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Self-Appointed Prophet And Accuser Of The Brethren Says, There Are Times People Should Keep Their Mouths Shut

It's been a few hours since we had anything on here from our favorite Holy Child, the world's foremost church historian, the Great Bwana to Africa, and the most important COG leader in human history whose existence was planned before the beginning of creation as part of the salvational works necessary before Christ can return back to earth.

The Great Bwana has a bone to pick with people in the church who "gossip". Of course, in Armstrongland this is anyone who dares to criticize church leaders and what they preach. When these people wake up and dare to question, they are immediately labeled as "dissidents" in order to shut them up. The problem the Great Bwana and most of the other abusive COG leaders today have is they no longer have the power to shut people up. The internet has basically destroyed their quests of omnipotence and pure devotion from their rapidly shrinking fields of devotees.

In a letter to his African followers and his 150 Caucasians, he trots out his favorite COG personality, Dibar Apartian, and an article he wrote for the January 1982 Good News magazine.

WHY God Hates Gossip!
by Dibar Apartian 
Do you know what scourge victimizes more people every year than all the sicknesses and accidents in the world? It is the deadly poison of gossip. 
The Bible reveals that Satan the devil is the accuser of the brethren (Rev. 12:10). 
But how does he accuse us? By spreading rumors and causing gossip.

Shutting down questioning by their followers is an important method of control for cults and the Churches of God have mastered that ability. Labeling people dissidents and then publicly disfellowshipping and marking people is an effective tool to shut people up. Fear is one of the most important tools used by the Church of God to control members. 

Thankfully, we have all watched over the last several decades and especially over the last several years with Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, and Gerald Flurry as people have publicly exposed their lies and false teachings, and outlandish proclamations.

The other tool to shut people down is tossing around the label "true Christian". Bwana Bob is particularly prone to this as a vain attempt to legitimize his little personality cult and devalue all other COG groups and particularly Christians in the world.

Quoting Apartian, 

But God commands, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” (Ex. 20:16). Do you grasp the depth of this commandment? Bearing false witness against someone can not only involve lying, but also accusing, gossiping and spreading rumors.

If you are truly a Christian, you should never take part in any of these activities. You should not accuse others, whether it be to defend yourself, to cover your mistakes or merely to make yourself look good in the eyes of others. In other words, the Ninth Commandment forbids lies, accusation, gossip and spreading rumors. That’s what bearing false witness is!

As a true Christian, you are to love your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22:39). But how can you love your neighbor if you accuse him or gossip about him? How can you love him if you have a part in breaking up his family or his home or in making him lose his friends?

How can we love men who lie about themselves, destroy families, spiritually decimate members' lives, cause suicides, and even murder?

Should COG members sit by and let these men get by with their abuse or hold them accountable?

Jesus certainly held the leaders of Israel and elsewhere accountable for their actions. He flipped tables and cast out the money changers. He warred about lying ravenous wolves pretending to be "true" COG leaders, he warned about false prophets who dream dreams and set themselves as rulers over the members. He warned how easy it is to be conned by these duplicitous buffoons.

At the end of quoting Apartian's article, the Great Bwana has this to say:

Be a true witness, not a talebearer. And yes there are times we all should keep our mouths shut.

Yes, Bob, it is time to shut your mouth! Stop lying to your followers about nightmares you have. Stop assigning yourself the Biblical attributes of Old Testament characters. You will never in your entire life ever measure up to any of those prophets! Stop preaching and writing about thousands of asinine topics that NO ONE in Africa or the rest of the world gives a rats ass about. Stop writing about things that have nothing to do with being a follower of Jesus. Stop preaching your false gospel that totally ignores Jesus and anything he proclaimed and accomplished through his death and resurrection.

Yes, Bob. It is time to keep your mouth shut!


Dave Pack: Stringing People Along

The String-Along


Members of The Restored Church of God have become so used to the disappointment they are numb by now. Another date of something-or-other is set by David C. Pack. Another date of a whole-lotta-nothin’ comes to pass. And yet, the more things fail to manifest, the more sure they are it will.


The proverbial ostrich sticking its head into the sand has nothing on the stalwarts of RCG. They are so invested in their denial and ferocious in defense of that denial they are buried in fantasy down to the kneecaps.


The longer you hold your breath, and the tighter you close your eyes, the more real something will become. In the world, they call that "wishing." But in RCG, that is called "faith."


The Restored Church of God members wish their Pastor General was correct about his ever-changing teachings. They wish that God is guiding him to fully reveal the Mystery of God so that Jesus Christ will return to earth on Christmas Eve to bring them all eternal life.


The spirit of error has taken root inside RCG and is spreading.



Some trapped inside RCG recognize what is happening but are paralyzed as to what to do. Others have chosen to take action.


