Friday, November 14, 2014

Rod McNair Attempts to Quell Dissension by Telling Members the Rules of Engagement for Disfellowshipment

For months now various LCG members and others are reporting how disunified the Living Church of God currently is.  Turmoils seems to boil in Charlotte and elsewhere.  As the LCG moves closer to the day that Rod Meredith dies, it is having to deal with dissension emerging from the ministerial ranks and the members.  Many fear that Meredith's son will be pointed as successor.

Right before the Feast of Tabernacles 2014, Rod McNair preached a sermonette where he discusses those who cause division and how the church is to deal with them.  He lists four categories of those who disagree with the church.  This information is so serious that the LCG sent this sermonette out on tape and COMMANDED all the church areas play it along with a sermon by Rod Meredith..

He starts out though reinforcing the rule that the ministers have been placed OVER the members.  They are there to ensure an atmosphere of unity.  He tells LCG members that the ministry is also there to help stop them from being deceived.  I had to laugh at that one since most of the ministry of the LCG is deceiving the members day in and day out with aberrant doctrines and other silly rules.

Authority of the ministry has a great responsibility and that includes disassociating people from fellowship....but members should always remember it is done in love......

Then he says, 'When a flyswatter will do - don't bring a sledge hammer."  This too is laughable considering the heavy handedness of Meredith and others that have disfellowshipping hundreds and hundreds of people over the decades.  Very few times was it done in "love."  Most of the time is was for revenge.  Meredith was particularly good at the revenge part in the late 70's when GTA got kicked out.  Meredith went on a scorched earth policy kicking out all kinds of people who had the slightest association with GTA.  I saw the letters that he sent to those people.  They were shocked at the vehement attitude he exhibited.

The categories the LCG uses to disassociate people are:

  • Those who drop out and leave, whether it be to another COG or just stop attending.  McNair claims, "...we do not force people to stay in the church."    He claims that if LCG members happen to meet these people in the store they are not to hide from them but are to look at them as they do anyone else in the world.    This is all laughable again since the LCG and most other COG preach insistently that those who leave the church have the holy spirit taken from them.  So when an LCG member sees these people in the store they immediately think what sorry creatures they are for turning their backs on God.  The commendation is ingrained.
  • Those who are suspended.  If a person has done wrong or continues to do wrong they are suspended for period of time.  It usually is for a couple of months so a person feels apart from the body.  The person is not announced from the pulpit and members are not told to stay away from the person.  The individual is told to keep away from members.  Those close to the person may be told to not associate with them for a period of times though. 

  • Those disfellowshipped.  They are not to return because of issues that can harm the church.  he reason is not announced from the pulpit.  Only close associates will be told to stay away from them.  LCG members are not to hide from them if they see them in the store.  Members are not to meet socially with them or to take part in any social media they are on.  This comment stands out above every thing else McNair presents.  Social media has wreaked havoc on the Churches of God over the last several decades.  Many like Pack, Cox and Flurry see social media as dangerous and tell members to not read the Internet or participate in Facebook groups and other social media so that they be not corrupted.  Social media right now is keeping the dissension in the LCG alive and flourishing.
  • Marked members.  Those who cause deliberate division and who go against church doctrine or teachings.  These people are sicked out and publicly marked in order to protect the church.  Personal details are not supposed to be mentioned because "love covers a multitude of sin."  Excuse me while I recover from laughing.  There have been very few times this has ever been done on "love" towards the individual or families.  It is almost always a weapon used to punish an individual or a family.  It is deliberately done to embarrass them and to be a warning to other church members that they too can share the same fate.  It has always been used in the Church of God as a tool of fear and intimidation.
Tough times are ahead for the Living Church of God as it tries to deal with the grumbling ministers and members.  The more they kick out the less money will be coming in.  That seems to be the most important factor in constantly talking about unity in the church.  As much as they desire it, they will never have unity.

You can listen to Rod McNair's COMMANDED sermonette here:  

The other commanded sermon is by Rod Meredith and was on GOVERNMENT.  It can be listened to here.

A sermonette on the authority ministers have in kicking people out and then a  sermon by Meredith on proper government.  Fear is definitely in the air in Charlotte as these two recordings are being used as a weapon of intimidation and fear.  Tough times are ahead for the LCG members.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Church of God Pedophile Sentenced To Prison For Child Molestation

Stephen Gough appears in the Waitakere Distrct Court. Photo / Jason Oxenham

A former woodwork teacher repeatedly molested children 
aged between three and 16 
while reading passages from the bible 
and posing as a churchgoer.

