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Ron Weinland: Still No Jesus

The sun has not set on the West Coast and Pacific Islands, so Weinerdude's false "jesus" still has time to return.  But don't count on it.

The apostate false prophet, Ron Weinland is already making excuses for his latest failure.  He posts today:

The “present truth”—truth that we have at this moment in time—truth that is “presently” with us is a possible reality that is not easy to carry. We have believed that Jesus Christ would begin his return in the atmosphere of this earth today, the Sabbath day of May 26th. We have believed this to be a matter of timing for sundown in Jerusalem toward the end of May 26th.

As I write this, that time is just about here and nothing has begun in the world that would signal the need or purpose for that reality—Christ’s return. Yes, it could still take place, as the timing in this present day of a worldwide observance of God’s Sabbath is still ongoing. Such is fully in God’s hands and according to His will, as to what comes to pass and when. It is true that after the captivity of Judah in Babylon that the Jewish people began using the Babylon system of counting time and God did begin to deal with them more according to the type of system they had begun to use. Certainly the weekly Sabbath and annual Holy Days were still counted according to God’s calendar of timing.

So today, I will still look for the possible fulfillment of all those things we have looked forward to right up to the end of the Sabbath day in Hawaii, as that is the timing used today in this modern world.

Yet I feel compelled to write this post, as I strongly feel it is necessary for God’s people right now. I will still look for the possibility of Christ’s coming right up until the very end of this Sabbath on earth. For the sake of all God’s people, I hope that there is not more we must learn concerning Christ’s return, but it appears we likely do have more to “see.” We know there is much that God has been revealing, in the manner that He has, which is due to a great spiritual war that continues right up to the coming of Jesus Christ. We have come to “see” (by experience and revelation from God) that God reveals to us what we need when we need it, especially during this end-time and the closing out of this age of mankind, with the process of bringing to an end Satan’s influence and rule in this world.
 So what will he do Sunday or Monday when nothing has happened?  The time and date in Jerusalem is now the 27th and Jesus has not returned on Jerusalem time.

As the hours progressed this morning toward what we have looked to as a final countdown to Christ’s coming, there have been those things that have been flooding my mind that I have not wanted to address, but felt I should. I have experienced this every time in the past when God has begun revealing His will and purpose to me—revelation of more truth—understanding and clarification of truth already given.

We have indeed gone through many mixed feelings over the past few weeks as we have approached this Pentecost of 2012. The anticipation of such an event right up to the last minute reminds me of Abraham when he was about to follow through with the sacrifice of his own son. The feelings and emotion of such a time cannot be understood nor appreciated until having experienced something similar in faith. We now relate more to Noah than we ever did in the past. Such is pleasing to God that people remain faithful to the end when God intervenes to fulfill His word or to reveal another way. God revealed another way to Abraham. As I consider these truths, I understand the outrage that some will manifest by these words. I also understand the relief that God is giving me to “see” what He is revealing concerning “another way,” or an addition and clarification of “His way” to bring the end-time to a close.

By the end of this day, in the last time zone for this Sabbath day, if Jesus Christ has not begun his return to this earth, then we will do as a minister in the Netherlands said to me today concerning what God admonishes His people to do, “We move forward.” Indeed we will, for we know God’s Church.
 More forward with what?  More lies and deceptive filth?  Scripture tells all the followers of Weinerdude that if he utters just once prophecy and it fails then he is to be labelled a false prophet and is not to be followed.  But his followers will continue on with him swallowing his filth as if it was God inspired.

So candidly, I am disappointed that Jesus Christ hasn’t begun his return. But I am also excited to know that there remains a short work in front of us. That will be explained in the Pentecost sermon that I will be organizing and prerecording as soon as I finish writing this post.
 I wasn’t disappointed when God revealed to us that the two witnesses are not literally killed and then lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days. That revelation was easy to receive. That which God is now revealing is a little more difficult because we had our hope so set on Christ coming on this Pentecost. Knowing that he may not is indeed disappointing, but it is not something to shake our faith in any manner. Instead, we take the good with the bad and we move forward!

That which is most important is that we follow God where ever He leads and however He leads us. The reality is that due to what God is now revealing, I am also encouraged to see that much of what was written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness will become more meaningful and more powerfully revealed.

These things I am writing at this moment are being done so quickly in order to inform all God’s people that we are to “be strong and of good courage.” What we are living is not easy, but it is all for a very great purpose. Do not become discouraged, even though we know what is ahead will be difficult. People will have to face matters of employment, humility, finances, ridicule, etc., but we move forward ever thankful that the past 3 ½ years were not of great physical tribulation on this earth with the suffering it would have brought with it. But what is ahead is not easy. It will be difficult, but God will see us through.

Having said all this, I am now going to begin working on the Pentecost sermon that will be posted as soon as it is finished, just as this past Sabbath’s prerecorded sermon was posted. In this manner we can begin regrouping and refocusing on what lies ahead. Time passes and our hardships and trials will pass, and in all this God will be with you and give you the strength and intervention you need to move forward.

This Pentecost sermon will explain much. God has been merciful to us and has revealed so much to us over the past few years. He continues to do so. Wait on Him for He will not forsake us nor leave us.

Through all this my initial hope remains the same, as the sun has not set on the 26th in all the world. But if we must go forward, then so be it! God’s will be done.

It will be interesting to see how he lies to his followers on Pentecost.

Andrew On "The Importance of Knowing the Difference Between Fiction and Reality"

The Importance of Knowing the Difference Between Fiction and Reality

When I began the third grade, I started at a new school and became friends with two boys who were caught up playing a game in which they pretended to be chasing after some kind of comic-book style villain. The one who had obviously invented this game wanted me to play along with them, which I did at first. I don’t remember much, but supposedly this villain had different colored motorcycles, one for each day of the week. Every day he would invent new bad things this villain had supposedly done or was about to do, and clues that he had supposedly left behind that we could use to help us to stop him. After a few weeks or so, I quit because it had never been very relevant or entertaining. The whole thing struck me as being kind of stupid. After all, it was totally obvious he didn’t exist, and the targets of his plots were just as fictional. When I told him I wasn't interested in his imaginary villain anymore, he insisted that he was NOT imaginary. After several more weeks, he came around and finally admitted he had made it all up and agreed to stop playing this game so that we could be friends again. Either I was a little more mature than they were at the time, or else I was just a big party pooper.