Field ministers are reporting departures. It was not a good week for Brian Jackson or Larry Cockshutt.


The ministry at Headquarters knows tensions are high, and rather than sitting quietly, they have to keep posting worthless, Pathetic Updates. Four postings in four days.


Call it Damage Control as they continue to string along the brethren.


The Monday posting threw the Uno Reverse card on the half day teaching, which was an essential revelation by God two days earlier. This was reported in a previous article.


Prophecy Update – Monday, December 12, 2022


There is much evidence that the first period is no more or less than 10 days. It came to be that when God says 10 days of tribulation, we should not add or subtract time. Think of His precision with 1,335 days or 3.5 days! The only variable is whether Christ wants to spend time with us before the 10 days begin. This seems unlikely, but not impossible. Your watch could start as laid out in Pt 409, but don’t be surprised if 10 days is exact—with everything starting a half-day later than 409 explained.


So, never mind. The spirit of error was active during Part 409. Being off by 12 hours is no big deal.


That begs the question, Why teach it at all? The answer is Dave has to be right. To be off by 12 hours would be such a bitter pill to swallow for all eternity.


Stringing the brethren along gives the impression of further development. It hides Dave’s moonwalking. It hides the biblical accordion, expanding and contracting. The math is always flexible.



Prophecy Update – Tuesday, December 13, 2022


We have all heard the term, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This note is just that! Having one more night to consider all the verses on timing, it is helpful to include this brief amendment to yesterday’s Member Services announcement. While there is the case for everything starting exactly 10 days and nights before the day of the Lord, recall Mr. Pack has also wrestled with the many dawn/sunrise verses that counter the idea of 10 precise days. If the first period is 10 days and 9 nights (a total of 9.5 days), this would not break scripture—and would be a shorter trial for all mankind to endure! We could all hope this is the case, but will wait for whatever God’s will is, no matter what.


I had to laugh out loud. If David C. Pack had kept his mouth shut and NOT taught Part 408 and Part 409, this string along Damage Control would not be necessary. He could have prevented his own embarrassment last week and this week. But no, he had to keep meddling. He had to keep stringing it out.


Wednesday was supposed to be the beginning of the 1335 of Daniel 12:12. Quibbling over half a day seems rather foolish in the grand scheme of things. Let God's will be done.


10 days. 10.5 days. 10 days. 9.5 days. Just let it come already.


The subtext of these postings is to devalue Dave’s bloated machinations.



Prophecy Update – Wednesday, December 14, 2022


We are the people who “hear Christ’s voice” (Jn. 10:27) and “follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes” (Rev. 14:4). This has in some ways never been truer than with our ever-expanding knowledge of prophecy.God often layers in more facts as time goes on while retaining elements of previous messages. This has proven to be the case with the “Mt. Everest” of Tevet 1! This towering day still is central. It has not moved in importance. You will be stunned by what will be explained on the livestream Friday night!


Apparently not.


It was not Christ’s voice they heard teaching about what did not happen last week or this week.


The members of RCG are following a man, not God. A human idol who spends most of his time during sermons preaching about himself.


If you wonder about this being a mischaracterization of the truth, please read A Self-Care Disaster. Or revisit the topics covered in Part 404 and Part 405 in The RCG Eraser. Then decide if what these articles present are concocted lies and deception.


The members of The Restored Church of God are NOT following Jesus Christ. They are following David C. Pack. To say otherwise is willful blindness.



Part 410 was delayed from Friday to Saturday. Why take up a free night when you can impose nonsense on a capt(ured) audience on the Sabbath? This is a great way to string brethren along for another day.


Thursday, December 15, 2022


Dear brethren,


Please note Mr. Pack will deliver a live message during services this Sabbath, December 17.


For planning purposes, services at Headquarters begins at 2:30 p.m. and the live stream in Member Services will be opened a few minutes before the sermon starts at approximately 2:45 p.m. (Eastern Time.)


Everyone who is able should connect to this live message.


For those unable to join live, the message will be available to watch afterward.


Kind regards,

Church Administration


David C. Pack must be annoyed that the brethren of RCG are wasting their time focusing on God during Sabbath Services. Instead of letting God steal Dave's thunder, he decided to make it all about him again as he force-feeds his prophetic foolishness to a capt(ured) audience.


Dave takes on titles belonging to Jesus Christ.

Dave preaches about himself all throughout the Bible.

Dave now makes the Sabbath focus on what he has to say.


Hmm. How is that not idolatry?


Part 410 will further string along the idea that the Tevet 1 Christmas Eve arrival of Jesus Christ is still “on track.”


How Elijah-centric the message today will be is unknown. After all, an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic can only see so much through the Magic 8 Ball.


The spirit of error has captured the corporate sheepfold of RCG and has made David C. Pack its bitch.


