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Dave Pack Lashes Out At UCG, LCG, PCG and COGWA Members Because They Refuse To Come Over To The Dark-side

Poor Dave. Yet again he lashes out at other COG's because no one in them wants to jump into his personality cult.

Today he posted his latest Friday Update on the most superfantabulistic COG ever to exist in human history.  There is no COG greater than the Restored Church of God.  There is no COG doing such a mind boggling "work" as the Restored Church of God. There is no COG leader in human history that has ever been as awesome and magnificent as Davey.  He is the Superman of the COG's!  Kneel at his awesomeness, marvel at his  wisdom, and laugh at him all you want.

He first lists all the qualities that he claims the leaders of the various COG's are using to keep their members blinded to the awesomeness of Dave.  What Dave did in posting this was to describe the very things he does in his organization!

For now, until circumstances force public admission of (deep) decline, expect more cover-ups. They look like this:
1) Outright denials that there is “trouble.” Dave denies his group is having trouble.
2) Minimizing falling income. Dave minimizes his steady to lagging income. There is no major growth.
3) Twisting the “narrative” of what is happening to fit agendas. Dave twists the narrative about his life to fit his agenda.  Embellishments abound that many people know to be outright falsehoods.
4) Declarations that “everything is fine,” even to the point of “protesting too much.” In a sense, this will confirm what is occurring for those who can discern such denials for what they really are—admissions. Dave cannot shut up about how fantastic his group is.  That is a sure sign that  things are NOT as he implies.
5) Announcing that “God is testing us!” when God is not working through them and has never led them. God is always testing Dave's group.  He is constantly reminding his members that they are lacking in God's spirit when they do not give all their income to him.
6) Claiming “Satan is attacking us!” when their problems are God’s doing. Dave is always worried about Satan.  He cant shut up about the guy.
7) Speak of unity even though the organization is shot-full of dissension and division. Dave gives the impression that his group is 100% unified.  It is not, I can guarantee that!  too many readers share things here.  Too many people share their horror stories with Exit and Support Network.  Dave's cult is broken and diseased.
8) Introduce more false teachings to distract members with supposed doctrinal “advancements.” But leaders will be careful not to go too far too fast, as did the WCG leaders, knowing this would trigger an exodus, the opposite of what they are so desperately seeking to avoid. Paralleling the WCG apostates, UCG announced that it plans to spend much time at its May conference discussing “spiritual gifts.” Besides appealing to people’s vanity—because brethren can now see themselves as “gifted”—this becomes its own form of obfuscation. It gets people’s minds off the ongoing daily train wreck (UCG) in which they exist. Dave burdens his members with unnecessary laws, rules and regulations that have destroyed marriages and torn families asunder
9) Create other diversions to distract members. Announce new programs, projects, committees, promotions, etc.  Dave is constantly announcing new programs, projects and articles to divert peoples attention away from the corruptible filth that exists in his group.
10) Marginalize, attack and disfellowship members and ministers who leave or won’t buckle under pressure. Dave marginalizes members and spouses of RCG members.  Dave disfellowships anyone he thinks might stand up to him.  Dave publicly rebukes those he kicks out for their bad attitude and threatens members with there salvation if they communicate with these people.
11) Attack the one exposing what is happening, and try to get him to stop so they can get away with what they are doing.  Dave attacks the leaders of the various groups for exposing him and his lies.  Dave attacks blogs, newsgroups, and web sites that are critical of him.
Top leaders must continue employing these and other techniques (more could be listed) in months to come to get you to believe all is well. They must put a positive face on what is really NO expansion, NO advancement and NO progress of ANY kind. They must spin events and speak falsely or the truth of their condition would be known—and that must not be allowed to happen. See through hollow comments, and shallow cover-ups.

Bloggers, critics and self-appointed leaders without the facts will further confuse everything more than they are already. As organizations continue their slow-motion collapse, these outsiders will look to garner a greater following. Others will mock and lampoon these announcements because, like most in the world who make only a pretense of being Christian, they have no true interest in what God’s Word says.

Then Dave lashes out at various COG's and their leaders.

United Church of God. This may be the most weak and broken organization ever built by men who thought they were serving God. UCG literally has more false doctrines than true ones. And brethren there are so used to public discussions about taking care of ministers that they have grown numb to this constant focus on self-preservation. With income dropping, and a decimated leadership in recent times, what could hardly seem to get worse will.
Then to show that Davey reads this blog, he goes and quotes the very things I posted the other day about the lackluster COGWA.  Too funny!
Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGwa), which constantly emphasizes ministerial job security, retirement and benefit packages. Almost no work of any kind is being done there. For instance, now well over two years old, they just produced their first booklet (an e-booklet only, not hardcopy). This is worse than pitiful. And they just publicly reported (without embarrassment), “The PC Department emailed 40 people and telephoned an additional person for a total of 41 outgoing contacts for December 2012” and “The Personal Correspondence Department mailed 77 responses (including one surface mail letter) in January 2013, making the month’s activity one of our highest” and “We sent out 49 emails and one surface mail letter in February, for a total of 50…” Astonishing! These are both truly much ado about nothing—ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Philadelphia Church of God recently announced that it has seen a drop in income in virtually every category, including some with severe drops, all since 2013 began. One category did stay flat, which means it declined just due to inflation. Never forget that inflation requires at least minimal growth for any organization to just tread water. This is the single greatest reason that the splinters growing at a few percent annually look almost exactly as they did 15-18 years ago.

COG-PKG false prophet (Ron Weinland), currently in prison, will probably soon see his group collapse or even completely disappear. One month from today, at sunset on May 19, after Christ did NOT return on Pentecost, hundreds or many hundreds of people may leave him that night. In fact, giant cracks having already appeared in his organization, he announced a fast for this week. Where will these hundreds go? Weinland is already conditioning people to stay, and probably simultaneously working on how to explain being wrong again—both of these while coming to grips with over three more years in prison.