Another Church of God member has been sent to prison for child molestation.  This time it was a man in New Zealand.  He was a former member of the Worldwide Church of God in Auckland and has recently been the spokesman for Fred Coulter's Christian Biblical Church of God.

Earlier today I received several emails concerning this case.  I checked on Gavin's site and he also had the story up.

The London Daily News carried this story:  He Used Children As Sexual Toys

The New Zealand Herald has this: Teacher Molested Children While Reading From Bible
Christian Today:  Teacher Scentenced To Prison For Molesting Chidlren While Reading The Bible

I am on a Facebook page that one of his children is on and this person has spoken how he molested his own children.  They described recently how they had been testifying in court to lock the bastard away.

Amazingly this guy only got three and half years in prison, though the authorizes are expecting more people to come forward and will review the case against him to add more time.

The London Daily News says:

A former woodwork teacher repeatedly molested children aged between three and 16 while reading passages from the bible and posing as a churchgoer.

79-year-old Stephen Gough admitted to nine acts of child sex abuse charges on Wednesday at Waitakere District Court in New Zealand.

He received three-and-a-half years behind bars for his disturbing crimes.
The judge said that Mr Gough carefully orchestrated his acts and used the children as 'sexual toys'. 
While the story does not say if he molested church members children, it is highly likely he did since he was also molesting his own children.  I wonder how many of the WCG members testified against the guy?
It was revealed that Gough would read passages from the bible to the innocent children while sexually abusing them, between 1976 and 1987.

The court also heard that Gough watched children showering by carving out a peep hole under a house.

His crimes only came to light after his victims came forward last year.

The New Zealand Herald says this:

A former Auckland teacher posed as a God-fearing churchgoer but behind closed doors molested children while reading passages from the bible, a court has heard.

Stephen Gough - who can be named for the first time after name suppression lapsed - was jailed for three and a half years at Waitakere District Court yesterday after admitting nine sex charges.

The 79-year-old man, who propped himself up in the dock with the aid of a walking stick, committed "persistent, relentless and repeated" offences against three girls and a boy between 1976 and 1987.

Sentencing Judge Kevin Glubb said Gough, a former intermediate school woodwork teacher was an active member of the church and gained people's confidence by his standing in the community.
"It's hard to imagine a more gross breach of trust," he said.

Some of the most shocking revelations which emerged in court were that Gough would molest victims, aged between 3 and 16, while reading the bible.

The court also heard how the offender made a peep hole under a house so he could watch children in the shower.
The Church of God has a very sad history of covering up for child molesters in its midst.  Ministers and church leaders covered up for many of the molesters over the decades.  Some were ministers themselves.  They got transferred to other areas where they did it all over again.

Gough has apparently been caught doing this before since court records state that he has been in three separate programs to deal with his sexual deviance.

The court heard that by 1993 Gough had completed three programmes addressing his deviant sexual urges and now considered himself to be "fully cured of the terrible addiction".
 Compounding this horrible issue is that parents knew he was molesting their children and they did NOTHING about it!  This too is a long held standard in Armstrongism.  Parents refused to believe that another church member could do such a thing.  They did not want the embarrassment of having to tell the story and they did not want to bring shame upon the church.  It was preferable for the children to suffer instead.  This is still going on today in the Philadelphia Church of God and other groups.

One of Gough's victims told the Herald his offending had ruined her life.

She said people around her knew what he was doing, but never intervened. She struggles with that daily.

"It was horrible. My mother knew this was going on, the neighbours knew, other relatives... no one ever did anything," she said.

She also believed there would be more victims and was pleased his name suppression had lapsed so his crimes could be "put out there finally".

"I have just about died five times in the last year. I've overdosed, I'm just so depressed, so pissed off with life - I'm just sick of it," she said.

"I hate him. He did this to me from when I was a little girl... I just want what he did acknowledged."

The victim said she was angry at Gough, whose "disgusting" offending had pushed her to drugs, alcohol and an eating disorder.

"I've been an alcohol and drug addict since forever. I had good jobs, I've been a good mum but what he did impacts on my life hugely."

She said his guilty plea was "a relief", but it didn't take her pain away.