I’ve never been into comic books myself, but I have been to see many of the movies in recent years based on them.  The difference is, whether they are just colored drawings or extremely lifelike up on the big screen with all the special effects, everybody knows that Batman and Joker are just fictional characters. Although some may continue to read comic books into adulthood, they don’t usually take time out of their day to look for ways to help Batman foil any of his enemies. They also don’t go to and try to book a flight from their local airport to Gotham International. Most people don’t run into problems from consuming fictional stories because they have no problem distinguishing fiction from reality.

I suppose the first religion developed in the same way the motorcycle villain did, which is to say, some guy just invented it one day. It gave people a certain sense of security to believe that wild animals, the weather, and natural disasters were controlled by various people with extraordinary powers, and if you appeased them , they wouldn’t attack. It didn’t matter that the whole thing was made up, it meant there was something they could do to protect themselves. It gave people the feeling they could understand why bad things happened and that they could have some control over what would otherwise be random and uncontrollable disasters. Using science and technology, today we understand our environment so much better that we accept that natural disasters are truly random, although insurance companies still refer to them as acts of “god.” Polytheism has mostly outlived its usefulness, so most people now think it’s about as stupid as our motorcycle villain.

Mostly, but not completely. There are still many relics of these ancient religions around us today. Friday 13th, Halloween, ghosts, zombies, dowsing rods, astrology, palm reading, and other superstitions still persist. After all, it’s probably safer to avoid the curse at the bottom of that chain letter by forwarding it to ten of your friends, just to be on the safe side.

Perhaps the most widespread superstition to have persisted is called monotheism. Its success right up to the present day can probably be attributed to the fact that it has proved useful for giving believers a meaning and purpose for their lives. It doesn’t matter that there is no evidence that this meaning and purpose is not pure fiction, it still gives people the feeling that they can understand what is really happening and why they exist.

Whether it’s a villain imagined by a third-grader, ancient pagan gods, or else a single, all powerful super hero in the sky and his evil archnemesis, these are all “games” in which people either failed or refused to distinguish between fiction and reality. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I although I never fell for the first two “games,” in the case of the third one, I played along for decades before realizing that I had failed to distinguish between fiction and reality.

So, what if the failure to distinguish between fiction and reality means that adults engage in a little immaturity, playing a few childish games? What’s the harm?

We already have a human government that makes a tangled web of laws so intricate that it is impossible for even a lawyer to know all of them all, let alone obey them. Many of them are silly, others are even contradictory. When adults are caught up playing the game of religion, it includes having to support an entire second government of man as well, except they call it, “the government of god.” Under the administration of these men, it includes another impossible tangle of often silly and contradictory laws, yet more taxes, and yet more control. But since they tell you their religion has “set you free,” you don’t notice that you’re twice the slave you were before. If religion were something that was just between you and god, it wouldn’t be so bad.

Doesn’t religion teach you the principles of how to live? Sure, but the big principles of how to live are not unique to religion. The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” was ubiquitous throughout the ancient world; it was even a part of Hammurabi’s civil code.

If religion only contained such pithy and profound wisdom as the Golden Rule, it wouldn’t seem so silly, but it doesn’t. It also imposes many useless, irrelevant, and sometimes downright bizarre practices, all of which are considered to be on the same level as the Golden Rule in terms of appeasing the anger of the god. Sure, I admit there’s some baby in there, but unfortunately, there’s an enormous amount of “holy” bathwater too, and the superstitious nature of religion makes it sacrilege to throw any of it out.

Isn’t religion a force for good, giving people the incentive to be moral people? German parents used to tell their children that if they misbehaved, fairies would kidnap them. That sure gave those children an incentive to behave too, but does anyone think this is also a good idea? As an adult, are you so weak that you need a “big brother” figure, spying on you 24-7 to guilt you into civilized behavior? Are you so small-minded that you need a hobgoblin to scare you into being a good person?

Also, whether morality is a force for good or bad depends upon what your definition of morality is. Islamist suicide bombers believe that murdering infidels is part of being a good, moral person because of the specifics of their religion. In response to such “morality,” Michael Shermer, the publisher of Skeptic Magazine, cites the case of superstitious Iraqi officials who bought 1,500 ADE 651 bomb detecting dowsing rods (at a cost of $40,000 each) to screen for explosives at checkpoints. Because the ADE 651 is as useful as a banana at detecting explosives, Shermer makes the point that sometimes, being unable to distinguish between fiction and reality costs lives. Religion is just another kind of superstition, and sometimes it costs lives too.

When William Miller, Herbert Armstrong, Harold Camping, Ron Weinland, and many others besides predict that an invisible man in the sky will sweep down and rapture the faithful away very soon, their followers don’t save for retirement. This superstition leaves the faithful destitute in their old age. Not only that, but seriously believing in such ideas is almost like going online to try to buy an airline ticket to Gotham International Airport.

Believing in an Armstrongist superstition also means wasting a great portion of your life in devotion to an imaginary man in the sky, week in, week out, year in, year out. Religious leaders will tell you that you can’t get divorced when you’ve made a mistake, and if you do, you can’t get remarried ever again. They tell you it is sinful to see a doctor when you have a life-threatening illness, so people die unnecessarily from treatable illnesses. All this and more because people can’t distinguish between fiction and reality.

It’s one thing if children want to play make believe games, but it’s entirely another when adults play such games. When we grow up, we really ought to put away such superstitions and concern ourselves with reality. Not to do so is not only juvenile, it is dangerous. Fiction of any kind is simply a bad foundation upon which to build a life or a society.


End Times Fear Mongering and It's Repercusions

Last year when Harold Camping was blaring his end of times scenario there was a news story here in Los Angeles about a woman in Palmdale that tried to kill her two daughters to save them from the apocalypse.  This woman turned out to be a former Church of God member who tried to slit her daughters throats.  The girls survived and she is in prison.

Last night on the news another woman in Palmdale tried to drown her son in a pool to save him from the apocalypse.  I just hope this is not another COG member!  The boy survived, thankfully!

Cops: Mom Tries to Drown 8-year-old Son, Saying World is Ending

PALMDALE, Calif. (KTLA) -- A mother in Palmdale is being held on $1-million bail after allegedly trying to drown her 8-year-old son in the pool at their apartment complex.

Around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, deputies from the Palmdale Sheriff's Station responded to a rescue call of a woman attempting to hold a child under water in the pool at the Monte Vista apartment complex.

Once at the location, they learned that 33-year-old Allaire McDougall attempted to drown her son in the pool, according to a news release.

Bystanders intervened and rescued the boy.

“She’s telling him, ‘Son, you have to go. This is the end of the world,” witnesses told reporters.

