inside Jim’s head and understood in advance what he would think and what he would say. Oh, the talent! He has quite the knack for this because he also does that a lot.


It is a shame that the grown men under his control cannot think for themselves.


“… don't go away thinking Mr. Pack doubts you. He has no doubt.

He's absolutely adamant you're gonna come to see this…”


I did not graduate from college, but that sounds like a lie. The entire point of the whole conversation was because David C. Pack was worried Jim was not going to give the $125,000 he “desperately needed.” He had nothing BUT doubt. Otherwise, they would not be talking.


Just ask: Why would an “apostle” of Jesus Christ instruct another minister of Jesus Christ to lie to a member to get money out of them? Wow. And this was before he realized he was Elijah.


“Mr. Pack doesn't doubt you. But I have concern 'cause I know…”


I see why Mr. Behrer refused to follow through with this. Any man of conscience would do the same. Not only does Dave want him to lie to Jim, but then take the heat for the purpose of the discussion in the first place. He is asking Mr. Behrer to fall on his sword and be the bad guy in the discussion about Common.


Godly servant leadership, indeed.


If it were appropriate to extend the middle finger during this discussion, it would be right here. In a way, Mr. Behrer got the last word in this conversation even though he died first.


“And Bill, we're not having a good April.”


And there it is. The source of Dave’s concern. The motivator for teaching Mr. Behrer people skills.



But, the Hall of Administration was built, then occupied in May 2013. Followed by the Mail Building, the Media Center, and the Pole Barn. All the while, houses along Akron Road and Hartman Road were being bought and renovated. The good ole days for RCG.


Surely, Dave uttered these words again privately back in June and July of this year when he was forced to sell the house on Hartman Road so he could improve the $500,000 lawn of the 786 Akron Road fixer-upper.


Based on the content summaries that came with over 16 hours of audio files, this seemed like the best introduction to what has now come to light.


I can visualize Mr. Behrer in his casket, giggling up a storm. That is not my theology, just a funny image I cannot shake.


I am referred to as “that devil Marc Cebrian” by David C. Pack because I publish information. Not misleading information. Not wrong information. Not lies. Not libel. Ponder how accurate information condemns David C. Pack. He certainly is.


The sharpest daggers to cut David C. Pack are the words of David C. Pack. His sermons. His literature. His meetings. His conversations. The man shoots fiery darts at himself. I am just a scribe.


If anyone else has audio in their archives that they feel would be befitting of a modern-day examination, please get in touch with me at


I recognize I am poking the bear using a Behrer. Let the truth prevail.

Marc Cebrian

See: The David C. Pack Tapes #28 “Common”

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Crackpot Elijah Perturbed Weinland and Pack Claim Elijah Mantle

Where would the Church of God be without having some COG leader getting his sacred knickers in a twist over labels of importance?

For decades the church looked at Herbert Armstrong as an apostle and then as carrying the Elijah mantle. Then the unthinkable happened. Elijah died and a void was left for some other crackpot Church of God leader to step up to the plate and claim those titles.

Gerald Flurry took on those titles as proof of his standing with his god. Flurry would eventually call himself "king" since he was in possession of the new coronaton stone. Then there was Ronnie Weinland, the first certified COG felon. He too, claims the Elijah mantle and says he is one of the two witless witnesses - his dingy wife is witnessed #2. Even Dave Pack had to get into the Elijah role which he has so mangled with one false prophecy after another that even Herbert is rolling over in his grave.

All of these Elijahs running around has really ticked off the ONE TRUE Elijah and he is NOT happy! How dare Gerry and Dave claim to be Elijah when HE is the ONE TRUE Elijah!!!! How dare they.

The perpetually butthurt prophet and the ONE TRUE Elijah has this to say about these that refuse to believe he is the Chosen One:

Yet, the Bible does show that there will be an ‘Elijah’ who is alive before Jesus returns and that it is likely that he will be one of the two witnesses. And as Jesus is likely to return within the next couple of decades, it is reasonable to consider that he must be alive today. 
Could he be one who has restored information on church history, doctrine, prophecy, and the reason that God created anything? Could he be one reaching people around the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in nearly 100 different languages? Or has God not chosen to have him do much at this stage?

Crackpot Bwana Bob has been tooting his horn for several years now with his claim he is producing more literature in more languages than any other COG is today. He's not, even though he claims he is. Christians around the world have been doing a more powerful job of getting the REAL gospel out instead of the make-believe farce Bob is promoting as truth.

