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Passover Dave Pack: I Am More Of A Prophet Than A Prophet - Say What?????

Elijah Passover Pack attempts to drag up every excuse imaginable in justifying why he is a prophet.  It kinds of reminds me of the asinine  excuses that Bob Thiel comes up with to justify his prophet status.  There are so many COG prophets running around now that it is hard to know who to follow.

101: Because we never saw that God foretold a modern Moses, including that Mr. Armstrong fulfilled this, man could not see both Moses and Elijah as types of the two witnesses instead of being the two witnesses. Now I'm coming back to certain things for emphasis. Their similar level and kinds of great miracles then force Moses further into the discussion as the modern leader who preceded Elijah. That anciently both were prophets who were central in their time only enhances this. The first Elijah, John the Baptist, was more than a prophet; the two witnesses are prophets. All should have today been looking for one who again, as Elijah, is more than a prophet. Do you see the point? If the two witnesses are prophets, John the Baptist was a type of Elijah and he was more than a prophet, we should have been looking for one again at the end of the age in type who was more than a prophet, not a prophet. That's the point, okay. You can think about it.

Elijah Passover Pack: Will Be The Song Leader In Millennium Leading All The Chosen In Praises As He Brings Them Salvation

Passover Dave has went from a second rate college student in Pasadena, from being  a so-so swimmer to disfellowshipment from Living Church of God  to beign Moses and Joshua and now to Elijah.  Passover Dave will also take on a new title in the millennium as the worlds most superfantabulous song leader.  Salvation will occur in Passover Dave's "kingdom" with everyone singing to Moses. 

Passover Dave expects his members to start learning the song immediately.

Now, Israel had – next point, 96 – had to learn and sing a very long song described in the very next chapter, 32, about what God had done through Moses. It was 43 verses. This was so they would never forget what God had done in raising up this little slave nation; all that he'd done for them. At the end of it, in verse 44, it says Joshua stood beside Moses and read with him; stood beside him. Little did we realize those two men standing beside each other would type two men thousands of years later who would stand beside each other. Now that we'll come to that a little bit more. Maybe we should have had a long song that we sang. Israel stopped singing that song and they forgot all that God had done. How big was and how big is Moses brethren? Turn to Revelation chapter 14, Revelation 14. This will remove all doubt about how transcendent was that song for the saints of God for all generations that would ever come thereafter and even on in to the millennium. Chapter 14 and verse 3; talks about the 144,000 in context there singing a new song that no man can learn, then you get to chapter 15 of Revelation. "And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God. And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark…" that's the 144,000 again, "…and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God," right before the seven last plagues. And what did the 144,000 do? "And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God…." All people in the Kingdom of God from all generations, before and after, are gonna open salvation singing Moses' song. One wonders who might be the song leader (hehe).  And then the song of the Lamb, "saying, Great and marvelous are your works Lord God," these are things that they say. So the song of the Lamb is obviously the song that nobody is allowed to sing from chapter 14:3, but the 144,000 open singing Moses' song. How big is – how big was – Moses brethren? The saints will sing this song in the Kingdom. If you want to be in the Kingdom you might want to start learning it, because you're gonna someday have to sing it.

Passover Dave Pack: I Will Cause The Earth To Open And Swallow My Enemies

Passover Dave is giddy with delight in imagining that all of his enemies are going to be swallowed up by the earth in a massive earthquake for DARING to attack him.  All of those that have left Passover Dave's splinter cult are included in this massive earthly extermination.  All of  those rebellious ministers and members that have left and taken their money with them are a thorn in Passover Dave's side.  He is "happy" that they will be struck down and swallowed up by the earth.  Of course he will have that power, just like Moses, so that he can open the earth to swallow his enemies.

94: Moses battled and survived a major rebellion in his time with Korah, Dathan, Abiram and 250 princes. Smaller rebellions came later. Mr. Armstrong battled and survived almost exactly the same thing in 1974. And smaller rebellions also came later under him. A side note, by the way, related: The Red Sea and the earth opened and swallowed Moses' and Israel's enemies. The earth will open in the near future to swallow Elijah's and the Church's enemies again. Now, I realize that's a Moses and Elijah comparison there, but the event's the same. Moses offers plenty of parallels from which I can learn – happy to learn that one, I'll tell you. But I thought you'd find that as a side note, the point was the rebellions. 