The boy was taken to a local hospital and is now listed in stable condition.

McDougall was arrested for attempted murder and booked at the Palmdale Station.

Ron Weinland: Live From His Back Yard

I keep looking for Jesus to be in his front yard, a mushroom cloud in the skyline and rampaging Muslims, Germans and Chinese in his back yard.  Alas, no excitement on the home front.

Maybe he is inside preparing to rip his clothes and cover himself in sack cloth and ashes for being an epic failure once again?  What's his wife thinking right now and his daughter that continues to makes excuses for him?

How Does An Obviously Insane Lying False Prophet Con People?

Check out Douglas Becker's article on the Painful Truth site about people who "continue to follow an obviously insane lying false prophet" like Ron Weinland.  These people will give Ron a free ride on Monday morning making all kinds  of excuses for him.

First, we want to make it clear that every major problem in the Armstrongist Churches of God came originally from Herbert Armstrong. These problems are rooted in the narcissistic personality disorder of Herbert Armstrong where he had no empathy for his followers. It should further be noted that he had a set of delusions now thoroughly disproved which formed the “collective conscience” of the basic church cult. At the center of the delusions was British Israelism, the proposition that the United States and British Commonwealth are supposed lost tribes of Israel and that British Israelism is the Key to Prophecy for the understanding of all key events to follow. This heresy of a preposterous science fiction style alternative earth history was and is indeed the Key to the failed prophecies of the Armstrongist ministry and leaders from the very beginning in the Radio Church of God starting with Herbert Armstrong, following down to this very day, where Ronald Weinland has prophesied that Jesus Christ will return this weekend. British Israelism is at the heart of it all and it completely invalidates all the teachings of the Armstrongist Churches of God.

The delusions were extended through the silly history of the church stolen from Dugger and Dodd who plagiarized it from Ellen G. White who just made up the whole thing. We know and can prove that the Waldensians considered themselves good Catholics and nothing more, never kept the Sabbath, let alone the Holydays. This “True History of The True Church” was nothing of the kind. It is thoroughly debunked and has been long rejected by the original Church of God Seventh Day. In fact, The Church of God Seventh Day had an article showing the folly of British Israelism in The Bible Advocate in this past year.

Rest of article is here: Con Games Part 1

Van Robison on "The Real Origin of Mass Deception"

The Real Origin of Mass Deception---The Bible

If it were not for the Bible, there would be no pastors and no churches.  The origin of the so called Bible, was birthed in the minds of many sources all eventually compiled into one book or volume and called "The Holy Bible."  There have always been human beings who understand how to rule over others and it dates back many thousands of years.  Calling something "Holy" or "Sacred" is as old as dirt.  Humans have always been superstitious and human cultures the world over have their "sacred" beliefs, customs and practices.

Church goers who call themselves "Christians" are no different.  Many think they must go to church on Saturday, because it is "Holy" time or sacred.  Others think they must go to church on Sunday as if it is what makes one a "Christian."  Depending on the filters in the mind, the Bible is interpreted into as many different ways of believing as there are pastors or elders, who think they speak for God.  There has never been a greater source of power over the human mind than "sacred" texts, which by now date back many hundreds or thousands of years.  For whatever reason, many human cultures always refer to the "ancient" as the source of all truth.

I suspect that the real authors of much of the Bible, knew exactly what they were doing when they penned their writings and their intent was to control common people through perpetual FEAR.  It applies to the real authors of the Old Testament, just as much as it does the New Testament, including the fictional book of Revelation.  A classic example of fear-mongering and control over people is found in Romans 13 "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers,  for there is no power but of God;  the powers that be are ordained of God. (2) Whosoever therefore resists the power, resists the ordinance of God and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. (3) For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.  Will you then not be afraid of the power?..."

It is exactly this type of writing (Romans 13: 1-3) that is a master stroke of genius to gain power and control over human beings by the millions and billions, and consequent train loads of never ending free $money.  Some sources will say that Romans 13 is referring to secular authority and others to religious authorities or both.  Taking a look at Matthew 23:8-10 we read that Jesus said "But be not you called Rabbi (same as pastor or senior pastor or elder or teacher, or bishop or whatever vain title of men): for ONE IS YOUR MASTER, even Christ; and ALL YOU are brethren. (9) And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father which is in heaven. (10) Neither be you called masters; for one is you Master, even Christ."  We also read that you cannot serve two masters.  So then who is Master?  Is it the pastor, the politician, the government, the deacon, the senior pastor, the bishop, the human priest, the organized church group or "spiritual" leader of your group or Christ?

The idea that the bible is either 100% infallible and inerrant or 100% a fraud is the extreme of Bible apologists, who use that nonsense in an attempt to cause people to accept the total bible as true, when it is blatantly not so.  The Bible does indeed have worthy teachings, especially and foremost coming from Jesus Christ, such as "love your neighbor as you love yourself" and "blessed are the peacemakers" and "blessed are the merciful" and "blessed are the meek."    Is anyone who stands in a pulpit a meek or humble human being, or are those who claim power and control over others, simply deceiving themselves and those they mentally control?

If indeed humans obey the "powers", then Master cannot be Christ.  Pastors by the thousands think that Christ functions through them.  This is the great deception of the church world and its man-made clergy/laity system that enslaves millions to false and fake human authority.  Not only do all splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God falsely represent God/Jesus Christ, but so do all organized church institutions.  There is no mediator between God and man aside from Christ and so the pastor system of churches is 100% fraudulent.

The origin of church deception is founded upon the Bible and the false belief that God inspired every word of the Bible.  The bible is such an overwhelming contradiction to itself in so many ways that it is astonishing that more people don't see through it.  Liars have always put words in the mouth of God and the LYING PEN of the writers have caused massive, worldwide religious bondage to pastors and church organizations for centuries.  Pastors ought to be ashamed of themselves for pretending that they represent Christ to gullible church goers.

Van Robison

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bigger News Than Ron Weinland!

It's Baaaaacccck!  The Ambassador Watch site is back online.  It contains a rich history of the inner workings of Armstrongism as it exploited members down through the decades.  It was a thorn in the side of various COG's, particularly the Worldwide Church of God for several years.

You can start here with it's original post in 2006 A modest return

Ron Weinland Cult Member: Remain Indoors Saturday and Have Plenty of Food

One of Ron Weinland's lemmings had this to day in regards to the horrors that will descend on earth starting Saturday:

God Bless those who can read this thread and learn about how mankind reacts to a true prophet of God at the most crucial time in God's plan for mankind. In God's infinate mercy destruction has been confined to a day or so, because unless those days be shortened, no life would exist beyond it. Nuclear war cannot happen for 3.5 years, it cannot happen for 3.5 months, nor even 3.5 days. You will soon understasnd why God's revealation through His prophets is so beautiful and perfect and the only it can be done in order to save the most lives at the end.

