Saturday, January 21, 2023

Dave Pack: 2023. For Real, this time...

2023. For Real.


We are in the first 40-day period ending on February 10, 2023, when the Kingdom of God arrives.


The second 40-day period ends on Abib 1 (March 22), when the Day of the Lord starts.


During the first 40-day period but before February 10, there is a resurrection of 100 billion people starting the Kingdom to Israel.


Before that, David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God will become a global mouthpiece. When will Elijah be raised like Moses first to kick this off? Don’t know. It is a wife-restricted secret Dave will reveal in his own time. But man, does he know and knows that he knows.


He presented part of a new 60-point list proving how hard he is trying to get the timing right.


He mangled Ephesians 5:14-16 privately interpreting that the dead are resurrected into future evil days, rather than the people who need to be wise and circumspect living in current evil days. But hey, I never went to Ambassador College.


Elijah will be doing a lot of stuff, but when he starts is still a secret. So, stop asking.


You are partially caught up on the ballyhoo and tomfoolery enjoyed during “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 415),” given on January 17, 2023.



How impressed should everyone be with this most-significant Part 415?


Part 415 – January 17, 2023

@ 32:41 We’re gonna put some things together that are impossible to dispute. Impossible.


@ 50:55 Now, we never understood these things. But we do now.


Ha ha ha. Famous last words. That oft-repeated phrase is now satire even when Dave says it.


The David C. Pack of today is mocking the David C. Pack of yesterday. Those two will duel for who knew the right what, when.


@ 1:06:24 Now, we never saw or understood this. It’s not remotely what anybody has ever understood. And I been looking at this, as you know, for like 20,000 hours. For years trying to put it together. Three Kingdoms. Four. Three. Four. Three. Four. Three. Four.


So much for inspired preaching moved by the Holy Spirit. So much for effective time management. So much for healthy work-life balance.


For the chosen servant of God to go back and forth perpetually about how many kingdoms there are does not fill me with confidence. A man studying the Bible for 20,000 hours while claiming to be an apostle but still cannot get the picture correct causes me to seriously doubt his prophetic competence.


Or maybe I am being a jerk.


David C. Pack is just a guy who wants so badly to understand Bible prophecy and desperately wants to believe God is leading him to teach this. He is surrounded by blind compromisers who are as desperate as he is, enabling his continued madness by excusing years of fumbling while ignoring the Book they proclaim to understand.


Blind leading the blind. Hello, Mister Ditch.


The Spirit of Error is holding a rave on the Headquarters Campus, but the brethren of The Restored Church of Another god are invited.


If God chooses you to fully understand Bible prophecy, you will fully understand without botching it for seven-plus years. If anyone does anything for 20,000 hours and still cannot nail it down, it is time for a new career.



News Flash: Jesus Christ arriving in 2022 is OFF THE TABLE!!!


Over sixty “The Greatest Unending Story!” Parts were delivered in 2022, but count them as dross because the Kingdom of God did not arrive last year.


How can you know?


@ 28:34 This math carries with it a whole set of asterisks. I have it on good authority that hasn’t happened yet, so you don’t have to worry about any year in the past.


Wait, is that a coded nod to the thorough documentation provided by


Dave is convinced that 2023 is the year it all happens. For real, this time. He goes as far as to say that it could not have been in 2022. The man sure has a way of knee-capping himself. Time to tear out your Bible notes from last year and start over.


@ 28:18 Future years won't work. I don't see any way, and somebody could ask about the math at this point. There're all kinds of problems with years beyond 2023.


Insert howls of laughter. Prepare for the familiar “we’re not gonna go another year” phrase to be pulled from the dryer and worn through December.


@ 28:44  But last year wouldn’t have worked either. It was impossible. If we'd have understood "midst of the years," we would understand you had an extra intercalary…month. There are two Adars in 2024. There were in 2022. Both are simply out.


It is astounding to now ponder that 2022 will not host the return of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, this fantastic news came just in time. In January 2023. David C. Pack explains to the brethren of The Restored Church of God that all dates he set last year were “impossible.”


That means God tricked His servant into saying false dates based on false ideas by putting the wrong scriptures together to paint the wrong picture. Or it came from the human mind of David C. Pack, moved by the Spirit of Error to lead the members of RCG to chase their tails for another year.


If nothing in the past would have ever worked and ONLY 2023 works, that means that since 2012, David C. Pack has been fraudulently teaching fantasy to God's True Church. He does not use those words, but he confesses them nonetheless.


David C. Pack never considers the implications of the words he speaks. He can only think in the present; completely unaware, he invalidates his past and condemns his future.


And this is the guy who will be Elijah with “serious teeth” and “like Moses” to shout to the whole world?


No thank you.