The Living Church of God is sinking perhaps faster than anyone—media pullback, contracting income and continuing financial incompetence, internal dissension, rampant health problems, people leaving, etc. And regarding false doctrine, its leadership is doubling down on errors. The Council in LCG is now quietly talking of introducing what will be more false teachings.
 For 10 weeks now Dave has been posting this letters as proof of his awesomeness and how superfantabulisitc his personality cult is.  Yet, people are not leaving the COGs to join up with him.  Their money is nowhere to be found!  Dave is pissed!

Many thousands are reading these Friday announcements and either agreeing with them or hoping they are true because it means we will all be back together. THEY ARE TRUE! However, seeing that large numbers are not moving toward God’s Church, and being too weak to act on their own, these thousands choose the easier path of believing there is safety in numbers. 

Um Dave....RCG is NOT God's church.  Never has been and never will be.  It doesn't matter how many ministers you poach from UCG and LCG, the RCG is an impotent little personality cult.  

HWA: Scaring The Crap Out Of Kids At SEP

Various individuals in the COG's have repeatedly denied that Herbert Armstrong ever set dates.  
Here is a clip from the Worldwide News that shows he most certainly did.

HWA Told kids it would be 3-5 years until the "End" back in the early 80s.

Who can forget Rod Meredith and Gerald Waterhouse and their outrageous lies over the decades?  Invading German armies, concentration camps, meat-hooks, roving packs of mad dogs, parents eating their children, famine, disease and pestilence.

These two guys would get extremely excited as they described the evil
they wanted to see fall upon the world.
Fists pounding the pulpit, spittle flying and red veins popping.

 Many times they appeared quit giddy at the prospect and gave the impression they would be extremely disappointed if it doesn't.

This still goes on at COG summer camps around the world.  Flurry's cult does it.  Pack's cult does it.  LCG's does it.  UCG hints at it but doesn't quit come out and say it.

The Church of God is the Church of Fear.

Keep the sheeple in fear of their salvation and they will be pliable money machines.


Thiel Writes Letter About Himself To His Members But Can't Bring Himself To Mention Boston or Texas In It

The non-ordained self-appointed false prophet Thiel has sent out a letter to his congregation today.  You would think that in light of what has transpired in Boston and West, Texas,  that the prophet  would have asked for prayers for these people.  Not a word was said.  Since all of the people involved are worldly people and in Thiel's eyes they are the pawns of Satan and not worthy of our prayers.

Here is what he discussed:

We in Arroyo Grande, California hope and pray that you are all doing well.  We keep trying to put together the videos, articles, and magazines to work towards the mission of fulfilling Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20.

i.e., Me, my wife and my kids.

He next writes about three Feast sites for 2013:

In Kenya, it appears that the site will be in Ndhiwa.  This is an area in eastern Kenya and takes about four hours to drive from Nairobi.  If you are not from Africa and decide to attend here, please realize that this is not a wealthy area and is not a site for those who expect various Western comforts. 

However, this is likely to be the largest CCOG-affiliated site, and will be a unique experience for any who do decide to attend here.

In New Zealand, the city of Whangarei has been chosen. Whangarei  is the northernmost city in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region.  It is surrounded by some of the region’s most spectacular beaches and scenery, and is a relatively short drive from Auckland.

In North America, we are considering locations in either Orange County, Ventura County, or the Danish city of Solvang in Santa Barbara County.

He then writes about going to South America to poach members from the Church of God 7th Day.  I am sure that the COG7 would not appreciate knowing that a WCG related splinter cult is trying to recruit members from their group.

Thiel writes that he gave out copies of his poorly researched books and warned them of the following:

As a visitor, I was asked to speak before his congregation of about fifty, and decided to tell about the coming persecution of Sabbath-keepers, as well as information about the Kingdom of God.  After their services ended, I was invited to have lunch with the pastor and his extended family (about a dozen or so people).  We discussed doctrine and prophecy, as well as information related to the probable impact of Pope Francis and his devotion to Mary.  I was able to distribute a couple of books as well as a couple of copies of the current edition of Bible News Prophecy magazine.  They also were interested in Fatima Shock!, so I sent the pastor an electronic copy of it.  This group was in a fairly dangerous location, and while I was leaving, the pastor explained that the crack gangs were basically in charge of his neighborhood.

He then talks about "world news" and refers to Iran.  Yet again, nothing about Boston or Texas.

Then he lays down the law on what is supposed to happen in his house churches this weekend:

It's still all about him.  No one has the educational training that he has to be able to speak.  Can you imagine sitting for 2 -2 1/2 hours listening to his BAD videos?

Still no mention about Boston or Texas.  Such a loving Christian attitude, Bob.  Really!

Bob Thiel, the Non-Ordained Self-Appointed Prophet's Corporate Sole "Church" Status

The non-ordained self-appointed false prophet Thiel recently got pissed off at the Living Church of God and formed his own splinter personality group.  He formed a "corporation sole" just like Herb did in Tuscon where he tried to usurp the California Attorney General.

What Thiel did by doing this was to set himself up UNDER the State of California.  The State of California ultimately rules everything in his cult.

In America, incorporation is completely voluntary. Furthermore, as we've already mentioned, it used to be almost impossible to incorporate a church, based upon the fact that no church can be free and independent of that government that incorporates it. 

Yet churches today incorporate routinely, a decision which they make with about as much care and consideration as what brand of tissue paper to use in their lavatories; this in spite of the fact that there are huge legal and theological ramifications to any church seeking incorporation.