Elijah Passover Pack: What Happens When Psychopaths Have Temper Tantrums

The next time Passover Dave throws a hissy-fit, just remember that his temper is God ordained.  Only the BEST have "strong tempers."  So when he is raking you over the coals for not giving as much money as he expects, just be cool, its only his "strong temper."

But here's one, number 92 – and this is fairly easy to understand, an important parallel – with powerful personalities often you have strong tempers. Well that describes Moses and Mr. Armstrong. I just can't relate (ehem), or maybe I can.

Here is what happens when psychopaths have temper tantrums:

This may be hard to hear, but your narcissist is controlling you with a device no more sophisticated than the good old temper tantrum.

Throwing temper tantrums to manipulate your behavior is but an aspect of narcissists doing everything for effect, an aspect of them going through life playing to mirrors so as to get the wanted looks and behaviors in reaction. In other words, remember that this is what he's doing the whole time...

You get the temper tantrum the moment you aren't doing that, the moment you aren't playing along with his game of 'Pretend.' In it he is God. He is the center of your universe as well of his own. You are to be in awe of him, to admire him, to see to it that the King lacks nothing he needs or wants, and to change his diaper regularly.

Since all narcissists do 24/7 is play Pretend, and all they want is for you to play along, they never needed to mature and find other ways to interact with people. So, they just use . . . and use . . . and use . . . and use the temper-tantrum technique. The moment you stray from his script, he raises an obnoxious ruckus.

You know what he wants. If not, keep trying things, like you do with a baby, until you hit on the right thing and the ruckus stops. This is extortion. Give him what he wants, or he won't let you have any peace.

One thing that will push a narcissist's temper-tantrum button for sure is objecting to their abuse. You mustn't do that. You must docilely submit to abuse from God Almighty. In fact, it isn't abuse for God Almighty to treat you like dirt, because that's what you are relative to God Almighty, so quit insulting him by expecting him to treat you as an equal.

By Kathy Krajco
From:   Control by Temper Tantrum

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eric King Explains Why Elijah Passover Dave Pack Is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Special

Now we know why Elijah Passover Pack is the way he is!  He is part Neanderthal!  No wonder he is sooooooooooooooooooooo special!!!!!

SOCT has always taught that human evolution is much more complex than originally imagined. We have taught that there was in a sense “more than one mother”. We have also talked about numerous hominid beings which interacted and mated with each other forming a much more diverse human genome than originally believed. It is now a known fact that some early humans bread with Neanderthals. Some humans are at least 3 percent Neanderthal to this day. But we are not ultimately from Neanderthal and the Neanderthals were much more advanced than present science is teaching.- The SOCT Takes A Closer Look At Early Humanity

Elijah Passover Pack: I Am Unlike Any Other Human To Ever Exist! It's My Nature!

Elijah Passover Dave is such a miraculous intelligent person that he marvels that people are not able to understand him.  He's cut from a different cloth because he channel's Elijah's personality and humor!  Just as Elijah was misunderstood, so is Passover Dave.

Elijah Passover Dave is such a miraculous person that no other human could have been his mother's child.  Only Dave could be her son! Well DUH!

 He was trained to be incisive, decisive, bold, aggressive, dramatic and definitive!

No other human in 6,000 years has come close to the stature and significance of Passover Dave!

Passover Dave says his nature is incomprehensible to God's people.  Well....when a you are batshit crazy......of course no one understands you!  One of you certainly IS enough!  Even your own siblings and children don't support you, so why should anyone else?

Another personal point: for a long time I realize that I am not like most others, I'm cut from a different cloth – I've said that many times. I've at times wondered if God's people can understand me. In so many ways, brethren, I have Elijah's own personality. I have in humor, even mocked, in writing, the modern prophets of Baal as did Elijah. I even invoked his name – I've done that – I've been trained to be incisive, decisive, bold, aggressive, dramatic and definitive. It's my nature. You couldn't be my mother's son. But there are also other things. Think about who I have to address, who I have to deal with, who I have to go up against. Such men would not make good diplomats of this world. I think like Teddy Roosevelt, like David, like Joshua, and maybe even somewhat like Moses I guess. Mr. Armstrong and the ancient Elijah are of a particular nature that is somewhat incomprehensible to God's people. They are confronters, they are aggressive, they have to be and that's just the way I've always been. My superiors would often tell me, "You're too incisive, you're too decisive." Well, maybe I was when I was younger, but I know in some ways, some of us – I'll say myself – have a nature that is somewhat incomprehensible to God's people. I don't want people to be like me, one of me is enough.

