Saturday, May 14, 2016

LCG To Run "Training Camp" So Their Weak Men Can Be He-Men Again

With all of those pesky gays, effeminate liberals, and "graceite's" out there robbing the men of LCG of their masculinity, the church has finally decided to do something about it. They will be running a "training camp" for their men to become men again. We can be guaranteed that their standard bearer of masculinity will be Rod Meredith, Mr. Golden Gloves himself, a man's man. Sinless Rod.

Men will be trained to rule their households with rod's of iron.  Wives will need to submit and children tremble in their presence.  After all, authority is from the top down with women and children  are at the bottom of the heap.

If Jesus Christ is even mentioned at all during the entire "training camp", you can be guaranteed he will be pictured like this:

Northeast Men’s Training Camp 2016August 26-28​We live in a time of crisis for men. The role, identity and the very purpose for being a man is being called into question. How do we fight the demise of men... as a man? Here’s one way. Come and be part of this unique program this summer. Our spiritual “boot camp,” August 26-28, is specifically designed to build and strengthen men through eye-opening and interactive learning. We’ll learn what it takes to build bonds of brotherhood, serving God, our family and our brethren. It’s time to stand in the gap and take action against the tide of cultural correctness sweeping over our nation.

Wild Fires, Drought, Rain and the Gays...Just Another Day in LCGland

Its just another typical day in Charlotte with the Living Church of God. Horrible events and gays, two things that LCG can't start any article with without mentioning them both in the first sentence.
Greetings from Charlotte
World events today are sobering to behold: an out-of-control fire in western Canada destroying a town of 80,000 people, torrential rains and droughts plaguing various parts of Africa and Southeast Asia, armed struggles tearing apart countries in the Middle East, ambitious politicians promoting themselves and assailing their rivals—while America and other “nominally” Christian nations fight over issues of “gay” rights and who is allowed to use which public bathrooms. The world certainly needs the return of Jesus Christ to restore peace and sanity to this suffering and mixed-up planet. Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has returned from a profitable trip to Houston and is busy writing a semi-annual letter that will go to more than 500,000 subscribers. Latest figures on the Spanish language YouTube channel, El Mundo de Mañana, show the channel now has more than 18,000 subscribers and more than four million visitors. The Days of Unleavened Bread have been a very profitable time for God’s people around the globe. Traveling speakers from Charlotte have returned with very positive reports from congregations they visited. Members of the Council of Elders will arrive this weekend for meetings that begin on Monday. Your prayers will be appreciated for these meetings.—DSW

Never fear though, LCG is here and has the truth to restore "peace and sanity" to the world.

Who really can believe LCG when it is filled with the most corrupt leadership imaginable? What truth does it have that the world needs when its headquarters is filled with nepotism, financial abuse and spiritual abuse?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Ron and Laura Weinland soon to "Shut the Heavens" to stop all rain so Christ can return on April 21, 2019 and June 9, 2019

Ever since the Church of God's highly favored felon was released from prison after his prophetic 3 1/2 year jail term, he has been working diligently upon his newest book.  That new book lays out how his god was such an impotent fool that it could never get it's timing right or change the minds of humans so they could return to the truth once delivered that had somehow been allowed to get lost for 1,900 years.  With every single date that Weinland has set being an epic failure, he has had to rewrite each scenario every year.
Within this extension to Christ’s coming, the first of these two new periods is from May 27, 2012 to November 7, 2015. God revealed early on that this first additional period of 1,260 days was the 42 months mentioned in Revelation 11 that is about the “measuring of the temple” of God that would occur within that period of time, which is about the final preparation of God’s Church for the final work leading up to Christ’s coming. 
This second additional end-time period of 1,260 days runs from the 8th of November 2015 to the 20th of April 2019. This count concludes on the weekly Sabbath that is in the midst of the first Holy Day season of that year, the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This period is now recognized as the time for God’s two witnesses to complete the physical fulfillment of their witness to the world. Revelation 11:3-6 reveals that for a period of 1,260 days God will send his two end-time witnesses to prophesy with power throughout this time. Much of that witness and the power given to it is the writing that is contained in this very book. Toward the end of this period of time, they will be able to shut up the heavens so it will not rain wherever and for however long they say. They will strike the earth with plagues as often as they choose. Much of what is fulfilled during this period will have to do with the Thunders of Revelation that will be more completely fulfilled by those things they proclaim.
It is during this time that Ron and Laura will be in Jerusalem stopping the rain and doing what ever it is that witless prophets do.