@ 29:02 So, if it didn’t happen this year, it’s impossible that it’s next year.


Bookmark this. It will come back to bite Dave on the backside eventually.


This is why a vast library of foolish quotes and outrageous false claims are ready to be brought forth at the right moment. David C. Pack is his own worst enemy. His very words are perceived as "an attack from the devil" that "enemies" throw in his face.


Hey man, I did not say this junk on the record. That is all on you, bro.



How did the Packian Triad of Fraud come up with 2023 being so definitive and absolute?


@ 29:33 …a Sabbath 40 days back when the Father and Christ come.


@ 29:45 One day away from spring because God's gonna start years within a day, and that's perfect when you understand He's shaving years back. You've gotta have a late New Year's, an early spring, no leap years, and no intercalary months. You can’t have any of that.


Another utterly different construct of precise circumstances is necessary for proving his point. If you want to say one positive thing about David C. Pack, he knows how to take unrelated facts to Frankenstein proofs for a new date that could sound possible if it were an isolated incident.


Part 401 – October 22, 2022

@ 32:01 Three things…become absolute. The First Kingdom is one month…between new moons like all sacred months. Two. It follows harvest. And our last shot at that is Cheshvan. And three. This First Kingdom arrives in a year when a number of knowable metrics have been met. That makes its arrival sure.


Part 403 – November 05, 2022

@ 16:13 There are only two times, and the apostles knew this when the Day of the Lord can come. And those two times are Tammuz 1 or Tevet 1. There are no other possibilities.


Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 1:25:05 …we wait for what no one else knows ‘cause you’ll never ever a nuclear blast wouldn’t change me…from the simple fact that it’s ten days, seven years, a thousand years, and winter. You can’t change that.


Oops. This is another attack, I suppose.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word.

Trust him to your own folly.


Dave loves coincidences as proof of how correct the new theory is.


Part 415 – January 17, 2023

@ 30:03 Now, go online and see how many years you’re gonna wait until that happens again. Or, is it just an incredible coincidence that we’re learning it this year in a year that fits, you know, jot and tittle. I mean, hand in glove…So, future years won’t work for a long time.


If only this was the first time that method was used.


Part 394 – September 24, 2022

@ 17:57 But it’s impossible to believe that he [Elijah] doesn’t sound on Trumpets. So, is it a coincidence we’re learning this right now?


Part 412 – December 27, 2022

@ 1:22:56 It was there all along. But not going to be understood until God removed the last part of the Mystery made everything absolutely plain. Now, a coincidence that we learn it now? I guess you decide…Only God could reveal this. Truly. So, it’s January 1st, that’s inarguable. That’s just inarguable. Or we wait a year.


Brad should sit Dave down in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium and play back his dumb statements so the man can see how he sounds like a lunatic. Perhaps this would spark some desire for self-restraint. A little prudence goes a long way.


I would gladly help with this project. I know how deficient the skills in the video department are now at RCG, and I would gladly accept freelance work at $70 per hour. The documentation has already been compiled. Have Carl put it in writing, and then Dr. Ranney can call with a confirmation. He has my number.



Binary question: Is David C. Pack a professional liar or an ignorant teacher?


I do not think he is a liar or a willful con man. Dave buys his own malarkey. Remember, the naked emperor believes he is wearing magnificent clothing. It is everyone else who knows he is nude.


Who at the Headquarters of The Restored Church of God knows that David C. Pack is biblically naked?


To put it more bluntly, which men see Dave’s prophetic buttocks and genitalia daily and are totally fine with it?


Brad. Ryan. Jaco. Tim. Salasi. Jim. Andrew. Frank. Raymond.


Three others were excluded. They actually see the spectacular fabric their human idol strides through the Grand Garden in.


Part 415 – January 17, 2023

@ 30:22 I could never find a year that it would work. But I didn’t look that hard because I know it’s this year.But I do understand the “midst of the years” was so enlightening. It put bold lines on things. And put a Kingdom in place. Vivid colors. No more pastel. 


2023 is the year, and the evidence is locked so tight there is no need to keep proving all things.


@ 39:28 You have an absolute solid promise, bright lines, and vivid colors that it has to be before February 10th.


Who’s promise? Notice he did not pin that on anyone specific. Dave might have well just said, “Joe Baloney down the street promises you.” For what that is worth.



Consider the “stunning understanding” carried about since 2012 that has all amounted to nothing, as admitted in Part 415. Accept Dave’s enthusiasm about 2023 with that grain of salt.


Dave will do the same things without guilt. He will say the same things without regret.


While attending RCG, I realized David C. Pack was made of Teflon and Kevlar. Failure, shame, embarrassment, and accountability just roll off of him. Nothing sticks or penetrates.