In point of fact, there is a great deal that your attorney is not likely to disclose, in the way of the various legal attributes of the corporation, that you might not find so attractive. In the landmark case of Hale vs. Henkel, the U.S. Supreme Court stated the following regarding corporations:
Upon the other hand, the corporation is a creature of the State. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain special privileges and franchises, and holds them subject to the laws of the State and the limitations of its charter. Its powers are limited by law. It can make no contract not authorized by its charter. Its rights to act as a corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its creation.
Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43 at 74 (1906)
From this case we learn that:
  • A corporation is “a creature of the State.”
  • The State is "sovereign" over the corporation.
  • The corporation is “incorporated for the benefit of the public.”
  • A corporation is a State “franchise.”
  • Incorporation is a State “privilege.”
  • A corporation is “subject to the laws of the State.”
  • “Its powers are limited by law.”
  • It must “obey the laws of its creation.”
  • A corporation has no constitutionally-protected rights.

Many cults in California set themselves up as corporation sole's assuming that they will have some of these benefits.  These are the urban legends that surround corporation soles:

Of the dozens of internet sites now promoting the corporation sole, most have only popped up in just the last few years.
Some of the benefits and legal attributes being touted about the corporation sole, and what it can allegedly do for you, include:
  • Tax immunity
    • Automatically qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS code section 508c1A
    • Automatically tax exempt without having to obtain 501c3 status
    • No business income taxes
    • No personal income taxes
    • No capital gains taxes
    • No property taxes
    • No excise taxes
  • Asset protection
    • Judgement-proof
    • No liens
    • No levies
    • No garnishments
    • No seizures
  • Personal sovereignty
  • Freedom from government meddling and oversight
  • Privacy

  • Operates under the legal protection of a church
  • Has the same legal status as an ecclesiastical or religious society
  • Protected by the U.S. Constitution with guaranteed First Amendment rights
  • Is not "incorporated"
  • Is not government "registered"
  • No government reporting
  • Is not regulated by State statute
  • Is governed by canon (ecclesiastical) law and not civil (secular) law
  • Is governed exclusively by its own bylaws
  • Not under IRS jurisdiction
  • Not under State jurisdiction
  • Not under court jurisdiction

  • The non-ordained self-appointed prophet Thiel had better be careful if he pays his wife or kids to do "work" in his cult.  He has some major liability issues if he does may his family money from the cult finances.  Ron Weinland is in prison for abusing that principle.

    Myth: A corporation sole can make "charible donations" and engage in other acts of "benevolence." Therefore, it can pay your children's tuition, donate a new wardrobe to you and your wife [and while you're at it, why not a new Rolex?], contribute your family groceries, pay your mortgage, utilities, etc.

    If corporation sole officers pay out money to themselves, or their relatives or friends, or write checks to pay personal bills, that cannot be construed as a "charitable contribution." Such payments aren't "charitable donations" because they fail to comport with the legal criteria of a "charitable purpose." Furthermore, such a "donation" clearly violates the legal requirements for being and maintaining a tax exempt status, under both IRC 501c3 and 508c1A:
       " part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private    shareholder or individual."

    The IRS terms such "donation" arrangements "abusive." Making "donations" to your own family and claiming that it's an act of "charity" is nothing less than tax fraud, for which the IRS has a nasty habit of prosecuting.
     The non-ordained self-appointed prophet has set himself up to be told what to do and what to say what the State tells him to do.  This is the very thing that he claims Living Church of God is cowering in South Carolina over.  Thiel claims that LCG is not speaking up forcefully against gays, abortion and other things he deems  issues today.  Thiel claims LCG has wimped out and is scared of the State.  Yet, by incorporating as he has, Thiel is in the exact same boat.  The State can tell him what he is allowed to say and what he cannot.  It should then come as no surprise when we see Thiel throttled down for his asinine prophetic utterances that he will immediately claim persecution.

    Apparently having hands laid upon him twice did not have any common sense come along with it.  Either that or someone jiggled God's hands when he was tying to pour in the "double portion" of knowledge into Thiel's head.

    Hands have twice been properly laid upon me for the Holy Spirit: the first was upon baptism. And the second time was on 12/15/11 for a "double-portion" of the Holy Spirit by a duly ordained minister in the Living Church of God, who anointed me with oil and laid hands upon me. Responding to that, I try to do what it seems God wants (1 Timothy 4:14-16; Jude 3).

    This "double-portion" (2 Kings 2:9-13) anointing was God's anointing (the minister has not intended to pray for that prior) for my prophetic and evangelical role (1 Timothy 4:14-16; 2 Timothy 1:6; Hebrews 6:2; 1 Corinthians 12:28; see also How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God). Contrary to certain myths some wish to perpetuate, I am not self-anointed.

    E. W. King: I Predicted An Explosion! Aren't I Amazing!!!!! Oh, And The Great Tribulation Is Fast Approaching!

    E.W. is back again from his mountaintop.  I think the guy may be suffering from altitude sickness because he sure has been coming up with some winners lately.

    Today he is bragging about how he accurately predicted that there would be an explosion some place and some time in the U.S.

    Mr. E.W.King gave warnings about the current terrorist attacks!
    In my first COGSR Study Guide that I wrote last year [“Identifying the True Church”] I stated the following warning:
    “Exposed hypocrisy on all levels and in all parties. Lack of trust, fear, anger stirring in the masses. Pressure will create an explosion…big explosion.” [COGSR Vol. 1 p.48]
    And in COGSR Study Guide Two I gave this warning;
    “Of course we must never underestimate the acts of Terrorism. We will see many more unfortunate and terrible acts. Egypt will play a key role along with the surprising fact that Russia and China are, in some ways, teaming up against America and Briton.” [COGSR Vol. 2 p.74]
    COGSR continues to help awaken America to the “signs of the times”. True Christians are saddened by the recent terrorist attacks in Boston [2013] and we pray for all involved but we are not surprised at the evil. We are soon to enter the Great Tribulation.
    In COGSR Vol. 2 p.79 I made this startling prediction;
    “Muslims worldwide will come under a new organization. This will give them more authority. This new organization will start with an American Muslim group.”