Then Jesus Christ appears in the sky and waves to Ron and Laura as they are prophesying.

That 50-day period has already been mentioned. It is the time when God begins to pour out the Seven Last Plagues, which will lead to Christ coming to a world that has been humbled and ready to listen to him. As it has been stated, the day when his coming will be manifested in the atmosphere above the earth is the 21st of April 2019. It appears that this manifestation will be at the moment that the Wave Sheaf would have been waved before God on that day, which was in the midst of the Holy Day period of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Lev. 23). This manifestation of Christ coming will be on the morning of the 1st day of the week that follows Passover that year. 

Then soon after this Jesus Christ will pop down to the Mount of Olives on April 21, 2019, where he will be met by Ron and Laura waving loaves of bread after they have spent 3 1/2 nasty days being dead and bloated in the streets of Jerusalem

Pentecost is the day that the Wave Loaves were offered up and they picture the firstfruits (the 144,000) being offered up before God to be received by Him in the same manner that the Wave Sheaf was offered up before God for acceptance of Jesus Christ. 
Yet there is even more meaning contained in this, as Pentecost reveals the command God gave for how to determine when that Holy Day should be observed. Pentecost literally means “count fifty.” It is that final 50 days that ties together, in an incredible manner, the great meaning of Jesus Christ as the first of the firstfruits, along with the rest of the firstfruits—the 144,000—who all come down to this earth on that final fiftieth day—Pentecost 2019.

What fun it is to be called out from world and to have the exclusive knowledge that Church of God leaders pass off as truth.  We are so blessed!

Deluded Church of God False Prophet Looking to Apparitions of Mary

Why is a Church of God leader, though a deluded self-appointed one, placing so much emphasis upon wild fantasies of the visions of Fatima and other apparitions that a few in the Catholic church place significance upon? Why is he so obsessed with a topic that 99% of the world could care less about, including most Catholics?

Its the same old story in the Church of God that has made it it's mission to obsess of the insignificant things while ignoring the bigger things.  The Church of God has been one big conspiracy factory for many decades.  Every crazy out-of-this-world phenomenon or conspiracy theory has found fertile ground in the minds of Church of God people.  Of course these are the same people that take great delight in reading Daniel, Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation and using them to create scenarios of destruction that is unimaginable.  They take great pleasure in creating scenarios of famine, death, and war; preaching everything from concentration camps, rampaging Muslims and Chinese armies to parents eating their children and being hung up on meat hooks.

Bob Elisha Elijah Amos Thiel, a former Catholic, still places great significance upon these wild stories just like he finds significance in Mayan mythology and Christian myths.  All of these things t are far more significant to him that anything about Jesus Christ.

According to the latest from the self-appointed one,  apparitions of Mary will soon be visible signs all over the world.

I wrote a book titled Fatima Shock! to warn people that in the future apparitions that most people will think are Mary will likely be part of the signs and lying wonders that the Bible warns will deceive the world (it also gives more information of what the Fatimists really think of their previous pope as well as their view of what the so-called undisclosed portion of the “third secret”) contains. 
Although most non-Catholics do not think that Fatima can affect them, if they live long enough this century, they will find that this is not the case. Fatima is a much bigger deal than people realize and seems to tie into a variety of prophecies throughout the Bible (e.g. Isaiah 47, Matthew 24, 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 17). How apparitions are likely to affect the world at the end seems to be a missing dimension in understanding prophecy by most who profess Christ(see also the video Marian Apparitions May Fulfill Prophecy).