Elijah Passover Pack: My Childhood Was One Miraculous Event After Another and Like John the Baptist I Could Not Be Killed As A Child

Elijah Passover Dave is such a miraculous person that his god just HAD to watch over him as he was growing up.  Since Passover Dave's life was a direct parallel with John the Baptists, there was no way possible that Satan could destroy him.  According to Passover Dave he was being groomed to be a future leader as a child and therefore had to be persevered.
Here's another personal point, you can value it to the degree, uh, you'd like to; I can't amplify it very much, don't have time. But speaking of John's childhood growing up, the writer Luke wrote, "The hand of the Lord was with him" as a child, Luke 1:65, "The hand of the Lord was with him." Now, without getting into twenty different stories I could tell you, I was a pretty interesting little kid; I did some stuff that I should be dead many times over. An obvious divine hand has carefully delivered me from serious injury and often outright death time and again in a unique way throughout my life, paralleling John the Baptist. I could list twenty times; staph almost killed me three times; falls; my head going through a window as a little boy; eight months old I was shot past my parents like a missile asleep in a basinet – back before you strapped babies in – I shot right over my parents' shoulders and blew out the windshield as an eight month old boy, I was unscratched when my father slammed on the brakes and stopped ten inches short of hitting a train, and I just fell back in my mother's lap crying. It's just, some of these stories that they tell. This huge, giant swing set rolled over on me and landed on my back, came all the way down, I was three years old. I could just go on and on; I've wondered, "Why?" Well I used to just think, I guess I was gonna be the leader in God's Church at the end of the age – recent years – but now I understand more than ever, God had to watch over me in a unique way, and I guess he'd have to do that if I were just an apostle, but it is interesting how I find in Luke God makes a point of saying the hand of the Lord was with John as  he  was growing up; there's no way John could be allowed to get killed by an accident, and I guess the same was true of me.

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Elijah Passover Pack: I Will Be The Most Attacked Person In 6,000 Years

Dave lives in his life of privilege and wealth 
while real Christians are being slaughtered. 

Elijah Passover Dave is being attacked on all fronts.  He is the most persecuted human to exist in the last 6,000 years!  The Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East are insignificant blobs of worthless flesh in the eye's of God's most important human ever!

There is a special place in hell for Passover Dave!
 I may turn out to be the single most attacked human being ever in six thousand years. It's pretty easy to come up with the rationale for why that might happen; well, just start with Malachi 4:6, the very last words of the Old Testament, start with that. And then think about how the god of this world doesn't want to be unseated. He doesn't want Christ to come and restore all things, and he doesn't want somebody to be a forerunner restoring everything in the Church before that and getting the last group ready, filling all the empty seats for the wedding supper. I must be stopped at all costs – I mean at all costs. I get hate mail, you wouldn't believe it. There are people that literally drive into my neighborhood and put hat mail into my mailbox; I don't know who they are. I get stuff on a regular basis. Got another one just the other day, all anonymous – I understand. Christ was attacked more than I will be. I mean, just think of who I confront. What do think Rome is gonna do? They're coming over and over, brethren, and reading things on our website; they know who I am. They don't know that I'm Elijah, heh, I'm not saying that, but they know what I say about them; they can read my booklet Who and What is the Beast of Revelation, and so forth, they can see all of that.

Elijah Passover Dave: How I Became Elijah

Asshatery at its finest....