    What is with all these buffoons in charge of the various splinter cults calling themselves "Mr." all the time?

    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Will Rod Meredith Ever Use The Denver Airport Again?

    Have you ever flown into the Denver Airport?  Did you know that it is one gigantic penis?  According to this false prophet the Denver Airport is filled with all kinds of phallic symbols.

    This guy has been promoted in various COG groups over the years.  If you thought Armstrongite false prophets were crazy, this guy puts them all to shame.

    This kind of stupidity reminds me of the fool that claimed the Ambassador Auditorium pillars were giant penises.  I remember GTA standing on the stage making fun of the guy.  GTA said anyone that thought that kinds of silliness would also get turned on by piano legs.
    It has always amazed at how focused Armstrongism has been on sex over the decades.

    Meredith Says Boston Terrorist Attack Was Our Fault

    In the typical COG fashion, Rod Meredith has not let a crisis go by unused. Apparently killing little children and blowing the legs of countless people is what this country deserves.  Its no wonder that so many look at Armstrongism now as one sick aberration.

    From his latest "love letter" to his membership:

    ................For the world needs what we have to give, and each one of us should be inspired to do our part in the most momentous time in human history. May God help you to sincerely try to give your life in His service and to be worthy to play your part in the coming Kingdom of God to be set up on this earth under Jesus Christ as King of kings.

    With Christian love,
    Roderick C. Meredith

    P.S. My friends, just as I was finishing writing this letter, news came of the terrible attack at the Boston Marathon. So far, we know that at least three people were killed and over 175 were seriously injured. It was obviously a terrorist attack—involving either homegrown or international terrorism. But the lesson we need to think about here is that we have warned you again and again that—unless America and the British-descended peoples turn to the God of the Bible, He will severely punish our peoples for our own good. Almighty God warned our forefathers—as I have cited many times—“But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it” (Leviticus 26:14-16). The Hebrew word “terror” can well be translated “terrorism”! And the wasting diseases such as AIDS, cancer and related diseases are certainly beginning to strike down our people with increasing frequency. Yet we have not repented! The God of the Bible seems “far off” to most people. But He will get their attention as these various attacks and calamities will come upon us with increasing frequency unless we begin to realize why things are all “going wrong” for the United States and the British-descended peoples—the peoples who were given the opportunity to send out more Bibles, more missionaries and medical workers than any peoples on earth. We have had much of the knowledge of God. But we have now forsaken our Creator by our actions and our “lawless” acts even in condoning “same-sex marriage”! We are showing Almighty God personally and officially how we “despise” His statutes and His Ten Commandments. May God help us to wake up and realize why these disasters are happening and turn back to the God of the Bible!

    Why does every single letter he writes have to involve sex and gays?

    Dave Pack Writes About the Pope Being A Better Man and Christian Than He Is

    Poor Dave.  As much as the lanky guy tries he just cannot get Church of God members to flock to his fledgling splinter group.  All of the enormous amounts of empty hyperbole spewed out weekly still hasn't drawn them in.  Even the impending deaths of three current COG leaders that he has predicted still will not bring in new members.  The poor guy has become as much a laughing stock as the weak little man Thiel has become.

    Dave wrote about the new Pope and the Christian actions he has carried out towards the poor, the marginalized and downtrodden in the world.  This must really be embarrassing to Dave since he has absolutely none of the Christian qualities that the new Pope has.

    Dave writes:

    In religion, Pope Francis is bringing a radically different approach to his office—an approach being described as more humble and much more inclusive. He is quickly becoming the most beloved pope in recent history—and not just by Christians. Time magazine ran a cover with the headline “New World Pope” accompanying a photo of him. A CNN opinion piece titled “Pope Francis’ Gestures Strike Fire in Our Hearts” summarized his actions this way: “So far, he has waved off any vestige of opulence (gold pectoral crosses and ermine lined mantles), walks rather than rides in a chauffeured limo, and for now at least refuses to live in the Apostolic Palace…He chooses to live in a less pretentious guest house.”
    In the Restored Church of God, Dave actually had a chance to also bring about a different approach to the office he now holds.  He could have been more humble and more inclusive in his methods of leadership as compared to the WCG tradition.  However, that was NOT what happened.  Humility is not a word that is known to Dave.  Inclusivity certainly isn't a part of RCG either.  Marriages have been broken up because of him, families torn apart because of his hardline doctrinal stance.  Incomes have been decimated with quadruple tithes and demanded offerings.  He has quickly become the most despised COG leader ever! That's saying a lot considering the track record of Gerald Flurry.

    Will there be a day that Dave strikes fire in the hearts of people and brings the hands of Jesus to earth?  Has Dave waved off any vestige of opulence?  Does he walk instead of being chauffeured around in fancy cars?  Has he moved out of his luxurious home into a simple dwelling?  Has Dave set the example in anything Christian?

    Then there was the recent example of the pope washing inmates’ feet, including those of two women and a Muslim. This longer excerpt from The Washington Post speaks volumes about the pope’s new style (italics added): “With one act of humility after another, Pope Francis has proven he’s willing to break with tradition…An act of Pope Francis’s on Thursday perhaps says the most about his humility. Taking part in a tradition of Christianity’s holy week…Francis washed the feet of 12 people. What was unusual, however, was that he did not wash the feet of priests or even lay men, as have his predecessors, and he did not do it within the hallowed walls of a Roman basilica. Rather, he washed the feet of 12 juvenile prisoners at the Casal del Marmo Penitentiary Institute for Minors. Two of the young people were women and one was a Muslim, marking the first time a pope had included either group in the ceremony…the pope’s latest convention-busting move at the very least shows an interest in greater inclusivity. It reveals Francis to be a leader who is not merely humble, but courageously willing to reach beyond the Church in new ways.”

