Saturday, May 6, 2023

Restored Church of God: There is no warmth of life in this cadaver. And it has already begun to stink.


A Morgue


David C. Pack was forced to give two messages back-to-back this week because some faithless members were weary of being eunuchs. “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 439)” was given on May 2, 2023. Part 440 on May 3. That was not his plan, and Dave let us know it.


Those in RCG who only listen to Parts 439 and 440 will be in the dark about what their Pastor General is changing. Compounded by confusing pronouns, you will be lost if you do not observe him carefully on video. You can never be sure which Kingdom he is talking about unless you follow the dancing finger.


Some elements of these articles will be interwoven between both Parts because some content was presented that way. A quick summary for the short-attention folks is in order.


•  WE Misunderstood Some Things

•  Pointing—This Is The Way

•  Jesus Christ Returns On Second Passover—MAYBE

•  No Crown For King Charles III—MAYBE

•  A Pentecost Kingdom Start—No More

•  Permanent Death For 5.2 Billion People—No More

•  RCG’s Growth Rate—Flat

•  The Series Is Over

•  Daniel Is Unsealed

•  If We Are Still Here…


The second Passover, as the Bible and Church Administration instructed, has already lapsed. That was Thursday evening until sunset last night. David C. Pack’s counterfeit second Passover started last night and ends tonight at 8:28 PM ET.


The Bible is clear that Iyar 14 is the correct date. A false teacher’s version is Iyar 15. The center of the full moon occurred in the afternoon of Iyar 14. How the Bible and the lunar cycle both expose David C. Pack as a biblical fraud is just a fantastic coincidence. 


See, Dave? Even the moon calls you a liar. Some commenters call him “the Liar of Iyar.”



Remembering the past helps frame the present and anticipate the future. This is a lesson David C. Pack seems blind to and doomed to never grasp.


King Charles III was crowned this morning, causing some red faces in Wadsworth.


David C. Pack proved to his audience at the Feast of Tabernacles that every word he speaks falls to the ground and returns to him void.

Flashback Part 399 – October 15, 2022

@ 19:22 …and Christ is gonna come before that man wears the crown.


Flashback Part 435 – April 15, 2023

@ 33:05 King Charles is supposta be coronated within hours. It will be the most-watched event in the history of the world, and…it’s gonna get chopped short right before he ever puts a crown on. You can’t make that up…which is the 6th of May. Which, of course, is the 15th of Iyar, and he would never be crowned.


David C. Pack has no idea what he is talking about. Believe him to your own shame.



Parts 439 and 440 this week were a challenging climb and not for the faint of heart.


Part 439 – May 2, 2023

00:07 Again, Good afternoon. Gonna have messages back-to-back because a lot of the folks who are on staff are going to the Poconos singles activity.


It will be interesting to see the pictures of this event on social media. More tables of smiling people who cannot date each other due to age differences or being the wrong race. Having “too many” divorces even before baptism is also a restricting factor, but those folks are not allowed to attend.


One thing those single people have in common this weekend is how faithless they all are. They did not really believe David C. Pack. They never believed the second Passover would be fulfilled as their Pastor General taught. Even though he walked it back, he renewed it again with a solid MAYBE this week.


If Jesus Christ will return "some time" before Trumpets, why bother to start dating when there is not enough time to get married? (Well, unless you are a Headquarters minister.) And why would Church Administration schedule such a defiant event?


The answer: Nobody in RCG takes David C. Pack seriously. They just fake that they do.


The minority All-Believing Zealots are the exception. Trust me, nobody wants to date them.


The like-minded Poconos singles will be able to share their collective disbelief in the doctrines of the Pastor General. This will make an excellent conversation ice-breaker.


“So, when did you stop believing Mr. Pack?

For me, it was the Night Watch of 2019.

How about you?”



If the singles thought Dave was done sideways blaming them for forcing him to speak two days in a row, then they do not know him. During an Excuse Parade of Part 440, he brought the event up again while encapsulating a date-suggestion because date-setting is no longer his job. “Maybe” is his new security blanket.


Part 440 – May 3, 2023

@ 37:37 And I may be reading it wrong. There may be something I’m missing. But I just felt I thought about this for a long time. Do I bring this up? Raise everybody’s hopes? We all know we’re getting close. But, the last days of my voice would be yesterday and today. Rushing to get this out. There was a schedule kinda was thrown at me a little differently with this trip to the Poconos. The singles, and so forth. That's fine. But, the point is here we are, and the Series is just tapping us a hint, and then we're supposta wait a tiny, tiny micron or call it a maha. Or {I’m} he’s about to. Or {I’m} he's prepared the way. Are we looking at, you know, Christ is coming on a moed. Well, that’s a Sabbath. And it’s a full moon. And it’s the start of the second Passover. And we’re this church is twenty-four years old to the day. And the important number 390, which maybe I’ll get to if we're here on Friday, and this isn't right.


If we are here on Friday? Notice how he sets a date without setting a date. Dave has to rely on wordplay. Also, notice he still contends the second Passover is Friday to Saturday. But, if anyone believes what the Bible says (and Dr. Ranney, I included you in on this), they would agree the second Passover ENDED at sunset Friday night. It did NOT begin on the Sabbath.