Tie a string around your finger to remember that.

Marc Cebrian

See: The Strong Along

Friday, December 16, 2022

Restored Church of God: Compassionate Shunning


Compassionate Shunning


Brian Jackson is a field minister serving the Florida area for The Restored Church of God. He profoundly influenced me when I first came to Headquarters in November 2012. A deacon at the time, Brian "showed me the ropes" with how to conduct myself in Wadsworth, but he also instilled in me his wisdom as a servant.


He is a very smart and patient man. He taught me the value of thinking first and keeping my mouth shut. He showed me the importance of paying attention and getting the big picture. He trained me to see a plan all the way through before attempting it. This mainly applied to physical duties on the Set-Up crew to avoid damage, but I used it in all aspects of being an RCG Headquarters employee.


I had a tremendous respect for Brian and was even proud of him when he was ordained a minister. I knew that Brian Jackson was a minister of Jesus Christ. He was a man who let God's Spirit move him. A man willing to serve and, despite challenging circumstances, always managed to have a positive can-do attitude. I never heard Brian complain.


At the time, I saw him and Kevin Denee the same way. Men who inspired those they lead.


I felt close to Brian and was sad when he and his wife were sent into the field. I was happy for him, but I lost a mentor.


Since being sent to the field, I would see him only twice a year. At the Ministerial Conference and at the Feast of Tabernacles, if we were at the same site. He was one of those men I was close enough to hug.



How Brian Jackson and his wife can continue supporting biblical fraud David C. Pack is a mystery to me. Brian knows the date-setting is wrong and, yet, allows himself to be used as an enabler and enforcer for The Restored Church of God.


He is not stupid. He is not a blind zealot. His heart must trouble him, and yet he stays.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke


Brian Jackson is one of those good men in RCG who do nothing and let the evil of a false prophet continue.


In Elizabeth O’Leary-Noble’s Exit Letter, she pointed out facts to Brian, who was her minister. If he were moved to re-read “Is ‘That Prophet’ Alive Today?” with open eyes, he would see how far his leader has fallen. The words of David C. Pack identify and condemn what David C. Pack is now.


Brian and his family attended the Feast of Tabernacles this year when he heard his Pastor General make these statements that proved to be utterly false.

And yet, he chose to do nothing.


He followed closely through Tammuz, Av, Elul, Tishrei, Cheshvan, and into Kislev. He chose to do nothing.


December 9 passed. Brian and his wife did not receive eternal life as David C. Pack said they would. He chose to do nothing.


Brian will pass through December 25 and accept all the excuses that have to come. Sadly, he will continue to choose to do nothing.


One of the things Brian Jackson has chosen to do is write a letter to the local brethren of RCG to instruct members to compassionately shun those who have left.


This is no boilerplate reproduction from the field ministry resources. Those are verbose and cold. No. Brian took the time to craft this email himself. It shows the kindness of his heart. Well, kindness while instructing brethren to reject those they recently called sisters in Christ.



Good afternoon All,


Hope you are off to a good week.


We understand some can choose to leave God's Church and they may attempt to contact us and share their thoughts about why they left.


This has been the pattern of the entire New Testament era.


Often one who becomes critical, divisive, hostile, or is in disagreement—doctrinally or otherwise—with the Church will leave quietly on his own accord (I John 2:19).


Even though we ask them to have no contact with the brethren, some still do.


In this regard, without getting into any details and to leave room for repentance, I must let you know that the following are no longer with us and for you to be on guard for any attempt by them to turn you away from the truth:


        •       Nanci Benckowsky

        •       Bonnie Farmer

        •       Elizabeth O'Leary


The goal is to protect God’s sheep—from others and, when necessary, themselves.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Brian K. Jackson


The Restored Church of God



This is the nicest “cut them off” email you could possibly get. Reading this rather than a copy-and-paste from Headquarters made me think, “Yep. That sounds like Brian.”


Brian chooses not to warn the flock about the wolf who captured the corporate sheepfold. He chooses to warn the sheep about the other sheep who fled the spiritual slaughter.


All three ladies gave permission for this email to be shared. They want everyone to see what happens to those who anoint their eyes and leave RCG. Other field ministers are far less compassionate.


The Restored Church of Another god is not where the truth lives anymore. "The Greatest Untold Story!" Series is an abomination filled with deception and confusion. David C. Pack lies to the brethren and is not led by God. He is a false prophet, a false apostle, and a blasphemer blaming God for his persistent errors.


Brian, I believe you care about your sheep. Elizabeth was making a plea to you in her letter. If you do not want to give her words validity, then re-read “Is ‘That Prophet’ Alive Today?” The case Dave makes is pretty compelling. That book was written for a time such as this.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


Brian, stop doing nothing.