    When was the last time Dave washed the feet of a lowly member?  When has he washed the feet of the homeless in Wadsworth?  When has he washed the feet of a prostitute or a gay person?  When has he washed the feet of a Muslim?  Better yet, when has he EVER spoken to a Muslim!

    Tradition holds in Armstrongism that the person's feet he  washed had been hand selected. Usually another ordained person or a major donor.  He has warm water and fluffy towels to wash and dry feet with.  He probably also has a private room so that the lowly members cannot see his bare feet.

    Is Dave willing to break from COG tradition?  They Pope can and has, Dave can't and will not.

    When has Dave visited the Ohio State Penitentiary and ministered to the prisoners or washed their feet?

    Pope Francis has proven that he really is a leader who is not only humble, but courageously willing to reach out BEYOND the walls of his church in new ways.

    Dave has proven that he is not a leader that is humble and is not willing to reach out BEYOND the walls of his church in any way whatsoever.

    Pope Francis has already proven to be a better man and a better Christan than Dave.  How humiliating that must be.

    A Flurry of Hymns

    Going to Petra

    Bumped this one back up from September of 2010

    Glynn Washington tells the story of HWA coming to preach at a church service:

    Going to Petra

    More stories are listed here:  Snap Judgement

    Glynn Washington Snap Judgement: Choosing Sides

    Snap Judgment presents "Choosing Sides." Real stories from real people forced to decide on which side of the fence they stand.

    Glynn grew up in Armstrongism and shares a messages to its present members. Listen to his story after the Inuit woman's story.  Anointed cloths, rebuking the devil in Jesus name, "Out Satan!"

    Bible Bowl time

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    E. W. King Has A Nightmare And Records It For Posterity

    E.W. King, the new and improved leader of the Original Worldwide Church of God has had a dream, or maybe a nightmare, depending on how you look at it.

    Are we all suppose dto not fly now inplanes?

    Recent Dream ~ 3-13-13 Mr.E.W.King

    I had a dream last night. In the dream I was near the ocean shore and I saw a Helicopter fighting with another flying object. I then saw a plane and another one in the not to far distance shot it down with some sort of could be that the misle was shot from the was not clear.

    King also claims tohave warned about current violence in the news:

    In November of 2012 I warned here at COGSR headquarters many things that have now come to pass.
    I stated in my forecast for 2013 the following:
    “Violent crimes will enter our homes through the news media. New violence like never before!”
    And what have we witnessed? The worst school shootings ever, a man running through a college campus stabbing people, home grown terrorism, etc. Please take time out to study our Prophecy Forecasts! It is time for America to wake up!
    You can visit some of our Prophecy Forecasts at the following site.. Click Now!

    Is it me or is Armstrongism getting dumber by the day?

    James Malm Instructing His Church Members On What They Will Be Allowed To Do At His Feast Site

    COG Ministerial Teaching: "Blacks Are Guests Here - Will Return To Their Own Country In Millennium"

    In the early days of Armstrongism the Church of God had a "love/hate" relationship with blacks in the church. 

    While many of the COG's had black members in attendance at weekly services, when it came time for the Feast they were relegated to Big Sandy. Nothing like sending church members deep into the South where the Clan was still very active!

    For many years in the church few blacks were ordained.  Yes there were one or two black evangelists, but they were definitely in the minority in the church.

    This issue had and still has its roots deeply entrenched in the British-Israelism malarkey that the church promoted.  British-Israelism created a lot of racist attitudes in the church.

    Race issues have always been a huge issue in the Church of God over the decades, yet there have always been a group of COGers that claim there never was an issue.  Here are a few quotes from Raymond McNair's ministerial notes.  The points below are still upheld by many in the COG.

    A quote from page 5 of McNair's notes, from Jan. 17, 1972 -- apparently, HWA giving "Pastoral Instruction":

    In the Millennium God will cause the Coloured peoples to return to their heritage - in Africa. Blacks in the US are guests here.
    "This is modern Israel. We do not know any Bible example where Blacks were put over Whites - over Israel. Israel were to have a King of their own people.
    In the US Blacks are the best-off financially of any Blacks in the world. 

    ht to a reader for this

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    Ron Weinland: Declares Fast To Appease His Vomiting God

    Ron Weinland, setting the example for the rest of the COG leaders, has written another missive from the Birmingham jail.  Sorry, the Terre Haute Prison.  The prison guards that have to OK his letters to his membership must be laughing their heads off at the sheer stupidity that comes from Weinerdude. 

    Did you know that the Churches of God have been facing horrific war since 1994?  The battlefields are strewn with the bodies of murdered COG members.  At least they are in the warped brain of Weinerdude.  COG members have never suffered persecution in this country, and especially Weinerdude's little cult.  The only persecution that Weinerdude's cult has faced is that Laura and Audra can't go to Vegas on shopping sprees anymore.

    According to Weinerdude,  his god was soooooooooooo pissed at the COG that he went back to heaven and vomited the church out.  Weinerdude's god then turned the COG over to Satan and his flying demons where they have had a field day ever since.

    We live in a precarious time, when at any moment, the first nuclear device will explode and lead to many more. Though the world is about to plunge into WW III, the Church has been experiencing world war for some time now. At the time of the apostasy, the First Seal of Revelation was unsealed and then a great spiritual war engulfed God’s Church on a worldwide scale. As I mentioned at the beginning about my time in the Church and the ministry and of witnessing great spiritual battles, what God’s Church is experiencing now is by far the most powerful and continuing attack I’ve ever seen throughout all my time in God’s Church.