"Two months ago I tried to take my life... it was pretty bad, they thought I was going to die this time.
It's pretty hard. He has totally and completely ruined my life, I'm a complete mess. I drink to forget... I've been to rehab four times, I got sectioned last year because of my drinking. I'm so f***ing angry."
She said Gough had apologised to her, but his words meant nothing.

"It wasn't just the sexual abuse, he had me living in terror. I will never get over that.

If you would like to speak to police about Stephen Gough, please call Detective Sergeant Murray Free at the Waitakere police on 09 477 5021.

PCG Makes It Offical That They Dumped 4.5 Million In Tithe Money On Edstone House UK

Just as Jesus supposedly walked the hills of England, so thinks the PCG that Shakespeare might have walked the hallowed grounds of Edstone - as if any PCG student or member would read the pagan Shakespeare's possessed writings!

The Philadelphia Church of God has now made it official that they bought the property in England in order to establish another Herbert W Armstrong "college."  Rumors have been swirling around for a while now abort the PCG looking into buying property in the UK.

The PCG cult had hoped to buy the former Bricket Wood campus of Ambassador College.  That fell through when local zoning ordinances stopped the current developer from building condo's and restricted the sale of the mansion and other buildings.

The PCG was not happy that word had slipped out that they were negotiating with millions of dollars of tithe money for this property.  Now they have admitted that they have bought a new property that we previously reported about here:

Gerald Flurry Cult Buying Edstone Hall in England In Order To Start Another "college"

Gerald Flurry's Edstone House UK Financial Boondoggle

The PCG News has this to say today about how their god has been working behind the scenes on making this property available to them.  Just like the printing press and jet airplanes, this house apparently was built in 1939 to be specifically bought by Gerald Flurry in the end times.

EDMOND—The Philadelphia Church of God officially purchased a new campus in England on November 12. United Kingdom/Europe Regional Director Brad Macdonald received the keys today from a Sotheby’s real estate agent, marking the official closing of the deal and opening of a new chapter for the Church’s work in Britain and Europe.

The estate will serve as a new location for the Church’s regional office in England. A handful of students from Herbert W. Armstrong College will also travel to England to support the Church’s work in the region.

Edstone Hall, a 24,000-square-foot mansion in the Warwickshire countryside, contains more than 30 rooms. Built in 1939 in the art deco style, the building has an oak double-door entrance into a stained glass vestibule, stone mullion windows, stone fireplaces, balconies, a 5,500-square-foot Georgian cellar, a Cotswold stone roof and a detached garage. The 22-acre campus sits among the meadows about 4 miles north of Stratford-upon-Avon.

The parkland surrounding the hall includes meadows, pastures and woodland including mature oak and beech trees, as well as walking paths, gardens and a cedar of Lebanon; it also overlooks a large pond. The property also includes planning permissions for a 10,000-square-foot additional building, and an indoor swimming pool and a leisure complex.

“I believe God has long been preparing Edstone for His Church,” Mr. Macdonald said. “Edstone is ideal for the pcg—a perfect combination of majesty and functionality. It’s dignified and impressive, yet practical and sensible.”
It will be interesting to see how the neighborhood react to having an American cult in their midst that is going to be staffed by the elite of the Edmond compound.

Assistant dean of students Eric Burns announced on October 29 that 11 Herbert W. Armstrong College students and graduates from Edmond—Christopher Eames, Jessie Hester, Samuel Livingston, Kiall Lorenz, Brooke Davis, Victoria Lancaster, Nick Irwin, Emmanuel Michels, Kaitlin Eames, Anya Trietsch, Paris Turgeon—will transfer to Edstone to serve in the pcg office for the spring semester.

UK office staff and contractors are currently renovating Edstone Hall, updating fixtures and appliances, and installing new flooring, partition walls, paint and a computer network. pcg chief operations officer Andrew Locher said the technology should increase website performance, create a secure connection to the Church’s headquarters campus, and facilitate broadcast production.
Meanwhile, the Church’s regional office operations will move from a 900-square-foot facility in the Northampton town center to approximately 5,000 square feet in Edstone Hall devoted to office space.
PCG members will soon be able to look forward to mass appeals for more offerings and financial donations towards the upkeep of this financial boondoggle.  As the PCG shrinks in membership money is also starting to shrink.  How long will it be till either Edmond or Edstone is closed down and sold to the Catholic Church or Scientology?

You can read the propaganda piece here: PCG Gains New Campus In Britian

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wayne Turgeon: "...a man of low character..."