When you are coated with a thick shell of profound denial reinforced by Headquarters medical-grade fawning pillows held by a cabal of corrupted hirelings, it is easy to see how the Bible and God are to blame when theories collapse under the immense pressure of time.


It seems as though David C. Pack wakes up each day with a blank mind, unsullied by statements of the past. He lives in today only for today. That is his blessing and his curse.


No matter how many hours he talks or how many proofs he writes down, David C. Pack will not and cannot ever be correct about the return of Jesus Christ.


February 10 will come and go. March 22 will come and go. The absolutely inarguable dates will oil up and slide around as they approach. Watch for that.


The Restored Church of God is recycling the RCG Mad Libs booklet. The empty slots that once said 2022 in pencil can now be erased and have 2023 written in ink instead.


2023 is when this all goes down. For real.

Marc Cebrian

See: 2023. For Real.





Friday, January 20, 2023

Dave Pack: 100 Billion People To Be Resurrected Before March 22, 2023

It’s A Secret


Shush. David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God is holding onto a secret. At the end (for real, at the end) of “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 414),” he teased a big reveal was on the horizon.


Part 414 – January 14, 2023

@ 1:39:40 And you cannot argue with the sheer massive proof I’m gonna lay on you next time that Elijah rises before February 10th.


But he did not do that. David C. Pack is not a man of his word? Whaaaaaaaaat?!


He must have left those notes at home. During Part 415 on January 17, he neglected to present the sheer massive inarguable proof about Elijah rising in February. Oh, well.


He still managed to fill his time with wall-to-wall words, speaking with a passionate volume for 94 minutes exuding tones of certainty about two other recycled tidbits. A reasonable person could boil down his major points within twenty minutes and be just as conclusive. But Dave likes to pad and over-explain.


Per Part 415, these happen BEFORE the Day of the Lord on March 22, 2023:


The Kingdom TO Israel period is back, baby.

The resurrection of 100 billion people is back, too, baby.


Beyond this, the rest of the message is a significant display of verbal white noise. And errors.



The people who attended the Headquarters Winter Social must have been atwitter about the Elijah-period bait, fully anticipating Part 415.


They are quickly learning the updated staples for a spiritual diet: Prayer, fasting, meditation, Bible study, and disappointment. That is the RCG way.


The big question everyone wants to know is: When shall these things be? Well, Dave is not telling.


Part 415 – January 17, 2023

@ 31:47 I said on Sabbath we’re not waiting 27 days. So, let me put it this way, now we’re not waiting 24 days.


He talks for 94 minutes and refuses to ever spit it out.


@ 48:47 So, it’s not weeks or months. It’s days. How many? I know. I know exactly when this happens, and you're gonna try to get it outta me, and I won't tell you. It’s the last thing I’m gonna say because this is explosive stuff. I absolutely know, and my assistants know, and they're not even gonna tell their wives.


He meant the last thing NEXT time. Not today, you believing blockheads.


Dave told his wife, though. Apostle's privilege.


Over ten years of failed prophetic dates, and NOW he is being coy. When he finally does reveal his new circle on the calendar, how many gasps from the audience will you be able to hear? My guess: none.


A round of unimpressed shrugs for everyone.


@ 1:22:07 But, that’s horrible days. So, there’s days in front of that. I know how many, and I'm not gonna tell you yet. It's not important.


If something is not important, you do not bring it up while telling people you know what it is. If it is not important, there is no need to withhold it, either. You just say it and move on.


This not-important secret tease is audience manipulation to give the impression the Pester General knows EVEN MORE knowledge than what he is sharing. He uses a slimy tactic to puff himself up with empty ideas that contain no substance. He suggests more wisdom without having to prove it.


This tactic works on kids, by the way.


Oh, he certainly has a date in mind. He has the numbers. He has the scriptures to back up his assertion, no doubt. But he needlessly drags it out to build false excitement. Or maybe he is stalling again.


All this drama will lead to nothing more than a mild shrug. Declaring another date is not a miracle.


@ 1:22:27 I’m quite certain I know. The Bible is most plain. We know all the other spaces. We're gonna know that one, and I absolutely know it.


Neener neener nee-ner.


“Okay, Dave. I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10. Tell me which it is.”


“I know but I’m not gonna tell you yet. It’s not important. I’m quite certain I know. I absolutely know it.”


“Prove it.”


"I have to go pee."


During Part 416, want to guess how much time Dave will eat explaining something “not important?”


Dave provides a lot of humor when you peer at his words from a particular perspective.


He loves proving how much he knows without actually saying it. He loves explaining how inarguable his proofs are without presenting them. He loves anticipating acceptance of his teachings as fact before revealing what they are.


@ 1:23:09 So, this much you know. It’s at least three and a half days. So, I guess you can take that much off of February 10th. God help all of us to be ready.