    Some may wonder how, in this present time, there could be the greatest spiritual attacks, when in 1994 there were over 60,000 casualties that quickly resulted from the apostasy, and there were over 30,000 who were scattered as they struggled to remain alive. During that time, there was great spiritual power, signs, and lying wonders that worked to devastate God’s Church. But the reality was that the entire Church was so spiritually weak, lukewarm, and filled with pride that God would not accept her any longer in such a condition, so at the opening of the First Seal, He removed Himself from the Church vomited it out.

    When separated from God, with Him and His Son no longer “dwelling in” the church, it was prime picking for Satan and the demonic world, and so this separation was followed immediately by power (demonic spiritual power), signs, and lying wonders within the organization of the Worldwide Church of God.

    According to Weinerdude, his god is now  happy with the COG and has cleaned up all the vomit.  Weinerdude says the church is now stronger and more unified than it ever has been since 1969.  If you do not believe him you are spiritually weak.

    So how is this time we are in now, a time of greater spiritual warfare and attack from that demonic world upon God’s Church? During the apostasy, the body of the Church was removed from God dwelling in it. The Church was without God’s spiritual strength, power, and protection in it. However, the Church today is not weak! Since 1969, I have never witnessed the Church being nearly as spiritually strong and unified as I now see it. Some few may feel otherwise, but that could only be the result of their short-time experience and/or spiritual weakness at this time. I know what I have witnessed, and that witness is from God, and it is true.

    Even though the church is spiritually strong, Satan is on a rampage against it and is making it weak.  Weinerdude's members are falling by the wayside.  This includes some of his minsters.  Weinerdude is particularly incensed at his ministers that have failed to come and visit him in prison.

    Over the past few months, in personal experience and upon hearing from so many brethren about their own experiences, there has not been a time in all my time in God’s Church when Satan and the demon’s attacks upon God’s Church have been so furious. This is simply a testimony to the time we are in and the reality that they know their time is nearly over.

    Though these attacks are making many much stronger on one hand, they are never the less very wearisome and spiritually draining, which is dangerous. If the Church were not as strong as it is, it would have been devoured long before this, but God’s people are being resolute, persevering, and continuing at the battle that is before them, and not giving up. This is a battle to the completion, when God sends His Son in His Kingdom. There have been very few casualties, but there are still a few more who are weakened and will not survive if they do not turn things around in their spiritual lives and take heed and practice what has been written in recent posts and in letters to the ministry, for this includes a few in the ministry as well.

    Because of those weak  impotent ministers and the numerous members leaving his church, Weinerdude has called a church wide fast. (Except for Laura and Audra, they will be dining on caviar and toast.  The Second Witness has to keep her strength up.)  I have to laugh that every time the shit hits the fan in the COG a fast has to be declared.  It's the dumb members fault and they have to fast for forgiveness and strength.  They have sinned grievously, so much so that Weinderdude went to prison.  Its the members fault instead of he, Audra and Laura's embezzling of money for their own use.  The members are sinful deviates that have let Satan take over them so much so that they are blinded to their sin.  Dumb members!  You should know better!

    Urgent Fast:
    Since the spiritual battle has been going on for such a long duration of time and has been working to make people weary in battle, it is time to fight ever harder and press forward spiritually more than ever before. It is time for a church-wide fast in order for us to be strengthened with greater power from on high power that Satan cannot battle. Satan and his demons can fight against the angelic realm and they can attack God’s people, but they cannot attack God and the power of His spirit in our life. That power God’s spirit in us is our power and might by which we are made strong against attacks and are able to move forward against that evil spirit realm unto the day that realm itself is placed into captivity.

    We are following the outline of Isaiah 58 in which we are to first cry out to God for forgiveness of our own personal sins and also ask for help to see sin in ourselves of which we are blind. Then when God helps us to see that which only He and His Son can see, we repent. Next, we are to follow this by praying (using this same outline) for God’s strength and power to fill us more fully in order to accomplish the spirit of battle of Isaiah 58 in diminishing the power of Satan (power to bind, deceive, and hold captive because of human sin).

    Gratitude: The Girl and the Old Man

    James Malm Establishes Feast Site and Immediately Says Who Will NOT Be Attending

    James Malm, the Chief Pharisee of Armstrongism, has finally established his first Feast site. In typical COG fashion he has to imitate Herbert Armstrong and starts his first Feast in Oregon.

    FEAST OF TABERNACLES: TheShiningLight is sponsoring a Feast of Tabernacles site in the beautiful Rogue River region near Medford Oregon.

    This year the Feast of Tabernacles begins on Sunday 22 September and the Eighth Day is on Sunday 29 Sept.  Because the Feast begins on a Sunday, we will be set up on Friday evening 20 Sept, for the Sabbath.
    In order to attend his new cult Feast site you must prove yourself worthy to stand in his presence.  Only the best law keepers will be allowed.  All of you pagan, heretical, apostates that are into 
    Sacred Names are PROHIBITED from attending.  

    This site is reserved for those who have proved the doctrine at this site to their personal satisfaction and are solidly on board.  Sacred Names people and others who want to attend only to push heresies will NOT BE TOLERATED.
    There will be no guest speakers at this Feast site.  Only God's most important madman since Dave Pack will be speaking.  You can expect one sermon after another on the law.  It will be "law" 24/8.  There will be no wimpy shallow sermons about "love" or Jesus Christ.  This is a law keepers site, so be forewarned!