On Saturday, in the US and Canada; please remain indoors and in an underground room if possible. Buy some food and water to use after the destruction and keep God in your hearts
. On the other end of this period is the glorious reign of the Kingdom of God, the goodnews Jesus taught is about to begin.

No one other then those God has called or those that were scattered were meant to understand Ron Weinlands revealation by design; God has not yet revealed Himself to all of mankind, but that time is soon over that is EXACTLY what God is doing now, and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will hear their shepherd in the moment they reolize the truth was indeed revealed through God's end time prophets; Ron and Laura Weinland. Above Top Secret

So only the U.S. and Canada are getting their asses fried this weekend?

Ron Weinland: 7,000 Ministers and Leading COG Members Will Soon Die

Ron Weinland has declared that both he and his wife will soon be made immortal and then soon after that will ascend into heaven.  Can you imagine the hell Weinlands wife is going through right now. Does she really believe her husbands utterances, does she dare question him?  If she believes, imagine what is going through her mind that the world will be engulfed in nuclear war in less than 48 hours?  What does she think about her friends and neighbors that will die horrible deaths?

Sadly, what we are about to see is Ron Weanland start making excuses Monday morning as to why God delayed the endtimes.  Excuses will abound.  It will all become "spiritual" instead of reality.

“After three and one-half days [prophetic 3 ½ years] the Spirit of life from God entered into them [not physical life, but spirit life as the two witnesses are changed from mortal to immortal at Christ’s return], and they stood upon their feet [were made to “stand” in God—in His truth—in the sight of others once God shows all the scattered body irrefutable proof of their “standing” with Him through this resurrection] and great fear fell upon them who saw them” (Rev. 11:11). This is not talking about the world, but it is talking about the scattered Jerusalem who is struck with fear when they are brought face to face with this reality and truth of the resurrection of God’s two witnesses to immortal life as part of the 144,000.

“And they [God’s two witnesses] heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, ‘Come up here.’ And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies beheld them” (Rev. 11:12). These two witnesses are not received by the scattered body as being brothers spiritually, nor as sent from God, but spiritually they are received as enemies to their belief and understanding of God’s will.

Then he goes on to make this absurd prediction:

This describes a scattered Church that God awakens through the reality of what they must now face. A nuclear war has erupted and Jesus Christ is returning in the atmosphere of this earth. God’s two witnesses are changed from mortal to immortal. Then 7,000 “named” (literally named by God and not random) individuals die, which includes first and foremost the ministry and other leading and well known people in the scattered groups. It also includes those who push themselves forward as “teachers” or individuals who are in the “know” about matters in God’s Church, especially in their attacks against God’s witnesses.

7,000 ministers and members who have rejected Weinerdude and his wife will die.  I guess I had better get my funeral plans in order.  Idiot!  Bring it on, fool!

Ron Weinland's Calendar Of Events

Click picture to enlarge

Check out this site for more charts for the Adventists, William Miller and Christadelphians where some Armstrongites have migrated to.

End of the World Prophecy Charts 

Ron Weinland Is Wrong! Another Armstrongite Sets New Date For Jesus Return

Just when you think this end times madness by Ron Weinland can't get anymore ridiculous, along comes one of his former members with a new prediction.  Weinerdude is wrong!  Jesus is not returning on May 27th, but on July 19th! Weinerdude has apparently been using the wrong Jewish calender to date his prophecies.

Apparently Jesus is retuning on the 19th of July to "...purge all who will continue to oppose His righteousness."

One of Weinland's former members has taken up the mantle to name himself as a witness and prophet.

He claims his name has been changed to Zerubbabel.

There will only be 153 who will still be alive in the flesh when His Son returns who are of this number. (John 21:11)
  • 3) He will send His Son, Yehshua, to harvest this temple on July 19th of this year (2012).
  • 4) Returning with Him will be the 24 elders who are of the 144,000 but were already resurrected at the time of His murder. (Matthew 27:52-53, Rev 4:4)
  • 5) At the time of His return, the armies of the world will be gathered together for a final battle. (Rev 16:16) He will pour out the 7 vials of His Father's wrath and all who do not agree to obey Him will be purged out in one day. (Rev 16)
  • 6) Leading up to this day the world will be coming unglued at the seams and there will be plagues and pestilences and natural disasters like the world has never seen before and World War III will commence. (Matthew 24:21)
  • 7) This time of trouble is being sent to plead with the inhabitants of the earth to hearken to Him so that they can become part of His family and be given eternal life.(Isaiah 3:13

Here is Zerubbabel in all his glory!

This crackpot is just as dumb as Weinalnd.  However this guy takes it several steps further.  He add sacred names, new calendars and new moons to the concoction.  This guy is just another in a long line of nutjobs who are lying through their teeth.

You can contact this false propeht here:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ron Weinland: 63,000 Baptized Members Soon To Be Reunited In True Church

Yes, he is as stupid as he looks.

The craziness continues from the mouth of Ron Weinland, the apostate false prophet who has predicted the return of Jesus this Sunday.

According to Weinland, in a few days 63,000 baptized COGers from around the world will be reunited into ONE body (Weinland's cult, obviously!)

The good news is that God is going to reunite His Church into a single organized body once again. It will begin to happen in only a couple of days and the potential number of previously baptized members (before the apostasy in 1994) that God is going to grant this opportunity to is 63,000…

I can grantee you right now that 63,000 COGers will NEVER join up with Weinland.  Weinland seems to think he is as spiritual important as Dave Pack. I can also tell you that 63,000 COGers will never join up with Pack.  

Having said all this, as it has been said so many times before over the past 14 years, we have now come to the end and Jesus Christ is now going to return on May 27th. This event will catch the whole world off guard—even the Church that was scattered. But it will afford a great opportunity to 63,000 baptized people who were scattered after the apostasy to once again be reunited as God’s Church into a single organized body and to be given opportunity to live on into the new millennial age of Christ’s rule on earth.

Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be subjected to the governmental abuse that the Church of God is known for?   Why would anyone want to place themselves under the feet of these despots again?

Apparently this fool thinks nuclear war will break out on Sunday afternoon.