I awoke December 23rd ready to study in Zechariah – I wanted to study the things that Zechariah had been… discussed with the angel that had come, those eight visions, and see if there are any other clues for me there, just was interested in that, uh, for that morning. And having never recorded a single word, even one, about me being Elijah – this is exactly what happened, 'cause I'd had a funny thought two days earlier when I was reading that verse about making intercession against Israel, as Elijah was doing, Romans 11 – I just had this funny thought, "Wow, I do that. Ah, well," then I just put it out of my mind. Monday night I had this thought again, "Ah, any way… no, no, no, couldn't be, no way." And then Tuesday morning I got up and that same thought, "Could I poss… is there any way… no, no, no, I… there's no way." And I'd put it out of my mind again. I went downstairs, ready to study in the book of Zechariah and I just suddenly looked at my wife and just said, "You're not gonna believe this. Now look, please don't look at me like I'm crazy, but is there any way that I could be the Elijah?" And by the time I left for the office a list of 53 proofs had exploded onto paper after previously never being willing to entertain for one second the idea and I showed you that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elijah Passover Pack: It Is An IMPOSSIBILITY That ANOTHER Elijah Can Come After Me!

Since Elijah Passover Pack is the MAN, there can be no others to come after him  that can be Elijah.  It is an absolute impossibility.  Anyone who claims such a name is an imposter.

God does not just give truth to apostles; he gives to truth to his church through apostles. That's the way he does it, it's his chosen method of conveyance, if you will, of all doctrine, so I couldn't just hold it myself, I had to also teach it, and the chips have to fall where they may. And imagine knowing these things and not teaching it, well we could lose some people. I know there's some people who might get through the first three points, they'll knee jerk do hard they'll knock their own teeth out and they'll go running out of the hall to the dentist; I understand that, that's just the way some people are, they won't listen. I know our enemies, some who've left and others, AH they'll just play on emotion, "Claims he's Elijah!" No, they won't listen to a hundred and thirty points. The case is air tight – it's air tight. There's no possible way somebody else is gonna come along, and even if they did they'd just say the same things, and meet all these parallels. And that's assuming they'd even identify Moses. And then they'd have to start all over and do everything; it's impossible, there's nobody else coming.

Elijah Passover Pack: My Wife Is The Only Person In Female Form Who Is As Analytical As Me

Elijah Passover Pack's second wife is starting to sound like Loma Armstrong.  Through Loma, Herbert found the "truth."  Through Passover Dave's second wife, he has found the "truth."

Pretty soon she will be given divine significance in the plan of Passover Dave's ascendance to greatness.

...the woman I'm married to now, she's the only person I've ever met in female form who's as analytical as I am, and she'll sit hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours and hours with me going over prophecies, and never can get enough of it; drops the wash or whatever else, and we just sit down and go at it, and up comes the computers and all the different things. She thinks like I do and I would consider that someone I needed at this stage of my life in this role to even get to the understanding that I did.

Elijah Passover Dave: The Earth Will Be Destroyed By God If The Devil Is Allowed To Discredit Or Kill Me

Thanks to Passover Dave the earth will not be destroyed, even though Satan is really, really pissed at Passover Dave. Whew! What a relief!!!!!  Apparently Passover Dave's god will not even allow Passover Dave to be discredited!  Passover Dave is such a superfantabulous man of God that it is impossible for Satan to discredit him. If by chance the devil succeeds in discrediting Passover Dave then we are doomed to destruction.

Passover Dave sees himself as the most significant human to exist in history.  He has already left Jesus Christ in the dust.  Who needs Jesus Christ when Passover Dave's here!

123 – Just a few more points before some concluding points – it's come time to ask, why is Joshua and not Zerubbabel, or anyone else, shown as so hated by the devil in Zechariah 3 and verse 1? Why? Why Joshua? You ever wonder? Let's just, let's just stop; nowhere else in scripture do you see anyone so hated that the devil is shown right beside him. Is it just the Judah-Jerusalem-Jericho-Jesus connection, or is it something even bigger that causes the devil to want me dead above all human beings on earth? If Elijah's commission is stopped God said he would destroy the earth, brethren. Now, if you're uncomfortable with me holding that job, you couldn't be as much as I am; somebody has to hold it. And you better go looking for that man because the only alternative is break scripture because God says without him he would destroy and strike the earth with utter destruction.
If the devil can kill, or discredit, or block me using every means possible he can make God – put God in the position – to destroy this planet, the only place in the universe where there is life and God is reproducing himself. 

Elijah Passover Dave: I Am The ONLY One Who Recognizes Herbert Armstrong For What He Was And The ONLY One To Write A Book About Him

The only person on this entire earth who understands Herbert Armstrong and what he did is Passover Dave.  No one in any leadership position in ANY of the splinter cults understands HWA as Passover Dave does. No one!  He can't talk about or even pretend to understand Jesus, but knows all about HWA.  Idiot!