The Great Bwana claims Herbert did not realize that he was not Elijah and that another one was to come. Which of course, in Bob's eyes, means his perfect self. For some unknown reason, Bwana Bob continues to use Dibar Apartian as a voice of authority. Apartian was one of the most disliked men ever put over the French-speaking people of Europe and elsewhere and most of them would never use Apartian as a source of authority or truth.

Yes, HWA expressed some doubt. Herbert W. Armstrong admitted to Aaron Dean, his long-time personal aide (and Aaron Dean told me this personally on several occasions for over the past two decades) that he might not have understood the biblical passages on the Elijah correctly before he died, and that God could raise someone else up to fulfill the Elijah role. Furthermore, HWA specifically expressed doubt to the late evangelist Dibar Apartian (and who also told me). Dibar Apartian did not believe that HWA was the Elijah when we discussed this several times and he agreed with me about this.

Bob's lies about himself just get worse as he continues on:

Now since the Church age has not ended, and the Day of the Lord has not yet come, then it follows that Elijah was to come on the scene publicly after this was written.
HWA, himself, wrote:

Jesus shall come, SOON NOW, to RESTORE ALL THINGS! He did NOT restore all things when he first came. John the Baptist did not “restore all things.” But the one who was to “restore all things” just before the “day of the Lord” and preparing the way for Christ’s second coming, was YET to come, in the future, as Jesus said. Now what are the “all things” to be RESTORED? “Restitution” means restore to a former state or condition (Armstrong HW. Brethren & Co-Worker Letter, August 24, 1982). 
Note that HWA states ONE (Elijah) comes just before the day of the Lord—an event that still has not occurred, hence some additional restoration beyond what HWA did is needed–and this has been happening in the Continuing Church of God. CCOG has restored more than any COG in the 21st century and under the human leadership of Bob Thiel it continues to do so. In time, God will make the final Elijah clear to all willing to see (this is NOT saying that he MUST be Bob Thiel–but we believe it will be a leader in CCOG).

Never has the COG had such a skillful shoveler of bullshit than we have in the Great Bwana today! The lies have been going on for so long that Bob actually believes them himself. 

Don't worry, that pile just gets deeper as Bwana Bob makes claims he has restored ALL things. Why is it that the god of Armstrongism has been such a wimpy ineffectual creature for so many centuries? Satan, the most powerful god of Armsgtrongism, has been so good at what he is doing that God cannot complete his plan. For centuries the earth has been groaning for a savior to arise and restore all things. Bob is that man.....what a hoot!

CCOG: Restoring All Things 
Jesus stated that an Elijah to come would restore all things (Mathew 17:11). Did Herbert W. Armstrong restore anything? Consistent with Daniel 12:4, were there truths that were to be restored in the 21st century? What are some that have been restored? What about church history, the original catholic church, the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and apostolic succession? What were the last days signs of Acts 2:17-18? What about teachings on violent sports, the fulness of the Gentiles, using scores of languages to help fulfill Matthew 24:14, non-trinitarian ramifications, prophetic matters, the identity of the man of sin, Daniel 11:39 and the start of the Great Tribulation, the identity of Samaria, the connection between Habakkuk 2:1-8 and the United States of America, the final phase of the work, the mark of the Beast, and the third resurrection? Has the Continuing Church of God been restoring matters in the 21st century? Dr. Thiel addresses these questions and more.

This is the lie Bwana Bob actually believes:

The Elijah’s restoring of “all things” means that he is to be restoring information that the true Church of God once understood, but later must have lost or misunderstood. 
The problem is that just as many would not hear Elijah’s or John the Baptist’s messages, relatively few will pay much attention to the end time Elijah as well.



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RCG Exit Story: Jessica Brown


RCG Exit Story: Jessica Brown


I want to share my Restored Church of God exit story and my experiences during the moments when the Church believed Christ's return was imminent. The purpose of this post is to help anyone who may be struggling with their feelings regarding David C. Pack's ongoing prophecy series, "The Greatest Untold Story," which is up to Part 399 as of writing this. My intent is not to bash Pastor General David C. Pack or anyone indirectly mentioned.


It was the summer of 2019. That July marked 7 years of me being with RCG and living God's way of life. However, I was not celebrating this milestone. Instead, I was at home wallowing in misery because I had decided to stop attending due to personal issues.


At the time, I genuinely believed RCG was God's one and only true Church and that I had made a horrible mistake that would cost me my salvation. So I ended up returning about 2 months later, and upon returning, I felt the joy return to my heart as a result of "reconnecting" myself to "the body of Christ." I had become a living example of the "parable of the lost sheep," and many rejoiced to see me "back in the fold.”