Here is part of a letter that was on Exit and Support today.  It describes once more the degenerate man/boys who are wrecking havoc in the Philadelphia Church of God.  Why members of the PCG continue to let these piles of excrement treat them like shit all the time is beyond me.

I also remember another holy day (the LDUB) when the great PCG evangelist Wayne Turgeon (who just happens to be married to Gerald Flurrys daughter) came to Cincinnati to beg for a large holy day offering. He said he felt "kinda bad" asking young couples with children and frail seniors on Social Security for more money but "God needs your support." He also added that if anyone was thinking about being stingy with offerings to flurry then a nice one way ticket to the tribulation might be your fate. [Note by ESN: Turgeon's last comment has been added to Amazing Statements Made by Philadelphia Church of God Ministers.]

It takes a man of low character to stand behind the pulpit and extort money from people they know are the least able to afford it. As they stand up there, they must have to look into the eyes of young children, infants, and older folk and know that Gerald Flurry is a fraud and it is all about the money. Yes, people like Turgeon, Malone, Davis, Locher and others will threaten "eternal death" and then take money from the poor sheep and run back to their luxury homes, cars, and $65,000 a year salaries. Oh and now we may add--nice company Visas.

I am proclaiming the SINS of the people so they can return to their Husband

The Church of God's greatest Pharisee is declaring himself "The Watchman" to the filthy remnant of the Churches of God who are back-sliding, pagan worshiping, pork eating, sabbath breaking, Saturday restaurant eating, Laodiceans.

The Chief Pharisee still is stinging from his wife walking out on him leaving him penniless and with no one to care for him now that he has serious health issues.  That anger comes out repeatedly as he uses the "husband" metaphor in describing Jesus Christ being eternally PISSED at those who claim to follow him. His wife turned her back on him, so he assumes all of the COG's have turned their back on Jesus Christ.
Brethren of the church of God; Why is there no one to proclaim the sins of the people and turn them to a passion for their Husband, the love of their youth?  Why will today’s elders and leaders lead the Ekklesia into the sin of following them, instead of proclaiming the warning, and teaching sincere repentance and a passionate zeal for the truth?   I have no choice but to stand in the breach, for the guilt of the blood of the unwarned people will be upon me if I do not speak out.

These are the "sins" of the Church of God today, particularly in the Untied Church of God, whom the Chief Pharisee is continually ticked off at.

God gives a few reasons why they shall be removed from the land in those days and again in our days. 
  • We eat without properly bleeding as I mentioned a few days ago.
  • We are zealous for our idols of men and corporate entities and their false traditions. 
  • We spiritually shed blood by turning people away from any zeal for God’s Words out follow and be zealous for our corporate idols. 
  • We depend on the sword [war and bullying] 
  • We are full of abominations like calling the Sabbaths holy and then polluting them. 
  • The Ekelsia is full of spiritual adultery, loving others instead of loving and being faithful to the Husband of our baptismal commitment. 
We shall be corrected along with physical Israel in this latter day.  We shall NOT inherits the spiritual Promised land of eternal life, unless we sincerely and

If you do not heed his words he says this about you:

If the watchman does his job, then the people who hear the warnings and do not sincerely respond and repent, will bear their own guilt; they have been warned and have rejected the warning.

You BAD, BAD, BAD heathens!  How dare you reject God's most perfect and mightiest angry man!!!!!!

Columbiana Church of God - - More Drivel for the Theologically Bankrupt Church of God

One thing Armstrongism has accomplished over its eight decades is that it has created some of the craziest and theologically bankrupt men the world has ever seen.  If you thought Bob Thiel had poor speaking abilities then you have not seen this guy.  I have a feeling that Bob Thiel gets his training from this guy.

This guy also has ties to Sir Anthony Buzzard's "One God" group that promotes "Christian monotheism."  Restoration Fellowship

Monday, November 10, 2014

The World Tomorrow May Be Ruled By A Woman!

Did you knew that the ruler of the Kingdom of God could possibly be a woman?  She would be directly under JC on the organizational chart. 

The ministry is beginning to be streamlined and organized in a fashion that better prepares everyone for what lies ahead of us, including the Millennium. Some of those changes have already begun. One important change involves the preparation of the immediate structure of the Church once we enter the Millennium. Although it did not strike me at the time when it took place, the recent ordination of a third prophet in the Church was picked up by quite a few people as they realized this could mean that a woman, if not part of the 144,000, would be the physical head of the Church at the beginning of the Millennium, just as I am now, as an apostle, the physical head of the Church under Jesus Christ. It is wise to note here that God is preparing someone for that role and it will be someone well trained and molded for it. Read it here
I can just see it now.  In that World Tomorrow, Dave Pack will be humbled and will be her chauffeur and Rod Meredith will be cleaning her palace in his bright pink speedo.  Flurry will be doing what he does best, making alcohol for her parties.