Marc Cebrian

See: Compassionate Shunning

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Did UCG Force Randy Stiver To "Retire" From His South Dakota Congregations?


Church of God News is reporting how the United Church of God has "forced" Randy Stiver to "retire".  Though, reading through the story below it doesn't make a lot of sense when it declares he was forced out of a job and then goes on to say he is still a pastor.

Mr. Randy Stiver, long time minister, Council of Elders member and teacher at Ambassador Bible College, has been forced to retire from the ministry of the United Church of God. Mr. Stiver had been assigned to pastor UCG’s South Dakota congregations in the spring of 2021.  

Some members of the eastern South Dakota congregations began a campaign of opposition to Mr. Stiver early on, messaging their grievances to the Church’s Operation Manager, Ministerial and Member Services Director Mr. Mark Welch and others. The opposition reached a peak shortly after the Feast that year when members of that group solicited support from other members for the purpose of presenting an organized unified front. The result was a visit to the eastern South Dakota congregations by Mr. Welch and Regional Director Mr. Mitch Knapp. Many members were unaware of what had been happening, but as those loyal to Mr. Stiver became aware of the situation they began to make their support known to home office leadership including then Church President, Mr. Victor Kubik.  

The division over Mr. Stiver’s leadership continued through the spring holy days and into the summer of this year. Mr. Kubik was replaced as UCG President by Mr. Rick Shabi. Mr. Shabi was informed of the situation by those on both sides of the issue. He visited the churches this summer, giving a sermon to the combined congregations and holding an open bible study soliciting input from members. Two weeks later Mr. Shabi visited again this time accompanied by the current UCG Council President Len Martin. They delivered split sermons to the combined eastern South Dakota congregations urging reconciliation by all parties. Shortly after that it was announced that Mr. Stiver was retiring and being replaced by long time South Dakota elder Mr. Ken Skorseth. Several families within the congregations loyal to Mr. Stiver are now reassessing their relationship with UCG.

So what’s all the fuss about?

A group of people didn’t like that Mr. Stiver was old school in his structure of the local congregation. They just didn’t like him being in charge from the start. They are more ecumenical and liberal (even Protestant if you will). They had been given positions of influence by the former Pastor and Mr. Stiver wanted to restructure the group. They were able to gain the ear of Mark Welch and then Mr. Shabi and Mr. Martin. Mr. Stiver wouldn’t budge on the administrative structure he wanted locally.  

Mr. Stiver is a long-time minister going back to the 1970s. He was NOT introducing any new or controversial teaching or doctrines. He supports United’s Fundamentals of Beliefs. He has served on their Council of Elders and taught at Ambassador Bible College in Cincinnati. It’s a case of the people rule. Some would say laodecian. It wasn’t doctrinal, but personality based. 

Shabi, Welch and Martin are part of a liberal movement in United and didn’t like Mr. Stiver being old school. They went along with the locals. 

Bizarre as it sounds, it’s as simple as that.  

Mr. Stiver is NOT totally retired. He has been given Rapid City, SD to pastor and a limited stipend. Rapid City was part of his original South Dakota circuit. Interestingly, they did not and do not have a problem with him. Just the influential group in Eastern South Dakota. United is experiencing a shortage of ministers. He is being monitored by Shabi and has to be careful about what he says and does.  

United has many younger ministers in charge who don’t have a sound foundational understanding for what the “Church of God” is. Locals describe it as a “church home”. More local people throughout the congregations are becoming cognizant of United’s liberal ecumenical trend.  

Mr. Skorseth, the new minister in charge, is being monitored closely by Shabi, Welch and Martin. He gets approval from them as far as the speaking schedule and has orders about how to proceed.  

The situation in the South East South Dakota congregations remains unresolved. We’ll see.

LCG Says It WIll Be Spiritually Rewarding If You Put The Church In Your Will


An anonymous LCG source sent the following regarding Living Church of God's recent push to get vetted members to put the church in their wills.

Some months ago the area pastors and local elders were talking about and promoting leaving your estate to the church, and they were sending out a pdf file (attached to this email), it is a booklet with instructions on how to put LCG in your will and encourages people to do so. It is not available on the LCG website. I have heard a great amount of LCG income comes from estates. 
It is only given to members or people they have vetted. When I read it I was somewhat horrified honestly, by how they encourage elderly people who are some of the most vulnerable amongst us to leave all their money to the church, they even say in the booklet how this sets a good example to family.

They "encourage" elderly members to leave all their possessions to the church in their will, or better yet, while they are still alive, why wait to die, give them your money now! What's the point of having savings during retirement anyway... as page 10 says "An unrestricted, lump-sum gift during your lifetime is often the easiest and most efficient way to meet your charitable goals. Also, this allows your resources to be put to use immediately to achieve your goals and the Church’s mission" 


Read on page 6 . "Church congregants who are not officers, employees, managers, agents or official representatives of the Church may serve as executors." I know firsthand of an elderly couple that has left church members in charge of their estate and given them power of attorney over them, the local elders encouraged this. 