Unfortunately, the joy of being back in "God's Church" would be short-lived.


The Feast of Trumpets was approaching, and Pack was making predictions that Christ would be returning on that day. I immediately thought of the Night Watch failure that occurred in March earlier that year, and it made my heart feel somewhat unsettled. But because I had just returned to the "true Church," I quickly dismissed my feelings of discomfort as "fiery darts" that Satan was throwing at me and shoved it all under the rug. 


Trumpets passed, and the Feast of Tabernacles arrived. Since Christ had not returned on Trumpets as Pack believed, he pushed the date up to the Last Great Day based on a few scriptures that spoke of "the last day." At this point, I began to feel extremely troubled by the date setting, but I still dismissed the feelings as Satan trying to get me to "doubt" the teachings of "God's true servant."


Even then, the doubts that David C. Pack was a true servant of God slowly started to take root. But I repeatedly told myself I never wanted to be on the "outside" of the Church again, so I quickly squashed any doubts that entered my mind as if they were a vile cockroach that had no business crawling all over me. 


That year's FOT was made even more difficult by the members who 100% believed that Christ was absolutely going to return and that it was faithless to believe time would continue. Even though I had forced myself to accept the teaching at the time, I still wanted to exercise wisdom and continue plans for the future in case time did continue as usual. But to the members entirely on board with the teaching, it was unfathomable to them that things would continue beyond the Last Great Day.


The Last Great Day came and went, and Christ still had not returned. The members who fully expected Christ were almost beyond heartbroken and didn't understand "why God is doing this.” And little did I know that things would continue to spiral out of control long after the Feast ended.


In December, Pack had once again begun predicting the return of Christ. This time, He was set to return by Christmas Eve to "blow up the holiday.” It was at this moment in history that I learned how imbalanced the members of RCG could become in the face of these "prophecies.”


December 24th arrived, and the morning was extremely overcast and foggy. All throughout Northeast Ohio lay a very thick blanket of fog. I drove to work that morning without overthinking it and went about my day as usual. 


I went downstairs to my locker during my lunch break to check my phone. My jaw just about dropped to the floor. 


I had almost 100 unread messages from a group chat I was in, and they were all proclaiming that Christ had arrived to speak to "Elijah" (who we believed was David C. Pack) in the clouds! A whole slew of thoughts and emotions hit me at once: fear, wonder, despair, extreme curiosity...and, of course, some doubt. But once again, I swept the feelings of doubt under the rug and told myself that it was certainly possible God could be doing something in this fog.


I was allowed to leave work early because it was Christmas Eve, and the work volume was low. So I drove to Giant Eagle in the afternoon to look at the RCG Headquarters campus. The fog was much thicker over the church campus than anywhere else in Northeast Ohio. And it had not shown any signs of lifting. Could it have been true that Christ was in the cloud surrounding the campus? I didn't know the answer to that question, but I sat in my car and stared at it with wonder and amazement as I had never seen fog linger around for so long.


The fog lingered for about 24 hours and dissipated the next morning on Christmas day. And once again, a few members expressed heartbreak that Jesus Christ had not returned. A disturbing realization hit me in the early hours of this morning.


A prophecy was fulfilled, but not as I thought it would be. Matthew 24:23-26 suddenly became real to me. These brethren were essentially saying, "Look, He (Christ) is in the secret chambers!" and additionally, were being dismayed by "signs and wonders." And when I realized that, I was terribly shaken, more so because I allowed myself to get snared into thinking that way. Unfortunately, it was a feeling I had to keep to myself because I knew it would lead to getting scolded and possibly being reported to the ministry. 


Eventually, more dates were set, and at one point, Pack was making predictions every week. And in March, when COVID-19 began to rear its ugly head, it somehow meant that "the Work" was going to shut down and that Christ would soon intervene and come to Wadsworth to give us our reward. Of course, that didn't happen, and once again, the members were constantly on edge, wondering what was going on. I certainly was on edge, just in a very different way.


Later in 2020, when Trumpets was a couple weeks away, and another prediction was made, I decided to be transparent instead of expressing joy. I told a member that I wasn't excited at all and was highly distressed. At this moment, I learned I had to keep my mouth shut because it led to getting questioned on my "belief." I definitely believed in my Bible, but I was just seriously struggling with faith in the process of the constant shifts and dates being set and wondered why God would allow "His Church" to keep going through these repeating cycles.


And so began the journey of bottling up my thoughts and feelings and just "going with the flow.” It made me feel like a hypocrite because it became increasingly difficult to share the "excitement" some would continue to express when more dates would be set. 