God help you if you believe him.


Make no mistake, Dave talks plenty about what Elijah will do. Since Dave is Elijah-Elect, that is important to him. But WHEN it starts is left as a secret. For…reasons.



@ 31:42 I wanna talk about what happens in a period before the Kingdom of God…now we’re not waiting 24 days. And you won't have any doubt of that after the first point, and I'm gonna give you probably about 50 or 60, just not all of them today.


Will this new list spoil faster than the other 60-point list pointing to a Tevet 21 Day of the Lord?


Part 414 – January 4, 2023

@ 34:36 Is there a way to make all those 60 points agree? Eventually…they have to agree because the Bible never contradicts itself.


Dave contradicts the Bible. The Bible contradicts Dave.


Lists have not served the members of The Restored Church of God well in the past.


Part 409 – December 10, 2022

@ 18:38 The only way we go further is if Christmas and all the proofs were a ruse by God to throw us off…Then, there is no Mount Everest. We just built one, and it's a mirage. And God deliberately, with two long lists, threw us off.


A ruse by God. The Mount Everest mirage. Two long lists by God designed to throw off RCG.


This blasphemer shows no fear of God. Perhaps Dave begs on his knees in private for forgiveness because he certainly does not do that from the lectern.


Throughout the history of The Restored Church of God, the time and effort to compose the lists and then to teach them are pure folly. The utterly worthless points are compiled by a desperate man with the help of compromised lackey sycophants. Being more precise requires a $5 word: myrmidons.


Part 415 – January 17, 2023

@ 32:02 So, this has all come clear. God, in His mercy, gave us Abib 1 and 40 days in front of it.



Another colossal example of David C. Pack’s piss-poor reading comprehension skills ensures a future walk-back. The first point on the updated 60-point list is a private interpretation of Ephesians 5:14-16. It does not bone him as severely as his misunderstanding of Habakkuk 2:2, but it slots right underneath.


Dave says there is a resurrection of 100 billion people before the Day of the Lord.


@ 16:26 Are we beginning to get a hint that all Israel is here before God and Christ are? Not just a generation. All of them? Is that possible?


Whenever he poses questions like this, the answer is always yes. Since his god likes to hint rather than guide correctly, the signposts are clear.


@ 47:42 A prophet [Elijah] explains God’s plan to everybody since the Garden. Adam and Eve will be listening. A voice. The voice of the Seventh Messenger tells all people…everybody you could imagine who ever lived.



@ 1:01:58 You will meet all the saints before you meet the Father and Christ. You’ll also meet Abraham Lincoln before you meet Abraham. And before you meet God and Christ.


How did he draw these conclusions?


If I were a minister in The Restored Church of God, I would be so ashamed. This is that bad.


Ephesians 5:14-16

14Wherefore he says, Awake thou that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. 15See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, 16Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.


By misreading that verse, Dave discovered the dead will rise INTO evil days, so they must be resurrected before the Kingdom of God arrives.


@ 36:01 …when you stand up from being actually dead into evil days, it cannot be the Kingdom of God.


This is not what the text says. Dave mistakenly assumes all three verses speak of the same subject: the dead. However, a slow and careful reading of ALL the words exposes the truth.


Perhaps hitting the windshield in the car as a child damaged Dave’s brain more than he knows.


He completely misunderstands who verse 15 is talking to. Not the dead but the living Paul addresses. The reward for those asleep is light given by Christ. So, therefore, we (the audience) should not be fools but be wise.


Dave's piss-poor reading comprehension misses words like "See THEN that YE walk…" This signifies WHO Paul is talking to after referring to a resurrection.


The dead cannot walk circumspectly. The dead cannot redeem the time.


That seems pretty basic, and I am no Bible scholar. To get that so wildly wrong is beyond embarrassing.


@ 37:58 “Mr. Pack, are you saying that over a hundred billion people are here before God, Christ, the Kingdom, and the Temple, and all those things you described are here?” And I’m gonna answer, Absolutely. And I’ve only given ya one point. I’ve got about 25 today and 35 more...


We might be forced to conclude that David C. Pack is mentally challenged. But that would insult mentally challenged people. Dave is undoubtedly deficient in vital ways necessary for a preacher of righteousness, and yet, the people of The Restored Church of God continue to let him spew this nonsense, and they lap it up.


Not one minister dared to raise his hand, “Excuse me, Mr. Pack. Are you certain that scripture isn’t speaking of two different groups? Verse 14 is talking about the dead who will be resurrected as a learning point for those who are alive during the current evil days referenced in 15 and 16?”


“Nah. It’ll be fine.”