It's interesting that some of those who are leaving have said we've got to return to Mr. Armstrong's teachings and go back and reject all the things that Mr. Pack taught us. "Our problem is that we got away from Mr. Armstrong" – they're going back to worship him and they're slaughtering and spitting on thousands of scriptures that they once professed to believe, but they need to justify their leaving, and it is interesting they're telling people to go start reading Mr. Armstrong again, like we didn't do that. I'm the only one that's produced a whole book; Herbert Armstrong's Life in Proper Perspective. I've quoted him hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of times, over and over and over again. But they're worshippers, they're idolaters, and they want to reduce Herbert Armstrong. If they'd stayed here they would-a had a bigger one, but the issue was they didn't want to accept certain things, and it's usually about money. The more years I sat in Mr. Armstrong's role as his successor I came to be more in awe of him over time, not less. I'm repeating myself, but in fact the perspective that comes from my position maybe the only one who can uniquely see Mr. Armstrong's true size in God's plan for what it was; I knew him, I've sat in his seat – I might say in Moses' seat – now for almost sixteen years; I still marvel at his doggedness to succeed against all odds for fifty six and a half years. I'm honored to elevate him.

Elijah Passover Pack: I am so highly favored by God that a pick-up truck passed right though my car! choof-boop this time!

Elijah Passover Dave now reveals how phantom trucks have...choff-booped... right through him!

One time when a truck passed right through my car – the same way that woman in the van – I'm the only one who could really relate to the woman in the van passing right through a semi twice. I've done that, I saw a pickup truck pass right through my car; just choof-boop, just like that it's behind me. You can give that whatever weight you'd like in light of Luke 1:65.

Elijah Passover Dave: The original Elijah slew with the sword. Could it be that I will be able to slay with MY MIRACULOUS WORDS?

Narcissism to the extreme:

120: Elijah executed a hundred and two pursuers with fire and slew four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal with his sword after using fire to light the offering. Could there be a modern parallel of at least using God's Word as a sword? I don't I kill four hundred and fifty people with fire, but you understand the point, Christ comes with a sword in his hand, the false Christ with a bow; the sword is the Word of God, we understand that, and I'm going to have to deal with these men.

Elijah Passover Dave: I would be the LAST prophet EVER to be sent to the world if it was not for that Jesus dude

I tremble at Elijah Passover Dave's awesomeness...
Finally brethren, on point 117, Malachi was almost universally seen as the last Old Testament prophet, virtually no one doubts that – this is interesting for another reason. He was the only prophet to mention a coming end time Elijah with that end time man apparently being the world's last prophet other than, of course, Christ. The Kingdom of God will supplant all need for apostles and prophets because it will be every member of God's family who carries out the role of teachers – kings, and priests and teachers – as described in Isaiah chapter 30 verses 20-21. So the last Old Testament prophet introduces the last prophet ever sent to the world beside Christ.

Elijah Passover Pack: Book of Malachi Foretells ME and MY Ministry to the Two Witless Witnesses

Even Gerald Flurry foretells of the miraculous coming
Elijah Passover Dave!

Elijah Passover Dave feels that the book of Malachi was written to foretell of his glorious existence and how he will be training the two witnesses.  Apparently Elijah Passover Dave is waiting for Ron Weinland to get out of prison and join his wife.  At that point then Elijah Passover Dave's true ministry kicks into gear.  Three COG leaders will die, thousands will join up with Elijah Passover Dave and Ron and Laura will preach in the streets of Jerusalem performing miracles.  When they are killed and resurrected three days later, Gerald Flurry will commission an Irish Dance production that will be premiered in the amphitheater in Petra.
By now it should be clear that Haggai, Zechariah, and the last book of the Old Testament just after them, Malachi all work together; in fact, they're inseparable. More than ever I've seen that no one book could stand alone without the others to amplify and, in many cases, simply interpret it. The prophet Malachi's name means My Messenger. Obviously this man is also a type of Elijah, that's easy to see. Just think of chapter 3:1 in Malachi's book, "I will send my messenger," which introduces and foretells both coming Elijahs, John and the final one, me. Of course, it is chapter 4 and verse 5 that tells you that messenger is Elijah. The subject of Malachi's book formed the very foundation of the final Elijah's message to God's people, and do this much more than they do to John's message; his work was narrower to a smaller people with lesser problems. This is big to understand, this importance of the Malachi book being a foundation because of what may lie just ahead now, brethren; because of who may be schedule to receive messages very soon from the book of Malachi by me. 