    I will be present personally at this site regardless of whether there are ten or a thousand persons coming.  At this time the site is at the beginning stage; but is open to expansion.  This site is expected to be a smaller large extended family reunion size site; but may be expanded.  Anyone who expects a large mass of people, shallow sermons and plenty of outside activities will be disappointed. 
    You will be subjected from early morning to late afternoon or evening to sermons about the law.  There will be a few occasion where you will be allowed  to sleep and to meet your like minded believers. You will be told what to do, what to believe, how to believe it,  and more importantly what you CANNOT do!  All of you COG revelers looking for a boozy Feast site had better look elsewhere. 

    The site will feature very strong meat of doctrine, and an occasion for extensive fellowshipping between solidly committed like minded believers.  This will not be a tourist holiday or a feast of booze; it will be a Feast at  the table of the Lord.
    The apostate apostle is only interested in like minded law keepers in his presence.  If you intend to eat at a restaurant on a high day or sabbath be prepared to be immediately rebuked and banished.

    We are not interested in numbers;  we ARE interested in spiritually minded people.

    There will be extensive scriptural studies, Q&As and fellowship, based on sharing the scriptures, discussing the studies and sharing personal experiences and wisdom.  

    This Feast of Tabernacles site is now Official.

    Persons interested in attending should email me at and I will put them on a Feast Newsletter list which will be sent out as information becomes  available

    Doesn't this sound like the most incredibly exciting Feast site you have ever heard of!  It makes me want to start packing my car for the trip up there!  Maybe I will go and give a first hand report on how perfect everyone is.

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Dennis on Jesus Saying "Terminations, Resignations, Disabilities, Defections and Death Will Soon Be Rampant among The Priesthood, Pharisees, Sadducees, Buttusees, Jews of Jerusalem and Romans"

    Jesus: "Terminations, Resignations, Disabilities, Defections and Death Will Soon Be Rampant among The Priesthood,  Pharisees, Sadducees, Buttusees, 
    Jews of Jerusalem and Romans. 

    Soon They Will All Come to ME!"

    Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorI'm pretty sure we'd all barf had any Jesus actually said this and had it jotted down for all times to come.  We'd also be able to look back and see that it didn't exactly work out as Jesus pre-dicted or pre-spoke. 


    The Church of God experience from WCG days up to today is like a 12 ring circus.  Each act has it's own barker or ring master. Each pipes to the audience for attention and what a noise it all is.  Each beckoning for the spot lights to be shined on them and demanding not to be left in the dark while they vie for the attention their acts so badly need. And acts the are.  From clowns and poodles to Tigers and Elephants, each act attracts it's own crowd and applause.  Some more than others of course.  Many flit back and forth between rings following wherever the spotlight takes them for a little bit of all of it. 

    The title wars are truly amazing.   We have "That Ring Master," and "Watcher Ringmaster's"  There are Apostolic Ringmasters along with Presiding ones.  I'm sure some where in there are Zurubbabelian Ringmasters and Joshua  Ring Masters.   It's all quite amusing, however pathetic.  After all, it's just a circus.  Or to paraphrase the late Bill Hicks...

    "The (Churches of God are) like a ride at an amusement park. It goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly coloured and it’s very loud and it’s fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question: Is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, “Hey – don’t worry, don’t be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride…” But we always (disfellowship, mark and marginalize )those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok.  (Ted kicked out, Herbert Dies, Tkach and Co is in, Jesus tricks us, United is divided, Church of Brotherly Love spews hate, Global goes micro, Living is dying, Restored brings back all the past mistakes, Splinters fall to slivers and Non-Prophets embarrass them all . But it doesn’t matter because: It’s just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to (stay only for the paycheck, leave because no one listens to you, threaten all those who oppose you with all the above in the title.  Follow "that" and now yet another "this" non-prophet.) The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on (tithes and offerings) each year and instead spend it on (caring for your family, saving for your children's education, take time off for yourselves and go where you want to go instead of where you are told to go.  Buy yourself some real books on theology  and after you read them, tell your circus master you did it.  Learn to say "no" and  "I don't see it that way.  Notice for once you don't care for the show and act and you are not a trained poodle or monkey.) and forever live in peace."

    The mean spirited and threatening title of Dave Pack's latest amazing, over arching and one that he never quite ever has  put this way before, as he might crow, is about as much proof even the most brain dead of followers that Dave is for Dave.  Dave's mantra has always been, "Come unto ME all yea that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  Of course, the rest will exhaust you and somewhere down the line you will once again come to see you must move on even if the options are getting thin.  I guess there are small community circuses you might try out if you love the circus.  Like so many leading the various slivers of God, Dave Pack is religious but has not a drop of spirituality running in his veins.  We can kid about it, but it really is all about HIM.  It is about HIS vision, not yours, HIS version, not yours and  His-Story, not yours.  It's smoke and mirrors, masks and illusions.  Well, that's a circus I suppose.  

    Back to spirituality, which is a concept that seems to escape the Religionist COGs and most Fundamentalists, and that inner spirituality that cannot be controlled by others and cannot possible adhere to the false idea that "we must all speak the same thing."

    Some definitions:

    ·        Religion is an institution established by man for various reasons. Exert control, instill morality, stroke egos, or whatever it does. Organized, structured religions all but remove god from the equation. You confess your sins to a clergy member, go to elaborate churches to worship, told what to pray and when to pray it. All those factors remove you from god.

    ·        Spirituality is born in a person and develops in the person. It may be kick started by a religion, or it may be kick started by a revelation. Spirituality extends to all facets of a person’s life. Spirituality is chosen while religion is often times forced. Being spiritual to me is more important and better than being religious.

    ·        True spirituality is something that is found deep within oneself. It is your way of loving, accepting and relating to the world and people around you. It cannot be found in a church or by believing in a certain way.