It will be the same right up until nuclear weapons begin to be used on the earth. An automatic response of nations will spark immediate retaliation to real or imagined enemies. Such events will be so rapid and have the potential of being so devastating that God must quickly intervene by stopping it as He sends His Son back to this earth to become King of kings…

Ron Weinland will be too busy on Saturday to preach to this faithless flock so he is preparing a prerecorded sermon to be played.  I guess he doesn't want to be pelted by rotten tomatoes as he preaches.

What are the people in Ron's cult going to do as they listen to his sermon and then nothing happens on Sunday?  Will they start making excuses like Harold Camping's people did initially?  I can guarantee that Ron will be ready on Monday morning with all kinds of lies and filth explains away his failed prophecy.  A few fools will believe him and continue to support him.  Hopefully the majority of his members will open their eyes and walk away from his filth.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Neville Stevens: Proof That Armstrongites Will Believe Anything!

Neville Stevens, a crackpot Armstrongite from Australia has been flooding the internet for the last 14 years with his incredibly looooooooooong missives on TRUE prophecy.  He had a minuscule following of really weird people that used to promote his silliness on the old alt.wwcg newsgroup.  They were a creepy band of lunatics that bragged that they would take up sword and kill all who opposed Neville as he went to Jerusalem as a true witness.  A couple of these lunatics threatened to come out here to CA and kill me for bad mouthing Neville.

He never has been able to gather any of the wandering people from the various COG splinter cults to follow him. All anyone has ever done is mock him horribly as they did  on the newsgroup

Today I noticed he has posted his final missive to the lost sheep of the Church of God's.  I guess he considers us a all a lost cause.

He writes:

Eventually the time had to come when we would be saying farewell to our website friends.  It’s been 14 years from the inception of this Levite Brotherhood and now we have other duties to perform.  We can only hope that our readers have learned something from our teachings.  After all these years, it seemed appropriate to leave some parting words which might hold our readers in good stead in the coming difficult days.

We’ve come to the end of the age when everything must be fulfilled according to what God planned from the very beginning.  Exactly what God planned has remained elusive to Bible students to this very day.  Most Christians have their own ideas of what to expect, but none of these ideas, generally speaking, relate to what God has said in the Scriptures.  Jesus Christ and all the Apostles spoke of Bible prophecies for our time, that is, the end of the age, and they all quoted from the Old Testament – the only Scriptures that existed at that time!  Well, the end of the age is to bring catastrophic reversals to the fortunes of the nations of the earth, and it’s the Christian nations who will suffer the most – so you need to understand why!  To this end, this article details all that is prophesied to happen during this most unhappy period of human existence; but importantly, why it must happen this way.  By understanding what is to happen, you will be in a better position for survival.

Some of his words of wisdom in his farewell message are:

Did they become like God?  No!  Instead they became like Satan!  Or at least, Eve did!  Eve’s action resulted in the end of innocence and the beginning of evil intent.  

If Neville is gong to take his Bible literally, then he must know that Adam was there too and he gladly ate the apple too.  But, as usual in patriarchal Armstrongism, women are the evil ones, the unclean ones, the fallen ones, and now the satanic ones.

Presently, the spirit rulers are engaged in persecuting the Church of God for their obedience to God and His Laws, and the time will come when they will actively seek to kill them – and this time is not far off!  The Commandment-keeping Churches of God will be hunted down and killed, and just like God’s Son Jesus, they must go as sheep to the slaughter.  They must follow Jesus Christ!  They must be willing to lay down their lives for God and their brother Christians.

Why should anyone be surprised at this?  The rulers and authorities of the spirit realm actively sought to wipe all the Jews off the face of the earth during WW2.  The sole reason for this is because the Jews were Commandment-keepers and have remained faithful and obedient to God for thousands of years.  However, the stated reason for this onslaught against the Jews was because they were generally wealthy, and to demon-inspired maniacs, this made them the enemy of the people.  Demonic Socialist reasoning requires the rich to ‘spread the wealth around’!  (Where have we heard this statement before?)  The truth is that the Jews had been blessed by God and the demonic forces knew this, and they set out to counter it by generating hostility towards them.  The response came fast, but the demons had other motivations. 
Where are there any COG's being persecuted today?  The only one in the news is Ron Weinland, the lying false prophet indicted for tax evasion.  That's not persecution.  Neville hates Obama and nonIsraelite people.  Whites will be the rules in the Kingdom.

Then he goes of the deep end, like many Armstrongites are prone to do.


Who are these evil creatures that Paul warns us about?  He goes on to warn us in a symbolic fashion to don protective spiritual armour against them, using every device to resist them.  They are very real and totally evil!  Today we collectively refer to them as demons.  Like human beings they come in all shapes and sizes, with some of them more powerful than others.

Many people have seen them exercising their powers in the air.  We generally call these things UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects.  These things are very real, even though government agencies continually lie to deceive people that they are not.

Haunted Houses

What people are viewing in these haunted houses are demons.  There are more than 50 million of them living on earth in exile and are forbidden to approach the Creator God.  The sole exception to this is Satan – who still has periodical access to the One who created him (Job 1:6-7)
Flying demons:

Satan and all his demons live on earth.  They travel around in their own space ships, which we call UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects).  By this means they have the power to fly through the air, hence the title of ‘rulers of the kingdom of the air’ (Eph 2:2).
 The demons mode of transpiration
The demons have craft which can be invisible to the human eye – and they can switch this capability on and off at will.  This is real stealth capability.  Nothing that humans have ever devised can match these UFO’s for speed either.  Also, their ability to hover noiselessly is way beyond the capability of human technology.  And neither is there any human device that can match them for acceleration.  These craft can accelerate out of sight in the blink of an eye.  The bodily stresses of such acceleration would kill a human being.  The creatures that fly these are decidedly not human beings, even though they’ve lived among us for six thousand years.  In fact, they were already exiled here before human beings were created!  Furthermore, they actually rule over this planet and its inhabitants.  In fact, all the human inhabitants of this earth belong to the devil and his demons – with the only exception being the Saints who belong to God.  

God doesn't give a rat's ass about humanity (except of course for Church of God members:

It’s wild-eyed deception to imagine that God has any interest in those who won’t obey Him – and the vast majority of human beings don’t!  Yet God never had any interest in the vast majority of human beings; instead He chose just one group of people out of all the families of the earth and chose them as His own: Amos 3:1-2 “Hear this word the LORD has spoken against you, O people of Israel--against the whole family I brought up out of Egypt: 2 "You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your sins."  From this passage of Scripture we learn that God’s only interest is in the 12 Tribes of Israel.  