David C. Pack is a literary halfwit. The man is incapable of reading plain words right in front of his nose. He then builds a construct of foolishness based on that. Why can an antichrist serpent more wicked (almost) than the devil see ALL the words in the verses, but Elijah-Elect cannot?



He so believed his own delusion he earlier sold his shocking discovery as absolute.


@ 34:30 Some of what we’re gonna be covering is some of the most stunning understanding that you can possibly imagine. Simply stunning understanding, and it’s inarguable.


The simply stunning understanding that is so inarguable is based upon his inability to comprehend what he reads. That is no joke. That is what is really happening with him.


There is some seriously catastrophic blindness at work. It cannot simply be chalked up to stupidity. Yes, he is a biblical moron and a prophetic idiot, but at least he is trying really hard. He is trying, brethren. 


Dave built the foundation of his theory on sand. You do not need roaring waves to knock it over.


After he misread one verse, the others fell like dominos distorted by the same error.


@ 36:34 John 5 says, “All that are in the graves” rise in the same hour. So, all who’ve ever lived rise and go into a period of evil days before the Kingdom of God. Now, I'm gonna prove this in dozens, and I can quote scores of verses, and you'll understand what a horrific, tremendous, horrible battle this was.


This battle was already lost, and he had only just begun.


You see where he came from, where he was heading, and how he got there.


The Ephesians 5:14-16 fiasco does not fit into David C. Pack’s Gallery of Stupid, but it broadcasts where the Spirit of Error has taken up residence and is throwing a huge party.


And that is no secret.


Marc Cebrian

See. It’s A Secret

Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Meditation on God, Law and Armstrongist Torah Observance

By Rembrandt, Moses near Mt. Sinai. 

Mount Sinai has yet to be positively identified.


A Meditation on God, Law and Armstrongist Torah Observance

By Cogitatio

“The facts are there is not a single text in the New Testament that teaches that any law that God ever gave was abolished and nailed to the cross . . .” – G.G. Rupert, 1915, Leader, Independent Church of God, Seventh Day.

“First, remember that God’s basic spiritual laws existed from the beginning … These Commandments existed from the beginning – since creation.” – Herman L. Hoeh, Article, “Which Old Testament Laws Should We Keep Today?”

“God’s eternal laws and statutes were instituted to teach us the proper use of material objects, to regulate our material relationships with other men.”  Herman L. Hoeh, Good News Magazine, “What’s the Use of Working” 

“…the eternal law of Almighty God – the Five Books of Moses, God’s Law (Torah) – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy." Robert L. Kuhn, Good News Magazine, “Did Moses Write the Five Books of Moses?”

“The Old Testament is responsible for more atheism, agnosticism, disbelief — call it what you will — than any book ever written. It has emptied more churches than all the counter-attractions of cinema, motor bicycle, and golf courses.” – A.A. Milne


While God, and therefore his Nature, is eternal, the law of God exists in a number of dispensations.  These various dispensations have a common thread in that they reflect the Nature of God but they differ in implementation details. The Old Testament Law exists in this legal context. The supposition that the Torah is eternal, the Armstrongist view, and cannot be replaced must be carefully considered.  This article will present the viewpoint that the Old Testament Law in its complete detail is not eternal but was an instantiation of divine law for a certain people, at a certain time, and in a certain place.  In that the Torah reflects the Nature of God, it possesses an eternal essence but in its full context-relevant implementation it is temporal. 

First, it is useful to have a brief overview of how the Torah is viewed in Armstrongism.  Herbert W. Armstrong and Herman Hoeh nowhere provide a view on the ontology or existence of an eternal divine law prior to Creation.   WCG writers state explicitly that the law was created at the time that God made the Creation.  It is not explained if this is the creation of the Cosmos or the creation of humanity.  And they did state it was eternal, that is, it would go on into the eternal future, apparently for the governance of sentient beings.  This means that, in Armstrongism, the Ten Commandments, the spiritual nucleus of the Old Testament Law, did not exist before the creation of the Cosmos.  While sometimes WCG writers identify God’s eternal law with the Ten Commandments, at other times it encompasses the entire Pentateuch.  Though the eternality of the law is frequently mentioned by Armstrongist writers, Armstrongist church administration has at times modified the Torah.  One example is in how God places his name for holy day observances.  Apparently, the law may be forever but it is not immutable and is subservient to church needs. Finally, while I could find no direct statement about this, I believe that Armstrong and Hoeh would have accepted the foundational idea that the law, any God-given law, has its ontological origin with God’s Nature and his expectations for his creation.    