Elijah Passover Pack: Zechariah Came to Point the Way to Me!

Imagine being the worlds most important human to ever exist.  Imagine having all scripture written in such a manner to foretell of ones coming.  I'm not talking about Jesus or any other biblical related dude.  I'm talking about Elijah Passover Pack, a man soooooooooooooo significant that scripture foretells and shadows his coming into the world and his earth shattering ministry.. 

And recall that I said some weeks ago that the ancient prophet Zechariah carries out a type of my duty in this regard. This point grows in meaning because the prophet Zechariah's now seen to be a type of the final Elijah. I knew he was sort of typing what I was to do; well now I understand my role and therefore the greater sense of what he types. Certainly his fourteen-chapter book – now think about this – is foundational to the final Elijah's message.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Elijah David Passover Pack

Passover Dave's Seder plate and Elijah Cup

The craziness continues.  Elijah Pack is also David C Passover.  Is he the thing that Jews have been waiting thousands of years for? 

115: For thousands of years uncounted millions of Jews have set a cup for Elijah at Passover. Now, what if Elijah is revealed just before this time and has the name David Passover? That's my name. But such a man must look and act like Elijah. This could be bigger brethren than we have thought. Otherwise I'm just a guy with an assertion who's got some interesting self-directed, self-focused theology. To be Elijah you have to come and look like Elijah; it's a very different circumstance than John's time. There are two Elijahs; we can look back at that original and the first type, and they did very different things, but they were very related in parallel. Are we looking for one more like the original or for one more like the first century? It should be obvious. Circumstances will not bear a John the Baptist type Elijah, we're looking for something bigger, more. And the circumstances tell you that.

Elijah Dave Pack: Ever So Humble

Several years ago David C Pack went on a treasure hunt in order to find the Steuben crystal Elijah Cup that was given to Herbert Armstrong.  Low and behold Davey found out that there were 23 of these precious cups and one of them resided in Cleveland, Ohio, just a short trip from God's most superfantabulous HQ ever to exist.  Ever lustful in his imitation of all things Herbert, Dave just HAD to have that cup.  Dave now claims that because he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo humble that he would never buy such a thing today, especially since he really is THE Elijah.  That would be self-honoring.......

I told you at the Feast that I thought God was going to begin to pour out more power in his Church. Would you say that's happening? I haven't been tired for a hundred and nine days – I was just calculating it – my voice should be giving out, but it's not. Here's an interesting point, it would be ironic that the man who wasn't the Elijah had a cup while the actual Elijah did not. Yet I made the decision to purchase the one we bought to honor Mr. Armstrong. I wouldn't buy it today; I wouldn't go out and say, "I'm Elijah, go get me an Elijah cup." It'd be like Mr. Armstrong, he couldn't do it. It'd be hard to say, "I'm Moses." It would be self-honoring; I couldn't do that. But I find it interesting: if Mr. Armstrong had one and wasn't the Elijah, we wouldn't, it would have looked funny. But God knew that and there are only twenty five of those cups ever made, and one was for sale in Cleveland, and because we were continuing Mr. Armstrong's work I bought that cup. We might look back now and wonder, "Hmm, was there a divine hand at work?" So few of those available; twenty five on earth, Mr. Armstrong's was lost – and I wouldn't want the one that went to him anyway, I just wouldn't feel I could do that – and there's one in Cleveland that was available for an inexpensive price and we got it, and you see it. I just find that interesting. Of course, I'm glad we bought it; I just wouldn't buy it today. I'm glad we have it, but it'd be self-honoring to do it now. Apparently God wanted one, of only twenty five.

Elijah David C Pack Claims He Will Be Training The Two Witless Witnesses

Is Elijah David C Pack a type of Christ Don Knotts?