Note also on page 8 how they are sure to encourage you to not add any restriction of use of the money, so they have full liberty to use it as they wish. " An unrestricted bequest is the most helpful and permits the Church or its institutions to use your gift where the need is greatest. This flexibility allows the Church to respond to changing needs as they arise. 
Example: “…to be used for the benefit of the Living Church of God as it determines.”
On page 11 they even suggest you add them as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy! "You can also designate the Church as a partial or full beneficiary of a life insurance policy"



If you read through the PDF I attached you will find the statements above and much more. 
If this weren't bad enough, I know so many seniors in LCG who are already in financially vulnerable positions and even on government assistance and are told on high days to "not come before the Lord empty handed", they go through so much hardship just to be able to give offering and attend the Feast. They claim 3rd tithe helps those who cannot afford to attend the Feast, yet I have seen so many denied Feast assistance because "they didn't put forward enough effort on their own to accumulate 2nd tithe", I have yet to meet someone who has received Feast assistance. Then they go on to say how it is appropriate to use 3rd tithe to pay for hall and "the levites" (aka the ministers), which is where I imagine all this 3rd tithe goes to.

Thank you for the work you put into your website and for exposing these organizations for what they truly are. I hold hope that many more will come to understand what I have understood, that they are living a lie.




Commercial Break: Uh Oh... Catholic Tainted Bobalonia Challenges Dr James Tabor On the Virgin Birth

Big Mistake should Dr. James Tabor ever responds to Bob's lack of understanding concerning Jesus Birth Narratives in Matthew and Luke. The problems with them as well as the motive and intent of them is not difficult to research. 

Mark has no birth narrative of Jesus and Paul says Jesus was "Born of a Woman", so nothing unusual there. 

Dr Tabor's point is that the Apostle Paul paved the way with his Cosmic Christ in the Heavens and certainly not the Jesus of the later written Gospels.  Paul merely comments once that Jesus was "born of a woman".  Nothing unusual there. 

It's an easy study and Dr Bob Thiel had better hope Dr James Tabor does not challenge him on his rebuttal of the origins of and problems with the Virgin Birth stories of Jesus. 

One fun one is that the Gospel of Mark portrays a Mary that forgot what she pondered in her heart in Luke when Angels had a chat with her concerning her pregnancy. Mark's Mary and Jesus' brothers showed up in Capernaum to take Jesus home, "because they thought he was insane" Mark  3:20-22

While Matthew and Luke copied Mark 90% and 80% respectively, this story was never again repeated, and they wrote to refute such an embarassing tale in Mark. 

Dr. Tabor on whether the Apostle Paul ‘invented the virgin birth’


Dr. James Tabor, once part of the old Worldwide Church of God, does not believe many doctrines it once taught. He had an article published titled Did Paul Invent the Virgin Birth? Here is some of what it said:

Paul never explicitly refers to Jesus’ virgin birth nor does he ever name either Mary or Joseph. What he does affirm is that Jesus pre-existed before his human birth and subsequently gave up his divine glory through his birth as a human being. He writes that Jesus “though existing in the form of God” emptied himself and took on human form, “being made in the likeness of humankind” (Philippians 2:6-7). He says further “though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich” (2 Corinthians 8:9). He has to be referring here, metaphorically, to the “riches” of Jesus’ pre-existence with God, since all our sources have Jesus born of a poor peasant family. Paul also writes “In the fullness of time God sent forth his Son, made of a woman . . .” (Galatians 4:4). The implication of these texts is that Jesus’ mother was merely the human receptacle for bringing Jesus into the world.

While Dr. Tabor does mention the accounts in Matthew and Luke in his article, he also suggests that Roman mythology may have played a role in the “virgin birth” doctrine.

The Bible, and early writings, clearly support the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin (Mary). And the first suggestion of it precedes the Apostle Paul by centuries.

Was the Virgin Birth Prophesied?

Was Jesus’ birth from a virgin prophesied?

It was if you believe what was written by the prophet Isaiah:

Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14, NKJV throughout).

According to Matthew’s writings, Jesus fulfilled that prophecy:

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Living Church of God - Lock It Up Boys!

From LCG Skeptic

This past week, Gerald Weston gave orders that all LCG congregations must lock their doors shut as soon as services begin and remain locked for the duration of services. There are rumors that someone may have threatened them. We all know about the shooting years ago…

Or it could be another form of control on their part to make sure everyone is there on time. It seems more and more people come in late now. 
Does anyone know anything about this? Weston hasn't even explained to the area "pastors" the reason for doing this. Nothing like being open with "the brethren".