There are some obvious constraints on the Old Testament Law that should be noted before going further.  The Old Testament Law is full of human relevant concepts.  It is about human beings and their behavior.  It is full of conditions that are earthly and for this present Age.  Actually, the conditions fit the Bronze Age.  Outside the human temporal context, some of the laws will not have meaning.  There is the commandment concerning adultery which assumes the institution of marriage.  Yet, in the future, the children of God will not marry but be as angels.  There are laws in the Torah about how Hebrew slaves should be treated and managed.   There are laws concerning purity that are based on human beings as biological organisms and one day there will be only resurrected, spirit children of God.  Just as these laws were created, they can be uncreated by the fact that the conditions that require them no longer exist.  The human relevant concepts are compatible with the Armstrongist view that the Torah was made at the Creation for human beings.  But the human relevant concepts are not compatible with the Armstrongist idea that the Torah will be mandated in the eternal future for both non-human sentient beings or the more advanced resurrected children of God. 

The Old Testament Law may be eternal in the weak sense that it will always be a matter of record or exist in memory.  What is the state of a law that can be recalled but will never be applied in the future because conditions have changed?   The author of Hebrews uses the term “obsolete.” (NRSV) Armstrong and Hoeh were wrong when they designated the Torah as God’s eternal law.  Certainly, it does not rise to the level of a fixed standard for all of eternity.  It has already suffered erosion.  The priestly functions related to the Temple are gone. Jesus claims that he is now the Temple. The ministration of death is gone.  The Law of Christ in the New Testament, on the other hand, for the most part, will never age.   There is no way that the following principle will fall into disuse through irrelevance, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”  

Yet, the Torah may also live on as culture and tradition.  The Jerusalem church in the First Century had a Jewish membership.  No doubt they continued to keep the Torah even though it had lost its salvific significance. The Torah does make a profound ethical document even though for Christians it is not on the critical path for salvation.  How should Christians treat this body of traditional legislation?  In the Christian context, some of its laws may be determined to be obsolete, like the law about what to do with a Gentile woman captured in warfare, or continued, like the commandment against stealing, or transformed, like circumcision.   The fact is, the Old Testament Law is not a fixed mark in eternity for Christians now, but rather a moveable feast of ethical considerations and traditions. 

One popular rejoinder to this Christian stance is to assert that the law (Torah) stands inviolable and only the agreement about the law, read “agreement” as “covenant,” has changed.  Jesus brought us a new view that magnified the law.  We have traded one set of regular spectacles for a different magnifying set.  So, the transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament has nothing to do with the law – it only involves the covenants or agreements about the law.  But Paul wrote in Romans 7: “In the same way, my brothers and sisters, you have died to the law through the body of Christ…” Paul calls out the law specifically.  And Paul is not referring to Christians having “died” to it by keeping it perfectly so it can no longer exact a penalty, because earlier in Romans 7, Paul speaks of the termination of the authority of the Law.  (And if “dying to the law” is keeping the Old Testament Law perfectly in all its minutiae, kiss salvation goodbye. Read through the Torah sometime and remember that Hoeh wrote that not only were the Ten still in force but so were the laws, statutes, and judgments because they are based on the Ten.  Who when they have a contagious disease wears disheveled clothing and shouts “Unclean!” when in public?   Wearing a mask is a very modest measure in comparison.)

There is also the unsettling question: “Do we have the Old Testament Law in the form that God intended it?” Because here is what God says about the Torah in the time of Jeremiah:

“How can you say, ‘We are wise, and the Torah of the LORD is with us’? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes has made it into a lie.” (Jeremiah 8:8, in the ESV translation, but also nearly every other translation carries this same sense except for the Jewish Study Bible.)

This scripture plainly asserts that the curation and editing of the Torah by scribes seems to have gone awry.  Jesus kept the Torah flawlessly but he knew accurately what the Torah was – he was the one who gave it to Israel.  Jesus kept every jot and tittle but he knew what was a real jot and a real tittle and what was not.  And Jesus did not find it necessary to echo Jeremiah’s statement in his ministry or engage in Torah reform because he knew the full arc of the Torah for his own keeping (he decreed it, after all) and knew it would not be carried forward into the New Testament era.  It is the modern-day Torah-keepers who are caught in a dilemma of believing that keeping the full Torah, every jot and every tittle, is required for salvation when they don’t know for sure what the Torah really is.  Maybe some scribe interjected something into the Torah that goes against the grain of what God really intended.  You can claim that is a sophomoric hypothesis but what about this: “He (Jesus) saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning, it was not so.”  This does seem to say that Moses wrote something into the Torah that God did not originally intend. 