UCG: Static-cling Car Stickers Latest Gospel Tool.....WINNER!!!!!!!!

See the absolutely mind boggling static-cling sticker here.  
This will make the other COG's super jealous!

These wildly playful folks in the public relations area of United Church of God have come up with ANOTHER fail-safe way of getting the gospel out the world.  They want UCG members to take their amazing Beyond Today static-cling car stickers and plaster them all over their cars!  Your neighbors will be impressed!  Your high school friends with be intrigued and want to know more about your church. The world will be in awe!

And, here is a new project: we would like our brethren to help us bring more attention to the work of the Church. At the GCE meeting we are distributing Beyond Today car-window static-clings that can easily be put onto everyone’s vehicles. We are asking that all pastors and elders return home with enough clings for everyone in their congregation. If your pastor is not at the meeting this year, we will make arrangements for the clings to be shipped to your church areas.

The next thing we will see will be Jelly sock puppets or antenna balls.  Let the gospel roll forth!

Church of God Idolatry

This picture was taken by a person on a COG Facebook page.  It is located in the Sevierville/Gatlinburg, TN area.  It amazes me the lengths that people go to to preserve the heretical teachings of a man who caused so much damage in peoples lives over the decades.  That legacy now carries over to the mind numbing perversions of Flurry, Pack, Thiel, Meredith and others.  Broken marriages, suicides, unnecessary deaths, pedophilia, false doctrine...on and on the list could go.  There is nothing exciting about that.

This is what the site says

Mr. Armstrong trumpeted the truth of Almighty God for over 53 years. His voice sounded the alarm for the American, and British peoples. Explaining the prophecies of the Bible as they relate to the times we are living in today, when we are surrounded by war and appalling evils. Mr. Armstrong touched many lives in his service to God, and brought hope to a confused world, as he preached the Good News of The World Tomorrow . The creators of this website desire to continue this wonderful message, serving those who are searching for the answers mankind has been asking ever since creation. Continuing to bring meat in due season to the Household of God, and to whomever the voice of Jesus Christ may reach in this end time. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have entered into a time in this century in which we have passed the point of no return. One in which terrorism, escalating wars, failing economies, devastating storms, and appalling evils are rampant. One voice has told us these days were approaching. Now we are living in the very times he warned us about. The Eternal God tells us in the book of Amos, that He will allow nothing to occur until he reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets. God, in his great love, is giving mankind one more chance to take the warnings seriously before the terrible time of the end, prophesied in your Bible. Will we LISTEN? Will we take HEED? Will we OBEY? Our future is in our hands! Mr. Armstrong always said, " DON'T BELIEVE ME, BELIEVE YOUR BIBLE" - prove these things to yourself.
Ladies and Gentlemen!  Run for your lives!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Self Appointed COG False Prophet Getting Ready For Facebook To Censor Him

Ever since Bob Thiel self-appointed himself as God's most highly favored church leader in the end times, he has been warning about the eminent persecution his church will soon experience because of his awesome message.  His message is the only truth out there now.  Meredith, Flurry, Pack and Kubik are heretics that ignore the "whole truth" that Thiel preaches.

Like his surrogate Daddy, Rod Meredith, Thiel is claiming rampaging gays and pesky Muslims will soon make the lives of Church of God leaders one miserable mess.  Persecution will be coming because these "men" are speaking out on the truth.