Iyar 15 is a counterfeit second Passover taught by a counterfeit apostle.


“Number 390” must be a new unexplained pointless fixation. It is a recent secret he unlocked staring at the bowl of water late into the night that means something to only him and the others in the Packian Triad of Fraud that breathe too much of those fumes coming from the cauldron in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium.


@ 38:39 …'cause the Series is 390 weeks. And I just tried to wonder, "Wow, that's a lot." Is it possible that that, coupled with the crown coming off that this is the day we’ve been waiting for? And the answer (honestly, brethren) is maybe. I’m not setting dates anymore. I’m just not doing it. It’s not the thing I sh–I’m here to do. My job is to explain what’s gonna happen.


The “sh" was Dave catching himself, almost verbally acknowledging, "It's not the thing I SHOULD be doing." He almost said it because, deep down, he knew that was true. There is a lot David C. Pack should not be doing, but he does anyway. He is not entirely unaware. His slip-up exposed that.



Part 439 – May 2, 2023

00:07 Again, Good afternoon. Gonna have messages back-to-back because a lot of the folks who are on staff are going to the Poconos singles activity. So, it’d be a morgue. I was gonna go Tuesday and Thursday, but I wanna try to finish this whole thing up in two more messages.


Morgue is an adept word choice. Not only is it spot-on for the state of brethren in The Restored Church of God, but more appropriately, of those at Headquarters.


The truth has a toe tag. Critical thinking is cold on the slab. Hearts and minds have been removed, resting in a jar on the shelf. There is no warmth of life in this cadaver. And it has already begun to stink.


Hirelings have stripped the corpse of clothes and jewelry. The Pastor General uses pliers to extract gold teeth. The brethren are left as hollow, empty husks to be dumped in the dirt and left to rot.


Some bodies have gone missing. Those that choose to stay in their frigid confinement lay down with eyes closed, mouths shut, minds quiet, and motionless in the dark silence. What remains in RCG are only the remains.


Wow. This is The Restored Church of God.


As a bonus for those who would not know, the Main Hall is kept unreasonably cold during Dave's messages. The ladies wear shawls and wrap in blankets, while some men wear gloves. The African-origin members have the toughest time. After Salasi Jezhi and his charming wife leave, ask for his honest thoughts on how pleasant it is to freeze for two hours three times a week.


On a Sabbath at Headquarters, around ninety people suffer for the comfort of just one man. That is outgoing love and concern exemplified. I used to refer to it as the Meat Locker, but Dave brilliantly coined it better with “morgue.” It fits perfectly.


The Restored Church of God

A Morgue For The Truth.™


Dave rushed out two messages instead of pacing them because the Main Hall would have fewer eyes transfixed on his magnificence. Those pesky single folks desiring a warmer bed really inconvenienced him. I am surprised he did not forbid it or ridicule their lack of fearing God.


One of my trusted Consulting Former Ministers noted that Dave’s ego cannot tolerate speaking to a nearly empty room. He craves the adoration of a full audience, so waiting until many people were traveling was unacceptable. Ego trumps preparation. Every time.



Part 440 was pushed out ahead of schedule, and man, you can tell. There is a wishy-washy hesitation and confusing delivery, screaming that the content was not baked thoroughly. Dave needed more time to polish his final malarkey dump. Those singles totally boned him.


Dave must also be in desperate need of sleep because he is woefully unclear. The author of confusion is really getting his money’s worth at the Wadsworth franchise.

Part 440 – May 3, 2023

@ 19:11 Christ’s Kingdom is the 1-Year Kingdom. I wanted to just talk about that because it leads to a fascinating situation. I want you to turn over to Zechariah 6. I promised that we would come back to this and that we would need to come back to it, and I wanna talk about it because it looks like it’s Christ’s Kingdom. Zechariah 6. And it’s not His Kingdom.


For those only listening once, Dave was making a colossal change to the plan of God. But those watching later learn what “it” really was. Understanding Dave requires multiple replays to catch on. He was referring to the events of Zechariah 6. Not the 1-Year Kingdom at the introduction.


The guy allegedly commissioned to “make it plain” works his darnedest to prove otherwise. Keep your eyes on his pointing hands as if he were a pickpocket, or the wallet of your understanding will vanish.


@ 24:50 This cannot be His Kingdom.


That is so funny because if you listen to the eleven-minute section, it sounds like he is making a compelling case for why it IS His Kingdom.


Brethren watched him strain logic in real-time, and I got the sense he realized his perspective was faulty as the words spilled from his mouth.


@ 25:25 That’s important. When Christ comes, it says in Luke He gives {me} Elijah and the little flock all that He has. Well, He has it. So, I wanted to sort of conclude this one part.


I have reviewed this section at least five times. Christ is a king on His throne, wearing His crown. He "has" the Kingdom. If Jesus Christ has the authority to give something, it belongs to Him. It is His Kingdom. Therefore it can be called Christ's Kingdom. Since He is God, it would make His Kingdom the Kingdom of God. Right?