Fast forward to 2022. As a result of constantly living "on edge" and stressing over whether the teachings from the pulpit were of God, my health began to suffer. My blood pressure was taken at an appointment, and it came back at a whopping 152/100. I was shocked and immediately tied it to the stress I had been experiencing for so long. I knew from that point forward I would not last much longer in RCG. I had already started entertaining the thoughts of leaving again in March, but specific fears held me back. I also didn't want to leave RCG hastily like I had done three years earlier, in 2019. It was only after realizing how much damage the prophecy series was doing to me physically, mentally, and spiritually that I had to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that what was being taught in RCG was not of God and then make my exit once I was sure of it.


I started deeply studying the scriptures and praying fervently for God to help me understand His mind on the matter. I looked up and highlighted many scriptures on the subject of prophets and how they function. I examined many scriptures. The ones that stood out the most were Deuteronomy18:22, Numbers 12:6, Ezekiel 13, II Peter 2:1-3, I John 4:1, and the verses leading up to Revelation 10:7 (which was Pack's favorite verse to take out of context).


Finally, I read through a book that has been discontinued by RCG, "Is ‘That Prophet’ Alive Today? The Rise of False Prophets.” Upon reading page 51, I felt sick to my stomach. At that moment, I knew I had to RUN out of The Restored Church of God and never return.


David C. Pack had become the man he had warned us NOT to follow many years ago. And the fact that they removed that piece of literature and also removed any other sermons or literature that discussed this subject made me realize RCG was actively (yet silently) trying to hide this from the members. And I knew such actions were not of God but of the "god of this world.”


Additionally, I also realized their twisted version of "all things common" was a fulfillment of II Peter 2:3, “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you.” "Common" was not being used to help the members who had need. It was being used to fulfill another man's dream of having a "glorious" campus and living a comfortable life with the RCG ministers. Meanwhile, the people who gave everything they had are now struggling and have become victims of being made into "merchandise.” 


I felt thoroughly disgusted. Not just with RCG but with myself for helping fund a corrupt dream and for not digging deep into my Bible regarding prophecy to "see if those things were so," as outlined in Acts 17:11.


I sent in my exit letter and was told in the response from my minister not to "worry about" prophecy and that I would "lose God's Spirit" if I disconnected myself from the "body.”


I knew that was a lie, so I responded with the above scriptures and referred to page 51 of the "That Prophet" book. He did not respond, presumably because he could not challenge the cited scriptures.


Since leaving RCG, my relationship with God has improved tremendously. I no longer believe He is an unmerciful trickster playing with the hearts of the brethren, and He continues to provide for me even now, despite being told that God would depart from me if I left RCG.


I am not a perfect human being and certainly make mistakes, but I know that if I continue to put God first in my life, He will never forsake me. I learned that "staying connected to the body" is a SPIRITUAL act, done by regularly studying God's word, praying, fasting, meditating, and staying connected to those of like mind. It is not merely a physical act.


So, in conclusion, my message to those in RCG who are concerned about what is happening and unable to understand why things are going in an uncertain direction regarding prophecy—dig deep into your Bible. Pray, study, fast, and beseech God to give you clarity. And if you have the book "Is ‘That Prophet’ Alive Today?" read through it again, slowly and carefully. And also, for those with a WCG background, think about how Herbert W. Armstrong would react if he was still alive and learned that the man who worked under him for so long got into strange prophetic teachings and constant date setting. I can't imagine him being too pleased with it. 


And finally, know you are not alone and that there IS a network of support for those who have left The Restored Church of God.


Do not let fear take over your heart. All it takes is that first small step towards true freedom in Christ.

Courtesy of Mark Cebrian

See: RCG Exit Story: Jessica Brown


As David C Pack's Part 400 of "Easy Peasy Prophecy Done Sleazy" approaches ...


 "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Difficult Mistaken Members Being Taken"

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Example Usage

“I can take care of that for you, easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

“Sure, that’s no problem, easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

“Are you ready for this? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

“That job was easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

“I aced that test; it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Origin

Easy peasy was the first iteration of the phrase. The British film “The long voyage home,” released in the 1940s, used to advise a character to handle a suspicious box with care. The phrase caught on in modern society, and people across the UK and even the US started using the phrase.

However, easy peasy would undergo a significant change 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Example Usage

“I can take care of that for you, easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

"The Math is still correct!"

“Sure, that’s no problem, easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

"Everything is FINE!"

“Are you ready for this? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

"You can't argue with it!"

“That job was easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

"Well, here we are again!"

“I aced that test; it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

"I've studied prophecy, I know this like no man who has ever lived!"