God lives in a huge cosmic space ship that has an altar here Jesus works all day.

The spirit world has a vast arsenal of airborne craft, and in the final days before the end, they intend to make use of them – which is actually predicted in the Book of Revelation.  They intend to attack the huge dwelling-place where God lives – which is itself a huge space ship capable of housing millions of angels.  It also has a Temple and Altar where the Lord Christ serves and worships the Father (Heb 8:1-2).

Demons are rioting mobs here on hearth:

You’ve probably seen demon swarms on television where mobs of people turn into lunatics and start destroying and killing everything and everyone in sight.  Looting and burning usually quickly follows.  Well you’ve seen nothing yet in comparison to what is coming.  When Satan vents his fury, no-one is safe!  Least of all, Christians and Jews!

I guess they hop back on their space ships after the riot.  Who knew!

God sits on his space ship close to the earth's atmosphere:

But getting back again to the demons who infest this planet, and who use every device to deceive and humiliate the inhabitants of the earth, they are facing some serious punishment.  What is more, those people who have emulated these evil creatures will likewise be punished.  The first myth to dispel is that these creatures are not extraterrestrial, they are terrestrial and they live on earthand have done for thousands of years!  They presently have the power to fly and navigate in our solar system, but not beyond it.  They don’t come from distant stars!  They live here!  Even God Himself lives in close proximity to earth: Isa 40:21-23 Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  Has it not been told you from the beginning?  Have you not understood since the earth was founded? 22 HE SITS ENTHRONED ABOVE THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH, and its people are like grasshoppers.  He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in. 23 He brings princes to naught and reduces the RULERS OF THIS WORLD to nothing.”  
With all the various space craft that have been flying for decades out into space, not a single one has sent back pictures of God's spaceship hovering.  But of course, it could have been in stealth mode.

There will soon be a cosmic battle in the skies that all will see.  Exploding Battlestars and Battlestar Galactica fights will pale in comparison!

The battle will rage under the light of the sun as well as the light of the moon and stars until every spaceship is destroyed and Satan and his demons confined to earth.  And this is where they will stay.  This indicates that this battle will last a number of days and everyone will see it!  All these so-called ‘alien’ spacecraft will be hunted down and destroyed even though they’ll go to great lengths in an attempt to escape.  These evil creatures have bases all over the earth and even under the sea – all of which will be destroyed!

UFO riders have brainwashed the American military officers:

Over the years, the US armed forces have been deluding themselves, believing they’ve communicated with ‘aliens’ from outer space.  These demons present themselves in a quasi-human form to high ranking officers of the Armed Forces, to convince them they’re peaceful.  Hence the frequently stated official phrase, “These ‘sightings’ pose no threat to the national security”.  So they no longer investigate them.

One of God's space ships lead the three wise men to the stable where Jesus was born:

The angels of God commute in spacecraft and so do demons.  Demons commute in these ‘UFO’s’ which so many people have seen, and likewise, so do the mighty angels of God.  It was one of God’s spacecrafts that guided the shepherds to the birthplace of Jesus at the time of His birth.  This is what the shepherds followed, and it stopped over the manger where Jesus and Mary were.  Sure they described it as a star; after all, how else would they describe it in those days?  Try following a real star to arrive at a certain destination.  All that would happen is you would travel due west, but you would never know when you reached your destination.  So what the shepherds actually saw was a bright shining light which was a flying vehicle and manned by an angel of God.

Lot's wife was killed because she look back and saw God's spaceship destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, thus God had to kill her.

It involves forces that are not discoverable in the human realm.  To give some ideas of the powers involved, Almighty God passed judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, and these two cities were reduced to ashes (2Pet 2:6), and were never found again.  Lot and his wife were told they must not look back to see the means by which God would destroy them.  Lot’s wife disobeyed and looked back and was instantly killed.  What God didn’t want them to see was the huge combat craft that delivered the coup-de-grace!  It was not the time to be disclosing such things to humanity.  This type of spacecraft is sometimes described as an ‘eagle’ in the Bible. 

Your youth can be restored to you in this lifetime!

The Lord Jesus spoke of the renewal of our bodies or flesh.  Our bodies count for nothing with God!  He is interested only in the development of our minds through His Holy Spirit.  Since God raised Jesus from the dead and renewed His body with life, we should understand that He can renew our bodies too.  What is not widely understood or accepted is that God can renew our youth in this life, and as we’ve just read in the Book of Psalms, He intends to do so – along with any diseases!  This is why Jesus said our flesh or bodies count for nothing

Neville's followers will take Jerusalem by FORCE, killing all who get in their way.  Oh, and you stupid COG members who did not listen to Neville will pay a high price too!

And why are the Churches of Godwho obey God’s Commandments – left behind?  The reason is that they have a number of duties to perform.  They too, have refused to listen to God’s prophet, even considering him a maniac.  They’ve been steeped in false prophecy for years now, and still refuse to recant their views. 
HWA was named in the Bible:

The Churches of God (who’s founder is actually named in the Bible by means of a parable in Zech 11:15-17 (which we won’t go into here since we’ve posted many articles about it; however, the founders name was Herbert Armstrong) and which identifies which Church congregation carries the banner of the original Church that Jesus Christ built.  By virtue of the fact that no other church on earth obeys God’s Commandments and keeps His Holydays in the prescribed season, it means that no other church can claim to belong to God.  There is no prophecy that relates to the Church of God that Christ built which relates to these others.  If they are not a part of the Body, then they are not the Church of God.  
Satan has been raising an army south of the US border:

Yet, Satan’s long-term planning doesn’t end there!  For years now, Satan has been building additional reserves of murderous insurgents south of the border, ready to flood in and create mayhem.  It will become an unstoppable flood!  President Bush tried to build a wall to keep them out, but that demon Obama has done nothing but obstruct the building of it.  It will be a sad day when the American people are confronted by these murderous swine flooding in over the border.  As we all know already, kidnapping and murdering Americans is a national sport south of the border, and this has reached such prominence only in the last few years.  In view of all that has happened during these last few years, America will have very few friends to call on in time of trouble, and this will be a time of trouble never before experienced in the annals of human history.

Neville is the way, the truth and the light. Your COG minister is nothing more than a mealy-mouth weakling.