The mind of Weinerdude Weinland just gets crazier day by day!  I think he has too much free time with Bubba in that jail cell!

Preparing for the last Feast of Tabernacles 2015 in Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio - a foretaste of what the kingdom will look like...

Ron Weinland's personalty cult is in the process of registering for what will be their last Feast of Tabernacles in this dispensation of Armstrongism.  Weinland has been preparing his rapidly dwindling group of followers that his god has revealed much to him and that "Jesus" is ready to come back and kick ass next fall.  This coming year from the Feast 2014 to the Feast 2015 has been declared the Year of Dedication by Weinland as he prepares for the tribulation.  The seven trumpets have already sounded and his god is now preparing his followers to be rulers and Kings in Weinalnd's mythical kingdom.

Weinland is so sure that this will be the last Feast that he is allowing members to attend anywhere they want to go as long as they have the funds.  Those destinations though have shrunk down to only four locations worldwide.  With the continuing exodus of members out of his personalty cult due to his incarceration and the loony rantings of his wife Weinland has had to close down numerous sites.

Cult followers will only be able to attend in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gold Coast of Australia, Niagara Fall's Canada and a location in the Netherlands.  I can't imagine spending eight days in Cincinnati as a foretaste of the Kingdom!

Weinland has scared the crap out of his members over the last few years so much so that many are afraid to travel long distances from their homes in case the shit hits the fan while they are at the Feast.

Consolidated Feast Sites
We are consolidating a lot of sites for this coming year. As a result, the Church will be helping some who are most affected by the need to travel a lot of extra distance in order to attend the site closest to them. However, not all will be able to receive such assistance. There also will be some who may receive assistance for travel, but it may not be the full amount of travel expenses that they will incur. This information is being sent out early so that you can begin making plans, which will include financial ones, so that you can start preparing now, seeking extra work you might be able to pick up, and/or to save extra in order to insure you can attend.

By consolidating sites, we also recognize that due to age and/or factors of health that hamper mobility that there will be more individuals who will not be able to attend this next year. However, God will bless those individuals with an extra measure of help and spiritual strength as they seek to glean all that they can from the messages of the Feast.

For any who will be traveling long distances, above all things, do not make early airline reservations unless you have the money in hand to do so, as such funds are not refundable if you have a change in plans or do not receive the full assistance you need for travel. We will have an early sign-up for the Feast. Hopefully the information on all sites will be out before the end of this year, and then you can begin to make lodging reservations right away.

Anyone who desires to attend an international site should feel comfortable and free to do so. This is being stated because sometimes in the past there has often been some reluctance to travel far from home because of uncertainty about when tribulation might begin that might prevent one from returning home. After the last post, it should be clear that any physical destruction from the sounding of the trumpets cannot begin until some point after the Year of Dedication is over.

Those who plan on traveling to the Gold Coast in Australia, lodging reservations need to be made as soon as possible since there are other activities taking place in that region that are already resulting in fast booking of available lodging. If you are going there you will need to contact Wayne Matthews right away to get what you need concerning the meeting location and lodging information.

It has been decided that there will be no Feast site in New Zealand this year. There will only be the one in Australia on the Gold Coast for everyone in that region of the world.

Another area being consolidated is in Europe, as there will only be a single site in the Netherlands and there will not be one in the United Kingdom.

The site in the Niagara Falls, Canada region will remain the same. Just as a side note to any in the States who might want to attend that site, please be advised that you must have passports in order to cross-over into Canada.

There will only be one site in the United States and that will be in the Cincinnati area. It will be at the same location as last year, except that by the time of the Feast, the entire hotel will have been renovated. There will be no site in Hawaii, or any other location in the U.S.

That makes only four Feast sites to choose from for this coming year, which includes the Gold Coast of Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and the Cincinnati area. So you have some decisions that you will need to make concerning this next year, as we plan on having our sign-up for the Feast to be out by the end of the year, and we are requesting that everyone sign up as quickly as possible for planning purposes. Any who fail to sign up early and then have need for assistance to attend will not receive assistance. It is highly needful that everyone sign up early.