But not according to Dave. He repeats this is not Christ’s Kingdom but sounds more uncertain than he did at the start. He continues to prove how unsure he is by kneecapping his own argument.


@ 27:06 “Oh, but it’s not His Kingdom.” In a way, it is, and in a way it isn't. That's partly why it's called the Kingdom of Heaven and partly why it's so difficult to understand.


Throw the Kingdom of Heaven is NOT the Kingdom of God into the mix.


There are some topics Dave should not teach until he is more fully prepared. His not-thought-through teaching about the First Kingdom to Israel not being Christ’s Kingdom was not ready for primetime.


He actually proves the opposite as he goes along. Remember, he said, "It is NOT Christ's Kingdom," but admits it “partly” is. Is it Kingdom-lite, Dave?


The cracks in his convictions become evident with his tone, stumbling, mumbling, unfinished sentences, dropping parts of words, and sharp pivots. If I were a betting man, I would say that Dave will spend the majority of Part 441 undoing significant portions of Part 440. It will also give him another opportunity to throw the Poconos singles under the bus for pushing him too soon.


@ 27:18 The most technical correct way is the Kingdom of God over Israel. Or the Kingdom of the Lord Over Israel.


Well, which is it? It is absolutely NOT the Kingdom of God, even though he just called it the Kingdom of God over Israel? Wow, Dave is waffling.


As one who has closely studied Dave over the past year, I surmise this teaching will not live long. Too often on this topic, and during this Part, he ran out of gas before drawing a solid conclusion or making a definitive point. He got shouty at times, but not with crucial conclusions as is his custom.


Nope. This whole idea will be abandoned. Copy and paste this for when it does.



@ 1:28:21 So, we’ll conclude by saying there will maybe be more on Sabbath if we’re here. And maybe not, even if we’re here. I’m gonna wait and see. Good night, everyone.


The ambiguity of that statement makes it utterly pointless. That is the best way to end “The Greatest Untold Story!” Series that will soon prove to be Unending with Part 441 a guarantee.


Unclear and uncertain. It is over, but it is not over. We will be here, but we will not be here.


The Restored Church of God is a morgue for understanding and critical thinking.


“Making it plain” in a way that matters has ceased functioning. Brotherly love waxed cold long ago. Wretched teachings are bloated and oozing. A boney finger tells the story better than the lying lips guiding it. Hope is locked away in a refrigerated box to prolong the inevitable decay.


Believing the Bible has been incinerated. The truth has been contaminated and wrapped in plastic for proper disposal. The word of God has been butchered. The name of God has been dragged through the filth.


Staying in The Restored Church of God is fellowship inside a morgue.

Marc Cebrian

See: A Morgue

COGWA's Dave Myers Talks About How Heavy His Shepherds Mantle Is When He Has To Disfellowship Members And Then Watch Them Get On Social Media And Tell THEIR Side Of The Story.

"Well, lately it's been the ministry who has split the flock and sowed discord. 
They have also stepped outside doctrine and made decisions about people's individual choices 
and made them feel guilty for their own lives." (one reaction to Dave's post below)

One of the sad characteristics of many fundamentalists who claim "we are the only truth" and exclusionary sects in this country is its weaponized system of disfellowshipping and marking members who they deem as unable to fit the expectations of the sect. It is a powerful tool to keep members in line and living in a constant state of fear. In Armstrongism these actions meant an immediate loss of salvation and exclusion from the place of safety.

For many, this was a spiritually damaging event in their lives and drove them completely away from God, something the church claimed it was not meant to do. The pain it caused was not only with the person/persons involved but with family and dear friends - or at least people you thought were friends. 

Sadly in the Church of God movement many pastors and church leaders took great delight in publicly shaming members. Sure they put on a great face in front of the members on how this was painful for them to do, but was necessary. Once they kicked people out, no contact was ever made with them again. If a member decided to come back they had to come back groveling on their own begging for mercy from God's right-hand man.

The other day, Dave Myers from Church of God a Worldwide Association decided to talk about how painful this was for pastors in COGWA. The crap quickly hit the fan, something he was not expecting, and as usual in the COG, immediately blamed everyone else for their response.

What really rang his bell was that people do not take too kindly to this kind of false "love" and reacted on social media about it. How dare they! How dare they tell THEIR side of the story. Something that no disfellowshiped member of the COG movement has ever been able to do. Of course, these deceived sheep are telling their story from a personal slant and most of the time completely inaccurate. They are liars as no COG minister is capable of telling a falsehood or give out inaccurate information.

