Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kitchen Clan Asking For Prayers and Fasting Because Of The Vicious Attack By Shirley Timmons

Things just get curiouser and curiouser in Armstrongism! The Kitchen clan have been threatened with a "cease and desist" order from Shirley Timmons who was one of the original plaintiffs in the lawsuit by the State of California against the WCG in 1978.

Apparently the WCG/Tkach gave the rights to the name The World Tomorrow to Shirley for taking care of his mother. Of course the Kitchens see this as an appalling attack by Satan against their "ministry" of plagiarizing everything HWA said for the last 60 some years.

We have received notice again from Shirley Timmons, to cease and desist in the use of the "World Tomorrow" name. For example, on youtube, we listed the programs from Mr.Armstrong with it's original name, "The World Tomorrow TV Programs with Herbert W Armstrong".

We wrote it this way to solve any confusion, and to show it was presented by Herbert W Armstrong as archived video.

If you remember, our old Facebook page "The World Tomorrow TV"(which is now scheduled to be deleted) was temporary shut down due to their first cease and desist order of using the name "World Tomorrow". In order to continue on, we created this page, and God has blessed it. Within two weeks of creating the page, we gained 6,000 likes where we only had a little over a thousand on the old page. And now we have over 20,000 likes.

Shirley Timmons is claiming that these programs listed in their original name is confusing people, as they are continuing their own religious program called "the world tomorrow".

We are only calling it it's TRUE and FACTUAL NAME! But they are coming to us once again with a "cease and desist" as they own the trademark name "The World Tomorrow".

They received this trademark from Joe Tkach Jr, as a gift for taking care of his mother.

They claim they are the ones who went after Juliane Assuage, and his program "the World Tomorrow", and that is the reason why he got in so much trouble.

But notice who is backing these people! In 1979 it was the California State Government who jumped when they cracked their whip (so to speak). Under the claim that they went after Juliane Assuage and his tv show, it shows who jumped when they cracked their whip (connection?).
They were one of the six malcontent members who went to the California State Attorney General, and started the attack on God's Church with the false claim of "misappropriation of funds" which was proven in a court of law as being a false claim.
All true followers of Herbert Armstrong have been asked to pray and fast to stop this satanic attack!

We want to ask for your help in prayers and in fasting, in asking God for direction and guidance in this most important matter. Perhaps it is time for all of this to go down.

Only God can deliver us from these attacks. We can't do it on human power and might, but only by the spirit of God. That is how God delivered the church from the 1979 attack, and every attack down through the ages! and so we put our trust and faith in Him. And we ask for everyone to fast and pray about this. We must walk by faith, the living faith of Jesus Christ not our own "worked up" faith. And perhaps it is time, and we are close to the Great tribulation. A lot is happening this year, and it does look like this year is the year! The United States of Europe is rising! And so we all need to draw ourselves to God the Father ,through more Bible Study, more prayer, more Fasting, and we must examine ourselves to see if we are right with God, or are we just kidding ourselves. We all need to do this, including ourselves, more and more. Time is short.   
Alas, it is a conspiracy against the Kitchens!  Satan is vehement in stopping their earth shattering work!  Demons are working over time to bring them down.  Demons are setting traps everywhere in order to ensnare the Kitchens.

So yes, traps seem to be set for us everywhere we go. And so we do need your prayers and we do thank you for them and for your help in this matter.

All I can say is, "Go Shirley, Go!

You can read more about Shirley's original lawsuit against the WCG here.