Dave Pack: Another Day of Failures


Half-Minded NOT


Today is another day of failure.


A lesson David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God never learned is: Just keep your mouth shut for one extra day, and you will avoid a ton more embarrassment.


I thankfully halved the article covering “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 409)” from December 10, 2022. At the time, Dave made a big deal out of a “half a day” because it fouled up all his biblical math. But then, he was right on track.


As it turns out, it only took two days for him to discover it did not matter so much. This Pathetic Update was posted in Member Services on Monday, December 12.


Prophecy Update – December 12, 2022

There is much evidence that the first period is no more or less than 10 days. It came to be that when God says 10 days of tribulation, we should not add or subtract time. Think of His precision with 1,335 days or 3.5 days! The only variable is whether Christ wants to spend time with us before the 10 days begin. This seems unlikely, but not impossible. Your watch could start as laid out in Pt 409, but don’t be surprised if 10 days is exact—with everything starting a half-day later than 409 explained.


It is anyone’s guess what else Dave taught this weekend that he will soon recant.


Peering through the lens of physical reality dispels the need for concern fueled by hope or faith. He is failing again on Wednesday, December 14. It has now become a fact of history. And the interwebs is not kind to such information.



In honor of his 10-day-whatever or 10-and-a-half-day-whatever failure TODAY, we will continue to examine the other half of Part 409. 


The quote where Dave blames God for things not panning out is worth repeating.


Part 409 – December 10, 2022

@ 18:38 The only way we go further if Christmas and all the proofs were a ruse by God to throw us off. And all the things that point to Sunday…were a ruse by God to throw us off…And God deliberately…threw us off.


Not only does Dave accuse God, but the more times he fails, the more new places he appears in the Bible. Why those are parallel is a great mystery.


Elijah is the man in linen who measures the temple in Revelation and Ezekiel. Elijah is the man in linen who speaks with Daniel from the middle of the river in chapter 12. Elijah is also the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10:1


@ 29:13 How many of you think when you look at it this way that the Lord Jesus Christ is just "another mighty angel?"


Dave explains the Mighty Angel is the Seventh Angel, which means Seventh Messenger, which means Elijah the Prophet, which means David C. Pack. The Bible keeps pointing to him.


@ 29:59 So, start with the fact that [Revelation] chapter 10, Mr. Armstrong never believed was Jesus Christ. I’ll tell you from chapter 11 why I went that direction.


Went that direction? No, he declared it as an expert who knows where the Father is and where Jesus Christ is throughout the Bible. To disagree inside RCG is to be rebellious, stubborn, and arrogant to think you know better than God's chosen apostle.


Part 394 – September 24, 2022

@ 17:24 So, we never knew that Christ Himself to open [Revelation] chapter 10, who’s called a Mighty Angel is Jesus Christ. We thought it was maybe Michael or Gabriel or somebody…We just never saw those things. Right there in plain sight. Thundering at us. Screaming at us.


What is screaming and thundering now, Dave? The echoing “Dooh!” all across Wadsworth is for you.


The seeds of doubt might bud in the minds of some in RCG. If Dave thought this was Jesus Christ, but now it is not, what about all those other places he claims to know "exactly" where the Father and Jesus Christ are? Could he be wrong about that in other places, too? It is just a question.


@ 33:09 But you should at least understand that [Revelation] chapter 10 is pretty obvious that it’s Elijah.


The Obvious Elijah sightings are crystal clear to Dave. Seems hard to believe there is room for anyone else in the Old or New Testament.


In Revelation 11, John will not be around to measure the temple, but that is a similitude, meaning that he is also Elijah. Who just so happens to be David C. Pack. You can see this same man in Ezekiel measuring the temple.


The Seventh Angel is the Seventh Messenger is the Mighty Angel is Elijah is That Prophet is David C. Pack. Move over, Kevin Bacon. It does not even take six degrees in the Bible to link David C. Pack all over the place.



Dave tumbles deeper into the Jerusalem Syndrome rabbit hole of his own self-delusion. How there were no uncontrollable snickers in the audience during some of these outlandish claims is another great mystery. Of course, nobody walked out.


The Two Witnesses are sent by Elijah, not Jesus Christ.


That was not a stutter. Elijah sends the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:3, not Jesus Christ. They work under Elijah. And Elijah is David C. Pack.


The reasoning is so convoluted that quoting the text would look like Morse Code. For those with a stomach, you can watch his explanation.

@ 44:14 I know the Bible well.


I am going to leave that one for the Comments section.

@ 45:08 If we understand the 1335 correctly, it’s now set. It’s certain. It’s just which day in the next three or so.