Any time a pastor has to ask a person not to fellowship with the flock due to such things as doctrinal disagreement, causing division, derogatory accusations, or the like, it is a sad and heartrending time for that pastor (and many others). He hopes and prays with all his heart that the person will come to see themselves accurately and be able to change their way. His action is done out of love to spur the person to deeply examine themselves and help them to change. The mantle of shepherding in these instances is quite heavy and frankly, unpleasant. If the person does not accept this loving correction, sadly, social media provides a platform for the supposed 'offended' to tell their story widely - from their perspective - which is usually found to be quite 'slanted' and often just plain inaccurate. Good-hearted people can read these 'posts-of-the-offended' and be misled as to what actually went on. Some might think, "If their post doesn't reflect what really has happened, the pastor would defend his action by posting the truth, wouldn't he?" But consider this: I, for one, am thankful that the 'church' does not post its 'side' of the story revealing all the details as to why this painful action has had to be taken. Love and respect for the person being 'disciplined' means that the 'church' would not reveal their personal problems or lay out all the ugly details that led to this necessary action. We all know that the scripture teaches "Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins" (Proverbs 10:12) and "He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates friends" (Proverbs 17:9). So you will not read the pastor's 'rebuttal' because he loves the person and does not wish to 'air their dirty laundry.' So, a pastor does not post on social media, but rather, prays that the 'offended' comes to his senses and is able to repent. I hope this small window into the shepherd's mantle of responsibility is helpful.

Dave's response to people's responses:

David J. Myers May 4 at 10:52 AM

As if often the case with social media, it can easily devolve into squabbles between people who use the platform to proclaim their particular opinions, complaints, and troubles. Since this has become the case with my most recent post, I have decided to delete it and try to follow the admonition found in 1 Timothy 1:3-7. Warm regards

Friday, May 5, 2023

Gods Greatest Little Prophet Brings Rain to Africa!


God heard the mighty prayers of the Greatest prophet to ever reign over a Church of God in over 2,000 years. Dreamed into being as the foundations of the universe were being created to emerge millennia later in the perilous end times of the world to restore the true gospel for the true faithful. Preordained by God to live in the godless state of California where his words would have the most impact, this, the littlest yet greatest prophet of God got down on his knees recently to pray for rain in Africa. 

After doubting the words of his evangelists, and yet knowing that God exclusively listens to him and not to any unconverted trash in Africa, The Great Bwana to Africa immediately got on the Weather Channel to see if God heard his prayer. Lo and behold, there was some rain in Africa.

Please get down on your knees and beg God's forgiveness for us ever doubting the greatness of this final prophet to the Church of God, May God have mercy on us all! We will never doubt him again!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Lodwar.
We reached well. Even though it was a long journey but we arrived at 1 PM. Arthur Topos met us at the bus stage and directly we went to meet brethren.
What surprised me is how these people are surviving. I’ve never gone to a dry place like this where I can see even a leaf of grass. I didn’t know that we have such place in Kenya since this is my first time to be here. I got very humble but hungry people. There is a great famine in this place. And since it’s near the border Ethiopia and Kenya. This a place bordering and surrounded by many countries. Uganda. Somalia and Ethiopia. Many people came from Ethiopia and Uganda to grab the cattle and goats from them
I met 160 people included the young ones. The meeting was very smart. And after the meeting I bought for them soft drinks and biscuits for them to enjoy. They thanked you for food you offered them last time when Arthur came to my home. The big problem here is food. Pastor these people are suffering. They live the kind of living which is not in any other parts of Kenya.
All their cows and goats and the camels were to be stolen by other tribes
Another thing they don’t have a Hall where they can gather on Sabbath.
So these people are really suffering. But they love the Truth. … Since they are so many, if we … can help them to put on a Hall and get some food for them.
Let’s continue to pray for these people because the life here is very tough.

After getting that report on Monday, I looked up news related to the Lodwar area and found the following Roman Catholic report:

Lodwar (Agenzia Fides) – While anti-government riots against the high cost of living continue throughout the country (see Fides, 28/3/2023), the population of northern Kenya, in addition to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, is going through a serious humanitarian crisis. Five seasons without a drop of rain, a ruthless nature due to the scorching sun and a drought that has lasted for more than three years, make the living conditions of the inhabitants of Turkana, one of the 47 counties of Kenya located in the ex Rift Valley Province, inhuman and desperate. 03/30/23

Shortly after reading that, although I believe that the “Five seasons without a drop of rain” statement was an exaggeration, I sent funds to assist with food and building supply needs Monday evening. Additionally, that night and very early the next morning I prayed for rain for the area. And, according to, that area did get some rain on Tuesday. However, the situation there is still dire. We are also looking into possibly assistance with some type of an irrigation system for the future.

The Kingdom of God Arrives On Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!! Nachos and Margaritas Time!!!!!!!!!

Remember Boys and Girls, TODAY is the day the GREAT Profit from Wadsworth says that his creature he calls "christ" is returning! Lets party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: this was originally posted April 17...

Second Chances


David C. Pack puts cats with nine lives to shame. The Pastor General of The Restored Church of God knows how to reinvent himself by dramatically updating the prophetic landscape without blushing. After setting over fifty dates for the return of Jesus Christ in the last twelve months, the False Prophet Energizer Bunny just keeps going and going.


And the brethren seem totally fine with that. You cannot help an addict until THEY decide to get sober.


The All-Believing Zealots proved Mr. Pack was right about April 1. All the enabling hirelings agreed.


April 1 failed.


The All-Believing Zealots proved Mr. Pack was right about April 5. All the enabling hirelings agreed.


April 5 failed.