Paranoid Bob Elijah Elisha Amos Thiel believes the government is watching him intensely and will soon step in to stop him from preaching, using Facebook or the internet.  Famine of the word will soon be upon us.  No more Church of God leaders will be able to run off at the mouth.  Just think,  no more Bob Thiel, James Malm, Rod Meredith, Vic Kubik, Gerald Flurry or Dave Pack.  What a glorious day that will be!
For years, this website has warned of civil unrest in Europe and the USA and has mentioned that Islamic issues will be a factor in both those regions. 
Many in and out of the government have plans and are watching the internet with plans to deal with materials that they some day hope to silence. 
Notice the following from the Bible:
1 Hear my voice, O God, in my meditation;
Preserve my life from fear of the enemy.
2 Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked,
From the rebellion of the workers of iniquity,
3 Who sharpen their tongue like a sword,
And bend their bows to shoot their arrows — bitter words,
4 That they may shoot in secret at the blameless;
Suddenly they shoot at him and do not fear.
5 They encourage themselves in an evil matter;
They talk of laying snares secretly;
They say, “Who will see them?”
6 They devise iniquities:
“We have perfected a shrewd scheme.”
Both the inward thought and the heart of man are deep. (Psalms 64:1-6) 
And while you might think that if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear from surveillance, consider that many in the government of the USA consider that not supporting homosexual marriages, etc. are extremist. I also saw someone once on a documentary that stated that people who believed in the millennium could not be trusted and should be considered as potential terrorists. The fact that we in the Continuing Church of God would be considered pacifists, does not change the fact that since we hold to millennial and other biblical views that we will not be improperly classified by government employees with various agendas. 
The Prophet Amos was inspired to record the following:
11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God,
“That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread,
Nor a thirst for water,
But of hearing the words of the Lord.
12 They shall wander from sea to sea,
And from north to east;
They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord,
But shall not find it. (Amos 8:11-12) 

Notice that the Bible tells of a time that will come when the word of God will not be found. And that would seem to be because truth from it will be taken off the internet. In the 21st century, the internet is accessed by people in every country, and thus some type of internet restriction/suspension/site removal is coming. 
We are getting closer to this time. 
That is part of why we in the Continuing Church of God are preparing for the ‘short work’ (Romans 9:28) and the coming ‘famine of the word.’ 
Despite the first amendment to the US Constitution, more censorship on the internet is coming.  The ‘famine of word’ will hit. But Jesus’ message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God will reach the world as a witness

Monday, May 9, 2016

Rod Meredith Letter To Executive Staff Justifying His Hiring of David Meredith

From an LCG source (Meredith letter at the end)

Rod Meredith truly lets his arrogance, superiority complex and ego shine in this memo.

It is of note that many of the people RCM mentions in this letter like Tom Baca, Lara Prejean and the Bryce family no longer work for or even attend LCG.

Although RCM tries to downplay David's job (and it did start out as he describes), new, more important/ higher paying "jobs" with titles were quickly invented for David . Ultimately he ended up with a cushy corner office with a $5000 couch on which he could take his afternoon naps. His office was much nicer than many other HQ's employees who were also serving as full time ministers (and not without causing contention amongst those ministers). David was no where near qualified for the positions he held. Yet his opinion on IT issues and other things was always taken over the opinions of employees that actually knew what they were talking about, creating even more contempt and disharmony as a direct result of David's employment. This ultimately led LCG's Director of IT, Charles Ogwyn, to "resign".

The two ministers (Charles Ogwyn and Davy Crockett) that had the nerve to complain about David's poor work quality were,  in true Rod Meredith form, were both gone not long thereafter. You can't complain about the bosses kid and remain unscathed. Especially in a corrupt organization like LCG!

It was common knowledge that RCM only wanted baptized members working at LCG headquarters in an effort to prevent many of the problems he saw in Worldwide as a result of "unconverted" people being given jobs. That is, except in David's case. He wasn't/isn't baptized and has never remotely tried to act like he was converted or making any effort to leave his "worldly ways" behind. He drinks excessively, curses without shame, talks about porn, smokes pot and has a history of cheating on his wife (whom he impregnated  before marriage on the couch at a drunken young adult Feast party in a room full of people).

When David came to Charlotte in 2009 to live with his dad and mooch off LCG, it was because his wife kicked him out for drinking, drugs, porn addiction and adultery and he had nowhere else to go. So daddy gave him a place to live and work instead of making him face the consequences that might have actually inspired change in his behavior.