Elijah Christ Pack is getting ready to perform mighty miracles and wonders and that a future false prophet is coming to try and destroy the TRUTH Elijah Christ Pack is restoring.  That false prophet is out after Elijah Christ Dave.  Elijah Christ Dave also claims he will training the two witless witnesses, who will of course arise from the Restored Church of God.

He does have the picture of Don Knotts right though. Elijah Christ Pack is a bumbling buffoon.

 Point 111 – twenty two to go, then some concluding points. I have personally seen and proven for years that the remnant will not move without miracles. Only an empowered Elijah, with the two witnesses as men of wonder, could bring them. It was a resurrection of the dead – I'm not saying that that'll be involved here, but I'm just trying to get you to understand something – that convinced the widow of Zarephath, who harbored him during the drought, of Elijah's credentials. Not the miraculous drought – he dried the heavens for three and a half years – nor his years-long miracle of food provided for her, her son and himself. It was the resurrection of the dead. Now, it's just an interesting point which I throw out there. Elijah came with enormous power; he could call fire down, he could resurrect the dead, he could dry the heavens, he could multiply food for years out of a small amount, and take care of her son – resurrected her son when he died – sobering point. I've often said the false prophet would claim to be the Elijah. I have no doubt of it now. How much more could this be said with me claiming the same office with miracles in the false prophet's time? You understand? He's got to! Why do think in Revelation he's called the false prophet? Now, I know he's called the man of sin in other places, but when he works with the Beast he's called a false prophet. Which prophet are hundreds and hundreds of millions of people all over the world waiting to see? The entire Islamic world venerates Elijah; they venerate John the Baptist. They even revere John's parents for having given birth to John the Baptist, who was a type of the Elijah. Billions are waiting for Elijah. Recall my words about the final false prophet; considering my role it seems more certain than ever that he will claim to be Elijah before claiming to be God himself. We're into implications and ramifications. I do not come as some kind of academical Elijah; I make some nice assertions and it just sort of rests, which was one of the problems with Mr. Armstrong. He didn't look like Elijah, but he sort of did some restorative things, but didn't do powerful miracles – didn't need to. I'm gonna need to. Try to imagine, by the way – try to imagine, did you ever think of this? – I travelled between the two that stand there described in Zechariah 3 and 4, and here's this man of wonder on the left, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the right is Hulk Hogan, and I'm Don Knotts standing there in the middle; I can't do anything. How would that look? It would make God's leaders look like fools, "What, you're Elijah? You can't do anything? You've got these two wunderkind on either side of you here, they're doing everything?" It doesn't make sense. I mentor them because I can do those things; when the time is right we'll see. 

Elijah Christ Pack Says Your Salvation is Dependent Upon Believing He Is A Type of Christ

Jesus returns in the personage of Elijah Dave Pack 
who restores ALL things 
brings salvation
 to those who believe in him.