The All-Believing Zealots proved Mr. Pack was right about April 7. All the enabling hirelings agreed.


April 7 failed.


The All-Believing Zealots proved Mr. Pack was right about April 12. All the enabling hirelings agreed.


April 12 failed.


I never graduated college, but I see a pattern emerging.


The Tammuz Cooking Table has once again found favor in Dave’s sight because he returned to powerfully sit on April 15, 2023, with “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 435).”


The Kingdom of God Arrives on Iyar 15

The Second Passover

May 5, 2023 @ 8:27 PM ET


Dave overshot May the Fourth Be With You by one day. But Cinco de Mayo is a good alternative because: nachos and margaritas.


Mr. Jeffrey Reed of Church of God International (CGI) got a chuckle when he accurately joked about this during our interview on Prove All Things last week.


Truth is stranger (and more predictable) than fiction, it seems.



David C. Pack frequently enjoys making light of his own fraud by utilizing gaslighting as an introduction.


Part 435 – April 15, 2023

@ 00:04 Good evening. Here we are, and I will give you my usual introduction. We’re still just fine. You will (perhaps) more than ever before, not doubt that after tonight.


If the folks in the audience had no doubts, they are beyond help at this point. The Apostle botched God’s arrival four times in April, and there are still two weeks left.


Bible surrogates were brought up again as Dave dusted off the False Prophet’s Toolkit.


@ 01:19 And so, the 24th [Abib] is ending. Therefore, it was a surrogate for another date.


Part 435 being delivered on Abib 24 is relevant somehow. David C. Pack is living “A Beautiful Mind.” He can find prophetic significance in the ant trail on the kitchen counter. I wonder how often he called his wife into the bathroom so she could marvel at his “personally important” doodie.


“Honey, take a look at this. Do you know what this means? Well, I do…”


Jim and Andy roshambo over who is more qualified to be the appropriate surrogate when that occurs in the office.



Dave made a long point about holy time being immovable. Wait for the punchline.


@ 03:22 Can Pentecost be anything other than kept after you count fifty from the Sabbath during Unleavened Bread? No. Can Trumpets be any other time but the first day of the civil year, Tishrei 1? No. Can Atonement be anything but nine days later? On the 10th day? No. Can you move…the Feast of Tabernacles to any other day? Or the Last Great Day? Or a new moon? Or, I guess, any other appointed time like the Passover? And the answer is no. And I said that you cannot move it.


This caused the needle in my head to screech across the record and crash on the floor. What?! Reality warbled, and I felt like I had entered The Twilight Zone. Which one of us suffers from a mental illness became a question. Perhaps my listening comprehension skills were more piss-poor than I knew.


David C. Pack said the Last Great Day cannot move during Part 435. Huh?


Flashback Part 433 – April 6, 2023

@ 02:16 If you bring that day forward and you count it, there is now, as of this moment, less than a week before the Great Day would end if you put it at the end of the Days of Unleavened Bread.


@ 13:49 But this would only be true if the Great Day were brought forward to follow Unleavened Bread before this day disappears forever…So, if God wanted to put the Last Great Day after the seven days in the fall to hide it for thousands of years till He could bring it forward and put it after the first seven days in the spring, which pictures the same thing, He could do that.


@ 14:53 But, all of that collapses if God didn’t show us at a wonderful dinner last night things I’d looked at in the past but couldn’t figure out that He’s gonna bring the Great Day six months forward and build the Kingdom of God.


These quotes suggest I am not crazy. If Dave was drawing a line between observance and fulfillment, he certainly never said so. The man would not get a Most Effective Speaker award for his Crystal Clear speech. He practically speaks in tongues half the time, even though the words appear to be in English.


But none of this matters now because the Last Great Day is no longer part of the picture. Perhaps this is like the clandestine reset of the 1335 of Daniel 12. Brethren need to read between the lines to get the whole story because focusing on it would only cause embarrassment and concern.



After the Days of Unleavened Bread neglected to show the world David C. Pack had been right this whole time, the second Passover became a second chance at redemption.


Part 435 – April 15, 2023

@ 01:43 Tonight is to see when this one-year kingdom comes. When it comes. I will present massive proof. I’ll just tell you. Massive, inarguable proof of when it comes. And it’s not identified in the Bible by any of those kinds of dates we described.


@ 04:46 So, Iyar 15 starts the second Passover. That’s a little under twenty days away. Iyar 15. And it’s a moed. We’re waiting for a moed. This year, it’s also a Sabbath…


@ 05:25 So, Iyar 15 is a Passover. It is the Passover. In fact, it’s an absolutely commanded Passover. That has to be kept by people who are either unclean or on a far journey.


@ 06:38 So, you may have thought (and I hope just with this first couple points) I’ve alleviated all doubt about whether the Passover is gone and it’s too late. It is not. In fact, I will show ya this was never ever going to be the Passover of Abib 15. That’s impossible.


Translation: I hope you already agree by taking my word for it since I have yet to crack open the Bible to prove anything. I have already defused doubts because I am projecting my desired outcome onto you.


“…this was never going to be the Passover of Abib 15.”