Getting kicked out was nothing new to David though. Gerald Weston once kicked him out of church (in Kansas City) for the same type of behavior (although the  subsequent fury of Mr. & Mrs. Meredith - that someone would DARE kick their precious baby out of church -  later forced Weston swallow his pride , recant and apologize like a good puppet).

Let's not fail to notice the not-so-veiled threat in RCM's last paragraph, "My thoughts and prayers are with you - as I do not want to lose any of you..." In other words, if you dare to voice disagreement with a decision made by RCM, you are going to get yourself fired. Disagreeing with RCM is like disagreeing with Jesus Christ Himself after all!

I especially like how RCM attempts to define and then negate the rampant nepotism in LCG. All of his children and at least one of his grandchildren have been or are currently on the LCG payroll. Lil Jimmy Meredith makes more money than anyone in LCG except his own greedy daddy WHILE expensing luxury vacations in the name of "looking for Feast sites" (he just loves to serve). His daughters married men who RCM promoted into the full time ministry and then gave them territories like the Caribbean (hey, somebody's got to do it ). 

Ego and self will. Abuse of power and delusions of grandeur. Seldom is such a total and complete display of poor character available for all of us to enjoy




DATE:            JULY 20, 2009

To all directly concerned:

Knowing that many of you have already heard about this situation I am addressing, I am sending this to a number of you so we all can be “on the same page.” I pray that you will see this with an open mind and heart – as it comes from the Presiding Evangelist of God’s Church and the one whom Christ used to raise up the Church and therefore make possible your job in the first place.

I received a personal memo just as I was leaving the office late Friday afternoon. The writer acknowledged that he knew that I had “given the order that David Meredith is to be hired.” So he knew that the Presiding Evangelist had already decided on a policy and a decision was made. The memo concerned my decision to hire my son David into a very basic, low-level job in the Media Department. I had previously talked with Mr. Tom Baca, Lara Prejean and others in the department regarding a genuine need I had heard about for a few weeks in an area that was needed in a number of areas there. One job involving a somewhat “grubby” job of cleaning old tapes so they can be reused and another which Mr. Baca himself proposed was helping him catch up on a number of filings and office type work that required no special skills. Mr. Baca sent Mr. Ames a note on this and – at the time - Mr. Ames and I approved the hiring of David Meredith who is in a real “tough spot” in his life and in desperate need of a job to even be able to keep himself, his wife and his little three-year-old daughter together. I felt at the time that this was an act of compassion and was going to help us fill a need that would have to eventually be taken of anyway.

Then- all of a sudden- the “static” began! Comments were made regarding “nepotism,” a “Public Relations disaster,” and the brethren possibly being upset if they find we are helping our own children, etc. I am going to take time to address, in general, these accusations and unkind comments so all of you can understand the way God has always had His people act, and the way the Work of God did act under His Apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong.

In ancient times, as you all know, God did work through families, we are told about the “fathers” – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We find as an intrinsic principle in the statutes of God – statutes which we are preparing to teach, indecently, that ownership of the land was to be carried down through the sons and daughters of the owner. The older sons were expected to help carry on the family business, farm or enterprise. All over the earth – as most of you know – this has been a custom for centuries. But now, with the break down of the family and the rise of the “corporate structure” type of approach this is often being denigrated- partly, of course, because a number of executives have grossly abused this. Nevertheless the basic principle of God working through families is well established in scripture without me going through a whole lecture on this.

In the Worldwide Church of God – under the direct control of God’s Apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong – it was common practice that we would hire our young people coming along in the college and often through our families to give them an opportunity to function, carry on responsibility and hoping that most of them would finally become converted and part of the Church and the Work fulltime. All of Mr. Armstrong’s four children were on the family payroll at one time or another plus his sons-in-lawand later, some of his grandchildren. These grandsons were not converted at the time but were given an opportunity.