The truth is that since this Zion Ministry began exactly 14 years ago, to the very day as I write, much Bible prophecy has been fulfilled and is rapidly proceeding.   This ministry began as a prophetic ministry and has continued ever since.  The purpose and function of it was to warn the Churches of God, the 12 Tribes of Israel and the world of what to expect, and to explain the Scriptures in order that whoever might listen might be spared the horror they now face.  Did anyone imagine that with such ominous disasters pending that will result in the deaths of millions of people – including His people Israel, no less – that God wouldn’t send a prophet to warn?  Well, He did send a prophet at the appointed time; He sent me!  And I have done as I’ve been commanded.  All that I’ve written was under the instructions of God Almighty.  I’m merely the instrument in His hands.  Nothing more – and nothing less!  The difference between me and the many false, self-proclaimed prophets is that I believed God always and never deviated from this belief for any reason.  And the other difference is that I was taught by God Himself!  I’ve merely taught others what God has taught me, thereby leaving aside all the pseudo doctrines and sanctimonious nonsense that vain preachers find so compelling to their congregations.  Never mind that these vain creatures are leading others to their deaths, thereby depriving them of life!  If you are still in awe of the flowery, pathetic nonsense taught by your local preacher as he endeavours to entice you to follow him, then like Humpty-dumpty you’re about to take a great fall.  These mealy-mouthed weaklings will take you nowhere – except to your doom!

Drug users should be put to death:

The truth is that it would be kinder to drug addicts, and the rest of the community in general, to put them to death.  This would prevent a lot of grief for the rest of the community who continue to be victims of their crimes!  Everyone knows that most of these druggies live off the proceeds of crime to fund their drug addiction.  If you think putting them to death seems a little harsh, then be aware that when God’s Kingdom is set up here on earth, this will be their fate!  

Neville's deviate followers will be happy to do this!

What is more, those who serve the Almighty God will be happy to see it carried out.  Otherwise, how would righteousness prevail if this blot on the community continued?  Does anyone seriously believe these lazy degenerates should continue to live among decent people?
Presbyterians will have a hard time getting into the Kingdom of God:

It will be mainstream Christians, and especially Presbyterians, who will have extreme difficulty in entering the Kingdom of God.  It was, in fact, the Presbyterians who made a big show of divesting of all investments in Jewish companies.  So they must be seen to pay the penalty for their treachery, and – trust methey will!  The example of the Presbyterians shows just how divisive false Christianity can be.  They know there is nothing in the Bible that favours Arabs over the Jews.  In fact, Arabs have no favour with God at all!  Yet these Presbyterians use their fake Christianity to garner favour with them by ostracizing Jews.

Neville continues in the long article with comments about Obama, Muslims and a demon who attacked Admiral Byrd in the Antarctica.  The craziness knows no boundaries.

Neville ends with a final word for the faithful and the idiots that mock him:

The Creator God has made His position clear to everyone, so all are without excuse.  God gave His people Israel the choice between life and death, and counseled them to choose life.  Today, more than ever, that choice is before you, and from now on you’re on your own to make that choice.  Before you prepare yourself for conquest, be sure and certain you have God’s Holy Spirit or your fate will be to return to dust - forever!  Perhaps we, the Brotherhood, will see you in our Father’s Kingdom!


 Read the entire load of crap here:  FAREWELL TO OUR WEBSITE FRIENDS

Ron Weinland: If You Live In LA Your Car May Not Work When Jesus Returns

Armstrongisms' biggest certified fool and false propeht is Ron Weinland who has predicted Jesus is returning in the wee hours of the 27th of May.   Just as the sun is setting on Saturday night May 26, Jesus needs to return to usher in Pentecost and the wrath of God on this earth.

His acolytes have apparently asked him if they could meet together to see Christ return.  He has not encouraged it and has told them that if they do, they need to be aware that their car may not start when Jesus returns. If you are in a big city waiting for Jesus you need to haul ass out as the city starts rioting and destruction reigns. If all hell is to start breaking loose what use would a car be? Will they need it to return when they see Ron is an epic failure, yet again?
Below is an excerpt from his sermon on the 19th than Bob Thiel has posted.

A lot of questions keep coming up because of where we are in time, and again, it’s an incredible thing thinking about where we are…

But questions have come up about the 26th and the 25th…and the 27th is pretty well set.  But we think of different times. We know that what’s going to happen is going to happen at Jerusalem time; not Australia, not New Zealand, although the day starts there as far as the world is concerned. As far as God is concerned it starts in Jerusalem and when Jesus Christ begins His return it’ll be at the end of the Sabbath before Pentecost comes, right at the very end. Don’t know exactly how it’s going to transpire but we believe those things, we understand those things. And so questions come up about different ones, because in… I don’t know what the time between here and Jerusalem is – one hour. So what is it, 7:30ish before Pentecost begins in Jerusalem, it’ll be 6:30ish – somewhere around there – on the Sabbath. You’ll be almost to the end of your Sabbath. In the States, in the eastern time zone it’s around 12:36. So anyway, people are thinking about what do we do on that day? And I’ve made some comments about whether or not to get together and as I had mentioned in the United States, we’re not going to have services in our normal locations, we’re going to have people pretty much stay in their own home areas. If some want to get together in some areas I’m not going to say you can’t. You have to decide for yourselves because wherever you go, as one example here, someone was asking about getting together on the 26th and wanted to ask about it, they said that some live 40-50 miles away and they were planning on getting together even that night of the 25th, and that’s fine. But please understand, those who live 40-50 miles away you may not get back… that’s Los Angeles. Your car may not work. I don’t know what’s going to happen and where it’s going to happen. It’s not going to be a nice time. We thought this could have started at the very beginning of what’s referred to as the ‘great tribulation’, understanding that’s about the Church now, far more so, which we’ve always understood, but as far as the world was concerned we haven’t understood fully because it’s in God’s timing, how He does it. And what’s going to take place, especially with Russia and China and what they finally do, it says they destroy a third of the earth. That’s very clear language. They destroy a third of all the earth. And the United States is not going to escape that, Great Britain is not going to escape that, Europe is not going to escape that. So there are some cities in some places that aren’t going to be a great place to be in some respects. That’s just the way it is. I don’t know where they are – God hasn’t told me those things – I’m not a fortune teller. Sometimes people think I should know everything – No, I don’t. God has given me an outline of prophetic things as far as the Bible is concerned; we have that outline that we’ve had for so long. How it’s going to all transpire…? We understand some of that as far as tribulation and what that means for us now. It’s going to be right up to the end. I understand. I understand more deeply now than ever before it can be in the last hour of the day!