This is David C. Pack’s verbal manipulation at work. If you do not slow down, it can be missed. Which is what he wants. The brethren in the Main Hall cannot hit pause on Dave. But I can.


He tries to distance himself from his own significant points while, at the same time, altering what he actually taught. He was not preaching Passover. He preached the Night To Be Much Observed (Part 432), the Third Day of Unleavened Bread (Part 434), and the Seventh Day of Unleavened Bread (Part 431).


When they took the symbols that Passover evening, the Kingdom arrival was not on the docket. It has been the focus in years past, but not this time. Part 432 was clear about it being after that. In some places, the Bible refers to the Days of Unleavened Bread as seven days of Passover. Dave conveniently uses that when he needs to blur his words.


“The Passover of Abib 15” is the First Day of Unleavened Bread on April 6.


The Night To Be Much Observed (NTBMO) was on April 5 after sunset.


The Passover symbols were taken by RCG members on April 4 after sunset, which began Abib 14.


I call shenanigans on Dave for saying, "…this was never going to be the Passover of Abib 15," because he did not teach that. He is revising history and relabeling the NTBMO as Passover so he can sell the second Passover. He wants to slip from one Passover to another, not the NTBMO to the second Passover. Doing so makes all this easier to swallow.


During Parts 431, 432, and 434, he was very specific about NTBMO and the Days of Unleavened Bread. But as of Part 435, he groups those together as just “Passover” to suit his purpose.


“That’s impossible.”


If I had an assistant, I would task them with researching all the times David C. Pack declared something he just taught was "impossible" after the fact. But also, when he says how impossible something is, and turns around to proclaim it. Many voices come out of the same mouth.



Dave establishes the second Passover as a biblical fact, as if anyone in the room was unfamiliar with it. He connects Jesus Christ taking the symbols in the Kingdom of God directly to being on the second Passover.

@ 09:18 Now, let’s imagine. If Christ kept a different day than Iyar 15, what a terrible example to the world. It would be of disobedience to God’s law that brought death for anybody else. That's His backup plan. Absolutely valid.


@ 10:54 So, if Christ kept a different day, this would be God (or we might say more directly) Christ saying to the world, “Do as I say, not as I do. I can change the day. You can't. I can keep Wednesday and call it a Sabbath. You can't. I can do what Jeroboam did. He changed the Feast to the eighth month. He can't do it, but I could. And I choose to do it with the Passover.” So, I’m gonna tell you (absolutely) on God’s authority (and we’re just getting started), it is inarguable that Christ could keep the second one.


Hearing him speak this way makes me uncomfortable. David C. Pack draws lines that do not need to be made. The man habitually makes irreverent comments without shame or fear, just to make a point. We get it. The second Passover is a real Passover, and Jesus Christ could take the symbols that night.


Dave declaring "on God's authority" is his way of saying, “I swear to God.” The way he used it was pointless, but it certainly made things sound dramatic and serious.


Even if Jesus Christ returns and drinks wine in the Kingdom of God on Iyar 15, it will not mean David C. Pack was revealing the Mystery of God. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut.



@ 18:07 Now, I decided to go digging through the Bible for every kind of indicator that we had a full moon, and we had a Passover. Second Passover full moon. 


Translation: Once Abib 21 failed, I had to go back to the drawing board with the Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy to drum up a new plan so I could keep my job. The longer I talk, the more convinced you will be.


Rather than God using the Bible to reveal knowledge, Dave dug for verses that proved his point. Theologians have been doing this for centuries. If you set a personal goal of proving a specific doctrine, you will find the verses that support your idea.


Trinitarians and Sunday-keepers love quoting the Bible. David C. Pack has adopted their methodology. The Holy Spirit moving someone into all truth has gone the way of the dinosaurs ever since prophesying was altered to mean “just teaching what the Bible says.”


David C. Pack could not sit on being a fraud. He entered the Bible Scooby-Doo Infinite Hallway going in one door and coming out another. A new moon. A full moon. One month. One year. The first day. The fifteenth day. A Sabbath. Not a Sabbath. The Passover. The Second Passover.


This is why David C. Pack will never stop. The Bible provides unlimited resources so he can continue to reconfigure prophetic theories for the next twenty years. The second Passover is his second chance to preserve some of his material and hold on to the illusion he has been on to something special the last few weeks.



Iyar 15 is on May 6. The Hebrew day begins at sunset the night before. This means the second Passover starts on May 5. But, something else world-eventy happens that weekend, and Dave is tickled pink about it.

@ 32:51 We serve the right God. Another little detail. The Kingdom to Israel would begin on May 6th.Actually, our time late on the 5th. Or maybe early on the 5th. Curious little detail. King Charles is supposta be coronated within hours. It will be the most-watched event in the history of the world, and it's gonna get chopped short. Remember? Remember Ezekiel 21:24-27? It's gonna get cut, chopped short right before he ever puts a crown on. You can’t make that up. Little did we realize, we would get all the way to the 5th here, which is the 6th of May, which of course, is the 15th of Iyar, and he would never be crowned.