The assertion that the Bronze Age, human-oriented Old Testament Law, as glorious as it may be, is the eternal law of God lends momentum to the idea that the Old Testament Law must be kept by Christians at this time and must be written on the heart.  Historically, a similar view was held by the Circumcision Party, which waged war against the Apostle Paul energetically, and was also held by some of the Gnostics.   G.G. Rupert started a latter-day revival of the idea in the Church of God, Seventh Day.   What part of the Old Testament Law should be observed and how is a constant turmoil for those who believe the Old Testament law must be kept.  Would Jesus really make salvation contingent on a nerdish understanding of the celestial mechanics of the new moons?  For Torah-keepers who require and declaim rigor, the complex Bronze Age standard that is obscured by translation and arcane customs is a constant risk to salvation.  For Christian soteriology, the Old Testament Law is a non-issue.  Christians understand that the Old Testament Law has been replaced by the Law of Christ.  The New Testament implements a new charter with new standards and better promises.  That is why the Christian covenant is called the New Testament rather than the Old Testament 2.0.  


USciatis Misericordiam Dei

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Dave Pack: Any who disagree with him are "enemies of God"


Enemy P.R.


The Restored Church of God whistleblowing industry will be pretty busy in the coming days with the release of "The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 415)" last night, which started by announcing the need for a Part 416.


On January 14, Part 414 was so absurdity-rich multiple articles were needed. One fallacy quoted but not examined was “all ministers of this world” go directly into the Lake of Fire on the Day of the Lord and never get a chance at salvation. This new David C. Pack supposition will not have a long shelf-life.


The implications of that teaching are far and wide. It dismantles decades of understanding, reaching back into the days of The Worldwide Church of God. Herbert W. Armstrong’s understanding level just dropped to 4% because not all human beings get a fair chance at eternal life. Dunderhead.



That introduced the concept of enemies of God early in Part 414. Later, Dave circled around to those afflicting RCG, and it piqued my curiosity.


Part 414 – January 14, 2023

@ 1:25:10 Why would God show us Abib 1 in a definitive way? Absolutely inarguable. I don’t care what any enemy knows.


He said that in the singular, so he must have had someone specific in mind. Who is your enemy, Dave?


You cannot be talking about me since all I do is accurately relay your words with full context. Granted, there is added color spiced with humor, framed with truth, and sprinkled with a healthy dose of reality. Calling a fact a fact cannot be the basis for antagonism. Can it?


Stating “David C. Pack is a false prophet” is not name-calling. That is like the atmosphere getting upset because you declare the sky is blue. Facts are facts.


Stating “David C. Pack is not a man of his word” is not an accusation. That is like fire getting pissy because you declare it will burn you when you get too close. Facts are facts.


Are facts your enemy, Dave? If you had a singular enemy in mind, maybe you were projecting an internal conflict as coming from external forces. Nobody at Headquarters has the guts to tell you that you are your own worst enemy. Invite me over, and I will say this to your face. Brad has my email address.


Also, why would someone else possessing true, God-given information be of any concern to you? Freely you have received, so freely give, bro. You say you “don’t care,” but by bringing it up, it says you do.


Jesus Christ told his disciples to preach the gospel to the whole world. You know that concept as The First Commission. What is the problem if that information is released beyond the walls of RCG? You are teaching the sheep in The Restored Church of God the “good news” of the coming Kingdom of God. Right?


Perhaps you have fallen asleep on the job, so someone else is compelled to do it for you. Rather than seeing your information going public as an attack, recognize it as a favor.


You’re welcome.



@ 1:25:16 I hope the whole world hears it. 


No, he does not.


If this were true, Part 414 would be posted publicly as a message unveiling the Mystery of God to help mankind prepare for His coming Kingdom. All the co-workers and donors could see what goes on behind the closed gates in Wadsworth. They could finally get a glimpse as to what kind of organization they are giving their money to.


Dave, if you want the world to hear this incredible revealed knowledge, put it on the website in the Sermon Library and provide a link on your landing page. Get Ryan to post a few items on your Facebook channels and promote the snot out of it. What a great email blast that would be.


I offer to help you guys out. If I have your permission, I will gladly post the entire message on the front page of We could do a cross-platform collaboration. What do you say?


Please have Dr. Ranney contact me and let me know if you are cool with that. He has my number.


@ 1:25:17 They won’t. They won’t believe it. They’re not gonna believe even after the Kingdom comes.


Oh…never mind. So, the strategy is not to even try. How can someone disbelieve something they have not had a chance to hear? Another great idea that never gets off the ground due to pessimism. That is a big bummer.


How super-cool would it be for a "secret" prophetic message to be blasted all over the public sphere to prove the organization's legitimacy and make "David C. Pack" a household name?


Did you just play 52 Pickup with RCG, Dave? Or perhaps it was just a ruse.



@ 1:25:23 But, why would God show us Abib 1 with 67 days to go? Such a long way off.


Maybe the 67-day window has more to do with Dave catching up on his sleep and going on vacation rather than a certified biblical revelation.


Put your Bible away and go on vacation, Dave. Go on a long, long vacation far, far away. 67 Dave-free days would be an answered prayer for many in Wadsworth.