Statements like this are sure to cause Dave even more chest pains.


The 1335 of Daniel 12:12 did not begin today. Again. I probably should have counted how many times the 1335 was a no-show for 2022. Maybe that could be a side project for 2023.



Dave cannot keep himself from seeing comparisons to John the Baptist.


When John the Baptist is resurrected, there will be some pretty uncomfortable moments when Dave tries to introduce himself.


@ 45:46 The parallel with John the Baptist, if there’s one, if John was an Elijah and there’s another one that’s coming as an Elijah, then we’ve gotta go back and remember what I said last week and dismiss the other parts of it. He was a messenger…I’ve been a messenger.


Dave has been a messenger of malarkey. A messenger of fraud. A messenger of lies. A messenger of blasphemy. A messenger of fear.


@ 46:03 He was a prophet and more than a prophet. I been more than a prophet.


A false prophet and false apostle, to be sure.


@ 46:08 He was a Levite. So am I. God raised him. Well, nobody thinks I came to this office by myself.


Yeah. Do not ask for a show of hands. That would be awkward.


@ 46:15  He prepared a people. A people have been prepared here. He just came outta Nowheresville, the wilderness. Just poof! You know? When God gave him an utterance in Luke 3:2. 


Notice how Dave skipped admitting he has never received an utterance from God. Be prepared for it because that day is coming. It will be a game-changer for everyone.


@ 46:28 I’m sort of a guy in the wilderness. I made the Bible’s greatest prophecies plain, a voice cries out.


He cannot be referring to his own gutted, retired book. A book removed in shame years ago.


You can purchase an out-of-print hard copy on Amazon for $97. That is a much better deal than on eBay, where you can own a piece of church history for $162.


At this point, if David C. Pack stood at the lectern in the Main Hall of The Restored Church of God Headquarters and drank his own urine, the brethren would continue to sit quietly and motionless in their chairs, accepting it as God’s will for His servant.


Ken Orel, please test this theory and see if that kind of blind obedience would extend to you.


@ 46:36 He came before Jesus Christ. And he did no miracles…I cast out many demons in my life…I anointed them. And they were healed instantly…But, it’s funny, once I came to this assignment, I’ve never done any of that anymore.


Yeah, Dave, it is funny. It is almost as if God did not want any actual proof of your office. He did not want you to exhibit any signs of an apostle so that people could not confirm you have God’s authority. However, the long list of failed dates proves what assignment you fulfill.


And by the way, why are you unable to complete your assignment or get even one thing correct after nearly 20,000 hours of Bible study? Will it take 30,000 hours? 40,000 hours?


@ 47:33 But, I don’t do any miracles. Not for years…But, it’s almost as though if God were to create a parallel, you can’t have me walking up and down the street and everybody’s healed…Or people mighta come here for the wrong reasons. You’d have Catholics coming here if I could do that.


God cannot have you be like Peter and Paul and Stephen. You might be mistaken for a true apostle or a true prophet. Catholics repenting and converting on the spot following the New Testament pattern? We cannot have any of that.



While addressing recent mistakes, Dave avoided calling it a mistake or taking any blame.


@ 48:59 …as I was learning all kinds of things that God was opening up. Let’s put it this way, maybe I over-thought some things. Then, the men around me did, too.


He is referring to his Meat Puppet and Meat Shield. They do not need to be at the lectern to be useful for Dave’s protection.


@ 49:06 But I was the captain. And then, I over-built trying to figure out how many kingdoms are there. Turns out there's two, but you could look at it and see three as recently as a week ago.


First, he "over-thought," then he "over-built." Which means he is trying super-hard. Maybe he is trying too hard. Being wrong, in error, or false is too hot a potato to hold in his hand.


So, one week ago, God's apostle, who will be raised as Elijah, who is the Seventh Messenger, the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10, a similitude of John the Baptist, thought there were three Kingdoms, but this week teaches there are two.


One could ask, “How many Kingdoms of God will there be one week from now? If those who believed you a week ago were proven wrong, why should anyone risk believing you this week, when it is completely plausible by next week, the answer will change again?”


These are questions only an antichrist serpent more wicked (almost) than the devil could think up. They are foolish questions, I admit. But I would really like to know. Dr. Ranney, please write me at or call me. You have my number.


@ 54:55 Remembering as we do, there’s Mount Everest. We’re not gonna get past the night of December 24th.


Please do not remember this on Christmas Day. Just close your eyes and move past it.


Part 405 – November 16, 2022

@ 1:34:37 Now, if it is not this Sabbath, I don’t understand Luke 12, Matthew 24. I don’t understand the math. And I don’t understand Zechariah or Habakkuk chapter 2. I don't understand how all of those verses point to he's gonna speak on the Sabbath, but it isn't.