Since Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, Dave has repeated how nobody would be crowned after her. I never spotlighted that because it felt like a nothingburger, and there were bigger fish to fry with his goofy Series.


His previous offerings of keen insight into world news have not panned out thus far.


Flashback Part 276 – December 26, 2020

@ 33:29 And I will submit to you, Joe Biden will never serve a day in office.


Dave’s Cinco de Mayo Kingdom is now tied to the same weekend as the English coronation. Guess who will be served two slices of humble pie that weekend.


Part 435 – April 15, 2023

@ 1:01:29 If you think you can get outta this date, have at it. You can’t get outta the date. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of reasons you can’t get outta the year, but you absolutely cannot get out of the date, or you just blow this message up. Just tear it all up.


May 6 at 8:28 PM ET is when you can safely tear all this up, RCG brethren. This clip will be posted on YouTube and Facebook to commemorate the moment.

It will be released to coincide if Dave slinks away from Iyar 15 before that. His dramatic mock-tearing of his notes should not be missed.



This year has been an interesting ride so far. Purim, April Fools’ Day, and Cinco de Mayo. Reserve a slot on your calendar for Flag Day.


On May 5, open a tab at El Torito so you can enjoy those Cadillac Margaritas before the bill comes after 8:27 PM ET. My California friends will be making the most out of Happy Hour.


Part 435 was the second sitting of 2023. David C. Pack found a second chance in the second Passover for the second coming of Jesus Christ.


The problem with proclaiming a date for the return of Jesus Christ is that you only get one shot. That was on Elul 24 in 2013. The Bible does not offer false prophets a do-over.


David C. Pack is forever disqualified. There are no second chances for him.


Flashback Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 28:31 The seven days can’t change. Abib cannot change. You know, the chag that closes Abib cannot change. There’s no way we’ve got this wrong. It’s impossible that it’s wrong.

Marc Cebrian
See: Second Chances

Are You Growing In Brotherly Kindness and Love Like The Ministry In LCG Is?


Doug is back extolling the faithful to be growing their spiritual journey, which isn't a bad thing, but no matter how hard these people try, they will never measure up to the expectations that LCG places upon their members. The list has now grown so long and complicated over the decades that many just give up.

Plan to Grow: The Scriptures reveal we are to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18), and to receive rewards in the Kingdom, we must all be “overcomers” (Revelation 2–3). But growing and overcoming requires a plan and persistence. In Matthew 5, 6, and 7, Jesus lists qualities He desires in His disciples: humility, compassion, mercy, a desire to learn God’s way, and the ability to be a peacemaker. Paul lists the spiritual fruits that God wants to see in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22–25). Peter lists virtue, knowledge, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love—unselfish, outgoing concern (2 Peter 1:5–7). Put these lists together and then focus on one item each week so you can work to develop these important qualities. Plan to grow and make the effort to be a real overcomer!

Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail

Thursday, May 4, 2023

LCG Not Allowing Non-LCG Members To Register At Feast Sites


One thing that Worldwide did in its later years was allowed non-members but interested people to go to Feast sites. These could be co-workers, PT subscribers, and others that had a connection to the church. This actually brought in many members.

LCG though, getting more militaristic by the month, is cracking down on this practice and has asked pastors to look at current Feast registrations and weed those people out. LCG has always tried to be closed door at the Feast but people still Feast site drop regardless of church affiliation.

God forbid that an unclean worldly person might attend services and hear God's truth which LCG claims to exclusively have. If these are subscribers or people who have attended one of LCG's presentations, then this pastor had better get busy and baptize these people! We can't have the unwashed masses next to our brethren now, can we? Our message is too precious to be wasted the unclean.

Status Updates Needed for Festival Registration—Repeat Announcement

Attention Pastors: Only those listed as “Member” or “Prospective Member” in the Headquarters database can register for the Feast. Please look over your area’s member lists and let us know if anyone’s status needs to be updated. This could especially apply to co-workers and subscribers who have started attending with us or are recently baptized. We need the pastor’s authorization to change anyone’s status. Please send any updates to An outdated status listing is one of the most common technical difficulties people have in registering for the Feast.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dave Pack Says: "Drop to your knees, and thank God they were killed"


Thankfully Dead


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God has never been accused of being “warm and fuzzy.” The Pastor General equates how trustworthy something is to how loud he can shout it. Sometimes, it feels like he is attacking something with disgust, even when he is countering his own recent understanding.


Mass world death was a central topic during "The Greatest Unending Story (Part 438)!" on April 27, 2023. This tied into the Kingdom to Israel arriving on Pentecost and the Kingdom of God on the Feast of Trumpets. How do two Holy Days connect to the death of over five billion people? The Tribulation.


Now that Dave avoids “setting dates,” he still does everything he used to except the clear summary that provides compelling YouTube content.


“Elijah announces to the world on Pentecost, one month from now.”

Nope. He did not say that.


“Jesus Christ returns on the Feast of Trumpets this year.”

Nope. He did not say that.


“Five billion people die starting in August.”

Nope. He did not say that.


The Bible verses are there. The timing is there. His private interpretations are there. But he refuses to finish the job of “making it plain.”