Phrases Similar to Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

  • Easy as pie.
  • Easy as cake.
  • No problem.
  • Not an issue.

Phrases Opposite to Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

  • That’s a lot to ask.
  • I don’t think I can handle that.
  • Not a chance.

Ways People May Say Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase in professional situations where it makes them appear as if they don’t take a serious approach to a request. Using the phrase if your boss asks you to complete a task at your corporate job might (Or in front of your Church congregation assuring them you know when your Christ is returning) not be the best use of the phrase.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Easy peasy lemon squeezy” suits use in conversations with family and friends. You could say it to your boss, (or in 400 sermons about the return of your Christ tonight, Tuesday or very shortly), but it might appear unprofessional. The phrase also suits use in lighthearted situations where someone is asking you for a small favor.

Totally appropriate if one knows not to take Apostle David C Pack too seriously or seriously at all because he actually has studied prophecy like no man has ever lived and come to erroneous conclusions every time and always will until the day he dies.

The only thing "easy peasy" this man who knows prophecy like no other man got right prophetically was, of course....

"I want to make a statement, if I became deceived, I will never tell you what I'm going to tell you now...

I am telling you if I go off into strange ideas, misconduct, rebellion, you name it, don't follow me. I want to tell you that now, because if I start doing that I'm gonna try to get you to follow me!
 I'm gonna come to you and tell you it doesn't apply, it doesn't mean me, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's OK to follow me because ABCD and XY and Z. Do you understand what I'm saying?

 Listen to me now, when I tell you don't follow me if I go off into weird ideas, or if I get off into other things that are total absolutely unscriptural conduct, because if I do I'm gonna paint it with a different face and try to get you to follow me. Do you understand what I'm saying brethren? 
Please remember that, because I promise you that if I become deceived, I'll forget it, and I'll want you to forget it...

And  I hope you'll remember it well enough to quote it right back to me...But I'll tell you what, I'm not going anywhere."
David C Pack
December 12, 1998

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Former RCG Member: Love Waxing Cold in RCG

 Posted with permission obtained by Marc Cebrian

Love Waxing Cold in RCG

by Jessica Brown


A former member of the Headquarters congregation of The Restored Church of God wrote this in the Ex-RCG Facebook Group. It is being posted publicly with permission.



The Last Great Day has ended, and once again, the brethren of RCG are now returning to their homes after being told for the 3rd year in a row they would not be returning home from the FOT.


I woke up this morning with a pain in my heart, knowing many are going to feel sad and confused by everything, yet they will be unwilling to leave because there is "nowhere else to go.”


There is a place to go. In fact, there are many places one could go and worship, even if that place is your own home for a while. 


But some will be stubborn and hold on, thinking DP will eventually be inspired to "get it right.” I personally used to think this way, and I've also heard other members voice those words.


The problem is he will never get it right because if he did, the scriptures would be broken. God cannot speak through a man who has so clearly deviated from sound doctrines and changes teachings every week. A man who has become completely self-willed in trying to discover when Christ will return. He is a man so filled with pride that he cannot take a step back and apologize for all of the confusion he's caused in RCG. Instead, he will point the fingers at others or at God, and the cycle of failed predictions will continue in the coming months and intensify once again when the spring holy days arrive. 

At what point will people say, "enough is enough?"


I have so many dear friends still in RCG who are the stubborn types that probably will never leave, and it makes my heart hurt to know that they are STILL clinging to the false teachings of a man and not proving for themselves whether DP is a man of God or not. It leads me to believe I've forever lost these friends to a raging false prophet and that they will start becoming even more imbalanced in their thinking as the teachings become more strange. And because of the environment becoming more harsh and unmerciful, especially with their new rules implemented at the FOT this year, some of the members are going to become more hostile and cold towards those who have left RCG due to the failed prophecies. Talk about "love waxing cold.”


It's beyond frustrating, and I feel powerless watching this happen and not being able to do anything to help the people I care about. I can only stand by and wait for God to intervene and put an end to the confusion.


Sorry for the long post. I just felt the need to get that off of my chest because it has been making me feel extremely depressed. I've been doing my best to hold on to the hope that this out-of-control prophetic train will soon be stopped and people will wake up.


Jessica Brown


Monday, October 17, 2022

Thank You Dave! Jesus Finally Returns Tomorrow on My Day Off! (Based on the current confusing and convoluted sermons and updates)


Matthew 24:36

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."


 Dave Pack has it nailed at day, hour and minute!

11:03 AM eastern on Tuesday, October 18.


"Nuh uh...I don't think so"