No one, so far as I know of, objected to this because of the deep respect they had for the fact that God had used Mr. Armstrong to raise up the Work and that they were – in a sense – an extension of the Armstrong family and we knew it was a help to him and an honor to him to help work in his children and grandchildren and  give them these opportunities – along with hundreds of young people in college, graduates of the college, and others who had come in to work on the grounds, in Imperial School, in publishing in television, etc. During those years, a very few disgruntled brethren might have talked about “nepotism.” And certainly, some of Mr. Armstrong’s children and grandchildren were very carnal as many realized. Yet some of them did work hard and accomplish for the Work in spite of their lack of conversion.

Incidentally, “nepotism” is a term derived from a Latin word “nepos” usually referring to a nephew receiving favoritism by Medieval prelates who often appointed some of their children or even nephews to be bishops in the Catholic Church even before they were out of their teen years! The dictionary relates that this term is used “especially” to appointment to desirable positions. As I am sure you can gather, I have no interest in appointing my son David or anyone else to a “desirable” position in opposition to the principles in God’s Word. His job in the Media building will be perhaps the lowliest position over there and he will be starting at a very base salary – far below what most of you are making! So to anyone who properly understands the English language, the “charge of nepotism” is indeed showing a lack of understanding about the work itselfplus a disrespect to the Presiding Evangelist of God’s Church.

As two or three who have heard about all of this have told me, “There will be no public relations disaster unless some of these people who try to criticize try to bring it about!”

Obviously, such a move as that which would undermine the respect for the office Christ has set me in and would be causing division in God’s Church and Work – and mentally and emotionally upsetting to others who were given a negative and completely wrong “spin” on what is actually being planned. Contrary to what some have indicated, most of our loyal members would be happy to see that some of our children are being used in the Work and that our sons and daughters are indeed being allowed to “fit in” and help carry on the Work of God as long as it is done in a reasonable manner and without high salaries, high titles, etc. being involved. Again, the vast majority of the field ministry will feel the same way – as we hope that many of their own sons and daughters may be “part of the Work” as time goes on. Certainly Jonathan McNair, Rod McNair, Charles Ogwyn and Scott Winnail are all fine examples of young men in their 30’s and 40’s who have matured and are now being used in a very fine way – among other relatives of God’s people whom we have hired through the years.

When the time came, we hired Angie Pyle, Deborah Lyons and others of our children when they were able to “fit in” and have an opportunity for a part-time or fulltime job – which we often modified to fit their schedule of classes, and etc. as you know. When Mr. Charles Bryce came here as Director of the Ministry, I certainly tried to help him – because of his grave responsibilities and the service he was then rendering – by allowing the Work to hire his daughter and his son, Scott, who had a mental handicap and – as Mr. Bryce explained to me himself – had a situation where he would some times “forget where he was” or what he should be doing and simply drive around in circles, etc. Yet he was not a danger, had a good attitude and could accomplish certain things under direct guidance from others. So, because we honored Mr. Bryce, we all pitched in to help Scott, encourage him and hope that his family situation could be strengthened by this action – thus helping Mr. Bryce to concentrate on his job and helping the thousands of brethren around the world – which Dr. Winnail is now doing so well.

The charge has been brought that there has been a “hiring freeze” at this time. In actual fact, it has been a very limited hiring freeze – since the decision to have such a freeze was made in early May and we hired Laura Denny on June 1st and Susan Corbett on June 22nd and have been in the process of hiring one or two ministers or elders in the field ministry beside. Therefore, since my son is being brought in at the very lowest level, it is certainly not going to “hurt the Work” and is not inconsistent with what we are already doing.

Brethren, I have put David on notice that he is on “probation” in the first 90 days with his work for the church – as are all of our employees. I will be checking regularly with Tom Baca and others in the Media Department to make sure that he does his job properly, causes no problems, etc. But I am charging you – as you all profess to be Christians – to try to give him the same support, the same help and encouragement that you did these other individuals that I have mentioned and that the vast majority of us tried to do with those young people – hundreds of themwho were brought along while still unconverted back in the days of the Worldwide Church at Ambassador College.