This is the current picture as of Part 438:


•  The Kingdom to Israel arrives on Pentecost. It begins at sunset on May 27 at 8:48 PM ET. There is a three-month announcement period in which David C. Pack, as Elijah That Prophet, speaks to the world, offering everyone the opportunity to obey God before horrific destruction occurs.


•  The Tribulation begins on August 17 at 8:22 PM ET. This is one month before Trumpets and sees the rise of the Sixth Head Man of Sin. During this period, two-thirds of everyone alive will die. That is approximately 5.3 billion people. This death is permanent, also known as the “second death.” They will never afterward have hope of receiving salvation.


• The Kingdom of God arrives on the Feast of Trumpets on September 15 at 7:36 PM ET. Jesus Christ rules this one-year Kingdom where everyone left is trained to help facilitate the next seven-year Kingdom.


Even though Dave will not spell out a quotable summary, that is Part 438. How much of it sticks in the short-term remains to be seen. The postponement of Part 439 is not a good sign for consistency’s sake.



The scenarios David C. Pack preaches about are in the Bible. There are clear verses about global punishment and mass death. Parents eating children. Children betraying parents. Death on a scale that has not yet been seen since Creation. All of that is true.


The problem is not the source of the information or whether it will come to pass. The problem is the filter through which it is disseminated. David C. Pack has proven he is unreliable and untrustworthy.


Plus, there is a fist-sized callus where his heart should be.


After painting the dire picture of permanent death for most alive today, Dave informed the brethren that their loved ones may fall victim to this. It must have been exciting to those in The Restored Church of God with non-member parents, children, or friends.


That scenario includes every single one of them.



the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue

Part 438 – April 27, 2023

@ 1:07:18 So, I can’t tell you exactly how all of our relatives come through all of this. If your relatives are dead, thank God every day that your relatives are dead ‘cause they’re gonna come straight into the Kingdom of God. If you have friends that died, everybody who’s shot and killed in this world right now, you read about people killed in Chicago, drop to your knees, and thank God they were killed. ‘Cause they’re not goin’ through this [First Kingdom]. They’re gonna come up in the Kingdom of God. Maybe they suffered enough.


@ 1:08:06 I lost my 99-year-old aunt about ten months ago. Thank God she died. I think differently now. I watch the news differently.


I am sure there was quite the condolence card from the Pack household. Who are we kidding? Mrs. Pack wrote the card, and MAYBE Dave signed it.


How could I possibly think that?


The man who voiced The World to Come, most Behind the Work documentaries, and many other videos for The Restored Church of God was dying of cancer. We commissioned a sympathy card for him. All MPS signed it. Brad Schleifer signed it. Mrs. Pack signed it and wrote a beautifully thoughtful note.


But I could not get David Crowl Pack to sign it. All he had to do was write his name. Apparently, he could not be bothered. Brad and Mrs. Pack were handling this, as I was not allowed.


Whether this was Dave saying, “I’ll get to it," and never did, or his human pillows never brought this to his attention, I do not know. Brad knows, and maybe he can clue me in one day.


No matter because the end result was the same. Alan received the card before he died. The card did not have David C. Pack's signature. This angered and disgusted me. It was a piercing moment that solidified that The Restored Church of God and David C. Pack are not practicing what they preach.


@ 1:51:43 Lemme say one last time, if you have friends or relatives who’ve died, thank God they did.



Dave must have forgotten what the mourning process is like. He is too far removed from emotional pain to consider how words like this would affect the brethren.


His primary point was that things will be so bad in the Tribulation that it is better for those you care about to already be dead so they can be resurrected into the Kingdom of God with a greater chance of avoiding eternal death.


Unfortunately, he is incapable of presenting that idea in a more palatable fashion. Emotional intelligence is not his strength. Neither is tact or compassion. Hence, you get explosive comments like this. Even if you slather on generous portions of context, it does not excuse the distress and panic he induces in the members of The Restored Church of God.



How Dave could preach fear and death without inserting the money angle is a mystery. He rarely lets an opportunity go by that ties panic and despair to Common, especially with another Green Envelope Day occurring later this month.


Dave’s latest tirade exemplifies the erosion of the RCG Tier System. He gets a thought in his head, and it shoots out of his mouth unfiltered. Empathy be damned.


The brethren of The Restored Church of God have the privilege of understanding this. Their eighteen-year-old children who bolted from the church could be eternally killed in the next three months. One spouse gets to look across the supper table at their non-believing spouse, quietly wondering what kind of death will befall them in August before being tossed into the Lake of Fire.


My great hope is that nobody in The Restored Church of God followed the instructions of David C. Pack. I hope nobody went before God on their knees and expressed gratitude for the murder of others.


When this doctrine inevitably changes, those same people will be guilted into returning on their knees to repent and ask forgiveness.


Paul told people to follow him as he followed Christ.


David C. Pack does not follow Jesus Christ as an example. His words are more similar to a dragon than a lamb. His words ring more like a foolish shepherd rather than a good one.


Once "The Greatest Untold Story!" Series is finally over, everyone can be thankful it is dead.

Marc Cebrian

See: Thankfully Dead