Why don't any of the leaders of the hundreds of COG splinter cults speak out about this liar and fraud?  Why don't they expose his as the spiritual deviate he is?  They know for a fact that Ron's predictions will not happen, yet they sit by and do nothing.  Is it that they still consider him and his followers to be  part of the Church of God and are afraid to say anything bad about him?  Or, are they afraid that if they speak out publicly that their absurd predictions will be exposed?  By sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing  as he spouts these dangerous lies they implicate themselves. This is just more proof that there is no accountability in Armstrongism.  Never has been and never will be. 

Ron Weinland Exposed As Fraud On TV

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Book: The Fragmentation of a Sect: Schism in the Worldwide Church of God by David V Barrett

Click image to enlarge to see COG organizational splits
Not from Barrett's book.

David Barrett is coming out with a new book this December about the fragmentation of the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1990's into the numerous splinter groups that exist today.  Barrett's earlier book, The New Believers is an extraordinary look at the growth of new religions.  He wrote at that time about the rise of Scientology, Moonies, and a large section of the book on the Worldwide Church of God and it's evolution away from Armstrong teaching towards "mainstream" belief.


In the mid-1930s an unsuccessful American advertising executive, Herbert W. Armstrong, founded a millenialist, Sabbatarian Christian sect with a heterodox theology. Over the next half century, despite a number of setbacks, scandals, criticisms, and attacks from former members and anti-cultists, Armstrong's organization, the Worldwide Church of God, grew to around 100,000 baptized members with a world circulation of between six and eight million for its flagship monthly magazine Plain Truth. In January 1986, Armstrong died. His successor changed most of the Church's distinctive doctrines, leading it towards an increasing convergence with mainstream Evangelical Christianity. This revision created a massive cognitive dissonance in ministers and members: should they accept or reject the authority of the Church leadership which had abandoned the authority of the founder's teachings? Groups of ministers left the religion to form new churches, taking tens of thousands of members with them. These schismatic churches in turn faced continuing schism, resulting in over 400 offshoot churches within little more than a decade.

In this major study David V. Barrett examines the processes involved in schism and the varying forms of legitimation of authority within both the original church and its range of offshoots, from hardline to comparatively liberal. His book extends the concepts of rational choice theory when applied to complex religious choices. More important, he offers a new typological model for categorizing how movements can change after their founders' death, including schism, and explores the usefulness of this model by applying it not only to the Worldwide Church of God, but also to a wide variety of other religions.

To preorder:  The Fragmentation of a Sect: Schism in the Worldwide Church of God by David V. Barrett

Are You "SAD" Because You Don't Believe In A Literal Adam and Eve?

E. W. King thinks so! You are such a sad lot of people!  You believe in UFO's and all kinds of beasties, but not in Adam and Eve.  So sad! Sad, Sad, Sad!  So really, really sad!

Those sad people….what will they think of next?
There are many who have decided that God is not powerful enough to create a literal Adam & Eve. They doubt every story in the Bible. Why? I call these people, “sad people”. This is so amazing. These people believe in extraterrestrials, flying saucers, gurus who can levitate and make things appear out of nowhere, etc yet they spit in God’s face.

Is King upset that people don't believe in Adam and Eve or the fact that he has been labeled a fundamentalist?  I think that is more of an issue to him than people questioning the Bible.

They think that this way they will sound much smarter than those “old fashion” fundamentalists. That word,… “Fundamentalist” …..hhhmmm. That word is not in the Bible. I guess this is a title that the “sad people” want to label true Christians with. It gives the sad people a sense of authority.
[I use the title, “Sad People” in response to their title, “fundamentalist”]

So what happens when you reject Adam and Eve? You turn into a pro-abortion gay drug user.

So now, let us look at how these poor sad people live, those who think that the Bible is make-believe. Some are homosexuals; some believe in abortion, some use drugs. 

Oh, and you watch American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sad!  So very very sad!

Hhhmmm. Again, these sad people who reject the Bible sit and read stories of Buddha, little fairies, make believe space aliens and watch American Idol
So what is there left for a poor non believer to do?  You cuss! You curse, and cuss, and curse.....

They think that their little pea brain has all the answers. Sad, sad people. They cuss and curse, they cheat and lie, they abuse their relationships and their bodies. This is the fact!

Once you have sunken to this low moral cesspool there is only one place left to go.  STARBUCKS!

Many of these types sit at coffee shops with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. They begin sentences like; “Yes, the mythological stories of all the religions are basically teaching the same thing. Oh, did you see the recent extraterrestrial documentary? The ET’s are watching us.” Sad, sad people. These fundamentally decadent people.
Then, after you have reached your caffeine high that is causing you to turn into an atheist, you have the moral dilemma to consider whether to go home and feed your dog or go to Burger King.  Such tough decisions!  Obviously, cussing coffee drinking gay abortionists can't make up their minds on what to do. Does one feed Rover or get a Whopper with cheese.

The subtlety of their theological errors is what I began to notice. Most of them are atheists. Doesn’t take much to start believing the wrong way. Doesn’t take much to swallow bad food, drugs and false doctrine. People just jump right in. They want to be with the crowd. It is so much safer in the “big group”. The perverted and doctrinally twisted herd. It’s like deciding: “Hhhhmm, should I feed the dog today or go to Burger King.”

There you have it folks!  The sad life of a questioning nonbeliever.

Those Sad People

Is Eric the 7th Messenger?

This is too dumb to pass up. 

Eric King (E.W. King) has written "A Song of Beauty to the Worldwide Church of God"

Eric feels that because of his awesome dudeness he may be the 7th witness/last messenger to the Church of God.  All of these endtime messengers are starting to get pretty ridiculous.  Just how many "witnesses" does the COG need now?  There is Meredith, Flurry, Pack, Cox, Weinland, UCG, COGWA, and many more who feel they are some kind of "special agent" here on earth to present some "special message" to the lost sheep of the COG.

Is Eric King the Seventh [last] Messenger? This free booklet has information not posted on this site or any other. It is a prophetic revelation! Who is the antitypical Cyrus, David and just who is the Seventh Messenger [angel]? 

The Church of God has crossed over to each new era. From the Ephesus to the Smyrna, from the Smyrna to the Pergamos, from the Pergamos to the Thyatira, from the Thyatira to the Sardis, from the Sardis to the Philadelphia, and from the Philadelphia to the seventh and last…the Laodicean. Each church era had a faithful angel [messenger] which helped it cross into the next phase. Herbert W. Armstrong was the sixth messenger in the sixth church age. Who is the Seventh Messenger? It is this Seventh Messenger who is to give the Church “meat in due season”. [Matthew 24:45-47] I am speaking the Truth!

Can these buffoons just give it a rest?