I realize that we are not the Worldwide Church or Ambassador College. But both of my sons had expressed a fervent desire to attend Ambassador College some day. They were deeply hurt when Ambassador closed its doors. They never had the opportunity to go to Ambassador College or to be surrounded by God’s people and be a part of God’s Work in that way. They both had to sacrifice in a number of ways that I will not go into here because of their father being sent “in disgrace” – so to speak – into a kind of internal exile in Glendora and having other young people in the Church ask them, “What is wrong with you father? Why isn’t he preaching anymore? We thought he was and Evangelist?” Some times they would come home crying and wondering, “What is wrong with the Church? Why are they treating you this way?” So it hurt them deeply. And I would like to help them understand that the Church can be helpful and loving!

In the earlier days of this Work, my son David helped out in the office in San Diego for two or three months with no salary – helping run errands, handle the mail and personally put the stamped addresses from the address cards on the envelopes by hand – as we had to do in those days. David helped in Bill Brazil’s printing work – which was also considered “part of the work” as Bill was printing all of our booklets and magazines at that time. Bill liked his work, and told me so a number of times. So David has been “part of the Work” before most of you were ever employed. But I want all of you to know that in the last eight weeks when David has been living in our home, I have had several long talks with him and he has responded very well. He has come to realize that he did a lot of immature – and using his own words – “stupid” things. He is certainly in the process of repenting about these things, wanting to be more mature in every way and to serve the Creator God. I sincerely feel that he is making good progress and now has a right attitude which I want to continue.

So I ask all of you in Jesus’ name, to join with me, as Christians, in welcoming David Meredith into our office, giving him encouragement and support. I am also instructing you not to join any others who might be so inclined to “make an issue” of this and thereby cause and “public relations” problem. As I said before, this would certainly be divisive and I don’t feel that any of you really want to do that.

But perhaps, so many years after Mr. Armstrong’s death and the constant bombardment of the “worldly” approach to things and the distancing of our entire society from the kind of family structure we ought to have been learning, we forget how God often operated through a family. God Himself is building a family. And, as long as our children do not cause and problem and are genuinely trying to grow, to overcome and to help – we should give them every opportunity that we rightly can, under the circumstances, to be part of the Work through various part-time jobs or activities as the Work grows and increases in years to come.

So if you have even part of the respect that all of used to show Mr. Armstrong, I hope that you would respect the office God has given me by trying to respond in a positive way to this employment in a very base, entry level position in God’s Work at this time. I will appreciate and pray for your positive response and your prayers for me personally – for this has certainly brought a certain amount of stress upon me at a time I do not need it. My thoughts and prayers will be with you – as I do not want to lose any of you – as long as you remain in a right attitude and are genuinely loyal and supportive to the human leadership Christ has placed in His Church.

In Christ’s name,
Roderick C. Meredith

Rod Meredith Tries To Deal With Scarborourgh Lawsuit Blowback

From an LCG source:

Rod Meredith has called a meeting this week of his Counsel of Elders in an attempt to mitigate the blowback from the Scarborough/ LCG lawsuit. It seems many of the ministers in the field and several of the Counsel members are having a difficult time understanding why Rod Meredith  and Rod McNair would risk hundreds of thousands of tithe-payer dollars and a ton of negative publicity instead of working for a peaceful resolution outside of the courtroom.

They will also discuss the defection of a number of the European brethren following the departure of the Swiss minister Roland Lecocq.

Of course, none of these bad things are happening as a result of LCG's bad behavior! Instead, it will be old Satan who gets the blame once again. Satan loves nothing more than to attack the only and greatest church on earth.

We can only hope that Counsel members have the courage to hold a mirror up to Rod so that he can finally gain the insight he needs to realize that he is merely reaping what he has sown.

Let's not hold our breath though. A bunch of "yes men" blowing smoke up their king's arse is much more likely as history has shown us!