We all knew it would be a matter of time till Elijah Dave Pack would declare himself as Christ. Elijah Christ Pack claim he is here to restore ALL things and that ones salvation is dependent upon whether you believe in him or not. 
108: Does Acts 3:21-23 contain at least an implied Moses-Elijah parallel? This is interesting. Moses, who restored many things to Israel, compares himself to Christ when describing Christ's restitution of all things. Elijah actually does restore all things. Now we can go over to Acts 3, let's just go over there. Acts 3 and verse 21; speaks of Jesus Christ, verse 20, "Whom the heaven…" verse 21, "… must receive until the time of the restitution…" – same word as "restoring," exact same, just the noun form. You could say, "Until the restoration of all things," it would be the exact same meaning, or even reconstitution of all things I guess – "…which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began. For Moses truly said unto the fathers, 'A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; and him shall you hear in all things whatsoever he shall say to you.'" Now that's Jesus Christ. Gerald Flurry thinks it's himself; he takes twelve other divine titles of God, so that's no problem. It's why Elisha to him is one of his lower offices. But that is Jesus Christ, and Moses compares himself to that. "'And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which shall not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.'" Moses is in that mix of comparison there, but actually it's Elijah who restores all things as a type of the restoration of all things to the entire world, not just the Church, that immediately follows what Elijah does. I don't want to lose you here just follow me carefully. Elijah actually does restore all things, thus creating a second powerful parallel with Christ. So Moses compares himself to Christ – you just read it. The best way to see this is that Moses directly described himself as a type of that prophet – read his words, this means Mr. Armstrong would be as well. Mr. Armstrong would be a type of that great prophet. If Moses was so is Mr. Armstrong. Just think of the many millions of people – what we just read there in Acts who would hear Christ – the many millions of people everywhere who heard his voice, his words. How then is Elijah, who does an even greater work, in an even bigger world not coming in the same way? So that Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Pack, if you will, come side by side, with Mr. Armstrong taller; he should have been six-seven, and I'm five-seven, that part's not right. How is Elijah not also a type of that prophet? But this is just another way of saying both men are types of Christ. No wonder these men are talking together with Christ in the transfiguration. They work together in a unique way at the end of the age. Christ is an apostle and a prophet, that's what it says; there he's called a prophet, you know in another place he's called an apostle. Both of these two men – these final two apostles, unique in all history – are both also apostles and prophets. See the parallel? Doesn't mean we're important – could be a lot more people more important than I am in scripture. Doesn't mean I'm the third man in the Kingdom or anything like that at all, but God was working out a great purpose. If I'd told Mr. Armstrong, "You're Moses," he would shrink back, "OH I'm not anywhere close to like Moses!" Well fine, I may be well behind Elijah too. I certainly am not gonna say, "I'm Elijah, therefore I'm like John the Baptist, there's none greater ever born than John the Baptist," which also means Moses would be in there. It doesn't say that  John was the greatest; it says there was none greater than John. There may be a lot of different men in the Old Testament – Noah, Daniel, Job, Moses, David, and certain others, Enoch maybe, I don't know – who are in the category of John the Baptist, I don't certainly put myself there at all. I'm just trying to help you understand types brethren – types – that's all. 

First Hand Account On Life In The Restored Church of God Cult

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Elijah David C Pack: Upset Over Mickey (Webster) Mouse Church of God that Splinters Off Restored Church of God

For the last seventy some years the Church of God has ruptured into hundreds and hundreds of "new and improved" Church of God's all claiming to hold on to "the truth once delivered."  Some estimate the number of Church of God splinter groups to now be in the 700's since Herbert Armstrong himself split off from the Oregon Conference Church of God (Seventh Day.)  Armstrongism has always mocked mainstream Christianity for supposedly being divided into hundreds of different churches.  Armstrongism is exactly like the ones they mock.

Just take a close look at David C Pack.  He started out in the Worldwide Church of God being shuttled from one church area to another where he caused irreparable damage to members lives.  Complaint upon complaints from members in the field churches poured in, yet the church foolishly kept moving him around as they did with all previous abusers.

When the doctrinal changes came down the line from the Tkach regime, Dave jumped ship with Rod Meredith to help form the world encompassing Global Church of God.  Then, Global Church of God imploded when its leaders tried to force Meredith and others out for being abusive.  Meredith in his typical fashion, let others plan and scheme in the background so that he could move into the new church claiming he was not behind the insurrection and only come over because he was invited to preserve "the truth once delivered."

Again in typical Meredith fashion, corruption ruled the day in the Living Church of God.  This ticked off more ministers and members which led to God's most important man born in this end time age to step forward and lead some LCG members into his new personality cult, the superfantabulous Restored Church of God.

Once again, corruption and abuse was the name of the game in the RCG, so much so that a group has now broken off from Davey led by the young Churchketeer Mickey Webster.

In the third sermon from the Moses/Elijah trio by Nolijah Pack, the great man mentions at some length those members who have recently been purged, or who have left. In case you have itching ears or an inquiring mind, these were of a rebellious group led by the recently booted and marked RCG minister, young Mickey Webster, who has now started the Herbert Armstrong idolizing splinter church "The Abiding Church of God" or perhaps more aptly named, The Mickey (Webster) Mouse Church of God.

These are the ruffians whom Elijah Pack was bitching about as being worshipers of YHWA.

Here's a photo of Mickey and his club, he's the right-most white boy that looks like a young Bill Nye the Science Guy. These Churchketeers are freshly unshackled and wholly excited to get back to their YHWA roots, as you can see by their bright countenances.

At least the new Mickey Mouse Church of God is racial diverse, unlike the lily-white boys Dave Pack has surrounded himself with in Wadsworth.

Armstrongism is never dull!