    Consider the following in favor of the spiritual path:

    ·        There is not one religion, but hundreds (This is a tough one for COG One True Churchers.  They have to see it is wrong already amongst themselves with 600 other One True Churches but that's what religion blinds in most.)

    ·        There is only one type of spirituality.  (Meaning it is an inside job and not that which others pour into your head with demands and expectations of compliance)

    ·        Religion is for those who want to continue rituals and the formality (Or feel they must to be the True Church)

    ·      Spirituality is for those who want to reach the Spiritual Ascent without dogmas

    ·      Religion is for those who are asleep

    ·      Spirituality is for those who are awake

    ·      Religion is for those that require guidance from others (The "Follow Me" of COG)

    ·      Spirituality is for those that lend ears to their inner voice

    ·         Religion has a dogmatic and unquestionable assembly of rules that need to be followed without question  (Religion is a dog thing.  Obedience and reward)

    ·         Spirituality invites you to reason it all, to question it all and to decide your actions and assume the consequences (Spirituality is a cat thing...I'll take you view under consideration.)

    ·        Religion threatens and terrifies

    ·        Spirituality gives you inner peace

    ·        Religion speaks of sin and of fault  (and prophecy and tithing and building and doing)

    ·        Spirituality encourages "living in the present" and not to feel remorse for which has already passed - Lift your spirit and learn from errors  (Being not doing.)

    ·      Religion represses humanity, and returns us to a false paradigm (Seeing the world through the eyes of the one who thinks he knows more than you ever can.)

    ·      Spirituality transcends it all and makes you true to yourself (Being one's self is important and a God given expectation for you to live your Story, not someone else's.)

    ·      Religion is instilled from childhood, like the soup you do not you want to take

    ·      Spirituality is the food that you you seek, that satisfies you and is pleasant to the senses

    ·      Religion is not God

    ·      Spirituality is infinite consciousness and all that is - It is God 

    ·      Religion invents

    ·      Spirituality discovers/Religion denies and covers up

    ·      Religion does not investigate and does not question

    ·      Spirituality questions everything

    ·      Religion is based on humanity, an organization with rules

    ·      Spirituality is DIVINE, WITHOUT rules

    ·      Religion is cause for division

    ·      Spirituality is cause for union

    ·      Religion seeks you so that you create

    ·      Spirituality causes you to seek

    ·      Religion continues the teachings of a sacred book

    ·      Spirituality seeks the sacredness in all the books

    ·      Religion is fed fear

    ·      Spirituality is fed confidence

    ·      Religion lives you in your thoughts

    ·      Spirituality lives in your conscience

    ·      Religion is in charge of the "to do"

    ·      Spirituality is in charge of the "to BE"

    ·      Religion is a dialectic

    ·      Spirituality is logic

    ·      Religion feeds the ego

    ·      Spirituality makes you transcend

    ·      Religion makes you renounce yourself to the world

    ·      Spirituality makes you live with God, not to renounce him

    ·      Religion is adoration

    ·      Spirituality is meditation

    ·      Religion is to continue adapting to the psychology of a template

    ·      Spirituality is individuality.

    ·      Religion dreams of glory and paradise

    ·      Spirituality makes you live it here and now

    ·      Religion lives in the past and in the future

    ·      Spirituality lives in the present, in the here and now

    ·      Religion lives in the confinement of your memory

    ·      Spirituality is LIBERTY in AWARENESS.

    ·      Religion believes in the eternal life

    ·      Spirituality makes you conscious of all that is

    ·      Religion gives you promises for the after-life (or that which is always just around the corner, soon, any  time now, just over the hill...send it in.)

    ·      Spirituality gives you the light to find God in your inner self, in this life, in the present, in the here and the now…

    I hope many COG folk find Dave Pack's negative projection of his own inner world and self view disgusting, arrogant, discouraging as a way of being in religion and self serving.  Dave can say "it's not about the numbers," all he wishes but it is always about the numbers, small as they might actually be. 

    I have asked Dave to publicly talk religion, theology, Bible and the COGs with me now three times.  I never ask that because I thought he ever would. Of course he won't.  Dave Pack is very intimidating when one is under his "care," but outside of that...not so much.  Big fish in a 10 gallon tank.  Scares all the fish in that tank to death of course, and life in that small tank goes better when the little fish feed the big one, but out in the ocean of real fish that are bigger, faster, smarter and more evolved to do what fish in the ocean do...not so much either. 

    Anyway, personally I resent the threats Dave uses hoping against hope that what seem as naturally occurring events in the other COG''s are somehow being prophesied by himself.  What Dave is doing is not predicting, he is observing and anyone can see what he sees if that's what interests you.  Bob Thiel does the same thing.  He reads lots of news and like a reporter, picks out things that might happen if A and B lead to C.  Hardly the stuff of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, who also got it wrong quite often themselves.  

    Dave Pack noted a few years ago that all who oppose him tend to die.  Personally I have noticed that older people tend to die, but maybe that is just me. He interprets life events in others as somehow connected to opposing him. About as egocentric as it gets.  While he may think real life works that way, he speaks BS.  If I or those that don't agree with him and aren't unafraid to point out his foibles and religious yet without any spiritual content threats died tomorrow, he'd announce it as yet another "proof"  of his great insight and true work.  It would be BS, but he knows how to use circumstances to draw erroneous conclusions that serve, supply and feed the most overarching work on earth. He did not invent this approach. He may even do it subconsciously, but I have my doubts about that disconnect.  Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn are masters of false implications as are many who seek the time, money and adoration of others. 

    Personally my hope that few if any, no matter the difficulties in other COGs will buy the expensive ticket price to Dave's One Ring Circus.  But the pressure is on.  Bills have to be paid and numbers have to be brought in to keep the show on the road. It's what a great Circus Master does....But when it is all said and done, it is just a story...just a ride.