It is unfair to quote Dave from so long ago as proof of his fraudulent teachings.


Part 403 – November 5, 2022

@ 03:03 Every last bit of that picture was settled…this framework can no longer change. It’s settled. We can trust all the scriptures that hold it in place.


Bringing up this again is just a downright dirty trick.


Part 367 – May 14, 2022

@ 1:31:20 I am telling God’s people I believe the Kingdom of Israel and eternal life comes tomorrow night. If I’m wrong…I’m wrong by a whole year because I know the day it happens.


Only a perverse, evil mind would ever think to hit below the belt like this.


Part 285 – February 1, 2021

@ 1:12:09 But, of course, all of this crashes if Christ does not come this Friday.


The devil’s favorite weapon is the truth. Right, Dave?



Another one of those stupid little Dave Pack teachings based on presumptive hot air leaking from his ears comes forward. It is not on the same scale as Stephen from Acts 7 being killed because he attacked the Jewish Christmas tree, but it is from the same spirit of nonsense.


@ 1:20:02 “…and they have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time.” A time is a season. Brethren, how long is a season? A day.


The Greek word for “time” in Mark 4:17 is proskairos (G4340) and means “for the occasion only, that is, temporary.” It appears four times in the New Testament.


The word means “a day” because Dave needs it to. Just like “seven times” briefly meant “a week” back in Part 387. The actual definitions of words in the Bible mean nothing to Dave. He distorts them into what he needs them to be and will discard them as soon as the jig is up.



It is maddening how often Dave reads Habakkuk 2:2 without any understanding and keeps recycling the same ideas over and over and over again.


@ 1:25:24 “And the Lord answered and said, ‘Write the vision, make it plain on tables, that he may rush that reads it.’” I believe that’s happening today.


David C. Pack has the most astonishing

piss-poor reading comprehension skills

of anyone I have ever heard.


If he bothered to slow down and pay attention to the printed words in the book, it would be clear that there are two people in that verse. 1) One who writes. 2) One who reads. They are not the same person.


The writer makes it plain on the tablet. The reader is the one rushing. But, even that is not entirely true because the actual meaning of the verse is that the words are so easy to read that someone running past the tablet would be able to understand it. Like driving past a billboard. Those are designed to be plain and readable in a short space of time as you move past.


But Dave does not get it. Once he reads anything a certain way, replacing words like he just did while reading it, he will not be able to grasp the actual concept of what God was saying. This is the David C. Pack conundrum. He can know the Bible in his sleep and read it but cannot understand it.


Higher math, please meet the cow.



While explaining a new discovery in Hebrews 10, Dave almost admitted something.


@ 1:28:02 I don’t know, brethren, why I couldn’t see it before. I take…you know, heart that nobody else ever saw it.


Ah, man. He almost said “responsibility," but luckily, he caught himself. Admitting fault would have been too humble an act for Elijah-Elect and the future Joshua, the High Priest. And the Seventh Messenger, who is the Mighty Angel, among so many other things.


Instead of accepting any blame for not seeing Hebrews 10 the way he does now, he is the first to see it, which should count for something. The pathology of his thinking process in real time is a curious thing to behold. He is less restrained than he used to be, making his deterioration all the more evident to anyone paying attention.


@ 1:28:10 I give myself grief. Probably one reason why I get chest pains. You know, because I know that people are counting on me to get this straight.


Anyone inside The Restored Church of God still counting on Dave to get this straight is setting themselves up for a lifetime of disappointment. That day will never arrive because God is not guiding him. 



Dave has no fear of tempting God, either.


@ 1:28:23 And I’m still alive. I’m fine. I feel great.


Famous last words.


I recall the “Mr. and Mrs. Pack are fine” moment when they got COVID-19 after the Feast of Tabernacles in 2020. I also remember Dave hiding his tachycardia condition for months, though the effects were visible on his face during messages.


RCG is not known for being a “full disclosure” organization. There are brethren and ministers inside The Restored Church of God who still do not know Headquarters bought a $500,000 house in August.


@ 1:28:26 Turned 74 this week, and I don't feel a day over 73 and ten months.


See. The guy who teaches birthdays are evil cannot help but mention it in sermons.


@ 1:39:46 One last message on a last Sabbath that’s possible is sposta trigger everything. Then, it’s just watch.


Today, we watched the 1335 not happen. Folks will continue to watch nothing happen as they have been since 2013. The days leading up to December 24 will produce nothing. Christmas Day will produce nothing. Whatever David C. Pack ever teaches will always produce nothing.


If he had even half a mind left, he would shut his pie hole and resign.


But, as Gary posted on his blog, one-half of Dave's mind ran away. The other half went looking for it.


Rest assured, Part 410 will explain what went wrong.

Marc Cebrian

See: Half-Minded NOT