While he is gone for an extended time, Brad can easily captain the ship. RCG runs smoother when Dave is not around. Headquarters will do just fine when he is out of the office. There will also be a sharp increase in productivity. It might even feel a bit like time off for the staff on the third floor.


Just imagine a few days free from tense sandwich-making in the kitchen. A few days of not worrying about how loud you are laughing. The idea of scheduling a meeting that starts and ends on time would be pure bliss. If only they lived in a world where the “ministers” made dinner plans with their wives and would not have to worry about disappointing them again.


Coffee Kid could enjoy some alone time with his hot new wife, and Pepper Boy could savor some rush-free quiet moments as a new dad. Life in RCG would almost feel…normal.


Dave being out of the picture for as long as it can last would be a blessing to all who labor at Headquarters. This is not a humorous exaggeration. Ask Brad privately, and he will confirm it.


Alas, none of this appears to be the case.


Part 415 was delivered yesterday, with Part 416 already on the horizon.


A golden opportunity is being missed for David C. Pack to receive free public relations juice. If his hope was for some publicity, I am happy to oblige.


Come on, Dave. I will even do it for free. Even though I am not your enemy.

Marc Cebrian

See Enemy P.R.

UFO 25 times the size of earth come out of the sun on June 27, 2020 to gather the few elect and the dead in Christ...

Well, boys and girls, it is another fun day in COG LaLa Land. If you dared to think that our highly esteemed self-appointed prophet Bob Thiel was batshit crazy, get a load of our OTHER true prophet. No, it's not Flurry, Pack, or Weinland but it is Tony Roach.

He has some new entries up on his Facebook page where he lays out the plan for the end times for all of us who do not heed his words. When. you think about it, he is exactly like Bob Thiel. Both have outlandish dreams and visions. Both claim to be the one true prophet to the church. Both claim they are ignored. Both claim to have the final truth. Both know when the end is to arrive. Both claim to be successors of Herbert Armstrong. Both claim to speak with the authority of God. Both have self-appointed themselves.

Please allow me to introduce myself...
I am only one man...
I AM Who I AM...
I am No One... When you hear No One knows the date... They speak of me... When you hear trust No One they speak of me...
I am a Seer by the Grace of God...
I was called at the age of 27 at Armstrong's death to be Armstrong's successor

The baton was passed to me after Armstrong's death by My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ... As in all eras before me... God chooses whom He will...

God started pouring wisdom and knowledge into me as though I was an empty vase after Armstrong's death... I watched... And I waited... By doing so I was able to foretell 9/11 years in advance and give the exact date... Also I was able to foretell the sell of the WWCOG and give the exact date by counting the days of Daniel as Jesus told us to do...

I told you who the UFOs are and were... Who else could do that?... NO ONE... I've shown you the Kingdom of God is on the Sun... Who else could do that... No One... I've shown you the Spring Harvest of Souls (AKA The Rapture) past in 2020... Who could do that... No One could do that... I've given you the date of "The day of the Lord"... Who could do that NO One... I've shown you many things NO ONE could show you by the POWERS OF GOD.... And I will show you more...

I speak with the authority of God... I NEVER assume anything... I never guess... I prove ALL things and I search the scriptures daily and have since I was a young boy...

The night before 9/11, I began pacing the floors around midnight... Around 3am I found myself outside looking up to the sky... I saw a planet I thought it was descending on earth... It looked as though it was made of roots wrapped around itself and dirt... On the bottom was a bigger root that branched off into a "Y"... I ran in the house screaming He's here He's here and I suddenly came out of a trance or something because I was still pacing the living room floor... This bothered me for a while so I just thought it was the new Jerusalem descending on earth spoken of in the Bible... Until I saw the UFO 25 times the size of earth captured on video by NASA coming out of the sun on June 27, 2020 to gather the few elect and the dead in Christ... Who will return with Jesus on Sept 28, 2031 for "The Dreadful Day of the Lord"... I thought it was a planet I was seeing the night before 9/11... It was so big... But now I know...

After 9/11 I couldn't understand why I was the only one that new what I knew... I had to know why... One morning I was driving down Back Beach Road about 55-60 miles an hour... As I was driving I shut my eyes and said a simple prayer... Before I shut my eyes I looked and there were no cars on the road coming or going... My prayer went like this... "Dear Heavenly Father... I've got to know am I the chosen one for this era... Please Dear Heavenly Father I have to know NOW!... Please Dear Heavenly Father I ask in Jesus name, Amen"... Then I opened my eyes I was still going around 55mph... There was a truck in front of me about three feet from my front bumper also going about 55mph and across his back windshield was written "The Chosen One"... Flipped me out for sure... My exact words...